Mr.H reviews got the full details as he has in the past for the monsterverse. Here is the link but I'll post the bullet pointsyoutu.be/PCZ_XWiI6OU>same bombastic tone with humor from the last film>2 villains, the red ape called "The Scar King" and another that is "The First Titan">Scar King wields a large bone whip spine that he wraps across his shoulder like a bandolier>Hell of a fighter, learner and more agile than Kong>Human race is more warm to Godzilla in terms of their fear and he tends to slumber in inconvenient places which adds a bit of the humor>For example there was a battle and he fell asleep in the colosseum of Rome>Military leaders constantly fighting with monarch on how to handle the titans>Kong is still in the hollow Earth in a very lonely existence with only monarch scientists observing him>Film opens with Kong being chased by a pack of oversized jackal type titans but he turns the tables and traps them for a successful "hunt"

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>Godzilla is woken from hibernation do to an energy signal from the hollow Earth. A beacon even monarch can't decipher>The signal is also having an effect on Jia, the young girl from skull island who befriended Kong in the last film>The girl begins have strange visions>A new threat has been awakened in the hollow Earth, trapped in a subterranean prison for ages but inadvertently freed by Kong>It is a tribe of warrior apes led by the brutal leader the Scar King>Their sights are then set for the surface world>Scar has a secret weapon that will help rule the planet>Most of the film is still in early stages with the vfx and most of the creature sequences were incomplete renders and pre vis>New titans will be featured>One named arachnid that Godzilla destroyed in the opening credits>On named Shimu that is set to be the first ever titan that resembles a pale reptile capable of freezing things with ice breath and has large crystals protruding from the body>This creature is Scary king's secret weapon>This is likely where the earlier reports seemed to confuse idea were getting space/crystalline godzilla>Kong makes a new friend when he captures a child ape named Suko who runs with the enemy tribe >Again this likely where the early rumors of "song of Kong" came from>Suko eventually develop a father son relationship type of thing>Apparently the best parts of the film this time around are the human element and moments between Jia and her adopted mom (Rebecca hall) are moving>Dan Stevens is a very "flamboyant" monarch medic who specializes on working on wounded titans and acts as Kings dentist when he needs a tooth extraction>He also had a past relationship with Eileen>The audience seemed to enjoy him>Movie does get silly and even more ridiculous than the last film>Titan heroes get upgrades including cybernetic enhancements for one of them courtesy of monarch

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>Scar King DOES NOT have radioactive powers>His only real power is he uses a shard of crystal that tips the end of his bone whip that belongs to the titan Shimu.>It allows him to control Shimu who in turn can "freeze the world">It was actually Shimu who brought about the first Ice Age at the command of the Scar King>Scar King was once part of a peaceful tribe of giant apes that protected humanity until he grew power hungry>It was actually Godzilla that defeated scar King and trapped him and his army of renegade apes beneath the hollow EarthHoly fucking kino

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>>184992719>>184992771ape Chads just keep winning

>>184992771>Godzilla fights… another Kong…>Welp. I guess I’ll just go fuck myself.My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

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Stop cutting to reaction shots of the cast as every 3 seconds as the action is happening. Shit got so bad in the Ghidorah film I just tuned out from all of the human conflict and skipped STRAIGHT to all the kaiju shit.

>>184992689According to K-D-M, an insider, these leaks are at least 80% true and asked not to post it so it's real. I hope the inaccurate part is the one about baby Kong I can't take this shit.Also it sounds like they didn't give Godzilla anything to do. Anything at all. No story, no one to interact with other than fight. At least he's considered a hero by the people again.

>him and his lizard bros wage war and absolutely GENOCIDE Kong's nigger ape tribe brethren>He alone absolutely BTFO of red nigger ape tribe and puts them in a holeApe bros?????? Lizard chads are laughing at us again OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

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>>184993425>Godzilla anything to do. Anything at all. No story, no one to interact with other than fight. What more do you want him to do retard? He literally is the one that beat the big bad and his henchmen so the main villain obviously has a grudge. So it's personal. And will literally team up with Kong so they will obviously have somewhat multiple, somewhat more friendly interactions.That's literally the best you can ask for idiot

Am I the only one that didn't care for Kong vs Godzilla? Only one I liked was the one with Ghidora because he actually felt menacing.

>>184993425It's a team up movie dumb dumb. Zilla doesn't need to interact with anyone but Kong and they clearly will. I don't need to see him doing anything else but working together with Kong and pushing shit in

>>184993589There is a reason he is the king

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>>184993826>The only one I liked was the shittiest oneLmao feeling sorry for you little champ

>>184992689that sounds really stupid

>>184992719>>Apparently the best parts of the film this time around are the human element and moments between Jia and her adopted mom (Rebecca hall) are movingwow thats fucking gay

Could Legendary Gidorah have taken legendary Mecha Godzilla?

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>>184993839Kong has a clear story from that synopsis. Godzilla is a prop. And he wasn't that in his solo movies especially not in KotM where he even got a goddamn arc.

>>184994080Yeah, probably.

>>184993885Godzilla vs Kong was the shittiest one. Gorillas and deaf shitskins don't interest me.

>>184992689Thumbnail makes it look like flash ran to another universe where he's a monke

>>184992689I miss Gareth Godzilla

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>>184994080>MV GhidorahFights on equal terms with Godzilla at full power, he's able to get the upper hand by powering up>MV MechagodzillaIs said to have comparable strength to Godzilla but would've lost against him at full power

>>184994130>Godzilla wasn't a prop in his solo movies>Literally just shows up to fight>Cuts away after

>>184994130>Godzilla is a prop. And he wasn't that in his solo movies

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>>184993744Kong will have humans and an entire species to interact with. Right now we don't know if any of the other surface monsters will reappear.If not and they don't participate in any of the action then Godzilla's role will be to sleep and have two or three fight scenes as he no longer has any of the human characters connected with him. GVK was advertised as an evenly handed crossover and it wasn't but I thought that was ok because Kong had only one previous movie but second time in a row?

>>184994418Then you don't even know how to watch movies, faggot if you didn't understand. I bet you think having a character is when there are no interruptions while he's punching someone.

>>184994235>but would've lost against him at full powerYou sure about that? It's not Zilla took any real damage from Kong prior. Mecha absolutely pushed his shit in relatively easily too

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>>184994520That's what we know. If the movie failed to show that properly that's one of many many things that people misinterpreted because GVK was edited so badly.

>>184994505>No argument>Projection at the end

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Typically the excuse for Godzilla's downgrade between his solos and GVK is "it's better this way".It's ok if it happens again we can just blame Wingard.

>>184994573>That's what we know. You've yet to state how. Again Zilla was just fine going into that fight when chrome daddy pushed him in with ease. Seems like this is lizardfag cope

>>184994130Godzilla is a prop. And he wasn't that in his solo movies Lmao based retard. Especially in relation to the first film

I bet they still wont feature the unseen titans that were only namedropped in KOTM and are now godzillas underlings, if managed smart and the japs werent so autistic they could even turn some Tohokaiju into them:-Titanus Sekhmet: a female specimen of king caesers species with we wuz kangz aesthetics-Titanus leviathan: Manda or Titanosaurus, absolutely clear-Titanus Baphomet: a "demonic" looking, two horned version of Baragon-Titanus Bunyip: Varan, for so many reasons: Semiaquatic, glides liek a sugar glider, give him big hindlegs like a kangaroo but give him some varanid/Goana features to create the ulitmate Aussiekaiju-Titanus Typhoon: Biollante but with more snake like, reptilian features. But not sure about that, Biollante should stay a man made monster in any incarnation i think, suits her better-Titanus Quetzalcoatl: Just use the one from the Zilla cartoon show, OR do a feathered subspecies of manda.-Titanus Abbadon: Megaguirus or Battra-Yamato no Orochi: Deathghidorah but with eight heads. Not sure about this one too, some sources describe a design that was almost used in the novel of a more molluscian appereance, like a cepaholopod or a worm with eight tentacles.Mokele Mmembe, Na Kika, Tiamat and Amhuluk are all described or shown in comics or novels so i didnt include them.

>>184994130>Godzilla>Not a prop in his solo moviesWho stole my retard bell?

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>>184994732How would he defeat Mechagodzilla? Well apparently it would've been tough for him but he would be ultimately victorious. Meanwhile his fights against Ghidorah:>in the prehistoric timesGodzilla defeats Ghidorah but doesn't kill them (like those apes from the new movie, he's far too merciful) according to semi-official sources he had Mothra and...Rodan to help him>the Antarctic fightGhidorah lands some good hits but leaves so I guess a draw>off the coast of MexicoGodzilla beats the shit out of Ghidorah but then loses on a technicaliity because humans dump Oxygen Destroyer on his head>Bostonboth are evenly matched until Ghidorah bites the sub-station. Probably a rare situation but then Godzilla also gets a power up.They did a good job showing Ghidorah as a threat without undermining Godzilla. In GVK we just have to remember that Godzilla is out of gas and then read the interviews with the crew. I think all three are more or less equally matched and each can win with each other so it's Godzilla=Mechagodzilla=King Ghidorah>KongBut Ghidorah was actually tested by a fully rested Godzilla so I'd say he's more impressive.

>>184995017>>184994801Do I have to explain the movie to you dumb fucks? Godzilla has a story, there's point A and point B, a POV and characters he interacts with throughout the movie yes mostly in KotM with traces of that in the first movie but not in the form of mostly unseen red herring that's basically part of Kong's subplot you do the rest of the homework.

How does Godzilla sleep in the Coloseum? He's too big to fit inside right? So he just sleeps around it like he's spooning the Coloseum? He's still lonely?

I can't believe I'm getting sucked into the monsterverse. I fucking watched like 3 hours of long godzillaverse analysis videos the other night.Should I give any older godzilla media a chance, or is it at best "ironically" good?

>>184995359>Godzilla has a story

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>>184994832>more molluscian appearance, like a cepaholopod or a worm with eight tentacles.Sounds like they're reusing and modifying one of the concept art designs for King Ghidorah, as there were a few that gave him a more aquatic look

>>184995517Who said he fits? Probably just laid over it, destroying it in the process

>>184995624There's too many movies to just pigeonhole it as one thing. It goes from dark, thoughtful in the 50s to fairy tale-like in the early to mid 60s then a little weaker in the late 60s then in the 70s the filmmaking industry in Japan was broke but Godzilla movies at this time were still an admirable effort then from the 80s onwards we have more or less what we can expect from genre movies of that time except of course mostly practical effects. And it's always a mix once it's serious the other it's crazy and as many people as I've seen trying to get into the series no two people had the same tier list afterwards.

>>184992689>no Xiliens

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>>184995740I'm not doing your homework for you.

where the fug is rodan and gamera in all of this

>>184995811I think he just lays inside his head nad tail sticking out like it's his nest.

>>184992689More of a King Kong movie with Godzilla on the side.

>>184995892There is no homework to do, ppl have been making fun of you because you're a retard. Godzilla has been a prop consistently over the course of these films. Just the pill you have to swallow kiddo, you're an idiot if you think that will suddenly change

>>184995827Are there at least some movies that might be worth watching in a vacuum? Or do you kind of have to follow a weak continuity between movies?

>>184992719>>It is a tribe of warrior apes led by the brutal leader the Scar KingDoes he fucking talk

>>184992689this movie is a year away from being released, they're not even close to finishing it yet, there are no test screenings

>>184995991>More of a King Kong movie with Godzilla on the sideAh so the successful formula, good they are learning . Zilla I nothing more than a walking plot device. Based Kong actually has some pathos

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>>184994832All those Titans and we will get another fucking monke for this new one, jesus christ

Weren't they setting up destroyah via teaser?

>>184996044Stop projecting, faggot you just didn't understand the simplest concepts. If you thought that Kong in Skull Island and GVK also didn't have any character or a story or a journey from between point A to B maybe you should just leave this discussion. Watch a fight scene supercut maybe.

>>184996214Mr h has literally never been wrong on his monsterverse info. Go back and check his leaks on the prior films. Keep up retard

>>184996286>Stop projecting>Wall of projection

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>>184996265This new movie was likely made as a safeguard to protect the franchise from being impacted by the writers strike. It's really obvious that they should just do the next movie with Japanese writers if they don't want basic woke OC kaiju taking over

>>184996221First of all it's amazing that Kongfags even exist. Second of all guess which of the two has had a longer story of a continuous franchise? Character, pathos and a story this is Godzilla's domain while Kong just barely escaped repeating the same old story over and over.

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>>184993223I sorry dude

>>184996214Yes dumb dumb, it is literally stated they are nowhere near close to finishing visuals. The source has proven track record and it has also been back up. Don't try to be smart when you're posting like a nigger

>>184996164The continuity is never too important to these movies with just a couple exceptions but even then the stories are simple enough even if some characters reappear in the sequels.

>>184992689>>184992719>>184992771I'm a longtime Godzilla fan but I can't help but not really care about this. These movies are unfathomably stupid and unlike the Japanese movies, they don't have the excuse of being low-budget. They also fucked with Godzilla's and Kong's origins way too much, to the point where neither of them really seems like the actual characters.

>>184996436>Paragraph of cope and a chart that shows the exact same thing that was postedLmao you're surprised Kongfags exist when youve seen 2 graphs that show Kong's solo film made more money than the other Zilla flicks?You know what that's called my idiot friend? Denial. And a hint of retardation lmao. Lol even

>>184996513It's practically confirmed it's true. KDM always says leaks are bullshit and this time he pretty much confirmed that most of it is real.First thought is that I guess it's better that there are two villains and that one has a freezing powers as it's always some variety. Then I was disappointed that most of it is just Kong bullshit not a word about other monsters on the surface. All of whom are more interesting than Kong.

>>184996681Respond to the dude that claimed otherwise, not me who literally just said it was real. Are you retarded? I didn't need to read any of your post

>>184992689> turns King Kong into the mandelorian baby sitter Cringe garbage

>>184996676Each movie's performance is it's own story as this graph shows how they did in USA vs. China. Godzilla is still more popular among fans or just among people who actually care somewhat about these movies while Kong if anything has only the name (and name alone) recognition among people who aren't really familiar with the movies.

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>>184992689I'm telling you, anons, keeping Brian Cranston in the series as the eventual brain operating mechagodzilla would have been the thing to do.He was supposedly killed, but monarch kept him on Ice somewhere because of his interactions with the kaiju, and some break off action that was dealing with creating mechagodzilla decided to use his brain to pilot the thing, maybe still mixed with the ghidra skull. I mean as far as Bryan cranston's character new, some big Kaiju killed his wife and that's all he ever really understood about it right?

>>184992689Save the Earth! (Save the Earth)Save the Earth! (Save the Earth)See the evil problem around usSave the Earth! (Save the Earth)Save the Earth! (Save the Earth)And the solution: stop pollution

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>>184996774Everything went to shit when Wingard fell in love with his version of loser Kong.King Kong as a monster a character or whatever has never been interesting. For most of its existence they never did anything interesting with him it's just more of the Koko the gorilla bullshit while in the original he was, most important but still, a part of a larger fantastic world. It's a jungle adventure movie like The Lost World. It's like they're trying to backtrack several decades of history and pretend that there was a King Kong franchise.

>>184996790>how they did in USA vs. China. Godzilla is still more popular among fans or just among people who actually careAll irrelevant to the fact that Kong made more. You can dance around it, call one group fans, you post statistics and demographic breakdowns but guess what my sad little faggot buddy? The fact is daddy Kang just simply made more money. More ppl went to see it, I await your cute cope response lmao. Didn't bother with the rest of your response. This is fun

>>184992689If they are remixing space godzilla i honestly wouldn’t mind if there’s no other iconic kaiju. Seems more like a kong sequel

>>184996995Woke Daddy Kang sucked major Chinese Penis with chink pandering in his kong skull island movie. Woke indigenous people, we didn’t get the savage niggers from the old movie.

>>184992689>Evil Ape>is called the Scar KingWe ripping off Planet of the Apes now?

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>>184992689Hope THEM remake is good.

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I'm okay with OC monsters for ol' godzillo to fight, but it feels like a waste to have a whole movie without at least one new classic monster showing up.What the fuck has Rodan been up to since KOTM, anyway?

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>>184996995You tried to argue that people prefer Kong to Godzilla. Anyone who's remotely interested in the genre knows it's untrue you just think Godzilla is boring and has no character and tried to make it about box office numbers. The last one was advertised as a crossover and picking teams was actively encouraged this says nothing about the audience anticipation although it's easy to check which side generated more interest online. What logice can be applied to numbers with so many variables if sometimes it seems Godzilla is more popular in the US and the other in China?


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>>184997399He's skipping this movie like GVK.So why despite all the popularity of that movie pretty much all the discussion about the series four years later is not about Hollow Earth and shit but about Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan? And Ghidorah too but he's not coming back.

Wew Lizardcucks are on ABSOLUTE CARNAGE CONTROL mode in this threadLel why yes it is essential a Kong sequel, the 3rd one if you will.Kongkings?? We eating good

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>>184997462Sure Toho monsters are more interesting than Kong but not even Mechagodzilla gets the attention the other four get.Speaking of which fucking give Godzilla something to do. In his prequel comic he's a fucking philosopher-king going from place to place saving the world and nearly starving this is better than not knowing what's going on with him and then get a Jaws rip off jump scare

>>184997402>You tried to argueThere is no argument and thus no need to "try". Kong made more than the zilla, it's over lmao

>>184996633Yeah I don't really see that monster as Godzilla. It's Zilla 2.0.

>>184997682Retarded argumentation like that gets invalidaded each time there's a new movie.

>>184997579Lmao just check the post above and below you. >>184997634>>184997462 They are absolutely seethingBased wingard focusing on the KANG once again.

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>>184997961>Kong can't winBased and true. Some things never change.

>>184997939>Argumentation>No argument, just facts stated>gets invalidaded each time there's a new movie>No monsterverse film has yet to outgross Kong's soloThe circle of cope continues

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