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>>184987749>le heckin awesooooome face

Everybody is a faggot there, and it shows.At least the germs admit it too.

>>184987749As a German i am deeply offended and saddened that these creatures are in any way, shape or form associated with my home.

>>184987749That tranny triangle on the left of the flag was an addition by a literal redditor. Then the freaks decided to promote it.

>>184988170Who the fuck are they and where are they from? East Elbian freakniks or Hamburg reprobates?

>>184988252I have no idea who they are. I havent followed any main stream media outlet in years because that shit is so widespread. It really saddens me that this is who represents us.

>>184988376why? this is who you are



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>>184987749The "ubermensch", everyone lmaowhat a joke

>>184987749shit goymoney's got a new flag?

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Does someone have that Green Party campaign poster with gay antifa communists taking their dogs for a walk The internet is trying to memory hole it

>>184989042I think I remember something about a bunch of people in London walking their dogs as a form of protest a while back but I don't think I paid much attention to it for obvious reasons.


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How come Germans are never centrists?If you meet someone online from Germany theyre either a communist or a nazi

>Germany>holding up the new American flag

>>184987749Why is the world only promoting the decadent gay lifestyle with fags in drag and heavy makeup? What about the normal, conservative gays? Why aren't they rebelling against this one sided view?

>>184987749>OH NO! A QUEER PEOPLE! LITERALLY WHITE GENOCIDE! do chuds really?

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>cha cha ch-ACK!

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>>184989363my step mum has some fag friends and they have some weird saying that goes like>you're either born a mary or a stew, you can't be a marystew

>>184988853>blend together, safe together >aids what did they mean by this?

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>>184989534Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

>>184989617yeah similar to that but that's obviously anti-fag which fags won't be. they have their own version that's anti-tranny

>>184989363Because the conservative gays are just “chuds” but gay. “No blacks and no femmes” is not an uncommon sight on gay hookup apps.

>>184989363those guys are about 15 years up the slippery slope, dumbass. They had their time, now they're a mainstay in television and film while the extreme fucks are being pushed into the world of acceptability

>>184989289Centrism got them rolled by the Prussians, then spent nearly 100 years getting buttfucked by the world, mass-imported Turks, mass-imported Syrians, used by the EU, and they still have this twisted internal divide between Catholics and Protestants as well as the former East and the West that's never been smoothed over. Centrism died in Germany when the Wall fell, and the West got saddled with the crazy East again that got them broken up in the first place. The only winning move in being German now is not to play, because one side or the other is going to ruin your life.

Love seeing G*rmany getting humiliated, simple as

Why gay flag have shit and cum suddently?

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Jewish humiliation ritual.



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>>184987749at least they don't speak Ger-

>>184987749Based railway workers going on strike that day so that nobody could catch a train to watch this faggotry

>>184990230>there is a parallel timeline where this is real


>>184989042The longer you look at it the funnier it gets

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>>184987749>tranny flag taking up 25% of the space of the gay flagOne of my favorite statistics about trannies is that there are fewer trannies than truckers in the united states. Something like 0.5% trannies and 1.2% truckers.Imagine, for a moment, if every cultural product had to be read by a committee of truckers to see if it was truckerphobic, that truckers demanded representation in every cultural product, that truckies would take up roughly 20% of all online discourse, that entire political fault-line would be defined by and around truckies, and that you would be considered a hateful bigot for not wanting to suck a truckies dick.In terms of people affected, that would make more sense than what we are doing now.

>>184990230Post the Muslim edit too. I can't find it on this machine.

>>184990531>only heterosexual couple are the ones in their 80'show do these people think children are made

>germanyHas a proud nation ever before in history been so browbeaten and demoralized that they turned into literal self-loathing cucks and worshipers of degeneracy?

>>184990612At least they included the muzzie/little boy couple, seems accurate

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>>184990798Thank ((them)).

>>184990798Rome - Venice - Weimar - Germany

>>184989657> REEE YOU HAVE TO LIKE NIGGERS AND FAIRIES REEE HOW DARE YOU LIKE MEN REEEEEEWhy are you incels so creepy and rapey? Why do you think you're owed sex by other men?If someone doesn't want to fuck you because you're hideous you don't get to force them, creep.

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>>184987749uhmmm eurobros? I thought you guys were supposed to be based?

>>184991070Stop posting anti-semitic conspiracy theories

>>184987749>germansWhat is wrong with them, bros?

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>people online: why does german always lose the singing contest>German singing: [ANGRY NOISES THAT SOUND LIKE A DUCK SNEEZING AND LOWEST AMOUNT OF RHYMING WORDS IN ANY LANGUAGE]its a mystery alright, such a beautiful language.For giving declarations to incite progroms.

>>184991355not a germanigger but if I piss standing up it fires in like 8 directions and goes everywhere unless I'm at a urinal.

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>>184988193The constant additions to the flag are incredibly redundant. The idea behind the rainbow was to represent all different shades and orientations that may be considered outside the norm. Personally, the fact that they added a black triangle to represent black people is hilarious.


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>>184991475They are not redundant, you have no idea how much the LBTQ community hates gay men. They know that the normal rainbow represents JUST gay men so they feel personally attacked by the fact all their made up tumblr flags are not there.When Dead by Daylight added the pride flag the forums were swarmed with people having a meltdown because "only gays got their flag reee i hate gays why didn't us trannies and dykes get something?!!??!!?! kill all gays"

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>>184991355sitting at home is fine

>>184991442i only had that issue when i had my dick pierced, would drip KEK

I bet during the peak of the Roman empire you also had some locals go the extra mile to really show their devotion to the imperial cult of the Emperor and really make sure they fit in.

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>>184991180>blocking more asians here than the Great Wall of china I love that if you’re a fag you can be as blatantly racist as you want and libs are afraid to do anything about

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>>184991849It's not that liberals are afraid to do anything, in fact, they get pretty mad. It's just that why the fuck should a gay man care about "being cancelled"? We already have to put up with being hate crimed, beaten to death, fired, kicked from home, discriminated, etc. so why tf should we care if some loser gets mad chinks are ugly?

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>>184991910>We already have to put up with being hate crimed, beaten to death, fired, kicked from home, discriminated, etc.Fuck off. You're the most pampered and overprotected group of people on the planet.

>>184989217germans got so assraped from the US and GB in WW2 that they haven't recover yet, just like the nips

Eurovision was a faggot nest long before it became normalised, nothing shocking here.

>>184989473>American flag>these beings, even being considered people

>>184992115Nips worship mass murderes and officially deny any wrong doing in China lol its just Yuropoops being retarded

>>184992089You do realize a corporation saying "yay gays!!" doesn't mean we are "pampered", right? When Ford makes a gay comercial i'm not given part of the money that car gets. Gay men experience the most homeless out of all groups out there due to homophobic dads kicking out their kids, if you think i can walk out in the street holding my boyfriends hand and some crazy nigger, some pathetic muslim terrorist or some white incel like you won't start threatening or actually try to beat us up you're pathetic.I'm sorry you're permanently online.

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>>184987749And then one day, for no reason at all, everyone voted for Hitler

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>>184989363These hedonists subhumans consume and waste more money on useless shit just like women, so if you already have half of the population (women) your next steppe its to convert the other half to be as stupid as these

>>184990121Beyond grim

>>184989363>What about the normal, conservative gays? Why aren't they rebelling against this one sided view?Why happy married gay men should start some sort of "war" over... twitter videos?What is wrong with you? Do you ever leave your house? Do you have a life outside of twitter outrage?Why do your str8 ass doesn't start a war against hollywood when hollywood directors are ofund out to be pedophiles and have entire pedo islands? Almost like you havey our own life and you don't care about others.

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>>184987749Can someone explain to me why the fuck the germans are holding the american flag ?

>>18499227637% was the most NSDAP ever won in free elections.

>>184992263>some crazy nigger, some pathetic muslim terrorist or some white incelthose are all threats to non-fags as well you know? my sister is afraid to go out by herself because she's scared of all those things.

>>184991180Because they're gay and asian boys are too much like girls or what? Kind of get it, these zoomer boys are so fucking socially feminine but way worse considering the male aggression, little-dick aggression and porn-brained virgin aggression.

>>184992433Rammstein said it best

>>184992392shut up faggot

>>184987749still paying the price for Hitler, I see.

>>184987749i don’t ever want to hear eurofags giving burgers shit about woke ever again. it originated in europe and it’s just as bad there.

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>>184991377What a dumb picture, lol. All these experiments happened in West Germany, not in the communist GDR.

>>184990230basierte eichhörnchen

>>184991355Weirdly and hilariously trending among left-leaning guys. I don't know how they keep falling for it, will never learn.

Finland won.


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>>184992487And yet everyone was fine with them taking absolute power

>>184989363>What about the normal, conservative gays?they are so few that they effectively do not exist. "gay" means extreme promiscuity, hedonism and 'high risk' behaviour

>>184992642I sure hope God strikes down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and subvert the children

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>>184992529That's because your sister is a woman user, women LOVE playing victim and pretending they are the most opressed group on existence despite the fact if a man were to touch her a whole army of white knights would show up to save her. Nothing ever bad will happen to your sister. Muslims, niggers and incels are an actual threat to gay men, and they are everywhere. I'm sorry some constructor worker whistled at your sister, i had homophobes threaten to murder me. Kind of a big difference.

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>>184992600It's mostly that they are really really ugly but yeah, the fact that they are so feminine doesn't help. I myself am mostly turned off by their down syndrome eyes.

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>>184992897post the milk one avatarfag that one's my favorite

>>184992392You are the Uncle Tom of gays if you see this constant marketing of flamboyant homosexually and don't see anything wrong with it. It's a walking gay minstrel show.That video shows two pretty normal looking gays, but they ruin it by the life documenting that is retarded as fuck for both straights and gays, but this video is there specifically so women can go "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"

>>184992897I'm not trying to be anti-fag user, I just think there's nutters no matter who you are. my gf had a metal bar whacked over her head for not reciprocating some guy's advances years back. I think it's understandable why some women might not want to get in a taxi with a black/asian dude for the same reason you don't want to hold hands with your bf etc. shit, I've had gays pinch me on the ass and kiss my ear in nightclubs when I was younger, that is not fucking funny if you aren't gay.

>>184991180>no catholics, republicans or asians. Jews ok.kek

>>184987749Euros see how degenerate the US is and they feel like they're falling behind. It's only a matter of time until they have fisting filmed in front of a live audience of children for "educational purposes".

>>184992642What are they supposed to learn from this? Teaching children about human anatomy is important but what the fuck is this supposed to be? They're all mutilated. This is like showing a trainee mechanic all the parts of a car but crashing the car first.

>>184991355Have fun wiping off own urine around the shitter idiot.

>>184993069I love milk too!>>184993140I'm sorry happy gay men tirgger you so much user. But not because all that awaits your straight ass is misery it means you need to be so angry and jelly.

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>>184988853Uh I didn't know AIDS was purple. Good to know.

>>184993481Degenerate homosexuals who have humiliation/exhibitionist fetishes have found a socially acceptable way to flash children.

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>>184993481kek>and here class we have an example of a car wheel

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>>184991409Now that I think about it, 99 Luftballons always gave me violent thoughts.

>>184989363They keep to themselves duh.The flamboyant attention whores is the ones you see because they are the ones actively trying to get seen.

>>184993560Nope, I'm actually gay, just calling you what you are which is a gay Uncle Tom who wants to bitch about the way gay people are perceived while reinforcing stereotypes. I bet you're a woman.

>Eurovision full of LGBT shit>A channel literally called BBC why are europeans so cucked?

>>184988170????????? that's what average europeans look like>>184994306euronigger subhumans love to complain about muttmericans when in fact, eurabians are infinitely more leftists. there is no right wing in europe.

>>184994369>there is no right wing in europe.Do you seriously believe this?

So, when are we making it illegal for guys to prefer middle aged and old women over young women?

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>>184994369Americans only get two parties to choose from and neither of them are right-wing.

>>184987749>Eurovision >Australia and Israel

>>184994567The entire world is rightful European clay.

>>184989363There are no normal gaysThey're all a bunch of degenerate sodomitesThe only respectable gay is one who suppresses his fetishistic urges and tries to live a normal life

>>184990121someone please post the other edit from kohlchan, i lost it. It has a pfizer building in the background

>>184994416>>184994445Ah yes, the famous European successful right-wing parties like........and....uh.......


>>184994416Parties where I fucking live:-center-center-left-socialists-greennigger eco-terrorists-tankies-sharia party>>184994445Republicans at least aren't actively trying to ban guns or ICE cars.

>>184987749what position did germany take in eurovision

>>184995186Forza Italia, Front National, Fidesz, ...

>>184995280>Europe has no right wing parties because where I live is gayI forgot Europe was a single country. Silly me.

>>184995331all of them are insignificant because leftism is ingrained into European DNA

>>184995280Yes, the right-wing here is for law & order.We don't want niggers, women, and loonies to own guns.That's why you find only guns in the hands of hunters and conservative rural gun clubs. As it should be.

>>184995375Your slav shithole can barely be called european. >>184995331>those are right-wing in eurabiacase in fucking point. you don't have a right-wing.

If its any consolation, Germany came last

>you don't have a right-wingif only that were so

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>>184995575that bitch was all muh aryan whites and muh powerful heritage and couldn't even enter a country full of shepherds and olive farmers lmao

>>184995575>worshipping an italian (moor rape baby) whose country lost to fucking GREECE and made fascism a joke ideology

>no matter what the people want the unelected technocrats WILL force a brown woman instead and you WILL like itMicrocosm of the EU

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>>184995908I mean, she still came second in the popular vote I think?

>>184995908Is that a Rammstein tattoo on his chest?

>>184990121guy carrying is a pedo, the woman with the dog probably fucks it

>>184994567>>184994644considering the advertising potential now that over 100 million zoomers and fags tune in to watch it, I wouldn't be surprised if the gates were opened to america and asia in years to come.

>>184996070Unless you missed the entire song, he's a massive Rammstein fan.

>>184996201>Unless you missed the entire songI did. I don't watch Eurovision.

>>184990121The most hilarious thing is the German Greens are the most Neocon, Warhawk, psycho party in the West.That fucking bitch Baerbock is like the devil spawn of Cheney and Kagan.

>>184991442Is this because Germany has the toilets with the flat shelf, for poo inspection?

>>184993481>when you think about it, it’s really pretty normal. that’s what they are supposed to learn, that cutting your dick off and wearing a dress is normal.

>>184996693I don't know user, I'm not German nor do I have a special shit inspection toilet. I just piss in all directions when I stand up, have done since I was a kid.

>>184996857Do you have phimosis?

>>184996857Americans don't understand what it's like to have a foreskin.

>>184996945fuck knows. maybe 1 in 10 times it comes out in a straight stream. it's not worth taking the risk if you're at someone else's house and risking getting piss all over their floor and toilet seat.

>>184988170Germany who? Sounds like atlantis or something. Take ur meds.

>>184989363They died of aids, now the only ones left got the fagccine