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Soon edition>What is Fish Tank?A reality show directed by Jet Ineptitude and produced by Sam Hyde where 8 contestants are locked in a house for 6 weeks, filmed live 24/7. There will be challenges for fishbucks (which are worth $500 each) and elimination challenges. Jet and his sharks will come up with the most timid and tame pranks that the contestants barely even respond to. Last person to remain will win $30,000.>How to watch• fishtank.live •>Torrent Magnet links to all day archivespastes.io/sydm4vdq5o>Alternative re-streams sites:fishtank.maggot.cx/>Better fishtank script for adding basic website functionality that Jet couldn'tgithub.com/BowDown097/BetterFishtank>Bash scripts for playing feeds in mpvpastebin.com/6w70t1Syhttps://pastebin.com/dfAwAgbg>Clips and highlights:twitter.com/fishtankdotlivehttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAQwT5kNDAZ5at1awBGofrng-5mhJ0tw0>New thread templatepastebin.com/raw/qNes96c4>New thread will be made when image limit is reached or thread hits page 10Old >>184993372

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>don't fuck with that gay shit

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>>184995614They should be paying us

Betty trying to get hot for the guyshopefully we get drunk stripping

>I don't have a lazy eye

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they're not drinking enough


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Bettypsychos, report the fuck in.

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Chris is seriously outmatched here lol. Letty isn't as dumb as Sylvia.

>I don't have a lazy eye

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fuck you

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Sex with Sylvia

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>>184995652>Is actually gay

>>184995616>elimination shortlyAre they going to make them take the PSAT after they get drunk or are they too stupid to come up with this idea?

erm i love josie

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does anyone have betty socials?whats her real name

I think Letty smells blood in the water with Chris and is going to push him. Incoming kino?

your s1 fish tank winner

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>>184995616>only 825 threads so far>not even 900This show is an absolute garbage fire of a failure, like everything nazi pedophile Scam Hyde does.

>>184995670I want her to kiss Letty tonight

Clean it up Letty

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Letty speaks Russian?>>184995641Based

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>>184995658>>184995672is this real lmao?

>>184995688Jet here, thanks for the idea

>>184995688twitter poll

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>>184995688PSAT score tier list predictions:>1 Josie>2 Sylvia>3 Vance>4 Letty

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I really really really love Josie

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>>184995713I could have saved her

>>184995700cute Betty

in my country all fish would be arrest and punishement. mauro would be kill discusting pig


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>>184995697Once she gets enough liquid courage in her, it's over for Chris.

i.4cdn.org/wsg/1684443123582509.webmjosie draws anime to sell at car shows

>>184995713cuddles with ella from behind to keep her safe

>>184995734what a terrible predictionSylvia is very obviously dumb as a brick

>>184995734No way Sylvia and Vance do better than Letty, they are literally clueless

Anything happen today?

>>184995734>2 Sylvialmao, no

>>184995672she’s kinda cute in this one

>>184995694joise general

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I miss him so much.

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>>184995688they better make them take the PSAT drunkit would be the first smart idea jet has done yet

>>184995734i've never met a fat bitch that was even slightly competent

>>184995728that forehead slope is insane

>are you jewish?

>>184995734I'd move Sylvia last, she seems genuinely retarded like Chris.

the next freeloader

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>>184995771that's funny. but ben didn't tell her to draw cars

>>184995777>>184995796Yes but she put in effort studying with Josie

>>184995781nothing ever happens

where's ella?

We need a compilation of people asking if Letty is jewish

Oi Jet make the fish do the psat when they're peak drunk

>>184995793He was actually kino

>Garbage Jews

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I need to know where betty is hiding, someone tell me please.

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>>184995791>>184995658Tonight's elimination challenge will be a staring contest.

>>184995809Do you really think that a few days of studying for standardized testing is going to make a difference?

>>184995793Unreal how much I miss those suspenders.

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Is Betty off getting more orders on how to bully Letty again?

>>184995700i need to start drawing some fishtank content too

Okay been out today, I know they're doing PoS 2 challenge. Has Mauro done anything of note? Is Chris drinking or is he just seethe/sperging as usual? Is anyone taking the challenge seriously?

>>184995734josie, sylvia and vance didn't even know what 3 squared equals

I swear Vance has asked Letty if she's jewish like 20 times now kek

can anyone read lips?

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Betty > L*tty

where do I find a Betty gfserious answers only

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Where the fuck is Betty

how is the hog already drunk? is she one of those placebo drunks?

>>184995806>imagine Chris just sitting on her and snapping her in half

>>184995793He would have been the deserving winner of this entire show if only he had thicker skin

>>184995840Getting out of her Betty character in the upstairs bathroom to piss Letty off by easily mogging her.

>drunk piece of shit challenge>every sits down quietly because jet said to pace themselvesyep he's out of ideas

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>>184995840She's a fluffler, in the basement rn

>>184995806would love to track her eating habits


the old friend is going to be simmons singing baby to them

>>184995851yes considering vance and letty couldn't into algebra 1

I really want to see Chris and Jon together. Imagine the conversations

So what happened since last night?I had to turn in before 1 AM fish time.

>>184995880She's getting raped in the basement sex dungeon

>>184995861would be funny if he won without drinking

>>184995812My basement

>>184995871Betty barely exists, she sucks, her "cuntiness" feels fake.

>>184995809studying doesn't change your SAT score, retardSAT scores are pretty solidly set unless you spend 6mo-1yr intensely preparing for it and the delta on the score won't be that big compared to what you would have gotten with no preparationit's similar to IQ exams

>>184995649>The Left Hand Path is also part of the cosmic dance, nigredo, blackening, nesting for the phoenix

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>>184995658hope she sees this bro

Why does Chris never shut the fuck up? If people ignore him long enough he starts singing or eating.


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>>184995793>>184995829so many kino moments...

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>>184995902They’d fight

this is being the worst day so far right?


>drunk piece of shit challenge>”don’t mix lights and darks, also we’re gonna be doing this all night so pace yourself” joker.jpg

>>184995889its nuts that his boss has a whole gym and would encourage him to workout but he chooses to be fat. he used to look decent in his rap vids when he was younger

Okay so recap.>Josie wants to chop off her tits, was super mega molested (probably her uncle), has autistic trauma from yelling & nudity. So autistic she takes everything at face value. Is a cutter, stimms to not rip out her hair, fetishizes white cock and breaking guy's hearts. Femcel act is a lie - has plenty of friends & goes to cons. Likes nigger culture & when she is calm acts like one. The uwu smoll girl act is a lie/coping tactic when nervous. Would hate her fanbase irl. mentally ill /soc/ coomer that pretended to be 40 years old while being underage on plebbit. Has no internal monologue & follows the crowd when it comes to group think.>Letty, looks weird. has toxic traits that will guarantee a psycho will stalk her out of revenge (happened twice.) Has a fucked up leg that's longer than the other one, & a fucked up eye. She gets off to manipulating people & from making people mad and/or being yelled at in small doses (Damiel proves this limit). Enjoys trying to sissfy and demean men. Doesn't know how to do basic self care because her parents do it for her. Is a drug addict & a discord neet. Has anorexia. She rarely shits because of ensure (low calorie liquid meal for elderly people.) fascinated with poop due to the infrequency of pooping she does. (Piss fetish unconfirmed due to it being a meme status) Has a hairy beaver & gives boring head. Is also a cutter.>Sylvia is fat, boring, & blacked. Used to be addicted to drugs. Is thin skinned, a hypocrite, & nasty (Either wiped her ass with Lettie's clothes or smeared period blood). Shit talks everyone behind their backs (she does it the most ) Has gone to jail more than once this year alone. Has an OF, & has pissed on people for money. Sold her body for sex. Her outfits look ridiculous & wears makeup like a clown. White trash. Is probably a cutter. Is on antipsychotics. Has shitty tats.People really have waifu wars over these girls? I'm disappointed Holla Forums..

>>184995889>making them drunk constantly>the same challenge twiceits pretty obvious

>>184995870>bruh bruh bruh fr fr no cap bruh

>>184995889theyre making them pace themselves so theyre still conscious when sam gets there and forces them to do their tests

>>184995936Extreme narcissism.

i can't understand shit

they should do the PSAT tonight

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>gets to appear in world peace 2is he the real winner of the fishtank?

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Can someone TTS the zesty copypasta but with Mauro?>inb4 not your personal armyitll be funny

>>184995870ya she said >"REEEEE REEEE!!!! *snarf snarf snarf* WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!"

Did anyone ever go after the backpacks?

>>184995658go back to the ft chat. she mentioned several times already that it was something other than amblyopia. She is not denying she has a wonky. she actually laughs at all the wonky eye TTSs.

>>184995762in soviet russia, fish tank watch you

>>184995870>i signed up for this shit>that was years ago>get with the fucking program


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>>184995852I liked drug rug jon, very kino fit

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>>184995793still the best 1973

>>184995903I couldn't watch until 4am last night and the cameras were down. No idea what happened. When I came to the thread it was just waifu wars.

>>184995793>this week, he will have been absent from the tank longer than he was there

>>184995989not yet

>>184995943No brother, we are here to suffer

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>>184995950That day where they did Mother's Day theatre improv was much worse


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>>184995963Read this pasta twice

>>184995963stop posting your obsessive weirdo wall of text in every thread, no one cares

what did betty broke?

Sexo Betty mode

>Drunk piece of shit>PoS>PShit>PSAT

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>>184995946L00000000000000L IF ONLY YOU KNEW

Betty is major c-word (cringe).

someone please send TTS to josie if she will invite chip to her bed again.

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>>184995831>wait are you jewish?easily the best running gag on this show

>>184995930getting familiar with the format is still a leg up from going in completely blind

>>184995793>undefeated>left with morals in tact>mogged literally everyone>simultaneously made the show when he was there and then destroyed it when he left>non-stop kino machine>trusted no-one>hated retards like Vance>effortlessly based

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a brutal mogging

Is it just me or are Vance, Sylvia, and Josie not drinking that much?

>>184995993man behavior like woman = dead

Letty dresses like a fucking retard

betty lookin zesty asl

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>Better Letty's not even drinkingFuck.

>>184996032post more pics, we don't care otherwise.

>>184995979They're gonna cut his scene out during editing as one last way to fuck with Vance

>>184996027I would like to believe a pair of Letty's light bending spectacles or the pair she came in wearing to properly be the clone of Letty.

>>184995963>Is on antipsychoticsis that why she is so fat?

I'm in love with Mauro

>>184996059they know the psat is coming

>>184996059All the cringe in the air ruined their mood

>>184996001dude all his fits are so effortlessanyone have a cap of him in jet's t shirt with the suspenders?

betty looking like a straight baddie

i hope letty and betty kiss teehee


>>184996030>Uh....yeah...that's what we intended

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>>184996045Sylvia is terminally retarded and will score 10% rank compared to the nations 13yo's at best

>>184996030Chudlock Holmes you've done it again

>>184995992>go back to the ft chat. she mentioned several times already that it was something other than amblyopia. She is not denying she has a wonky. she actually laughs at all the wonky eye TTSs.

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How can something be younger yet look older?

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>went on tinder date>talked to her about fishtank for 20 minutes straight>haven't heard from her in 2 days

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>>184995963That's why Betty is the GOAT, she's just a girl with a rape fetish but other than that she seems fine

>>184995979don’t say Sam doesn’t have a heart of good after making this retard’s dream come true

>betty without glasses

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jesus betty looks insanely fuckable

Letty's getting mogged HARD

>elimination shortly100% sylvia

>>184996072yep, and yet she thinks of herself as some sort of fashion idol. it's so fucking funny

>yeah josie i only got a secondary kiss in the first drunk piece of shit challenge>we're gonna need to count the drinks this time for pointswhy did jet do this?

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Betty looking good

>>184995891no one believes you, cuck

>be Betty>get hired to bully Letty for content>openly insult her and throw stuff around>Letty just laughs at her because its an obvious bit from the basementShe'll go home tomorrow

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I just drank a diet coke for the first timewtf do they put in this stuff, i am euphoric right nowthey putting adrenochromes in the diet coke?

>>184995793he was the heart and soul of this show

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Just kick Chris off already jfc jet is this your idea for entertainment?

>>184996112eating ice because it feels good (instead of something with nutrition)

>josie in glassesIts too much. Glasses are my weakness. Too cute

>>184995694erm best girl

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>>184996112they both look like age filter has been applied even though it hasn't

>>184996135this but Letty

glasses josie glasses josieshe needs to get closer to a camera

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>>184996128She’s a cutter roastie with no personality.

I have to say they picked a funny AI voice. It's pretty great

>my discord server logobros

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>eats 4200 kcal of burgers in six hoursbased

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>Sylvia claiming that Letty bats her eyelashes when lying

!HEY!Please somebody fill me in why are chris/letty fighting, and why are letty/betty fighting?Chris is such an annoying sack of shit

Attached: ayahuasca fucks people up see connor.webm (540x960, 2.46M)

theyre going to have to do the test when they get drunk

>>184995962he wouldn't even need to lose much weight either is the funny part he has no excuse, it would be so easy

>The last time Josie got drunk she drunk sleepwalked and almost pissed in her room>This time she shares her room with Better LettyWe are going to see some kino tonight lads

>>184995889>Give them hard liquor at 4:30pm >Then tell them to pace themselvesJet is legitimately retarded, you want them to pace out their drinking give them light beer not hard spirits you fucking retard.

>>184996146they need to find insane women, not wallflowers like Betty and that one that lasted like a day


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>>184995694>>184995787>>184996161She looks like a hotline Miami character

>>184996172tell her to make a confessional with them

your reaction when he comes back?

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>>184995963Good lore, thank you


>>184996146They shouldn't have played into the Letty clone angle so much and just have their similar appearances seem coincidental. Having "Betty" be antagonistic to Letty right off the bat is an obvious plant situation. Wigger crew is retarded.

>>184996138Could be Vance. Now that he achieved his dream of being on WP2 I think he's satisfied

what did she say about pete davidson?

>>184996173Yes, still leagues better than all the other girls

>>184995963meds NOW

>>184996199She was drunk on the on the date night


>>184996189chris is going full incel after being rejected by letty like 20 times in 48h. Betty's mission is obviously to mess with letty.

>>184996181>She actually sleeps in a carmy sides and heart

i.4cdn.org/wsg/1683561503492730.webmthis needs to happen again


>Josie sperging the fuck out at betty bouncing shit on the floorbased

Attached: josieblackface.webm (236x258, 263.77K)

What the fuck is Betty doing? Just Dark Letty shit?

betty throwing shit again. epic

>>184996072>Letty dresses like a fucking retardAnd that's a good thing

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F - TacxinM - JetK - Ben

>>184996218click the X on the tab

>skete davidsonah kill me now


>>184995930sat tests are nothing like iq tests

>>184996246Not drunk piece of shit level

Letty made fun of Betty's hair and said she looked like a crackwhore. Betty walked away saying she was sick of being a doppleganger and wanted to be herself. She came back with a different hairstyle and now seems pissed.

Sylvia is going home tonight, she is a thin skinned pig and has been refusing to do tasks lately

>>184996182he could probably eat like 3500cal a day and still be in a deficit for a while. he'd have to taper that down but he'd slowly lose weight.



Spoilers for PSAT scores1. Letty2. Josie3. Vance4. Sylvia

paypigs clip betty

>stream delay makes me miss betty in the confessionalfugg

>>184995771Thread themeyoutube.com/watch?v=ximtzL9ogrc&list=OLAK5uy_lGlJlPalYlnOWwj6p-dO9OsGXUtEwl2Fg&index=2

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>>184996146They need to invite Brittany Venti.

>>184996189That webm is making me want to kill her

>Pete Davidson, MGK and Drakethis bitch is dropped

>>184996282what was that convo about?


>>184996307Letty is dumb as fuck you serious?

Walked into the confessional so fast and the sync is off so I only saw her leaving kek

>>184996243Betty is the only one capable of making Josie seem interesting in comparison. Even she knows she sucks that’s why she cuts.

Ask the girls to rate Jet, Tacxin and Ben

cute librarian josie

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>Chris gets mad when Jet doesn't get him his CBD stuff and projects his anger onto othersWhy are Stoners so goddamn hostile when they don't have their weed? Is it the addiction?


>>184996255tf is happening here?

will he come upstairs tonight and sing linken park with his friends again?

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Attached: NEANDERTHAL them us.jpg (300x449, 27.81K)

Man, Its a shame what's going to inevitably happened to Josie after this e fame. Hopefully it doesn't get to her too much.

>>184996339she's obviously smarter than the rest of them

lettybros, i thought letty was based? why is she worshipping these nigger idols?

>>184996361sleepwalk piss

>>184996325total letty death

Betty is so hecking random! I love her!

>I'd fuck Drakeno one saw that coming

Josie loves sucking dick

Betty really is a crazy cat lady. She had a private birthday party for her kitty.

Attached: 299685101_1476237489488394_2400501309974369827_n.png (1080x1080, 1.71M)

>>184996218walk in this bitch like leslie chow

Attached: 1655016958334865.png (653x708, 423.91K)

>>184996361drunkely checking if shes on her period

Have any of these people had sex yet?


Betty is just being completely ignored except by Chris lmao

>>184996384STILL better than the nigger loving whore letty

>>184995889>Justine Weston Chandler

Attached: jet slav.jpg (995x1197, 114.52K)

>>184996392Whered you find this?

>>184996353but bro, weed is like totally not addictive, you know?

>>184996370We're on the same wavelength. I'll check that out


Christ can you imagine if Sylvia outlasted ANOTHER fish

>>184996392cute and wholesome

>>184996339She's dumb in a girl way but she's pretty smart

>>184996403Broken by Letty.

>>184996403Drunk piece of shit challenge.

>hitler's corpsekek

>they talk with chris more than bettyjet you cant just cast based on looks

>>184996392GOD I'M ROCK HARD

>>184996374>lettybros, i thought letty was basedShe's based because makes content and controversy. When she stops doing that, then she will be cringe.

>>184996420>MASH 40 year reunion

>>184996404Vestigial fish, equally worthless.

>>184996427Hoping for double hog elimination

>>184996339She's high iq but doesnt know how to do anything. 8 int 0 wis

>>184996287She stopped drinking after losing the competition.

>Hitler only has one balldisgusting jewish lies>he's still alive in CubaArgentina*

So Sylvia and Letty are cool now after their cat fight yesterday? And why is Betty moping and ignoring everyone?

>>184996418Idgaf about Letty. I want Jet to get somebody who can actually destroy her.

>>184996348Betty cuts because she's into pain. Why do you think she post all that bdsm stuff on Tumblr? Not everyone who self mutilates is doing it out of self hatred. Look into Bob Flanagan. The world is a sick place filled with sick people.

>>1849963071. Josieeverything else is a toss up desu, and I say this as a letty fan.

Sylvia and Letty back to the fake friendship alreadyAbsolute pussies

Betty in that riot helmet is immensely sexy to me. It stays on.


Attached: episode 1.jpg (473x700, 303.01K)

>>184996462she's a midwit

>>184996112Betty is creepy


>vance doesnt know chelsea wolfekek. this nigga knows nothing about music. /mu/ used to shill her all the time.


Attached: damnation.png (519x632, 638.32K)


Shes preparing to throw that ball at Letty

>>184996392i can fix her

why is josie wearing headphones? what did i miss?


Attached: pas.png (664x150, 61.72K)

the fuck did josie say?


>>184995865josie does, she was the one who said "damn, you guys thought three squared was six?"

>>184996497Agreed, cutters disgust me.

>>184996181>josie discord server confirmedyep faketist letty tier whore confirmed

Attached: NAVAJOWARRIOR.png (512x1080, 766.9K)

>"Chelsea Wolfe is soooo hot"OH MY GOD CAN THIS BITCH GET ANY MORE BASIC?

>>184996339She's super gullible, not sure if she's as dumb as Sylvia though. Definitely has the highest verbal IQ of them all

Betty is useless. Lettyknights, take me back PLEASE

Attached: 1683913328494683.png (400x499, 272.39K)

>>184996339People think because she repeats red scare buzzwords she is smart.

Sync is so fucked can't cap anyone in the confessional

>>184996392>which way white woman

>>184996392my family had that same table for like ten years in the early 00's

>>184996339>Letty is dumb as fuck you serious?They're all fucking retarded but Letty has the advantage of being Ashkenazi

>>184996503He also hasn't been on mu for years

Attached: jetto.jpg (430x248, 24.59K)

>>184995866vance is so... creative

Kek Vance


Attached: sdwset235.png (617x590, 376.34K)


>>184994599Every fat goth hoe has to have an equally large gay guy friend it's a universal constant.


Attached: 2354.jpg (1080x1920, 96.55K)

Hey Chris fuck off no one cares. Go to the garage and die.

man betty is barely reacting to anything

>>184996086>LexaproYes. Her saying she wants to an hero totally unrelated, especially not with mixing the booze in too.

Attached: hog pill.png (747x235, 56.94K)

damn that was a powerful lets go


Attached: 1684420560908912.jpg (960x720, 207.31K)

>>184996541What a perfect princess

>restreamer just got himself banned for some shit jeremy TTSway to go retard

I NEED a high res josie glasses pic. This is a must

>>184996218> Immediately bummy busted

>>184996590she's charging up


betty bout to kill someone with a frying pan and go prone in the bathroom

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>>184996118Anon… you can’t just talk about your special interests at length bro


Attached: kill me.png (357x419, 206.46K)

>mfw no josie glasses confessional posted

Attached: JOSIECAMERASHIT.webm (454x552, 695.14K)

Chris shut the fuck up no one cares kill yourself

based betty not engaging in this whore's conversation

Fuck off Chris you are disgusting.

>>184996622this but unironically.

>>184996555i havent seen her on /mu/ on years. they wouldve been talking abut her when he was shilling his shitty synthpop garbage.

>>184996531>>184996509>>184996448>>184996426>>184996403>>184996336>>184996306>>184996283>>184996257You need to fucking chill, faggot.

>>184996600>fatty's perfect soijack faceI'm fucking dead

Paypiggies I know you have the Josie confessional GIVE IT


does betty not drink?


Attached: Screen Shot 2023-05-12 at 5.07.08 PM.png (712x1292, 866.67K)

>>184996392cute and based pilled



Attached: 1683665712278747.png (458x647, 246.52K)

>>184996462You can't call yourself smart if you don't realize that experience is more important than your intellectual capacity.>t. 130iq wasted most of my life in drugs and in front of a pc

>>184996634Mr. President, we need you now more than ever.

>>184996640>>184996637 What happend?

>>184996643then nobody there should talk about that topic at all

who is chris going to touch first

>>184995734>>2 SylviaLOL


give me betty and josie

How about you to kill yourself Chris, or go back to the living room so we can ignore you.

>Jet lost his virginity?Heh

Attached: 1683927297542064.png (584x405, 261.08K)

>>184996649>He thinks it's one person

Attached: Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 14-12-12 (0) _tv_ - _ftl_ - Fish Tank Live #825 - Television & Film - 4chan.png (358x211, 16.62K)


>>184996667her face is so fucked up looking, what causes this?

>Betty just hanging out in the blindspotIt's over

>>184996679he hasn't touched anyone, why do people keep saying thishe talks total shit but you have no evidence that he's an actual sex pest

what did they mean by this

Attached: chrome_u947eSB6m6.png (359x675, 260.04K)

is there any fucking way to lower the desync between cameras?

You fucks better enjoy Josie while you can because she's going homeBYE BYE NIGGA

>>184996218>Sylvia, Airsoft, 3 loud morons is two too many.

>>184996649all me btw

Attached: {145E1E09-F257-4291-AA5D-037718BB98A4}.png (292x446, 158.78K)

>>184996728Shut up faggot.


Attached: ag4a.jpg (431x207, 25.5K)

>>184996656Doesn't seem like it? Havent seen her with a drink

>>184996675He answers every TTS like anyone cares what he has to say. Then shouts over people when they don’t respond to his fat ass.

>>184996699>guess you got a thing with sexual trauma>heh... so do i

>>184996699Who said that lol

>>184995734Letty is high iq and is at the top (high iq jew genes). Sylvia is low iq at the bottom (low iq fat genes). Josie is at number 2 but she is the best

>>184996730no, it's on the production side and they don't care about anything

>>184996728discord niggers im sure

>>184996728JET IT UP

Who's getting eliminated?

>mfw realistic art

Attached: josieguro.jpg (299x260, 20.62K)

>>184996649stop being such a newfag

>fat hog claims to be a singer>no musical talent what so ever.

Attached: angel.webm (1024x768, 1.69M)

>>184996728it's ok bud you aren't a fag

Attached: file.png (583x232, 23.03K)

>>184996688the other day he said at his heaviest he was 510>510five hundred and ten fucking pounds

>Betty told to be hostile>just acts retardedfuck this nigga doing??

>>184996726he grabbed Letty's leg while trying to haggle a kiss from her

>>184996550>AshkenaziWhere is the proof of this? Is it just cause she's Ukrainian?

>>184996760>Letty is high iqshe doesn't know what decade the moon landing happened

tf is betty doing

Jon incoming

>>184996728J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J

Attached: 1682302943244029.png (259x493, 250.32K)



>>184996032>no picturesNice larp. Putting 0’s instead of o’s isn’t enough though


Attached: 1684437390391905.webm (736x736, 985.67K)

>Simple kind of virgin

>>184996768Someone post her soundcloud please. It's all "noise" music and sounds retarded

>Betty pacing around the house with a ball because she doesn't know how to get Letty worked upShe's donezo

I'm nervous, bros. I don't want to lose either Josie OR Letty

Attached: 1673930050816078.gif (498x445, 2.83M)

>>184996700stay in your lane faggot, this doesn't concern you

Attached: 2023-05-18_16-14.png (1359x531, 122.25K)

>>184996759big boy chris

>>184996770so cute thank you user

Attached: 1675478635832184.png (422x407, 204.94K)

>the chat>these tts messagesJesus.

Attached: 1684444503893.gif (250x228, 26.38K)


Attached: josiecamera.jpg (1080x1346, 100.97K)

>>184996791that's just an education issue and has nothing to do with IQ. not that i think letty is high IQ regardless though, i think she's fucking retarded.

Attached: video23-05-18_16-12-21-07_0004.jpg (1024x768, 96.86K)

anyone have the betty confessional?

>>184996815WTF was he thinking?

>>184996728reddit humor

>>184996770cute as fuck

>>184996657>>184996672He bwoke it.He can mend it.

I cant wait for fattys presidency to start tomorrow, these fucking SLUTS are going to get what they deserve

>>184996791What does that have to do with IQ?

>>184996791IQ =/= knowledge

>>184996765Jet better invest in 1080p for all the cameras next season if he wants maximum memeability

>>184996815do you have the webm of letty getting that vape bonked on her, shits hilarious


>>184996783yeah ever since the war and zelensky shilling every ukrainian is a jew despite them being less than 1% of the population

>>184996541You made your choice. Should have stayed loyal to the queen

>>184996770chud josie ark is real

Attached: file.png (933x739, 104.64K)

>>184996822Either way, half of us will finally be free

>>184995979I refuse to believe Sam doesn't see how much of a worthless cocksucker this guy is. every bit he's done on the show has either been a mocking impression of Sam or him literally lapsing into Mark Normand's voice. he was right there when vance choked and couldn't do improv during the presidential debate, he's so unbelievably untalented at what he loves to do

>>184996770cute trans mexican cholo boy


>>184996826 Tbf I doubt Jets had sex too



Attached: 1676656301388509.jpg (1128x736, 79.82K)

>>184996858Nah I want that too

>>184996771Holy fuck, maybe they actually are bringing Jon back. Frank teasing his return could be a gaslight.

>>184996794trying to act drunk while pouring her drinks in the toilet

Real piece of shit

Attached: video23-05-18_16-12-21-07_0002.jpg (1024x768, 82.83K)

>>184996770What a fucking chud.

>>184996517>>184996770what's the deal with the headphones? please someone explain

>>184996835How'd they find a bitch uglier than letty? Yeesh


Attached: 1684114332579849.jpg (1035x694, 174.7K)

>>184996770KWARLA (kek what a real life angel)

betty dub in pillow wars


>>184996835trench warfare


Attached: SOYJACK_SOROS SCHWAB SATURN.jpg (1024x809, 170.58K)

>>184996851>>184996852>>184996834general knowledge is more g-loaded than raven's matrices


>>184996915noise cancelling from the retard challeneg

>>184996768doesn't take any talent to be an artist these days since zoomers are heavily into shitty stuff for MUH IRONY reasons


>>184996835>rings of saturnthe fuck? is that her or letty's lmao


cute josie making cat sounds

>>184996897Jesus Christ user how are you making these

>>184996591i've been on lexapro for a decade and it helped me stop having suicidal thoughts, also i drink while on it from time to time and it's fine. ymmv

I hope they break chris and he finally goes home, preferably in a body bag after a stress induced heart attack. Let the fat man baby join his mom


>>184996915It's the headphones from the cripple challenge, so she can hear less of Chris

>>184996822I have a feeling it's Letty. So much attention is focused on her right now with Betty and Chris both being told to mess with her. Also I found it weird how all the other fish suddenly wanted to be friendly with her last night. I think they were told she's going and they're trying to get her drunk and use that as the reason she fails the PSAT.

>>184996928shut up


>>184995694erm what the erm what the sprucewhat the erm run that backerm what the spruce

Attached: 1656831731583933.gif (538x132, 3.7M)

Letty and Betty catfight. It hasn't even been an hour since they started drinking.

>>184996835love her keep going my princess


Attached: ellie.webm (667x500, 3.86M)

this JJJJ one letter spam is some 2017 twitch shit

>>184996953she mentioned yesterday she listens to mostly deathcore

>>184996770never stops winning

Attached: 1683790584823611.jpg (514x494, 113.77K)

>>184996946correlation does not equal causation

They should've made Letty, Betty, Vance and Lance go on a double date that ended with Betty and Lance making out in front of the other two

Why are the losers Chris and Betty trying to force themselves in to kitchen? Go away fags you are boring.


>>184996909>cut scarsjesust

>>184995616ummm... bros? Am I the only one seeing this?

Attached: steve h.png (859x607, 217.08K)

did betty move the couch?

>>184996996Jet loves it

>>184996996Jet is a zoomer faggot. Give him a break

>J spam

Attached: 1684269936179572.png (512x512, 423.45K)

>>184996981Betty is so ineffective and transparent when it comes to fucking with Letty

>>184996770I just got back she's so fucking cute. Why is she wearing glasses?

>>184997015Freeloaders SUCK

>>184996972i think anyone could go but josie, they all have valid reasons for being kicked or eliminated

>>184996815>zoomers think this is basically rapelol lmao even

>>184996555>He also hasn't been on mu for yearshe hasn't shilled his shitty synthpop there in a few years but if you think an inveterate user who has posted on that board consistently since he was 15 a decade ago doesn't use it anymore I don't know what to tell ya


>>184996909anyone has the video?

>>184996835Maybe fist tank is Satanic after all

Attached: ANTICHRIST_UN original.jpg (1440x1080, 119.09K)

>>184995979>as an extrayou can literally just DM on of the producers

>>184996996Initiated by none other than Jet Neptune. The show is in good hands ;)

>>184997025>its real

>>184996582give the source

>>184997014lol that's a nice ideai prefer betty reading the bible with jon though

>>184996999>modern deathcorecringe desu.

>>184996981qrd on the past two days with Letty/Betty? I had to tap out and the clip channels aren't clipping any of iti turned the stream on just now and the first thing i heard was letty whining because betty told her she needs to clean herself and wash her hair

Attached: sylvia topless bathroom.webm (208x424, 898.2K)

>>184996949i can't wait for civilization to collapse.

>>184996999how is she so fucking cool

>>184997039They are both insecure parasites with no personality.

better letty status?

>>184996999thx, that's funny

>>184996972At least I'll finally stop watching if she leaves

>>184996928trademark it fast bro

>>184997012then you're dismissing IQ testing as a whole which means "letty is high iq" is meaningless

It's crazy how just introducing a little bit of alcohol causes the fish to actually do something in the afternoon. Besides Vance and Chris they might actually all be alcoholics lol

What is so hard about getting shitfaced? Why must they act? Why not just let it happen naturally? What is so hard about that?

>>184997025>It's real

Attached: 1682755657870476.png (357x338, 94.73K)

>>184997080They're best friends and set up a less make out sesh tonight

>>184996972I hope it Letty. I would take away a massive amount of viewers and kill the show.

>>184996770Too big for her face, smaller glasses and thicker frame she would look better

>>184996909battle hardened

>>184996147that's the aspartame putting holes in your brain

>>184996953>>184996999>she mentioned yesterday she listens to mostly deathcoreNatural Josie Gang ally

Attached: black metal spruce.png (725x843, 733.41K)

>>184995979>>184996131>>184996872They did this because they can't find enough people to perform in World Peace 2. And those people perform for free, too.

>>184997080being a psycho in the background


Attached: bets.jpg (466x553, 40.73K)

>>184996815kek her face


>>184996791You are genuinely retarded for believing that knowing that is a marker for general intelligence

goldstriker status??

Betty is now just destroying the plushies and Josie is tweeking. What the fuck happened?

>>184997064>any deathcorewhat would old deathcore even be? suffocation?

>>184997113It's been confirmed as far as I'm aware

>>184997057scroll up

Chris makes Mauro look healthy

>vance trying to have a personality

Attached: 1649257283165.gif (360x270, 1.63M)

>>184997150going to the tank soon

Finally Betty and Chris are gone, thank god.

>>184997151Betty is desperately trying to stay relevant


>>184997147If you know trivia questions like you're on jeopardy, you're a genius!

Woah, Vance did the thing again

>oh wow he did the let's go thing again haha

Attached: R.jpg (960x960, 74.72K)

>>184996569This is the truest thing I read online all day. Jesus Christ.

These retards will get too drunk and not eat dinner. They will get FUCKED up later on

Attached: lets go.jpg (960x720, 204.38K)

>let's goovance you dirty fucker

>>184997152Suffocation is 90's death metal.

>>184997147see >>184996946

is this what made her retarded?

Attached: josiefallsoffchair.webm (198x216, 812.72K)

>you will never tell Letty "let's goo"

>>184997174It's really embarrassing

fatty about to have a meltdown

is betty drinking or what? need her to do something or else i might fall out of love.

Attached: 1481383445814.jpg (626x626, 64.96K)

I thlamed my penith in the car door

>>184997151>>184997192She went to the basement, they told her to be an asshole.Plus the challenge is to be a drunken asshole.So far she is winning.

Attached: sylvia topless downstairs.webm (594x780, 2.13M)

why does Josie have glasses?

>>184997209>Oh he's still watching 6 people drink in a house

>>184997192>doing her job as freeloader>OH MY GOD HAHA SHE'S SO DESPERATE TRYING TO STAY RELEVANTkeep trying to hide your seething

Jesus Christ. Chris is such a fucking incel loser.

Betty just wandering around like:>pay attention to me>I made a mess look at me!She should go cut herself some more.

Mauro is c-word

>yfw you realize betty is just doing a bit and is eventually going to leave

Attached: 4253453452345.jpg (275x183, 5.13K)

>>184997190Better Letty is in a blindspot. You can see her from the Living Room cam

does letty know who kingcobrajfs is?

>>184997231another one?

hate fat people

>Betty's just walking in circles tearing up a plushie

>>184997233don't force her, she's perfect in her passive ways

this is just another filler episode, right? i'm skipping.

>>184997233shes busy being cute

>>184997242because she's cute

>>184997152bands that started around 2005-2007 and arent overproduced to shit

>>184997233Betty gave up on the instigate Letty angle and is just trashing the house per basement crew's orders

>>184997242she has them for driving, not sure why she put them on now tho

Attached: 1653266578889689.png (482x830, 470.66K)

Betty is just making a mess. Not drinking. Very, very weak

>>184997219yeah i dont know what deathcore even is, im grasping at straws heremaybe its cool

>>184997253what did I miss? I saw he was in Letty's room. Did he take something?

>>184997263Yeah she does

iamgine the posts right now if betty was asian

>>184997190Chris went upstairs and poured a shot on Letty's suitcase in incel rage. He's now in B4 shitting.

New dino hat alert!

>>184997048I don't look at the archive very much not sure why there's no audio saved

Attached: Riot_Betty.webm (1024x768, 2.93M)

FUCK I HATE CHRIS SO FUCKING MUCH! He's an absolute insult to humanity, I can't wait to laugh at his downfall when he becomes even more of a lolcow.

>>184996835Betty is a pretty princess

>everyone except Betty forgetting the challenge is to be a drunken asshole

Attached: 1684356468405862.png (185x176, 47.64K)

>>184995793he should have won

Betty is nothing. It’s cringe watching her try to matter.

>>184997282like myspace shit, suicide silence or early job for a cowboy? that shit is gay

>>184997260Don't worry. She lives in Canada. You can force her to be your girlfriend and there's nothing nobody can do about unless you're white then you're going to prison.

>>184996791>I memorized all the trivia in school which means I'm smartholy shit midwits can't stop taking L's

Did Huevo (quevo?) just get murdered by Betty?

>>184997291damn, not a good look

is betty even drinking?

>>184997253>incelgo dilate faggot

>jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjHahahahaaaaa funny much??

Attached: 1684444996154.jpg (904x864, 83.77K)

bros I tried to be like Vance today and I screamed "LET'S GOOOOO" at work when everything was really quiet. I thought it would be funny but there was just dead silence and I left early.Now my boss has put in a Teams meeting for tomorrow and has CC'd HR, what the fuck should I do?

>>184997313those scars

>>184997209zoomers ruin everythingyoutube.com/watch?v=J2YWrotvn1g

>>184997025what the fuck, it's real HAHAHAH

Attached: angaioh928174k.png (533x327, 127.99K)

>>184997313she looks much better without glasses desu

>>184997272elimination tonight

>>184997313thanks man

>Letty's actually seething at that Betty's better TTS

>>184997313thanks for the video anyway. shes cute af.

>>184997301Poured out a shot in the empty drawer. Then poured out a second shot on top of her suitcase, which has nothing in it. She hid her clothes in Mauro's backpack.

>>184997242I think those are betty's glasses

>>184997291where's that picture from? i'm surprised there are still new pics surfacing

>>184997326Has she even drank anything yet

>>184997291Because getting drunk makes things blurry. She has myopia so it helps


>>184997291looks like a dude from one of my javs

>>184997253I hate using that word, but it exactly describes his behavior right now

>>184997321what did he do?

Attached: 2473524.webm (640x360, 184.04K)

Betty being a piece of shit without the drunk part

>>184997357What a wonderful imagination

>>184997301he poured a shot on her suitcase and went to b4 bathroom


They should push those couches away from the kitchen so Chris doesn’t feel welcome.

>>184997354it's gonna be sylvia so i don't really care

>>184996981Betty hasn't had a drink yet, they told her to pick on Letty in the basement but she clearly has no idea what to do


Watching this has made me more confident in myself

Betty is kinda spooky

>mfw i get drunk and jet says i can't wear socks/shoes

Attached: socksshoesjosie.gif (300x500, 3.03M)

>>184997383Yeah she needs to get drunk and poke Letty

Betty Confessional

Attached: 1684327312136475.webm (658x600, 589.38K)

>>184997348i can fix her...

>Mauro came back just to get slammed by TTS

Attached: 1683080978992910.png (383x458, 104.56K)

>TTS: jews control banking>Sylvia: commies in the chatSylvia you are fucking retarded.

>>184997291Betty walked in the kitchen after straightening her hair and threw the glasses on the ground.

>>184997373Jet told that people who drink too much and pass out automatically lose the challenge (Goldstriker incoming).You have to act like a drunken asshole.

>>184997346uhhh yeah


>>184997313she looks very trannyish in this


>>184997367idk i got it from the last thread

Attached: 1653249406390228.jpg (572x714, 52.53K)

How badly does Jet and Sam regret bringing Chris on?

>>184997332vocabulary and knowledge are the two most g-loaded subtests in the WISC-IV

>>184997352Every time I see Letty I think of that scene in Arrested Development when Gob is about to fuck the secretary>ok, take your glasses off and put your hair down>uhhh... glasses on hair down>glasses off hair up>did we try glasses on hair down?

>>184997382the years of sexual frustration are written all over her face bros

>>184997382cute :))

Betty is so worthless she is making Chip seem important.

>>184997428Kanye you deaf retard

>>184997428she said kanyes in the chat

I like bettylets go riot helmet betty

>>184997428she said kanye is in the chat

>>184997439and thats a good thing

>>184997346>Teams meetingYou're tricking us, you did this at home and no one heard you


>>184997427He gets free alcohol as a trade-off so he's probably ok with it

>>184997313Hairy forearms

Attached: 1535663768882.jpg (580x563, 236.46K)

Attached: brave_X3wHgYcEqb.png (1114x831, 1.94M)

>>184997346well.. it's just like... you know what I men?

Betty looks a lot better without glasses

>>184995616where is Chris?

>>184997329yeah thats the type of shit i was talking about lol.

Someone capped that Betty look into camera?

Attached: vixen.jpg (406x511, 56.32K)

Betty is trying too hard

Ok I have to admit, Josie's finger gun up the stairs was adorable

>>184997465>>184997460You think Kenyan's are watching fishtank? More retarded than Jon

>Betty will never beat you with her riot shield

Attached: 1654494036355824.jpg (389x329, 29.77K)

What is Betty doing? Begging for attention?

Betty Ballerina

Attached: 32034503463475.jpg (540x675, 32.42K)

>>184997447it's more the frames she has. the big round ones make her nose pop out and she looks extra jewish. i don't think they fit her face.

The fuck is up with these female freeloaders just folding once they get into the house?

Attached: 1663153790088725.png (252x585, 157.66K)

>>184997496Most women do


>>184997025>>184997351No fucking wayyoutu.be/4d9H_1ygEv8?t=124

Attached: 1683688233549983.jpg (791x606, 94.05K)

>>184997382what is her name i need to know pls>>184997493yeah hairy.. lets just say that

>>184997459Chip constantly getting in peoples faces was actually stressful for them.

>>184997494she looks so different here vs with glasses vs her contestant pic it's like 3 different people

>>184997526betty is doing fine, she's doing way better than ella

>>184997470Chris ruining the kitchen cam. Fuck off you fat faggot.

>>184997313Looks like a fag

QRD on what happened today



>>184997509I love riot gear Betty

Bitching in B3

>>184997545>what is her name i need to know plsBetty

B3 cope session


>letty seethingkek

>>184997494I'm so over Letty

Attached: 24634534534.png (300x514, 299.07K)

>>184997442>not her race car bedbros...

total plushie deathtotal paypig destruction

>>184997346uh.. yeah.. yeah.

Attached: 1490415055531.jpg (2560x1920, 610.89K)


>>184996255what the fuck was she trying to do? piss on a lamp, get the idea she should unplug it first because of electricity, then change her mind?


gay talk in br 3wtf sylvia you need to get out letty not betty you dumb piece of shit

>>184997321He's incredibly annoying, has next level low character and is utterly disgusting.

>Letty seethinguh oh

>>184997509her first time wearing fakeup?

i've been watching fishtank for 31 days... can anyone tell me if its good or not

Why is Sylvia now friends with Letty?

>>184997566build up. coming down later

>>184997566Fatty had mental breakdown from the china man sound effect

>>184997561Sure but shes not doing good now. Just trashing shit, not being drunk, its lame

The ugly women and gay fat spic seething in bedroom 3 lmao


>>184997511Its drunk pos challenge. She is being a pos

betty cringe is cute and wholesomeletty cringe is pissing and shitting and being a whore

>>184997617Betty's here now

>Betty: let’s go!>silence>please clap

Attached: 1683242272509352.gif (640x360, 3.18M)

>>184997313Between the veganism and the cutting this girl is not making it to 35

>>184997545I'm not blind the scars are a plus too

Attached: snapshot.jpg (960x720, 211.52K)

>>184997446>here's some obscure test for children that proves you wrongdon't care, still don't know the date of the fake moon landing and still scored a 34 on the ACT without trying

What the fuck is Chris even trying to do

>Betty/Chris alliance


>>184997617She’s found a common enemy

Mauro is actually a good foilwomen love to just start bitching around fags

>>184997566Betty trooning

>SNITCH = BAN on the marquee>TTS snitching>no banswhat did jet mean by this?

really hope those betty tits are actually inbound

>>184997617she's 50iq


wanna see some WHAT

Attached: 1611227035933.jpg (480x953, 125.19K)

i thought there was no tts snitching? everything chris did upstairs has been revealed to them by paypigs to the minor detail

>sylvia siding with letty over bettykek what a retard


Attached: 2u754.jpg (960x960, 32.05K)

>>184997617Betty's acting really fucking annoying.


>we'll save the tits for laterfinally they're giving us a reason to keep watching

>>184997509>>184997494>The Entity hungers

Attached: betty spain.jpg (662x867, 111K)

betty stock rising

Oh my god this is possibly the best outcome, Betty and Chris vs Letty Sylvia and Mauro. Could this be the Sylvia Letty redemption arc?

Did they ever say why all the cams went down last night, and why room 2 was down for so long?

>read the roomfuck you letty hope jeremy slits your throat

>>184997640that's not being a pos that's just being milquetoast

>>184997662>bweaking the fishtawnk

I've never heard josie be so vocal with a slightly hostile tone

Attached: 1608376436326.png (1024x1024, 1.13M)

>>184997617Because Betty is more attractive than them and taking the attention in the house, literally this is how women operate.

>>184997661he's in a perpetual state of trying to have sex but always failing as he's the size of a moon and a retard

>>184997662I hate them both so it’s fitting.

>>184997545ariel ferraiuolo

>>184997494They replaced Betty and no one even noticed lol

>>184997381>He's incredibly annoying, has next level low character and is utterly disgusting.wrong reply, fixed

holy shit letty and sylvia linked up, need it or sneed it??

>Letty and Hog allianceLet’s gooooooooo


>>184997692What's the cat's name?

Betty's won me over, I'm sorry Letty...

how has nobody in josies life told her that those glasses are fucking hideous? they make her look like obunga.

>>184997709>vance a non entity as usual

>Betty Boobswe eatin good tonight


>>184997351fake and gay and written by an esl fag

Attached: j j j j j j jj jj jj jj jjj jjj.png (310x157, 5.63K)

>>184997655no you didn't

I just got home can I get a QRD for today?

Better look at Betty's cuts. Pretty gnarly.

Attached: c1.jpg (1080x1350, 143.58K)

>sylvia sucks up to lety the second betty targets her with somethingWhat a dumb bitch

Attached: 1681993712191480.jpg (968x876, 181.24K)

>Wanna see some tits>absolute kino promised tonight

Attached: mqdefault.jpg (320x180, 5.11K)

>>184997740They are Betty's

>>184997506youtube.com/watch?v=AV8N44HzfBQthe tank needs some real tunes, i dedicate that one to you

Attached: Sylvia b3.webm (766x598, 3.91M)

>>184997729 based FISH for oncefuck FREELOADERSFUCK THE FREEWORLD


>>184997710Sylvia threw a hissy fit over the three shark attacks she got.

>betty's presence distorts cameras

Attached: demonic.png (1108x839, 1.24M)

>>184997745It's already mooning.

Chris has totally ruined the entertainment factor of this show with his bitching

>>184997767nah sylvia has a goldfish memory

>>184997727suck it and fuck it

>>184997688Betty will never have the power that Letty has lmao

Footslut Betty engaged


>>184997735>What's the cat's name?Niggerman


Passive aggressive Josie lmao

>>184997779can't wait for this to happen when betty shows tits

>Betty barefoot

betty feeta...

Are there high res Betty feet pics out there?

>flashed her ass per TTS request >promised to take her tits outBetty is the woman we've been waiting for

>that was so epic chris

i.4cdn.org/wsg/1684445470370841.webmjosie glasses with audio

Betty and Chris in a more worthless competition.The winner gets to kill themselves.Let’s fucking go.

>>184997751where are you finding these?

>josie seething at the real autists againyou respone josecels? your tismkween is acting like a nornmalfaggot again.


>>184997751what is that contraption

Vance:>this challenge is suppose to last all dayHe is realizing things are going to get really bad very quickly

>>184997785damn he really is like jon

>>184997745Betty is gone tonight

>>184997253Nah, he's pretty kino and he's clearly doing a bit.

bake a new bread

cherish bettybehead letty

>>184997346yeah man that's cool


>chris seethe incoming

is josie drunk already?


Josie with a ponytail and glasses is just too cute I can't handle it

weird tension between Betty and Vancevance trying to decide how much of Betty's antics he will tell Letty about, maybe?

>>184997668Right answer

>>184997751has TTS brought this up yet? I feel like that's a missed opportunity

Betty is such a cringe pick-me nothing. The epitome of an orbiter.

>>184997845she'll defo leave before hassle comes back, enjoy her while she's here and all the letty seethe

>>184997839Tattoo gun


>>184997829_pinksox>>184997839tattoo gun


>>184997835Bro she's got DID clearly and her alt Spruce only surfaces to protect Josie.

>>184997820>inb4 she's about to and Jet comes in and stops itcan I get paid now

sylvia is so fucking stupid

Bag alertMajor Bag Alert


betty is a trainwreck

>>184997874vance being a gay boy and being letty's emotional tampon is not good content

it brings me great joy to see this retard upset

fatty banged on the door so hard my dog ran to the front door

betty feet


>>184997880lmao, every girl in there's been called a pick-me now



someone should just push him over until he calms down

Vance and Chris FIGHT

Jfc chris

>>184996591Antidepressants and antipsychotics aren’t remotely comparable

here we go lads, the final battleChris and Betty vs Letty Mauro and Sylvia





Cry about it you fat fuck.


i fucking hate mauro nasty ass queen

>>184995771Capitalism is limitting her self expression

after what happened yesterdayletty and syliva talking.this is so gay. something happened and somthing will go down


>>184997916based fatfuck breaking the 4th dimension

>>184997382from her ig?

Why are all the contestants pussies when it comes to alcohol? I'm not talking about pacing themselves since it's an all day challenge, but why do they never take shots? I'd rather take a shot every now and then rather then sip a beverage constantly.



I went to get food for 3 minutes and chris is freaking the fuck out what happened?

i wanna worship betty's feet



>>184997964ultimate kino


Fuck em up chris


I'm assuming this is the bit that Chris was planning with Ben?

What did Sylvia and Letty ally for?Why is Chris angry this time?

fatty going absolutely nuclear lmao

>>184997987i don't think i saved that one. but she cute.

You can even ask Betty to show her soles to the camera

>>184997983cant find his bag cause fat

>>184997869I have a feeling her and vance are going to sit this one out and watch these pieces of shit embarrass themselves

Chris is insufferable

what is it with pigs and losing their shit over missing items when they fuck with peoples shit all the time

i'm bored of the same thing every day

Damn Betty is brave as fuck talking to Chris directly while he yells and shouts like thatBitch can definitely take a punch

>>184997921Anyone that has no personality aside from imitating others and trying to one-up them is a pick-me in the truest sense of the word.


Jet comes up in 3... 2...

keep giving chris caffene and alcohol


>Chris pour alcohol all over Letty's stuff>Can't find his gay bag and chimps outChris is such a fucking incel holy shit.


>>184998002>What did Sylvia and Letty ally for?sylvia is retarded>Why is Chris angry this time?he is retarded

>"happy birthday to you" while dropping trash on B4

>They gave Josie ear defendersBased, listening to that Fat fuck retard is enough to drive anyone insane.

>vance: Oh yeah baby>josie: ooooh yeahLol

He probably misplaced it himself lol

Maybe it was a mistake teaching Chris how to box.

>NOOOO STOP BEING A DRUNK POS!!! you people are retarded

>Josie being passive aggressivewhore

>>184998014Still better than Dam

throw chris into a volcano>intentionally attacking the wallsyep, he's gone

chris is by default the biggest piece of shit he got this challenge

Chris gonna kill someone tonight by laying on them

>josie egging chris to break wallsBased

Shut the fuck up you fat pink faggot. Die slow you Kirby looking pink nigger.