Now that dust has finally settled, what did I think of it?

Now that dust has finally settled, what did I think of it?

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>>184981366The hero we needed but didn't deserve

>>184981366ASS TO ASS

>>184981366The scene where he starts laughing like a maniac and going "I WON! I WON! HAHAHAHAHAHHA THOSE FUCKING GOYS REALLY TOOK LITERAL VENOM IN THEIR VEINS BECAUSE I TOLD THEM! FUCK THEM ALL HAHAHAAHAH" was pretty uncalled for

I understand people being hesitant to take the vax and respect those that choose not to subject themselves to it. I understand people who were angry and agrieved about the effect of lockdowns and furloughs on their social lives and income. I cannot understand people who were averse to hand washing and masks. Masks inhibit the transmission of moisture particles, which carry sars viruses, from your respiratory system to the external environment. Of course the quality of the mask and how disciplined the person is who's wearing it affects how effective it is, and of course only a full respiratory system is the only thing that will work 100%. But using this as an excuse to not wear a mask in public places is tantamount to saying "I'm never going to wash my hands because hand washing isn't 100% effective against killing bacteria" (which it isn't). I sometimes wonder if half the broo-ha-ha is caused by people not being able to understand nuance or detail. "Masks work" is easy to understand. "Masks inhibit transmission and the extent to which it does this is determined by the quality of the mask worn" is a bit complicated for some folk. Add to this the radical individualists who only view a mask as worthwhile if it protected them personally and you have a significant amount of disgruntled midwits.

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establishment propaganda made to appeal to reddit mods and terminally online retards with 0 memory and 0 knowledge of corruption and history>pure gaslighting

>>184981366was willing to write off the hate as Holla Forums being excessive until I saw this piece of shit existed. Only a complete grifter narcissist would okay the production of something like this.

>>184981685in some sense, you're right.

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>>184982707they said "wear masks" and everyone made/bought a face hankerchief to goober in and touch all day.i watched coofing, hacking boomers lift their mask to give me their membership numbers, and then hand me the merchandise they wanted to buy. explain to me in layman's terms how the fuck that reduces viral transmission between can invent a reality where everyone knew how to medically use a mask properly without being told, and masks might help in that situation, but I lived through this shit, had family doctors ask "where's your mask" as the boomer behind them is moving theirs around while actively coughing because coughing makes the mask move positions and people don't like foreign materials strapped to their face on a primal level.look up the stats for how often the average person touches their face when there ISN'T an itchy piece of boogerfabric rubbing their nose the whole time. imagine how much higher that number got with masks in the equation.idiot. the only disgruntled midwit here is you

>>184983197Can you read?>Of course the quality of the mask and how disciplined the person is who's wearing it affects how effective it is, and of course only a full respiratory system is the only thing that will work 100%

A low brow slopart documentary about a big pharma upper echelon who contributed to killing millions Anyone who disagrees with me got triple vaxed

>>184983273wow so you offhanded mentioned the entire widespread issue with masks, and claimed it wasn't a reason not to use masks. it absolutely is. they made things worse, accross the board, regardless of what you think the ideal situation might be if things were different.cough into your fucking inner elbow. it's been common practice for centuries among civilized people.

Reminder that the covid mrna vaccine does not prevent transmission and that every organization, corporation and institution demanded you take or you be punished. Anyone who questioned it lost their job, many even lost family and friends because of a big pharma gaslight that was only ever about making a fuck ton of money.I've had people who told me they want me to die because I posted a 2021 study from the NCBI which cloncluded in their multi country analysis that there was no indication that the vaccine roll out prevented transmission.>meanwhile people are sharing an article at the same time from the Rolling Stone (with 0 citations) about how it actually has a 95% chance of preventing transmission.Now every lefty normie, hippie and socialist all love establishment power and unlimited corporate, government and media collaboration. And they have the gall to call you a fascist for deciding to go to the bar, have a pint and wait for it all to blow over.

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>>184981366Dr. Fauci is an American hero.

>>184983512they tell me i'm just an anti-media person and that's why i didn't take the vaxx.fair.but the media had "the government says you need to take this injection" running alongside "natives trusted the government and got killed (supposedly) for it" for MONTHS.i genuinely feel like i'm in hell and this is punshment for something i cannot remember

>>184982583This will never not make me laugh

>>184983612the media for the past 3 years have been the stenographers of power. they don't question anything and they openly attack anyone who does.they are no longer capable of 'holding truth to power' they are the enforcers of power.

He saw how rabid the npcs were getting and decided to fully commit to the villian role, thus redirecting all the anger towards him instead of the healthcare workers.Practically the Jesus of our time.

>>184983698oh boy wait until you hear about what he did during the aids scare

>>184981366I still think he is the anti christ

>>184983612100% this. It's led me down some severely ill lines of thinking in recent times as well.Some days I feel like everything is pre-recorded and perhaps I'm circling the basin of the inferno, with each minor increment a similar slightly twisted evolution of a previous fate I've endured. I don't think I'll end it, I'm just waiting to see where the carnival ride lets off, but I can't believe in all conscience that the way things are going is the result of real genuine people with human brains..

>>184983491Nah. Doing something is better than nothing.

>>184981366he's full of shit

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>>184983178What's he doing here? Laughing at Biden?

>>184983612Remember that time they used the npc meme?

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>>184983972disgruntled midwit, as previously described.just mad that not everyone bent the knee.

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>>184983178>Nooooo we need to lock everyone down for this flu

>>184983972only took you a couple posts to just fall back to some shitty logical fallacy? Incredible.Think about this the next time you choose to make a big post spouting your opinion.

I decide to do nothing.>get called a fascisthmmmmmmmm

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>>184984444doing nothing means not doing what you're told by the tyrannical people in power. and that makes YOU the fascist

>>184985042lol yea, still not getting it

>>184982707ok except there was no virus

>> the movie address the famous “An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci” from the San Francisco Examiner, June 26,1988? Faggots considered him Hitler during the AIDS crisis, he’s Voldemort in the film “Dallas Buyers Club”. When he dies I hope Christopher Nolan directs an Oppenheimer-esque bio film about him.



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>>184982583>>184981366>ASS 2 ASS

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>>184982583VAXX TO VAXX

The best thing about Fauci is how unrepentant he is. A few weeks ago he gave an interview where he had the balls to say, and I quote, "I never shut down any schools."

>>184983612>this is punshment for something i cannot rememberAre you white?

>>184983972>Doing something is better than nothingProgressives, ladies and gentlemen! Give him a round of applause.

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>>184988190No reason to admit you were wrong when you'll never get punished for lying. Journalism is a joke.

>>184981366I'm disappointed the vax didn't kill me, fuck you all.

>>184983972Wrong. The developmental delays of the next generation having spent years of seeing nothing but masked faces is still being measured and the damage is severe and extensive. This wasn't a zero sum game, the masks actively hurt society in major and lasting ways. Only an absolute faggot retard thinks doing something is better than nothing because he's too stupid to realize that the something can often times be more harmful than nothing.

>>184981366didnt watch it, unvaxxed and tested neg for the bioweapon twice despite catching it (when the government spread it intentionally) and losing my sense of taste and smell temporarily. o- blood

>>184989147A shotgun at a pawnshop costs 100 bucks. If you really want to kill yourself there are a multitude of ways to do it cheap and easy. Be the change you want to see in this world.

I have been pretty tuned into the entire COVID debacle since Nov. 2019, and I have no fucking clue what is going on. It's like a dinner party murder mystery where everyone there is a convicted felon

>>184982707A lot of experts who were ignored by the media, who turned out to be right, even by Faucis own admission, said that not only did the masks not stop transmission, but it made it a lot worse due to masked people having a false sense of security which made them ignore guidelines related to distancing, as well as constantly fidgeting with their masks, having to take them in/out of their pocket every 10 minutes, which increased transmissions of the virus through contact of doorknobs and other shit.The masks turned out to be a stupid fucking idea and idiots like you just went along with it

>>184989206These are the same people who think over taxing everyone and everything is a solid economic model. You're not going to get through to them.

>>184989319The worst thing? We literally knew straight away that masks did nothing. No one needed these autistic arguments about hole size, etc.. You can look at places like japan, where mask wearing is super common and yet flu season is comparable to western countries.Masks are so you literally don't hack up spit on others. That's about it. Even n95 tier masks weren't small enough to stop viruses. They might catch water vapor viruses attach to with high efficiency, but they still let some through.

>>184989319Most normies don't follow this closely enough to know half of. Fauci literally took every position possible and only gets selectively clipped/quoted by the media on the things he said that benefit the narrative. Everything else is memory holed.

>>184983972wrong and retarded, you aren't smart enough to consider yourself a midwit, you are an obnoxious dumb fuck yankee devil.Doing the WRONG thing and making terrible mistakes is NOT better than doing nothing and seeing what happens next. The covid response couldn't have been more arse-backwards worldwide if they tried, every step taken to "prevent and protect" only did the opposite, dragging out the most lethal phase of the virus from weeks to months, harming the human populace with forced isolation and sedentiary habits, economic damages in the tens of billions, total decimation of small businesses in the west at the direct benefit of megacorps, the total revisionism and dark-ages degradation of the knowledge fields of immunology and virology.We literally lost understanding of how the human body works, and how viruses evolve, facts have been buried and forbidden because (((big pharma))) can't profit off of cures half as much as snake oil.

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>>184981366>please be mad about covid again we're out of ammo and the ukranians are gonna kill us all :(

>>184989319people and politicians were hysterical for something to be done so fauci and co just went with masks to calm people/the market down a little bit. it was just theater to give some semblance of control until vaccines were created

>>184989762reddit, the post

>>184989871You would think 3 days after the Durham report came out that they would give up on the Russian boogeyman.

>>184983972sure, lets keep a piece of cloth that's filthy all day in front of my mouth and nose

>>184989791fuck off with your pilpul and carrying water for globohomo traitors. Every westerner whose government peddled fake vaccines and enforced shutdowns, was betrayed at a fundamental, and critical level.

>>184989791The vaccines were the product and they needed a crisis to sell them, which is why hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were demonized. The panic was intentional.

>>184981366You would watch this???

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>>184990318this. it wasn't about making money, it was about making a fuck ton of money.

COVID 2 when?They are right, the goyim are cattle and want to be enslaved, they lined up to be sterilized by the vax and celebrated itWe will own nothing and they will be happy, let's just get it over with

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>>184981366He killed billions.

>>184983197How many times have I been in a parking lot and seen people either crumple up a mask and put it in their pocket, or pull a crumpled mask out of their pocket and strap it to their face. The mask mandates were counterproductive and incompatible with day-to day life. Everyone knew it yet they persisted for over a year.

I can't believe I took 3 shots

>>184991939You are an idiot but if it makes you feel any better you are about as stupid as the average American. About 50% got 3 shots. 80% got at least 1.

>>184991939I can't believe I took no shots

>>184981366He looks like one of those Nazi doctors who sewed kids heads together and shit

>>184981366It put fauci on a pedastool while completely ignoring Trumps creation of Project Warpspeed which was the only reason we were able to get the vaccine out so quickly

>>184981366how much of the puppy-face-eating maggot experiments did they cover?

>>184982981>pol are le scary internet hacker anonymous>pol are teenage boys making edgy jokes>pol are white nationalists pretending to make jokes (and that's a bad thing)>pol is always right (unironically)>pol is ironic and over the top, but there is some truth to it. They correctly identify problems, but are over the top for comedic purposes>>YOU ARE HERE>Pol is always right (unironically)

>>184992715Imagine typing all that shit and putting unironically in twice. I bet you feel like a fucking moron.

I got the kung flu once last August, first night was one of the worst nights I've ever experienced for some reason (high blood pressure, night sweats, sleep paralysis, a song stuck in my head that I couldn't keep out), but after that it was literally just a normal case of the flu. Wasn't a big deal.Haven't even got sick at all since. Whole thing was just ridiculous.

>>184992829That was the joke dumbass


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>>184981366reaction to him was hilarious irl.Oh no, Covid!Trump: Warp Speed! Make a vaccine!Fauci: Will do, boss.Trumptards: You're killing us and hurting our feefees!Fauci: just doing my jobTrump: Blame Biden! has been wiped, none of it ever happened now. Just wait patiently for next mass hysteria firmware update.

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>>184982583HOAX TO HOAX pandemic amnesty

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>>184993756We all made mistakes guysCOVID amnesty guys

>>184984091I also love how this little cartoon NPC woman somewhat resembles that woman from the first viral video of someone sweating and fainting shortly after getting her vax.Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

lmao @ vaxxies

>>184985538Funniest thing was more faggots died because of him than AIDS. Hilarious how quickly Americans forgot about all his previous fuck ups.

>>184990318info abouy vitamin d was suppressed and nac was silently taken off the market. it was never about health and if you still believe it was then youre an idiot

>>184982644It was crazy when they had that part where Donald Trump literally used his power as President to get the vaccine made "at warp speed" and then went and took your money (or well, your parents' money) and paid the drug companies.Shouldn't that guy be in prison? I guess that'll be in part 2.

>>184997616I just can’t wait for the day Fauci and Trump drop deadBunch o’ snivelling bastards, I don’t even understand how amerimutts aren’t fed up with this circus

>>184983197>>184991754>>184983491>>184984109>>184989206>>184989688>>184990196Imagine not being able to understand how N95 masks filter the air you breathe. Imagine not being able to understand something as simple as "fewer of the virus particles enter your mucus membranes, giving your body's immune system a better chance to destroy the ones that do get in."Let me ask you this: If the coof wasn't real, if the vaxx is poison, then why did Donald Trump push out a vaccine? Is he an idiot that got tricked? Is he a conman in on it? Or was it real and you're just insane?

>>184997616do you actually think seething about trump holds any water amongst the so called poltards? theyve given up on him years ago. they all need to be in jail. what about this do you not understand

>>184997936covid was real, the vax was poison and trump is an idiot conman who got tricked. the truth is a lot more nuanced than you think. do you even remember what happened when biden got elected?