>And now soldiers, we calmly walk to our deaths

>And now soldiers, we calmly walk to our deaths

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>AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BANG! he said as he fired the seven-barreled gun and sir as the fields of ireland are green

>>184993349OP has never seen the glory>mfw

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>>184993349 If I was there I would go prone and snipe the commanders, making their order of battle fall apart from discoordination. I would probably get tons of medals and be awarded palaces for this genius strategy. Funny how they still couldn't figure it out even as the Americans effortlessly destroyed them with this one trick.I guess people back then were just dumb lol

>>184993349>the virgin maneuver warfare of cuckolds running around in panic trying not to die>the gigachad calmly walk into death while playing music warfare

>>184993581>I guess people back then were just dumb lolstill are and unless we finally purge the worthless 95% and have ai take their role we'll always stay dumb as shite


>>184993349they would have a regiment of grenadiers behind them who would bayonet them if they tried to retreat>>184993581>>184993723that's a smoothbore musket you retards, you're not sniping shit with that

>>184994008They had semi accurate rifles for sniping but that turd would never get into one of those units

>>184993349War is so gay now.

Why did they just walk straight at the enemies? Why not at least fire a volley or two at them when they were in range to cause some damage to the enemy and prevent the amount of fire they could respond with, as well as weakening them before entering close range combat.

>>184994397They are engaging while their buddies are flanking. Pretty simple retard

>>184994397because the more time you take to close with an enemy unit as the attacker the more times you get shot

>>184994534Then why did they just calmly march at them? Also wouldn't shooting the enemy kill some of them and disorient or wound others, resulting in less incoming fire?

>>184994397go to /k/ if you want to see people pretend like they know what they're talking about when it comes to warfare. Holla Forums is only going to give you sneed posting at best.

>>184993581>prone and snipe the commandersyou have a musket retardyou are not sniping anythingalso this can be said about any warfarehow many ukrainians and russians have walked to their death

>>184994652They got one shot and can't reload while power walking. Do you honestly think people 300 years ago just didn't think of shooting first?


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>>184994652because you can't fucking charge for hundreds of meters and i'm talking about cannonfire and shitthey should be in columns but i guess it's more filmic for them to be all in the shot like that

>>184993349I just watched this again recently. Barry deserved everything bad that happened to him.

>>184994829Im glad that kid didn't let his gay ass off the hook for doing one noble thing

>>184993349Where are their riot shields, poke a shooty hole in them and you got a plan.

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>>184994807>they should be in columnsDepends on the timeline and the situation tbqh.

>>184994397Watch the first battle scene in the Patriot and you'll understand

>>184994912>mid 18th century>advancing under fireshould be in a column

>>184994886Just wear arm-ACK!

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>>184993581holy shit someone get this guy a time machine

>>184993349>proceeds to conquer the known world

>>184994397>why didn’t they fire a volley firstYou can break them much quicker with a bayonet charge especially if you have better troops. See any battle with Charles XII in the Great Northern War.A successful bayonet charge even against numerically superior troops can win the day easily

The real question is why didn't they fire some blanks first and then advance in the smokescreen?

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>>184994807>because you can't fucking charge for hundreds of meters and i'm talking about cannonfire and shitYeah, but in the movie it was just a small skirmish, with no cannons or anything, and they definitely close enough where they could have charged.

What film

>>184995052They walked in lines to maximize fire power for volleys. No one walked in columns because it would be obliterated by cannons, using column formation in battlefield was a rare thing in mid 18th century. Running in columns however, became common practice (thanks to the French army) by Napoleonic Wars because the French emphasized local superiority and speed.

>>184995223if they had the money for blanks they should probably spend it on consistently feeding these guys>>184995249ok whatever i (thankfully) haven't seen barry lyndon, i know what the seven years war was and that did have cannons

>>184995287Garry London

>>184993581>Americans effortlessly destroyed themFaggot as a fellow burger you piss me off. British won far more battles in the revolutionary war than we did… see battle of camden. Sure we had better skirmishing tactics but in pitched battles we largely got stomped (well at least the dumbass yankees and Washington did, southern boys did pretty well)

>>184995332>No one walked in columns because it would be obliterated by cannonsonly if you walk directly at the fucking cannon you tit, maybe it was the hard counter if the infantry were led by retards

>>184995470Columns were great at breaking enemy lines but were risky if you didn’t close quick enough.But man Napoleonic War tactics are so fucking kino

>>184993349Why not just start using bow and arrows again? Seems like it'd be the same damage since no one is armored and you'd get a higher rate of fire. Or does the state just want idiot proof firesticks?

>>184995470Do you realize that cannons were used for their long range? You're speaking as if a cannonball couldn't fly hundreds of yards and bounce in middle of a group. Are you baiting?

>>184995615>Or does the state just want idiot proof firesticks?Pretty much. Training an archer takes years, training one of these guys takes two weeks.

>>1849956151. It takes years to train proper bowmen2. It wasn't that accurate3. It was helpless against cavalry

>>184995615a musket is also a decent spear>>184995669this is basic fucking shapes my man, cannonballs fly in straight lines. how are you going to hit the middle of a column unless it i marching at the cannon. are you talking about precisely aiming your shot to hit part of a thin column from the side or what

>>184995615Then people would start wearing armor and caring shield again, then people would start using guns again. Its was the height of military tech that did the best in the field.

>>184995669wait i just realised what your retard brain meant, i said walk directly AT the cannon, not walk directly UP TO the cannon

>>184995452modern war stories are all about attributing victory by superior resources to victory by personal heroism

>>184993581At the time you’d have been tried and executed for deliberately breaking the rules of engagement. You weren’t allowed to shoot officers or lords. They’re special and protected and the only time they’re ever at risk is stray arty fire if they moved up or when they do their okie charge at the fleeing enemy and someone fucks up their horse and they fall.

ITT: people that would die

>>184995800Are you really retarded or baiting? Cannonballs don't fly in a straight line because if they did then they wouldn't land forever. Artillery officers and enlistees were required to know basic math + reading and writing. Officers actually used math to calculate the trajectory and the predicted path so they can land their cannonballs in a desired location. If a group is far away, they would use round shots, if it were close, they would use grapeshot which would turn the cannons into gigantic shotguns.

>>184995895Yep, you're retarded. Have a nice day.

>>184995738Longbows and stakes. Longer range, massively higher rate of fire, more accurate and can be used in the pissing rain.

>>184996057>>184996124from a top down perspective, like a column is described from, a cannon fires in a straight line, you thick military history youtube watching cretin

>>184996184It takes years and more money to train proper archers. Archers didn't rapidly shoot their arrows like your video games and movies, and at longer ranges it became even more inaccurate than muskets in longer range. Archers weren't trained heavily in melee and had no means of defense against cavalry. There was a reason they become obsolete.

>>184996057>>184996394why the fuck is this site filled with illiterate return to evropa 4x playing nerds who learned everything they know from reading some fucking videogame wikigo away you fucking retard

>>184993581>rival nations HATE him

>>184996184Only works in specific terrain and situations. And archers are harder to replace than musketmen.

>>184996394>i saw a youtube video where some bearded twat shot arrows into a hay bale, i'm pretty much a history expert XDDDDdon't forget to mention how cavalry has +5 attack bonus vs archers with extra crit and a healing debuff LMAO

>>184996408Why do you, a midwit, think you could figure out some novel tactic that would have revolutionized warfare 300 years ago?

>>184996033>You weren’t allowed to shoot officers or lordshuh? is this strictly yurotrash? i know the japs would bumrush the lord for a quick defeat

>>184996592you don't even understand what a straight line is you nowit, why the fuck are you still herehow many hit points does a column have? what's its gold and population cost? which legendary lord does it synergise with? these are the questions i think you are capable of discussing, nothing else

>>184995287The Patriot

>>184996308>>184996408>>184996589>make dogshit bait>get BTFO>cope seethe and move goalposts by replying THREE timeslol dilate retard

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>>184996735>WOL WIWATE WETWARDyou're even more subhuman than a dead troon, a dead decaying troon has more value than you do because it can be used as compost

>the virgin british soldier walk>the chad norman cavalry archers

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I would just invent the nuke like Oppenheimer and win instantlyGg get fucked

>>184996883>nothing else to say because got BTFO HARD for dogshit bait>brings up trannies for no reasonL O LMAO

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Line infantry makes perfect sense given the limitations of the weapons and the prevailing battlefield tactics of the day. Muskets of the time were slow to load and smooth bore, so an individual shot would be inaccurate and infrequent. You make up for inaccuracy with massed fire, and slowness with volley fire. For either of these things to work you need your men grouped up in a large mass. There is one other major reason large infantry masses were the norm: cavalry. The age of the mounted knight was gone, but cavalry were still a potent force on the battlefield and could wreak havoc on small groups of men. A large mass of men bristling with bayonets deters cavalry charges, and massed fire deters mounted gunners from being able to ride up and take pot shots. It might be hard for a single man with a smooth bore musket to hit an enemy on a moving horse, but several hundred men aiming in his direction are bound to hit him as well as anybody riding near him. So why move in a big line only a few men deep? Because it lets you bring more guns to bear in the fight. The more guns you have actively shooting, the stronger your infantry formation is. It's really that simple.

does anyone have that concept picture of civil war fucks using personal wheeled shields?it cracks me up and i can't find it for the life of me

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>>184996994>brings up trannies for no reasonYOU JUST TOLD ME TO DILATERETARDRETARDRETARD

>>184997068>moving goalpostsHA GOT EM

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>>184995726>retard alertDrilling effective rinfantrymen took a long time and bows are dogshit against muskets. Far less deadly, more limited ammunition, not anywhere near as devastating

>>184997142ok you almost had me there, you still don't know what a straight line is though so you are still a tard

>>184997146What if they used fire arrows? That would do way more damage.

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>>184997244I got you and your straightline got ACKed my shitposting moron bye bye

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>>184997146>Drilling effective rinfantrymen took a long timeNot really. The operative word here is "effective". You can have an effective infantryman in a few weeks of drill. Not an elite infantryman, or a veteran infantryman, but a man who knows how to march, load, and shoot. It's all down to seasoning him in battle after that, cause you can't really practice doing drill while being shot at on the battlefield. Now, that said, you could also train up archers and crossbowmen in a similar amount of time if you just need somebody to lose arrows and bolts in a general direction. You have all your recruits practice a bit and pick the best ones to form your archer contingent and have them do nothing but drill archery and you'll have passable archers. Not the best archers, but "effective" in that they can shoot several arrows a minute, for desired effect.Now the question is: which is MORE effective? Hastily trained archers, or hastily trained musketmen? The answer is musketmen, every time. It's not even close.


>>184997622>hits like 5 people per shotyou're brain damaged lmao