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You did not.

Right as I submit new thread too, damn

Thread is literally named old though

Unless it runs slow on your hardware, which long threads can


It'll just be re-used later


lol cucked

I am the Cucklord


how do I become unsick



Drink lots of water and sleep

Kiss someone to pass it off to them.


so.....about that

people keep waking me up but I'm drinking water

Not me, I don't like kisses.


What kind of sick, anyhow?


coughing and sore throat

that's a misleading name you have.

Oh, well then hot tea with honey is good

Go to bed~

Make me!


good morning


Nah, I gotta take my leave.
Enjoy your evening

Good morning Bard.
And goodnight too, gotta go

aww nini hu

havea nice sleep

Android 21

You bastard


help i havent slept since yesterday

18 is still better

everyone likes this new one though


Grape and hululu reunited !!!!!!

i don't like 18
i like 21 (except for, her fashion style and weird colors.)

I like her colours...



ive been distracted too much


oi mate who you callin a cunt slag

What the hell could possibly distract a hikkineet from sleep for an entire 24 hours

oh well



Omae wa mou shindeiru

no " oh well" she is cute....

idk but im self-diagnosed with adhd

I'll give you the ol' Fist of the North Star if you know what I mean


Well suited to you, I think


I've been Diagnosed with ADHD by a medical proffesional and I think you're making your life harder than it needs to be


I knew you would like her because of the glasses and hair.

Not really, it's just a stolen name.

Shes actually very cute

not all adhd are equal


who did you steal it from?

of course not

But focusing on a diagnoses that you handed to yourself that you may or may not have and may or may not have had your entire life to such an extent you can't sleep Is something You need to see a doctor about

The character.


I've been hunting that thief my entire life


21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Yeah! ^_^ you've figured me out lol

that was a joke shagging at self diagnoses tho
im not stupid enough to let something like that influence me

im just not sleeping because i keep watching long vods and i feel the need to complete them

theere's WAy too many androoids

I thought there would only be a few androids

why are there so many androids?


O-oh you were padding the runtime of the conversation....j-just so you could keepp talking to me? hehe....

stop psycho analyzing this conversation like an autist

I don't understand, that character is Oshino Shinobu

I think you're getting me mixed up with Kanra here

Shinobu is the loli and Kiss shot is the milf ass vampire

robots are easy to make

my bday soon!

i wanna be a robiot


Same difference


well I mean

it might be hard to tell us apart

but here's a simple trick to help

Just remember
I'm the cute one


i never finished monogatari so that explains it I guess

you made the right choice tbh

the arararararagi v KissShot fight scene in the new one was 10/10 though

How old ?

pew pew *robot and lazor noises*

very old ;~;

i dont think those details suffice

Are you gonna start avataring as an old lady ?

It might not seem like enough right now but trust me

Once you see him you'll understand

oh okay. it will ruin my schedule but i think im sleeping now

i dont want to

Sleep well

rip this fuckin hard drive lmao

*rips it to shreds*

squash you useless excuse of a human being
tell tristan hes a sack of shit for me, thanks babe

Isn't he usually asleep by now?

has anybody seen Koe no Katachi

it sounds like it might be really good

I've heard good things.

I dunno, I just wanted him to call tristan a dirty cunt

how are you, love of my un life


whatever happened to Revy?

for DICK I bet you whore

but really, thats no good, but its a bit late to be eating

that vaporeon is as close to lewd as a non lewd vaporeon can get

I stay up until like 5 am most nights, so a snack around now isn't unusual.

What a marvelous idea actually

ah, im the same, so I guess I cant say anything against it
I really like buttered toast

Eh, I wish I went to bed at a more normal time. I work until midnight on work days so that promotes staying up late.
That's my life now
Wake up, sell sex toys, eat food too late, stay up too late, go to bed, wake up, repeat.

do you have piercings and dyed hair yet?
thats what I see when I think sex toy seller.

I abhor those things for the most part.
Also, it's company policy that you can't have your hair died unnatural colors, and can't have piercings visible outside of the ears. Gauges have to be small if any, and no tattoos visible either.

wow, what a weird adult store you work at
how respectable
how often do you use the glory hole in the bathroom?

do you have a company website? if its a chain then address shouldnt matter

There is not one in the bathroom, our bathroom is a single room locking style one. There is one in the Arcade, it is for degenerates and is mostly used by old gay men to fulfill their reprehensible homosexual desires.

how nice of you to help them out, at least!

Are you lewd or are you just stuck there

I only help out in that I clean it every night and make sure the whole place is sanitized fully so that they can defile it once more the next day.

A job is a job.

But sounds like you hate it there.

What kinda people go there anyway?


that's oddly sspecific

I don't hate it there any more than I would hate any workplace.
I don't have to get up early, and the work isn't exactly difficult.
All kinds of people. The arcade is mostly old gays. The people that buy from the store is a grab-bag. The only exception to that is pills, that is mostly just old men.

that sounds pretty disgusting to be honest, wow

you guys sell pills?

Ew, old men.

What'd you do if not for this?

It is, especially because the hand-prints on the walls tell the story of what went down during the day.
Thankfully all our cleaning supplies are usable from a three foot range, so I really don't ever have to touch anything up close.

Yeah, male enhancement pills.

I don't know, work some other minimum wage crappy job. Grocery store or convenience store I guess. I have no employment value, so I kind of just have to take whatever I can get.

well it came up in conversation that they always really wanted to go to one but they were too embarrassed to go alone so I agreed to go to one with them since we were driving by near one

Oof, okay then.

What stuff do most people get?

well I mean if you're both gay what's the need for the sex o toys?

I want to go to Pech Merle.

I'm not gay.
And it was a gay female.

I also hear Altamira is open again to small groups of people. If that is the case I want to go there as well.


I'm not sure I can trust anything anymore

Male Enhancement Pills are popular. So is lubricant. As far as toys go it's a pretty big mix, but vibrators and strokers prevail I think. Gentlemen's rings too.

Hmmm, no dragon dildos.

what's the big deal

I have no faith in the voracity of either of those statements.

open bob


im glad to hear that, but id probably be throwing up if I had to clean up the.... leftovers, from those kind of encounters

Not enough of a market for those sadly.

Clean fast, don't think about it that much. People don't usually leave pools there are paper towels to clean up after themselves, it's just streaks on the wall.

I'm not sure you're using that word correctly.

What's so hard to believe? I am bisexual and my friend is/was gay and female.

Licking up puddles of HIV-infested cum

Also onaholes.

thats... something, I guess
im glad ill never have to deal with anything like that, ever.
whats the pay like?


a meme

Strokers are onaholes.

Minimum wage, $10.50 here
I just got a raise though, not sure what I'm at now.

I don't believe in bisexuals.
Also, the word female likes to be used pretty loosely around here so I do not trust it.

Oooh, fancy terms.


it's an actual grill lesbian, relax

and I'm definitely bi
I've had sex with a girl before and want to have sex with guys too but I'm very shy irl so I don't even have any friends

oh nice. I make 12.50 at generic factory work here
10.50 is a nice minimum, too. here its still 7.25

i am also living in the backass nigger hell that is minimum wage 7.25

I'll trust you on the friend, but I still do not believe in bisexuals.

They make us use pretty generic non-graphic terms like gentelmen's rings instead of cock rings or stroker instead of onahole/pocket pussies. Or harness instead of strap-on.

I think I'll be at like 10.75ish after the raise. I don't work enough to make a real living off of it anyway so the money doesn't matter too much.

almost nowhere pays less than 10 at this point, so thats pretty nice
just move here :^)

not amazing, but not awful either, depending on rent

Most places are pretty expensive around here unless you want to live in the trash parts of town.
The problem is I get a max of 29.75 hours in a week so I earn maybe 450 a week max.

oh, my young naive friend.

much to learn, you have.


same hours

But I want my product marketed as "Loli-pocket-pussy"

thats livable where im from, honestly. living on that side of the USA must be rough


When I grow up

I wanna be a loli pocket pussy

Teach me senpai.

Mine are likely going to get reduced since we just hired on a bunch of new people. They make us compete for the hours so unless I can trounce the others in sales it will all get split up.

They are marked that way, I just do not call them such.

Living on the coasts blows in terms of prices. I don't have it as bad as seattle or portland, but it's not great here. I could live in the crack addict or mexican portions of town for cheap, but that sounds awful.

im sorry bard, you are to cute to be a pocket pussy
you will be forced to be a cum dumpster instead :(

yeah, I would never live in those parts of town honestly, im far to paranoid as is, and I live in an all white neighborhood

please no...... i will never accept this fate

Sauce me

Its late


i'm still


You could always just go to bed.

but at

what cost

bed is for losers

where is dewgong

I was going to invite you back to my bed, but I guess nevermind. You wouldn't want to be a loser.

Sleeping I assume. We have not talked much recently.

Sleep I guess.

im sorry buddy

I'm a loser :(

Sorry for what?

No you're not you're a winner

nothing idk Im just tryihg to make conversation and this is a bad jump off point

everybody be sleeping

Yeah. I hardly talk outside of threads and have no personal life. The only talking points I have is work.

your bed is for cool kids
which is why I will never go there :(

Apparently no one is cool enough to join me there.

id join you if you let me, but you h8 me

Because you always say mean things about me to my Heterosexual Life Partner.

yeah..I'm a cool kid...the coolest....

you have a heterosexual life partner?
also >using the term life partner

It is the most accurate term to describe the relationship between me and Harpo.

what is the difference between life partner and significant other
the fact they can sleep with other people and not feel bad?

I don't think the definition is so strict that there is necessarily a difference.

then why not use the term significant other, since its easier to understand
are you and harp a COUPLE

I dont get what a life partner is tbh
it sounds like a cop out

Because, we are not a couple.

what does life partner meeeeean


A partner in life for life.

so a significant other
but you can bang other people

It's a completely separate category because we are hetero life partners. We are not involved in that sort of way.

so best friends who are somewhat attracted to each other but not in a gay way cus that would make it weird, but still... you know, its there


It's okay if you whisper "no homo" beforehand.

id still smash the 3dpd

Yes, except for the somewhat attracted to eachother because that's not part of it.
More of an eternal friendship and partnership ala turk and JD from scrubs, or Shawn and Gus from Psych, or the twins from ouran without the homosexual overtones.

so best friend for life

who are kind of gay for each other


but without this.

I'd especially smash the 3D that's arguably a better butt 'n thighs

How can you be bff but not stick it in

nothing beats 2d you FUCK HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I get what you mean in your terms, so that means I still have a chance?

3d is fun

He plays no role such as gatekeeper to me.

so yes, I still have a chance... brb putting on my cool kids clothes

you disgust me


What color are your panties for your cool kid clothes?

blue, cus blue is the best color

This, I agree with.

Fucking faggot

Both are good


see, we are practically made for each other at this point

sorry bard, im not THAT big of a faggot

Do NOT bully this perfect angel

Life is hard and shes' doing her BEST


Variety is the spice of life

Which isn't good enough

im going to bed, I hope you will join me soon kissy

I didn't sleep though, it was 7:50am, I went to uni!
and back now

Being Hu is suffering

It is.
Feeling well?

Hmm I'm feeling alright I may get a snack soon

What about yourself how are you feeling?

Snacks sounds good, any ideas?

Eh, pretty useless. Spent 5 hours writing ½ a page. That's so far been my day

Maybe something sweet

I had some wassamelon earlier that was great
Yeah It's looking pretty dead around here about now.....Hopefully more funposters shows up.....

That doesnt sound like the best way to spend a day but ya gotta do what ya gotta do....Got Homework?

Get some chocolate~

Heh, hopefully soon.
So.... Now that it's just the two of us...~

Is true. and we did send something off to our supervisor, so I guess it's all fine.
Nah, none of that

Some chocolate would really hit the spot actually....but that might warrant a trip across town.

I'll consider your proposition

Oh, that sucks. If you do go, better buy enough for the next time you crave some

I'm honored



man im not used to 5 hours as a neet but i woke up anyways cuz i love the night too much

If I didn't know better I would thing it some kind of scam to steal my chocolate

but since I know you better than that I know that's obviously crazy

Thank God you're here FEks

I like to get in about 3 to 5 hours in the early evening mysef if I can

The deep morning to dawn is the best time

maybe yu're just naturally crepuscular

Like a cat

Coffee is great

Who are stealing your chocolate?

Would never touch your chocolate, not without asking first at least. It's yours after all

W-what is this chocolate Thief roleplay

nah I think i woke up cuz i didnt cover my body much and the cold got to me.
thank goodness summer is dying

hearing the sounds of night wind is pleasing

Gotta be hot down there in hawaii

what kind of blankets do you like to use ?

I don't steal chocolate. Just meat

if you touch my food I will bite you and that is a promise

nights are around the mid 20s
days reach 30

my blankets are thick and light

yes, please bite me

How do you like your coffee?

I always have my coffee black

LOL what? are you joking?

its usually at least 60 during the nights here right now and days are at about 80 or so

I don't just go around biting STRAYS how do I know you've had all your shots?

Ick, even after drinking coffee for quite awhile I can't stand it black. I need to have at least a little cream in there to curb the bitterness.

oh i meant like celsius

That's just a risk you'll have to take if I touch your food

I've had it black since I was 10, and now I drink it exclusively because I like the taste.
Shouldn't be sweetened with anything, not even milk. That'll ruin its deliciousness

I thought you were an American lol ?

hey you know what they say

Once you go black

It's too true

How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

I eat coffee beans and pour boiling water in my mouth.


why would i use a narrow minded backwards way of thinking

25. Why though?


Just curious, you said since you were 10 and I wasn't sure if you were still young or something. I had you pinned for early 20's though.

Yeah, I'm old

25 is early 20's~

You aren't old at all.


Some would say mid 20's since, you know, it's the middle number but I'll give it to you.

And others would call it early in order to feel younger. I've heard some state they are in their late 30's even though they are actually in their 40's. I assume the reason is the same

how old are YOU?



Which is why I gave it to you! Plus it makes me feel younger.

27 as of a month ago.

27 really isn't old either

Such is life.


sho ga nai

And life sucks




Don't catface me with your cute image.

no catface then, just cute images



You've heard of Elf on the Shelf,
Now get ready for ikt on the dickt

ideal scenario

Cosplay goals

I can be your 40kg Megumin...

Aqua and Darkness are going to be out all night
they'd never have to know...


That sounds unhealthy unless you're about 4'8 or so

Is 50kg at 5'11 okay?

That is acceptable.

How even?

holy shit that is skinnymode


i think It might be underweight territory or just branching into healthy weight...

Like god damn I'm small as fuck and I've got boyd belt advantage

Screwed metabolism that makes me unable to gain weight.
Runs in the family. It'll change sometime in the 40's.

Underweight BMI is 18.5, I'm 15.4, so yeah..

you must be easy to manhandle

maybe you should snack on some more sweets

Let me feed you things in the meantime.

As if I would resist in the first place

But I'm not a fan of sweets

But I'm perfectly capable of cooking myself

Cook me things, then.

I wouldn't mind that

a limp cold body is good too

I'm not fat

It's just watermelonweight

I'm not fat, I'm just carrying a lot of gear.

No it's not. Cold is terrible

What's one of your favorite meals that I probably haven't eaten before?

its like competition for your dick tho
try to see if it can warm it up

frikadeller and tarteletter are two among quite a few good ones

How would one even go about doing this?

I'm like 95 percent sure you're just making up words at this point

And tarteletter is pic

This is too lewd for me

Friction is good
but risk of burns

I prefer Radiant heat

Dead bodies are gros.

Why even live tbh

Does tarteletter have to include asparagus? I'm not a fan. They both look pretty decent though, make me one of those.

They don't. I don't include them cause I'm not a fan either
Pls, there'll be enough for 20 of them.

I clicked a random video and I haven't been let down yet.

I meant like one or the other! You're free to cook for me more than once if you want to, though. I'm sure you'll make a good housewife.

well first you need a body

I like most of the artist names that I can read though so this might end up working for me too.

There'll be quite a few of those too. Usually served with potatoes, though pasta works just as well.
And what's a dish with meat without sauce?
Eh, not wife though. Can't get pregnant

Body heat is nice

the only bodyheat ill ever feel is my own

Nah, just gotta start looking


I'm a bit of a picky eater but I trust you will be able to make me something delicious. Don't worry, I'm sure some people such as myself don't want kids anyway. :^)

b-but Ido

socializing is hard

its 4:20

4 : 19

Indeed it is..

so how do you go about socializing anyways? just talk about stuff and hope it catches?

it's like shitposting irl and you need to make the pictures with your body

so like posing like the ginyu force?

I'm forced into it due to groupwork. Doesn't mean I like it, or am capable of it. Most of the time I don't say anything

Alcohol helps with this ?

Alcohol makes me weird
m-maybe it's for other people but not me

Alcohol makes everyone weird~

I thought you liked boys.

hmm yeah I suppose so...

What do you like to drink?

No friends in any classes?

I can't think of any other embodiment of shitposting

why do you change your name to ^ < rigt before i go to sleep every morning

I do. Should have been born female, rip

Mostly wine. Wine is great

Eh, I suppose I got a few you could call friends

what kind of wines do you enjoy?

I like very much some wine but also dont like alot of wine too because it tastes AWFUL

Is an inside secret you wouldn't know cause you sleep when it happens

Are they degenerates like you?

Red, tasty cheap ones :3
Some wine does taste awful though, that much is true

Not like me, but are in other ways

Are you possibly hinting that they watch that disgusting anime thing

.......I hate you......................... I HATE YOU!!!!!!>>1852694

Maybe if you stayed a bit one day you could find out :3

i see....

Don't worry, I'll treat you like a girl at least if you want

Nah, I'm not. It's worse
They unironically like John Oliver

But I already got a boyfriend

I have no idea what gay is. Does it taste good?

Yes, I am aware. I wasn't trying to imply lewd things.

Wait it autocorrected that to gay

hERE is a meme my friend made of himself LOL

I wouldn't know, I wouldn't touch him

One can treat a guy like a girl without being lewd?

Am off to dinner

Also new: