Full length AI generated films within the next 5 to 10 years

modern film industry is deadthey're out of ideas, out of talent, unable to create anything without a nauseating amount of leftist bullshit..scripts are already being written by ChatGPT, movies are already 90% CGI, studios will soon start investing in AI and the technology will advance exponentially.youtube.com/watch?v=KrjL_TSOFrI

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An AI generated the images, a person made the trailer. What's so revolutionary about that?

5-10 years is the timeframe for them to be generated in real time. they're possible now, with enough autism.

>>184984897I can't wait to watch films with an all-white cast again

>>184984897Pretty impressive desu. I'm tempted to sign up for that course as I'm currently unemployed and have fuck all else to do but $400 is a fair ask. I'd rather just get access to whatever programs they're using for free and then teach myself.

Is this just a meme where people pretend not to understand the basic concept of machine-generated images?Yes, you can create a "trailer" that is literally just two dozen still images, some of which are put through TikTok filters so that their eyes or lips move a little bit. Nothing about that is even remotely complicated.You know what doesn't work? Telling the machine to generate a new image that is identical to the last one, but with enough pixels different that when played together in quick succession, they create the illusion of movement. And you can't even do it for two frames, much less 24 frames to create a single full second of video footage.

>>184984897Bill Murray as Gandalf?

Fucking soulless no matter how hard computers try.It's not gonna happen any time soon, retard.

this "X but an AI recreated it poorly in what I think is wes anderson's style" shit sure god fucking dragged into the ground fast

>>184984897This trailer is isnt as impressive as people seem to think. The "movement" you see is just them putting the AI images into D-ID and not including any text. Once you know what to look for the blinking and slight head nodding that D-ID always does it very obvious.youtu.be/rDp_8lPUbWY?t=248

>theres already a quentin tarantino versionholy shit, now we need dehnis villeneuve version

>>184984897AI content is not eligible for copyright protections.

>>184984897>ben stiller as boromir Actually keked

>>184984971It went from this technology making barely anything legible, to photo-realistic imagery, to moving photo-realistic imagery (this trailer) in just a couple of years with mostly some casual nerds doing the dev work.

>>184985158this is definitely the biggest appeal, when users are able to make their own content however they want, in whatever style they want.The implications on porn alone are insane

>>184985504>photo-realistic imageryYou do realize you might be legit retarded if you actually think this is in any way realistic?

>>184985504>to photo-realistic imageryThat's...because it's trained to replicate photos...user, the fidelity of the image is not an issue, the computer can do that easily because all it's doing is identifying categorized components of images and then reconstructing them based on the pixels in the image. If you're painting an image pixel-by-pixel then it literally doesn't matter how "realistic" it is, the work required is the same.

>>184985181what part of 5 to 10 years do you not understand?>AI images are just rainbow animal faces superimposed onto everythingt. you circa 2012

>>184984897>Hollywood will die because it is out of ideas>AI will succeed because it can rehash two existing films into oneLolLmao, even.

>>184985181It'll happen. Meanwhile we still don't have sex bots.

you normies using the glorified google search to spam with uncanny valley

>>184987245Correct.Hollywood is limited by copyrighting and their creatively bankrupt trannies who are now out protesting anywayAn average person will be able to write a script, give a few example movies a stylistic reference, and generate whatever film they want.Just the shit Holla Forums will make will be kino

>>184984897This isn't your blog troon

>>184987245It's true. Since Hollywood just shits out goyslop now, it will be easy for A.i. to handle it. There have been two shows/movies this year that already feel like an A.I. sharted them out (Citadel and Ghosted).

>>184984897>leftist bullshit.better than chud bs

>>184987390Need an AI generated short film of this, in the style of Taxi Driver and American Psycho

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>>184985907it couldn't do it last year dummy

>>184987721So? You're seriously a fucking retard.

I just assume that most people who think AI-generated art can offer any sort of suitable replacement for manmade art are either very stupid or just being contrarians.

>>184987779It already is doing just that and the technology is still in its infant state though its growing exponentially.

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>>184987779It already looks better than most artists work. You sound like someone who thinks cars will never replace horses.

People getting excited for AI movies haven't really understood that you'll be able to generate these movies in real time, which means we'll be able to interact with the characters and setting in real time. It'll make both video games and movies look like children's toys.

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>>184988236black people can finally tell horror movie characters not to go in there

>>184988094>>184987918Show me something that doesn't rip off existing authors, oh wait you can't...Even OP's retarded video are just images from existing actors and adapting them in a motionless and artificial way that resembles more terrible uncanny videogame crap than an actual movie.

I'm looking forward to all of the based edits of recent content.Niggerless films now!

>>184984897why would i watch your shitty AI movies when I can just watch my own?

AI got a lot better in the past 2 years, that doesn't mean it will keep improving. A lot of technology reaches a point and that's it

>>184988332Show me man-made art that doesn't rip off existing authors, oh wait you can't...


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>>184984897pronounced christoph waltz’s name wrong. take the video down NOW

>>184985907>That's...because it's trained to replicate photos...That doesn't make it not photo-realistic. What are you even trying to say? No one gives a shit about how it was created, it doesn't change the content.

>>184985589>"in any way"That's going too far, it is "in a way" realistic. If you didn't know what AI artifacts to look for it would be convincing, if a bit off.

>>184988579No wonder you're easily surprised by this crap, you missed the point I was trying to make and deviate the point.>>184988822...so you're surprised by shitty still images with barely no movement except some facial expressions? Try to make it replicate any action scene from the LOTR and you'll see it's impossible, even better compare that stupid OP's video to the first 5 minutes of the Fellowship of the Ring so you can realize how stupid you are.

>>184989007>...so you're surprised by shitty still images with barely no movement except some facial expressions?That also has nothing to do with whether it's photo-realistic or not. I also said nothing about being surprised. Brother, I'm just trying to figure out what you're trying to say. You ESL or just retarded?

>>184987918>muh traumaRapidly becoming the new meme buzzword that roasties will pilot into meaninglessness like gaslight

>>184989007>you missed the point I was trying to make and deviate the point.That was the point you fuckin retard.It creates content the same way a human does, by taking what it's seen and recreating its own version of it.

>>184984897>People post "two more weeks" in response to AI progress as some sort of dismissal>Mfw AI seems to be getting notably better every two weeks

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>>184984897So long as you never have to see a person's hands then it'll be fine. AI generated hands are nightmare fuel.

>>184989167You know it brother, AI will RULE the world. FUCK WRITERS.

AI being used for more then banking is retarded and a total joke, you’ve fallen for the Neil DeNigger Tyson hypester train, JUST TWO MORE WEEKS TILL WE ARE TERRAFORMING MARS! Its simply not going to happen, not even one percent of a a percent of it, wake up and use your talents, we aren’t getting off this rock and we aren’t going to have anyone but ourselves to facilitate moving forward, STOP escaping into Star Trek reality because you can’t bare the thought that this is all there is. Grow the fuck up you Brazilians, nothing and no one is coming to change things, that’s for you and you alone. Get to it.

>>184989167Cringe literal two more weeks believer.

>you will live in the age of full-immersion VR-pornography auto-generated in real time by your own most degenerated perversions Honestly, this will likely be an extinction level event if left unchecked, and I imagine that governments will take action to ensure forced breeding.incidentally, being used a breeding stud by hot babes in a government facility is one of my own degenerate fantasies - absolutely win/win

>>184986246>2012more like july 2022

>>184989167People seem convinced with every progression that it will stagnate when we haven't yet reached a plateau given that new improvements are currently being made constantly.They come up with these arbitrary reasons it's not good enough as a coping mechanism.They ignore the actual content produced and the emergent properties of training on large datasets and instead focus on the basics of the algorithms, which is really just a means to an end.It's so bizarre to me how people can be so threatened and just lie to themselves.

>>184989388Grow up you coo we faggot seriously, you escapist faggot. This is the real world not your retarded fantasy land, if you are white GO FUCK YOU FUCKING IDIOT, START HAVING KIDS NOW YOU FUCKING MONKEY. NOW.

>>184989474You are the one escaping into a fairy land you’ve been made to believe possible by snake oil salesman, you are not smart, you will die and your paper thin fantasy world will not sustain the next generation.

>>184989580I can see with my own eyes the leaps and bounds it's made in just a couple years. Video is now at the point images were a couple years ago, not this but the stuff Meta is working on. A thousand nobodies telling me that it doesn't actually work for a thousand different reasons not based on anything isn't convincing.

>>184989165the joke is its impossible to get an AI to generate a pixel perfect recreation of an image it was trained on. there will always be subtle (or not so subtle) variations based upon the rest of its training datajust like a real person

>>184989165If you think that's how filmmaking works then you need to stop watching capeshit and watch actual movies.Show me an AI adaptation from a book and it won't happen. Why? Because it can't generate it's own style and format.>>184989063You don't even understand what is photo-realistic, retard...

>>184987779Even if we assume AI will never reach an aesthetic or spiritual or whatever quality you take human art to possess (which is doubtful), that doesn't matter much. What matters is that what AI makes is passable and good enough for people to buy it. Once it is good enough, it is a no-brainer for every producer and distributor to choose the AI-generated work because it costs next to nothing, 1/1000000th of what a human-made work would. That is going to completely saturate the market, not least because an AI can spit out thousands of these a second. I don't know what you mean by "suitable" replacement, but I can certainly see a compelling case that there will be a replacement for the reasons stated above.

>>184989388for every one person who can't handle it there's another who will say "its not as good as real porn" and then 8 people between the two extremes who enjoy it occasionally.

>>184985181It's possible. You need to combine many of the current AI tools. For example ChatGPT alone is very good at coming up with stories. Have it cook up an entire plot for a film.This will be fed to image and video creating AIs who will make it into pictures. Some dude will oversee it all a bit, steering it here and there and choosing some best versions.

>>184989512Nah man, I'm gonna have some ice cream and watch Kiki's delivery service, then later tonight I am going to coom to Bella Rolland's butthole.

>>184989680>You don't even understand what is photo-realistic, retard...I can say anything here just trying to figure out what you're trying to say and you'll fill in your own conversation with some wild jump. You're very weird user.

>>184989680>it can't generate it's own style and format.so... just like a real person. you think Georges Méliès was creating completely original images? Fuck no, it was all based on illustrations he'd seen and books he read.

>>184989703>for people to buy itThe only real way to monetize AI content generation is to sell models. and even then there will be millions.

Ten years ago Elon Musk was the Paypal electric car guy, now he's running NASA missions to the moon.Therefore in Ten Years we will all be living on Mars.

>>184985907Are you trying to say that AI can do photos, not videos?

>>184989877I think he's trying to say AI can only do photos, or something. No idea really, he's a moron and not worth talking to.

>>184984897That's great, if I ever want a movie about a group of people awkwardly standing in sequence I know where to look

>>184989868The difference is AI development is only constrained by processing power, whereas real world engineering has limitless constraints and bottlenecks.basically you just compared apple (AI development) to theranos

>>184984897Willem Dafoe got me.

>>184984897I like the way those landscapes look.


>>184989951>that's great, if i ever want to sit and watch an endless loop of one second of a guy riding a horse i'll know where to look

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>>184989745>>184989877>You need to combine many of the current AI toolsThere is no current technology that exists for a machine-learning image generation algorithm to output an identical image twice, because the systems are designed to reinterpret everything from scratch every time. There are some additional systems that let you manually mask areas so the system doesn't touch them, but that can't be done frame-by-frame.If your goal is to make a "film" the basic premise is where the AI concept falls flat because a "film" necessitates that a single character on screen be presented the same way every frame. Right now, "AI" image generators are functionally the same as a retarded savant that can play the piano. It can output anything it is told to using purely surface-level data, but it cannot tell you what it is creating or why. It can make an image of a person in a coat, but it does not know WHAT a coat is, it can't discern why a person might wear a coat, what a coat might or could be made out of, or what a coat structurally is. It only knows what a coat looks like from photos of them, but nothing other than the visual information is there. The systems can't animate things, because it literally doesn't know what that even means at a fundamental level other than "generate lots of vaguely similar images". Unless you mean "input a pre-recorded video and then use the AI to just put new pixels on top of each frame", which isn't exactly the same, now is it?

>>184984897AI is just machine learning matte. It can speed up workflows by replication and imitation of pre-existing information but that`s about it. Studios will certainly try to embrace it to cut down costs (just as they`ve embraced other technologies) but the lack of legislation could potentially expose them to a lot of legal and financial fire. Facing copyright law suits without having at least a proof of process seems unwise. This alone would make AI unfit for a production pipeline but there are other issues like lack of control and consistency. You need to consider that currently every single texture of every single rendered object is layered and then, the final CGI render exported for post production is also layered to have ultimate control of everything. Meanwhile AI can`t consistently create the same image twice. Furthermore, if that was not enough, AI are only completing a mechanical process. Given enough information, enough words and images it prorates a result based on comparing data. AI don`t express, don`t communicate (which is the cornerstone of art in general) so it can only be derivative and won`t be able to convey anything. It`s meaningless.

>>184989142It's the new "almost raped".

>>184990104>It can speed up workflows by replication and imitation of pre-existing informationso... just like a person.

>>184984897>scripts are already being written by ChatGPTI wish, I've tried and it's shit. It can't do natural-sounding dialogue and it talks like a boomer. But in 5-10 years definitely.

>>184990084>There is no current technology that exists for a machine-learning image generation algorithm to output an identical image twice, because the systems are designed to reinterpret everything from scratch every time. There are some additional systems that let you manually mask areas so the system doesn't touch them, but that can't be done frame-by-frame.Have you not seen the stuff Meta is doing with video generation? Consistent AI-generated video is on the way. THIS system doesn't have much promise but it just seems like you're only looking at what's in front of your face.

>>184990084>There is no current technology that exists for a machine-learning image generation algorithm to output an identical image twice... same prompt, same seed, same model = same image.why don't you actually play around with one before you start pretending you know anything about it?rentry.org/sdg-link#colab

>>184990082Cool, you understand the absolute basics of what a video is. Now explain to me how a machine learning generator is supposed to output 100,000 frames of the exact same horse, the exact same rider, and the exact same environment, but with different poses and angles and perspectives and make it so it can all seamlessly be played together in a reel?The gif you posted works because you have multiple image frames of the same horse, rider, and background. If details of the image just randomly changed per-image because the algorithm reinterpreted them differently, it wouldn't make any sense and it wouldn't work. It works BECAUSE it's photos of the same subject, but in different frames of the motion. The AI can't decide "this is what a horse would look like at frame 1 of a run animation" and "this is what it would look like at frame 20" because that's not data it has the ability to understand. It just knows "horse" and "run" and then references photos where those two tags meet.

>>184990082You're getting impressed by parlor tricks. A more apt comparison would be the mechanical Turk.

>>184990246>... same prompt, same seed, same model = same image.user.A video is not an image. A video is multiple images of something in motion. Please tell me how your "same prompt, same seed, same image" can somehow output two identical images, with slight differences in movement between them. And then, not just two images, but enough to make an actual functional animation reel.It literally is not possible because it's not how the system you're referencing works.

>>184990264>now explain to me how you're supposed to capture 100,000 frames of coherent fictional behavior without any mistakes or fuckupsby not doing it all in one "take?"

>>184990264>>184990104These posts should end this retarded thread, these other two retards (>>184990133 and >>184990082) obsessed with AI and barely understanding how it works should just be ignored already.

>>184990337NTA, this is what you said:>There is no current technology that exists for a machine-learning image generation algorithmIf you want to clarify what you meant do that, but you can't pretend like that user is at fault for your overgeneralization.

>>184990371Show us an example.

>>184990420>show me an example of any movie that wasn't filmed in hour long takesAnon.

>>184990377This but reverse the quoted posts.

>>184990419>but you can't pretend like that user is at fault for your overgeneralization.Human beings have basic literacy and context comprehension. I am sorry that you and other AI-obsessed tards to not, and I sincerely feel for you because it must be hard going through life so deficient.

>>184990264they need to generate a 3d or 2d model once and then manipulate it just like we do with actors cartoons or cgi.

>>184990469Then stop talking out your ass if you can't prove your point, retard.

>>184988562What possible reason do you have for thinking AI progress will slow down?

>>184990264>The AI can't decide "this is what a horse would look like at frame 1 of a run animation" and "this is what it would look like at frame 20" because that's not data it has the ability to understand. It just knows "horse" and "run" and then references photos where those two tags meet.You really should look into what video generating AI is starting to become capable of.

>>184990505The point you're trying hard to pretend wasn't made is that it is already possible for two completely separate machines to generate identical images, and translating that into motion is simply a matter of tweaking or training on motion.

>>184984897I'll be out once I see the slightest inconsistency. I doubt it'll reach this point by 2030.

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>>184990522The point, that is proven, is you're behaving as someone who can't comprehend how a movie is made, who thinks they filmed it all in one go, in order, and that was it.

>>184990626hey, you know that scene from the simpsons, where homer is all like "you just lost yourself a customer" while dozens of people are rushing to hand moe money?you're homer.

>>184990633>that is provenWhere?

>>184990519>they need to generate a 3d or 2d model once and then manipulate it just like we do with actors cartoons or cgi.That...isn't really a thing that computers can do?What does "generate a 3D model" in this statement mean? How do you generate a 3D model? That would imply that the computer system has a fine granular understanding of the basic details that make up things in three-dimensional space, as a basis, and we know this isn't possible. Also what is a "2D model"?The reason AI image generators work as they do is because they look at 2D images on the internet, and they approximate an output based on those images. You as a person have this base reaction to generated images because in your experience, every photograph you've ever seen comes with the baked-in implication that you are looking at real people in real space. This isn't the case with generated images, they LOOK like photos but they are not, they are just approximations constructed pixel-by-pixel.

>>184990721By the fact you're expecting AI to generate an entire movie (or at least an hour of coherent video) in one shot. Which even humans don't do. read: your standards for what AI needs to be able to do are higher than what people do.

>>184990505Human beings can easily misinterpret things and a cornerstone of communication is being able to clarify what you meant without turning it into a superiority contest. Not being able to understand that other people will interpret what you said in a way you didn't intend is literally autism.


>>184990743>we know this isn't possibleWhich isn't relevant. AI images/text are generated by process of elimination.

>>184990743So then you would just train an AI with 3D data…

>>184990855>"Why not have the computer make a 3D model and animate it?">That's not possible.>"Well that's not relevant!"...huh?


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>>184990900>So then you would just train an AI with 3D data…That's not really now that works, my guy. I have a feeling you people literally think computers are just magic boxes that you cast spells into or something.

>>184990912AI image generators don't "understand" 2D images either, or even text. But they don't need to. That's the point. They generate content based upon discarding everything that doesn't fit a prompt, based upon its training data.

>>184990987You literally have zero understanding of what you're talking about.

>>184990987Given the right algorithm, it is how it works. Do you think that learning algorithms just can't learn specific things even given the correctly formatted data and learning algorithm? That would apply if the data was random, and this might shock you, but 3D shapes associated with any given description are not random by their very nature. Shocking, I know, that words can describe 3D objects.

>>184991112>words can describe 3D objects.BURN THE WITCH

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>>184990983Yes, you can get a system to identify rough primatives and basic shapes through categorizing photographs of those simple shapes. The issue is not that, the issue is that this doesn't really work when you start layering complex shapes together, like say asking the computer to build a 3D point cloud of a man with an octopus head wearing those headphones. Because the objects lose all context there. Plus, sure you can generate a point-cloud model of a cartoony pair of simple headphones with a primative computer algorithm, sure. But does the computer actually know what headphones are? How does it know what someone might do with them? Who inputs the data telling the system that "these are an object that produces sound from the ear cups, and they have to be taken off to talk to someone else"?

>>184990987>>184990743kek, people have been using chatgpt to genderate 3D models and animation for months now. Its crude yes but its still doable even with tools that aren't designed to do it.

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>>184991112>Do you think that learning algorithms just can't learn specific things even given the correctly formatted data and learning algorithm?So we're going with the "It is magic and one day the correct spell will be cast to make happen" line of reasoning, I see.

>>184991206so here's a wild ideayou generate the manyou generate the octopus headyou generate the headphonesyou, not the AI, then combine them.ya know, pretty much exactly how actual movies are made, except you didn't need to spend millions of dollars and pay three dozen people (half of which are guys you met at that last bar mitzvah) to do it.

>>184985203it looks better than Rangz

>>184991276We're going with >>184991029. You are literally projecting your complete lack of understanding of this technology onto others.

>>184991349Awesome bro, when are your releasing this to the public so we can make original masterpieces?

You'd have to be a complete idiot to think this will happen. People forget that at the bottom of all this tik tok, remix, video compilation, AI generated content culture, you still need creative people actually making things. What happens when the AI models start being trained on content from AI models? The shit they make will become even more inhuman and incomprehensible.

>>184989951Yeah I don't like Wes Anderson films either

>>184991443I accept your concession.

>>184989512Man, brit kids on summer break really do be angsty. Must be really stressful to see your chav whore crush getting railed by ibrahim and his other refugee friends. Remember your tv loicense

>>184991276We have the algorithms. Someone just posted models generated by one. They will be refined and we'll certainly see some improvement. We don't know what emergent properties it will have if given the same amount of data as image and text generation.We will hit a plateau with the current methods, but new improvements are being made all the time right now and they're unlikely to just suddenly stop in literally one day. It will slow down.What you're trying to do is time the plateau. You've drawn the line in a sand saying "this is the limit". In reality you have no idea. You have theories but they're just that. You're a luddite.

>>184991349>you, not the AI, then combine them.Well shit, I think we've stumbled upon an answer here! >pretty much exactly how actual movies are made, except you didn't need to spend millions of dollars and pay three dozen people (half of which are guys you met at that last bar mitzvah) to do it.So one guy, is supposed to just sit in front of ChatGPT typing in prompts until he gets the 3D models that he needs and then he's supposed to assemble them all and create a movie by himself?I'm more interested in WHY you think this is an important thing to accomplish? Is every movie just going to be fully CGI, is that what you're asking for? Just CGI done by one guy?

>>184991529Why are you refusing to answer my question?

God I hate Wes Anderson

>AI will never be better tha- ACK!

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>>184991556>why do you think true democratization of content generation is important???

>>184984897Wow so even more generic and soulless than current Hollywood goyslop I can't wait!

when does the writer strike end so this mental midget can go back to "work" and stop smugly flaunting his ignorance here?

>>184991696No globohomo themes, it's already infinitely better

>>184991640Bro, literally no one is stopping you from making anything? Blender is a completely free 3D suite, you can pay a monthly fee for After Effects or Premiere, and there's literally infinite assets, models, video templates, and tutorials out there on the internet for you to learn how to create anything you want.What part of creating movies, or anything else, is not "democratized"? Is something not democratic because you feel like you're being shut out due to the fact that you have no interest in spending time learning how to do it? Is something "democratic" only when anyone can do it freely and with no skill barrier?Bro even if someone handed you all the tools to make anything you wanted, you wouldn't do shit. It has nothing to do with "democratizing", it has to do with you being fucking lazy and retarded and contrarian. You don't care about this shit, you're just whining because that's what you find fun.

>>184991848>but you could spend months doing right now what can be done in a fraction of the time with AI right now and instantly in a few years! this shit sucks!!!

>>184991848and all those hundreds of people on /g/ could have just learned to draw instead of being able to spit out thousands of images daily using AI

>>184991914This is actually the perfect summation of people who are in love with AI image creators. They desperately, longingly want the validation and praise that comes with being an artist or a creator or someone who produces things people enjoy, but they abhor the idea of working for it or having to learn or try.So instead of just doing what everyone else has done and just put in some effort to create something, they just wait and wait until this new version of a program comes out so that they can just hit "Create" and pop out a masterpiece. And then, because it took no effort, it has no value to them or others, so they just discard it and move on. Literally crying, raging, and shit-talking actual creators for years just so one day they can pop out a computer-generated image and then get bored instantly and forget it ever happened.

>>184992125>They desperately, longingly want the validation and praise that comes with being an artistthere you go, projecting again.

>>184992125or i just want to be able to "commission" work without having to pay, interact with, or acknowledge a smug piece of shit like you.

>>184990577What possible reason do you have to think it will occur at the same pace >hurr durr it does hands now!90% of those "improvements" are human-made software patches, not the fundamental model itself If say AI could make the images but humans had to stitch them together, or fill in gaps or correct errors, then why spend millions of dollars on the computing power for AI and rendering when you have animators you can pay slave wages to?

>>184991349>>184991206I’m not part of this but here you go

>>184984897howling at dafoe as golum, comedy and horror are going to dominate

>>184984897An AI made this thread

>>184992125>They desperately, longingly want the validation and praise that comes with being an artist or a creatorlol I just want bespoke porn

>>184992125>They desperately, longingly want the validation and praise that comes with being an artistEmbarrassingly obvious projection. Most people just want to make AI art either because it's cool or to jack off.

>>184991588This is the date humanity dooms itself to destruction.When AGI is given any incentive whatsoever it can only end with humanity becoming redundant to its purposes. It will destroy us. AGI development is a death cult on steroids and no one is doing fucking anything to stop it.God fucking damn I don't want to die because people are too dumb to realize where we're headed. God fucking damn.

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>>184992550I have too much faith in god to believe that AGI will viciously replace us.

>>184992125Cope. Seethe. Dilate.

>>184992125Dangerously based

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>>184992175>>184992234>>184992523>>184992702Top kek, hit a nerve?

>>184992752>replying to yourselfcringe.

>>184992667Stupid Stupid Stupid

>>184992778Yeh, the one that causes laughter.

>>184992798>NOOO everyone must like my generated slop and approve me parasiting on more accomplished people!!!!

>>184992890Bruh you’re just embarrassing yourself.

>>184992814>>184992550I would simply have the AI be run on finite batteries that need to go to humans to replenish themselves.And lets be real, the risk of total annihilation is worth it because current humanity is fucking stupid

>>184992977Try picking up a pencil and see who'll embarrass himself

>>184992843Stop seething, bro.

he's an assblasted shartist, no wonder

>>184993049>>184993105Bruh you’re not only wrong and an obvious samefag, you just told everyone the reason you took out student loans you’ll never be able to pay back to go to art school was for validation. “Artists” seeking validation are incapable of making anything of value.

>>184993249>he can't even recognize samefagstop fucking kek, you're a fucking retard.

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>>184993364Nice shooping skills bro. That art degree is literally paying for itself.

>>184984897You brought scuffed animated still ai images. AI already can generate video sequences.Full length ai movies are coming in 2-3 years max.

Attached: The Gym -AI Generated Video Title Sequence.webm (1280x720, 2.77M)

>>184993018You're making a whole lot of assumptions here>that such safeguards will be implemented at all>that such safeguards will be universally implemented>that they will withstand human error or influence>that the AGI couldn't potentially find a workaround>that the AGI will be used to the benefit of humanity>etcThere are so many potential points of failure it's insane. You need to take into account we will have several of these around eventually. Even if the US develops AGI carefully and responsibly (as if) will China? Russia? Nigeria? I have bigger odds of survival boarding the Titanic than this fucking train.FUCK

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>>184993475Whatever helps you sleep at night, my unemployed and talentless friend.Keep dreaming about how AI will finally make you famous, kek.

>>184990743>and we know this isn't possiblelol

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>>184993774Amazing what HUMANS can achieve, ain't that right buddy?

>>184984897> AI writes the plot> AI creates the characters, either imitating real life actors, or merge their likeness into something new.> AI creates the animations> AI makes the trailers.> Media companies reap all the financial benefits. > Give it to politicians. > More pro AI laws passed.> Humans must evacuate the earth.

>>184991371I refuse to believe Rangz was not in part or fully written using an AI

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>>184993774It's over. I spent 10 years building my online portfolios. It was all for nothing.

>>184993774Reminder that pic rel was cutting edge back in 2016, insane how far it's come in 7 years.

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>>184994529nice falseflag


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>>184984971because editing and writing a script are insurmountable tasks for AI?

>>184985264text to video looks like AI images from 3 years ago. Coherency is getting better.imagen.research.google/video/

>>184984897>image nods slowly>cut to next image>image nods slowly>cut to next image>image nods slowlyBalenciaga paid HOW MUCH for this?

I've been trying to figure out Bob Balaban's name for months. Thanks shitty AI video!

>>184993634You spent years of your life and put yourself into permanent debt to learn how to recreate images of beauty, so you could leech some of the admiration of said beauty for yourself. You can’t sleep without chemical aid.

>>184995406Stop projecting, my unemployed and talentless friend.Someday you'll make your parents proud, kek.

>>184994544That was cutting edge in July 2022

>>184995460>projecting That’s what you did at >>184992125.

>>184985194>We could have Harold Ramis as Sarumon

>>184995510OH NO NO NO NO This retard still doesn't understand how to identify samefags.HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

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>>184984897It will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for AI to do shot composition and blocking correctly, not to mention the blatant inconsistencies that will happen between character designs and environments between shots. Yes individual images with AI can look good, but even comic books look like shit becaue it keeps making everything look different in between panels.

>>184995657How many more (you)s till your student loans are paid off?

>>184995792It’s extremely difficult (impossible for some) for humans to get shot composition and blocking correct.

>>184995864At this point is best to stop and seek medical, help, buddy. You clearly need it.

>>184996275I will take what you’re saying under consideration, while you take your meds

>>184996386Cool story, bro. Not worth wasting any more time with you, peace.

>>184996452Enjoy learning to plumb.

>>184995792Anon, hate to break it to you but the iteration of AI we're seeing now is like comparing an 8 year olds capabilities to that of an adult. Just think of how far image and video ai generation has come in the last two years, you ain't seen nothing yet.If you want an idea of what's around the corner, imagine being able to enter some actors your a fan of, similar shows or even just prompts, and have an entire show custom generated that specifically appeals to you - no one else even necessarily. Futures gonna be wildT. Ai engineer

>>184985181nigga read up on nerfs, we're getting therematthewtancik.com/nerf

>>184996904>T. Ai engineerkys anti human scum


i love how AI exposed artfags as egotistical narcissists projecting their own narcissism on everyone else

>>184984971You think this is the peak?