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it's 5:30 and I already slept.

That does sound like a good time to be awake.
Good morning then~

is there an app i can insert my dick in

I woke up at 2 praise me


That's maybe a bit too early though!


No empty no talky

Explosion inside Megumin

plus it's time to get drunk so I can't go to bed regardless.

Is it always time to get drunk?



You'd like that

At 5:40 in the morning?

hey hey~

I'd like that.

why the heck not?

3 in a row

w e w

sing me a song you're the piano man ;~:


Cause there are better things to do at 6 in the morning.
Such as relaxing in bed still, or play a game.

what a faggot

But I'm not the recipient!

The jokes on you I only crtl +v'd it

Check and mate

Thumbnails are disgusting.

I disagree. the best thing anyone can do at any time is drink.

Being the sender still doesn't change the fact

Still saved it to a temporary folder, so you did save a thumbnail.
Who lost the game now?

But how

I'm so hungry, but don't want to leave my room.

And to think you never had a drink just 6 years ago

You're still pulling down your pants at the end of the day

I want ikt's cake inside my mouth.

six years is quite a long time. especially when so much of it was a complete waste.

same tbh fam

knobby thumbs without nails are gross........


I'll email you something

what do you want, lil caesars?


Sometimes we just gotta take chances.

Yes, the pic is on your computer RIGHT NOW!

I'll be heading to bed soon, so I'll hold off.

Stop drinking, go sober.

To stick it in a girl!



I thought she was a boy

It's somewhere in C:\Windows\TempSomethingSomething

I disagree.


you're speaking in tongues

But it tastes so awful.

There's no owo bulge

Hey cuppers.

this is exactly the kind of thing I'd expect a child to say, so I'm not really surprised.

But a princess do need herself a proper man to make her feel happy. Gotta take chances in order to find one

Your tongue!


Truly a stunning example of BRONZE LEAGUE HEROES.

hiya goggles.

Are you accusing me of being a child?

far more fun to be a slut and take care of dozens.

sure seems like it huh

being one with the night calls for it

I'm not though, I just eat and drink like one.

Long time no see.

But one day you'll have grown too old and all the good ones will already have been taken. Don't be a slut, it's better to be with just one

Hmm, well it means you'll be around the same time I'll be, so I won't complain

why are people stupid

All those posts and not one was a "Hi Rin!"

An you don't even talk to me on Discord either.

Discord is for gambling.

Because they aren't people

Discord is for plebs

a rose by any other name...

true. how have you been?

by then I won't care, or even more preferably, I'll be dead.

Good morning

I know how you feel

I'm not familiar with that particular idiom.
You feel cold tonight and it's making me nervous.

you could have talked to me just as many times as I could have talked to you.

hi rin.

Don't be so pessimistic. He's still out there looking for you too

Did you sleep well?

He's a troll. Nobody is that stupid

this is my genuine personality.

your naivety is adorable.

lol thats kinda a faggy thing to say


I'm not even sure I want your "Hi"s anymore.

they are as worthless as I am, so that's reasonable.

Well enough

hmpf ;_;

Doesn't make it any less true

do you masturbate to trap porn?

Hey, Rin!

how is life treating you?

No, only to feku porn.

Got any plans for today?

You've only asked me that a few times now~
No, I like men

There's porn of him? Do share

but isnt a trap just a cute man

soooo cute~

I'm gunna go stop bothering people now goodbye.


brb getting a pixel after throwing this one in the toilet

No, not at all

You are!


admit it you would pound a cute boy hole

did feku just imply he has a cute boy hole

Is that so?
Then how do you end up "taking care" of multiple people if you aren't? Would have to be cute in order for them to take you up on the offer

You wish

i dropped my phone and the screen cracked. it cut my thumb while using it. i think i have glass splinters.

should i cut off the thumb

have sweet dreams kissie

Why is the straight guy trying to make me fuck him?

I don't have to be cute. I just have to act cute.

you go girl

If you succeed in acting cute, you are cute~

What happen?

Alright, I think.
Not bad, at least.

How about you?

in an online context they are functionally the same, yes. why do you think almost all of my human interaction is in this form?

I do not understand the question

I can never get past Holla Forums dnsbls, and when I do, it's only for one or two posts

Anything else is too taxing.
Did you ever end up visiting a certain leaf, or have that not happened yet? Or did you decide not to go?

Pretty good these days.

i never said anything about my holes

Why would I wish? This is about you and cute boy holes.

post your cutest boy holes

Feku are you a girl

hasn't happened for various reasons. nothing significant will result from that regardless.

that's wonderful to hear.

How about yourself?

nope but id fuck one

Because you're asking the question and I've already stated I don't~

I just wanna see happiness come your way

I'm absolutely perfect.

there's no such thing for me.

how about a cute loli

There is. Just have yet to find it

Still not a man

Go to sleep Cup.

You're usually more playful.

You can get past my dnsbls. =w=

sure sure. whatever you say.

I'm playful as fuck. how dare you.

Member when continuing conversations from one thread to the next was a thing?
I Remember.

Happy days are yours and mine.



so mean

Sometimes it still happens

many people view the truth as mean, yes.

Pepperidge Bard remembers

"Whatever you say" is not a truth, just a statement

Wonderful, pajeets defending the crappy boot animation on the OnePlus forums. They probably requested this. Who the fuck listens to styling advice from pajeets

You aren't even playing with a loli mommy dommy, how can I believe you?

What kind of sick person wakes up at 5 am?

Gnome devs

whatever you say

that's playing dirty.

the kind who goes to bed at like 11pm?


everything I say is absolute truth.

No Gnome devs are minimal, this is bloat to the max.

How dare you suggest I'd do dirty things with someone else.

I am a pure, and chaste, maiden.

post examples

That's all you slept?

oh right, of course. how silly of me~

I don't even know why you'd feel compelled to suggest anything otherwise.

I must be a crazy person.

Hit me with all your truths~

minimal? Maybe, except for UI. Need a 20px margin to everything

He'll hate me forever

Minimal functionality I meant.

you'd like that wouldn't you. you pervert.

Ah, yeah. And the minimal functionality barely even works.
Awful people. Like Pajeets

Yes please



I thought I wasn't racist but there's less and less reason not to hate pajeets.

smh tbh fam


Welcome to the club!

Yeah, I bet!

Gonna sleep?

I'm so angry

you're talking nonsense

Not like it used to.

I was expecting Pepperidge farm, but you hit the nail on the head.

who is the man

Give all your hugs, or else.

all of them? but then I wouldn't have any left.

That's okay~

We'll just make more. We can do it, we have the technology.

Some people really do make you so

Nope, you said you wanted it too


He's The man

It's so insultingly hideous.

what kind of madman invented hug duplication technology?

I'm drunk. that's basically rape.

Let out all your built up anger, then get some fresh air~

It's not rape if you like it

wow what a fucking RAPE APOLOGIST

For reasons! At least that's what said madman would totally say, I think...

you seem strangely knowledgeable about the inner thoughts of said madman...

shush now~




you can't silence me.


I know, rite?

Now about those hugs...

maybe I'm all out of those


I'm sorry..

I wouldn't like you to anyway

No u.
Am alright, Not doing too much. Feeling alright yourself?

women are never satisfied tbh

you wouldn't even notice after a little while.


Carl just needs to fess the fuck up on Twitter and say "Yeah sorry we fucked up ur phone here's an update that fixes everything".

Now I'm contemplating moving over to LineageOS.

and the truth frequently angers them, yupyup.

Why does pretty always have such cute images?



I am doing okay enough! A bit bored but that happens on a day off. x3

You're an ass.

I'm cupcake u fag.

that's my most distinct feature


No I said you are an ass, not you like ass.

guilty on both counts tbh



I ain't a part of your system.

Cupcake is Pretty.

Stop being a cuck.

Not the slutty part? :3


wow that's mean

...okay second most.

Good girl~ *Pets*

Please don't try anyway

You were going to flash your phone regardless, right?

Heh, that it can


no promises here.


tears only make me harder

You first.


wait what?

don't lob factual statements at me as if they were insults.

I don't write the rules, and I barely follow them, but I'm sure you can understand the confusion, no matter how many times you tell me you're cupcake.

School going well?

Should I have said 'silly slut' instead~?

can I? CAN I?!


Stop being a bully.

Who said it was an insult?

Hardly started but so far no complaints

how the heck am I being a bully?

me, duh.

I thought you always said the truth~

I do. once I say something it becomes the truth.

Literally all you do to me.

maybe if you didn't love it so much


shut up nerd

Then all is good!

This is good to hear~

Hopefully it continues that way, though class has a hard time maintaining that.

Sure thing grids the pleasure is all mine.


gimme ur lunch money


We need adults. ;;

nuh uh

It will usually just become stressful around the exams, but those are still a long way off

classic chick logic

prove it.


It wasn't an insult, so there, proved wrong


is because I said so tho


Gud, gud~

I got rekt

no u

yeah that's right!

damn right u did.


And maybe I wish you were pretty, I liked talking to pretty.

delicious tears

disappointing people is one of my best talents. it's good to know I still got it.

Don't make me lewd you by holding your hand, Hu...

wow, bully

wow, over the line!

have you even met me?

Nope, only on the internet!

that's how it should stay.

So far over the line that there is no going back!


That's pretty damn gay!

wtf NO.

You used to use someone else's name before right, or was that another asshole friendly poster like you?

I use whatever name I please but I've never tried to pretend to be anyone but myself.

hah, rekt

you will pay for this.

I'd like to see you try

/never gets on steam

Why is Megumin so much more cute without her hat

Just fuck already.

hu wishes

But that's already the case~

Because more hair

Nah, that would be gay

no u

exactly. get rekt.

Maybe it is!

Maybe I just might get Discord to haunt you there!


haunt me there too

Aren't you?

you never will lmao.

I've always been told more hair is a bad thing



You now spoke the words, making them a truth. It's all ogre now


More hair actually is a good thing. If you grow hair on your fingers and feet, it means you got good blood circulation, which is good~

they were truth long before I spoke them in this case.

now command me to fap

And now you set it in stone

If I don't, will that make you beg?

a good excuse for you.

Yep, so I thank you

I disagree

You disagree on wanting to fap? Interesting

So it probably was you, anywho, how you doin?

So lets do the illegal stuff! :3

Anyway, ones meal don't cook themselves, so I'm off to do that.

Nah, dinnertime, no illegal stuff

There are people that don't grow hair on their fingers/feet?

Nope im fapping whether you like or not
You devil

Feku's dick

I feel like ikt is like Echo insofar as wanting to be with them makes them not want to be with you.

I'm a pro cucker.

brb nom

Tired as fuck at work

Slept plenty

Anxiety over wisdom tooth surgery


Wisdom teeth extraction isn't that bad. For me they did the bare minimum and jammed huge needles into my gums. Then they wrenched the teeth out with the dental pliers. There wasn't really any pain, but you get the eerie feeling of metal and bone that used to be attached clanging around inside your mouth.

This is surgery, I'm going under because all 4 of my teeth are Impacted and not extractable

Just hope they don't drop it down your throat

Also that soft food thing they tell you is bullshit. I just ate things that wouldn't get stuck in my holes

In probably gonna eat nothing but pudding for like 2 weeks because I'm a pussy ass bitch

I ate steak 2 daysafter. Pudding sounds gross since youll already have mushy gum bits

Really not looking forward to my surgery.

This might sound stupid but I'm IMMUNE to opiates and I heard from someone else that has this thing that she woke up in he middle of surgery because of it and I'm very scared it'll happen to me too

You don't feel anything if you are put under. The pain isn't really bad after a day or two and they give you drugs for far longer than that.

My mom said my brother literally couldn't even walk the day after his surgery


Why? Is your brother retarded?

I think i was a bit dizzy from blood loss but i could walk

She said he was in too much pain

Help, I am a scared smol little bean

If he couldn't walk he was probably just high as shit on vicodin or something and lied to her. It literally hurt for maybe two days after and 3/4 of mine were impacted.

Yeah, there are

wow, enjoy your fap to all your big-dicked shota porn, slut!

Bunch of weridos, those people.

Ill have you know i finished already and it was exclusively lolis


oh yeah, girls can have dicks too

Hello, threaders.

Let me shave your feet.

hi hi



Cute, that wasn't the kind of response I was expecting at all.

Actin' awfully gay there, Gaybo.

Surprise surprise then~

Seems to be the norm around these parts

I'm actually a cute girl irl so it's not gay.

I'm not really all that fond of surprises.

i enjoy sex with men

I meant you, since you didn't want to do something earlier 'cos it was gay.


Cute girl with a dick, I bet.

Same.. Though it depends on what kind of surprise


I still don't want to do anything now, cause it's gay

except with user I guess it isn't, seeing she's a cute girl

I'm a cute girl.


I'm a pretty cute girl too


they had tight loli pussies

I have no idea what you're talking about! What kind of surprises would you like?

Ay bb ;)

I can't remember what you look like Fish.

Sell me your drugs when you get your teeth pulled out.

Something like breakfast on bed.
The kind that sucks, are the ones where you're told you need to go do something all of a sudden and it apparently had been planned for a long time, but someone thought it was a good idea not to tell you before now.



if only fish were into gently dominating cute twinky boys


That's such an 80's hippie shirt though.

I masturbate to NANI?! KANSEI DORIFTO

That s my "sitting around the house without a bra on" shirt that I wear for like my entire weekend sometimes

I also don't wear bras not in public even.

I bet you masturbate to Geralt of Rivia

Is that a bad thing?

That is a fairly cute surprise; I wouldn't mind that one either. The latter does indeed suck.

Oh, that's right. Calling yourself cute isn't cute but I don't think you're ugly or anything.

Not at all.

Similar taste in surprises it sounds like

Ciri maybe


lol, what are you, straight!?

I like to pretend to be straight sometimes but don't tell anybody ok

fw thirsty for fish

I'm telling everybody.

Being gay is gr8

I feel like you've lusted after dick before too.

Dick yes, men no




I can kind of understand that.

It's the best

fw thirst for fish is getting out of hand

Madeleine is a cute name, I enjoyed this book very much as a child
And Werner Herzog makes it an insitefull experience.

Wish she wasn't so damn busy with school and work, I'm thirstin for some hugs

Aww, that's just adorable

check out this awesome piece

Why does this look so Eastern Bloc



Time for new thread