Loco's tasty anus

Loco's tasty anus.

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nice, luka


Hey, Luka has my back.

*ults u and shields u and whimsys ur atk spd faster and move speed to*

*I ult and delete everything thanks to this wonderful buff*

oh and ardent make u do magik dmg too! and minor health vamp~

all janna would do is make you move a little faster and a tiny bit of bonus ad

lulu enables ur to be op! ^_^

50 bonus AD is actually really good.
I prefer Janna to Lulu really. She has far greater utility.

yeah, yeah, of course you aren't~

only if they don't build armor

No, not really.
Because if you have enough damage and pen then you can do additional damage post modifiers.
So a Vayne critting with the extra damage is going to nearly one hit any squishy champ if you play it right.

well isnt that stuff like car insurance or something
its not like a physical product and the establishment doesnt have to recoup losses for it

yup. smart hu knows whats up
should i sleep early today?

lulu help too

She's good, but Taric is the best support.

I bought those the other day ui

Yeah fuck that place imma carry some bars daily now

the new janna with a sword skin looks sooo pretty!

i want it ^_^

You want so many skins.

I don't know... Contemplating the same thing

ok well im going first then bye

sleep well!

they make the good new ones 1350 and above.
i like the good things they make
they look nice to me, like an art piece.
oh neat leeg is updating! maybe its the ashe patch! oh the patch notes say it is, i was right!

Why not download Woxxy and use whatever skin you want?

im to scared to use weird 3rd party stuff that messes with my files.

I've yet to have issues.

i wonder what i should do today

No idea. I have work in like an hour.

will you be really tired when you get home?

I'm always tired.

how do you get energized?



Ahri cosplay


Hey, let's all go buy cheap cars and drive across africa.

By inserting my cock in his mouth.


Why sad face?

do not sexualise women

i want nice things

It's not sexualizing if I just want her to hold me in bed, and tell me everything's okay. :(


I didn't. I sexualized Squash.

You want me?

who are u?


A sexy bitch?

Someone's being really dumb and I don't know who it would be besides Blood-chan

It's ok

Reveal urself

Who's being really dumb besides me?

Holla Forums is

I miss u gurl

Just kidding, no one is being dumb, this thread has an average IQ of 420

why are you trying to summon blood-chan

I'll be dumb for you...

dank maymays lel

I don't know

do u think I'll regret it


hey guys it's me blood chan

i'm a girl yabba dabba doo

you? no, the rest of the thread? i'd put it to a poll to be democratic about it


This is LOCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll rig it

Hi Subtle

I miss you

i miss subtle aswell

if only i played shitty japanese anime games so we could be friends


Subtle doesn't play with me anymore and I'm starting to think he hates me now. :(

show me ;~;

It's cute

Shh Luka

G-get baited...

hmph... rude


do you remember when we made love under the cedars

the grass was cold and wet and we stayed up until sunrise

fuck you subtle

Subtle lemme at least nibble on your foreskin bro

No homo tho



I do not recall


Subtle, when are we going to start building our house together???

I've been bumped

Hey, why you only one with no flag?

international waters

whatcha busy with today?

so do you really have a tasty butt

Is this a real-life house


Playing World of Warcraft, stressing over my interview that's coming up that I literally just got

Our grindy house !!!

I keep it clean and smooth. My moisturiser and lube are scented.

so, I suppose it probably does taste nice. I rarely KFC myself these days so I'm not sure.

For grinding!

Is it a secret?

become rich

Shit crowd tonight.


It might be.

I don't think being rich would be a likely thing, but I'm going to hopefully be making some money

But it says you're Spain, and everyone else has flags, you're the only one.




i dont even know what KFC stands for, is that where you finger licking good your own butt?

it's when you lick your fingers after fingering yourself. Good guess.


i try my best




Any money is more than I have now!

What app is that?




Danke Comrade

How data economical is it?

what kewl stuff wil u buy?

Figurines of my waifu, then I'll look at upgrading my computer. Then it'll be banking it for moving out

Money is wasted on you people

i want all those things too!

Joke is on you
I have no money to waste

What if I were buying a fig of Marie Rose?

The first one is a thing I'm doing for sure, the second not so much. My computer still runs everything I want and have, so it'll likely just be banked

That is acceptable.

mine doesn't do everything i want it to :(


I've used 5 gigs since the 1st, 1.3 background and the rest up front, but I am completely unlimited data.

I have 1GB of data a month



I do save a lot of images though, used to take me a few days to burn through my 2 gigs when I was limited.

apparently canadian ebay has super cheap antique swords


looks cheap, but ill take it

Data caps are garbage. And super expensive! I hate it

Oh, I don't save images often

And you don't have to let it run in the background, I like notifications.

at least i removed my internet data cap for a additional 25$ per month

its too bad my cell data is still only 1 gb tho

i'm on bell
and telus

why do you want an antique sword exactly?

If it's similar to using Clover for 4chan, that's pretty acceptable

There is no such thing as unlimited or removing the cap for any amount on this end of the country

there is for me.

autism time

I used to use clover, until it didn't work with my new phone, then I found everychan, it works with a lot of Chan forums, and some can be manually entered, I can't make otachan work on it though.

I did a new name.

I think I've read that one

grids dressing drag.jpg

DON'T need TO
walk around in circles
walk around in circles
walk around in circles
walk around in

DON'T need TO
walk around in circles
walk around in circles
walk around in circles
walk around in

hm is 8ch down?


Good evenin friends

Hey Bardo.

Hi penis

You likey?


i'm averse to that kind of stuff

Averse to all things sexual?


i see stuff like that and then im reminded of my reprehensible history of getting cheated on and I jus get sick to it
It's like

Oh yeah , that's what they were doing h-haha

it's not as bad as it used to be some years back but it hasn't gone away

In that case I won't post it. I am sorry, my friend.

oh you're mandy

How's your night going buddy? I never can tell who's who much now that the site's falling apart

I suppose I can't complain too much. Life sucks, I would prefer to be dead, but hey, you can't always get what you want.

Yeah, I am just the one posting straight porn. Usually straight porn, anyway.

And how sad it is that he chose a life of heterosexuality when he could be in the arms of me.

i dont think so


I hope things look up for you soon mando

I would have to say that things are going nice for me
Nothing particularly interesting or riveting but nothing particularly draining or stressful

I'm about as happy as I can be and hopefullly you'll find yourself somewhere similiar soon

still into biking?

If a mile were a millimeter, my love.

I ended up falling in love with a girl who has cancer and financial problems. Turns out that makes me both sad, lonely, on'ry and poor.

I am glad to hear you are doing well though, my friend. You deserve it.

And yup. FTW.

Oh my sweet light.
If we were stars then you would be a swath of galaxies.


My dick would be 178miles long.


oh fuck

get ready to live a romance/drama

still...girls with cancer need love too....it's almost more important to stick by someone like that...I hope things end upokay for both of you guys......


i'm feeling up for aram :)

And you would be the big dipper.


I mean, there is no way I am going to leave her until she is better or dead. And that in itself kind of sucks. Makes things feel so....wrong.

I found a channel, he gives all the stats on this strange game called life

I'm about to be in a ranked game with my duo.

I'll undo your Orion's belt.

that was really heartwarming

I've never actually followed mr Eddie Alvarez much and don't know a whole bunch about him but in all the clips I've seen of him he's fought well and with heart and he seems to be just an overall decent person

Not to diminish your feelings

While I can't understand how you feel
I certainly respect how you do
I notice your struggles and acknowledge the validity of it ...

But it must be so much worse for her

And to actually have someone like you who's willing to stay there until one of those happens probably means more than anything in the world to her

oh ok

Sorry, love.
I have the day off tomorrow if you want to play.

hopefully our schedules line up then :)

Oh my...

Which is why I have made up my mind on the matter. Not only would it stain what little honor I have, it would likely devastate her. Hell, without me she would likely be dead or dying in a ditch somewhere. And honestly, that isn't a good feeling.

I tend to be up pretty early.

Man, I would so date you if you were gay.

you were born a man

And your time has come to be that man

as hopefully all of us one day will

Why's that?

Man, being a man sucks dick. More dick than she does....

i'm getting pretty sleepy right now as the sun starts setting here.
i'll prolly wake up at 4 or 6 am

Because I feel like you would indulge my need to be held and ravage me when needed.
I also find you extremely calming to talk to.

Go rest.

You've always been grown beyond your years

after one aram i will probably i'm yawning, so once one match tires me out, i should sleep well.


A sleepy Luka

Dream of things you like.


I am more of a downer though than a calmer.

Dude, I just complained that she hasn't sucked my dick. I am not grown up!

i dream about adventures actually! :D
i forgot this mornings one because i didn't focus in on it within the first 30 seconds

You're wonderful.

uhhhh then go into her room and put your dick in her mouth lol ??

The urge to kill myself is too strong today.

I often recall my dreams.

Lies and slander.

Would that it were that simple. Also she is going through chemo, and the last thing she needs is me shoving my dick in her face.

Then kill yourself. And tape it.

they intrigue me!
i fill my mind with retrofuturism concepts and music and stuff before bed too!

Mandy. I really do think very highly of you.
And I care for you deeply. So as bleak as the world is know that I wish it a bit brighter for you.

tfw your boyfriend comes into your room to dick you down and then cuddle you without you even asking

If i had the courage and resolution to do so I wouldn't even be posting here today.

I care more for the lives of others than for my own.

Trust me, almost none of that would go well. She also happens to be an abuse victim. When I pick them, boy do I pick them.

Ah well.

I'll care enough for the both of us.

Ioco's idiocy could probably keep me entertained for eternity.
His only defence is submissive silence.

maybe it's fate picking you

Good morning! How are you all?


If you insist, dear.

Fate can suck a fat one.

Still not dead, so...bad?

Sorry to hear that dude :C

do you beleive in Karmic Retribution in this Life?

I'm not sure what that is, so I assume no?

Well there's some who philosophize that the actions we take in this life will govern what happnes to us in the next life

I like to beleive that our actions will also effect our current life
maybe for the better maybe for the worse
But who's not to say it's Karma coming around for you ? it may seem like a curse but be a blessing

it may seem like a blessing only to be a curse....
Who's to say reaally?


someone more stable than me tell the suicidal person not to kill themself ty

hey suicidal person

don't kill yourself

listen to me
the stable one

Have you ever read a book series called the Stormlight Archives?

Well there is a guy in that book named Kaladin. He kept getting shit on by life, but he always tried to do what was honorable. Always tried to make a positive difference where he could. Always tried to act with honor. That is kind of what I like to think I try and do.

Most people don't even understand a concept like honor. Most people are morally bankrupt and emotionally narcissistic. Cut your neighbor to gain a buck. Stab your brother for a shot of whisky. Step on your friend to get one up.

I fucking hate people

I havent had a chance to enjoy that series but

People act like that because it leads to (mainly material) Gain
their selfish actions achieve for themself something that they want on this Earth

Without any thought to what may come next or how it may come back to get them

So why then i gotta ask

why are you as selfless as you are?

Keep acting honorable and later you'll see yourself become a crowdpleaser. Unable to say no and unable to express what you truly want you end up exhausted of your life thinking if it is still your own.


Because somebody has to be.

I mean, fuck. This chick, I have already given thousands of dollars to. For food and gas. For rent. For medications, for surgeries. And I have gotten, for all practical purposes, nothing in return. We rarely have time to spend together. I have yet to have sexual relations with that woman.

And that type of shit doesn't end with her. I have given my best friend thousands of dollars and large amounts of energy to help him, with little gain. I have given other friends hundreds of dollars. I have been the man 'behind blue eyes' in order to help people out of shitty situation. All the while I get fucked, I get the emotional disaster of trying to decide if what I have done was moral or honorable or if I am just trying to rationalize.

Damnit, when is it my turn? Where is my fucking me? Because I can surely fucking use it.

No, there is a line to walk. True, honor can be played to coerce you into certain things, but not a crowd pleaser. I don't give a fuck about people. I care about my friends and family. Abuse those privileges and you become a nothing. Just like my mother.

I want Mandy to abuse my rump.

I don't critisize you for what you do

In fact I admire you

Your constitution is one that I strive to have one day

once I can overcome my weak soul through hardships

By lifting the struggles of others onto your shoulders you help them more than any words could ever let you know

You might not get gains from it

then again it may pay you back 10 fold

All there is to do is wait and see how things play out

But know that even if you get no returns
You helped them in the moment and likeley though the future

And if there is a Karmic based afterlife you will be rewarded in it

or maybe bard should trap

It's good that you understand the line and that you should never cross it. Don't be like me.


What a dreadful game that was.

my team won! ^_^

Peace could only be achieved without the hormones included though.


I am not going to get rewarded for anything I have done. I wanted a family. There is little to no chance of me having that with her.

No, bard, I am going to be a bitter, angry man. I am going to get shafted by life. I am going to be the one that gets the short end of the stick. I am going to be on the receiving end of life's dick.

I still am not going to change. Even if I want to. Even if it kills me. Because if I do I am no better than anybody else. Damnit, it is right! These fucking assholes can go fuck themselves! Somebody has to be the Sheep Dog looking over the herd! Somebody has to be the river that carries others safely along the path of life!

I'm going to steal that win.

Out of curiosity, would you actually do anything with me given the chance?


Sup threaders~?


Anyway, I am off to pass out. Good night Bard, And Elms.

awwe.. nini



Yuri Puri



I may have over memed it a bit.
Shameful display I know, I'll go back under my rock.



That's a mean thing to call Gilligan.

That bitch is fucking crazy
Her front she puts up makes her even more sketchy tbh

I like Sakura cause she's a camwhore

hey whats up Elma

Charging my LiPos :(

Meeting up with my little sister tomorrow morning. We'll see how that goes.

How you been?

Jeez, you'd probably fit in well on the Space Ghost Late Night show.

Sakura also has the biggest tits.
Horikita is my favorite for simultaneously being the dumbest and smartest girl, somehow.

I move too much.
It would cost a fortune to animate me.

Just do the same movement over and over again, it's a cheap but effective cost cutting measure.

Oh shit nice

How old is your imouto anyways?

Horikita can be such a bitch sometimes and it triggers me so much

I love how they stereotype the big black guy so much lmao

Seems redundant.

25 now lol.

The show was run like a Mexican Game Show, so expect redundancies.

You missed the joke.
I posted the same image twice to make a thing about this.

OH! A-ha-ha....
Well beside my apparent ineptitude, I actually forgot how funny bad Space Ghost Coast to Coast actually was.
I just started watching an episode and it's horrid.

I remember it kind of from back when I was a kid.
Like the inbetween skits with the mantis and the dog...cat...man thing.

I considered watching Harvey Bird Man, but the jokes went over my head as a kid.


It's so bad it's good. Literally cringe inducing.
It's almost like watching the actual Late Show.

Not many shows anymore I can really enjoy.

Dave Grohl is wearing a shirt that makes him look like a FMA cosplay.

I kinda agree. There are still a couple shows I can sit and watch, but most everything just falls flat.

Seems about right.

What do you think about Burn Notice?

I have no idea what that is.



It's a show where a spy gets "burned" and the entire show is basically him trying to get back to where he was, not die, and help some people along the way.

Sleep well

Somebody pls make my batteries charge faster pls

okay i saw the IT movie and it was actually good, apologies to Eba






sometimes i dont know what words im going to type until my fingers hit send

(and somehow no one is surprised)


holy shit I was just in a real life physical altercation

Could have turned out worse

So I was on my way home from my friends when I heard some people arguing on the street corner and I went to keep going but I heard the chick yell "Call the cops I'm Being Harassed"
And I went to go check it out
So this dude was like 30 and had a beard that was tied up in little ponytails

Well I pulled up next to him on my bike I was like ay whats going on brother Trying to be friendly and he got super offensive he was like
"nothings going on but you need to turn the fuck around and leave" or some shit like that
And I got pissed off and I said "Excuse me?" and it just escalated til

he pulled something out of his back pocket that was long as shit looked like a pool cue might have been in his pants leg or something i dont know what the fuck it was and he was brandiishing it but then he threw it against the ground. Then this stupid piece of shit cold cocked me upside the fuckin dome and knocked my glasses off and knocked me down

I bit my fuckin teeth and my glasses got knocked off but I got him with a failed attempt at a double leg that got him by the ankles and went to establish side control but he got around me because I could hardly see shit and puit me in a muthafuckin rear naked choke and I started tapping tapping tapping and this motherfucker kept holding me there for a few more seconds but he finally let me out and then I saw a car pulling up at the stop sign and ran over to get them to call the cops

Shit sucks I finally have the chance to put my knowledge to the test and I got fucking blindsided
Like fuck man I would have at least had a chance
but I couldn't see shit
It all went down quick as fuck

Helio Gracie beleived that anyone capable of defending themselves in a streetfight was deserving of a blue belt and today It's sold in stone that I'm not prepared for one

Got a gash on the inside of mymouth from gettig knocked down ;~:

Tried to take a pic but it didnt show up well



You don't just take your knowledge to a brawl.

you should have hit him first

What I learned from it is that I need to be more aggressive

Before I was punched, in my mind I had an impulse to use a single leg on this guy but then I hesitated because I didn't want to be the aggressor of the situation

irl is no film
get a hit in and the other is probably done
get hit and you're probably done


fights can go on for a while actually, you have to be careful and aim well


it wasn't the hit as much as the fact it knocked off my glasses

Once I couldn't see it was all over
I suppose you could say that was the punch but I unno
I would argue the effectiveness of an actual takedown over a punch

Also hold RT to parry and press A or X to dodge.

kill yourself

Hold left or right on the left stick and press A to roll.

i hope you're in an ancestor simulator

Press Z or R twice.

down dodge is better than dodge roll because its basically a counter

who needs to dodge roll when you can just run awkwardly in a circle and along walls where people with big weapons get stuck hitting other hitboxes before you

ok everyone time to get personal!

nope time for me to leave

*in documentary voice, shot of my head against a black background* it was the great question of our era, the motivating force behind endless debate: were traps gay?

You should havedone a barrrel roll.
Works everytime

i'm ready to die

I'll make sure i'd get drafted for world war 3

Don't tease me Ioco

How tasty is loco's anus really though?


tastes of mango and bleach i think

Let me taste it to make sure.

I didn't believe you so I searched it, holey shit again, I gotta get my cetme sighted in.

61 hours in Divinity 2

Still on the first chapter

I swear this country is just populated by retarded apes wearing clothes.

tfw sore lip


no i bit it when i got knocked down ;~~;

Goodbye summer




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