>We elected... a Republican?

>We elected... a Republican?

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>>184976574The horror...

>"We can't... lower the standard of living in the country, flood the nation with drugs, and cause mass-homelessness anymore?">(ominous music plays)

>>184976574>Billionaire narcissist who performatively views herself as a liberal even though she has nothing in common with working class laymen and frequently looks down on them as inferior peasantsSuccession doesn't miss with it's social commentary

>>184976914Humongus cope

>>184976914>>184976971Sounds like a pretty accurate description to me. There've been Bloomberg articles written by ostensibly rich White liberal women that outright told poor people to kill their pets and eat lentils instead of meat. And they meant this unironically. They don't even see their sociopathy.

>>184976971its the most obvious point of the show. are you stupid or just american?

>>184976914Sounds like a typical democrat

>>184976914The writers are undoubtedly criticizing Shiv in some ways. But the overall tone is still a classic "pull punches with criticism of lefties, leave your harshest barbs for righties" kind of writing.

>>184977066No major politician has anything in common with the people the claim to represent. They're ultimately all just out for 1%ers.

>>184977067I want a show that does the complete opposite, just to see something new, is their any that aren't made by daily wire and the sort?

>>184977067It's easier to criticise Righties since their politics are often "fuck everyone except me and a few people I like"

>>184977286As opposed to lefties who say "fuck everyone except me and a few people I like"?Both sides are garbage, but at least Righties leave you alone

>>184977066>billionaire>typical democrat

I haven't watched this crap can you give me a qrd?

>>184977342North Carolina just required my sister to register her fertility historyweirdly it does not feel like the government is leaving her alone

>>184977342You can criticise lefties all you want, but their politics aren't that at all unless the people they don't like are people who hate them and the concept of inclusion/diversity.

>>184977342based centrist

>>184977457Did you really get a centrist vibe from that "at least righties are totally based and reasonable unlike those insidious lefties" post?

>>184977411Nice larp, r/politics. This one's a little too fresh to be realistic.

>>184977435Inclusion and diversity is the worst thing that has happened to this race and bullying should come back to cull the turd.

>>184977435Leftist beliefs are just: yt pyipo bad, straight pyipo bad, cis pyipo bad

>>184977342Righties made this very thread specifically not to leave me alone.

>>184977384You called the best show on air right now crap so you don’t deserve a qrd.

>>184976574>>184977067On one hand, this last episode as a pretty ham-handed depiction of a "trump-style fox news election" but if you have the patience to read past the surface a bit, I think there's a pretty severe criticism of Shiv/Democrats. Anyone watching who identifies with Shiv's worldview will be 100% on her side and think she was "obviously the good guy" in this episode, when she's really, truly just as bad as roman and ken. "but akshually I care about the country/brown ppl" is garbage; she's been in position forever to make an actual difference and she's 100% self-interested and merely covering that with a dishonest veneer of progressive-moral-informed intellectualism. IMO, up to this episode, they did a good job showing how the right wing often does stuff that's DESU SENPAI pretty honestly shitty, and over-the-line like throwing firecrackers in a election office. And then depicting how democrats (shiv, the politico she used to fuck) act like it's kristallnacht (calling it firebombing). Unfortunately in this episode they leaned too hard on making Roman totally irredeemable IMO. Like he was relatable and you could fully understand his actions, even as a leftie. He would acknowledge that "mencken and far-right stuff is actually, honestly pretty bad BUT who cares we're rich, let's not be hypocrites". As of episode 8 he's a total mustache twirler and seems to be acting like he actually is ideologically aligned with mencken. Still a pretty good ep, but a few notches down in quality because someone on the team was obviously a Shiv and said "no guys we can't write a fascist supporter as relatable in any way! Imagine what it would to to the country"

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>>184977574>>184977585Why larp as centrists when you're clearly just butthurt righties? If you were real centrists you'd view both sides objectively beyond "I HATE NIGGERS/WOMEN/QUEERS" or "WAAAAAH I'M THE REAL VICTIM"

>>184977360Yes. The money class are almost all democrats now

>>184976914>liberal>working class

>>184977660Are you saying it's impossible for working class people to be liberals? That's retarded.

>>184977658Can you prove that at all, schizo?

>lefties say righties are doing things that righties are not doing>lefties claim they aren't doing the things that they are doingYou guys ever notice this? What is it about modern leftism that is unwilling to straight faced claim their platform and actions. Anytime you mention something like, "lefties are trying to get transgender education into schools" they're like, NO WE'RE NOT!! (they are) and then if you do something like ban transgender education in schools they start screaming proving the obvious lieHow is it possible to feel good about yourself if you're ashamed of 90% of your political platform? I'm happy with mine and I will defend it for hours. Most lefties I know will just say it isn't happening and pretend like they don't support theirs.

>>184977733words words words

>>184977435lefties are happy to steal money from everyone through interest-rate intervention. They act like they're just on the cusp of ushering in a new age of egalitarianism, but the reality is that their financial policies *have already* helped to usher in an age of 'feudalism with extra steps'. They have been so successful that the right wing doesn't even bother anymore with trying to prevent it. Anyone financially literate knows it's over, including Trump.

>>184977730>almost 3x as much in donations/spendingopensecrets.org/races/summary?cycle=2022&id=GAS2

>>184977733Kind of like how right wingers praise Hitler only in private and then pass fascist legislation.

>>184977749braindead nigger that doesn't want to read a paragraph

Christ political discussions are so fucking boring

>>184977786But they don't. They do things like "enforce basic immigration policy" and then you call that fascist.

>>184977802sorry chud im just gonna.. not read your essays haha!

>>184977845wow congrats retard, you've just discovered how political bias affects perception, now you have to realize it affects yourselflefties just as easily say>we do things like teach basic sex education, and then you call that pedophilia

>>184977730Look at donations and money coffers of each party. Dems have far more money and dominate donations in all sectors except for energy kek.Dems are all billionaires, retarded old whites who still think muh JFK, poor shitskins, and retarded zoomies. Not surprising, California is their model for success.

>>184976914why do i always see this weird cope that everything is somehow "secretly based". Actually i dont even think its cope. Its pure marketing "you guys just dont get it, Its MAKING FUN OF THEM!! NOT US". Literally pure,unfiltered marketing

>>184977872Here we can see more lying


>>184977910you missed the point completely

>>184977887>SecretlyThe show literally could not spell Shiv's hypocrisy out any clearer for you

>>184977872>muh centrism>it’s all how you frame itKek yes giving puberty blockers to teenagers is comparable to enforcing national borders (which has been a prerequisite for nation states throughout history)

>>184977872>gay sex and transgender promotion>basic sex educationlmao. Humanity does not depend on anal.

>>184977884But I thought righties liked 1% of the country owning alm the wealth and thought it was based

>>184977733>What is it about modern leftismIt makes it harder to fruitfully discuss/argue about the topic. People on both sides will tie themselves in knots and debate endlessly over it. Meanwhile:>>184977763Imagine if everyone in the country that makes less than $220k/yr suddenly had a 35-45% increase in *purchasing power* (not income). Everybody below 220k wakes up tomorrow and can afford 35-45% more goods and services of any and all types. You think anyone, even brown people, would give a fuck about DEI?Take away people's ability to work and have a meaningful economic stake and provide for themselves, then campaign on rationing back the necessities to your base. The left started it and now both sides are playing the game because the left won.

>>184977848>Nigger thinks 3 sentences is an essaylefties in a nutshell

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>>184977945>enforcing national borders you mean having kids in cages and parental separation and killing them when LEGALLY ACCORDING TO POLICY they have a right to an asylum application? you are a literally evil nazi monster, we all know by enforcing national borders you mean murdering brown children

>>184977996dumb frogposter

>>184977976>>184977733to add to that:if you can't read 3-statement financial reports, you are playing exactly the game they want you to and you are losing.

>>184977768When you bring this up they use it to brag how smart and wealthy they are. Their attitudes, platform, and morality reorients itself in realtime to suit their need to feel superior to other people.>>184977872>muh both sides!Nah, the Motte and Bailey fallacy/ rhetoric is a known leftwing tactic. The right explicitly demands what it wants (policy).>>184977786>all rightwingers are NazisAgain, the right explicitly asks for specific policy. Meanwhile the left has spent the last 3 years pretending they don't want to abolish the police.>>184977976>muh material conditions

Can I unironically ask what you people get out of these tired regurgitated red vs blue squabbles? You're not going to change each others minds. You're just going to repost the same hot button talking points you've bookmarked or memorised, get angry about how no one gets how correct you are and quietly seethe to yourself until you decide to post another thinly veiled Holla Forums thread.so you can do it again

>>184977965>muh 1%I mean Republicucks and Democrats do love jews so ya got me there.Ostensibly the right wants everyone to pay less taxes. The left wants more taxes/costs because higher taxes don’t mean dick to the very wealthy. Then all the proles labor in abject poverty and taxed to high hell for social services that rarely ever provide any real assistance.

>>184978086we're just having fun bro

>>184976574>Quality of life... improved?!>Shut it down. Dump ballets after midnight. No one can find out.

>>184978004you were doing a good job, but you just overplayed your hand. The kids in cages are still in those cages, and they were cages put there by obama. They were 'detainment centers' under Trump and overnight with the election, they became 'facilities' and Biden wanted to build more. You are a right winger trolling other right wingers.>>184978080>>muh material conditionsYes, what else is there? What is your point?

>>184978086Some haven't yet learned that they're the hapless fish on the hook when they respond to these threads.

>>184978004>killing themI know you are just trying to highlight rhetoric and buzzwords to make a point.Just because both sides frame issues doesn’t mean “there is no truth both sides r le bad. Having borders is just as bad as teenage mastectomies”Centrism is a cancer

>>184978086I'm a lonely loser living at his parents' house and it makes me feel smart and important.

>>184978131yes you're 100% right I agree that the left has been better at enforcing immigration policy than the right in the last 15 yearsrepublicans say they dont want immigration, but then the business owners run crying to them about "muh labor", and then republicans reliably arrange the import of foreigners to work the fields and plants, they actually MAKE it happen with getting the visasmeanwhile lefties say they want immigration, but it's just out of naive goodness of their hearts, they don't actually put money to their mouth and pressure politicians to let immigrants in to workrepublicans are 100% responsible for mass immigration

>>184978086autists man

>>184978086Arguing is rather cathartic


>tfw hitler 2 is currently browsing 4chan and gathering his autistic strength He could be in this very threadyoutube.com/watch?v=vow1qFOTmEw

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>>184977360Trump was a Hillary supporting Democrat at one point. Pull your head out of your arse.

>>184978205True the Republican ruling class has been selling out their voters for decades


>>184978249>HitlerRather have a Napoleon

The episode makes zero sense. They act like theyre the ones picking the next president, but they're just a news channel. It has no bearing on the actual votes, and by the time results are coming in like that, all voting is done. If anything, them calling it for him makes them look like fools if he actually lost when all the counting is done. Every conversation was putting emphasis on the consequences for the country, but the only thing calling it actually would affect is the perception of their news organization.

>>184978249>me>listening to a series on napoleon latelyGod that's a kino illustration.Also hitler's a cuck.

>>184978131My point is that society doesn't magically arrange itself into a utopia once people's needs are met. I don't understand how materialists can accept that ideology is downstream from material conditions (psychology), but then refuse to do anything with that knowledge .

>>184978447they're trying to establish a preexisting narrative and accepted story that's solid by the time the issue gets resolved in courtvotes don't matter, only electoral votes do, and a court will decide whether or not there is some kind of re-count, re-vote, whatever, in Wisconsin and ultimately decide its electoral votes

>>184978080>Meanwhile the left has spent the last 3 years pretending they don't want to abolish the police.They don't want to abolish the police. They want to REPLACE the countless independent police with a federal service that they can control. They use civil rights as an excuse to constantly threaten state and local forces (why do you think the FBI had all that neat drone footage of the Rittenhouse shooting?) but they want complete top down control.

>>184978554Nah leftist think "social programs" will make the need for police obsolete because lefties are overly domesticated and utopist.

>>184977872Teaching kids about trannies and anal sex isn’t basic sex education. Every day I become more and more convinced that you people are literally servants of satan. Don’t you have some unborn children to dismember and vacuum out of wombs?

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>>184978533It's too much of a stretch to think that the word of one news channel, already seen as cozy with one party's candidate, sets such a solid narrative that it would affect anything at all. Courts, delegates, the state, and election officials would decide what happens. If Fox News calls 2024 for Trump under questionable circumstances, no one would accept their word as gospel or even care. The actual process would continue either way. The concept is so simplistic and stupid that I'm surprised they'd shit the bed with this episode so close to the finale.

>>184978828>Teaching kids about trannies and anal sex isn’t basic sex education.name a single specific example of this happening

>>184978871>If Fox News calls 2024 for Trump under questionable circumstances, no one would accept their word as gospel or even care. The actual process would continue either way.Yeah bro, dozens and dozens of millions of people believing Trump sincerely won the election would have no negative consequences for society whatsoever. Everything would carry on as normal.

>>184978086It’s just bantz. I don’t even care about red jew vs blue jew, I just want orange man back because he said funny shit and made everyone seethe.

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>>184978928It’s so weird how you lot always claim “it’s not happening” and then seethe when it gets banned. Really makes you think.

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>>184979145so is there an example or not?

>>184978970I didn't imply any of that. I'm only talking about the president actually getting elected, which none of the things in the episode would make happen. They're not picking the president by calling it, they're not the arbiters of society, but they act like that's the case. It's silly and really bad writing.

>>184978928Lmfao, and then we circle back to my original point. You straight up don't want to admit the things you support. Why is it so shameful for you? I'm proud of everything I support. I think it's the greater good.

>>184979307so an example then?

>>184979299never mind it seems you don't have any imagination and didn't live through hanging chads or 2016

>>184978928>gaslighting>caught>it’s a good thing bigot Yawn I want to bash your head in

>>184979456any examples then?

>>184979414I lived through both, and neither would have been affected in any way whatsoever by one news organization, out of many, calling the election for either candidate. It seems your imagination lets you accept wildly implausible and nonsensical situations as acceptable or even good writing. Mine keeps me pretty grounded in things that make sense.

>>184979474Individual teachers or curriculum?Just hop on tik too for crazy teachers

>>184979636it sounds like you genuinely do not understand why the narratives people convince themselves of matter, and why it would matter if 100+ million people believe an election went another way (even if the proper vote winner gets into office) and how that is destabilizing for society which is not a good thing.


>>184978928Why are you this disingenuous? I really don't get why incels do it.

>>184978447Voting hadn't closed.

>>184979342>>184979911Hell, as I mentioned earlier it's harder to find individual publicized cases of it happening because lefties insist and pretend it's not happening, but it is happening because when you restrict it they throw a shitfit, like thispbs.org/newshour/politics/florida-board-of-education-expands-dont-say-gay-classroom-ban-to-all-gradesThere are multitudes of teachers and admins mad that they can't teach LGBT, gay sex, and tranny shit in public school anymore. And yet if you asked if they're promoting trannyism they'd say "no." Two faced.

>>184980003maybe this should be your clue you're constructing a false reality by being terminally onlinemaybe if you actually had children in your life you'd realize how deluded you are about modern education

>>184979864No, it doesn't sound like any of that. Never mentioned those things or implied the opposite of them. Once again, my only point is that the crux of the entire episode, that they're basically choosing the next president, is nonsense because they wouldn't be doing that in reality. That's all. It's badly written and makes no sense.

>>184980030Stage 3: gaslighting

>>184976914While this is obviously correct, this is not the narrative of the show. The show is definitely pointing to Mencken being literally hitler.

>>184980038>What we're programming millions of people to believe isn't a big deal

>>184979212The term “gaslighting” gets thrown around a lot but what you’re doing is a perfect example k12dive.com/news/schools-with-lgbtq-inclusive-sex-ed-on-the-rise/608554/

>>184980091>>184980129>YOU'RE GASLIGHTING ME!

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>>184980030>it’s not happening, show me an example >okay it’s happening but you spend too much time online looking for examplespottery

>>184979963If you've ever watched election night coverage, it often stretches into the late hours, well after polls closed. The states need many hours just to finish counting and polls close in the early evening. If they had enough of a percentage count to be calling almost all of the states, it's guaranteed the polls were closed.

>>184980206>give me examples >no not like that!

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>>184980259>toddler phone

>>184976860ah yes, the refuge of us from drugs during trump yearswhich also saw us life expectancy drop for the first time in a century

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>>184977286You're retarded. No, really, you're retarded.>>184977411Liar. Can't wait to see retards like you think you're tough guys.

>NO THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN>OK SHOW ME EXAMPLE>WELL MAYBE THAT'S TRUE BUT YOU'RE AN INCEL>HERE'S MEMES TO CONFUSE AND OBFUSCATEEvery time. Every time. Every time. Fucking hilarious, I posited the trend and a concrete example came walking by to prove it.

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>>184980259Nta, but those are not examples.

>>184980350See:>>184980377Read the articles you posted.

>>184980434>Florida bans LGTBQ themes in public education>public educators have mass outcryHow is it not you fucking retard

>>184980469Because it wasn't a fucking theme, you moron. It was literally just gay people being allowed to say that they are gay instead of having to hide it like a catholic priest.

>>184980295>you didn’t post from my preferred device so you lost the argument!Imagine caring what some faggots on an Icelandic folk dancing enthusiast forum think about your choice of phone. Lol, lmao even

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>>184977067the left can't handle criticism

>>184980572when you buy an iphone you are literally financially supporting trans rightsif you hate LGBTQ you have to buy a phone from a chinese manufacturer

>>184980651I bought it used retard, what now? Chinsects aren’t any better than troons btw.

>>184980513You’re flat out lying right now. Why are lefties incapable of being honest about their policies and stances?

>>184977342>but at least Righties leave you aloneRightoids are retarded

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>>184980344it's been a steady decline since the kikes took power

>>184980749you gave the LGBTQ funder a refund, money is fungible so essentially the original buyer got to donate to trans rights for free because of you

>>184980513No it isn't. Read the text of the bill. "Don't Say Gay" is just the lie headline. You're a liar, they're liars, why do I even interface with you. Anyway, point stands, lefties insist they don't support what they actually support until what they support passes and gets normalized and they can finally beat you over the head with it. It's Dishonesty: The Politics.

>>184977768That's because kikes want democrats in power. There are still kikes on the republican side.

>2023>actually being a republicanimagine

>>184980785No, you are lying.Actually, no. You just genuinely are that stupid.>>184980852It's the actual article in practice because, as I pointed out, nothing was actually being taught. >You're a liarProve me wrong, you numbskull. Just for once in your stupid, inbred, worthless, subhuman life.

>>184978093Kek and that little useful idiot you replied to scurried away Lefties project their worship of billionairesLike with Elon musk they were licking his nuts when he was pro Bernie and for UBI (he probably still is for both) but then he said something against the grain of far lefties and everyone who's not apart of that found it funny and those same lefties think of it as worshiping a billionaire lmao

>>184980852>chuddy having a meltdown

>>184980910t.retarded dem

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>>184981072You are?

>>184977887Try some reading comprehension, dumbass.

>>184981072Being a republican at this point with what we as a society know about science and sociology, is a morally bankrupt choice.

The milquetoast Trump hysteria in this episode was just stale. It's beyond a dead horse at this point. The fact that they tried to pass it to us through these awful people and suddenly expect us to take it seriously was just insulting to the audience. I think it's a stain on the series. The best part of the episode was Kendall realizing Shiv was lying to them and showing a bit of that Logan vindictiveness. Even then it was for the wrong reasons. Shiv would have done it because it was in her interest, not because she was worried about "the health of our Republic".

>>184981262False flag. You're boring.

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>>184981266>Shiv would have done it because it was in her interestBut she was dumbass.

>>184981266>he thought it was a trump hysteria episodestop projecting you politically obsessed loser

>>184981266They are trying to coast on the fact that everybody kind of knows Trump is going to run again and might actually win since he's going up against Biden.

>>184981307Ask your braindead union writer handlers to lose the TDS then go back, simpleton

>>184981653>still obsessing over TDS years latermove on dude

>>184981684You first dumb fuck

>>184981792you are literally the one who brought it up lmao

>>184976574>LAW, ORDER, CLEAN SOCIETY? AAAAAAAGHHHHHH I'M GOING INSANEI find it hilarious how triggered liberals get over a clean and healthy society. It's like they like living like subhuman pigs in a squalor.

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>>184981887>Writers display their TDS >People call it out >M-move on please let me have unhealthy relationships with made up scenarios of republicans chud Go back

>>184981985>seeing TDS everywhere you gomove on from trump jesus christ dude

>>184976574Romans comments about how Shiv was assuming what the peasants would want was pretty prophetic given what we learned in the Durham Report this week. This show is incredibly relevant.


Greg chads: do we want to fuck our cousin?

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>>184982006You're retarded, sorry to say

>>184976574>and cause mass-homelessnessWasn't it the Reagan's fault?

>>184982216seek therapy for TDS

>>184977342>but at least Righties leave you alone>is that a gay marriage? AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>>184982832Sorry user but you cannot molest childrenThe legislation passed will help that

>>184982925>NEETs comparing marriage to child molestationWhy are incels like this?

>>184982832>why won't they let us destroy the tenets of a union that has been around for thousands of years in peace?

>>184983823imagine being that insecure, youre like someone reeing if they dont use the correct pronounsother peoples legal unions do not affect my own in the slightest

>>184982832No such thing as gay marriage. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Anything else is a farce.

>>184983927It's just like when they say tranny rights, they already have rights they just want extra privileges

>>184983823Lol, check out this fucking nerd

>>184983823Fuck off hick

>>184976860>flood the nation with drugsWho was Ronald Reagan again?

>>184986088Yes, the war on drugs flooded the nation with drugs, yes... thats a good logic.

>>184986088One of the most popular Presidents ever, oversaw the rise of California (which has since been mishandled and turned into a dystopia)

>>184983823>We'll leave you alone to do whatever you like>Unless it's something we don't like.

>>184980344Wow, Trump literally made liberals kvetch so hard they started killing themselves. Also I wonder if juking covid death stats in 2020 helped lower the life expectancy? I wonder.

republicans will never win a presidential election again. and yes its because of dumbass pol qanon faggots that went mainstream with the most schizophrenic and retarded populist bullshit in the history of politics. literal schizo babble being masqueraded as true politics and they sit here in the anonymous echo chamber moaning and bitching about until they decide it’s time to slaughter random people like a little bitch because NOBODY intelligent gives a fuck. cope lmao


>>184976574>If this baby is born, he'll arrive...on a bed of my own shit??

They never change

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Too many pol losers in this thread, go back to your own board

>>184987644Yup. 4chan was a liberal board until Stormfront raided


>>184976914They cover their bases pretty well, the people ITT attacking the show for this look retarded because Shiv has been shat on by the writers for four seasons and they look dishonest to the point some people think they're disney shills attacking HBO grasping at straws. But a lefty could watch this episode a feel like le heckin fascismus is coming to get him and love it too. Good writers are beyond this political bullshit this is why Succession is so good, much better than Mad Men


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>>184988619kill yourself kike

>>184989558Exactly, both lefties and kinosseurs got what they wanted from this episode, only low IQ brown Holla Forumspedes got filtered.

>>184978928Christ you are retarded.

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>>184988619A libertine board, perhaps. And the puritanical hectoring from the left has replaced mom pulling out the Xbox cord at bed time.

>>184980003Drag queens keep fucking. coming. to my kids' library and preschool. To events that are not advertised as such. You can't convince me these aren't pedos in the prowl.

>>184989597Go back to pol loser

>>184977730are you retarded?

>>184990501None of that happened, though and you have no kids

>>184986223It's almost as if, and hear me out here, republicans are full of shit.

>>184983823>In peaceMinus the rape.Seriously. The amount of rape involved with marriage is kind of incredible.

>>184981927>Law>Order>Clean>Nazi GermanyIt was a shithole even before the war Germany caused destroyed everything.

I'm so fucking glad to not be american

>>1849908054chan is pol

>>184976574It’s all performative. Shiv is incredibly self absorbed. Her worst case scenario leaves her with billions in the bank and a name that opens all doors.

>>184977637No. It showed Roman is the one with the chops to run the kingdom. Ken doesn’t have the fortitude to make the pragmatic choices and Shiv can’t see anything beyond herself. Plus now Roman is the one with the most powerful man in the world owing him everything

>>184986088Pathetic post


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>>184991956Who are you quoting?

So many racists... go back to where you came from

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