>2 and a half weeks>I am forgotten

>2 and a half weeks>I am forgotten

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What happened to 4chan being anti big corpo execs?

>>184990107All writers are nepo babies or diversity ESG hires nigga.

She's not asking for it she's begging for it.

>>184989697I would give her some adulthood trauma to write about for years

>>184990107Either jew execs lose money or Hollywood writing gets better overall after these idiots are cleansed from the landscape/tv/ wins either way

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>>184990107The pharisee cries out in pain as he strikes you

>>184990107We can hate both. You burgers just have this weird mental block where you think if someone doesn't believe in A, then they must believe in B.

at some point someone is going to pull the trigger and use Chatgpt on a project. it may or not be successful in the end but other people will realize that it's ok to do that.

>>184990472If you really want to know why, read up on this guy.>en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_J._Finkelstein

>>184989697imagine giving your psycho BPD upper-middle class daughter love and support for 18+ years only to have her openly go out and trash you like this when she grows up in an attempt to get more money for her awful writingIt's always distasteful to publicly shit on your parents

>>184990107The 2016 US presidential election

>>184990591>early life Every single time

>>184990676Can't believe Arthur Finkelstein is a Jew. You really cracked the case on this one.>>184990472Because that's how money works. The profits from the business either go to the owners or the employees. The employees are striking because they want a larger share of the profits.

>>184989697holy shit that sign made me laugh out loudi almost never do that

>>184990472>blanket calling everyone here an American and not realizing the irony of your entire post when this is put in context

>>184990541Yep. Game of chicken atm

>>184990735We don't want either to have money, retard

>>184989697Because its not being covered by any print, online or television news agencies, who have vested interests in advertisers and close ties with media companies affected by this. Freedom of the press my ass.

>>184990778Shut your cock sucker, fatso.

>>184990823That's not an option on the table though.

>>184990472The fucking irony of this post

>>184990541You don't have to entirely use ChatGPT. You can get one talented scab to be your AI tard wrangler Head Writer and pay him 2x his normal salary to do the work of 12 other hack writers 10x as fast at 20% of the cost. And the scab will thank you for not making him work with 11 other human tards he previously had to wrangle.It's not like a guy with a chainsaw replacing Paul Bunyan, it's more like building Paul Bunyan a gigantic chainsaw and firing every other logger who isn't as productive.

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>>184990107Writers have been trash for years, hopefully both sides damage eachother plenty

>>184990541I have submitted at least two dozen ChatGPT motions including lawsuits and billed them to clients at full junior partner rate. Did a quick review to make sure everything is OK and just filed that shit. Easiest $259/h ever made

>>184990864>shitskin rees when confronted with actual intelligence

>>184990423Define "better overall", because the jew execs can just program their AI to be woke af.

>>184990848this writers strike is similar to the last one. But instead of “internet money” they want “streamer money” which is justified imo bc streaming companies pay a lot less than network or even cable which has always been laughably low.

>>184990735>Because that's how money works.How much money does one make picking a side in someone else's fight?

>>184989697I don't get it, is this bitch in favor of Chat GPT or against it? Trauma isn't a good thing. Who wants to hire a bunch of writers with emotional baggage that may compromise their ability to meet deadlines?

>>184990472Why are ESLs so retarded and lacking in self-awareness?

>>184990107turns out we hate people who whine and cry about their cushy do nothing jobs even more

>>184990107I can’t tell if you’re being ironic or not

>>184990976maybe .1% of lurkers here could write 22 funny 22 page scripts.

>>184990107writers guild are the corpo execs, they actually strong arm studios into only hiring their own and hiring 20 writers when only 2 are needed to reach some diversity quota that only the big studios could possibly even afford. Its all a racket and good riddance to the jews on both sides, they're all complicit

>>184990942these nutcases legitimately believe that good writing only comes from treating it like emotional therapy

>>184990890This is realistically what it will collapse into, and not just in filmGonna have to seriously rework society when 5/6 of people just aren’t competitive


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>>184990107The last writer's strike ruined so many good shows, I fucking hate them.

>>184991139>The last writer's strike ruined so many good showsI think this is cope from writers themselves who are fucking shit

>>184990927Another studio will use AI to make something that isn't woke and make more money. Most execs don't care about inserting a political message like writers do, they just want to see a return on their investment.

>Disney: "We're gonna sue your ass if you're not coming to work!"lol, lmao

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>>184991038which is more than the zero writers in hollywood capable of such a feat

>>184991122My cousin went on a giant rant about how AI is going to be the death of society at Easter. She basically sends emails for a living in upper management. She's terrified of this shit lol

>>184991139luckily, we don’t have to worry about such a thing happening this time

>be writer>strike succeeds>use AI to write for me and collect a paycheck

>>184991280As she should be. Good

>>184990778it's easy to spot amerimutts. For example it's clear you're one. You're delusional if you don't think your subhuman kind is easily recognizable

>>184990107Unions have too much power in deciding who is allowed to write rather than just what is permissible to do to writers under your employ. Writers these days are generally nepobabbies, and have actively been a part of the cabal of bullshit working to make every day life utterly miserable for normal people. Laws protect the unlawful, medical industries keep you sick, banks keep you poor, governments open your borders, news keeps you uninformed. In this case, entertainment exists to annoy the living shit out of you. Fuck writers. Regardless of where all of this leads, it's a lose-lose situation for Hollywood. Streaming is proving to be a horrendous money-sink over time if anyone wants to keep making tentpole releases, but you can't make mid budget movies and expect them to make any money these days. AI might seem like it's a great tool to replace writers but it's also in the hands of the people, whose own filmmaking abilities will grow more powerful over time independent of Hollywood and its theater model, which is STILL their best means of making money.

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>>184991432There is literally nothing to stop them from doing this. That's why I think the strike will fail.

>>184989697They should strike their own union instead. The union did a poor job anticipating the shift to streaming, and did not push to change compensation accordingly until it was too late.

>>184991126Based Godzilla poster.

>>184991538>still too much of a retard shitskin understand what is being saidit's ok, paco hernandez. you can easily walk into america now and get free illegal gibs.

>>184991596>Only act against someone when they begin attempting to rectify their mistakesWhy?

>>184991220>Sign contract to do a thing>Refuse to do the thing>Get suedWow shocker

>>184990867So your logic is because what we want isn't on the table we should pick a side we dont care for? This is why your strike was forgotten in 2 weeks lmao.

>>184991794>Bay organization under the expectation that they are there to protect and represent you>Said org doesn't actually protect or represent you>wtf why are you blaming them for this????Europeans have this blind love for unions when they're just as bad as the corporations.

>>184989697>chatgpt doesn't have childhood traumawhat does this mean? is she a pro or anti chat gpt girl?

>>184990107>be Hollywood writer>shill for big businesses 24/7 as long as they pay lip service to troons and fags>mock working class people, especially white working class people>suck off societal parasites and spic scabs 24/7they get to reap what they sow. name one mainstream movie or show in the past 20 years that prominently featured class struggle. For a class of people who claim to be left wing, pseudocommunists, they sure seem to be toeing the line of mega corporations against their supposedly fellow man

>>184990107I find it retarded that people can comprehend the concept of nonbinary gender identities while still thinking in a binary fashion.

>>184992004>>184991675this the union should have been negotiating this shit a decade ago, throwing a fit about it now is a little silly.

>>184990472americans are malding lol

>>184992004>The union didn't stop the exec from Jewing you. You shouldn't be mad at the exec for this. You should be mad at your union, who is currently trying to fix the issue.

>>184990107I'm anti-big corpo when they do something wrong, not universally. That would be retarded.Using AI to replace people is not wrong, it is innovation.

>>184992247>You shouldn't be mad at the exec for thisNo one is saying this, retard. The unions should never have let it get to this point in the first place. These negotiations should've happened a long time ago.


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>>184992337Saying you shouldn't strike against the company is the same as saying you shouldn't be mad at the execs.

>>184992476>Saying you shouldn't strike against the companyPlease show me where I said this.

>>184990472Ya sweetie, that's the point of a culture war and the dogma of the ideologies in place. You have White Nationalism vs Anti-White Marxism.

>>184989697Lmao why would these lefty idiots go on strike now when there's literally a something that can do their job 1000 million times better and faster?It's probably some fat kike that payed a few to go on strike so he can round them all up and fire them, or maybe they have some sort of protection, so keeping them on an endless strike is how they get rid of them without firing them. lmao

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>>184991139The worst part now is that the writers aren't even good anymore. They ruined everything good then just so they could become lazy and incompetent, and now they can't even compete with AI without resorting to strongarming.

>>184992570>>184991596"instead" means you think they shouldn't be striking against the execs as they currently are, but should instread strike against the union.

>>184992476No one is saying they shouldn't strike you stupid cunt. They're saying strike against both the execs fucking you about and the union heads that neglected your wellbeing. God fucking damn you're dense. I hope your strike fails. You don't deserve the power.

>>184990965you are kidding right? you yanks took your insane political dichotomy and applied it to literally everything else.

>>184992627Incorrect. This guy is saying that:>>184991596You can submit your apology for calling me dense and a stupid cunt now. It was rude and uncalled for.

>>184992065>name one mainstream movie or show in the past 20 years that prominently featured class struggle

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>>184992597Honestly this. Going on strike with a cheap replacement lined up is the dumbest shit I've ever heard of, exactly in line with how modern writers think.

>>184992624Again>pay union dues to a union that is supposed to protect you>union collects your money and does nothing until the absolute last minute>LOL WHY ARE YOU MAD AT THE UNIONS DEY JUST DOIN THEIR JOBS!!!!yeah, 10 years too late. Now please reply with how I'm protecting the Hollywood studios and we can continue arguing in circles.

>>184990472why tf do you care about a strike going on in america?

>>184992627I'm saying they shouldn't strike. If you work in an office you do not deserve a union, period. It's a pure economic tumor.

>>184992709So you admit you said they shouldn't strike against the execs.

>>184992685You're right but in a better, more important way I am right. Strike against both you silly fucker.

>>184992740Oh. Then you're a retard. They should strike because it hurts the propagandists and shrinks their ally pool.

>>184992758Your shitskin brain lacks enough IQ points to think critically. No one ITT has said what you're implying>They should strike their own union instead. The union did a poor job anticipating the shift to streaming, and did not push to change compensation accordingly until it was too late.This does not imply at all that the studios should NOT be protested against. This post is stating that the unions never should've allowed this situation to escalated to where we are now.

>>184992694You're unironically right, lmao >childless pseudo-aristocrat woman with colored hair humiliates and overrules rowdy working class manIt's a class struggle movie from the perspective of the ruling class.

>>184992846>This does not imply at all that the studios should NOT be protested against.>instead Dumb ESL

>>184992065Parasite and Burning were both about class struggle. You could argue Burning wasn't mainstream but Parasite definitely was.

>>184992880>ESL nigger who fails basic reading comprehensionI fully understand what the word "instead" means, but you're literally too retarded to comprehend what was actually being said in that post. That's the entire issue. You've derailed this thread to argue semantics which is what all of you stupid ESL niggers do here.

>>184992837Propagandists don't give a shit about this strike. Call me when the union is promoting new anti-trust laws for the media conglomerates, then we can talk about political impact.PS, they would never do that because the WGA is in bed with them.

>>184992982>What was actually being said is different from what was actually said Dumb ESL

>>184993024You lost, Pedro.

>>184993016>Before anti-trustGuy owns 80% of a large media company>After anti-trustGuy owns 80% of 4 medium media companies

>>184992846They should strike their union, strike individual studios, strike individual executives, and strike each other. I hope they burn it all down and die in the fire.

>>184992982>>184993024ESLs and many zoomers do not understand context, and how to apply it to what they are reading and the surrounding discussion.

>>184993098The call for anti-trust would be a reliable signal of where an organization falls, it is substantial enough that it would not be done for any other reason than true belief. The results of the anti-trust policy would be irrelevant.

>Execs vs writers>Studios vs unions/tv/ doesn't care about jewish infighting

>>184993149>You shouldn't believe I mean what I say. You should believe I mean something different than what I say Woman logic

>>184990107I'm more anti commies and trannies than anti big corpo execs.

>>184993409English is complicated, user. >They should strike their own union instead.The word instead in this situation is used to demonstrate the importance of a better alternative. It isnt being used simply to say Do X not Y. That addressing the failure of the union is more important than addressing the studios, because it is ultimately the union that failed to do its job. The author could have written all of that out...but chose instead...to simply use the word instead. Anyone with a solid grasp of English can easily understand the context of the sentence, and apply meaning accordingly which everyone but you has been able to do so far.

>>184993778>When I said "instead" I meant "in addition"Dumb ESL

>>184993409Every captcha should be a 6th grade English reading comprehension quiz to completely filter out ESL shitskins like you.

>>1849901074chan used to be libertarian. So it was extremely pro big corp executives. Now we are nazis. Its you can do bussiness as long as you arent a degenerate. Sadly writers are degenerate.

>>184994514I hate how true this is. I want to go back, bros. These fascist kiddos and commies who need big daddy government to give them a girlfriend sicken me

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>>184989697>Childhood traumaTranslation: My parents divorced and mommy wouldn't buy me the Barbie I wanted.

>>184989697I dont think they are going to get much sympathy from your everyday person. They severely overestimate their worth

>>184994590Nice try (((free market))) nice try. We can all *wink* vote with our wallets if we dont buy stuff. (((People))) wont make shit at loss just to propagate their degeneracy

>>184990541AI will be banned or hampered as much as possible. It threatens writers. It threatens artists. It threatens voiceover actors. It threatens politicians. It threatens tech workers. It threatens everyone. We could have a glorious AI utopia but instead it will be squashed under endless regulation and bans because it threatens individual human interests and monopolies.

>>184994897That trick only works for so long. Eventually the money runs out and they either start making shit people will give them money to consume or they stop entirely>but muh printer and blackcock can do this indefinitelyThey’re not God, therefore their schemes will eventually fail. You’re starting to see it happen as we speak

>>184994678>barbieFuck off you old cunt.


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>>184995415Of course the modern shit generation of actors would agree with the modern shit writers. >pay me more for the garbage streaming show I helped make but nobody watched!>no>*woke screeching*

>>184990107>corpothis is beyond forced and gay

>>184992452Guess Europeans are not white then after all

>>184990676wait, Mr. Kikensteinmannberg is jewish?????? no way

>>184992452>never been marginalized>always come out on top>you might even say "supreme"Whoa, some really troubling underlying assumptions there, buddy.