Y'all are simps and would have let her in

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ugly as fuck

Is she evil?

Nah i'm only into asian girls

>>184977125You respond with the old reliable, I don't date trans people.

>>184977125I'd honestly just trick her into getting naked for me and talk her into letting me fap to her and blow all over the windows while she's pressing her tits against it, and then do it repeatedly every night, promising to let her in the next

tits to small

>>184977125Sure why not, she looks nice. What's the worst that could happen?


I'd make her put on a dildo show with a conveniently placed cucumber outside the window

>>184977186>>184977186she kills one of the asian girl survivorspretty sure it's a race thing

Nah bro I dont simp for white women fr fr

post the webm please

yeah right ill immediately assume theres some dude waiting to bash my head in if i open the door

>>184977125>Ep-7So the waifu only shows up in one episode and its seven episodes in? Man this is some ol'bullshit. How are the other waifus in the show?

I'd just start fapping in front of her and she would probably keep watching and go along with it because she's actually a monster desperate to get in

Yesonly because I want to die already

That guy was such a desperate loser to fall for that. I bet he had an Onlyfans account like a lot of you losers here.


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>>184982025hey you dont know me pal

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>>184982025What's wrong with an only fans account?

>>184977125>>184982198when you share some of whatever the fuck you have been sniffing bitch

>>184977125I wouldnt because she looks like Hillary Clinton

>>184977125Shirley this one is different and won't brutally kill me.

>>184983090If you gotta ask that question then I don’t know what to tell you pal

A pretty girl approaching an average guy for no reason is dangerous An unannounced visitor at night is dangerous There’s no way this isn’t a trap

>>184977125the entire area is a us military similation test for the survival of humans against alien threats and the monsters are all fake creations. When they die they leave the test. Some bullshit dimensional space technologyThe black guy has digital pozz code in his veins that makes him like neo in the matrix, he learns how to escape into the other dimensions to stop the experiment and his wife was a plant the whole time

>>184980299Same, if a moderately attractive woman is anywhere near me of her own free will, I know somethings not right.

>>184977125What is this from?



>>184986933From this is where

>>184986933I answered your question

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>>184986972I mean what show is this from?

>>184987011from? are you retarded?

>Trapped in a hippie commune run by a obese granny who makes me sleep in the bus if I try to protect my propertyI'd not only let her in but also help the monsters plan ambushes and set traps.

>>184987039What's retarded about my question? I just want to know what show the girl is from

>>184987079I don't know if I like Donna or I can't stand her trying to be a tough guy

>>184987116show the girl is from


>>184987116What's on second

>>184987079he's hiding some dildos in his bag

>>184977125>Drill hole in the wall>"ey love take care of this then i'll let you in"Does she suck you off so she can get in after or rip your cock straight off?

>>184987415Only one way to find out>unzips dick

>>184987415she sucks it to completion and swallows

>>184977125>main conceit of your horror premise is that everyone is mentally retardedI hate this shit. >boo! A vampire attack>ok back to your CW drama>lesbians discussing their relationship >isn’t this funNo it’s a soap opera >boo! A vampire attack!>mystic “clues”>”signs”Ok. Maybe now the>and back to interracial relationship building>Aw will they or won’t they>what about a love triangleIt’s just the TWD formula including the concept of the horror needing human retardation to actually kill people. Hmm guess I’ll let in Satan today.

>>184977125>i’ll let you in, just take off your clothes>finger your pussy and assholeafter i’m done jerking off, i just leave

>>184982198I'd rather come inside of her instead if you catch my drift

>>184987117What's there to like about her?

>>184987117Same, but it seems like a situation like that would sort of force you to be like that to make sure you don’t get killed or any of the people you have to protect.

>>184987197That's what I want you to tell me!

>>184977125I wouldn't have opened the door! Its not hard.

>>184977125She's a cute female who willingly wants to enter my house. That's how I know it's a trap.

>>184983511don't call me shirley, over

>>184988944it's FROM!

>>184982198drill hole is wall for her to hold her ass into


>>184977125>can take the form of all of your wildest and filthiest desiresMy monster wouldn't look like this ugly-ass Mormon-looking bitch.

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>>184977125>Holla Forums would let her in and be immediately killedBased and deserved. All simps must be purged.

Why don't they just light the buildings on fire? Dumb show.

>>184977125Only if the foot game were good.

>>184980559kek, same

>>184977125I'm a paranoid autistic fuck expecting a bunch of guys to run up and rob me the second I open the door so no OP

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>>184992040Sorry to break your heart but she's mid from head to toe. She's probably the worst looking chick on the show. Even the fat dyke with the shotgun could probably get dick before her.

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'From' is a really weird word, I've been thinking of the name of this show and am now tripping out at the word 'from'.

What do you think would happen if you went outside and lock the door behind you then told her if you were alive in 2 days you ll open the door to so she can kill everyone inside? Would she take your deal for her future benefit or does she not have free will of her own and will rip you apart the second you come outside?

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>>184977125Wrong.I'd be too afraid of social interaction and hide.

>>184992506I'm guessing she'd kill you right away.If they were capable/willing of that kind of thought they could all just stay away for a couple of months until people got sloppy and then swoop in and kill a bunch of them.Or how about just setting fire to a house so the people outside had to run out?Either they're not capable of deeper thought or there are some other limitations to them.

>>184992506it's been stated multiple times that they enjoy the chase

look at this kek

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>>184977125older ladies who dress like that are born again trads. Can't trust those hos

>>184977186Trudy will NEVER ride you like an alabaster dragon

>>184993829that nigger is indeed hideous and has jaundice, im not sure how thats relevant to the discussion though

>>184977210I feel like that would lead to a horrific and painful demise when she inevitably finds a way in.

>>184992228look at his little balls haha

>>184977146Insane or gay.

>>184977125The hard human counter for classic monster vampires is classic monster Frankenstein monsters/androids. And I DONT FUCKING UNDERSTAND why this hasn't been made into a movie plot yet.Imagine... A Gothic horror setting where a expanding human kingdom is beset by a vampire menace. The royal family and the ruling class hide the open danger from their citizens and frantically look for ways to counter the problem. They end up hiring a mad scientist who kidnaps citizens and experiments on them, trying to manufacture a BOW with steampunk sensibilities instead of Resident Evil ones.A few months later...A trio of young vampires haunt a slowly moving civilian caravan through The Dark forest. Their recent success against The mortals has led to a haze of hubris and bloodlust overcoming their sensibilities, especially with this many new vampires being born without the "classic" mentoring method. They silently descend on the caravan, picking off the scouts in front and back of the column while leaving the wagons filled with sleeping peasants untouched until the inhabitants finally awake and realize they're under attack. The vampires dart from victim to victim, inflicting death for a clean and uninterrupted draining shortly after. Again, the ease with which they dispatch these humans is almost too easy. They are sickly, starved... A normal plate for the peasants but the soldiers attending the column are almost as thin, with armor that seems to Ill fit their worry frames...


>>184982198>May I come inside?Right back at you girl

>>184995581***Wirey frames***...As the last soldiers are dispatched and the slow moving peasants are cut down while escaping, the youngest and hungriest of the vampires decides to start his meal early, and glides into the last remaining wagon, deep in the center of the column and with its inhabitants still amazingly asleep.The young vampire closes in, chooses one of the two sleeping children for its copper flavored meal, and in all its audacity doesn't even register the faint hint of an oily, metal smell. Maybe it's experience with human blood dulled its senses to the anarchy, but before it had the chance to process the thought, and as its teeth slid into the child's flesh, a white hot electric fire flew into its bones, through its teeth, and exploded out of every orifice, finger or toe on its body. A mere mortal would have ceased to exist instantly, and even in its youthful vigor, this vampire barely held on to its existence. It's charged senses only registered the grip of hands that were far too strong for human beings grasping onto its limbs and pulling it in several directions, until the vampire was in multiple pieces and death overcame its ability to regenerate.---"Muh lord, the preliminary testing has proven...effective. though investigation of the scene revealed that the vampires involved in the ambush were most likely young and inexperienced, two child sized units and one adult we're able to render them inert, with the loss of only one of the smaller models. It seems our mad scientist was right... They do not have any innate ability to resist large amounts of electricity. After one vampire was dispatched inside the transport wagon, the death cries brought its comrades directly to its location. The two smaller units engaged one of them directly, leading to one dead vampire and one mangled construct. The other evaded the adult model's silver bladed weaponry, but said construct was able to close the gap and remove it's legs. It's in our lab now."


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>>184977125How is the new season so far? Enjoyed the previous one but haven't started watching the new episodes yet.

>>184997067it's great

>>184997067better than s1

What if it was a real girl and they had sex and end up having a nice life together?

>>184987771So its just more bait and switch dog shit? The trailer actually looked good.

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maybe if she was a little younger