ITT: actors you’ve been told you look like

ITT: actors you’ve been told you look like.

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So you're unattractive basically? Lol I look way better than this rat faced Jew, and I undoubtedly look better than you too.

>>184984284post face

>>184984284Shut the fuck up

>>184984244That's just mean of them to say

James T. Kirk. Not sure if Shatner or Pine.

>>184984244I beat you up you twink faggot

>>184984244AIDS rat

Should I take it as good or bad?

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>>184984284Wow, aren't you cool with those anti-semetic remarks?

ngl got approached randomly quite a few times that i look like the gladiatorbut now im old and fat too lmao

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>>184984419You don't have the money and fame to make it work in your favor, so you're fucked.


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I got called Harry Potter by so many people growing up.

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I've been told that I look similar to the young Steve Reeves in Hercules. I have a little more wider face though.Don't know if it's bad or not. But it's an old type of "beauty". Zoomer girls no longer like masculine looking dudes.

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very sad that people are brainwashed into thinkiing sickly looking whiteoids like this are attractive

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>>184984308>just dox yourself lolno thanks

>>184984782I wouldn't want to fight you.

>>184984770He's a jew. Not white. Whites don't have pubes like he has on his rat face. He's 27 ffs.

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>>184984847confirmed uggo

>>184984908>>184984770seething samefag

>>184984948Cope all you like but I'm way better looking than this guy. I have a better face, better jaw, better hands.


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I hope she didn't mean when he's a bald schizo. Or a bald psychic cripple for that matter.

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>>184984983no lol

>>184984663>glasses>need a haircutMany such cases. It’s unnerving how puberty made Harry looks like an aids patient though

>>184985021Why are you so defensive are you him? Is he your crush or are you so ugly yourself that you can't fathom that there are good looking people shitposting here?

>>184985021Yes lol, I'm great looking. I look better than 95% of modern movie stars. Sorry if it's hard for you to believe that someone on here can be good looking but it's true.

Keanu Reeves

Anthony Carrigan

I've been told that I look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

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>>184985137It's believable, we just don't believe you are

>>184985137>Yes lol, I'm great looking. I look better than 95% of modern movie stars. Sorry if it's hard for you to believe that someone on here can be good looking but it's true.

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>>184985219>>184985221I'm laughing at you guys right now, you're so wrong about me hahaha.

>>184985375we know you are lmao

>>184985375Eurasian Tiger?

>>184985026You got me, but I do also just genuinely look a lot like this guy. My eyes are green, though.

>>184984244My mother told me that I look like a young Al Pacino and My dad says I look like Andrew Garfield

I hope its a good thing. Probably a bad thing. I mean I got that shit hairline and round face, but he was kind of distinguished looking i suppose?

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big chungus wholesome

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>>184985783He really looks like an autistic Matt Damon here


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>>184984244You do NOT look like Timothy chalamet. No way, buddy. But also people have told me I look like Kristen Stewart or Jodi foster

>>184985703You must be very cute. 2 or my favorite actors. Also, I’m a girl

Release me from this unending torment.

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>>184986135Based Verne.

>>184984244>>184984284>>184984308>>184984328>>184984350>>184984354>>184984382>>184984389>>184984419>>184984423>>184984536>>184984578>>184984603>>184984615>>184984663>>184984688>>184984770>>184984782>>184984847>>184984856>>184984908>>184984948>>184984969>>184984983>>184984991>>184985000>>184985021>>184985026>>184985128>>184985137>>184985191>>184985195>>184985198>>184985219>>184985221>>184985375>>184985432>>184985482>>184985575>>184985703>>184985783>>184985801>>184985818>>184986055>>184986091>>184986135>>184986282>>184986354>>184986465all me btw


The Hawkester, obviously younger version

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>>184986465me too bro... at least i have glasses so i just look like morrissey

I have literally never been compared to anyone

Literally me

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>>184986818You're one of a kind.

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My mom says I look like Brad Pitt from Legends of the Fall. She's the only woman who has ever complimented me though, so I don't believe her

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>>184987191Oof. Must be hard.

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>>184984244i had a friend in high school that looked exactly like himand none of the girls were into himand now that looking like a rat faced retard is in he's too old to take advantage of iti feel bad for him

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>>184986997too bad I'm uniquely ugly

i get mistaken for her at least once a week

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Jason MamoaRichard ArmitageSteven Segal (this one upsets me desu)The lead singer from Coheed & CambriaMarkiplier (just my voice)"Sebastian" from some anime called "Black Butler" (again, just my voice.)"You laugh like Naraku." (again, some anime for girls I haven't watched, the villain from Iny Yasha I think.)

>>184987485me too.

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I don't really see it but whatever

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>>184987647can i be your friend?

Been told by a few women I look like pic related. I'll take it.

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>>184984244as boring as he is too unless I get some liquor in

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Is this the thread for handsome anons to humblebrag?

>>184987647>my face resembles.....someone else?

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>>184987854i would face reveal but i can't disclose my identity sorry

>>184987854my looks are "decent" but that's the extent of it, I'm slime

>>184984603This is every undereating pothead burnout in any town in america. He just has better hair, skin and jawline. Make him 20% uglier and it's indistinguishable


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>>184987854maybe a little

>>184987964stop humblebragging

Also Chalamet because I have curly hair

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>>184984244I love him.

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>>184984284holy cope lmao

>>184988127Mr.Bonestructure over here.

I always get the Jon Snow guy on tinder cause long curly hair beard but honestly it isn't accurate because I'm taller and better looking than him, I'm not fucking gormless

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Two times. My hair are short though...Don't think that it was a compliment

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>>184987385Forsen ?

>>184987854Just remember that this is what the posters here actually look like

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>>184984244Anyone saying he is ugly is just butt hurt at his youthful good looks, probably has looked 30 since age 16, and balding since 18

>>184988715>Fishtank tourists>Regular postersNo.

>>184988557I was a chubby kid and kids kept telling me I looked like the kid Bruce from matilda that ate chocolate cake, I didn't know who he was at the time so I looked it up and kek I totally fucking did, not nearly as fat but my hair at the time was exactly the same.

>>184984244My gf told me I kinda look like Adam Driver and Dave Patel :^)

>>184989462WHAAA... you have grlfriend?

>>184988715Wrong. Majority are beaners, spics, sudacas, blacks, pajeets and unironically jews. White Americans and Europeans are rare here.

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>>184984244>I look like a manlet, lanklet kikelol, lmao

>>184989551>I look like a short, tall kike

I get Andrew Garfield, Jack Quaid and Bill Hader sometimes.

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an uber driver once said I looked like william dafoe.

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>>184989806did you suck his cock to pay for the ride?

>>184987570Who is this disfigured bitch?


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>>184984284you will never have sex with horny teenager fangirls like him

Like 3 times

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not proud of this, and i've gotten it quite a lot we have identical mouths

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>>184984284Based rat jew twink destroyer

>>184984244Ive been told I look like him, but only when hes wearing the chainmail in that one movie where hes a king.

>>184989535pol?wtf are these ugly retarded lookin turdworlders, these brown shits probably fellate monke 24/7, oh yeah that makes sense

>>184988774I'm 24 and look like I'm still in high school. I'm more youthful than he ever was.

>>184991950that's not good for a man

not me but my father is literally a cheap version of pic rel. If he had a better jawline and a similar face shape I don't think there would be any difference.

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>>184992064says you

I've gotten depending on my hair Joel kinnamen, matthew McCaughney, riz Ahmed, and Adam Driver.

>>184992403Says the taste of women. Notice how all K-pop fans are underage girls. Because girls that age like cutesy youthfulness. Once they mature, they like manly men. Neoteny is a very positive trait for women to have, not at all for men. It indicates weakness.

>>184984663This. I only made it to 5'5" like him too haha

I’ve gotten him three separate times

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>>184985000Same rules apply

>>184986354>>184986282post anus

>>184992646>underage girlsSounds like he's winning

I even have the same first name...

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>>184987964Dude you look just like Henry Cavile!


>>184987092are you the girl from the last of us

>>184987964you look like the rapist from persona 5

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this was back before the movie, when the musical was really popular, but uuuuuuhalso DEH

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>>184994690hehe. deh.

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I´ve been told I look like white Idris Elba

>>1849896425head looking ass

people tell her she looks like a korean olivia husseyobviously she looks better

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>>184997603Korean is just another word for plastic surgery at this point. Her eyes are still bulging out of her orbitals after all that nip & tuck. She a cute though


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>>184984244I got compared to the butler of the Addams Family 3 separate times