Which films depict wageslavery accurately?

which films depict wageslavery accurately?

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None of them because the problem with wagieshit is that it takes 8 hours to do 30 minutes of tasks.>30 minutes to do the task>7 hours and 30 minutes of boss and niggers asking for "updates"

>>184985123Office Space

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>>184985396I think the problem is everyone knows tasks don’t take as long as expected, but everyone needs to justify the fact that they got you for 8 hours.

>>184985396>can't really do more than an hour of work each day because it's ticket based and not enough tickets come in>have to log eight hours of time every day, what did i do and whyHave fun reading about how I spent five hours on a ticket when it was really only fifteen minutes, bossman

>>184985514I refuse to work for any company that has a CEO where I am not the CEO.

[To the theme of “The hokey cokey”]You put your whole life inYou get nothing outIn out in outYou get home tired outYou do the wagie slavie and you turn aroundWhere has my life gone- wow!Ohhhhh the wagie slavieOhhhhh the wagie slavieOhhhhh the wagie slavieKnees bent ass upPound pound pound

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>>184985123>You'll work the standard 9-5>That means you start at 8am and work until 5 with a 1 hour lunch break


>>184985634this is epic. another neet victory

>>184985777Nice trips brother

In a kingdom of cubicles, where despair does thrive,I reign as the boss, keeping wagies alive.With an evil chuckle and a cruel, wicked grin,I'll torment and torture them, just for my sin.The clock strikes midnight, the office aglow,Forced to toil in darkness, their spirits low.With tasks aplenty, they'll toil through the night,Their sanity crumbling, their wills taking flight.I summon them in, with a sinister call,Corporate dances, they must perform for all.Twist and twirl, my wagies, dance to my tune,Their humiliation, my pleasure to consume.Early morning meetings, before the sun's rise,Sleep-deprived wagies, with bloodshot eyes.I cackle with glee as their dreams are undone,Their bodies, mere vessels, for my wicked fun.Lunch breaks are a myth, a cruel hoax I maintain,Their hunger pangs ignored, a delicious disdain.I dangle a snack, just out of their reach,Watching them suffer, my sadistic speech.Their efforts, in vain, as I constantly shift,The goalposts of success, to give them a lift.But little do they know, my game has no end,Their suffering, my pleasure, forever to send.So wagies, work hard, your tormentor I'll be,In this wicked office, where despair is the key.I relish your anguish, your pain fuels my fire,For I am the boss, your tormentor, your sire.

>>184986284>>184985634neets have such a way with words

I wish I was a woman. I could sell feet pics online all day, and then have all the time in the world to watch kino with my dog. Instead I have to wageslave all day, and my neighbor "Chang" stole my dog a few months ago.

>>184986393just moisturise your feet and post some unrelated woman as your pfp to fool coomers

>>184985396This sounds awesome, I worked at custoner services and it's non stop bullshit from start to finish, everything has to be reported inmediately after each call and anything could get you in trouble with quality control. Fucking slavery is what it is.

>>184985707>1 hour lunch breakI only got half hour

>>184986284Very nice, user.

fight club

>>18498712945 minutes is the sweet spot for me. An hour is too long.

>>184987088Being a chad programmer is kind of awesome but I wasn't being paid enough and now I want to do the manager wagie job>literally come into work and say "hey guys thanks for working">get paid double other wagies

>>184987088kek years ago I worked at one in my early 20s, had this utter fucking cunt screaming at me down the phone. I offered him “compensation” and said we needed to confirm his address to make it go through. I quit at the end of the day and drove there a week later and pissed through his mail box

>>184987342Top kek. You made a splash at that job.

>>184987342You sure showed him.

>he works a trade job>he doesn't own a right angle impactI shiggy diggy.

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>>184987414I know it’s petty but at the end of the day it made me feel better


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>>184986284Chatgpt wrote this

Garage (2007)>A tragicomedy set in the world of gas stations in rural Ireland, where over-diligent employee of the garage searches for intimacy during the course of a life-changing summer.

>>184987342Ahaha, wow. Full-on belly laughing at this shit rn since I also worked in a call center around that age.

>>184987600It's good isn't it? With the power of AI at our fingertips we can pay wagies even less for their toil

Is there a kino where you get hired for a job and they slowly give you more and more responsibilities as time goes on that were never mentioned and expect your output to be the same with even though you now have 5 times the responsibility but somehow the women who do nothing but talk all get promoted?

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>>184987516That short clip (when you hear his conversation with 911) is one of the most disturbing, terrifying, and disgusting things I've heard. And I listened to Iron Maiden's ''Brave New World'' album.

>>184985123the one where u enjoy your job and make loads of money

>"we just dont have the hours to hire more help."

Day 1 here and I already want to slit my wrists

>>184988525The army, probably.

>>184985514The best jobs just let you chill. Some days I have shit to do that takes up literally the entire day and sometimes even longer, other days are super slow with not much to do. The issue is micromanaging retards who try to suss out people with no work and give them non-urgent work that could easily fucking wait.The irony is that it reveals how fucking little these managers must be doing themselves that they've decided to hound employees.I have 2 micromanagers on my team, one is the team lead and another is my line manager. Literally everyone else is super chill and it fucks me off that these 2 have to try to stuff every waking minute of your work life with shit. They'll message you at 5pm (work finishes at 5:30) with something. Do they really think i'm going to fucking do it?They don't seem to realise people need downtime. Thankfully i'm relatively senior and I actively argue this point for my own reports and those in the wider team and company, and as such am incredibly popular in comparison to the 2 micromanagers.People who act like this, in my experience, are the worst work skivers, and so they project this onto everyone else as well.

>>184988953>The best jobs just let you chill. Some days I have shit to do that takes up literally the entire day and sometimes even longer, other days are super slow with not much to do. The issue is micromanaging retards who try to suss out people with no work and give them non-urgent work that could easily fucking wait.This.Somedays you work like the world it's going to explode tomorrow if you don't finish that task and somedays you can just chill, shitpost and put games in your Nintendo Switch (Like today)Feels good when I am up to date on all my projects and I just need to tweak things that take like 15 minutes tops if some info changes.

>>184987516>>184988648Fill me in if you don't mind. I have no idea who this guy is.

>>184989443Set video to 3:10youtube.com/watch?v=UEVfwDpxTRk&ab_channel=Courtroom

>>184988648I was at the Brave New World tour. Fuck you it was great.

>>184985123I work from home. All i did today was play project zomboid and have a 30 minute meeting with my boss.

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>>184985123Class Relations (1984)

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>>184985396I want your job. All the productive ones make you shit blood for 7,5 hours then you force feed and shit for 0,5.I won't do anything productive ever again.

>>184989659Dickinson's solo career was good. I would go as far and claim that people pretend to love Brave New World just because he's back.I can't comment albums that came after it because that album was so bad, I just didn't want to listen any new material. And that was 20-something years ago.

what do neets do all day?

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>>184991020Contemplate suicide if ugly, fuck bitches if they are attractive

>>184985396>wageslaving = lame office jobno. that is easy normalfag tier bullshit job.wage slave is you get paid or 8 hours for 9 hours of nigger tier work

>>184991465This is the only work I know. Slacking arou d whole day in the office would be literal heaven for me.

>>184989873What was bad about it? It's nothing compared to their older work but it was good on its own. I was there in Philly when they just came out with the album and they played it front to back.

>>184989669Its the best. Had a 'meeting' or two where i didnt do shit because it was a waste of time. Watched fishtank and shitposted on the chons

>>184988525that's called reverse job title inflation, your workload increases disproportionately compared to your title. The solution to this is to change jobs every 2-3 years MINIMUM.

>>184985123Glengarry Glen Ross. I literally watch it every time my work gets overwhelmingly shitty. Which is all the time. It's not a comedy either. It's a movie you watch to remember that life sucks and nothing will get better.

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>>184992291yeah me too. i haven't had a job where i get paid for the hours i work for at least 10 years now.its always:>hey can you stop to do the extra stuff because so and so and soand there is always a reason for me to bend over and take it up the ass because they know even if i quit they can find another burnout loser like me in a day or two and fuck them the same way they fuck me

>>184993681Grow some backbone and refuse to do unpaid extra work. If they fire you, so what? Just find another job and repeat as often as needed until you find a place where you aren't fucked in the ass.

I work in the movie industry, work 3 months a year with a very good pay then enjoy my free unemployment money the rest of the year.Feels good man

>>184989522I love how his reaction is so mis-matched to the course of events. He's just like:>What? What do you mean, life without parole? This is bullshit, kids sleep for over 18 hours all the time!

>>184993681Just quit my dude. That's what I did and look at me, I'm thriwing! Atleast for another 2 weeks when I'm out of shekels

>>184994210>Just find another job and repeat as often as needed until you find a place where you aren't fucked in the assthis is good advice, granted on a scale of year or so not months.

>>184985396I feel like AI could replace most of the management, executives and general employees at this lending company I'm familiar with. I feel like the general malaise of silent gen and boomers to adopt anything new will extend employment as we know it for awhile yet but it's all going to crumble at some point.