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frist for shitposting


Too slow





hihi hu isnt it a lil early for you?


It was a spooky movie


6:30 on a Sunday. Nah, not early

which one?

what did you see?

how are you tonight?



Hey, Fool

6 30
? a.m?

It was a garbage reboot and the people responsible should feel ashamed. Viva Tim Curry.

Who are you?

Slowly sobering at nearly 6am what could be better?

Ah, hopefully still good~

6:30am. Just woke up

Reboots are always better.

Good evening.


i hear alot of people talk about it

I'm from waifu

It was

Do you like scary movies? I screamed quite a few times. I'm rather on edge though

Bill Skarsgard or however you spell his name has a lazy eye that makes him not scary at all, they relied too heavily on CG, they removed all the claustrophobic elements, non of the children felt truly in danger, the kid talked too much, the shape of the head of Pennywise was like a lightbulb, his voice was all over the place, the adults who were supposed to know what was going on and did nothing about it became just weirdo perverts.

I don't remember you.

I don't think I ever really got the scary clown thing. Seems kind of trite as a concept.

Oh, that's okay. I'm not a memorable person
Sorry to bother you

Tim Curry made a truly menacing Pennywise. I would be legitimately afraid of that shit.

I don't remember most people.



King is kind of a shitty writer in my opinion.
So I didn't have any investment in the remakes.

w-well actually no....

I enjoy psycholoical thrillers but not just scary movies for teh sake of being scary

actuaally he's not a clwon he's an ancient entity of fear itself that has existed for all eternity


Salem's Lot and Pet Sematary are two of the most uncomfortable horror movies I've ever seen.

Oh I guess that tells me then.

What are some writers that you enjoy?

Pet semetary was sad

Well, you can chalk a lot of it up to old film and media limits.
I mostly find King to be an overblown idiot when it comes to books.

I guess it's just that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself

and shapeshifting clowns with daggers for nails

Sometimes dead is better.

He's a popular fiction author in the spirit of the old dime store paper backs. Nothing wrong with that.

Token was good.
I can't say many others off the top of my head.

Not that, but his writing is very contrived to me.

If you think about it, daggers for nails would be pretty inconvenient. I mean you can tell I am not typing with daggers for nails right now right? How would you get by in the office with daggers for nails.

how are you

Some of it, yeah, but not all of it.

You ever see Desperation?

Not all, but enough it's an issue.

Like it Tolken were to spend a little TOO long describing the hobbits feet.
That's what King does.

Probably not.

Enough? I disagree with that statement.

Tolkien did a metric fuck ton more world building than King. Tolkien did so much world building that it became overly tedious.

am alright. What about you you okay?

If you actually try to read Tolkien it's like 90% place names

Tolkien is fucking boring and tedious.

the open new tab tab is broken on my browser so if I want to ope n a new tab I need to highlight text then " search with google" and it opens a usable tab

I'lll just randomly go over pieces of text and went over
"fucking boring"

but it ended up googling

"king b"

And I laughed my ass off


try doing a browser repair

you might have some malware or something too

I found it to be alright.
Though this is all just personal opinion.

Hey it worked! Thanks!

Well, anyhow.
That was some pretty good LoL.


Yes indeed.

Though I don't read much of anything lately.

Those kind of pics will forever be great

That's a shame. You should read me a story.

I will have to decline.

Would You like to hear a story?

Speaking of reading, I just finished the book The Golden Cockerel by Juan Rulfo.

Do it anyways. Record it and send it to me. It will be our secret.

I always want to hear stories.

Secrets are a wicked thing.

I am a wicked man.

I am a good doggo.
I am not allowed to do wicked things.

Her name is Gwen. This is her story.
She was ten years old when the Searing struck Ascalon. Gwen lost her family, her home, and her childhood in a matter of hours as the sky-summoned fury of the Charr Shamans shattered the world around her. Thousands of Ascalonians died that day, and thousands more fled before the Charr Invasion. Gwen wandered alone in the wreckage of a nation searching desperately for the hand of a friend. Instead, she found the Charr. More to the point, they found her.
The Charr did not kill young humans. They enslaved them. For seven long years, Gwen toiled under the constant lash of her taskmasters. As fellow prisoners broke under the strain or were slaughtered out of hand, the embers of fear in her soul sparked into a blaze of hatred. When she finally saw her chance, Gwen fled into the wilderness, vowing never to be enslaved again.
She did not make it far...the Charr recaptured her easily. They judged her useless to them. She should have been slain on the spot, but her captors decided she could serve them, at least one more time, as entertainment.
The Charr built arenas within their military camps dedicated to the glory of the legions. Inside these cruel stadiums they set unarmed humans against wild creatures, reveling in the blood sport and applauding as the beasts disemboweled helpless humans. Now it is her turn. She is just another prisoner in a holding pen awaiting a brutal death for mere amusement. She prays for the strength to endure her ordeal. And she prays for the chance to strike back...
Gwen defeated the Charr's pet monster through guile and good aim, and escaped into a maze of tunnels beneath northern Ascalon. In those ruins she found more evidence of the Charr's handiwork...the entombed remains of years of death matches. In the depths of this abattoir she also discovered power, in the form of Mesmer spells within the journals of a long-dead researcher.
Stronger for her ordeal, but still alone in the heart of Charr territory, Gwen set her sights on the distant mountains and the promise of freedom they offered from the pursuing warbands. She knew that if she were caught again, her death would be slow and painful. She would not be given the luxury of a merciful execution.

Gwen's prayers were answered when she stumbled upon a group of free humans, a squad of Ascalonian soldiers operating deep behind enemy lines. They called themselves the Ebon Vanguard and their leader was Captain Langmar, a seasoned veteran.
Gwen joined the Ebon Vanguard and served them well. Years of forced labor and punishments turned this innocent girl into a ruthless woman, her hands guided by rage and a deep fear of her captors. Over time she learned to cope with her emotions. She learned when to strike and when to hold back. In her short life, Gwen has known hatred as well as mercy, and knows when to choose between the two.

She has become a true champion of Ascalon.

You can do anything your little brain sets its mind to.

No, You've gotta read it for me. If I wanted to read a story I'd just read a story. I have hundreds of books to choose from.

To be honest I have no real ambition in my life.

if my mic was working I would read you the first paragraph of watership down

I thought your ambition was to get all the head pats.

Get a new mic and record said story.

ye man try ublock instead of adblock+, too

much less mem usage

Something like that.


If you read me a story I have a belly rub and some delicious wet paper towels used to clean up steak juice that you can eat.


Is the belly rub an actually belly rub, or is that some kind of food?

Good job today.



by ublock you're referring to origin, right?


An actual belly rub. What kind of a fellow do you take me for?



Belly rub up front.

Nyet, I will even throw in walkies. And possibly a meatball.

we lost all games ;~;
and only won the last one because an afk?



Good, yeah should definitely be using it. More features for those who like that, and for those that don't care about that, it does the same job adblock does, just better

Nah, nope

If there was a real chance of getting to rub some tum I would actually consider doing it.

It was still fun.

All the good boys love walkies and meatballs.

Who said there isn't?

You live over 1000 miles from me.

nice to see you too!

ya, yeap

Im a bad boy

But a good girl

yup pew pew your friend is kewl


I'm just glad he likes ya.
He's found almost everyone here that he's played with to be either annoying as fuck or toxic as hell.

Yes, but you've made trips that far before. And I certainly have as well.

you're not a girl until you've put on a skirt


All for lodging and work mind you.
Most I'd go for something like that is 100 miles.

i'm quiet and freindly and like him.
he plays good.




i want things

And speaking of work I'm still not looking forward to the next 96 hours.
I have like, 8 hours of free time in all of it and not a lot of time to sleep.

Yeah. He's the guy I duo with.
I think he hit Diamond 3 at some point.

stay healthy ;~;
sleep lots... dont die :(

If you go 100 you might as well go 1000. And besides, it's not nearly that far.

Werner Herzog once walked for two straight weeks with a print of his latest film at the time just to give a personal screening to a film critic he admired who was dying.

Well, at least you'll be getting some monies.

from me?

I'll sleep in my car between shifts.
I might have someone taking my monday shift so I can catch a break.

Still too far. Maybe if I go visit my brother on the coast I'll stop by.
Don't you live in like, Nevada?

And yeah. Money is my motivation. I plan to start paying back my dues and saving up so I can go north. One of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer a while ago and honestly I just want to be with him. Chances are around 25% so I need to get there.


Yes, I know. You told me about that. Snuggles did too.

Oh. Texas is not too far if you're on the east side.
Yeah. It's had me in a really bad mental state the last month or so.

anyone :(

eat yummy things!

I'll pack some lunch or get some from the mess hall.




So have you decided what skin you want for your birth day?


That looks like a rather large portion

meal for one?

Tonight is one of those rare nights where I actually can stay up late without having to worry about work.

And thank fuck for that.

Hope that tastes as good as it looks.

Championship Ashe?

i want that

Ashe skin it is then.



nuh uh


I am central.

I know, the dog is in a bad state too. It was two of the things I thought.

you're a good person, hu

I haven't been much help for him.

That's not your problem anymore.

no u.
That looks like a yummi sandwich

im tired

And now you're making me hungry...


eat my wewee

I'm not a good person though

how so?

I am innocent, officer

even after abandoning ye shit apple phone your garbage software still comes back to haunt me

fuck you steve jobs

That's what they all say



I made the mistake of not eating much for dinner after I got home from work. Its almost midnight and I want something to eat, like a full proper meal...

But do I risk waking up the room mate by doing so? That's the real question.

prove I'm a good person then

u can't

checkmate, atheists

you need to buy quiet food for such occasions next time you shop for groceries

I might head to bed soon myself.
I am just adjusting runes.

i'm just sitting here on my bed looking at feels threads

A good catharsis.


hopefully i have a meaningful dream.
im running out of things to keep me going.

Dreams don't give life meaning, Luka.
And chasing them will leave you wanting.

my favorite burger ♥_♥

i want soo much
but oh well


Sleep well.

my favorite burger ♥_♥

Update: Apparently my room mate didn't go shopping at all while I was out... Was just going to get myself a bowl of lucky charms or some shit but I'm not eating that dry and I'm not going to be that guy that goes to Walmart after midnight... Late night Walmart is the weird Walmart, I want no part in that.

You gotta take me out for dinner and a movie first, mkay?

(this response is to your response to Nezi)

How big is the city you live in?
I regularly hit wal mart at around 2 or 3 a.m and I almost never see another person there here in my town of under 10k people

bah it can't be that bad

Its a fairly average suburb and all, but the thing is that the one near my apartment is the closest one to the more run down side of town, since the only Walmart there closes after midnight... It brings in some sketchy people out.

Relatively speaking probably not but I'm a little bitch and don't like people so bleh.

Sometimes I find it's easy to be myself

some times I find it's
better to be somebody else


i wear skin

I say my hell is the closet I'm stuck inside
can't see the light
and my heaven is a nice house in the sky
Got central heating
and I'm alright

This song came to mind when I read that.

RIP Chris Cornell


They're faking it.

idk I mean he sounded pretty shitty

if he was faking I'd be ok with it as that would be really impressive



Fucking this.



Regardless, it's disgusting. Fucking stay home when you have anything that could be contagious.

Oh god what are you so sick with that you can't even smoke?




Smoking feels horrendous when you have any kind of cold.

I'm a failure, I can only work low skill jobs where if I call off I look weak and they'll give my hours to my coworkers.

Lung infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, the flu, and so on.


That's alot of lung issues.....

Acquire skills.

Experience starts counting for something eventually, too.

I smoke a lot of cigarettes.

aww don't worry kissy
nobody cares what anonymoous has to say

You're a winner in our eyes

but why?

Because I enjoy them and want to die.

In your eyes doesn't matter, only in realty and the eyes of my Mother who I will be an eternal disappointment to.


Suck it, Brad.

We've all gotta die someday.

How do you wanna go?

It doesn't matter.

i think I'd like to go from Cardiac Arrest hopefully while I'm asleep

Maybe a seizure or a stroke

I dont wanna get tortured or get canccer though

iI've seen alot of people have to go through cancer and it looks like they are living hell

Eh, so long as the end result is I'm dead it's all fine.

I've probably asked this before

And Im not encouraging it by any means

But your take on death makes me wonder what's your stance on suicide?

If you want to do it, go right ahead and do it. Just make sure it's for the right reason.

I'm getting uncomfortable thinking of how being in thaT situation would feel

Probably a lot like relief.


I think it would be more like panic

And instant regret paired with the helpeless knowledge that k nothing can be done

To me it sounds like torture
and that's not even taking into account th physical feelings associated

I think that being shot would be one of the better ways to go and even that's quite painful to imagine

Nah, you just close your eyes and relax. It's like drifting of into a blissful sleep.

You're really quite the optimist
I don't know how often you get to hear that

Of course I'm an optimist. Life is meaningless, and that's what makes everything so much fun.

I like to think that were just a small step in a big end goal

We are a small step in a big end goal. The end goal is that we're going to die and rot.

well yeah I suppose

I'm sorry fool but I have nothing left to add to this conversation

That's fine.


how nice of you to join tonight ban chan we're having a riveting conversation about killing ourselves

I wish you the best of luck.

It's a metaphor for the thread

Traps are gay.



Ikt is straight


Hu you were up at 6am in a WEEKEND wtf


don't you hate it when her bulge is bigger than yours

Nothing new

That booty tho

Not really, look at

Gnome was balls when I first tried Linux and it still is.

And it always will be


This is why I use Windows. It's simply perfect.

Far from it, and it has many more flaws

Well this kinda took a dark turn...

Windows just works!

Just like a pair of headphones wear the earcups broke off

date goals

is that grim in the corner


That's Grim in the spotlight

losing his religion


actually grim was very nice today
he fixed my browser

Did installing ublock origin really fix your troubles?

i had to do a firefox refresh which kinda sucks cause I lost my nice theme but now my new tab button works

grim's a nice guy


Sometimes your other hand is busy.

Why why didn't i know about this wtf

One hand is enough to press ctrl+t though. T is even reachable normally with your left-hand, doesn't matter what you use your right-hand for~

I don't know. ctrl+shift+t opens the most recently closed tab too.
There are many more out there

im gonna heed these

I''m In






Stop playing The Witcher 3 so much, Ikt


Ikt play with my dick instead


: (

but das gay



You think the little penguin will remember to take shelter when the storm comes or just stand there pining?


are you still an alcohol?

Don't trust Soto

I sure hope not lmao

they're probably going to forcefully move him

otherwise he's probably just going to stand there crying ;`:..>>1851996
I woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep but I managed to watch this just as it was starting

Hi Subtle ^W^



Imagine, needing subtle's attention so desperately you become loco.

Hi Subtle ^W^

The Slav vs Spic boxing match was pretty good though

Kinda a bullshit it was a draw tho

eaten ALIVE
that was a 👌 tight 👌 mount

They shouldnt have draws. They should just keep going until one gets KO/Dies.


Yeah that female judge who scored it 118-110 for Canelo has no idea what she's doing

Ty for the attensuns, senpai.

They pretty much used to do that in the early UFC but a lot of the time it just ends up that the guys are so tired, they can barely throw a punch any more

You're the one that gave it to me first, I should be thanking you

So than our debt is settled.
Are you still watching anime?

I figured we were talking about the boxing, which resulted in a drawer. SUBTLE I CHALLENGE YOU TO UFC

subtle we never talk yo

please stop pestering subtle, everyone. he is a busy boy.



Yeah I downloaded Love Lab to watch on my phone when I went on holiday, been slowly catching up on airing stuff since I got back

Okay, on one condition, it has to be in the bantamweight (135 lbs) division :^)

I haven't been posting much :c
You have PUBG though so maybe we can duo some time


subtle is so shy

it makes me w e t

Everyone's talking about you, run.








I would but I already did 13km today

Wth that's insane
That must be recent too since they only just started FPP leaderboards
Did it just go downhill from there?

pssh...nothing personnel... kid...

Do you think the koi to Uso OP is catchy?


FPP was tracking stats the whole time, I haven't played a single game since they added leaderboards. I checked it a few days late too after they added leaderboards because of the hurricane











Who wants to see Ikaros/Blood-chan Cheating on Sonata? Someone be sure to share this