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Good, I don't like being tickled.
It's uncomfortable.

I will, the water is working on boiling as we type.

i dun like it either
just the other stuff

Other stuff?

not saying .////.


don't laugh

Fuck, should have checked for a new thread before posting


I've already notified God Emperor Trump that you may be a potential commie bastard. I would like to travel a bit more but I've never considered seeing either of those places.

Are you horny today or something? I don't save lewds too often so I don't have much to share, unfortunately.

I made the same mistake too, lol

I'll try not to.

what are you doing

Have been, hm? Did you already take care of yourself?

I saved a bunch of the ones you posted, don't worry.

Waiting on my cup noodles and tea to finish. Enjoying your wonderful company.

Right after waking up, well before I started posting.

Good boy~

what flavor are the noodles?

Spicy chicken.

My my, I thought you might be more ashamed to admit it. Don't "good boy" me! I reserve the right to say that to you!

the spicy ones are my favorite
they don't sell them close to me though it's all the regular ones or beef or gross ass pork

I want to have those thighs crush my head.

There is an asian import store near my house that I get them from. I like the spicy ones, but lots of different ones are good.

>when jack is drunk and u play gay chicken with him on skype

I'm too new to greentext :(

I want one of those..

But why? This is the internet, you'd be silly to be too ashamed to admit something everybody does~
­*good boy's you*­



I bet you do, slut.

I pinned you for one of those coy types that likes to pretend they aren't lewd or something. You're not very obedient, are you?

Next I want to go to Varanasi

or go to Thessaloniki and climb Mount Olympus

Or go to Ireland because it's beautiful and people fUCKING speak English

The steam buns from their deli are really good. And I can get all my weird japanese drinks I can't find other places.

How can someone who posts pics like these pretend to not be lewd?
Nope, I answer to no one

Scroll down towards the bottom of the thread

Do they have all those weird ice creams too like grape flavor??


>>>Holla Forums7376186

the fuck?

I don't even know where those first two places are tbh.

You could be one of those sluts in denial.
I don't believe you at all.

Dunno, I never look in the freezer section. I will next time I go

Gross, no one wants to look at naked old ladies.

India and Greece, respectively

Thessaloniki is the best place to get to Mount Olympus from but it also seems like a pretty cool place on its own

let me know ^^

Not in denial, or a slut~
Okay, I answer to someone

Take me with you when you travel the world.

Do you enjoy degradation at least? Good boy for being honest.

aaaah too spicy

Who r u

My best guess is Blood-chan trying really hard to talk normal

I'm moderately offended you would think I am that autist.

Depends on what level

*blows on it*

Then say who you are

STOP PLAYING GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not sure that helps with spicy.

what does?

Hmm? What do you mean?

Let me have my fun tonight; I'll tell you if I end up coming back tomorrow.


On tables in restaurants in China, there was usually a container of spicy spice stuff and a container of some stuff that dulled spice down in case u fucked up and used too much of the spice

I think the thing that dulled down the spice was vinegar but I don't know dick about this

keep posting kyoukoi

Not sure which of us is more unlikely to come back tomorrow

What's considered degradation?

I don't have any more.

Fuck, he saw right through me.

Start with telling me what you're into and I'll tell you if it qualifies or not.

oh man
get the fuck out of here

I think I'll just state I don't then~


mixing that with ramen sounds gross

I don't feel too shitty anymore.

I wouldn't mix it, i'd drink it after.

I just let it burn :D

She's the worst Meguca though.

You aren't fun at all, I was slightly curious!

not safe for thread

So tough.

you're the worst poster
fuck off

it feels good tho

Oh, I found one.

Worried you're going to get blackmailed or something?

To be fair I guess she's better than that disgusting skunk/shitty loli you're posting.



Nope, just prefer for that information to stay private


maybe a little


what's so funny


Who is this outrageous whore

you through an American proxy

tell me





Have a good one!


hi hi hu what are you up to today?

same as always~
Slept well? Feeling any better?



Eh? You've never seen a pair of breasts before? And you're HOW old?! J-Jeez! Ahahahah! W-Well, we'd better fix that, then! Just close your eyes for a sec, aaaaaaand...


AHAHAHAHA! You should have seen the look on your face! J-Jeez, user! Th-Th-They're just sacks of fat on my chest, ya know! Do they really excite you T-THAT much?! G-Get a look at this, then! See how they bounce up and down! Jiggle jiggle! I-I bet you want to squeeze them too, don't you, Mr. Perverted Virginboy user?! G-Go right ahead! Honk these honkin' honkers as much as you want! Take your time! Heck, s-suck on 'em too! I know you really want to~! Just be c-c-careful; my nipples are super hard right now!

hmm I don't know why I didn't expect that

of course you'd be playing le minecraft

My head is a bite sore and my lips are super sore today but I think it's getting better

the only thing that sort of bugs me i my lower right back by mmy tailbone which I didnt notice before but its suuuper sore when i go to sit up and stuff
oh well though I think I'll be back to full shape in maybe a bout a week or so....

Thank for asking
imo the attention helps :3


Is this the full lineup this morning

Did I miss fekkers and kiss shot

I've noticed autism chan was posting at night for some reason

All the cool morning kids are going away


how cute~
Getting better sounds good. Sounds like your body is currently healing.
Yeah, give it a weeks time, it'll be enough

aww that's okay buddy

Just knowing I have friends like you around makes it easier to take a comfortable morning shitpost

Thank you Hu.

Everything alright?


Yeah, I'm just a little hungover, but atleast the slight headache is gone. I'm just gonna relax and then do exercise with my housemate a little later.

You too Erio.


Ika tells me you think I'm evil for some reason, or is she just making up stuff again?

Oh? Went out to drink with friends yesterday?
Good luck with the exercising. Can't be too easy when hungover

I unsubscribed from that meme in like 2012

Erio might not but I sure do

Nah, I was just chilling among discord servers.

Huh really?

Why is it exactly you have a hateboner for me again? Can't we just put old struggles aside?

I wouldn't call someone evil

That's dumb

With a little bit too much to drink~


Agreed, besides.

Yeah, but it was great to be honest.

I don't get it.

And that's what matters

I've tried to teach Blood-chan to stop being retarded but it just doesn't work

it's true

Blood chan is a patient who deals with severe brain damage
Honestly they belong in a hospital


Yup, I have no regrets about having a hangover today. Although I might not have the same energy to do stuff.

Yeah, they're a basket case at this point, but then again haven't they always been?

I want to fuck Hermione tbh

Birds of a feather flock together


Usually how it is when you end up drinking, isn't it?

She's a feminazi though, she'll never get near any dick~

Yeah but u were blinded by your dumb crush on her tbh

Yeah, at this point I'm just babling.
I know, but I'm still allowed to fantasize right?

Yup, I realize today how pure autism I was back then. I've learned from my mistakes.

I'm awake now.

Hi Grids

it seems we have quite a similiar schedule

how you feeling this morning?

Of course, but why fantasize about her when there are better girls out there, such as your waifu~

I suppose I could.




Yeah ky yourself BC

That's a good boy~

Hey cherub, how's things with you?

I am not bad at all, realized why I hate discord last night, and I might give it a shot.

Don't do that.

I'm doing okay. Tired, but nonetheless good. What about you?

Why do you hate discord?

♥ BC


🤢 scooot

Its okay. It was just getting a tad lewd. Anyway I'm gonna go eat something.

I guess the last thing you're in the mood of when hungover, is lewd. Makes sense.
Hope you have something good

i-i Know he's not here r-right now but

m-me when I see Darwin > / /


Oh I didn't think we'd be seeing you this morning

Hi hi there autism chan how are you

Why wouldn't you be?


Well I remember you were around pretty late last night so I just kinda guessed

Good morning Hu

Its been almost 10 hours

oh god 10 hours already.......


Slept well?

I was a bit worried I spent that whole time here myself but hen I remembe rI got a couple Zs in

so what's y our plan for the day hmm?

I think I might hit up my buddies later to go rolling but my head is giving me a bit of an ache still so in a couple hours I'll see how I'm feeling about that...



I stayed up drinking last night, and I'm going squirrel hunting today.

Adjustment disability
I don't like new things.

I feel you there too well......

How long have you been with us grids it's going on about 4 years or so now right?
Were you around for MSN?

Ayy, me too. I'm just gonna get something to eat now.
Same. Pretty much why I raged in the beginning of Discord's birth. Today I log into it almost everyday.


It's been like 7 years bard.

I gots a piece of paper says I gots the disability, it's from the psych ward a year ago.

hmmm are you sure?

My 6 year anniversary is coming up next month......

Well enough, I guess

Massage therapy today, but I'm going to meet some people for lunch and play boardgames after


hmmm what do you have the massae therapy for?

Still that sounds like al oveley day

My neck and shoulders are in really bad shape

My neck... My back...



It would be great to have a cute pokemon friend to play with

I've always wanted a pet arcanine
I would ride him to school or work and I would buy the best shampoos and brushes for him

what about you? What kind of pokemon would you own?


I'd love a Bard. Would pet and stroke his hair and back all day, cook his food and tuck him in every night

actually I identify as a Ralts

just f y i

((Letting you know ))

[for yrou [ [information[////////

of course you identify as the one that can become a trap

w-well it does have an alternate evolution so it's not guranteed it'll become a trap...

i just like the kawaii stoner aesthetic

Fucking Gardevoir slut

Is Hu the top or bottom

power bottom


No, I beg

It may just be 6 years, I lurked since 09, and I think I started posting late 2011, I got screencaps from early 2012.

Of here?


do you ever think about ravaging boy pussy

Nah, I just think about guys gagging on it

do you ever think about being violated by meatsticks

Are you fapping again?

i think i'll just drink and listen to songs about death again today

hopefully fall asleep at some point

not yet but soon

Enjoy I guess, gonna go cook

hopefully you dont make something weird or pasta

see ya hu chhan have a nice day

Good blog.

Seasoned potatoes baked like fries, not deep fried. And pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon.
No pasta today

Just went cooking. It's done in like 30 minutes

good girl
thats a meal i can get behind

Nah, because I filled it with cheese

🤢 what kind


what kind of cheese is that in a first world country

Nothing like you Americans got. You don't even have proper cheese, it's all awful

what does that even taste like? is it strong

Not really strong, but it does change the flavour of what you put it in, and also makes its consistency somewhat more "smooth". Difficult to explain.
It works very well in some tomato/beef sauce for pizza too, and if you forget to put it in, you can clearly taste its absence

as long as it doesnt taste like that cheddar crap

It's nothing like cheddar, you're all good~
Now, come have a taste of my meat, I'm sure you'll enjoy its delicious cheese filling

i think im good ima go fap

These? There was only one and it was in the post you just replied to.
Enjoy, I'm gonna go prepare the sauce then eat

I bought grown up shoes today. I've sprayed them with the water repellant thing. Now I have to polish them. I feel so business.


How can some people feel full after a few fries and a single meatball?

Wouldn't complain more for you

One of these days it'll hit me hard.
Welcome back~

I wasn't done

Still not done after an hour and a half!?

sometimes i go to /y/ and get very turned on but don't fap to any of it

I didn't actually start until an hour ago and i was edging. I also distracted myself tabbing between hentai and discord. I'm done now tho

Cybering, huh? How lewd

Im not close enough to anyone to do that

Except for Ikt~


nope not all relations are built on the basis of internet sex

also mb currently making food

They aren't?

Alright, enjoy your rice

actually idk im not close enough to anyone to know what relations are like

its not just RICE!!


Oh? What else?

post the full image of this k thanks

blech sore throat
don't wanna go to work

That is the full image ;-;

I've not seen the "full" version, so I assume this is the only version

No it isn't.

git gud.

Thanks babe

Patreon paywall, but do a little sleuthing and you will find gold

But I'm not into porn~



thats not the point.
you referred to it as just ordinary rice so casually

i cant stand this disrespect

That's because rice sucks

I bet you suck too

He even swallows.

Good boys never leave a mess

they pinch their dicks and suck it back into their bodies

You should try it sometime





this is so realistic

maybe relatable is the better words


i want to record music but i don't have my guitar or my microphone

the pain never stops

play guitar with your dick on camera and post webm

You don't even have to play any music.

the thought of brushing guitar strings on your dick is painful


what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

you don't like my bogongo?

that shit inhumanely grew nani the fuck

I thought the same thing. I am quite impressed.

does it excite you

I am only surprised loco

the human body is a great thing

for all my talk of gay shit i don't think i'd ever sleep with a man

or a woman, even

or sleep even

What a bitch lol

that was cute til it grew to the length and girth of my forearm

Free Willy is an American/Canadian animated television series, inspired by the 1993 film of the same name.

The overarching conflict is reminiscent of Moby-Dick: a powerful oil baron, known to the main characters only as a cyborg called "The Machine" until the final episodes, loses his arm and part of his face to Willy while committing an environmental atrocity and wants revenge upon "that rotten whale... and his boy".

i can't help it

Auto-B-Good is an American animated series. The series features short stories set in the fictional City of Auto, in which all the citizens are cars. The program is explicitly designed to teach children lessons in moral character and values. Implicit messages of the series are that cars have personalities and that cities without pedestrians are normal.



you could just come live with me

i have a house

As do I. It's just going to be more convenient to sleep in my car for a couple nights.
No real use in driving home if I don't need to.


I can stand guard.

It's life.

I'd feel safer if you joined me in rest.

That is what all the people say. I have a sad. I've been working too much and haven't been able to call since the 5th?
Why live.

Because life is fucking awesome and full of kick ass individuals like yourself.
Show life you fucking rock.

Hail Satan. Eh, the new locale is great enough. Just the commute is kind of killer. But I have some time off soon so I guess I can hibenate then.

Why are you car sleeping(which I presume is legally fishy) instead of home... commute so long too?

I mean, not sure how comfy your car is but I imagine a shorter comfier nap would be more beneficial than an uncomfortable and irregular one.

They needed someone to cover a few shifts at my first job and I took them up on it.
My shifts are a bit odd, but I'm going to take some time to rest in the parking lot before my factory job. It's only a few hours. gives me an extra hour to sleep if I just head over.

I hope for thine survival. Sounds a tad irksome. But, oh well. Gotta get money money.

It will be a trial, but It will be worth it.

Any plans on how you'll spend the riches?

I'm going to pay off my loans and then save like mad.

Wise choice!
SupWISEd me

I figure it would be nice to have funds.

Internet bitches ain't cheap.

Lord knows I have far too many.

Ive got so few Internet bitch obligations now that I am practically flush.
I ought save for a car, I guess.

I want to save up and get myself a bike next time I move to a town.
I don't want to in the country.

No one wants to in the country.

Just too many things to kill myself on.


I don't know if I want something sleek or something kind of old school.


I wouldn't mind one of those.


It isn't Australia atleast.

Though I'd rather ride behind on your bike.

A horrid country.

Fakkan straya mate, fakkan VB get it in ya




nee nee

You are free to.

What if I get an erection?

Tuck it under the waistband. Otherwise it might get uncomfortable.


Cool Jamz

good taste

Kind of want one of those new modern sleek bikes.

You die on me Mandy?

But I would have my hands full of hard cylindrical tubes....

Mine I hope.

More like the throttle and clutch grips...

Maybe we can do that after we get off the bike then.

Tummy for squash because I am sloot now.


And one with face

God is real.

I envision that guy from that one movie where they get drunk. A wolf pack of 1 or whatever.

We should all go swimming so I can look at tummies.

He's a great comedian.

If me posting tummy is a sign that there is a God, then I must be said god.

I just like to see all you guys tummies.

My tummy is off limits.

I was more comparing you to the character, not the actor. Calling you a fucking weirdo.

Mandy, please.
I will take it by force.

I mean I have done tinychat with my shirt off, but now I got like those almost love handles I gotta get rid of.

The actor is in fact a weirdo as well, his comedy is great.

How would you do that?

I don't think that really is the point here.

Guys with love handles are cute as all fuck.
And I don't really TC anymore.
I can't stand half the people that go to them.

I would cuff you and take you.

from a scale from 1 to 10, how ded r we

'bout a 13 I think.

Hopefully 10.

Finish it then. Last nail in the coffin

Point or no, yes I am a weirdo, but I clean up well, I just anxiety about going to get a haircut but I really should.

Probably because I haven't been in them in a while.
Me, Soto, scoots, fool, grim, Casper, elma, tp,
That's about the perfect tiny list.

I can maybe stand to be around you, Scoots, and Fool.

You'd have to get the cuffs on me first.

I'm right there with ya, buddy.

Well then fucking measure twice, cut once, bud.

Maybe you can put them on me.

I wouldn't want it to be so easy.

I'll pretend to put up a fight.


We would make a cute couple, Mandy-chan.

I wouldn't be a good member of any couple.

Why don't we just invite scoots to one of the fur Skype calls then, it's been years since I've been in one of those.

I've cut it myself before,

and I passed out, I am go bed now.

Neither would I really.

I don't talk to any of the furs anymore really.




Turn that frown upside down.