>It's a Keiko/O'Brien episode

>It's a Keiko/O'Brien episode

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>it's a Worf episode

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>>184987759>Riker fucks multiple aliens>O'Brien won't bang a 14 year-old version of his own wife

>>184987759>show promotes WMAFholy based!

>its a DS9 episode

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>>184987759Inb4...>LOL KEK muh wife is too young becuz transporter oh nooooo!

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O'Brien is based.

>it's a Keiko is brutally cuckqueened by Kira or Gilora episode

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>Its a seaon 1 and 2 Enterprise episode

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>it's a spock faces his human side episode

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>>184989770I love DS9 but that's very accurate

>>184987759So should i watch DS9? I liked TNG and kinda interested in more but from what i've seen its just edgelord shit about warcrimes are le good instead of cool space diplomacy

>>184990611watch voyager instead

>it’s a mirror universe episode

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>>184990611Indeed, skip it, I recommend Star Trek Discovery

>it's a Barclay episode

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>>184989770>horny bastard reptile man who seems convinced this is actually his showBut it is

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it is a geezer attempt of star trek

>>184987759Fine I’ll have the kino if you don’t want it

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>>184987759I liked the episode where she was possessed by a Pah Wraith. It was funny because her personality was exactly the same.

>>184990611DS9 had 2 good episodes out of 173. Even the mirror universe stuff is forgettable.

>>184991115What makes spoonheads so based?

>>184987759Those episode are hilarious because often O'Brien will announce how relaxed he is and then someone close to him is transformed into something unacceptable thus wrecking his day. Those episodes could really use a laugh track.

>its a Janeway is going to blow up her ship and crew episode

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>>184994631The only time I'll ever post this.

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>>184990034this dear sweet Lord. lol.

>>184989770>watch the Irishman sufferI will now watch your programme

>>184994746And soofer he does!

>>184994708lol saved.Remember the time they threw him in mind-prison for "decades" and then acted like he should be perfectly fine after he was "freed?"Good times.

>>184989770Pretty funny and I like it, I love Deep kino 9.

>It's a La Forge episode

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>>184994992Saved>>184994927They just really loved punching down on the irish fella. The guy got 2 demotions in DS9 and still wakes up chipper how does he do it lads!

>>184994673I dislike how Chakotay didn't even say a word on the one where the body-part-stealing aliens had won the day in the alternative universe. I mean, go down like a man, but say something.[faxed]

>>184995129I believe at that time Beltran just didnt give a fuck anymore and I love him even more for it.

>>184995106>how does the Irishman copeCome on, user, you know better than that. Let's just say Keiko keeps her mouth shut and Quark is legit afraid of him.

>>184995183>I believe at that time Beltran just didnt give a fuck anymore and I love him even more for it.You wanna know something wild, but I know you'll just think I'm insane or stupid or both, but here goes...I legit recall that actor quitting the show and they made a BIG deal over it. Then suddenly he was back and only me and a few others online claim this.

>its the inner light episode

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I am going to bash that gook wife of mines head in like i should have done 20 years ago. I didn't suffer through the sentence for nothing

>>184995274You are insane and stupid but I'm new to trek so I'll believe it. I seen everything from TOS to VOY in the span of a year. Currently on enterprise. Do you have any shred of evidence for such claims?

>>184995342>it's the Voyager ones with the silver blood copies

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>>184995343>I am going to bash that gook woyfe of moines head in like i should have dune 20 yurs ago. I didn't soofer through the sentence for nuthinftfy

>its the Defector episode in TNG.

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>>184995382>Do you have any shred of evidence for such claims?No, but if I'm making it up then not only did I make it up just to be mocked, but then so did random strangers art the same timeframe and we don't know each other. Kind of odd.

Why are these random Trek threads always so much better than the /trek/ general?

>>184995489There were always the rumors that he threatened to walk at the end of each season and the producers would give him more money

>>184995490Less rigid formality and more fun.

>>184995490The generals always are lorded over the most anti-fun-loving anal-retentive "fans" in existence.We have humor here instead.

>>184991244haha wouldn't be funny if the pah wraith possessed keiko to birth the anti-prophet (like how the prophets did to sisko's mom) and she evily raped O'brien over and over again?

>>184995474You mean when Ro Laren defected? They wrap that up in Picard s3

>>184995562Beltran is so fucking based holy shit.Any other trivia bits from TOS-VOY?

>>184995490the generals attract paramount shills, and most anons are suffering from paramount fatigue (especially after news of their stonks dropping)

>>184995592No the kino episode with the Romulan defector. TNG season 3.

>>184995562I'm telling you I saw him leave to big fanfare on the channels, then nothing. CERN's evil.He basically just said he thought the show was stupid and that he could do better.Btw Night of the Comet rules.

>>184995592No I mean the episode titled "The Defector"Where a romulan tries to bring peace and his own country fucking set him up.

>>184995592>They wrap that up in Picard s3No they don't because I ain't watching that shit.

>>184995636>>184995667I'm always saying that one of the biggest strengths of old Trek was getting kino as fuck actors in guest roles like they did Admiral Jarok. Modern day actors just don't have "it".

>>184995667>Writes a letter his daughter will never receive and an heroes

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>>184995748Yeah watching enterprise I can see the lack of acting but I'm enjoying it still.>>184995776I know bro, I cry literally every single fucking time I watch it. The episode is absolute KINO, I wish I had some head trauma just so I could watch it again for the 1st time.

>its a lwaxana episode

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>it's a lwaxana troi episode

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>>184996335>>184996376I'm not the only one that wants a horny betazoid reading my dirty thoughts then?

>>184996406But no old horny betazoids please.

>>184992560a high pH

>>184996335>>184996376stop spamming deanna

>>184996439she's good enough for me still in TNG>when deanna is explaining to riker and picard about how betazoids becoming 4 times hornier in their middle age>riker smirks like a horny teenager "you never told me that"kino

>>184995776>Do you have any children captain Picard, a family?No>hmm....then you have sacrificed too much for your career....there comes a time when a mans life that you cannot know when he looks down at the first smile of his baby girl and he realizes he must change the world for her. For all children. It is for her that I am here......I will never see my child smile again, she will grow up believing her father is a traitor. But she will grow up if you act Picard, if we stop this war before it begins.

>>184996567For me, it's The Cage. Prime Lwaxana.

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>>184996717not got that far yet, I'm a trek newfag and I've been watching them backwards from Voyager

>>184996717What are the odds that this actress wasn't forced to take Rodenberry's cock?

>>184996827She was literally his wife

>>184996788For what reason? I'm genuinely curious.

>>184996827They were married for 21 years. I doubt he ever pulled a Weinstein. Roddenberry was a legit do gooder.

>>184997063No he was a notorious sex pest (based)She was just into him too much to be put off by thatWhen she met actresses again who he'd fucked before he married her she would show off the ring and rub it in their faceHe was also fucking both her and Uhura at the same time

>>184997006I never felt compelled to watch trek outside of the original movies until I started watching old repeats on TV whilst I was working from home and saw how comfy it was and the episodes I started with were Voyager, so I started there. No logic to it, just the way I decided to go about it. It's cool remembering the episodes I've watched already and suddenly getting the references though.

>>184997201Do TNG before ds9 at leastThey're kind of sequential

>>184997184>He was also fucking both her and Uhura at the same timeyeah right.

>>184996701>You don't know, Robert, you don't know. They took everything I was. They used me to kill and to destroy, and I couldn't stop them! I should have been able to stop them! I tried. I tried so hard. But I wasn't strong enough! I wasn't good enough! I should have been able to stop them. I should, I should.

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>>184997239I already finished Voyager and DS9, on S3 of TNG atm. planning on TOS after I finish TNG. I'll probably watch ENT after I finish TOS.

Here's your doctor, bro

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>it's a Captain Proton episode

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>>184997302Is that the episode after he was assimilated into Borg?

>>184990611>So should i watch DS9?Yes, Absolutely

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>>184997497>picrelAnother kino episode just as good as the defector. Holy fuck this thread is amazing. Havent had so much good talk about trek in a long time.

>>184997497>So long, Mel..>FUCK KWOOOOO!

>>184997497why did she have to die bros

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>>184997481Family S4E02

>>184997596Daddy bad.

>>184997450Hated them but the one with mommy janeway as queen spider was good.

>>184997696I think that's the one that really sold them to me

>>184997596Only one Ziyal died, the other two actresses are fine

>>184991115I miss this game. I lost like half of my collection due to a flooded basement

>>184997784>Only one Ziyal died, the other two actresses are finewait wat

I ran out of sad trekpu images but>its the episode with 7 of 9 raising the baby Borg who gave himself the name "One".

>>184995562They aren't rumors, he wanted out so he kept asking for more money & making insane demands like 7 getting involved with him & they kept giving it to him


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>>184997960there were quite a few episodes that overrode my coombrain and hit me in the feels with 7 of 9.