♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

DPRK Best Korea Edition

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Still waiting on the day that best Korea gives all my preps a purpose.


Anybody wanna join my militia, I need people proficient in Korean Russian and Chinese, with a knowledge of dialects, and preferably with the ability to teach.

Grids I'm stressed and upset with myself


Might I ask, what has you feeling this way?

I could have died and was unable to free myself or subdue my attacker

If I can't apply all the hours I've spent training and practicing into a real confrontation then am I really learning?

The only thing to blame is myself for being inneficient and unnacomplished

I have a headache and keep feeling the bad blood taste in my mouth and my tongue keeps running across the cut inside of my lip

Ethan is such a jew.

I am going to formulate an international brigade in defense of the DPRK against imperialist capital and their puppets.
Glorious Socialist Sister Republic.
Tricking international capital into its fatal downfall.
Bring the Capitalist robberbarrons to the battlefield and watch as the people rise and proclaim the Global Soviet.

What has he done now?

I know weeabonese. Does that count?

The whole going in on Pewds for saying nigger, after having Idoobs on and saying niggerfaggot sooooo damn much. He also has said nigger before that if the many videos are proof of anything.

"But context!" he whined to his live stream today. ;3 It's fine for the jew to do as he wishes~

who the fuck expects a uni grad to have a driving license?

Nah I saw that and I felt really annoyed at him. But then he was saying alot of things that I did agree with so I have mixed feelings. Mixed because I, like pewds, have screamed Nigger during a game over voicechat when presented with an unexpected situation which induces butthurt and confusion.
Plus I am a pewds fan. But also, as you probably know, I am a lover of H3H3.
My main shit was, like you, the whole iDubbz thing... How he went to such lengths to justify how iDubzzz wasn't racist or anything as it was "satire".
Another part of the mixed feelings is that I respect Ethan for his stance. Because he was saying this about someone who I would imagine he'd regard as a friend. So to keep himself objective and consistent(to a degree) is admirable.
Just seems a bit of a dick move to hammer Pewds so aggressively.

It's a jew move, he couldn't get much more out of Pewds so he threw him under the bus to virtue signal. Key factors "If you are saying it's just a word, you are probably white." and "We have to call in a token black guy to get his all knowing word on this!"

He is going down that path of sjw-hood. Complete with hypocrisy, virtue signalling and getting offended on the behalf of others for the better good.

Ethan might have been decent before, I don't know didn't watch him much, but it seems ever since around the time he defended the heck out of Jake Paul? He just keeps going down hill.

He should just stick to having fun on the podcasts and not be a fucking moron about things going on. That Rick calling that dumb church was a prime example of what Ethan should stick to.

Can't believe we still don't have the flags back!

I just want Hu back~

Am here now~

Good! How is qtHu doing~?


I'm no framework, especially not qt!
But I'm fine, nice with some weekend again. How's you?



I'm doing pretty decent~

But yes you are totally a qt 3.14 , this much cannot be denied Hu. Never.


That's great.
Nope, no framework, or a pie.

To be honest, I am finding the whole "You aren't allowed to have an opinion on this if you are white" the most anger inducing. Fuck people perpetuating the culture of white guilt.

The whole Jake [aul thing wasn't really him/and hila defending him, but moreover giving him a fair chance to get his point across. Which I find pretty honourable. They had done the same with Keemstar as well and have said they'd be willing to have Matt on after the whole lawsuit has passed under the bridge a bit.

I do not think he is going so much down the path of SJW'ness, I think that assertion is a pretty shortsighted anti-leftist sentiment. After all, people the week before had said that Ethan was of the Alt Right because of his near vitriolic stance ON SJWs. You know, after the whole Hugh Mungus/Hawaiiean girl incidents.

But, I do agree that it seems like they've thrown Felix under the bus. The same can be said of so many YouTubers who are all thinking "Boy, this can get me subs/like if I comment on this topic".

Whilst I do not think what pewds did was that big a deal, I do kind of see the point Ethan/CinnamonToastKen make where they say that YouTubers like themselves were invested in this issue because of their prior support of Pewds against the WSJ and other media outlets during the whole Anti-Semitism shitstorm.

End of the day, I agree with the point that Ethan made and that CTK made, you are a big youtuber, the biglyiest, you need to think before you say something. It is "alright" not so hoohar if I say it because ive not the influence or any reputation to effect.


As Ethan had said, rectifying him in my eyes, was his acceptance of his/felix's apology video. I think that was reconciliatory.

The Token Black Segment made me cringe. Mainly as I said, due to my annoyance that people go "Ur white, so ur not important, le priv fais".

Ironic, really, considering i'm of the far Left xD

Wait, you got attacked?!! Are you okay?
Look at it this way, at least you're working to give yourself more options for self defense, and it may not work out every time, but nothing ever does.
As long as you keep trying you'll keep improving, if anything you should use this failure as motivation to improve, remember the feeling and work to never feel it again.

i typed out a big long paragraph earlier n the other thread I would lunk to it but my computer is going slow

Long story short I heard some lady calling for help and saying se was being harrassed so i went and confronted the guy and then he sucker punched me and knocked off my glasses and knocked me to the ground before I took him to the ground too but he got me into a RNchoke by stepping over me and I could hardly see anything in the darknes

So as soon as the choke got in I started tapping and the dumbass actually let go

Really, the fact of it all is because I'm not experienced enough to defend myself

I died today

in the seconds before I got socked in the face I was running through all these options in my mind and seeing where his hands and legs were and I was pretty dead set on breaking his shoulder

I I had been succesful in achieving back mount
I wouldn't have let go of the choke no matter how much he tapped

Obviously I wouldnt have killed him but he wouldnt be conscious

And hhonestly It's lucky that didn't happen to me

It's even stranger because normally I carry a knife on me but I didnt have my coat on which I carry it in
Which I suppose is even more lucky because all I could think of when I was getting choked was if only I could stab this guy in the face I could get out

My lip is sore from biting it as I fell
my elbow is sore from landing on it

but the only thing that is hurt is my ego
because from a fighting perspective
I dont deserve to be alive right now
and that's hard for me to accept and deal with and honestly I'm still very stressed about it

Totally are!! You cannot hide from the truth!

Eh, I don't trust shit from Ethan at this point. He said in the livestream I mentioned that he "talked to Pewds about the entire podcast before and after, Pewds had no clue why people were offended for him."

Ignoring that I doubt he did, he is literally trying to take the position of those calling him a hypocrite. Saying his fans are being offended for someone else, when that was literally the entire podcast.

I honestly would hazard to guess all this is the new Ethan after winning that lawsuit stroked his ego. Not saying anything against the win though, he was in the right in the lawsuit.

Bard. You won't always win every fight, especially when you get sucker punched. You are not weaker or anything for it and you certainly do deserve to be alive.

You did a good thing and he was a coward, quite clearly made an example by going after the woman and sucker punching.

Lol ur a nigger


Jeez, get ur shit rite, my man~

Do NOT oppress me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'mma oppress ur butteholl!

Mornin' Squash.

It is morning. Yes.


Oh yes, I would like to join this brigade.
Now tell me what are your plans to cause the downfall of capitalism pigs?
Please speak slowly and loudly, I'm a bit hard of hearing
*turns slightly so that left shoulder faces closer to you.*

Was he actively harassing her or could she have just left?
Was there any chance of you catching him off guard? Or was he aware of you as soon as you approached?
I have a gun, but if I use it, it'll cost me a lot in lawyer fees to convince 12 people it was my only option.
I also carry a knife, but it's in my left pocket so it's a little hard to get to.

No thank you.


You're save though, that's good! And you did just save someone else, so don't feel bad in any way, please..

Am not hiding.

*Draws a makarov from an American flag holster under my jacket, and holds you at gun point*
Your move Tai Nee Diq!

*Teleports behind you*
Nothing personnel kiddo

Omae wa mou shindeiru

*dodges your attack and laughs *
Huh you made me use 10%of my power.

*Violently shits diaper*

it's not so demoralising just losing
It's actually a strange matter of chance that Subtle linked me to an Eddie Alvarez clip earlier that was talking about how he lost to mcgregor and how it was alright because he still had his family and friends and everything he had before losing only a short time before it happened

but the fact that I was subdued so quickly by someone who likeley has little to no training

in less than 10 seconds I went from standing up to on the ground
I didn't feel the choke coming and couldn't get my chin down and it was too far in to roll out

I don't know what was happening really

So I was heading home from my friends place and I went to take a left and I heard a loud commotion
Lots of obscenities and yelling and I looked over and saw some shapes waving their arm around and
I mean I'm normally one to mind my own business so I kept going

had already made the turn left and was at least 60 or 70 feet away when this lady yells out to call the cops and she's being harrased and she started it out with a loud
"HEY" like she was trying to get my attention

At that point It would just be rude and bad karma for me not to help so I rode up next to the dude and tried to have a friendly demeanor to see whats up because honestly I thought this drunk chick was just being a bitch but he immediately was like
You need to fuckin turna round and leave
and so I got pretty pissed at that and I just kept saying
"excuse me?" or like
"i dont understand what you're saying"
Passive aggressive shit

When he started moving his face aggresively close to mine I looked down and started running through my options and my immediate first thought was a Tai Otoshi Hip Toss

but I'm not very experienced with the Little judo I knew and so I marked this out real quick because I dont know this guy and he was at least 30 or 35 and had weight and height on me

I glanced down again and I noticed his right leg was forward facing me and I had twitch to single leg take down and I was planning to establish a Gracie Mount to hold him down but
1. I didn't want to be the aggressor
2. I didn't know if he had a knife of not

he actually pulled something out of
either his pants leg or his back pocket

It was pretty big like a pool cue or something

he was brandishing it before he hit me but then he just threw it down on the ground and cold cocked me

I've never stabbed someone and I never want to
but when I was in that choke and I couldnt speak my mind was teling me I needed to get to my pocket and I needed to run it through his fucking face

have you ever had to stab or shoot someone?

I guess I do feel a little better about getting to help out the lady but
as soon as I tapped out I had to start finding my glasses and he went off in the same direction she did so hopefully I didn't just make shit worse

The cops came pretty quick within like 3 minutes when i hailed the passerby down to call them so I'm hopeful they found this guy before they got into it

It's likeley they're a couple so just walking away probably wouldn't have done much for her

Probably "were" at this point..

**huugs* ty hu chans
i sure hope so for her sake

Sleep well?

Emma was so great before. Rip.

So you are finally embracing your cuteness. Good to know.

Yeah, it doesn't take training to suckerpunch people and it's completely unfair a comparison to your ability. It would be almost the same as if he pulled a gun on you. Skill difference can disappear because of unfair advantage and it's not at all a speech upon your ability.

If you surprised even the best fighter with a decent sucker punch to the jaw? You have a fair chance of taking all control of the situation even untrained. It sucks but it's the unfortunate truth to fighting cowards, they will use advantages that have zero to do with ability yet are able to down even the best~

Shit is the worst. Either way, just know that you are a hero for trying to help regardless of how the piece of shit reacted. I hope you feel better, Bard. I really do.

Not really. No.

No matter what, it was still very brave of you

wow, no!

Unlike what I used to always whine about I actually feel quite a bit of shame in myself for complaining about this
But holding it in was stressful

Still I know you're trying to cheer me up and be nice but to even pretend I was the hero here just makes it worse
The people I have to thank are the ones who I as able to flag down at the stop sign
And, ppossibly the police

*hugs* T I hank you for your kind words grids
And I Thank you for listening too

How much longer do you have to work?

The amount of alt right nazis in thread is sickening

sorry fam

There is no such thing as coward moves in a street fight. There's no referee to tell you what you can and can't do.

Personally I agree

Communism is the only option.

Well fuck.

I hope next time is better. Any plans for the day~?

Wow, yes! Jeez Hu.

So mean.

I understand why you feel like you aren't, so much that it kinda hurts but it doesn't change the heroic act. I mean we all know how many people would simply turn a blind eye to what was going on.

In the same old story that we live in, of people being garbage people, you broke the mold. And I honestly don't care how it ended, for that alone I believe what I said about you. ^^ Still I won't dredge it any further, for you.

Just like I said, all I hope is that you feel better soon. You deserve to.

Just because it is not a rule doesn't make the end point of it being cowardly change~

Flag text disappeared, huh

F5 and flags are back. Seems they finally realized they accidentally 8ch.net/static/flags/flags.png

I'm the meanest

Not really.


So... You are trying to get spanked?

Rly maeks u thunk.

Relaxing days, boring yet sometimes enjoyable.

Plus you can play some games or something too then. x3

Hey man, sometimes things are broken.
One of my favourite ones is the Bumblebee incident github.com/MrMEEE/bumblebee-Old-and-abbandoned/commit/a047be85247755cdbe0acce6f1dafc8beb84f2ac
- rm -rf /usr /lib/nvidia-current/xorg/xorg

I don't want spanks ;-;

Foudn a pic of my buddy and also Darwin's Pet

Who needs /usr anyway

I'll probably play LoL or Mario.


anyway off to work. See you tomorrow

Arch users don't. Then they got something they can spend their time on

This is why you use Windows.

Did i hear communism?
Someone will get freedomed here.

Real communism has never been tried.

This is why you stick to AMD

so we try again


Hm. You give pets, then no spanks.


Sounds like fun, which Mario doe?

Dream Team.

only the best :3

*pets and strokes your hair*

I started playing idle poring.



What is air?

I'd have kept my distance and called the cops,
And stood by and monitored the situation,
I wouldn't even trust that they aren't both in on it and just planning to mug me.
But if all of his attention is on her and he's assaulting her,if I didn't have my gun I would try to blindside him with a full bore drop kick to the head.
If I did have my gun, I would draw and shout something along the lines of "Stop, I have you at gun point, get down on the ground!!!!"
After 3 or so times shouting that, or if his attention shifts to me and he's undeterred
I like to think.
I'm running a fire drill on his ass, 1 to the head, 2 to the chest.
But as is the reality of the situation.
The trigger gets pulled until the magazine is empty,
At which point, I'm reloading, yelling at the girl to verify her safety and holding his dead or dying body at gunpoint until police arrive

Then I get to spend the next year or so of my life and a ton of money on the legal battle.


a little

That would have been the best Idea but I don't have a phone

Also we have a small town here and stuff like that is unheard of
if it was a larger city I would understand that.....

While having a gun must be a nice comforting defense

It also sounds likea huge liability
and honestly It's not fair that all that trouble must be gone through just to keep the peace

Bring a gun next time.
Why no phone


I don't have a gun liscense though....

aLSO I dont have a phone because I can stay in contact with everyone Ineed through the internet and It saves me like 60-`100 bucks a month


just get a cheap phone and go prepaid or get a very cheap plan heck i pay 17 euro a month for plenty of data and sms and stuff

Carry a gun illegally.

the cheapest thing we have here is where you can buy like minutes

and that shit's expensive

if I had a gun i would kill somebody or myself lol

Get an assault knife!

also wtf america


Normally I Carry a knife but it was in my coat which I wasn't wearing uuu

get an airsoft gun for intimidation

hey our flags are back after refreshing the page

wow i dont wanna meet you in an alley


sorry i wasnt lurking cuz i actually had a life at that moment

Ive been training for the past year just so that I don't need to carry a gun or knife

but white belt knowledge obviously isn't enough

Sounds fucking terrible

are knives legal there?

do you know whats better than ninjas?
ninjas with guns.

is it "lol i cum" or "loli cum"?


yeah good thing i lied
i was actually playing vidya

the latter


Don't underestimate whitebelts. Mastering the basics is the fundamental key.

uh probably not!
well, knifes as a weapon

but you can't gulp down loli cum

I trust no one, I even carry at home around the house.
I'm also a fan of vigilante justice, though myself and no one I know has been wronged enough for me to do anything.
What do ya say, I come visit you, and we track the guy down and shatter his ankles with a sledge hammer?

Except whitebelt Karate since that's literally so basic that you learn it to get a white belt in everything else.

Best way to spend time

i cant do many things, but i can dream

nah its tiring i prefer watching anime

what do people with a life do

That'd be great
I'd be more than happy if the cops find him and bring him to justice though

Maybe I can even get some money out of it

That sounds as horrible as having a life

There'll be no crimes any more if everybody gets nuked.


Thanks Kim

My cousin is in Japan I hope Kim calms down.

Why? Two nukes weren't enough

And I could get some irl bard cuddles...
I mean ju jitsu practice.

if we ever meet up irl I would ejoy sparring you

I only know like locked arm takedowns though,


Don't be so gay now~

its way better than having a life you should try it sometime



I refuse!

have you ever watched it before?


Should. Gay is bad

Dubbed and merely to waste time. Was better than depression

which one?

Pokémon, cause games

next day delivery they said, were sorry for it not being in stock they said

I don't know, Hu feels pretty good...

I must ponder this.

nigga dat doesnt count

Nah, I feel bad mkay?

Then absolutely nothing in years


What do you watch? Normie Netflix?

no u!

lol, as if I pay to watch stuff.
I don't even watch anything... Like, I really don't. I don't have the attention span to. I get bored far too quickly of it and I'd much rather play Runescape


This idle game just makes me want to play actual Ragnarok Online.

Especially because they don't have half the base classes, and I don't think they have any of the expanded base classes.

But like don't you need something while eating


Usually I'm eating in the kitchen with brother. If not, I'm just posting in thread, so nope, need nothing

Good morning everyone!! hope you're having a lovely day.

tfw you're roaming the wastes with your entourage of castrated and chained child slaves ready to kill for a handful of drinkable water and you mutter under your breath something critical about trumps handling of the Korean nuclear situation and one of your fuckboys calls you a cuck

I hope you punished that fuck slave???

Hope you slept well

my face isn't bleeding today like it was yesterday. just my heart.

hope you're doing good too.

What if you get bored?

Then I'll just play some other games like Civilization, one of the truck simulators, old psx or ps2 games through an emulator or old good games through Wine

How is driving a truck fun

That's the response anyone who plays get games get from someone who doesn't. Then they try it, and it turns out they too like it.
It's difficult to explain, but it's just really, really chill, enjoyable and relaxing. It's amazing


sinni only furries post ankha
beware the furfag curse

Enjoy it!

I slept great yo, got all my sheets washed and my cat didn't sneeze on my face to wake me up today!

What happened yesterday that your face was bleeding?? Also I'm sorry your hearts hurt yo.

Shut up gay >:C

What are the highlights of it? Can you run over deer or cause huge accidents?

I hope shamrock bites your nose, nerd

i was scratching it. it's an anxiety thing.

thank you about the hearts. i'm sure they'll be okay though so don't worry too bad.

Leave he be :C

Do your best, we're here to support you!!

my therapist gave me a balloon filled with playdough to keep my hands occupied cuz I kept picking my fingers bloody
makes you feel like an autist but it seems to help a good bit, try it out

im gonna make a shamrock folder to avatar as :3c
put on a bully persona because he a bully

I'll provide the pics yo, make him a world famous bully.

Holy god. The one day the weather breaks and it's getting hot we decide to haul tree limbs.

I see two of my favorite faggots posting.

Sounds satanic. I hope your days been going good regardless?

I don't mind. It won't be but 4 more loads.

QQ I wish I could be half as hard working

I have like 40 saved on my phone already but they're like
scattered around my gallery over the last 8 months lol

good mornin' bud
I see you're spending your time hauling loads of faggots :^)

I live in waking agony.

Wow. And talking to one too.


today is gay tbh

I'm only a little bit gay
I'd kiss george but only if he shaves that horrible scruff


And yet you wouldn't smooch me.
How awful.

aha gay

why the f am i getting aussie spam

you're too manly
cursed with the reality of being conventionally handsome instead of being a cuteboi

Why fucking live?

do you have any draw requests

i'm getting bored of nude figures


I want this, but as a futa.

Draw something cute, animal crossing characters maybe? It feels like an uwu kinda day?


Aww, cat loves you, that's cute

You can drive for hours without anything happening and then the AI makes a fuckup causing adrenaline to run through your whole body

this is one of those things i'm going to have to justify to the police some day isn't it


what you fooded?

Hey loco do you remember how a couple days ago I said no one close to me had died

Good boy!

are you going to say that I'm dead to you?

If not, do you want to talk? I'm here if you need me, sweetie.

Was fed, yep

no u!

It's okay, he wasn't close but I knew him at least

what kind of foodings?

That sucks, how'd you know him?

Don't make me gay you.

Posting my futa emoji would feel innappropriate now.

Mornin sunshine.

cordon bleu, fries and sauce

okay, please don't


eww who puts cheese on their meat?
you eat fries for dinner?

Canadians put cheese curds and gravy on their fries.

And it's fucking amazing.


In, actually~
And I don't know, you never had a cheese burger? Or lasagna? Or pasta bolognese?

Elder brother of one of my school/football friends

Are you even American? Get out of here you fucking Commie.

Don't bully now




It's perfect.

bully me to death

i said meat not fries

if im eating a burger im not ruining the meat in it with cheese
also i dislike all pasta

im not a fat one

Don't sympathize with him. He's probably a terrorist.

here's the more finished version

i'm only posting it so it exists somewhere after i scrub it from my laptop


Nor am I. You're probably one of those little twinks that looks like a stick.

yup pmuch
i also dont go outside


goddamn weeb you are

nah, impossible. Fairly positive he's not a muslim


I want him inside me.

Any plans for the weekend~?


I think they come in other forms too.

when you see a drawfag posting futa on male fanart on Holla Forums and it's the fucking ducktales storyboard revisionist 👌

Read and runescape, that's about all.
What about you?

Nah, they don't

Are you sure? Is learning English mandatory in Denmark?

Taught since first-grade now I believe

Yours is bretty good.

Please, don't lie now

Hm. Unsure really, maybe try pubg some more.

Try to write again, as per normal~

I never lie. I don't have any more lewds of her to share with you.

Don't worry, he's got lewds for days.

I miss Feku.

Both sounds good, unless you got writer's block again

That's okay~
Just happens the lewd pics are often the cutest ones too.


I believe you.

I don't believe you.

Post lewds, I'm kind of horny.

I miss Feku's tight boi hole.


I believe you.

I love it when you talk dirty to me, daddy.

Good, here's one of him IRL.

It's died off a fair bit but it still lingers somewhat. Getting caught every few paragraphs.


Why would you do this? ;_;

I wanna see if he still believes me.

The face and slight hint of a mustache turns me off.

You started it.

bleh, it should stay away forever!

ah.. Guess we'll see

I didn't do anything ;-;

Hush and keep posting lewds at me, slut.

Ah, well rip. He really does try desperately to hang onto the few masculine features he does have though.

I tried.

And no, I didn't believe you.

why Verstappen always drift

n o

It should and you should stay around forever!

I don't know either of you basically at all so I will take your word for it.

He does have a really similar body though. He could pull it off.

You're the submissive slutty boy

My beard has some red in it, of course I like it!!

poor racer

Can't. Need sleep too

and he's stuck with honda next season lmaoooooooooooooo

Do you look at his body regularly?

The opposite, really. I don't mind playing the switch sometimes though.

Sleep is okay but no going forever.

Nippon cars are the worst.
Almost as bad as the French

lol, nobody believes you~

We'll all sleep forever eventually, might as start now


That won't make it any less true. That picture isn't lewd at all.

Honda engine supplier though McLaren is quite the Hitler impeding engine development it seems.

Should I be jealous? You apparently like Aqua though so your tastes might be shit.

Nah I just like to bully him.
Sounds like you wouldn't know what you're missing anyway.


o-oh. Wouldn't know here, not really keeping up with the sport

I don't actually mind Aqua, I just wanted to see how you would react.

Megumin was best girl though.

Good boy.


I approve.

I'm right, right?

I wouldn't know

you should watch it and know




why not? you have a lot of free time if you're here.

It's a pretty enjoyable show. You would probably know whether or not you would like it within the first two or three episodes.

I'd rather be here

I already know I don't really like watching things

do both!


Just anime or all shows?

All shows

This is free 123pp go do it


What about movies?

Would rather play a game

but thats cuz SS
it wouldnt give me anything cuz i suck at acc on the part where they spam sliders

But they're sliders, there's no acc :c

night night

its just too fast for me im 2 slow

gn i hope you dream anime


Sliders are the easiest part though.


Bad. Bad Hu.

normal sliders yeah
but when they stack them and make it go fast i suck




why are you posting her?

I dunno, just am

she looks weird

I like her


I don't know, I just do. I can post this one instead though

if only she wasnt soo..... blue

She's usually not so blue

Baba be da dum die.

i want other color!

dont die

*Baba be da dum dies*

he's just a blue guy
living in a blue world


And everything he sees is blue



Header markers go before all else.

they'll go up your ass in a second

==all ese

You shouldn't threaten me with a good time.


What colour?

You listen up here is the storey about a little guy that lives in a blue world.

And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue like him inside and outside.





whites, oranges, purples, golds, blondies,

White Rose is tbh best otp of RWBY


Dabadee dabadie guys
It wasn't even their best song, this was it's about erping online.

Go on.


They really are the best for each other.


I do life the crimson snow.


I have a blonde




She obviously used crescent rose and dust to do it.



Are we sharing a colour right now luka?


Don't you see the colour square before our names?

i cant bring myself to fap to hibiki



Good. You'd have to be a monster to do that

The colour square is synonymous to the ID colours on the web client.

I've been playing too many games, heck.

These No Man's Sky updates actually make the game look pretty neat

still not buying it unless it's 50% off or more tho

The colour is on our id's.
My app separates them.



my id color is one shade darker


Yeah. Just got out of a game.
Watching a video about supporting right now.
Hop on if you want.

They're all so close, we should start a gang.

all our ids are a shade of pink
and start with the letter c

anything special in that support vid? or just the usual?

Is our gang name.


You guys are part of mine and Lukas gang now.

Can I fuck dogs in the gang?

And shit diaoers.


pls don't associate luka with lewd things. she is pure

I'm in.

I will never understand auto correct.

why would it autocorrect to diaoers lol

And I'm the pope, big woop.

what are you implying here

I don't know, it auto corrected fucking to dicking the other day, mine does weird shit.

ikazuchi tho is w/e ill fap to it

That no one on Holla Forums is pure.

use a computer like a man

i donno like there's a lot of kissless virgins i bet

That requires me to have a screen big enough for a piece of shit 11 year old to see everything I look at.

And Luka of all people in your opinion is one of them?

The handle expansion should have just been spring locked on the same switch, tbh.

I guess I see why she didn't, though.

who would that be? and lol yeah you don't want to reveal your sick fetishes too early

could really scar a kid

everyone wants

no one can touch

it's like an analogy for life really

i don't even think i would reveal half of what i fap to my older brother even

it can get pretty blue


It's quite the creation and it makes me happy.

My dad's girlfriends son, he will literally just walk into my room like he owns the place.

You can't even have Luka.

I've started posting anything and everything on my phone here and lewd.

is it kinda at that point where you don't really want to get too connected cause you're not sure how long it will last?

and i think one day luka and i will get married and have children together tbh

but maybe just have like one kid

and then adopt an asian baby so she can stay in tune with her weebness

Are people fighting for Luka now?

KHV right here

No, it's probably gonna work out maybe, I just don't like him.

You sound like the perfect partner for Luka, how did I not see it before?

No, Luka is a kissless virgin and TP will merry her.

for sure

she's like top waifu right now


kissless hugless?

that isn't even possible lol

i guess at this point you don't really have to like him huh




It's not possible? AM I impossible?

yo the other night i read something about you calling me shit to get me riled up?

what's that all about

wait so


besides your sister or mother

you haven't hugged a girl?

wait you have got to be at least mostly gay though

never hugged a dude?

i'm so lost

Remember, I used to do that when you were lurking to get you to post.

ooooohhh i thought you meant like when i was posting

because like there are a few people that try to just "play with me" when i'm posting

and you're not really one of them i don't think

shows you how much i've matured

i was lurking and saw that post and didn't say anything

What's so hard to believe about that?

are you like homeschooled?

how have you like not been to any sort of social function at all?

not even like 3rd cousins or shit

I really wasn't calling you out for anything specific though, and I figured you were lurking.

i kinda figured that to

oh well

gonna run to the liquor store

brb in 14 minutes


Not having literally gallons of liquor stocked at all times, what a pleb.

No, I went to a public school with girls and guys. I don't have any third cousins. Or second cousins for that matter

based 14 min trip

I don't have to drive more than 2 minutes to get my liquor

based drive through liquor stores

there was this mexican chick giving free samples of tecate

i was like "sure why not. kinda a weird thing to give samples of"

then she put some lime and salt in it

and i was like

"you know what. you just convinced me. i'm getting tecate"

apparently there's a fight tomorrow

i think it's also some mexican holiday

hey at least i can keep my leftovers from one weekend until the next weekend

that used to be impossible

but keeping booze stocked would be a



this is really sad DOA

where do you live

maybe someone here can give you a hug for fucks sake

there's one of those by my grandma's in ohio

like you pull into this garage thing and they fill you up

kinda blew my mind


I don't need hugs from others, and barely from my mother
I've been without for 22 years, why start now?

you don't desire any human contact at all?

you must like humans a bit since you attentionwhore on chans

Not especially.

I come here to get the human interaction that humans sort of need, not much more

lol trent reznor was cray

it's funny how like effects in the 90s we thought looked based

and now we're like oh man how did we even deal with these cgi

Shorty room mates?
Keep it in a locked cabinet.
Or bad for you?
It can't be that bad, I'm still alive after half a 5th a day for about a month straight.

i get it kinda

like fulfill the bare minimum that a human actually needs to stay somewhat sane

i've had my drinking believe it or not pretty under control lately

and having a ton of alcohol all the time wouldn't be good

i don't fully trust myself

having a couple beers in the fridge isn't bad though cause then i just drink them on my worst day of the week

some a bowl or three

and be done with it

I'm also relatively certain none of the Leaf posters are near me anyway

Essentially, yes


yeah and the canadiennes are notorious elusive

i bet 10x would make the trip


One of them is across the country, are there any others?

I don't think any of them would make the trip. Not worth it tbh


yeah probably not

you speak french like wishy?

that's hot

If you have found the way to maintain yourself good, so, how much you drinking tonight?

a bottle of wine

a case of beer

that's like my perfect friday level

give or take a few beers

Yeah, I speak French. I went to French school

Just finished a tequila and cranberry, idk what next, thinking fireball.

lag af

that's really cool

i find french colonials hilarious for some reason

especially like blacks that speak french?

a real hoot

damn bro you're going hard

i like it

You are the smoldering vessel of punishment born to do nothing but justify us

give us your empathy we’ll give you lust
let yourself go my son time to grow up

give up your childish obsession with questioning anything we don't tell you is irrelevant everything you've ever been is replaced by the metal and fire of the weapon you clutch

like i post and it says 100 percent for days

then i refresh and it it there

maybe i should start t-mobile posting like griddelz

brad pls hug ;;

Teeps are you a full-time alcoholic or just Fridays nowadays

Nevermind, I'm having watermelon juice and rum.

Mobil posting is easy.

I love you bard!.



i've only been drinking on fridays for like two years newfaf lol

we should get some tiny going later

gonna reboot i think i got a virus from streaming illegally

bard is MY waifu

I don't know what's funny about blacks speaking French
One thing I have noticed is that, the way we learned to talk in French apparently are not okay to say in English?
We just kind of straight up say "that black guy" which is apparently not an okay thing to do

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