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Researching enlisting in military service. I should prob head to bed soon, but I'm not that tired yet.
Not really looking forward to work tomorrow, though it went ok today so that's something.

whhy do you wanna join the military

Don't go nuke.


I don't, but I'm doing nothing better with my life and maybe that will help turn me into a useful person.

me on top




no hmphs now~


whatcha gonna do?


Probably nothing. I'm applying for the full time position at work soon, my boss says two of them are going to open up.
Hopefully I can get one of those and be more miserable, but more wealthy.




i meant in the military


They won't let me in anyway, too much sickness.
If I had to choose, national guard sounds best since then I don't have to go to desert land.

im sleepy

That means you can't be drafted when WW3 breaks out, at least

Then get some sleep silly~

I can, and they can put me right back in the job that drove suicidal, tis the life of nuke-waste.

What does a sleepy Luka look like :thinking:


go away canada

they'd probably still try to get you in

Could be worth a shot, I'll look into it. The problem is if I do military, there is a larger than I want chance to get maimed or disabled.


Where do I go

it's prolly not that bad
I gotta go now see ya

anywhere else, take the other canadian posters with you.

Goodbye, I'm glad I got to see you.

🇨🇦 :3

But, all the Leafs are the same person



Need more Artifact Power!

That's not such a bad thing

Eh.. Could be worse. Could be better too.
I thought it said 500M

I wish it said 500M

ok :(


500M in that direction :3

I should try playing lol not wasted.

Good girl~

Where's the fun in that?

That's adorable

In what direction

But you guys have so much stuff
And I usually get stupid and try to tank with ashe.


Just like the emoji~

Who doesn't tank with the squishiest champion of them all?

Sleep well Luka

Good night Luka, sleep the best you can.

Sleep well :)



I always tend to pick the cutest girl character to play as, and drunk it's even worse, then I don't try to play to that characters attributes because all reason in vidya goes out the window.

Yeah, that does sound like a cocktail that can lead to something bad

Also I still have no clue how any of the items or the store works, I just bought anything and everything, and I was too drunk to dream it reasonable to ask for advice.


I never really got to learn the game either. Didn't really find it appealing in any way


slow thread

What even game is this?

it's actually a rather odd game

if you ask me


I'm in a good mood today
And I hope You are too

Slow bard

not ready for sleep yet

back from skulhus?


I'm getting close to that 9 billion

World of Warcraft

I was okay at dota. I played whisp, when I was sober.

And I can't even tell the difference between lol and wow.

yep, am back


Does that take long?

The highest AP gain you can get reliably is only around 150M

thats for all your hurtful and MEAN jests

every time you've bULLIED me in front of EVERYBODY

2 Nephi 25:29: And now behold, I say unto you that the right way is to believe in Christ, and deny him not; and Christ is the Holy One of Israel; wherefore ye must bow down before him, and worship him with all your might, mind, and strength, and your whole soul; and if ye do this ye shall in nowise be cast out.

Good morning and God bless, please do your best today

low effort shitposting

150M an hour?

You love it~


Hah good one Erik but maybe next time you should really focus on the real weeds that are poisoning our world. Ever hear of THISTLES or BUTTERCUPS??? Talking about gateways, you should see the gateway to my house it is covered in DAISIES. Yeah maybe you should get the hair out of your eyes, commie hippie bastard.


Rolled 15 (1d20)that meme was great
The silence only confirms its greatnesss

nat 20


Rolled 23 (1d100)R N GESUS GIVE IT TO ME

Per item use

poor Bard

woe is me

This isn't making a whole lot of sense to me..

Bards shitposts are awful, they are so bad, they are fun because of it.

Like this

Like "Shitpost Redistributor on facebook

And there are some that give more than others

Good to hear, Bard~

You do quests or dungeons, etc, you get those as rewards and use them. So it's more based on how much effort you want to put in to getting a ton at once.

I made a lookout point on on my wall, because the concrete base was really wide and I didn't like having this massive block of stone wasn't covered.

Don't shoot doggo.

I saw the animation mod I have that makes the character not hold their gun at the ready at all times and I honestly don't think I could ever go back to not modded because of that alone.

So you need to run around and gather these items?

Oh, I see. More reasons to doing quests again I guess

Good, cause you never want to shoot doggos. Unless the doggos are angry wolves... Then uh


Pretty much. That is the entire AP system, force you to repeat world quests, dungeons and raids... Pvp to an extent too.

All to further a number that just. Keeps. Getting. Bigger. ;-;

Grids you've done it now


I added some deko to the guard tower.

You're so bad at being bad, they could make a children's comedy movie about you.

Looks comfy for the world it exists in.

it would probably be a netflix original

Thigh highs vs bandages

big numbers are good, hasn't it been like that for that game in forever now?
Or at the very least, since Cata

So long you're having fun~

Essentially, yeah~

I've done nothing.

And you're so bad at being bad, in the sequel, you're the good guy.


Also, Liquors Bar

It's a shame. The game used to be good


iDK i MIGHT delete this in a few minutes.... just kind of felt cute in this image

gimme thighs

Eh, I'm keeping busy

*gives thighs*

That can be good too!

3d loli thighs.

Is this truly the best you can do?

actually 3d lolis arent thicc so pass that

bard never woke me up he sucks at bein an alarm clock

dr hu cure my morning wood

I just went and finished scrolling through mmy meme page and sweeping up the ones I dont have saved lol

It's getting late and I know I gotta go to sleep so Ill leave with this one 2nite

m-maybe some other time I will shit post hard for you > ///


uh.. Good morning

whats my prescription?

Love you bard, sleep well.

You have saved the world with the bar.

Once upon a time, yes.

It'll be better when I have a job

megumin cosplayer

sleep tightly

Sleeping pills

At least osrs is still a thing

Good idea, you should get right on with it

Are you looking hard for one?

With less vigor than before, but still looking

*gives megumin robe and hat*

Good. Don't give up, you'll find some

I think you meant "puts on"

I was asking for porn

no porn, go back to bed

whats this about porn?
I just woke up why would i bed

It doesn't seem like it will ever go away too. x3

Oh BOY can't wait to see how she reaponds.


Hopefully I can tick enough boxes with the fed's during my interview to get in from equal opportunity employment lul

That's some absurdres porn

no im not megumin

How come when I kill raiders before they even become aware that there's anyone there they have no grenades, but when I'm not being super sleuth, they have 41847981e+2410248912941 grenades?

I feel like the AI don't have grenade quantities like the player does

You need more mods.

Bed is a good place to be after waking up, and porn is bad for you

Thank God for it!
Wow, explicit images!

Tick a few more just to be safe. They tend to seek of higher quality than they actually need. Recent example was a company looking to hire some iOS app developers with 5 years of Swift experience. Quite impressive if someone has 5 years experience in that language seeing it's only 3 years old

But you'd like to be!
Imagine all that dick you could get



I'm unsure as to what you mean, my images are just perfectly normal~

But I don't want dick!

If you stealth kill them, why do you need grenades?
Also hunting rifle master race reporting.

Did you call them out on it during the interview in a subtle way?
"I've been playing with Swift since its release in 2014"



I only got the example off a forum. Could be made up, but I don't believe so.
One easily could do just that though. I'm sure it's just and attempt to prevent the undetermined to send in their CV.

I wasn't complaining that I didn't have grenades?




It's incompetent HR managers and you don't go to work to a company where HR doesn't give a shit about new employees.

Totally innocent.

You need MORE mods

Good morning everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful day!

(I refreshed my peep and the big wide world folder so I'm gonna be testing this sucker out today)

I'm gonna go cook.

Could well be. I'm not sure, never looked for a job before

As innocent as you


Maybe it adjusts the loadout of their inventory to better suit your play style.
I've killed with the bb gun unnoticed before.

I dont think we've met before.


I don't think we have either! Hi I'm Sinni! How are you doin?

I like the stuff that eba's posting.

Much more likely is that they just don't use any ammunition they may or may not have.

Yes I've sini you before! Im doing well just waited 10 minutes at a self service place before realizing.

Ah jeez that sucks. At least you got 10 minutes to yourself?

I got enough alone time, how about you?

I'm pretty good! Just woke up a few minutes ago so I'm still kinda groggy

Colbs must be mad at me :(

Sup afternoon peeps~?

I don't use grenades, but sometimes mines are handy.

I like plasma grenades :)


Where did you all go!?

Into the void

Can we still chat in the void?

omg I'm so needy today :(

Haha, you're fine! How are you doin?

Good, good. Trying to finish up with my second job stuffs online.

Not sure what me and the girl are gonna do today. prolly trim more bud
The future is now

It's still pretty retarded

Good morning Sinni

Sounds kinda fun? I hope you have a good day :3c. Make good choices

Good morn! Hope your day's going well!


It's just trying to get the adobe plugin to work so I can digitally sign the last of it :(

k, mom. what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

QQ getting anything adobe to work makes my brain hurt, good luck.

and IDK, I just want you all to be safe :C

Yeah, I know. It's like blahblahblah disable the default plug in and use our shitty plug in that comes with these super outdated instructions that have buttons you're supposed to press that don't exist anymore.

Well, don't do that. That's such a shitty thing to say to someone. Honestly.

Haha Jesus you're giving me like vietnam flash backs of trying to use plugins. Do your best qq.

Also, I've never been told that before, I'm sorry for upsetting you but why do you think it's shitty? I'm interested in your opinion

Telling someone to be safe/be aware of their well being is shitty? Expand on this

Because it's what bad parents say to you before you leave or something. It implies the majority of your past choices have been bad, so it's like a passive aggressive way of telling someone they suck at life.

Bruh I didn't even think about it like that, I'm sorry.

I meant it more in the 'you gotta lot of not fun stuff to do, do ur best' kinda way? IDK I didn't mean for it to sound like I was shittin on you

not to go all kanra on you but I think you're applying your insecurities to a phrase intended only to be kind there, maddie
sinni knows like actually nothing about you to be able to think you suck at life
she's new to the thread lol

:^) Reminds me of kong

It's fine. I get shit on enough as it is, that's all.

And trimming bud isn't too bad. We got like 3 pounds of weed already off of 2 plants lol 10 more to go^^

Even still. I feel like most people tend to not like that phrase for similar reasons.

I like you all & I'm not exactly familiar with most people here, so I assure you I don't intend to shit on you.

I don't drug so I honestly have no idea what that means qq

be gone thot
I'm defending the idea of telling people to be safe

I have no idea
I've actually never heard somebody have an averse reaction to it personally
I can definitely see where you're coming from though, I'd probably come to the same conclusion if someone who was around for my shittier phases had said it to me


wow, purge!

It really, really is. But it makes sense, seeing some people who apply for programming jobs have never heard of the modulo operator

Okay. We're cool then.

How old are you?

Idk. It's generally not really a heavily used phrase up here except by old folks either, which kinda doesn't help imo.

It's not even like I'm in any shitty phases anymore either. I just don't like how it sounds lol

What's new with you? Haven't seen you around in a long time. Ever get that car?

We HALO now?

I posted yesterday I like the name Madeleine, it reminds me of my favorite childhood book madeline, I also watched the tv show. and I posted the Werner Herzog reading of the book,

Hi I'm Sinni, I'm 19 and I never learned how to read.

Awwe thanks?

I remember watching that after school with my little sister. That was like 20 years ago now though haha

That's a shame.

Just lost my match in Smite because Hachiman ran in like a retard and died

Are you talking about %?

It's a cute name, and it fits you.


Griddles, pls~

I feel you. I have an automatically shitty response to most old people sayings because 99% of my trauma in life has come from shitty old folks.

Yeah, I've been around just not really posting. Not many people here I have any desire to talk to nowadays
I did! It's a piece of shit and I've spent more time working on it and fixing it than actually driving it lmao. Actually finally just got it registered today after having it for like an entire year

What are your most expensive date night dinners?

I gotta see if I went too far or am on par.

Yep, that's the operator in some languages. The remainder after division

lol old people amirite?

Yeah, I get that too. It's all newer peeps and I miss the 2012-13 crew tbh. I just feel too old for this place half of the time lol

That's too bad about the car. Maybe it's more rewarding after all the work you put into it? idk looking at the bright side is like my new M.O. :p

As a sniper, I'm more likely to use a grenade when shit hits the fan than I am to set mines where they'd be useful.


I don't know what that means but I'm sorry you lost?

Arent you reading all the posts rn tho?

as a sniper it would look way cooler to throw a mine in the air and shoot it




I have begun construction on the wall.

The great wall of Sanctuary.
We'll keep all the raiders out.

Rule of cool does not apply to literally anything with human interaction outside of video magic.

The only person I've even bothered to post at on here in like actually 8 months is Ian (and now you) because he's still lovely

It's not worth the effort I've put into it but at least it works now :/
I can't afford anything better
It's a 2002 Chevy Malibu


Is FO4 worth

Last time I pirated it got dull extremely quickly.


I guess it's starting the good ol' minecraft again.

its not

oké thank you

get dark souls 3

Yeah, he's always been a great dude.

It is what it is. At least you have a car. I'm still hoofing it or getting rides places lmao.

I'm gonna be looking at WRX's soon cause my credit has been getting fixed minus one slip-up on my part last week. Soon... soon... There's always just too much other stuff needed. *sigh*

HAI Moogy~


More like Dank Souls

No more worth than any other TES.
Or Minecraft.
Or really any open world game with no real driving force.

is it in your steam wallet?
have you considered getting a £100 i5 rig to shove your GPU and HDDs in and selling your old rig?



How's it been bae?

been well. just been doin that college grind


Oh, i didnt know u were a student!

i am now

Not throwing away my old rig just to play ONE game

What degree are you pursuing?


I like this avatar

tbh, it would probably be a 0 cost upgrade if you played your cards right

Me too, but it's not mine.

Steal it tbh

Not necessary. I have the folder already silly.



eff you Fish.

I'm still waiting for my Karearea Talon frame >_




I'd say congrats, but that's just being an adult lol

You will always be nothing :)


lol rektage


What are you even bragging about exactly?

Good question

*brags about doing nothing at work because I did all my work*

Probably gonna get canceled on again. And be single again tho

Stop trying to date underageb& then, dummy. Unless you're trying to bragpost about that too or something.


Stop bragging about getting dumped

you're gonna make everyone else jealous

I spoke with a human today.

fucking brag about it


I can never tell if these are serious or trauls tbh

Y'all are sad sometimes lol

This is now your avatar >:D

It was scary I've had my fill of human interaction for this week.

I think I lost Dog.

He vanished and he isn't at any of the settlements I've unlocked.

Don't tell me what to do. I hate that more than anything and I'm a spiteful bitch.


And I'm worth hating. This is a good combo we've made

I'm on survival.

"Roll if this is an upgrade"
ilvl 900
My trinket is 793
The guy who won it has 895 and 890 trinkets
I hate this game

what was spoke for?



I mean.
It was an upgrade for him.

KFC Tendies but after I paid and they told me "have a nice meal!" I said "you too" accidentally.

I've long since built the habit of ending on "Have a nice day."



Not arguing that point, I'm just super salty
He literally wanted it for the extra 100 agility versus the extra 900 I would have gotten
REEE inducing

why was this here in the first place

not lewd!

rng hates us ;-;

I'm off work 2 hours early again.


I would rather be working, I like money.

My fetish is a committed loving relationship.

Could you not be so lewd

this feel ;_;


ikt said I could be his trapfriend. :)

Men are best

Very lewd*

you wish

Girls the best.

stop lying Ikt

I know.

You should know you're wrong then too



² don't like me too much

Not wrong at all, bae~

The only pics here that are lewd, are yours

Darkness is best girl


Wait, which one? If it's Greg just show him these:

I think you are seeing things, Hu.

Someone who seriously fucking hate me.
Nah, he would be ³
And nope, you show him that, eyup

I mean... the other guy is Swedish, so you gotta understand a little where he's comin' from.

of course... Silly me, nothing lewd at all to see here

You'd think it would be a little bit different then, seeing he knows how to speak English.
But I guess I overestimated the guy

I know, right?

Just righting diplomatic situations with other races of the world. Nothing lewd about that. Or of explosion loli being in barely any clothes.

For explosion reasons. Totally.

All of the Swedes I've met over internet communities, and the one I knew IRL all knew English better than you, Rita, and half the other Eruos I know.
Really makes me think.

No, race-mixing is a sin and is never acceptable

I guess people who know English well, are all just dumbfucks~

t. faggot barely able to manage all the languages he speaks

so where's all the grils at with baginas here?

azn girls tho

Azn 'girls'

I'm a grill irl.

The whole two of them?

with a bagina though?

Diplomatic relations is not race mixing. Jeez.

*mounts fleshlight* yeah I got one.

It is if you ride dick



So you are mixing races??

that don't count though

No, she is

But you ride the D??


No, that would be gay

How DARE you suggest that Hu would ever do anything gay !!!!!!

Your words, not mine. Gay Hu.


I didn't know you had that relationship

Hu, why don't you post white wolf tengu anymore?


I should be more specific
Darkness is best Konsuba

Being gay doesn't mean you do gay things!

I do though

How long have you been together?

Why not?

Or does it~

Megoomin is best

Because straight guys here only ever exclusively to straight things. Look at Feku!

This is blatant lies.

Every time I see you you've been posting Ekusupurosian.

I asked him yesterday but I'm 90% sure it's just memes.

Wait, Feku's straight?


So he said, but he's gayer than gay

Still, gay Hu is gay.

so you dont do the dirties on the daily?

hey shutup misinformer

Is hu a bottom

Eetsu fain.

No, unfortunately. ;;

But not doing anything gay

Sorry, I'll remember to never state you're straight in the future so to not misinform people again



We will have to change this.

"It's fine"
You apologized for some reason.

Not gonna happen.
Is bedtime now too

night night

but you put it in a way that made it sound like you disliked it~
Have a good day, am gonna head off now



no the part you said after!
you can keep saying this one

Dewa matta ne.

Sleep well, love~


for some reason a part at the back of my throat hurts

i havent sucked any dicks and my diet hasnt changed so idk whats wrong with it

you need to suck more dicks, that's the problem

why don't you go suck a dick

ikt is best


Also he's mine back off.

would if I could





that's a weird way to draw a hand

Grand Theft Minecraft













/That's a Poi