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someone wake me up in 6 hours

Famously, those only occur in Canada.

I'll wake you up at the end of the month if you want

cucked to death


I just wish a hurricane would come take away all the mean canadians and brighten up this dreadful workd

gross normie songs


no wait

Do not steal my meme


Mean Canadians? Surely that is a myth.



its mine

mormon scum


I wish I could stay in bed forever.

It's mine honestly, and I am not scum I'm the meme innovator and you're just a lowly thief



That would be nice

I don't wanna go again today ;;

Pretty sure you always steal my stuff though.

I don't think that has ever happened

umm excuse me sweaty I'M the meme innovater here

Weekend can't come soon enough

A tale of two lazy Megumins

Car can't be fixed soon enough

It's tiem.


Stuck with public transportation for now?
Hopefully soon

Its happening right now though.

You can crush my spirit all you want

You can break my bones...............

hurt my feelings...

but you WILL






Die die die

Chigau !!!

post more megumin thighs ty

Yup, bye now.


Goodbye you lazy megu



Have a good day

needs more thighs


can you send me this folder ?

I lost mine



anime girls say that alot

idk what it means

god you are worthless, get out of my SIGHT


me neither


big boobs
hi hi~

w...wait come back I love you



*hides you*


chigau means wrong, bard

no pubes?

maybe when ive lost a bit more weight tbh



Both sounds like effort though


Don't shame peopel for their weight K

Shut up fatty

nani kore


its easy!
diet change and gym
just go HARD AS FUCK when u gym
that means death metal, psyching up, creatine, and multiple sets to physical failure

the sorer you are the more work you did!

he colbs


It's She-Colbs, you cis scum

No I can not, I can send you a bible for free though


EVERYTHING, YOU SAND FAGGOT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not fat it's watermelonweight.....

yo, same!


Gym requires you to get out~

send me one

i'dl ike to take you up on this offer

I have a gym partner too but he's working at 30% of my rate. I try my best to encourage him but he just doesn't care..

I warned you about that black food

Sup homo?

There's this guy at our jiujitsu sessions that is undefeated and always goes hard as hell but nobody will fight him except for me and the john whos the head guy because it's hard to keep up

Maybe some days you should slow it down to help out your buddy and make him feel a little more comfortable

wow, we have so much in common
wanna die together? alone?

he can go at my speed, hes more fit than me
its just he eats french fries and candy and im like


how much do you weigh and how tall are you?

hard pass

he needs to get on that Gracie Diet

This lit af skin


None of your business

bad to the bone

*pat pat *
its okie colbertkun


P good m8

Not much, interview for new job tomorrow so that's hype. Same job, better company with better pay



I imagine going to the gym with someone else would make going to the gym less of a chore.
Sucks that he refuses

thats k..kinda lewd grim
im sorry, I dont think about you in that way
please stop hitting on me


I'll need your address

Fuck I literally just moved and I dont know my current address

Next time I see you I'll take you up on this offer.....

wake me up in 6 hours


can I physically hit you

we dont even work the same muscles when we go lol

its 6969 bitch strt xdddd

umm oki

only if you can find me, you cucklord
get fux

Does anybody here know about a channel on youtube named Brihard

I recently discovered him and I feel like it's popular but ive bever heard of it b4

kayb will help me and join me

Are the equipment you use then placed close to each other so you can still talk?

nigga has his airpods in when hes working out

we do talk a bunch out of the gym tho

kaybe will never betray me, so good luck with that you cunt

I find it weird for people to talk to eachother while working out. Talking is too distracting to do while focusing on working out. Stuff like music is okay tho cuz its like white noise you dont have to think about.

hed sell you for one corn chip

because thats what your worth

jk ily

thats why you do it in between sets

Damn, I guess you barely are working out together then..

poor birdy

if we're in the gym at the same time it counts rofl


That's one way to look at it.

Yeah, time to train hunting then make a profit while training the skill without the risk of PK'ers, as well as finding fossils~

someone command me to sleep ive stayed up 2 hours longer than intended already. i cant function by myself

but wouldnt you be out of breath or something? idk how strenuous working out is so i might be wrong.

gonna sleep now

Go to bed or I'll ban you!

Goodnight, and have pleasant dreams

Please be nice to the missionaries


what power do you have to show for in order to ban me??

missionaries are only there to spread their heretical faith in places where people might be easily swayed to the ideas of the other parties state

In other words missionaries should be killed on sight :^)

That would be abuse. Now bed

i have to wake him up in 5 and a half hours


kk your commands give me a sense of urgency bye


o-ohv gosh you really think so ~ ?

I hope so > ///

I've been talking to mine since before I refereed them to you, they're wonderful people so please do your best to listen to what they say and have an open mind

sleep well

you go to bed too


They're nice people. Besides you asked for a book and I was going to oblige

We have missionaries in our town that I run into at the square when I play guitar alot

I'm not going to

Can someone pls link me to our discord?

That defeats the whole point of all of this thought what. Would you actually read it once you receive our book?

They're all such nice people aren't they?

who are you

I wouldn't

I encourage you to read it, Also inv to discord






There is more than 1? What is this wizardry ;;

Mine isn't for this commuity

It's my transcommunal discord

Everybody wants to be the admin of their little own place. Fuck Discord

Discord works when people arent little bitches

But people are little bitches

Discord is nice for shitposting images at a person without having to upload them to puush, imgur, or some other meme crap.

aww, so mad

no you are just a little bitch etc etc

I like Discord because when this community inevitably fails And goes belly up I won't go insane from loneliness

I only started using discord because many of my favourite streamers have discord channels

I figured this place would be pretty fragmented and riddled with drama on terms of organizing itself on discord

That's what gyazo is great for

honestly I dont know why this place doesnt just use discord
its pretty much the better version of this shit hole


We do
We've always had tandem chat platforms run with the threads

That's like an over glorified version of Lightshot, so that falls under the "some other meme crap" category.

threads are shit, so why not just abandon them


Taking the picture and hitting CTRL-V is worth


the way you're selling discord makes it sound like Lightshot, but with built-in chat functionality. That's most certainly "some other meme crap"

it's literally just skype but not shit

Worth what?



every 3 months

I didn't use Skype either, and yeah, it's still shit

STOP BEING A FURRY !!!!!!!!!!!!

im not a furry, GOSH BARD
im just bi

I don't beleive in Bisexuals


Hu, new thread

lol no

Hu, images

I only kinda like dog dicks, so im not a furry!!!!!!!

lol ­no

well, I cried like a bitch. that was fucking powerful.



get fuckin recked


Fuck you Hu, post pictures

legitimate spoiler below:
the scene where she was fighting with him and was on top of him hitting and yelling "I'm doing my best!" fucking destroyed me

lol no

Bullied deaf girl.
If only Ishitter hada died when he fell off the balcony.

Yeah I saw that scene with no subtitles or context and it made me cry

....bump u_u

once the whole backstory was established and it was leading up to that scene I thought "no matter how this scene turns out it's gonna hit me hard, oh god"

are you being sarcastic or something

Hu, do what I tell you


lol ­no


I was so mad.

Now, if only someone would push Ueno and her faggot girlfriend off a roof somewhere.

you mean the glasses girl that ya-sho was accusing of passive bullying?

Hu, I'll do a thing

No I mean the first I ever heard of this movie was a collection of the deaf girl making deaf noises and it had no subtittles or context and that scene made me cry

do what?


whhoops I meant to link you in this

I hadn't decided on the thing

ah ok, I wasn't sure if that's what you meant or not

I feel like my emotions need a break after that movie
I'm exhausted

/bullies Nezi



when I as 15 or 16 I binged clannad and clannad after story and thencried myself to sleep and slept for 3 days

Sahara, the one that ran off to a different school.

any suggestions?

nyah nyah nyahn

go to bed

I want to fuck a 2d girl




I thought clannad was pretty boring. I never watched afterstory and everyone tells me that's when it gets 2 stronk but I had to suffer through so much boredom with clannad (like 24 episodes???) that I don't really wanna rewatch it just so I can watch after story

oh you meant nishimiya's girlfriend

well you can't really fault her TOO much as all she did was run away from fear. she is of weak character and struggles with it, but at least she's not a cold hearted bitch like ueno

that girl needs to get shot


yeah htere's alot of filler

but the more you watch the closer you ge tto the characters

First I ever heard of clannad was A NicoNico Douga Mashup and the melody of Dango Daikazoku was in there and It was so beautiful It made me sad and so I had to find out what that song was and then I found dango daikazoku which is a very sad sounding song but I didnt understand why everyon in the commets was SOOO sad about it only thatit was a little sad

well I learned it was from Clannad and so I sat down and watched Clannad and then after story in an uninterupted session

I may have needed to run to the restroom once or twice I cant remember..

but I'd never seen it before so it wasn't that hard

I want to fuck 10D girls.

Nishimiya's girl frie- wha? She had a gf? No, just Ueno. It's implied that there's a thing between Ueno and Sahara. I believe it's even more heavily implied in the manga than the anime, but either way... yeah, Ueno is a grade A cunt.

dang I'm in top 10 already!!!1

Rolled 2, 6 = 8 (2d6)If odds = gym
If evens = run

Roll a d10 for the amount of girls you fuck.

You did it champ.



Rolled 9 (1d10)k


Rolled 1, 3 = 4 (2d6)
I'd need a d0 for that




Jesus Hu, what a fucking slut.

they indeed were

Is that a rocket in your pocket?

Rolled 28 (1d100)

Rolled 47 (1d100)
That's not how you roll a 100

Actually its a penis

kinda a rocket though

show off

Don't worry. I'll pray your gay away.


said god


a random song? :O

did u listen 2 it

it says life is worth living : )

Rolled 5 (1d20)
Yo, check out this nat 20.

You must have done something awful to receive such a punishment.





I'm the son of odin.

Nothing I do is wrong.

Rolled 2 (1d20)
You activated my trap card

Nice uh... eyes.

Sun of a faggot

S-stop >////////

Thanks ?

And whats the big deal ?

the video says:

"video not available"

RIP me :(



That's actually very sad

tfw some fat girls have more fat in their tits than I do in my entire body

didn't seem implied whatsoever in the movie. they barely even had any interaction. maybe a couple words to each other at the most

idk it's a lot of hours


what else are you going to do with those hours?

Sit around doing nothing?

Why not feel something real

meaningful emotions

bard you are a stick that literally an anorexic twig could pick up and bench without breaking a sweat


This is for spectre for giving me music that I can listen to over and over



When I lay down
I have a 6 pack

And honestly I think that's fucking awesome

well that's the thing, I LOVE shows that give me powerful emotions like that, but in the time I put into watching all of clannad I could have felt many more emotions through other shows.

i was crying in like 30mins with Koe no Katachi

u feel me






There's 46 episodes of "Clannad" (Both of them, you can't just watch either or they suck, you need to watch them chronoligically togethe)
at half an hour a piece

That's 23 hours
That's litterally not even an entire day

I work more than that every single week
and I'm sure you do too

i mean you dont gotta watch it all at once
It's an anime released in episodes.....

but fuck man
if you genuinely like to revel in powerful emotions like that watching Clannad was probably the saddest thing I've exxperiened in my life

Lucky enough, but still

I recently went back and tried watching angel beats again but I pussed out early before the guitar girl did the sad thing

well alright, you've convinced me.
I'll start watching it the first clannad again tonight

stop shouting you cockroach

holy shit I actually convinced someone to watch clannad

I made my younger brothers watch it and I tried to get my friends into it but none of them commited except for one friend who finished clannad and didnt start after story

I just gotta say that Clannad is a draggg but once you pull through to after story It will be worth it

mmm this is some delicious cake...mmmm tasty

hmmm? who's-


yeah I remember :(


PIC related it's me accidentaly vomiting on nezi who interrupt my post chain



I forgot to mention that some people tend to complain about the rather wide style of clannad but I personally dont think it's so bad




Are you eyes as blue as hers?

I wish

They're just brown

Pfft. That's pretty gay.


Dark eyes are so much fucking prettier
I don't even get how light eyes came to proliferate





I am pretty fam and bae


kiss shot is a pretty cool guy



uhhhh kiss shot is a girl wtf

if hes a girl than im a squid girl with a sopping wet pussy

I ram rubbing yoru fins


rub rub



I slept for four hours and woke up at 1:30
I have problems.





what's the other thing??

A Vulpix.

ah cute ^^
I never used one before i don't think any of the games i had. had one.

thats because moltres is the only fire type you need

im vulpix


It's part of the original 151

yeah i know
why vulpix tho i don't get it

No reason in particular, they're cute.

I smoke but only after sex.

This is a 350 watt psu right?

damn shippers



It's a 103
It says Max Wattage: 103W Max

how are you doing darlin'?

Do you vape, bro?

annoyed that i have to go to work soon but i'm ok
how about you, kively?

Annoyed that I botched my sleep schedule again. I have work tomorrow/today, but I'm not horridly dreading it since I had a really strong performance Aaturday that makes me look better.

I vape dicks

pretty soon you'll be the top dildo salesperson in the world


Guess who gets to stock the line and run garbage because they called off work yesterday.

that's impossibru though since all of my shit together requires more power than that

not u


Nope, definitely 103 watts.

It would be quite nice if I could reach such heights.

how many more rc vibrators do you have to sell before then?

I'm gonna need some more juice soon.

endless numbers.
I'm kind of a middling performer in terms of sales.

if it means helping I suppose I'll support your disgusting bussiness vapeshot

do they have cat dildos?
you know cats have barbed hook dicks so prolly not
but they have them for dogs so if not then it's cat racism

go away, I don't want your help you pig

We don't do cats, or dogs. Unfortunately it's too niche a market.

not even dragons?

I'm not a pig.............

oink oink

our stock isn't that exotic.
I keep telling my boss to start carrying them but he has not given in.

they'd sell like hot cakes

It's not true...I'm being slandered.......

We would for sure sell at least one.

gotta go now
'see you later

Bye, good luck at work mi amor.

avatarring as a psychic pokemon would be cool, maybe Alakhazam or Mr.Mime


You gonna do it for me?

next gen as heck

Easily my favorite psycic type.

so you know its moveset


Not by heart, no.



Hey Renz, I never really said thanks for the other day, also I don't know if we've ever talked before that, so, nice to meet you.

bard u fuk u didnt wke me




wouldnt that just be an explosion all the time

Sleep well :)
Feel better soon

No that's the ISIS app.

This is Megumin telling you to wake up :3

can you poke her boobs and stuff?


I tried but you wouldnt wake up





I'd poke ur boob