Did she want it?

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im not autistic. i dont need a test.


>>184985897She did but was too aggro about it, she didn't communicate "horny", she communicated "karen"


being annoying doesn't put me in a fucking mood

>>184986224Low test.

>>184985897she probably had autism because when he said run the shower and see if it drips down below she didn't understand either

>>184986224Why are you gay?

>AAAAH YOU SWORE AT ME LEAVE ILL SUE YOU!!!!Do murrikans really? If I had some handyman over I would expect him to have a foul mouth as a low wage worker. Is it not enough for the pleb to serve you, he has to be scared of you and treat you as a master too?

>>184985897Women aren't people and I am not obligated to be concerned about their thoughts, actions or needs

>>184985897Yes, she wanted it.

>>184985897did she mumble "I kinda liked that" after she got shit on or am I listening things

>>184986320>>184986376It's not like that "if your bf has a mommy kink" vid. it's just a desperate past her date bag, nagging.

>>184985897No, she was a miserable cunt and probably takes it out on everyone. She probably should get laid, but she didn’t want it from him.


>>184986224some womens natural state is sadly that, annoyingand they seriously think its endearinghad a coworker hit on me that was a raging feminist and always bitched about men to me (a guy)she probably thought because she has the right political leanings this would make me interesting to her, but didnt understand me saying "ok" "uhu" "wow" was me just trying to keep the peace while i had to work at the same place with herthen i told her i wasnt interested and she completely lost her shit, always antagonizing me in every way possible, making her friends hate me, trying to bring up other people against me, always trying to pick a fight and being the annoying bitch she always was

>>184985897Yes, but she is mentally unstable, he did the right thing

>>184986820true. You are neurotypical.

>>184986820>"oh i just wore a nightgown to a scheduled meeting with a handyman and steered the conversation to my naked body completely on accident"bro...

>>184986982Autism speaks. It's time to listen.

>>184986896>some womens natural state is sadly that, annoying>some

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>>184986914The most sane of Karens

>>184986732Nagging is just a mating call. It's a woman's way of telling you she wants you to physically/sexually dominate her.

>>184985897seems like nobody knows

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>>184985897Nothing about what she said or how she said it in that situation was sexy in the least. She was complaining and being a shrill bitch that was nitpicking every word he said. The only thing she was asking for was to be slapped in the mouth by someone sick of her shit.

>>184986383upper-middle class wives are commonly this way, yes. some are also some of the kindest people you'd ever meet.

>>184987297then she have to be acting aggressive enough that I feel she needs correcting. nagging is like an ill-fitting piece of clothing, riding up on you. it makes me wanna remove it, not be deeper inside of it.

>>184985897no shes upset causes shes too retarded to figure out the leakwhen he explains how simple it is to test it by turning on the shower and finding it, she loses her shit

>>184986105she was testing the waters. She isn't going to just start winking and biting her lip like a hentai girl, she was waiting to see if her notion about taking a shower in front of him was reciprocated with flirty banterif you don't understand this you should kys immediately

>>184988962lmao>reciprocated flirty banter>reciprocatedYou dont know what that word means. You think you do. But you dont.

>>184985897>autismthe man's children died in a fire

>>184986376gay for pussy!

>>184988962There's too much risk to misreading the situation and he's trying to fix a leak

>>184985897Women never want it, if they say they do it means they're trying to trap you.

>>184985897Who cares what woman want?

>>184990868lmao that's some funny shit

>>184986348That's just because she's a woman. Women don't understand the relationship between water and gravity

>>184991541she also was misreading because he didnt ask her to take a shower...he said, turn the shower on. Once she got bitchy, he could have clarified that, but seemed to let it slide so he could just leave.

I love the 3rd world incels calling other people gay/virgins because they won't bend over for this wrinkled old whore

>>184985897She just seems angry and Karen-ish. I would club her with a lead pipe and up the bum I go.

>>184985897No she doesn't. Women offer Chad sex with no effort or "games"

>>184988962>you should kys immediatelyonce my parents die I'll off myself, till then I am not going anywhere

>>184985897I just see it as some angry lady berating a guy for no good reason. I think sex was the last thing on her mind. That being said shes pretty in a milfy sort of way

>>184992411Then just kill them and you can finally be free

>>184992478No , they are really nice people. They dont deserve to be killed by their loser son

>>184985897yes but she came on way to strong and crashed the car coming off as weirdly confrontive

>>184992534This is why you're a loser, son. You don't have any initiative. When a problem comes to you, you don't just wait for it to go away. You take care of that problem yourself. And right now, that problem is your still-living parents

>>184992674Im not killing my parents, not because any voices in my head and certainly not because some asshole on 4chan said so

>>184985897Yes. Literally every woman in the movie, even his ex wife, whose kids he inadvertently killed, wanted to fuck him. It wasn't subtle about it at all.

This looks like a really depressing movie

>>184985897yes, you can tell because of her reaction

>>184985897I am extremely autistic, yes, but there is no way she was hiting on him in this scene. I never saw thiss movie and I don't know if there is more context to this scene, but from only this video she is literally a bitch being mean to a blue collar worker for no reason.

she wanted him to hit on her and then shoot him down. and possibly get him fired/arrested for sexual harassment.

>>184985897I'm autismthe unfailing rule is that it's always the opposite of what I decide on, even if I take consideration of this ruleI can not win, the game is rigged

Yes. Clear BPD, good disaster avoidance by the Caseman

>>184985897He tells her that her ceiling and walls are dry lmao

>>184992785Listen to the voices, user. They'll tell you that 4chan is your friend and that you should listen to what anons on there tell you

>>184994404No , I dont want to end up in the looney bin again

>>184994189100% this

>>184988962i didnt watch the movie, but this is how i interpreted it...she pretended to misunderstand and asked do you want me to take a shower. she asked that hoping he would think >i might score here and start flirting with her. she then would be able to complain about the plumber and his sexual advances. her ultimate goal was to get plumber to flirt so she has a valid reason to complain to someone. she didnt want sex

>>184994872Yes. Otherwise she would have suggested taking a shower more flirtatiously instead of what she did.

>>18498638>do Americans really?!Imagine being (You)

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>>184992073Calm down boy. You'll have sex one day.

>>184990762This is an embarrassing post. NTA but you should’ve post about things you do not understand, ESLbro

>>184992053Yes, her bringing up showering naked in response to what he said shows that she wanted it. That wasn't misreading, that was coming on to him.>>184992073Whether or not you'd fuck her is immaterial to whether she wanted it.

>>184994071Kek the test works>>184994872>>184995295She's being aggressive because she's married and feels guilty about being a slut by coming on to another man. If she wanted to get him fired, she could just lie.

>>184985897Manchester by the sea is already 7 years old? Fuuuuck

>>184995922This is just your headcanon. Fact is she was a total cunt about her supposedly flirting. She is experienced enough to know how to be a flirt.

>>184985897She could just be a crazy aggressive BPD bitch who act tough as flirting, but for the most part, crossed arms, means no, not flirting or playing hard to get.

>>184992053yeah she slammed that in out of nowhere which lends to her flirting but he could've taken it as an attempt to get him in trouble or he just doesnt want to fuck her.

>>184997026>or he just doesnt want to fuck her.He doesn't, which upsets her because she was trying to fuck him.

>>184996814Yep, arms crossed is the universal 'no' signal regardless of what's being said.

>>184987297>>184986320>>184986376I don’t give a fuck how sexless and horny you are, I’m not interested in some annoying lady screeching at me in a misguided attempt at flirting.


>>184986698She said “I did not like that”.>>184985897No, she wasn’t flirting. Never even considered that as a possibility when I first watched this scene, and I’m a prominent sex-haver and flirt.

>>184985897Ah, I know when I have a job to do and I'm trying to diagnose a problem, the only thing on my mind is if I can fuck the annoying 50 year old house wife yelling in my ear the whole time.

>>184997531but she's hot

>>184997564get it together, dude

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>>184985897I have full blown autism and I 100% think she’s flirting. She’s obviously bad at it, but she was hoping he would keep the conversation on her naked body showering and then bend her over and rail her.

Sounds like she was just telling him her sexual fantasy and hoping he decided to go along with it. Women are weird like that.

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