Why was Franklin not in season 4 or 5? Is Netflix racist?

Why was Franklin not in season 4 or 5? Is Netflix racist?

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>>184983418All this pressure to be briii-ight...

>>184982223Well Holla Forums?

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I don't want no part of your tight ass country club, ya freak bitch!


So we all AD S1-3 is the best comedy show ever made, right

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>>184982223why does groge bush hate black puppets so much bros?

>>184983614it's up there yeah

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Best running gag?For me, its everybody constantly shitting on Ann

>>184983547That's my wife, you bastard!

>>184982223>literal whitewashingBravo Hurwitz

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>>184983929her?actually best gag is any time they mention Buster's hand. >he's all right

>>184983929what, is she funny or something

>>184983929It's as Ann as the nose on plains face.

>>184984172>I'M A MONSTERRRR


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Friendly reminder that the OG cut of season 4 is good and in terms of writing easily rivals at the very least season 3, but has moments that are way funnier than it. I kind of like season 4 more than 3, the production issues of 4, the use of green screens and heavy narration is unfortunate for sure but flaws and all I still think 4 is worthwhile and definitely ambitious, it's not a failure because Hurwitz phoned anything in, if anything he got insanely ambitious with it and on paper went above and beyond in terms of things people loved AD for. I really just think that poor scheduling and time constraints fucked them over.

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>>184983543I would happily get naked in front of her and let her jerk me off desu

Why do people keep thinking T-Bone said "Oh, most definitely?" He very clearly says Almost Definitely. youtube.com/watch?v=M4fCTT8ZOKI

>>184984172>I think it'd be good to spend some time with your knuckle Buster.

>>184983614absolutely not, it’s formulaic paint-by-numbers trashthey had the beats and pacing worked out long before they figures out what the jokes would be

>>184983614basically tied for #2with 30 rock for me. But Seinfeld will always be #1

>>184985059bluray subs disagree

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>>184984970it's surreal to look back at it, and remember that the reason for the greenscreen shit and weird narrative structure was because none of the cast wanted to give a tv show for Netflix any of their time. No one thought streaming was a legit avenue for new media.

>>184984970I like season 4, I couldn't believe the remix of it that somehow had EVEN MORE flashbacks of previous scenes.

>>184983929the chicken dance thing fucks me up everytime, i honestly end up laughing so hard it hurtsonly when gob does it though, there's one time when the rest of them try and it lacks the same charm

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>>184985218>No one thought streaming was a legit avenue for new mediaIt isn't

>>184985059because he says 'Oh, most definitely.' Saying 'almost definitely' doesn't make any sense. How would he 'almost definitely' start a fire. Makes way more sense to 'most definitely' start a fire.

>>184985212Because subtitle providers have never made errors before. You even see his mouth enunciate "Almost definitely." You hear the fucking L when he says it.

>>184985278Almost definitely is the funnier thing to say in that context. And it absolutely makes sense as he's not completely tying himself to the crime.

>>184985304for what its worth, I always heard it as "almost definitely" too, subs probably got it wrong.Almost definitely is a funnier response than Oh, most definitely anyway

>>184985339>he's not completely tying himself to the crime.Nothing about his confident and quick response is trying to hid anything. George even said he was a flamer directly to Michael's face. Stack on him working at a banana stand after getting out of prison doesn't really paint T-bone as the brightest guy. Hell, it's even funnier that he's just so blatant about it.

>>184985227it has more flashbacksit has more narrationit has jokes ruined because they're no longer done in the correct order it baffles me that there exists people that prefer the remix. What baffles and angers me is that the remix version has become the "official" version, you have to actually go out of your way to find the OG cut on netflix, because they just list the remix as the official season 4, which is retarded. Season 4 wasn't written to be like the old show, it wasn't planned to be like it, trying to frankenstein an edit that makes it more like the old show is a bad fucking idea and clearly didn't work.OG cut is so much fucking better

>>184985477It also cut the joke about Lucille thanking a guard if they sexually assault her. But yeah, I agree that 4 is on par or better than 3. I think 3 is overrated but still good; just doesn't compare to the genius of 1 and 2.

>>184985603Season 3 bugs me because it spent 6 episodes building up to a punchline and while it was funny the first time, rewatching all of scenes involving Rita and the Mr F just gets boring.I think the 2nd half of season 3 is pretty solid, but definitely a far cry from season 1 and 2.


>It’s a Shemalé!Literally couldn’t make this today.Also shout out to the dinner party episode with all the TV gimmicks they try to do.>Yeah HBOs not going to want us.>Then I guess it’s Showtime.

>>184985477Doesn't the remix spoil the truth about FakeBlock in like the 2nd episode when in the original it was a punchline that the whole season was building up to?

I've never seen a more glaring example of "I have no idea what to do with this character" than Maeby's appearances in season 4 and 5 yet she's in every episode.I am convinced they had AI write her scripts in season 5.

>>184982223REMINDER they are getting rid of all the seasons off netflix this year, meaning the netflix exclusive seasons while shit will never be available ever again

>>184986577That was the most glaring pacing change.

>>184986577It’s so bad how they butcher all the jokes. I understand someone who watches the first three episodes and is like “what the hell is this?” But once you get to episode 4 and all the call backs start clicking it become unparalleled kino.

>>184983929Oscar dropping hints he's Buster's dad

>>184986770I don't get why they didn't have Maeby in prison for season 5.And the more that I think about it, the more I realize they should've just recast Lindsay and made jokes about her getting plastic surgery if Portia de Rossi didn't want to come out of retirement. And she should've been a Trump stand-in rather than completely fuck up the consistent timeline by shifting everything to 2016.

>>184983614Can't top Seinfeld for me but it's definitely top 3.

>>184982223What are some Arrested Development quotes you still use? I say "You were just a turd out there" in the tone of George Sr.

>>184987120that was a freebie

>>184987120>A diet is a good defense.

>>184985477how do you watch og season 4?

>>184987366torrent it, or>Netflix subscribers have to go to the show’s official page and click on the “trailers and more” section to find the original cut of the fourth season.

>>184987120>We’ll see who drums up more honey! Bzzzzz!


>>184986938>I just wanted to share my Pop Secret with you!

>>184987366>>184987451funnily enough, since the OG season 4 is in the "Trailers and more" section it is completely free to watch, you don't even need a Netflix account to watch it

>>184987843>Wow my old hand chair! I never thought I’d miss a hand so much.


>>184988012Wasn't that just the one time?

>>184987850>It's real

>>184983929i love all the jokes about george sr working with hussein. I remember how they kept dropping hints about the connection in season 1 before revealing it>>184987120i regularly use the phrase “what are you taking stupid pills?”

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>>184985245Agreed Gob's is best, but the others are worth it for michael's payoff line, "Has anyone in this family even seen a chicken?"

>Those are balls


>>184983614It's better than HIMYM and Scrubs and those are the only comedy shows I watched because I don't watch comedy shows normally.

I've watching season one but I can't shake off this ominous feeling about it.

>>184984970I dunno man it was just too bitter. Things that were just fun and games in season 3 became serious business in season 4, and Michael wasn't the straight man anymore. This was before the country became completely insane politically but it was already post-2008 crisis and you can tell that the sympathy for the devil wasn't there anymore.

>>184987508>Yes, I am judging your name. It am silly.IS>Oh, now you're correcting my grammar?


>>184992942I lost it when like a season later and nothing to do with Wee Britain anymore, GM fails at school and Mr. F plays again for no reason


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>>184985245>>184989197I love how the gag extends to none of them knowing how to do a Godzilla roar.

>>184983929Illusions Michael, tricks are for whores.>laterShe's a whore, she turns illusions for money.



>>184983929I fucking love Gene Parmesan taking off yet another disguise and Lucille freaking out every time.

>>184982223This thread needs a little >Rips off fake noseJEAN PARMESAN!

>>184987120Baby you got a stew going

>>184993801Jean was far from the best

Fantastic editing and acting by Batemanyoutube.com/watch?v=2oo6iEqkFnI

>>184987120>who’d R her?

>>184992377The weirdest part of the earliest episodes is how they clearly intended Lindsay to be someone Michael could confide in and get a different perspective on things, but by the end of the 1st season she's no better than Gob.

>>184986838>REMINDERWhy are people in this thread reminding me of so much stuff I hadn't heard before. How am I supposed to remember facts youre sharing just right now?

>>184983929Ones I use atleast once a month>MY NAME IS JUDGE>We'll see who brings in more honey!>She's... really funny. Well let's hope so.>Sounds like you can use some tricycling>MR GAY IS BLEEDING>WHY AM I NOT GOING UNDERWATER>Hair up glasses down, have we done down up?>WELL EXCUUUUUUUSE ME>Don't be such an Annhog>I don't feel so good

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>youtube.com/watch?v=VuqCgynGvMo starts playing

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>>184983929When something sad happens and the character walks home all sad and sad music playsIt's so kinoyoutube.com/watch?v=UQHEfa1amv8Also I used to love "I made a huge mistake".

Why is season 1 out of order? One episode Tobias is in jail, then he's in a blind lawyer house then in jail again.