So what exactly was his endgame?

so what exactly was his endgame?

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vaccinating everyone

>>184980383Harry's boipussy, obviously.

>>184980383I mean, he literally says it out loud in the books and movies made for babies.

>>184980383Becoming a wizarding god. He became a lich, now he’s following his idol Mannimarco

to get all six infinity stones->philosopher's stone>sorcerer's stone>resurrection stone>kidney stone>barenziah stone>the rolling stone

>>184980383Voldemort didn't really have a coherent worldview of the what the Wizarding World would look like, he had very little interest in ruling the material world and just wanted to study the ancient dark magicks that would let him live forever. All the racist purifying bloodlines shit was just a meme to get the old pureblood families on board with his regime so he'd have useful idiots to follow him

>>184981884It is stated numerous times in the books that he personally believes in pure blood shit. It's how he rose to power.

>>184980383Seemingly conquer the world. Or at least England.I honestly fail to question why the fuck he would bother. If he wants to live in the open, he could. If he wants to enslave non wizards, I question why since Wizards have a literal slave race at their beck of call. If he wants to just kill all non wizards, then he should probably just brainwash somebody with access to the nuke button and get it over with.

>>184980383to take over.... BRITAINLOLwhere was the threat? idk

>>184980383You know how chuds freak the fuck out about black children going to schools in their district?It's that but with muggle-borns.

>>184981926That smells like bullshit to me, since he's a halfblood whose wizard family was a bunch of inbred hillbilly poorfag losers & muggle family were rich respectable landed gentry. >>184981622Best post ITT imo, he's like a mix between the WEF & Kefka Palazzo, he wants to become immortal & create a one world totalitarian state in which he dominates all magical & muggle life forever as a omnipotent deathgod

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>>184982234yeah but black children are actually a negative prescence, muggleborns aren't

>>184982234>Snake looking incel motherfucker with zero kids (Yes, I know about the play) kills thousands because of what happens in schools.Wow, transphobe or not, JK really did call it.

>>184982321No. It's the exact same.

>>184982283>pure blood autists are themselves mixed bloodGee user, it's like a surface level critique on Nazi purism or something? Almost like a baby-tier level hypocrisy anyone with a 5th grade hooked on phonics level can understand?

>>184982283>Kefka Palazzo,The thing about Kefka is that he's a very petty nihilist. For all of his sadism, he's never actually happy or satisfied. It's why at the end he basically decides to try and destroy all of reality out of spite. He's a pathetic loser, basically. I think they tried to do the same thing with Voldemort. But it never really worked simply because they also try too hard to make him cool and charismatic.


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>>184982383He's also a product of magical racemixing too pretty much lol, unironically

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>>184981926And what’s wrong with that?!

>>184982499>Rape children become psychopathsWhat did Rowling meant by this

>>184982418>Almost like a baby-tier level hypocrisy anyone with a 5th grade hooked on phonics level can understand?I could buy that if not for the fact that genetic determinism is a definite recurring motif throughout the series, racemixing is repeatedly portrayed as something dangerous & dysgenic >>184982499, & also a race of creatures are depicted that generally enjoy being enslaved, & a development arc of one of the main characters involves her realizing & accepting this reality lmao

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>>184980383Pure blood supremacyAnd muggle subjugation

>>184980383basically to turn muggle "people" into a slave caste, compeltely ban racemixing with them and create a new rome in the uk with him as imperator and a living god. but this was for some reason "le evil"

>>184982499It's more that he was a rapechild than a mixed child. Harry was a mixed child as well, but he ended up fine. Minus becoming a FBI spook, anyhow.>>184982706>>184982697It was mostly just pointless. Even if we assume it wouldn't end with Wizards being totally slaughtered. Any victory would be way more of a hassle than it would be worth rather than just maintaining the status quo. They literally already have a perfect slave race.

>>184982682But all it took was the author saying "Um, dudes who call themselves women shouldn't be in women's private spaces." for her to become the enemy of the Left and adored by the Right. Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh praise Rowling despite her being a RadFem.

>>184980383Harry Potter is basically the XmenLiterally if the Mutants just fucked off and live in the human world undetected There will be no problems.Voldy is Magneto He believes pure blooded magic users are superior and should run things in the real world.But then again Humans have found a way to btfo Wizards with the witch burnings and inquisitions etc...

>>184982807yes but he saw wizards mixing with muggles and the pro-muggle people bringing racemixing propaganda to the university and the wizarding world changing and becoming pro mudblood. he was basically a chud but with power

>>184982807I think thats why he was also looking for the 3 prevell artifacts so he wont die anymore

>>184982935Racial allegories always fall flat when the 2 races actually have reasons as to why they shouldn't mingle with each other

>>184982859Mostly because when you set yourself up as the woke one, free of any actual ideology, that means you paint a target on your head when you don't match the ideal of progressiveness. That is the central problem with Harry Potter from a leftist perspective, and the reason why I mostly support people turning on her. There is no actual ideology in the world or politics of Harry Potter. The evil Wizards are wrong not because their ideas are morally abhorrent, the society they seek to create unsustainable or stagnant, they are literally just factually wrong. Half blood/Muggle born Wizards are objectively just as strong as pure Wizards, that's basically it. That's also why none of the supposedly good characters think anything of the fact that Wizards have slaves. House-elves are objectively happy as slaves. So, it's perfectly morally okay.

One of the stranger things is that, objectively speaking, magical people are populations massively outclass muggels. Entire armies could be frozen solid, missiles turned to mist, mass literal mind controlSo really it's hard to argue magical people shouldn't be in charge.It's also strange that the books and movies never really like show muggles as being deserving of the protection they get, albeit unbeknownst. All the muggle characters are begnin at best and terrible at worst

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>>184982807>Harry was a mixed child as well, but he ended up fineI disagree, tho his mother was muggleborn, she was still a witch, & she still came from a middling socioeconomic class not terribly different from that of james potter. in regards to the issue of trangressing certain social/racial/sexual/existential boundaries, rowling's message through the course of the series really does seem to be something like "fuck around & find out at your own peril"

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>>184982949the wizarding world was already damn near colorblind about a few centuries before Riddle's time

>>184983050In the case of X-Men it falls flat because Mutants are a genuine danger to society and making sure they are contained is a totally sensible way of handle things. In Harry Potter it mostly falls flat because the world building is just horrible. Wizards have no reason to hide, seemingly, outside of the fact they literally can't be bothered. Even if we assume that they would be slaughtered in open war, which is pretty questionable, there is zero evidence they are not capable of integrating with society and, seemingly, have done so for most of history. I mean, for fuck sake, Merlin was a actual person that hung out with King Arthur who was also real.

>>184983111That's fair, I guess. Like I said above, the ideology of Harry Potter are very lazy and unpolitical. I would be fine with one of them, but doing both just makes them a genuine bore.

>>184982682Are you just now learning that JK is inconsistent with her allegories?

>>184982859That's not exactly what she said though, retard.

>>184981786You forgot stone of Jordan

>>184983190Because evil wizards exists too You cant have your cake and eat it too

>>184983078The problem with this is mostly just that the world building is shit. Yes, by all accounts Wizards should be in charge. I don't even mean they should take over, I mean SHOULD just be in charge. It's like having a society where the noble class consists entirely out of ten foot tall supermen that can breath fire. There is no reason why that status quo should ever change. The reason why Circe isn't in charge of the world in Greek mythology, besides Odyssey's dick game being incredible, is because she's not the top dog of the world. The same is true for Merlin. For all of his power, ability, and cleverness he is still beholden to the will of god. He can do little but give his power to the rightful god chosen king of Camelot. In Harry Potter though, there really isn't anybody above Wizards. God and Satan don't seem to exist, nor do any other deities. Magic itself seems to have no will of it's own. While Death seemingly exist, it's somewhat vague to what extent it should be taken literally. Every other magical creature is subservient or mostly outside human society. It's not like muggle society is secretly being ruled by vampires like in the Dresden Files. The only reason Wizards don't take over is because, according to Hagrid, it would be a bother. Which kind of makes it pretty silly when the villain's main motivation basically comes down to "actually bothering".

>>184983248>Like I said above, the ideology of Harry Potter are very lazy and unpoliticali dont know that it is tbqdesu, maybe superficially but it feels to me as if much deeper shit is occurring beneath the surface. like, what would compel a single mother 2nd generation radical feminist libshit to write a 5000 page series of books whose ultimate underlying theme is the inevitability of nature/life cycles/mortality/death & the nobility of maintaining "traditional" human civilization?

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>>184983065>House-elves are objectively happy as slaves. So, it's perfectly morally okay.Not everything needs to be a direct allegory for something real-life related. House elves can be an unique fantasy race with their own rules and have no equivalent in our world.

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>>184983078wasnt it something like wizards tried to take over in the past and got btfo'd by muggles (somehow) and thats why they are hiding? i think this is in the lore

>>184983551iirc the reason wizards aren't rolling over muggles is due to the fact that most wizards aren't even good at magic, so because they are so massively outnumbered they just keep their existence on the sly because muggles have, throughout history, just straight up killed wizards and witchesonce the gun was invented, it was basically game over, human reaction cannot protego against a bullet

>>184982283>that smells like bullshitWhy? His wizard side is what made him special and got him out of an orphanage. And his father abandoned him completely. What are you having trouble with?

>>184981786You forgot Oliver Stone

>>184983664>House elves can be an unique fantasy race with their own rules and have no equivalent in our world.Haha yea fantasy race with their own rules and no equivalent in our world haha yep

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>>184983551It's too bad that 90% of HP discussion just ends at "well, tbf, it's poorly written"

>>184983792Isn't it?

>>184980383Putting all these fucking muggles into gas chambers

>>184983065>has to make everything about politicsIt’s a story about friendship, family, and overcoming sorrow ya pleb

>>184983619I think the movies get a lot of mileage out of the fact that they don't explain a lot and let the visuals speak for themselves. Harry Potter actually explaining things about the world is a constant net negative to it's own world building. The world worked the most when it was shown from the perspective of a child being explained things in the manner a child would. Like you said, at it's best there is a sense that there is stuff happening in the world just under the surface. But I feel the books undermine that mostly by just not being very subtle, what you see is mostly what you get. >>184983664I agree. My point is mostly that there just isn't much ideology, period. Even a inherently fantastical one. The good Wizards are mostly different from the bad Wizards less in what they believe magic to be about or what it should be about. But more to what extent they listen and do what they are told. Evil magic is bad because it's evil. Discrimination is wrong because it's non factual. Liberating slaves is wrong because they want to be slaves. Etc.

>>184983780Meaning a race that exists to serve and is happy that way, retard.

>>184983755I've heard that argument, but I've also heard the argument against that. Overall, the books leave it rather vague. Which, is probably to the their benefit frankly. It's hard to take the villain seriously if any serious application of his long term plans would result in him getting shot by the British army.

>>184983792>>184983806while I wouldn't put it on Tolkien's level of world building, where everything makes sense because he was such an autismo about it, it's honestly not that poorly written as it is poorly understoodyou're reading stories about wizards/witches who are exceptional and applying it universally, it would be like reading about the elf vs balrog wars and then asking why Elrond didn't 1v1 no items final destination Sauron

>>184982859I think more people are upset with her doubling down and revealing that she has friends in far right militant English pro-white nationalist groups while also raking in billions on the IP, while also complaining she's a victim, user...

>>184980383Wizards = NazisMuggles = Jews


>>184983806I keep trying to have an open and honest conversation about the pubic hair style choices made by the students and staff at hogwartz but the faggot janny won't let me0

>>184983792I mean, it's the only non autistic conclusion you can draw. Everything else just devolves into fanfiction. I could come up with a extremely complex reason to explain everything wrong with the worldbuilding of Harry Potter. But then I would just be writing fanfiction, and I save that for Gravity Falls/Madoka Magica crossovers.>>184983841Look, if Harry Potter doesn't want to be about politics then it could just not bring up politics. Lord of the Ring mostly doesn't bring up politics, and a certain fat American writer aside very few people mind or try to seriously argue the story is pro monarchism or whatever.

To finally get some pussy

>>184983959wizards =incelsmuggles=normies and chads

>>184983930Tolkien gets a free pass mostly because his setting is a wholly Yes, I know it's just our world in the past. But for the sake of argument it is basically a wholly original world original world. Harry Potter is urban fantasy. That's going to require a much higher level of worldbuilding by default just because you have to make the story make sense in the context of our world. Like, to use a different example that is equally silly and also meant for children. Percy Jackson spends a lot of time explaining how "Greek mythology is real" actually works in the context of the world. Including having the actual balls to say stuff like "World war 2 was directly caused by Demigods fighting". Mind you, a lot of it is just played off as a joke and it's hardly always consistent. But it works for what it is in a way that Harry Potter, at least post the first few books, simply does not.

>>184984006When exactly does it bring up politics? Is Star Wars about politics because they use surface level nazi imagery and names to let us know the bad guys are bad? That is the ultimate pleb stance, so please don’t take it

>>184984370George has always said Star Wars was political though.

>>184984144You realize you’re not really making a good argument for your point, right? An example would be a good thing to provide there.

>>184984452Yea on the same level basketball is about politics, or any story about good and bad is about politics. See how you keep not providing examples? If there are a bunch of beyond surface level political points, please bring them up. Please, please mention spew or the nazi/wizarding war parallels

>>184984370>When exactly does it bring up politics?Mostly a lot of the focus spend on internal wizard politics and the ministry of magic. Hell, even the central conflict ultimately just comes down a a fight over who gets to be in charge of the ministry of magic rather than a genuine good vs evil clash.>>184984500An example for what exactly?

>>184984589There's an entire subplot about the Senate being disbanded in favor of direct governorship of different systems and George has repeatedly said the Rebellion are an allegory for the Vietcong so I'm not sure why you are sperging out so hard, surface level politics is still politics. I'm not that other user, I'm just saying the dude who literally told you it was political, then made the entire prequels center around escalation from a trade dispute.

>>184983954>revealing that she has friends in far right militant English pro-white nationalist groupsSource: your ass

>>184985332>he doesn't know Why do you people act like this? You know I have sources, right? Like, either I just lied for no reason, or you didn't know. She is literally friends with members of far right groups in the UK, so do you want me to make you look stupid or are you going to stop posting?

>>184985440Show the sources, then

>>184985497You really want me to embarrass you, huh? Giving you one more chance.

>>184985715I'm giving you (you)s, I have already embarrassed myself.

>>184984616All are basically the definition of surface level. The story says nothing about the morality of the type of government outside of what basically amounts to jokes concerning the inefficiency of bureaucracy. The ministry of magic could have been the US government, the Soviet Union central planning, or the one party Chinese style and we would never know, that’s how apolitical it was in its “political message”. It says nothing about policies or how they’re written or the nature of the government outside of “the bad guy has control now, so now they’re doing bad things”.

>>184983954> and revealing that she has friends in far right militant English pro-white nationalist groupsSounds like bullshit, but based if true.

>>184985951Early HP was more about Roald Dahl-style whimsy than any cohesive world-building. I remember Ministry of Magic being described as this quirky, silly place that had little to do with real politics in CoS. It worked well then, but became a problem when the books got more "mature" in tone.

>>184986276They got more mature in the way treasure island was mature. Instead of the bad guy being caught by smashing a barrel over his head and restraining him scooby-do style.. people get killed in a fight. Personally I’d say it did a pretty good job considering its audience of young kids to teenagers by the end of the series. Even the deaths are only processed on the level a child would process the death of a family member “I’m crying now because I’m going to miss going to grandmas house and seeing her”. I’m not saying they didn’t mature at all.. just that there was a pretty severe limit to that maturing to keep the story within the scope of children.


Would Voldemort have been a good ruler, despite his personal flaws? How would the international community have reacted to Voldemort subjugating the British Isles? Would Voldemort have kept Britain in NATO?

>>184986744God I despise leftist YouTubers. I pray there is a revolution so I can see their heads be some of the first ones collected. That’s off topic but I thought you should know.Why not just post the names of the fucking people so we can verify the information ourselves? What is this gay shit?

>>184980383Never saw the movies or read the books, but saw lots of pictures and clips. Let me ask you, why is a guy with no nose the bad guy? is he the anti-jew or something?


>>184986939I’d assume in an alt history story where Voldemort wins he inspires similar magical revolts across the world, in which case international organizations would be the last thing on anyone’s mind, outside of whatever cooperation could help put down wizard insurgences in your neighbors

>>184986744I'm not watching 28 minutes of "she hates trans people she's a nazi"everyone hates you fucking freaks

>>184986979>literally can pause and screenshot all of her inner circle and look up their tweets Nice non argument though, I accept your concession. Which of them would you like to discuss?

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>>184987085They literally are women who are members of white nationalist circles. Cope.

>>184982283>racial purists are always mixed race muttsOmg wow just like real life!

>>184986979>make statement >"you wrong">post evidence >"I want you murdered reeee"Sure do wonder why nobody likes you

>>184987065>Americans defeat local wizardry uprising>launch counter-offensives to reclaim nations from the wizardry menacebased

was he gay or just incel?

>>184987134>bunch of leftists lesbian 2nd wave feminists>a literal black woman>white nationalist circlesthis is why no one takes you dumbfucks seriously, anything you don't like is given a nazi label until it loses all meaning entirely

>>184987091It’s not an argument you Reddit faggot, I’m telling you how to produce a better version of your own argument. This is an image board, why do you need to be goaded into this instead of just posting the image in the first place? Why would I try to defend JK, I don’t give a fuck about her.. but everyone here is just sick of your wishy washy cunt act. You’re like Natalie Portman in that South Park episode. Are you a fucking woman or just plain old retarded?

>>184987218Oh cmon bro he was dicking down every girl from Slytherine for like 50 yearsWe all saw what riddle looked like at 16, and now he's the most powerful wizard aliveLike a nonstop porno

>>184984144Bit of an odd example to give when even in the first book the end of WW2 and the war against Grindelwald were correlated.

>>184987180>should I provide the evidence?>don’t make me mad I’ll own you with sources>seriously stop now or I’ll do it>ok fine, here’s a dickhead to listen to for 30 mins instead of just giving the info I’m citing>ok fine here’s the thing I should have posted to begin withSpeak for yourself troon, I have plenty of friends. And if you can’t see through the hate to the fact I’m helping you… then you should really lurk more

>>184987218The play Rowling approved said he fucked Bellatrix and had a daughter.

>>184987091>>far right friends>guardian columnist>lesbian feminists>fat negresslol

>>184987216It really would be a cool premise. I feel like there’s a YA series based on something very similar but I’m drawing a blank on the name. Would be cool if JK and WB opened up the HP brand to stories like this for games and other media… but I feel like she tries to be involved in everything. Didn’t she insist on producing even for that hogwarts game?

>>184980383finally becoming principal

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>>184987533I guess if someone is a performative extreme lefty even those people are “right-wing”

>>184981786rosetta stone

>>184987091>a black lesbian is deemed a white supremacists fascist because she thinks women can't have a dickWhat a time to be alive


>>184987463>everyone I don't like is a tranny Just admit you didn't know what I was talking about and now you are mad.

>>184987533>>184987268>I didn't watch this very short video and I refuse to engage with reality Ok

>>184987793>short videoI'm not watching something that covers half of a fucking lunchbreak to argue with you about how you've decided a bunch of FAT LEFTIST LESBIAN FEMINISTS WHO HAVE VOTED PROGRESSIVE THEIR ENTIRE FAT LIVES are nazis and white nationalists because they want all tranny freaks to rope themselves

>>184987683>>184987873>ignoring that they donate and are themselves members of English white nationalist parties own the trannies!

>>184983619I want to eat that jerky

>>184987746I don’t follow everyone JK Rowling has lunch with to seethe over, so no, I didn’t know what you’re talking about. If I want to engage politically I vote or organize and if I want political ideas I read a book. I don’t watch faggots on YouTube to hear non-issue complaints about a millionaire bitch on the other side of the world.

>>184987645Yea the TERFs upset their paradigm because they are leftist in every other respect. And trannies are too retarded to switch from their usual ad hom tactics.

>>184987966post actual sources, not videos or GTFO retarded tourist

>>184987966Do they donate for any purpose besides protecting feminist spaces against male encroachment? Do you know what a single issue voter is? It’s the type of person who seethes so hard about something they don’t care about anything else. Do you think radical feminists might be those types of people? Are you sure they aren’t? Because otherwise you would be wrong… so you must know, right?

>>184988133>ok uh they donate, but like is that really a big deal bro? lol

>>184988099the actual tweets from these people aren't sources on a website that never shuts the fuck up about Twitter?

>>184988034I love how political affiliation becomes a tool to smear someone with the worst characteristic of their voting block. It’s the most anti-democratic thing you could do… and they are completely unaware of the irony. They call anyone who votes on any issue right wing white supremacists… but completely miss that this would make them authoritarian tyrants the way the tea-party types claim them to be.

>>184988224post them

>>184988174If people vote democrat because they’re pro-union does that mean they’re pro-tranny? Because as a northeastern person with lots of Union family members I can promise you.. no, it does not.

>>184980383>even though my ghouls and henchmen have had multiple opportunities to kill harry so i can fulfil my ultimate goal of some kind of domination>i will NOT let them do it. i MUST kill potter because of some fucking basket case's prophecy or something>oh he might be a horcrux or something? well nah we won't bother killing him twice>i will let the wife of my scorned death eater (who probably hates me at this point) check if he's dead and take her word at face value>NO i WON'T use my renowned mind reading skills to verify if she's tricking me>i mean i even know the elder wand still isn't working properly but it's probably fine whatever>ACCK-

>>184988378>whatabout this absurd example this is just getting pathetic user, now we have devolved into arguing the merits of donating real money to actual neonazi groups. At what point do your brain meds kick in?

>>184988288I mean, I literally posted a video with every tweet screenshotted and is the implication that some literal who leftist YouTuber just what? Invented them all up just to paint these people you've never heard of as white nationalists?

>>184988283Not only is it all of that, but it is also completely futile, smearing some as a "nazi" on the ol' 4channel of all places lol, is more likely to endear anons to them, if anything.This troon could easily pivot, and instead higlight rowling's and TERF views that are radfem, and man hating. Drive a wedge between the (mostly) incel anons of this site, and rowling. Instead the retard just parrots the word "nazi".Trannies truly are complete retards.

>>184988630There are irl, actual far right Nazi sympathizers that exist in the world you know.

>>184988630>calling me a Nazi makes me want to be one you have a mental illness if that's how your logic breaks it down

>>184988544I don’t think you know what that term means. Because what I gave was an example contrary to your premise of “people who vote/support a party must agree with everything that party does”People who voted conservative in the last US election said at a rate of about 85% that the most important thing to them was “combating woke ideals”. Do you realize what that means? People are willing to ignore the economy and their own quality of life if it means stopping people from pushing an abstract social issue. That’s how much they care about owning the troons. JK Rowling would gladly go against her entire voting history if it meant keeping penises out of female spaces… you think a bunch of radical feminists aren’t the same

>>184981201rent free

>>184988868Ok again, it's not like these white nationalist groups are asking for donations in secret you myopic fucking faggot. You just "le ignoring" that it's a Nazi group for your own mind numbing cope of an ideology, doesn't make it less true that you gave neonazis money.

>>184988868>People who voted conservative in the last US election said at a rate of about 85% that the most important thing to them was “combating woke ideals”That's the most bullshit statement I've read all day, you are in your own universe if you think that's true. The midterms and the 2020 election do not reflect your bullshit you posted at all. Most moderate conservatives have consistently polled that your rightoid identity politics about made up "woke" propaganda engineered by CPAC lobbyists are the least of their problems.

>>184988868Ok, so we admit they flirt with white nationalists? Ok.

>>184988698Yea and they aren’t JK Rowling, that’s the point. Look at both the far right and the far left. The ONLY play in their playbook is to smear their opponents with the worst ideas of their farthest fringes.>tea parties types saying Obama is an evil socialist who wants to decay society>tankie losers say people like John McCain are white supremacists.It is the ONLY loop their brain has, because their arguments are fundamentally emotional, reactive, and contrarian.

>>184980383>so what exactly was his endgame?Turning Draco into a girl.

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>>184988868oh no, the GDP!

>>184989058Stopping the woke shit is basically the single unifying goal of anyone right of center in the US.

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>>184989281Lol no it isn't, get off the internet and stop losing elections.

>>184989314>I will ignore this poll conducted by a left-leaning news programmental illness is a hell of a drug

>>184989337I'm ignoring one cropped picture of a supposed poll because the overwhelming evidence (when you aren't terminally fucking online) points to most conservatives being isolated and pushed by all this extremist identity politics the GOP has sunk into because they offer no real political strategy for 2024. Anyone with a fucking brain can figure out that it's all nonsense to cover up a lack of an economic platform, and you got reamed in the midterms over abortion and crying over trannies. At some point you have to come to terms that all this muh tranny screeching pushes conservative voters away because every non partisan poll on earth shows you it isn't working. And it isn't working. Mental illness is crying about trannies and falling for literal propaganda.

>>184989569post the polls

>>184989161Would you prefer if I called her fascist-adjacent then? Does that settle your bizzare sperging?

>>184989161they don't even follow their own rules

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>>184988972>ignoring it’s a nazi groupWhether or not it’s a nazi group is irrelevant to what I’ve said this entire thread. I realize I’m talking to the zoomer version of a Q supporter (ie the left wing version) but surely you see that. People like JK, radical feminists would GLADLY side with Hitler himself if it meant keeping the girl-dicks away from their battered women’s meetings. That doesn’t make them Himmler. People vote across the aisle all the time, esp when they’re single issue voters.>Union democratsThere are millions of people today who vote democrat to keep unions strong but actively believe trans people are basically castrating children. But they’ll keep doing it because they see the hollowing out of the middle class as the #1 issue by far. When you grow up and see more of the world you’ll see that party affiliation is not so cut and dry. My uncle works with the teachers Union and explained how they will switch parties at the drop of a hat if one side or the other tries to fuck with their retirement. It is all they care about. Most people only care about 1 or 2 issues

>>184989644Why would I even bother at this point? You'll just kick and scream that every poll is part of a deep state conspiracy, meanwhile you have every brazen "muh CRT muh drag shows" candidates have all lost their elections.

>>184989700I want to see the polls

>>184989682>siding with Hitler doesn't make you pro Hitler lol yes it does you stupid cuck.

>>184989682>no you don't understand Steinberg, I'm voting for Hitler "across the aisle" because I like his jobs initiative! Yeah he wants you removed from German commerce but like, dude, I'm not FOR that you know

>>184983065>>184984006>this book about wizards and witches for kids with a clear message about inheriting and overcoming generational struggles MUST have an extreme political position on the right-left scale even if I disagree with it!!shut the fuck up retard, my only political alignment is total genocide for all fools like you

>>184980383Voldemort is just Wizard KKK. I think his real end game was taking over the muggle world once he was done with his segregation project.

>>184989650I’d prefer if you use a term that indicates some level of understanding regarding connotations and political engagement. At best you could say she cares more about her own issues than more important ones. And admit that “more important ones” is just a value judgement from your own perspective. Personally I find this more engaging than just throwing out terms like “fascist” since it speaks to a fundamental flaw in our political system, but then again it’ll get you less engagement on Twitter so do what you want I guess.

>>184989752Was Churchill a Bolshevik

>>184989855I mean, her friends are literally fascists though so I'm not sure what all the bleeding heart theatrics are. I'm using these terms literally, to describe fascistic UK groups that exist...of which she is friends with.

>>184989792by simplifying why a person like Hitler rose to power, without understanding that, yes, his connection to the common person is what made him a cult of personality, you make it possible for someone else to fill his shoesI, personally, don't want that, I want reason, I want democracymy views, 30 years ago made me a democrat, maybe even a far leaning left democrat, I haven't changed my views and today I'm called a nazi because I don't believe in all this trans nonsense, zoomers are a cursed generation

>>184989792Yea, that’s how people like Hitler get voted into power you dumb nigger. He completely pulled them out of an economic landslide, so they let him start wars they had to go die in. Surely you’re not making the argument every single German was a Nazi? Please tell me I’m not talking to someone who thinks that?

>>184989846Not really, book 6 for all its faults spells it out clearly. He's a psychopath that can't accept his mortality and flaunts the mortality of all other wizards as well as muggles. Everyone who can die is in his contempt because in his mind, power, worth and immortality are the same thing.

Is Harry ESL? He got his magic snake talking language from the magic scar he got when he was a baby so he had it before he learned English making Harry an ESL.

>>184991477suddenly throwing him under the stairs seems justified, if you think about it logically

>>184989994Lol first of all, the Nazi economy was a complete sham propped up by repossessed wealth from private companies by the state and literal slave labor, it was a paper tiger held together by the war machine. Secondly whoosh you retard, you missed the entire point I was trying to make. You can't feign ignorance if they are openly white nationalists and you willingly give them money, you are still financially supporting a hate group. Same with how the German people absolutely bear some responsibility for allowing Hitler, a very outspoken person, to gain the power he did. Everyone knew about the camps, very few did anything. That's just evil through inaction.>le racist polfaggot called me nigger grow up already and stop defending these retards.

>>184989956>irs everyone else's fault they call me a Nazi I bet nobody cares what you think about trans people irl, unless you shove it in everyone's face like some bizzare schizophrenic constantly talking about them. It's a non-issue, the fact you even fell for talking about it shows me you aren't very politically minded about anything. Brink of another global market crash and a former President facing more rape charges and you want to waste time about the trans people, all ten of them you've seen.

>>184980383There really wasn't one explicitly stated but basically he was forming a dark cult. He was waging war on the witches/wizards (their government/individuals/schoolls) etc.He wanted to take over the magical world and then just be evil as fuck. And then probably either kill or like enslave all the muggles somehow or something.

>>184992483post. the. polls.

>>184992557You'll cry and spend fifty to 100 posts each time arguing them until words are meaningless and every poll is part of a deep state conspiracy, so nah. See you in 2024. I'll save you the trouble of writing up the narratives though>if we win, it's proof that we are winning about le woke mob >if we lose its that the election was rigged again and stolen

>>184992643>doesn't post the pollsI accept your concession

>>184992557>t. loses midterms and every Trump backed election race

>>184992683>everyone at all times is lying to me and in fact, millions of Americans are irl obsessed with trannies and other made up wedge issues but so much so that nobody can concretely prove they do outside of cherry picking a handful of trumpfags and Twitter posts from bots yeah bro, remember CRT? That thing you all literally invented out of thin air and then dropped at the first sign it wasn't working for the midterms?

>>184992688>>184992786you must be a big supporter of Russia since I don't see any fucking polls

>>184992850No I was lying the whole time, trans people are literally destroying the fabric of society and if you don't donate to the GOP right now they will cut your kid's penis clear off! Just head to my website!

>>184983551>The only reason Wizards don't take over is because, according to Hagrid, it would be a bother.Consider, for a moment, the main incentives to take over the state. It endows you with all the prestige, resources and mating opportunities you could ever want. But two of those things are barely relevant for wizards. The muggle economy presumably doesn't produce anything they're really interested in, since magical raw materials and artifacts are what wizards covet. And muggle bitches might be ready to jump wizard cock at the first opportunity, but lots of wizards are pureblood autists who wouldn't want any dysgenic mudblood offspring from those golddigging skanks anyway. Access to the wombs of high quality witch bitches is infinitely more valuable. This leaves powertripping as the only real incentive to lord over worthless muggles who produce mostly worthless shit. Really does seem like a bother if you could concentrate your efforts on ruling other wizards and witches instead or just enjoy the magically enhanced good life.

>>184992895I don't need to donate to the GOP, every copy of Hogwarts Legacy is one troon suicide.

>>184992997Do you ever think you'll be embarrassed by the things you post here?

>>184992997ngl, just bought it again for my ps4 pro

>>184992997trolling in the 2020s is so weak.

>>184980383avengers endgame HAHA

>>184991544Creepy baby shows up on your doorstep and starts hissing at you, yeah I can see the justification.

>>184992951British wizards trying to govern over British muggles would never work out for either side unless the wizards were EXPLICITLY tyrannical inhuman bastards that just slaughtered all dissidents like Voldemort. Believe it or not Rowling puts forward the world view that most people, even to an extent the Death Eaters or others on Voldemort's side, would generally be bothered by the act of murder. That's one of the reasons many on Voldemort's side don't even use the Killing Curse.

>>184993028I'm in a HARRY POTTER thread, motherfucker.

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>>184993332Yeah it's television and film, last I checked. Not Holla Forumseddit.

>>184993263>Rowling puts forward the world view that most people would generally be bothered by the act of murderQuite naive, given what people throughout history have done in the pursuit of power

>>184993357>derails the thread with random Holla Forums nonsense about USA politics and right wingers or whatever the fuck>sees a post about a Harry Potter property that's on topic>>NUH go back to Holla Forums aren't you embarassed waaa!

>>184993456It isn't naive you retard, murder is considered immoral in the vast majority of societies with the cardinal difference being only what is considered murder. Human beings have an inherent bias against killing other human beings, which is why it has often been necessary to dehumanize those that must be killed.

>>184981786What about Weather Stone?

>>184993777it's gone

>>184993721And yet killing for personal gain is commonplace in every society. Curious.

>>184993879Yeah bro curious I am very smart super high IQ very clever, go fuck yourself btw.

>>184981786>leaving out the Emma stoneCome on man

>>184994039better Emma cumming through

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>>184994379Big fat belly I want to punch it and watch it pop open then drink her blood.

>>184993592>if you make fun of me for shitting on the floor, it's as bad as shitting on the floor

>>184994747cope and seethe

>>184983078>So really it's hard to argue magical people shouldn't be in charge.The people were shitting on the floor until recently.

>>184994996Go back

>> Rowling was already defended in a video essay by a gay dude who acknowledges that JK knows that the LGB is incompatible with the T when MtFs run up to lesbians and demand that they suck their penises. He also does a good job with the house elf question.

>>184987873the thing is that in America, the trans issue is a left-right issue. But in Europe it's coming in from both sides, and there's a lot of progressives who are anti-trans. It's not a fucking nazi takeover when even the social democrats in Sweden are banning kids from taking puberty blockers.


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>>184980383Voldemort prequel user here. How ya doing, anons?As I've stated many times before, this is a situation of Good intentions turning into something evil across decades. Young Tom Riddle was forced to endure the blitz in London not only at the hands of fascist aggressive muggles, but also at the hands of apathetic wizarding elites who were too far removed from reality to insert themselves in the problem.Also probably why he came back to Hogwarts after that experience, formed the proto Death Eaters as a anti-muggle fascist corp (most likely with help from other houses besides Slytherin, due to the political nature of those times and absolutely a fact that would be purposely forgotten later on, to make sure that the blame for The wizarding War fell exclusively on Voldemort himself and not on his enablers.) The friends and minions he gained from this experience would probably also become his first horcruxes later on, after he traveled to the far East and learned the darkest of black magic from Rasputin himself.It's all there, anons.

>>184997654Kinda bizarre we're getting a fucking HP reboot instead of either a Marauder's prequel or a Voldemort prequel. I think the former has all the whimsy you'd want out of a "fantasy One Tree Hill" type drama, and the latter has a lot going for it worldbuilding wise. Like, shouldn't wizards be freaked the fuck out by WW2? How long do they pretend to not care? How did the wizarding world react to the nuclear bomb? How many people went from apathetic to muggles to anti-muggle after Hiroshima and Nagasaki? It's like that one harry potter copypasta points out. Harry stands for the stagnated isolated wizarding world while Voldemort at least recognizes there is a problem and proposes a solution, going out guns blazing against the muggles in an easily winnable conflict. No one else is taking the concerns that Voldemort addresses seriously, so that's why he gains a following.I'd rather see that than Harry, Ron and Hermione getting recycled again for the next decade.