Rings of Power

Why is House of the Dragon seen as mid, but this is seen as a woke abomination with zero artistic merit or enjoyability? It's literally the opposite in every way.HotD is outright antinatalist, feminist propaganda. Every scene with a baby hammers home some point about how horrible it is to be born a woman, how oppressive family is, and every scene with a woman tries to make it sound like marriage is slavery. They have a whole episode contrasting a horrible boring monogamous relationship with a young girl going into the vibrant diverse city and fucking a guy in the middle of a gay orgy in a brothel before going back home and fucking a different guy.Rings of Power on the other hand contains zero feminist themes at all. The only vaguely "feminist" or woke thing about it is that Galadriel and the numenor queen and dwarf queen exist. There's no bullshit about family life and married life being oppressive. On the contrary it reaffirms family, and Galadriel singlehandedly causes suffering when she's too girlbossy. House of the Dragon wouldn't dare criticize its women, besides the queen being evil because she's a tool of the patriarchy and not standing up for womens rights.

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>>184973114Technically RoP is a far superior show. The video quality on HotD is so godawfully, groundbreakingly bad. It looks like someone shot it on a cheap DSLR, it looks absolutely lifeless and digital. RoP looks great and has great cinematography. It also has slightly better music.Content wise, RoP is superior. They actually lean into the lore and worldbuilding, while HotD barely gives a shit, shows the targaryens as the same as everyone else but with dragons, and just uses the different setting as a new excuse for more game of thrones. The dialogue is slightly better in HotD, but neither are excellent. RoP makes a much wider effort, however. RoP features a lot of battles and action content. HotD very little, and there is A LOT of visual filler which makes it feel like the writers couldn't come up with enough lines. RoP has far more interesting themes - about power, temptation, unintentional harm and evil, and grey morality. HotD is "look how bad the patriarchy is". With a random unnecessary lead actor change 2/3 into the series. So why is this bland, ugly, turbofemimist game of thrones continuation seen as far superior?

>>184973114HBO paid more for shills. And lotr fans are extremely bitter when you piss them off, lotr is sacred to them. They put star wars fans to shame when you fuck with their source material. Amazon should have known better.


>>184973114>>184973127replying to yourself and reddit spacingain't nobody reading your horseshit faggot shillkys

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>>184973247Putting a space after paragraphs is reddit spacing? Take your meds schizo

>>184973256Yeah, I never really saw the big deal with that either.


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>>184973400...that's ceremonial armour they take off during their journey to Valinor as a symbol of giving up war and violence. It's literally never used in battle, nor it's supposed to be. I wish people would at least criticize legit vices of the show.

>>184973127>>184973114Correct but people see the hbo logo and just assume it's good. Power of a trusted brand I guess

>>184973228>And lotr fans are extremely bitter when you piss them off, lotr is sacred to them.It does seem this simple. I'm still surprised that people didn't react more to House of Dragon's ultrafeminism, but there's probably two factors. One, game of thrones was never seen as a "pure" IP, being a newer work most saw in older age and having a reputation for being degenerate. Two, it's much more aesthetically traditional. The cast is closer to 90% white instead of 70% white. And so superficially it doesn't trigger idiots and outrage bandwagoners as much.

>>184973439>it's supposed to be shit because ceremonyHoly cope. Not only is the costume design insultingly bad but there are literally zero good scenes in this slop. What a disaster.

>>184973482>Facts are cope.Maybe watch the show first, instead of reposting screenshots?

>>184973400What's wrong with it? The coloring looks great, it's not oscar worthy but it's very good digital era video.

>>184973475Exactly. I would expect nothing less from GOT.

well the world of got/hotd was created by a feminist mutt for mutts, blacks and all kinds of horrible races of the world. theres nothing to be angry about, its not twisted it was intended this way. the cant really ruin it with the message or casting, its simply judged by its quality of writing/directing etc

>>184973494It's a fact that it's supposed to be shit? Got it. It's still shit. Has a worse show ever been made? There's literally nothing good about it, I haven't seen one half decent scene, it's literally all bad with no redeeming features.

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>>184973114>billion dollar budget>same four sets the entire fucking show

>>184973539Anon look at the absolute state of the armor. I don't think I've seen an uglier imitation of plate armor in anything else.

>>184973600>Has a worse show ever been made?Not him but I'd say the witcher is worse. Didn't watch or read wheels of time though so idk where that one stands.

>>184973482>>184973600>>184973605No one trashing RoP can ever come up with coherent arguments beyond memes, lazy copypastas, and accusing people using language that would get you fired from ANY corporate job of being shills.

>>184973400whoa... is that real?

>>184973600>Wheels of Time>Witcher>House of the Dragon>Star Wars - every single series>Star Trek: Discovery>WillowEvery single fantasy and sci-fi show I can think of released in the last several years have been worse.

>>184973634It's not great, it looks kind of papery when you look at it. But it doesn't distract me that much - the overall composition of the scene and the coloring looks fine. Especially compared to HotD which is a lifeless grey/blue fest

>>184973675Good point. I'm not sure it's worse but it's pretty damn close.>>184973680Post one good scene

>>184973696NTA, but see >>184973400. They're wearing it during a ceremonial sendoff to Valinor, and start taking it off once they start approaching it. It's purely symbolic, and is never used in battle.

>>184973733>post one good scene I'm too lazy to dig up screencaps right now user, i'll collect them in the next few weeks

>>184973114because rop has none of the things that people like about lotr. its just total slop

>>184973114because its shit

>>184973762>he can't find even one half decent scene on youtube or somethingLmao even you know the show fucking sucks cock.

>>184973114its such a fucking awful show, who the fuck approved it? what the fuck was that? its utter shit

>mogs every character in RoPNothin' personal kid

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>>184973767I'm a casual LotR fan who only watched the series in adulthood and while the Jackson trilogy is far superior, I quite enjoyed Rings of Power. Mainly because I was expecting turbo woke garbage based on the reputation, but instead got a decent modern fantasy series that implies girlbosses and feminists cause suffering.

>>184973859>a hero and a villain, with both light and darknessPfff... yeah sure, GRRM. He has so much light inside him in this show.

>>184973799I don't go around with folders full of screencaps from shows. I actually have a life and google pics.>>184973859Fair enough, he's the best character on HotD by far. I'll grant that HotD has better characters on average

>>184973874Right because race swapping white people and making Galadriel another boring obnoxious super strong cunt like Rey Palpatine is totally based and trad.

>>184973916Bitch you don't need a folder full of anything just post one good scene from RoP. You've spent more time making excuses than it would actually take, that is assuming there are in fact good scenes in RoP.

>>184973916>>184973939lol lamo off you are pretending this wasn't awful like fucking terrible, galadrial slowly ushers in some guards attacking her into a cell, she swims from valinor to middle earth, its dogshit

>>184973127>video qualityI think the worst part of HotD is the audio quality. Its almost like reverse bain voice...where the dialogue is purposefully mixed into the background and you cant hear what the characters are saying.

>>184973939Lol, you have no arguments and your mind is a collection of memes.Whether you like it or not, with period pieces and fantasy you get the choice of aesthetically accurate but thematically subversive, or aesthetically woke but thematically accurate. HotD is the former, Rings the latter.>making Galadriel another boring obnoxious super strong cunt like Rey Palpatine is totally based and trad.You're ignoring her characterization. You're SUPPOSED to hate her and find her cuntish. Her cuntishness is what causes Mordor and her dogged, monotonous bitchiness is shown to be a bad thing and an obsession, causing mutinies, suffering, and rejection from HeavenRey on the other hand has no characterization, she's a bitchy determined cunt and there's nothing deeper.

Amazon shills are still lingering around here?

>>184974010>she swims from valinor to middle earthThat's actually pretty common for Elves and some Men in the setting. A different one was chained to a mountain by a single arm, for 40 years, without food, water, or sleep - and survived.Another character, a Man, thought in a battle for so long, and killed so many trolls and orcs, that his weapon melted.And so on. Bulltshit physical feats are the norm. Those are mythical heroes, after all.

>>184973114They're both woke abominations, and so is the witcher show

>>184974109Imagine thinking Amazon pays people to call their show a 6/10. Imagine thinking Amazon pays people who say anything other than "diversity is our strength, feminism is good, patriarchy bad"

>>184974170>diversity is our strength, feminism is good, patriarchy badEvery single female character in the show fucks up in a major way, except maybe the hobbit girl.

>>184974087>you get the choice of aesthetically accurate but thematically subversive, or aesthetically woke but thematically accurate.Or I could go back and watch something that's actually fucking good. Fuck your compromise.>You're ignoring her characterization. You're SUPPOSED to hate her and find her cuntish. Her cuntishness is what causes Mordor and her dogged, monotonous bitchiness is shown to be a bad thing and an obsession, causing mutinies, suffering, and rejection from HeavenIgnoring the fact this is pissing all over Tolkien's work, is she going to face consequences for these actions?

>>184974201Exactly. It was a refreshingly balanced show, probably the least feminist television show I've seen this year.

>>184974112>That's actually pretty common for Elves and some Men in the settingno it isn't literally no-one has ever done that you dipshit, once the sindair walked across the frozen ocean, it was a big deal

You niggers will never be able to convince anyone that laawwwdy dem rangz is anything more than absolute shit

>>184973114Based user speaking the truth.

>>184974234lol keep trying it was a disgusting eyesore of cliched shitty writing and worse direction and cinematography, I mean I know you are getting paid for this and all but maybe ask for a job shilling a better show, this one was horrendous

>>1849742431. I gave you two examples of bullshit feats. Try not eating for 40 years, you fat faggot.2. It wasn't a frozen ocean, it was the not!North Pole. And it was the Noldor who did it.Jesus, arguing with faggots who only regurgitate other posts and memes is exhausting.

>>184974232>Ignoring the fact this is pissing all over Tolkien's work, is she going to face consequences for these actionsShe already has, she chose to prolong her suffering in middle earth instead of going to valinorAnd i'm not forcing anyone to watch it or like nonwhites or saying diversity cadting is good. But it's a decent, watchable show if seeing a black person in your heckin pure white fantasy doesn't trigger you to the point of suicide.

>>184973127>RoP looks greatToo obvious.

>>184974297i'm not fat I'm very fit thanks, wtf thats the best you've got? I know shitting on this pile of shit offends you but try to not be so obvious, its a huge steaming pile of stinking SHIT

>>184974321>decent watchablemaybe if you are a 80- IQ tard then ok pretty colors and flashy lights are fun

>>184974337>I..I'm not fat!No knowledge of the lore, no arguments, and fat to boot... tsk tsk.

>>184974243Dude you're pulling all kinds of mental gymnastics trying to turn harmless trivia in RoP into malignant conspiracies>>184974297Really is. The masses can't think, woke or unwoke.

>>184974321>she chose to prolong her suffering in middle earth instead of going to valinorThat happens before all of the apparently bad things she does so that doesn't really work now does it? Plus it's not much of a consequence if it's what she personally wanted to do.>And i'm not forcing anyone to watch it or like nonwhites or saying diversity cadting is good.>ButNah there is not "but". It's woke trash and therefore unwatchable.

>>184974368>pretty colors and flashy lights are funYes.

>>184974430What does woke mean

>>184974374no really time to stop, this show was the definition of a travesty its hateful and disgusting and more then that poorly made badly directed and woefully shot, and on top of that the purported "budget" in short it is bad on every conceivable level

>>184973127>Technically RoP is a far superior showThis, and it's not even close

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>>184974410>>184974436its a piece of shit maybe one of the worst recent failures its awful on so many levels

>>184974456Politically correct. Or in this specific case something being made more politically correct at the expense of the source material and basic logic.

>>184974483lol how does one fuck up this bad with a budget this big? how does one do that? its going to go down as one the all time abysmal failures ever, e.g. waterworld pales in comparison to this epic disaster

>>184973998Not him but here is mine. Why yes, I am a coomer.

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>>184974549lol desperate, its a shitty show accept it and move on

>>184974549really nigga?

>>184973439This is really not a defense. The Elves, especially the Noldor, would never do anything half-arsed. Everything they make would be both practical and beautiful. And even if they did make flimsy armour just for show, which they wouldn't, then you would expect it to be MORE beautiful and ornate than their usual armour. This is a cheap shitty prop from an expensive shitty show and no amount of coping will ever change that.

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>>184974593I never said it was good.>>184974623They didn't give me much to work with. Almost seeing down her shirt was the most exiting part of the season.

>>184973114Did they fire all men from season 2 of RoP to change it for all women directors? And will double down on Cunt Galadriel and feature an lgbt character?

>>184973874This is the current stab at a marketing line. "You know that other shitty show you didnt watch? We're totally not as shitty as that." Things must be dire.


>>184973127>The dialogue is slightly better in HotD, but neither are excellent. RoP makes a much wider effort, howeverLmaooooo On what? RoP dialogue:>THE SEA IS ALWAYS RIGHT>LE STONE LOOK DOWN>GIVE IT TO ME RAW>YOU HAVE NOT SEEN..........WHAT I HAVE SEENI dont think Hotd is perfect, but one scene of King Viserys absolutely mogs any scene of RoP, any retarded shill with a brain will admit that

>>184974739>And will double down on Cunt Galadriel Nah, they already pretty much said she will be more chill and forgiving from S2, after her colossal fuck ups during s1. She will spend time with Elrond and the other elves to show the strength of community over isolation, or some shit like that.

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>>184975043>>LE STONE LOOK DOWNThis one will never fail to make me laugh. What were they thinking?

>>184975043RoP has bad dialogue delivered badlyHoTD has okay dialogue delivered well.

>>184973114Both are shit. Kill yourself, shill.

>>184975043>Cherry picking the weakest lines of one show to compare with the best lines of anotherThis is disingenuous cope

>>184975080>gives a long winded explanation copied from his script>or some shit like that fellow normal people who don't work at amazon lmao you fuckers ore so transparent

>>184975043>one scene of King Viserys absolutely mogs any scene of RoPLol no, nobody remembers a single line from house of roasties yet lines like this are still talked about as GOATed to this day.

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>>184975123Okay, give us some really good lines from RoP. Which iconic scene will give you chills for years to come?

>>184975174The only one I've seen talked about since RoP ended was the stone look down one lol

>>184975174And The next scene Sauron:>give me pussy galadriellllll>No, have sex incel!

>>184975123>disingenuous stop cherry picking words from this thread and try just try to come up with your own argument with your own words, I know you can't but you could at least try

>>184975149>N-no, what am I meant to say again bros? You are le-shill?AhahahahahahahaLook at this faggot. Literally cannot even manage to formulate a single reply without insta reverting to some meme copeAbsolutely WEAK

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>>184975265Got under your skin a bit there, shill?

>>184975043>GIVE IT TO ME RAWWhat the fuck??? When this was said in RoP?

>>184973114>>184973127it was boring.

>>184975361The dorf says it to the zoomer elf

>>184973114Both are trash. Never watching them. Fuck off.

The only thing RoP exceeded was my expectations for how shitty it was going to be

>>184973114HotD had nigger but they wrote them into the story in a way that works. Since the nogs get cucked and the bastards are white, everybody in audience and in the show know they're bastards. This shows (instead of telling) how the old king is willfully oblivious to his daughter's faults and that deigimitzes his rule and his chosen succession.HotD is well written, that's why it's considered good despite some pozzing. ROPE on the other hand shows niggers where they don't belong and characters in show are pretending there's nothing weird about black elves when there obviously is. As I said it all comes down to writing HotD is good and ROPE is not, simple as

>Your sorrow cannot ease my pain. And nor will a hammer and tongs ease yours. There is no peace to be found for you here. And nor for me. No lasting peace in any path, but that which lies across the sea. I have fought for centuries, seeking to earn mine. This is how you earn yours.Average lines with 10/10 delivery, Morf does it again. Pure kino machine.

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>>184973114>>184973127Any kinos about shills writing walls of texts, me not reading them and just posting some ROP getting mogged pics?

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>>184975174>nobody remembers a single line from house of roasties yet lines like this are still talked about as GOATed to this dayGoogle trends say HOTD is like ten times more talked about than rangz tho

>>184975174>like this are still talked about as GOATed to this dayIn what universe, shill?

>>184975043Also NuGaladriel shit delivery>THERE IS A TEMPEST IN ME

>>184975656Everybody still talks about the best lines from ROP. Just yesterday people were talking about some of Adar and Galadriel's dialogue or Sauron and Galadriel's lines from the finale. Talking about how Shakespearean-esque and beautifully written they were and this was coming from a English professor who teaches Shakespeare.HOTD is just the epitome of mediocrity, nobody remembers ANYTHING

>>184975900>coming from a English professorLet me guess he's a tolkein scholar as well kek

>>184975900Talking in your head you mean, shill?

>>184975900That didn't actually hapened though

>>184975900Okay now you’re just taking the piss

>>184975043RoP has superior visuals.HotD has superior acting and casting, by far.That being said, they're both bad shows. RoP because of its bitchy female empowerment fantasies that backfire so horribly you end up rooting for fucking Sauron, and HotD because of its bland cinematography coupled with repeated, nigh-fetishistic birthing scenes that add absolutely nothing beyond the first time they show it. Someone on staff has a pregnancy fetish, and it showed.

Jacksons Lotr>hand crafted swords and armour>2 years to make all the prop armour including 7 miles worth of chainmail. A single orc outfit had 13,000 chainmail rings. >each piece fitted to the actor>still usable to this day>memorable to this dayRings of power>plastic ill fitting armour>spray can paint that faded quickly>looks like stuff youd buy children>already forgottenHow do you end up with such an enormous budget for the cast to look like their wearing costumes ordered off AliExpress.

>>184976588Lack of talent and passion

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>>184976588The foam armor was unforgivable. That tan bullshit. They literally bought yoga mat material and punched shapes out of it then sewed it together.

>>184976500HoTD also had some extreme silliness with certain aspects of story. Some characters actions completely ignored by others, or even not having simple rational discussions. This was done in order to create "drama" but it comes off as really contrived and silly

RoP is defiling a beloved IP, whereas the carcass of GoT was raped long ago.

>>184976842I think the dumbest thing in HotD is the scene where they're doing a feast or whatever, and then the fucking GUARD beats a noble to death in front of everyone. He also magically survives, isn't killed by the other guardsmen, and then becomes the co-conspirator to the other bitch. I don't remember anyone's names because I just don't care, but I guarantee you you all know what I mean by this description, as it was just that stupid.

>>184976961Yes thats exactly what I am talking about. That scene and many others just seem to be there to create "drama", but then arent addressed as a thing that happened in the world. Its so dumb.

>>184976961He does that twice but my mind went to the second time since that guy seemed to be higher up. Like how do you explain that? If you start offing nobles you’re going to get a rebellion especially right when the king dies.

>>184977550I assumed he was a noble of some sort, since they called him 'Sir'. But that doesn't mean he should have been permitted to kill higher nobility willy-nilly with no penalty. He would have been killed on the spot or beheaded after a public trial. The fact neither happens is where the show went off the rails and the writers showed their hand at not knowing what they were doing.

>>184975523this is sad

>>184976842>HoTD also had some extreme silliness with certain aspects of story. So did RoP. The most blatant retarded agenda scene where one numenoean yells THE ELVES WILL TAKE OUR JOBS when the one wishes to leave numenor. But the worst is Galadriel. Galadriel talking shit to the queen or threatening to kill Elendil when he doesn't do what she asks, when she doesn't tell anyone Halbrand is Sauron and he helped made the rings, she is just so retarded but she is a woman so nobody calls her out

>>184973439if its ceremonial armour then it should be even more extravagant and finely crafted (especially by fucking elves) than battle field armour. it looks shit user which is hilarious because they were boasting about their budget and hiring Weta

>>184976500Asking why they keep showing the birthing scenes is like asking why they keep showing the fights and other violence (not that there was much in S1, but obviously more happens later in the story). It's life or death for the characters.

>>184975174This line is so fucking bad because it assume the audience is familiar with the song lmao. Only absolute trash writers would insert “look this up “ material into their scripts

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>>184978165A 15 minute baby shitting scene in three different episodes is done for a fetish, not for plot or art.

>>184973114We wuz numenoreans n shiet

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What if both are garbage made by jews for goyim to suck up

>>184973114Won't still watch pozzed shit starring girlboss uggo. Deal with it.

>>184973114Didn’t readBoth are shit

>>184973114There are no blacks in lotr and galadriel wasn neither ugly nor a warrior./thread


*mogs ROP just by facial expressions*

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>>184978682>it assume the audience is familiar with the songBrainletIt's a direct response to something Galadriel said him on the raft in ep2>I have pursued this foe since before the first sunrise bloodied the sky. Basically a 6 episode later clapback.

>>184973114>>184973127LotR was Literature. GoT was just a fucking tv show. No one cares about Martin's books. Tolkien's literary works, on the other hand are Pillars of Western civilization, and you fuck with them at your peril. So this Dragon show was easy to ignore, while the Rings show stood out as an insult to all we are and ever could aspire to be and must be mercilessly shat upon in the name of Cultural Justice. That's why.

>>184973400the transition after this still makes me crack up

>>184975523>nor>nor>norIs this amazon's idea of fancy dialogue?

>>184979376Fuck off you turd, these all reference material they dont have rights to depict lmao

>>184979394rope of power is fan fiction and does not represent anything Tolkien. Kill yourself for even suggesting it

>>184979217thats not monke, post monke or fuck off

>Managed to get all her S2 filming done before the Jewood strike>Starring in 3 non Hollywood movies during the rest of 2023>Another movies she already filmed is currently getting hyped by the kinoisseurs at the Cannes Film MarketHoly shit she really is unstoppable

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>>184981044Kill yourself disgusting waifuRAT

ROPE sucking nigger dick and flopping embarrassingly shouldn't surprise anyone, but what I don't understand is how did HotD manage to be GOOD? I would have bet serious money it was going to be trash, with blackwashed characters, tranny actresses, barely any GRRM to base your show off, GOT last seasons being shit. And yet it was the show of the year by a wide margin, how did this happen?

>>184981261Grrm was involved in the writing

>>184973114HOTD is hardly feminist. Actual feminists fucking hate it because Alicent sells feet pics.

>>184973600Didn't like 3 stuntwoman get fucked up on set and one came out and blamed this kind of dumb shit on it?

>Numenoreans>entire race of ubermensch>blessed to have enhanced strength, height, intelligence and lifespan>live on a sacred island literally created by demigods just for them>greatest civilization of Men in the existence of the species, both before and afterHow does RoP show them?>multiracial, multicultural cosmopolitans>outside of the royal throne room, everyone and everything looks dirty>ELVES TOOK ER JERBS!RoP was shit, and no amount of shilling or trying to point fingers at other show will change that.

>>184973709House of the Dragon is objectively, undeniably better. The worst scene in all game of thrones would feel like fucking Shakespeare in ROP. The Mandalorian is also better at least season 1, I dropped it after that

>>184981448Yes, woman on the left of Morfydd needed emergency brain surgery after falling on her head doing the Galadriel horse stunts. Think she's ok nowThey got her a new British stunt rider for S2 anyway

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>>184973680>coherent argumentsRoP effectively has zero narrative thrust. Ep after ep no one has a goal or objective they're working towards. Its actually baffling how they wrote something so flawed from a script structure stand point.

>>184973709Haven't heard of a single person that thinks HoD is worse. It has flaws sure, but its 1000x better then RoP.

>>184981635>Ep after ep no one has a goal or objective they're working towardsThe show starts with Galadriel hunting for Sauron, first five minutes. How can you fail to even grasp what the objective is? It's literally spelled out to you with narration, lol

nigger elves is more woke than any 'feminist' bullshit you retard

>>184973114>>184973127>what would you rather eat, a turd or a polished turd?neither, user


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>>184981715>Haven't heard of a single person that thinks HoD is worseThere were tons of polls conducted across Europe, Japan, Anglosphere, Asia. All thought RoP was better, like not even close.

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>>184981715Shills used to say people seemed to like HotD more because we were in the internets and only young people use the internet somehow. The cope continued by claiming that HotD (r-rated) was aimed at younger audiences than ROPE (pg13 maybe less). They dropped this cope when they realized we could prove every demographic liked HotD more but it was fun while it lasted

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>>184981843Social media isn't real life. Touch grass

>>184981738>I must hunt Saron but,>I don't know where he is>Where I need to go>And What I need to do>All the while everyone else thinks he's dead and I'm wasting my time>Also I only ever achieve the goal cus it falls into my lap after I did a side questNo.

>>184981843>latinx twitter pollNew low for you ropecopers

>>184973600whos ready for season 2? this time with even worse writing

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>>184973400What about it?

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didnt watch either. never gonna watch either.

>>184981972That pic looks a million times better that the RoP armor. Look at the shape, smoothness and overall design. No competition.

what is more egregious, pic related or niggolas?

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>>184982139Niggolas purely because of his nig fu scenes

>>184981972Heh you only make yourself look like a retard

>>184982139That guy was fine actually, it made sense for him to be black. That way the kids being white had a relevance in the plot, it was just for Larry Fink upvotes. Also every nigger in that show gets cucked, murdered, burnt alive, decapitated, bleached or exiled. I think there are no blackies left by the end of the season

>>184981972>>184982069HOTD audience is 70% non whites and women. It's the most non white and women dominated fanbase in all of fanatsy, by a mile.The small minority of the HoTD audience that is actually a white male is very likely to be a zoomer so basically you have an entire fanbase that has no fucking clue about anything relating to medieval Europe or armour, not a clue.

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>>184982296Your point?

>>184975484>ROPE on the other hand shows niggers where they don't belong and characters in show are pretending there's nothing weird about black elves when there obviously is.THIS

>>184982296Anon we know every demographic in the world like HotD better than ROP, see>>184981863. It's over

>>184982296And that's still whiter than rope's audience which is entirely paid poo shills

>>184973228ironically most of the people whining about Rings of Power "disrespecting the source material" or whatever have never actually read the books and they think Peter Jackson's toilet humor action movies are interchangeable with Tolkien

>>184982385Wrong again shitskin-kunI'll admit, HOTD was VERY popular with zoomers and women. Almost as much of those other shows made primarily for women like Wednesday. But ROP was easily the most popular show for actual adult men.You win the roasties and zoomers though, congrats

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>You're being real cunty and as a punishment we will send you back to Paradise even tho you are actually banned there.Also Finrod died in a dungeon, not by a basedgasm during a battle.

>>184982493>HOTD was VERY popular with zoomers and womenSo the vast majority of people who watch these shows?

>>184982493No wen watched RoP, a WOMAN showLotr though that's for men. Only roasties who ship Sauron and Gal liked RoP

>>184982493>ut ROP was easily the most popular show for actual adult men.But ropesister, we can SEE what adult men are voting in this picture>>184981863Males 30-44: 8.3, over 48,000 ratingsMales +45: 7.9 over 19,000 ratingsThey're both below 7.0 for ROPE on the same dems. It's over ropesister, it's so fucking over

>>184973127stay mad tolkien faggot

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>>184973114Bro I totally checked out of RoP when they did they “immigrants are always good” shit with the neumanorians. If the most human and emotive plot line you can come up with for a Tolkien product is modern immigration policy… you need to put it down and run, not walk, away from it.And I’m usually the guy defending a directors right to change whatever they want in a remake or adaptation

>>184973114I wanted to fuck Danerys. Emilia Clarke's character. I wanted to fuck a number of the women in Game of Thrones. No woman in Rings of Power fills me with that desire. They don't even show their fucking tits.

>>184982652Yup thats the worst part. Galadriel in the show gets rewarded over her fuck ups, i suppose in season 2 she will get lorien and face no repercussions

>>184973400REY LOOKS LIKE THAT???????????????

>>184982863Where did you get that picture? I bought it from a guy under a bridge.

>>184975900>>Everybody still talks about the best lines from ROP. Just yesterday people were talking about some of Adar and Galadriel's dialogue or Sauron and Galadriel's lines from the finale. Talking about how Shakespearean-esque and beautifully written they were and this was coming from a English professor who teaches Shakespeare.stick to star wars kid

>>184982401Absolutely true. Most of the people who bitch about adaptations are unbearable faggots. RoP was dogshit on its own merits, no need to drag Tolkien into it. I just can’t imagine being inspired by LotR and writing just an anti compelling story… which leads me to believe they weren’t inspired by LotR… they were told by Amazon “write a story with this IP” that’s why you get the lack of interest in the plot lines, and the bizarre areas of focus

>>184982898>gets rewarded over her fuck upsShe gets mind raped and humiliated by Sauron. Also the writers said she will start to fully face the consequences of her actions at the start of s2.

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>>184973439Shouldn't ceremonial armour look even better you mong?

>>184983025Amazon promised to pay you 5 rupees

>>184983025>Also the writers said she will start to fully face the consequences of her actions at the start of s2.Damn that 37% completion rate must have scared these girlbosses. She'll still be a repulsive mary sue in season 2 though

>>184975900>viserys performance and trying to keep his family together as it falls apart>Alicents quiet desperation and search for happiness and the silver lining >viserys-Otto relationship, whether he is a good or bad guy>being a good parent vs having your kids love you>aemonds hate and rage culminating in him taking things too far and scaring himselfYou high? Everyone liked things about HotD, there were some legitimately Great performances and drama there.. specifically viserys but from others as well

>>184981169Make sure to join the threads when her next movie comes out in just a few months!If they follow the book then she will get her nips out infront of Matt Smith

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>>184983218Wow very ugly

>>184983025>She gets mind raped and humiliated by SauronShe never told anyone. That may as well never happened, also keeping the ring he made for herself

>>184976842The biggest contrivance in the show is their insistence on there being a good guys side and a bad guys side. Everything bad the blacks did is minimized or done away with, and everything bad the greens did in the original story is amplified or added to. I suspect the showrunners thought they needed to give people a side to cheer for… but I really hope they right course from seeing the feedback. People liked characters like Alicent the most>normies always circle jerking over muh morally greyThere’s more to it than that, but by insisting on good guys vs bad guys they’re telling a worse version of the story

ROP has the better fandom though.

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>>184983251She's meant to look like shit

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>>184983195>Rhaenyra being a whore breeding bastard children is good! Disobey your father who wants the best for you!>the black gay dude kills an innocent man but that's good! He gets to get ass fucked and happy ever after!>Rhaenys killing innocents because she was pissed, it's good! Yass Queen!

>>184983333Nice didgits but it's hard to have a toxic fandom when you have no fandom

>>184983415It's a natural talent of hers

>>184983333There’s always been a segment of asoiaf fans who are miserable cat ladies (or miserable cat ladies in training).When I was really into the series there were so many bitches even in the forums who just could not admit Dany or her side ever made a mistake of any kind.. and all their stupid observations were true and also insightful.

>>184983453Who are you quoting? Shouldn't you be promoting immigration on some televised Tolkien rape?

>>184983453Yea, making it a good guys vs bad guys thing is their biggest mistake. Like I already said, hopefully they get some feedback about what people actually liked and right the ship. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t very good parts, I’m not such a pleb as to only be able to cheer or jeer for a product bc of how it aligns with my sensibilities


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>>184983453/thread/ fuck Hotd degenerate shit show

>>184983509Struck a nerve, Hotd shill?

>>184983473See how long you can stare at her for before it starts getting creepy

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>>184983890I remember seeing the pic of her in the black overalls and thinking “damn, they cast someone absolutely beautiful, nicely done” but then I see most other images of her since and think she must be inbred on some level. It’s the weirdest thing

>>184983961She's v.cute, her face is just slightly weird but it's only really noticeable in still photos

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>>184984125She’s def attractive, I’m not one of those losers who act like she isn’t on any level. She just isn’t always stunning with ethereal beauty the way I would want Galadriel to be. And she has a weirdly un-photogenic face at times

Why are bezostrannies always seething at house of the dragons? Of course you're going to get mogged by game of thrones, you should be comparing yourselves to the witcher or some star wars shit not fucking HBO

>>184984303>weirdly un-photogenic face at timesBecause her facial features are v.pointy and so changes in angles can make her look quite different. That's why some still pictures of her may look a little weird but she doesn't really in motion.

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>>184984442they had the horribly mistaken impression they were on that level, which is low but no-where near as low as they are

>>184985255no shes just an uggo

>>184982401>toilet humorfuck off boomer

>>184985352Prettiest woman in Wales, no cap

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>>184982493>Nogs of Power>House of Cuckolds>nuwars>marvel shit>marvel shit>decent show>marvel shit>reacher>show for women>capeshitthis is what the average us male watches?

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>>184986417No, the average US male watches sportsball games. I don't know if that's an improvement, though.

>>184986417blame tolkien for that, he invented the manchild franchise

New tat

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Is it sad to watch a shit series just for one actress?

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>>184973680no one working on RoP ever came up with coherent storylines

>>184986527>sportsballGet it together or you’re gonna be exiled to Reddit, this is your one warning

>>184990140No, she is gorgeous

>>184990140Nah, she's worth it

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>>184973600> completely ignores the utterly absurd legalos surfing shit in lotr and complains about this innocuous scenechuds clutching at straws>>184982803> rt votes lmao, what's black panther at again?

Hey is this the goyslopping thread? Zamn I love eating turds and the comparing the taste. What you like shitty dog log #1? I knew there were shitty dog log shills posting. I myself am a kino aids diarrhea fan myself.

>>184990878go back to the fishtank threads where you belong faggot

hotd is literal slop - greyish and tasteless. Cynical and trashy. It's all sex and violence and incest. Literally aiming to satisfy the most primitive of human desiresmeanwhile RoP has high production values, beautiful cinematography (literally the best out of tv shows ever) and music. It speaks about universal themes of good vs evil, mortality, upholding your values in the face of certain death, loyalty, honor etc it has literally everything you said you wanted from a quasi-medieval fantasy show. It even fixes the common bullshit of everything looking greyish (what about hotd?). But you can't appreciate it because you're npcs who will always choose trashy slop

>>184991335shut up pajeet

>>184991335Is this AI? Or just bait

>>184991523>someone calls him npc>he replies with automated Holla Forums responselmao

>>184991603chud in dissonance

>>184990831Cope, adult white males liked HotD better than ROPE just like everybody else and for good reason, you lost bezostranny!

HotD was pretty bad, but it was like a 4/10. Rings was 0/10, watched 2 episodes and that was a struggle

>>184991766serious case of tiktok brain

>>184991619do the needful sirs

>>184991880and another one

I'm not concerned with production values, the script, direction, etc, if it expects me to accept random diversity in Middle Earth like it's fucking Brooklyn then I'm not going to give it a chance

>>184991978plz boobs vagena

>>184991692>adult white males liked HotDThey didn't watch it lol, white males were a tiny tiny minority of the audience. Might as well have been negligible. See here >>184982296The HOTD fanbase is absolutely infested with kids, women, spics and niggers but not white males. They want nothing to do with your roastie soap opera where the characters act like castle dwelling favela monkeys.It should be absolutely no surprise this isn't a show for them.

>>184992812>They didn't watch itYour pic says 51% of the audience was male, 57% was white and 60% was over 25 though, that's the literal majority. IMDB says adult males liked it better than ROP too, just like everybody else. It was just the better show, no amount of cope will ever change that>trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=/g/11j0n257zd,rings of powerEvery country, HotD is ahead. Europe, US, Asia, everywhere. You're not fighting a losing fight user, you've already lost months

I miss him so much bros...

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>>184991335>universal themes, good vs evilLike having your married heroine (the lady of light) being a revenge crazed genocidal maniac and who almost fucks the dark lord? Or the Sociopathic harfoots who leave you to die if you are an inconvenience?

>>184993230>60% of 57% of 51% is the majorityBahahahahahahahahahahaha3rd worldie statistics everybody. Stop electing corrupt officials into government. They will keep siphoning off your national funds for presidential vanity projects and your entire country will remain dumb, math illiterate NIGGERS forever.

>>184991828>w-wait, please, it gets good after 2 seasons just keep watching"no"

>>184993438>the lady of light being a revenge crazed genocidal manicShe wasn't, she just threatened to be and it was very clearly portaged as very, very wrong and made her realise she was way off tilt. The most 'non good' thing she will do in the entire show essentially boils down to saying some nasty words.

I don't understand why women would think having to obey everything their husband says is slavery??? Can someone explain this??

>this thread

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>>184993438>married heroineWasn't galadriel husband written out of the show

>>184993568>60% of 57% of 51%Uhhhh user are you memeing me or you really think this is how percentages work? Normally I'd think this is bait but you're shilling rangz so who knows

>>184994303No he's there by name. They just shoehorned in a mentioned of him in ep7 and that she presumes him dead before quickly going back to what the entire season was building up to - Sauron caressing Galadriels chin as she breathes heavily in his face.

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>>184993568Which audience was larger overall? You clearly feel pretty strongly about it so you much know

>>184994303No, galadriel remembers she has a husband in the final episode iirc, and he seemed shoehorned because it comes out of nowhere, i feel like he was put there due to fan backlash only

>>184973341>>184973256"reddit spacing" is literally newfagism, anyone screeching about reddit spacing is 100% a retarded newfag.

>>184973114lmao what a bunch of nonsense, HOTD mogs ROP so hardThe only thing that makes ROP watchable are those elf dwarf friendship scenes because the actors were charming and had great chemistry, everything else was painful to sit through.

HOTD has better dialogue, writing but the casting especially the "aged up" characters was fucking retarded and i dont know how they got away with that

>>184973127>lean into the lore and worldbuilding>by shoving 3000 years of history into a few years, changing characters, adding characters, and ignoring characterskike

>>184973400>greatest craftsmen in the history of arda>their ceremonial armor is grey cardboard

>>184995770they got away with that by having even better actors for the aged up characters, everyone, except autists, got over it by the next episode

>>184973127>>184973114GoT fags have incredibly low standards, it's the marvel of fantasy after all.LotR is among the greatest literary works of fiction, of course the expectations are much higher.

>>184993623i didn't say anything like that. If you don't like it you should stop watching

>>184974112>pretty commonnever happens>chained for 40 yearshe was being tortured by morgoth, forced to watch events unfold, not showing off his physical capabilities.

I like monke in one of those shows. Haven't and won't watch either

>>184975900posts like these are so depressing, just blatant lies being posted with shameless confidence. We know you're lying, you know we know you're lying, and yet you lie.

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>>184975043>THE SEA IS ALWAYS RIGHTLol this line was funny, especially when they showed the sea destroying the entire numenor in the dream

>>184981827>the most prideful king in the history of numenor>stands cowering sword half-drawn instead of 5-1ing a captured elf with his guardsgarbage jew programming