Extremely hard to choose favorites in this show, but Sweet William is definitely up there...

extremely hard to choose favorites in this show, but Sweet William is definitely up there. granted I'm also only on ep 12 so there may still be some even greater characters lurking, though I highly doubt it given the noticeable lapse in writing quality in the later eps. complete waste of mark strong on the gay waciss let this mincing skellington jew draw you naked in front of your husband episode. but that's about enough rambling from me - sharpe thread, lads. have at it.

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For me

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>>184978051get the fuck out of my thread.

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>>184977911the molasses yank was also pretty based

>>184978051this looks like a porn parody of something

>>184978051That's not Viggo

>>184977911>upon sighting a Sharpe thread, i naturally gave the order to post, that's my style sir.

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Poor old Fredrickson. At least in the book him and Sharpe get to make their peace and part as friends, in the show it's kind of left unsaid

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>>184979644The late Gavan O'Herlihy, son of Dan O'Herlihy, who was the old man in Robocop, the villain in Halloween 3, and Ney in the '70 Waterloo

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*ahem*>Cheesy 80s guitar mixed with fife and drum intro plays>Small skirmish between the British and French>Sharpe flailing his sword around while Hagman gives cover fire>They win the skirmish>Messenger on horseback approaches>"Lieutenant/Captain/Major Sharpe, you are summoned to Lord Wellington's tent">"Bloody ell Patrick, what's 'e want now">Sharpe arrives in old Nosey's tent>His spymaster of the day is there>As is a weasel looking British officer or French lord>"Sharpe, this is Lord Fucksworth, who has a dangerous mission for you - you will be enormously outnumbered, deep behind enemy lines with no support, oh and Major Ducos is around so watch out for him>Lord Fuckworth insults him for being a poorfag but reluctantly accepts that this is Wellington's best man>"As ye like sir, Ah'll get it dun">Cut to Sharpe and Patrick discussing the mission>"It dun maek bloody sense Patrick, why do they need us to tek this castle/find this woman/get these supplies/uncover this plot">"Oh surely as the fields o' Ireland are green, sir, God has a plan for us, sir">A few battles happen on the way to the objective>Oh look it's an attractive young woman who keeps looking at Sharpe suggestively>They fuck>"Look Patrick! It's the thing we're here for!">"LOOK OUT SIR">Lord Fucksworth appears and betrays Sharpe>Ducos appears>"HON HON HON! Bamboozled you again my nemesis">"Bloody Ducos">Battle happens>Patrick goes "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH BANG" with the 7 barrelled gun>Wellington arrives>"Well done Sharpe! You've done it again">Sharpe and his men march into the sunset>THERE'S FORTY SHILLINGS ON THE DRUM...FOR THOSE WHO VOLUNTEER TO COME...

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>>184980729He takes a pass on Lady Kiely in Battle, because he's too honorable, and the French girl in Siege, because he's married. Everything else does get shagged though.

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>>184980847>because he's too honorableNah, that's not how it worksSharpe declines when it's not a woman throwing herself at him out of lust, that's how a power fantasy works

>>184980847The best one was the lady Commoynes from Regiment>basically kidnaps Sharpe, fucks his brains out and then dumps him out onto the street

>>184980987Anne is the woman Sharpe should have lived happily ever after with, and she gives him a chanceBut he's a classic working class Yorkshire lad: it's easy to shag the posh totty, but everything else is beyond him

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>>184981105Anne is a treacherous whore, but you're kinda right that Sharpe is kind of a gigapleb

>thread alive and thrivingproud of you, lads.

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>>184981152He's a neurotic mess really, constant anxiety from being promoted from the ranks and failing to fit in. The only time he winds up happy with a woman, she's a peasant-born soldier's widow

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>>184981232Ehh, I think Theresa was the best.

>>184977911>Get a crush on a cute french and want to settle down with her>Dirty Sheffield officer whom you saved multiple times steals herHe should've blasted Sharpe

>Would you like me to do it?

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>Sharpe>Hornblower>Flashman (I know he's Victorian)>Barry Lyndon>WaterlooAny other Georgian kino?

>>184981460Sharpe is Georgian? or do they just go through there?

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>>184981460The DuelistsMaster and commanderWar & Peace by the same dude that made Waterloo

>>184981621The Duelists is the only one I keep having trouble finding to watch online.

>>184981757What? It's easily found on torrent sites.

>>184981273Definitely first wife best wife. Cornwell has said he regrets killing her (and Hakeswill) off so early, and if he'd known how long the series would go for he would have kept them around. I always thought their daughter was an interesting loose end, there's a sequel there somewhere, Sharpe's Daughter or whatever.

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>>184981460tom jones (book, miniseries)last of the mohicans (1920, 1992, book)deerslayer (book)John Adams ( book, miniseries)northwest passage (book, movie)drums along the mohawk (book, movie)the expidtion of humpry clinker

>>184982120Are there any books that showcase big battles as well as Sharpe does? The fights are some of my favourite parts of the books

>>184980589now that's soldiering!

>>184982357not all of them. tom jones and humpry clinker are more akin to barry Lyndon. and they both have slight references to wars (tom jones with the Jacobites uprising, Humpry clinker with the French and Indian war) John Adams is biography of... John Adams. he never seen combat but the book and miniseries is great learning about what he was like, the politics of the revolution and the infighting of the founding fathers. mohicans, northwest passage and drums are probably more to your liking, particularly northwest. mohicans and drums are more chatarater dramas but feature some cool battles. but northwest, is very grueling account of Rodger's rangers. featuring an insane raid on a sleepy Indian village

>>184980847based racemixing avoider

So glad the Sharpe threads are back. I got a sofa and a TV and I've just been watching them every night for the last week. I'm even painting up some Napoleonic British.

>>184984712but mohicans is cool too, with their own Indian raiding a fort.

>>184984979>I'm even painting up some Napoleonic British.can we see?

>>184985058Rifles are nearly done, just started on the Foot. My mate has all of my browns, hence why I haven't painted the rifles or the leather straps.

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>>184985414damn nice work lad, especially the buttons

>>184982120Tom Jones movie not worth the trouble?

>>184985414>painting mini chosen men in great detailNow that’s soldierin’

Why is sharpe peak /comfycore/ and what else fits the bill?

>>184977911this show looks kino, should I give it a watch? I like Sean Bean

>>184986712I cant wait for netflix to pick it up and make Sharpe a west indian

>>184985414Call me pedantic but I don't think the 95th travels on giant plastic cups

>>184987010Yes. Everyone loves sharpe

Sir, permission to leave the column sir

>>184987185You silly Billy. Try holding onto a penny in your hand for hours at a time, and see how you feel about shot glass transportation

>>184987010>watching sean bean endlessly seethe at prissy incompetent officers with a 50/50 shot of banging their wives they've inexplicably brought to the forefront of battle>themes of honor rampant throughout>kino guitar wails to make your already massive warboner throb even harder>prime elizabeth hurley getting degraded by an evil rapist kobayashi>daniel craig playfully jesting with his buddy, tossing in "old boy" every other sentence like they're talking about a fun romp around the town and not breaking in and raping unguarded women>mark strong massacring gyppos and boasting proudly about racial purity>brian cox in prime form as a charismatic, silver tongued intel officeryou're in for a real treat if you do. I promise you that.

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>>184986712y'know... don't think I've seen a Sean Bean movie I didn't like. maybe he only does kinos.

>>184982027Cornwall kills all his character's women off because you can't be an honorable power fantasy and be fucking about.

>>184981273But not for Sharpe. They were equals and Sharpe doesn't need a woman that's his equal, he needs one that tends to the children back home to which he wants to return after battle.

>>184986712Because the nonexistent budget and great cast and acting give it unreal amounts of soul

>>184977911>I have a cousin in seals and friends in the Pentagon

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>>184986357I like it. it's very goofy and a bawdier adaption of the book. I hear people compare it to the carry on films, but I've never seen any of them, so I just take their word for it.

>>184977911>extremely hard to choose favoritesNot really.

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>>184991887literally gay

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>>184988697>this was Daniel CraigHoly shit

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>>184981614georgian period ended in the 1830s either with william or victoria becoming monarch

>>184992407yeah the show seems to have quite a lot of household names playing evil characters - which is a lot of fun for me desu.

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>>184992289you're gay

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>>184991887>just one more coalition and this guy is btfo bro trust me

>>184992704cope you degenerate queer

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>>184992723I don't get why fags simp for that retard Austrian spaz when the superior dictator is RIGHT THERE.

>>184992775(You)re projecting mate

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>>184993338who simps for that old hump who got BTFOed so many times? Now napoleonic russiaboos I can understand

>>184977911Frenchfag who love Napoleonic wars era movies/shows hereI want to discover the show : do you know where to find the episodes ? I've looked on YT and all i got are the one subtitled in Spanish wich sucks. Where to find regular episodes without subtitles ?

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>>184993874You have them all on pbay I think

anybody else hate the singer faggot? keeps singing that unresolved melody... would probably have shot him.

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