>GoT is dead>LOTR is deadTime for a true fantasy kino has come

>GoT is dead>LOTR is deadTime for a true fantasy kino has come

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>>184984425>>184984462Back to /lit/, niggers

>>184984462>>184984581Bakker is KING>Then the madness fell away. Once again it was the pure thunder of the charge. The strange camaraderie of men bent to a single, fatal purpose. Hummocks, scrub, and the bones of the Vulgar Holy War’s dead rushed beneath. The wind bled through chain links, tousled Thunyeri braids and Tydonni crests. Bright banners slapped against the sky. The heathen, wicked and foul, drew closer, ever closer. One last storm of arrows, these ones almost horizontal to the ground, punching against shield and armour. Some were struck from their saddles. Tongue tips were bitten off in the concussion of the fall. The unhorsed arched across the turf, screamed and swatted at the sky. Wounded mounts danced in frothing circles nearby. The rest thundered on, over grasses, through patches of blooming milkwort waving in the wind. They couched their lances, twenty thousand men draped in great mail hauberks over thick felt, with coifs across their faces and helms that swept down to their cheeks, riding chargers caparisoned in mail or iron plates. The fear dissolved into drunken speed, into the momentum, became so mingled with exhilaration as to be indistinguishable from it. They were addicted to the charge, the Men of the Tusk. Everything focused into the glittering tip of a lance. The target nearer, nearer … The rumble of hooves and drums drowned their kinsmen’s song. They crashed through a thin screen of sumac … Saw eyes whiten in sudden terror. Then impact. The jarring splinter of wood as lances speared through shield, through armour. Suddenly the ground became still and solid beneath them, and the air rang with wails and shouts. Hands drew sword and axe. Everywhere figures grappled and hacked. Horses reared. Blades pitched blood into the sky. And the Kianene fell, undone by their ferocity, crumpling beneath northern hands, dying beneath pale faces and merciless blue eyes. The heathen recoiled from the slaughter—and fled.KINO

>>184984425Looks kind of interesting, what is it about

>>184984425Give it up, Bakkercels

these books suck bro

>>184984425The fantasy genre as a whole is dead. Welcome to the sci-fi kino age.

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>>184984425Sanderson is going to get adapted nextExcept they'll take out the slavery, races of different genetic talents, people of certain eye color being higher class and women needing to cover their hands for purityessentially they'll just play him a hundred million to use his IP and rape his work altogether

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>>184984697gay rape

>>184984697>>184984711>>184984742If you want happy fantasy, then stick to trash like sanderson and jordanIf you want a world that's blacker than pitch then read bakker>Cnaiür screamed. “Show me your mighty warriors!” His limbs fevered by all-conquering hatred, he cut them down, weak and strong alike, fighting like one mad with heartbreak, hacking shields until arms were broken, pounding figures until they stumbled and spouted plumes of blood. The advancing ranks engulfed them, but still Cnaiür and his Utemot killed and killed, until the turf beneath their feet became bloody muck, treacherous with corpses. The Nansur relented, scrambled back several paces, gaping at the Utemot chieftain. Sheathing his broadsword, Cnaiür vaulted the bodies heaped before him. He caught a wounded straggler by the throat, crushed his windpipe. Roaring, he heaved the thrashing man above his head. “I am the reaver!” he cried. “The measure of all men!” He sent the body crashing at their feet. “Is there no cock among you?” He spat, then laughed at their astonished silence. “All cunts, then.” He shook the blood from his mane, raised his broadsword anew.The greatest fantasy writer since tolkien>And he thought of Proyas. On the worst nights he hugged himself in the blackness of his tent, screaming and sobbing. He beat the earth with his fists, stabbed holes with his knife, then fucked them. He cursed the world. He cursed the heavens. He cursed Anasûrimbor Moënghus and his monstrous son. He thought, So be it. On the best nights he made no camp at all, but instead rode to the nearest Shigeki village, where he would kick in doors and glory in screams. On a whim, he avoided those doors marked with what he imagined was lamb’s blood. But when he found all the doors so marked, he ceased to discriminate. “Murder me!” he would roar at them. “Murder me and it stops!” Bawling men. Shrieking girls and silent women. He would take what compensation he could.

>>184984623It's a stuttery mess to read. Bad prose

>>184984773Dune is fantasy set in space.

>>184984964PlebBakker writes kino battle scenes>Some one hundred thousand Inrithi had stumbled from the Carathay, and less than fifty thousand now ranged across the plain. Another twenty thousand remained within Caraskand, too weak to do more than cheer. Many had dragged themselves from their sickbeds and now crowded the Triamic Walls, especially about the Ivory Gate. Some cried out encouragement and prayers, while others wept, tormented by the collision of hope and hopelessness.>But on wall and field alike, everyone looked anxiously to the centre of the battle line, hoping for a glimpse of the new banner that graced the threadbare standards of the Holy War. There! through budding grove or across rolling pasture, flaring in the breeze: black on white, a ring bisected by the figure of a man, the Circumfix of the Warrior-Prophet. The glory of it scarcely seemed possible …>War horns sounded the advance, and the grim ranks began marching forward, into distances screened by orchards and copses of ash and sycamore. Kascamandri had ordered his host to draw up more than two miles distant, where rolling plain broadened between the city and the surrounding hills, knowing it would be difficult for the Inrithi to cover the intervening distance without exposing their flanks or opening gaps in their line.>Songs keened over the throbbing of Fanim drums. The deep war chants of the Thunyeri, which had once filled the forests of their homeland with the sound of doom. The keening hymns of the Ainoni, whose cultivated ears savoured the dissonance of human voices. The dirges of the Galeoth and the Tydonni, solemn and foreboding. They sang, the Men of the Tusk, overcome with strange passions: joy that knew no laughter, terror that knew no fear. They sang and they marched, walking with the grace of almost-broken men.>Hundreds collapsed, faint for the lack of food. Their kinsmen hauled them to their feet, dragged them forward through the muck of fallow fields.

>>184984462Finishing up my reread of this and I cant see anyway a film or television adaptation won't be a total train wreck.


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>still wanting the hollywood jew to (((adapt))) your /lit/ kino so that normalfags can pretend to be fans of it as wellWhen will you learn your fucking lesson?

>>184984425>A nihilist plagiarize DuneNah, I'll pass

>>184985029Shit tier.

>>184985034Imagine a series on the Chain of Dogs though, but true the whole book series would be a mess. HAIL THE MARINES! brother

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>>184984425>/lit/ non stop shills gay pornNot surprising really.

>>184984697The stand ins for medieval Europe declare a crusade or holy war against the Muslim stand ins. Sorcery is real and OP, but sorcerers can be nerfed by these tiny iron marbles called chorae. The sorcerers are also seen as heretics by the europeans, so they form an uneasy alliance to kill the Muslims. There was also an ancient civilization of norsemen who were destroyed 2000 years ago in the apocalypse. The apocalypse was caused by the last remnants of a space alien race who came to the planet to kill everyone and seal off the world from heaven/hell, because the aliens knew they were all damned to hell for their atrocities. The aliens teamed up with some human sorcerers and some crazy nonmen. They made armies of goblin/orc things called sranc, bigger troll like monsters, and biomechanical dragons.The nonmen were a race of elf equivalents; tall strong, pale white, and hairless manlike creatures. They looked a lot like the big pale dudes in alien: covenant. They ruled the continent when the alien spaceship crashed. Allowed the aliens to become their doctors because the aliens promised to give them immortality. However, the treatment killed all the nonmen women and the nonmen went to war with the aliens. There's also this warrior monk guy who's the descendant of the kings of the ancient norsemen empire. He's on a quest to find his dad.Lots of gore, rape, trannymonsters, philosophy, and weird shit.

The black company would be pretty kino to watch. They’d probably over focus on the lady though.

>>184984697ignore the others, it's about black semen

Did anyone read The First Law? Always thought that could make a good show and some torture porn for fun.>Dead body found floating by the docks.

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>>184984934this is absolute dogshit

>>184984934Yikes, almost as bad as Stephen King

>>184984425"Darkness Weaves With Many Shades."Who can bring Kane to the big screen and not mess it up?

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>>184985029>>184984934>>184984623This reads like 14 >>184984623year old fan fiction

>>184987045post your creative writing user

>>184987201Give me a scenario/plot & I'll write five paragraphs

>>184985404I did. Problem is, Glokta is the only good character.

>>184985029Garbage prose. Way too much telling, not enough showing. All Bakkers doing here is summarizing the battle.I don't need a blow by blow account of the story, but I'd like something more complex than: one hundred thousand men traveled, some got sick, then they were anxious, then they charged, then hundreds collapsed

>>184985404Way too "subversive"

>>184985404Most of the character building comes from inner-monologues. That might be hard to put on screen. Although not a day goes by that I don't wish for an adaptation of First Law

>>184984425on my list of b**ks to read

>>184987252This is a subplot of Malazan:The leaders of the rebellion and suppression force agree to a duel to determine the outcome of the war between them and avoid further unncessary bloodshed.Unbeknownst to the leader of the suppression force, the leader of the rebellion is his brother;a man thought to be killed in the initial uprising and a primary motivation in leading the punitive expedition to avenge him.The duel is decided in a single stroke as the rebel brother is no warrior and the rebellion is crushed.The leader of the suppression force never sees the face of the dead man and his lieutenants quickly hide the body.Pick any part of that.

>>184985404>Glokta: Burn Gorman or Paul Bettany>Ninefingers: Rory McCann or Ray Stevenson>Jezal: some handsome zoomer, dunno>Bayaz: Ian McShane>Collem West: Kevin McKidd or Michael Fassbender>Ardee West: Ana de Armas>Dogman: Norman Reedus>Black Dow: Mads Mikkelsen or Adam Nagaitis>Ferro: some token yass black queen>Bethod: Ciaran Hinds>Archlector Sult: Jared Harris>Lord Marshal Burr: Sean BeanI want to fit Tobias Menzies in there to complete the trifecta. But as whom?

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>>184989605Oh almost forgot:>Yulwei: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje or Djimon Honsou

>>184989605Who should play Frost and Severard?

Probably for the best as whoever makes it would fuck it up royally.

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>>184984425Just so people know, this is Bakkerfag. He has been an autistic spammer on /lit/ for like the past two years, similar to the level of Gadonfag. Bakkers books are unironically drivel on par with GoT and everyone generally agrees they suck, but this autismo still posts about Bakker hundreds of times per day. I have no idea what motivated him to move here but he represents what everyone hated about the Gadon spammer. Stop feeding his threads.

>>184989972I'm convinced its Bakker himself trying to increase the size of his audience. Very few people actually like his books and I can't imagine anyone unironically cucking themselves into worshipping him this much.

>>184985404>>184987762Yeah it's very cynical and deconstructionist, there's very little positivity and no one to root for.

>>184984425It's funny how you Bakker fags ALWAYS ignore the massive cuck and homosex themes in these books. It quickly turned into nothing more than all of the characters worshiping Kelhus and slopping all over his dick. I literally skipped every chapter that began with a woman's name and finally bailed after that family was raped to death by the dog people. Bakker is a literal furry fag.

>>184989882>Frost: Dave Bautista or John DeSantis>Severard: Iwan Rheon or James Frain

>>184989605>Nicomo Cosca: Paul Kaye>Brother Longfoot: Kumail Nanjiani>Shylo Vitari: Clara Paget>Bremer dan Gorst: Thor Björnsson>Rudd Threetrees: Kristofer Hivju>Tul Duru: Kevin Durand>Malacus Quai: Mackenzie Crook>Calder and Scale: Some of the Skarsgård brothers

>>184989933you can really see how the fantasy genre has changed for the worse when you compare this with his follow up trilogy

>>184990997Age of Madness had amazing plot but pozzed to all hell

>>184991054How is it pozzed? I skimmed through the book and all I saw was straight romance (bleh). I can't be assed to read a fantasy book unless it has lesbian romance.

>>184990189Bakker shot himself in the foot several times; posted on multiple forums pretending to be other people then got caught and pissed off his readers, pissed of his publishers, and refused any kind of merch deals to market his books.If this is him making these threads then he's undoubtedly the aspect emperor of retards.

>>184991251It has way too many, way too on-the-nose instances of "hurr durr womyn powerful" and way too many female POV characters. Also lots of modern societal commentary about how refugees and immigration are only positives.

>>184991400so you haven't read the book


>>184990372No one is raped to death by dog people lol. Orc people, sure. And yeah, everyone wants to suck Kellhus off, and look where it gets them? He's a monster who uses and discards people.

>>184991343seriously? sauce?

>>184991400Nice, confirmed you've never read the series lol

>>184989972Good. I learned about the series because of this guy. Second Apocalypse is great grimdark fantasy.

>>184991604>>184992062As someone who has read all the books more than once, he's correct.

>>184989304Okay, that's super specific & weird that you just want to steal such a specific thing from a specific book, but when I get off work & have some time I will write three paragraphs about it

>>184992046Check the old bakker threads in the literature section on the A Song of Ice and Fire forums. It was years ago, before the aspect emperor series dropped, and there are about 50 threads. I'm not digging through them.

>>184992216Sorry, FIVE paragraphs was the deal, I'll write five

You know if people put the effort into romaticizing history that they did into remembering made up bullshit by retards the world would be all the better off.

>>184984996>this scifi story doesn’t literally predict what the future of technology and sociology will be therefore it isn’t “hard scifi” and isn’t real scifiPleb opinion. Knock about 35% off the autism and you’ll improve your artistic sensibilities by a large margin

>>184985087>they ruined my special franchise, now people might not like it in the right way!Who gives a fuck about the overall impression of a franchise? I’m a fan of the experience I had with the tolkien books and watching the Jackson films with my uncle as a kid. Amazon tried something new and failed, someone else should have the opportunity to try what they want to do, it doesn’t affect me at all. Because I’m not a pleb who cares about the perception of a piece of corporate IP

>>184984425Sounds interesting , I do have a stockpile of audible credits ....

>>184992309I'm going to need to you explain that one a bit.

>>184984425HBO should go after this bc of all the gay shit. Also I remember him describing a naked guy walking out of the ocean "as the waves softly tugged on his member" or something

>>184991400I just don't believe you

>>184993053Why is it about swimming naked that’s so sexual? Or really swimming in general but esp naked

Im ok with some gay shit , but how much gay shit is in this book?

I got this book on audible because I had seen the OP shill it before in this manner and it was way to edgy. Big surprise, I know.

>>184984425Are they gonna cast Scott Bakula in the lead role?

>>184984934>>184985029This is roughly on the same level as G.R.R.M. Only I'm in my 30s now and put down Tolkien after 30 pages because I thought he couldn't write just last week.

>>184985034You start with Chain of Dogs then continue from there. Book 2 is the most like a sane, normal ensemble story.

>>184984462Cast him.

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>>184985316You make it sound very interesting, but Intried it and dropped it 200 pages into the first book. Nothing was comprehensible, literally random shit thrown at you without lore kr explanation. Some dude loving alone in a fortress got attacked and ran... fought some weird monsterd... fought some tough evil dude/elf... jump to a dude in a city... living with a prostitute... somethijg about war, spies, gatherings of people... ABSOLUTELY RANDOM AND I COMPREHENSIBLEt. loves fantasy, but Bakker is a hack

>>184991251>lesbian romanceAny recommendations?

>>184989972leave Gadonfag out of it you fuck

>>184989972>>184995790Gaddonfag spamms Holla Forums now. I was shitposting in a thread about Russia/Ukraine and out of nowhere I see "talented and beautiful Canadian actress Sarah..." and he started posting her pics incessantly loke he does here. I did a double take and had to check the board.