New thread for the beggars

New thread for the beggars

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byebye hu chan

where'd everybody go?

New Hu for the whole thread!




i want to be a moeroll neet

oh wait i thought it was a food item

Hey guize, guess who got to bang his girlfriend last night and this morning.

Not you.

Well, you're wrong.


How does sex make me a normie?

The hell man?

He probably doesn't taste too great

It's because no one's as interesting as you.

hey guys scarce here



I believe you

R-really ?!?!?!


You're the thread

Who the brown loli?!

I've a new wallpaper :3c

n-no you

hah, nice

whose getting fukt in that pic

yeah sparks are pretty :D

It's better when they flip.

Max and Kimi

Should I play Skyrim again

isnt that ur counry

But all you play is Witcher

Max yeah

But Vettel fucked himself over so that's good.

Huh why do you know this

Internet doesn't keep secrets very well

Hmm, but you don't have Steam nor Discord!

Who said I didn't have Steam?

You didn't have me added but still how'd you know I was playing Witcher I didn't say/ask right D:

Megumin's name isn't Megumi, though.

It's a legit thing that her people are fucking retarded about names.

Finding you wasn't exactly difficult~
Your profile isn't private either.
And everytime I checked this weekend, you were playing The Witcher 3

That explains how but doesn't explain why you creeped and didn't add D:

This was more entertaining

oh tahts vettel? yeah fuk dat guy he sounds like an asshole whenever i hear his crashes

I no understand you :( Scary.

NEver his fault!


I added you now, shh~


After being spied on for a week!

sometimes i check hu's profile to see if they played any american truck simulator recently

Well, time for more Witchering!


I think it's only been a few days

Been quite some time since I last played that


u have no hours on steam
2 much runscrapping?

69hrs. Nothing compared to the 298hrs in ETS2, but it's some nontheless.
Yeah, too much runescaping. That's way past 1k now

Anyone home~?

Just a few



I am hiding in the closet.

hi hi

Awwe. You should come out lol It's a lot better to be out and about than in hiding for sure

Not really. Went to uni to do group work. Only ended up writing about half a page in 5 hours. Rest of it has been spent here.
What about you? Slept well, got any plans for the day?

No, hiding's the best.

I don't wanna, socializing is for normies.

You can hide me.
In your bed.

ooh, that's too bad:(

Got up mega super early for a doctor's appointment and got probed, needled, and blood taken. Then I flew my quad for a little new footage and now me and the gf are taking a nap before we have to start trimming our plants^^

Was he not talking about being a fag? I'm confused lol

no, get your ass out here

Doctor appointment? Everything okay?

At least play hard to get, sheesh..

Oh, probably, hiding's still the best.

But I'm not in one!

good afternoon

Yeah, everything's fine. Just switching to a non Planned Parenthood primary care provider that specializes in trans healthcare now that I have insurance.

Why's that? It's 2017.

Heya, Nez~

But then you might leave me for someone not so difficult.

But I get drawn to people who are cold towards me all the time.
Ask anyone.

Makes things more dynamic.

By cowering away from yourself?



That's more like it.

Like Mac.

Ho lee fuk Toussaint is fucking pretty

Yeah, cause he's a role-model :|



It's not like I want you to like me anyway.

Haven't even seen the best of it yet.

I didn't say it was a clever thing to do, I said it was fun.
Isn't Mac fun?

I like Charlie and Dee.

how's the life?

11/10 no complaints.


B-but Dennis..

Do a loopy thing!

What about him?

ok enough

been torrenting tons of anime to watch


I just posted 2 :((((

Oh, snap. People still do that?

I'd just mail you my external if I wanted to find it in my boxes.. Has like 900Gb of anime or something weeb like that lol

ooh sorry

nice flying!

what's weird about torrenting anime?

I'm gonna build a Galil on a torch cut reciever I plan to reweld.

Flan with whipped topping.


But it already has caramel topping.

2D Flan with whipped topping.


some kinda creamy vanilla yogurt thingy?

Built it outa soda cans.

I don't know what that is

i wish flan still posted


He tries to molest me on steam sometimes. cum_on_body


oh so it is like those custard yogurt vanilla thingys!

Oh, you too

I let him :3

Tbh, I'm kind of craving flan now.

Probably everyone, tbh.


Fuck I thought I was special

I'm sure you are.
Why don't you try to molest me on steam?



You are, to me :)


Bein' in the habit is still good.

at least now you're all ready for whatever the day throws at you!

oh boy i sure am ready to sit and play black desert online all day today

Wow, Rin.

Whipped topping doesn't add anything to flan, a fruit topping would be more fitting.

Seen that one, but it's not forged and it can't be hardened, an alloy of aluminum with brass or bronze would make it hardenable with heat treating.

A demilled reciever cut with a torch into 4 pieces, I have the tap to cut fresh chamber threads when I reweld that area, I plan on running test welds on metal of similar thickness to account for weld shrinkage,

I guess I've been waiting in the wrong thread all day


Does this make me retarded?

Duke I have some bad news

Luka is actually a guy who is a poor Lesbian that refuses to work

TP, stop trying to convince duke that Luka is no good so you can keep her for yourself.


Griddles I have some bad news

I'm not actually TP

also I made a grammar mistake in my last post

I don't know how you're reading that but I'm just going to keep letting you read it how you want because I don't actually care what you think.

user, I have some bad news for you
I don't really care who you are.
Lukas cool doh!!!.

This is turning against me..

Oh. That's good

Is that my loli anongf OwO


It's what you asked for, right?

Who? Echo? Yeah.



How are you feeling today? :)


drained and not happy or hyper...
not sleepy tired, just tired exhausted no energy.

good taste

I know that feeling.










two more days....
then i'll be happy again...

then 4 days after that my bday

Added to my cute things in boxes folder.

What's in 2 days? :)

i like maki ;~;

pay day.

I like all cute things in boxes, that was just the only one I have, it's a funny because it's L85, she always gettin bullied, but she thicc.

Doesn't really need to be hardened since it's the lower for an AR. You can make those out of wood and plastic.

u burned the box ;~;

Money day is always good

I would rather it be hardenable, pin holes would be my concern, oblonging and cracking, a hardened alloy would reduce the risk of issues
I'm all for diy guns, but I want them to be reliable. In an shtf situation I would be fine with just aluminum, but that's a lot of machining anyway.
To do my Galil I will need to anneal it after I weld everything, then tap the barrel chamber threads, and then harden it.

I would never burn an L85, I would cuddle her intently.

24 hours of straight work. Fucking fun.

Ew, stinky Jew AK.

did you draw that?

But Galil was based on Valmet/SAKO Rk 62

Damn, how's that work for overtime?

Fuck you, Galil a cute, I might do some lightening cuts at least, once I get a mill set up in the next year or so.

No, it's a grab from /ak/ threads on /k/

It was between both jobs.
Gunna be nice tho.

I have 4 demilled Galils and I plan on putting together a few valmet and RK clones from 2 of them, and I want to make the third my own thing. And one will be a Galil.

Oh, well, be safe, don't do that too often, money is worthless if you die in a car wreck.

Okay, which is little more than a Finish variant of...

tfw no fancy tools to build cool guns

stay strong...

but the pic u posted...

too bad today isn't :c

I don't have any yet either, but with a little love, a $2000 lathe and a $1500 mill can be made to work for most anything I need to do.
I plan to get a lathe first, I can use it for milling by mounting the parts on the cross slide and the tooling in the lathe jaws.

I did not burn her, can't you tell it's just to bully her, it's a different box.

Are they original ones?
Because the early ones were made with tools and manuscripts of Rk 62s the IMI bought from Valmet.

But it is a higher quality parent gun.

shes a gun?

I wish I could invite you all over for dinner and serve you a big meal~

cooking is fun ^^

Yeah, they're originals, I also have 4 demilled metric fals to play with.

She is an L85 a bullpup chambered in 5.56 nato, based on an AR18.

Use your lathe to build a mill.

I guess.

Can I help you do the cooking?

sure, that would be fun~

I'm gonna try a new recipe soon :3
amish friendship bread (without the gross raisins)

I would accept that offer.

Ah, kind of jelly.
Always liked the design of FAL, at least the ones with wooden furniture.

It is the superior AK.

Rather be served a big dick, but you know.

I haven't had a payday in 2 years

I mean that's like being the smartest retard, or the best looking turd. ~

Would still prefer an AK instead of a jam-o-matic.
No, not Jatimatic, that was a horrible design.

lol, that was creative.

I don't trust Florida food.

I still find it funny how it was intended to be a pistol, but for some unknown reason during the test firing the prototype shot a burst instead of a singular shot.

a puppy? :O

;~; at least u got family.

Maybe to improve a mill, and visa versa.

We could make prime rib, and a delicious pasta salad with fresh tomato and feda cheese.

I plan to order an Australian parts kit for one build, I do love the wood.

Yes, she is a pupper.

Only thing kept me alive

I was going to do something lewd but I built a couch instead.

so you ended up getting hot and sweaty anyways

Just put it in a backroom and use it for castings.

You built a couch?

woof woof


do you trust anything???

and how dare you, I'm a great cook! hmmph >.

im so horny

Hopefully my interview will go well

I trust very little.
I'm sure you're a fine cook.
I doubt I'd like what you made though.

She's a cute.

become rich!

modify ur gun

wow you're a mean person :(

No, I'm just a picky eater.
What would you make?

I think being rich would be boring

Anyone I love left?



There is no backroom used for castings..


oh well

Do I count ?

well tonight we had pork tenderloin, vegetables, cooked vidalia onion, baked or sweet potato

I like pork, the rest of that is inedible to me.

what kind of food do you normally eat?

meat and bread/pasta


I don't know what to spend money on when you have that much
It baffles me that people would run out

doesn't sound like a very balanced diet, how do you keep the weight off with all the carbs and stuff?

We needed a new one?

More meat, less carbs. Atkins is similar.

I modify my guns yes, this one I refinished.


buy kewl things all the time
people make new things every day

make it into anime

But they're all over pornhub.

can I try your meat~~~?

Did you buy a couch at like Ikea or something? The concept of you building a couch is what's confusing me, I guess

I live under a rock, as it were. I don't find out about new things

Sure, tonight is chicken.

There are still none at this residence.


Here you go, it's an anime of it.

Make a backroom.

I'm readyyyy


you shouldn't

:D cuute


Why not? I suppose I can't really buy any of them anyway

Why can't I have it now?


maybe one day

I guess I ended up sleeping all day.....

Then I can do things like going on trips too

do it

are we the only ones here tonight?


hii Kiss shot

Notice the cute arm thing that tomoko is doing

Doesn't it just make me seem approachable ?

how are you doin today sweaty




Hi luka look at tomoko's arm

Isn't it just so casual ?


I want to go to Finland in the Winter and do skiing and stuff!

Don't think so

Take those socks off this minute mister

They're going to get wet....

Well I guess kiss is here tooo





yeah it makes me want to be her friend

It would seem

When I'm not broke

i wanna S Q U I S H some p a d

do it~



Wanna come :o

I'm sccared she won't like me............

Luka is telling me that I should try to be tomoko's friend but I'm scared that tomoko won't like me..........

What do you think I should do?

also when I was younger I had a cute puppy dog with soft pads like that but the n he got older and they got hard and not soft and squishy anymore : (

Ah, someone like me, I see

Yeah I think she's cute and stuff but Idk If I'm her type

I should point out, Tomoko is so desperate to be known and popular that she'd probably be your friend with no effort at all


It could be worse, you could have gotten dumped by a 2D girl and have a mental crisis



y-yeah You're right she'll probably just use me til she finds someone better and then dump me h-haha

Hello boyfriend

Hello specter

Its the worst feeling ever. Not that I'd know, of course..
I'm clearly not so understandable and repulsive that a fictional girl would dunno me haha

You wanna....

You wanna make a secret truse?
Maybe we can both get tomoko

bard, marry me


try it and win!

I don't like Tomoko
I love my waifu, and she loves me. I'm cautiously optimistic though

Goodnight Bardo



Be seeing you tomorrow autism chan



you're looking quite casual yourself today

What up?

Oh hai

Is that good or bad ?

Not a lot

you ?

u did this on purpose.

what's happening bard

notice the casual arm

Not a lot. Sucking down antivirals every three hours.

tomoko is cute, id smash

well not at first

It just came to me


What do you have ?

I got caught up funposting this morning w/my friends and accidentally slept the whole day away. so I only just recenly woke up

Now I'm very high and having fun playing minecraft for ps4!!

I just bought it yesteray and it's been downloading.

My buddy from Alicechat let me use his minecraft account a few years ago so I could play with my brother online but I lost the account sign in and llost interest with the computer minecraft

when I moved to the new house I'm in now, I lost my super good internet and now I have spotty shit internet so my collection of all online games isn't feasible anymore because when the day time rolls around fucking everyone and their mom gets on the internet around here and it's SOOOO SLOW
so I decided to get a game I could have hours of fun with not online :

What are you up to buddy

Just like Clockwork, amirite?


I actually only came here to be an attention whore and say good night and ask for tucks and nanas.


Since you were honest I will give you a nana and *Tucks in*

oh i'm moving soon too
I'll prolly be out of internet for a while tho
right now i'm watching this


Go to sleep.

Bard likes it

oh wow really?
Are you staying in your town or moving somewhere else?

Same state?

I hope you're not gone for too long.....

Don't fix me with such a piercing glare

I have such a weak soul....


But why?

h-h-heh h-heh heh h-heh h-heh heh heh h-heh heh h-heh...............

He wants an STD I guess.

i'll be in a different part of town but i'll be much happier
i can't wait


Fuck yeah bro how's the rent going to be?
Much worse or around the same?

It is not true

It's bullshit



Please ! Just listen to me for one second....

I'm being framed......

Oh, Hi Mark

Dawwin I was wondering where you went



While I have your attention like this

I would like something to listen to......

1 Nephi 12:23: And it came to pass that I beheld, after they had dwindled in unbelief they became a dark, and loathsome, and a filthy people, full of idleness and all manner of abominations
2 Nephi 5:21: And he had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them.

Even God finds blacks to be disgusting subhumans

is new game!! worht wach?


Yes and? It's still the word of god

Akane 1:!1: Lick my thighs dog

So God wills it

So Shall be done

Pic taken after me secretely sneaking into IKT's room late at night

pls no

You on the right?

Please what

Yeah I...... I don't know what I'm gonna do.....

why even explode

Mormons are generally pretty hot tho.

Abuse it, probably.

I appreciate the compliment


Always here.


Always here

Never giving me your love

glad you're safe from the hurricane desy chan

The whole backyard looked like an ocean and my garage got flooded. Want pics ?

I do actually yes please

Crazy though.



That is fucking terrifying

Something ?

Having good values and faith does not make people crazy

If the house was facing the opposite direction we woulda been fudged

Why's that? Do you have alot of Glass on the front side of your house?


Yes and the winds were coming from the west though so it blew the water into the garage, but if they were from the west it'd be right into the doors and windows

Now slow down hotshot, or you might just go about proving my point.

Damn dude that's scary as hell

Have you ever had such a serious hurricane before?

I've never met a crazy mormon in my life

I lived in south florida during wilma katrina and all that in 2004 or 2005 idr, they're not too scary I guess

Growing upthrough my life I've always had a very very very very bad fear of tornadoes and it was so bad that up unttil I was about 14 or 15 I would go hide under cabinets or my bed and panic every time a storm came through

at least with hurricanes you have plenty of time to evacuate

tornados and earthquakes not so much

Together ?

yeah but hurrricanes can spawn tornadoes