The Affair

Is normal life really like this for attractive people? 2 sentences then off for sex?

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yep source: me

>>184972058Whose the actress? Cute lil bod

>>184972058What is stopping unattractive people from just doing the same?

>>184972265Alison Bailey.

>>184972058when I lived in the dorm a bunch of girls moved in a room on my floor. at the same day my neighbour from another room came to them and they were talking and laughing till midnight. a week later he was kissing her in the bathroom (I was listening to them behind the door but then got bored and interrupted them because I needed to wash my hands)

>>184972058If you both are ultra attracted to eachother and wearing barely any clothes? Possibly.

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>>184972522Based position.

>>184972058If you are aware enough you can tell within like 10 seconds of meeting someone if she wants to fuck you. There is just something in the atmosphere or something.

>>184972624It's eyes and smiles. If a woman looks like she's been enchanted by you, then she will agree to everything you say. Sadly people here lack social skills of any kind. t. fellow subhuman lurker sociopath that had to learn all of this shit the hard way, because i'm a mentally defficient fuckup

>>184972058Yes. It's extremely common. I have seen this in school, college, work, etc. EVERY attractive dude would fuck someone in their vicinity at least. You don't realise how common it is to have casual hook ups.

>>184972522more like MCNUTTY!GOT'EM!

Best plotline was when he almost accidentally jacked off to his daughter

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>>184972058yes this is how chad lives. its NOT right

>>184973300Might makes right. It's not anyone's fault but your own that you are a fucking failure. Stop whining and get to work.

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wicki wicki wild wild west

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I hate womenhatewomen

>>184973319>Try to level the playing field>Kill a bunch of chads and a couple stacies to show you mean business>Get put in jail and given the death sentenceHow is this supposed to work fellas?

>>184972265Looking for me?

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>>184974070You can enforce your will without the need for violence. Learn to manipulate people and read them.

>>184972324we don't want to fuck each other

>>184973700damn it mcnulty!

>>184973700oh it's the "are my titties too big for you or too small" cheerleader chick

>>184973700Wtf context?

This show was better than it should have been, the ending was PURE KINO

>>184972058Sometimes? Yeah. But its really rare. Happens more often at parties

>>184974409you cannot manipulate people without proper height/bones and reading doesn't mean shit when you can't manipulate

>>184972522Isnt that sombras VA?

>>184972265Carolina Ravassa

>>184973700kek what the fuck was he thinking


>>184972522What's the fucking point of these scenes? You might as well have sex for real at this point

>>184974070No retard. Start lifting and losing bodyfat so your face changes. If you do serious cardio EVERY DAY (including weekends) and eat right you'll become handsome in less than 6 months. But you won't do it, you'll whine and bitch

>>184978547i thought the same. am i being a prude or something?

>>184972522Is this what passes for tv these days? Bring back 40s cinema, Christ

>>184978547to teach the goyim that sex is not sacred.

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>>184979574this. be naked in the open. share your filthy personal kinks with the world and tell them not to say boo about it because 3 other people on discord have the same fetish. do everything and anything to atomize society and divide yourselves

>>184979574Slobodan Praljak died for others sins

>>184979574Exactly. Part of their efforts to destroy the conventional white nuclear family is to make sex meaningless, so couples never form bonds to build long-lasting relationships with.

>>184972058if an attractive woman came up to you and offered to rock your world, you'd jump at the chance

>>184979574this is probably it.

>>184973700how can a day not know what his daughter looks like from behind? Shit writing

>>184972522movie name?

>>184980666Show called "The Affair" that ran on Showtime.

>>184972058this is why i'm happy i'm dying a virginlet's say I finally got a gf, bet it wouldn't take long to get cucked because how some rando just happened to be there and said the right thingsclown soi-ciety burn it all and don't start over

>>184980750>let's say I finally got a gf, bet it wouldn't take long to get cucked because how some rando just happened to be there and said the right thingsLoser defeatist mentality.

>>184980750I prefer my life. Dated enough times. Had sex enough times. Decided that realtionships in current era are shit and I don't care enough about people to put myself through more of the many cons for the few pros. Stopped caring. Stopped meeting new people. Happy enough with my family, close friends and job.No bs in my life >>>>>>>>>> worn out vagina

>>184980778>loser defeatist mentalityno shit i'm posting here on blue reddit aren't I

>>184972522beautiful thrusting of the penis and beautiful presentation of vagina to allow the penis to penetrate, hope they both achieve an orgasm

>>184980778He's a realistWhich makes him miles better than the cuckolds in denial who end up in open relationship on reddit

>>184972058No not really

>>184972475mid albeit

>>184972058Yes. Just don't be fat and look pleasant with a shirt off you'll be surprised at how many people are naturally drawn to that

>>184979574keked at the picture

>>184972522I wonder if the script specified she puts her ankles over his shoulders or the actor just winged it

>>184972624>tfw the only women I’ve fucked never seemed like they wanted to fuck me

>>184972324it happens a lot at furry conventions. often nothing at all is said in furpiles.

>>184981747they communicate via exchange of STDs

>>184980750It took me 4 years and an endless amount of tribulations before the girl I wanted to marry decided she hadn’t fucked a crackhead for 4 years so why not try again. I slept with a couple other girls after but they were 1 time, low effort, low attractiveness, low satisfaction occurrences. It’s infinitely better to have never loved at all

>>184980750Lmfao cope

>>184980539he's drugged up and horny af, if you watched the show you would understand

>>184981746It happens in fits and bursts but generally yes thats my experience. I am tall lean and good looking but am quiet and not capital A aggressive. I think women arent attracted to my hormonal state or something. Ive never felt like ive had one "under my thumb".

>>184972670What does this have to do with social skills. From your account this has more to do with attractiveness.I’m hideous so I doubt any woman would be ‘enchanted by me’

>>184973700More like mncnutted

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>>184979574It's basically this, but also its to remind the demographic of people that aren't having sex that sex is a realistic thing, and to make them feel like they are missing itThere have always been many people in society who didn't have sex regularly, but it wasn't something that they constantly though aboutNowadays the powers that be want to make sure that people are aware that sex exists and is an amazing thing and is being enjoyed by tons of people. It isn't always done with that intentionality, because it's been done in a way that it became a self-perpetuating system. A lot of people depict sex and are sexual not because they understand the ultimate goal, but because that's what they're trained to do like monkeys. The goal of course is to lobotomize people with their instinctive urges so that they'll be more willing to just mindlessly plod through life and support the distribution of wealth as it is.

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I call these "jumpscare sex scenes" where some characters are having a normal conversation then BANG they're fucking.

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>>184972058girl on the right has a child's body

>>184972522This triggers the antifeet jannies

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>>184973700I would kick her out of my house, it's one thing to be a lesbian but to be into bestiality that's too much

What's the point of show where 90% of scenes is just softcore fucking?


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>>184972522This is my favorite position with my gf

>>184982812>>184972522How fucking obvious are these actors? Sure I will renew another season just give me a sex scene every episode with a different girl.It's awful, like in the sopranos, it's not realistic and ita obvious there's some contract.

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>>184982728What movie

There’s a serious societal problem with the level of rampant infidelity both in practice and on display. Cheaters should be executed by the people they cheat on without consequence

>>184972058Who even is the audience for this kind of shit?

>>184982993Women, inshallah

>>184972522Sombra VA saw the blender videos and got inspired

>>184982993tinder roasties and wine auntsalso literal faggots

>>184972058for black people is just taking off your pants and showing mandingo cock and blacking white woman

>>184982852how did they get away with televising rape?

>>184972058>every single female character is instantly attracted to an ugly jewish guyThese show are just Jewish fantasies.

>>184982951That bitch has weird FAS esque face

>>184983149That’s how niggers get themselves killed user, then they get all uppity about it afterwards. Let’s not encourage them throwing their lives away

>>184972522Top tier position, masterful stroke game. Remember boys you gotta hump/grind and not just poke.

>>184983158Buddy that's REEAAL POHLEESE these ladies are falling for.

>>184983293Explain? I'm about to have sex for the first time. Would really appreciate it.

>>184983523you'll just have to learn over timejust dont masturbate, the first time you have sex with a woman can be a bit goofy, roll with it. It's okay to cum fast as long as you don't act insecure about it. If you've not masturbated for many days and are physically healthy you should be ready to go again in a bit. If she's someone you actually want to be in a relationship with, then if she's expecting you to take her to pound town the first time you have sex, she's probably not the right girl to commit to

>>184982708why is she flailing around like a fish out of water?

>>184982728I refuse to believe that Asian is a woman

They usually don't have time to say that much

>>184982852middle age white women alone kept this show afloat

>>18498299340 year old wine aunts and empty nesters

>>184983523that position lets you leverage the maximum amount of length into the vag, basically lets you go as deep as your dick will let you

>>184978547>What's the fucking point of these scenes?It's a show about sex and sexual frustration.At least the first few seasons, then it turns into complete bullshit.It's like asking what's the point of sex scenes in Eyes Wide Shut.

>>184972058Had a roommate in college who said that according to his dad, one time during the 80's he was driving, played the Clark Griswold, and from behind the wheel was able to flirt with another driver where they ended up pulling over, having a roadside fuck, and going on their way.It certainly seems possible. Some of us just weren't born with those skill points though, user.

>>184982669>The Affair>S05E09how much shit can you show about an affair that takes more than 1 or 2 episodes? kek

>>184983523>Explain? I'm about to have sex for the first time. Would really appreciate it.position is for going in as deep as possible, ideal for average/small dick bros stroke game is more than just thrusting back and forth. If you grind up, down and around as well, you get the clitoris more involved, which is the primary pleasure sensor for chicks. It'd be like smacking your dick to cum instead of stroking it

>>184984059that story is totally plausible, the 80s were a very, very different time

>>184975257He's drunk at some big Hollywwod-like party, and his whore daughter happens to be there too.

>>184982728>taco trucki bet she smells like fried oil

>>184983802Now tell him about how to deal with his dick not getting hard due to nerves and how to not get visibly frustrated about it and have the girl leave :(

>>184982951is it a tranny creating a neovaginer?

>>184984059thats such a neat creative writing assignment

>>184984181take sexual health supplements, such as zinc, magnesium, pygeum, and agmatine sulfate

>>184983802>>184984010>>184984095Thank you. That makes sense.

>>184984119>>184984283Oh, I never doubted it. The roommate was an absolute IRL Chad with a heart of gold. He had no business including me in all the places he'd take me to, but he did, regularly did very well for himself after hours, and the couple of times I met his dad, it didn't seem unreasonable.

>>184984059the part he forgot to mention is it was another man, and your dads gay.

>>184972058His publicist was the hottest one in the show (which he also fucks, obviously).Too bad she was a cunt.

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>>184972522He's got a micro penis or something? My ex told me it hurts when we tried this position. And I'm pretty average.

>>184984394chicks have different vag lengths just like guys have different dick lengths. Maybe your ex had a shallow hole

>>184984342Wonderful reading comprehension, user.

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>>184982728why not just say jumpsex

>>184984553Because sex scares me.

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>>184984331ah yes the 'nice' chadgod does this board ever get tired of chad fellation

>>184982951damn she's literally me

>>184975111Yes we do something goes haywire in my brain when i see a fat ugly chick

>>184973700Mcnutty my orifice NOW!

>>184984748It’s the episode of Seinfeld where George likes Elaine’s dude bro boyfriend except it’s the entire board

If alcohol is involved then it can be pretty easy. I fucked a girl behind a dumpster in the back ally of a bar after talking to her for like 3 mons. Granted she was not that attractive and I was and it was in Hawaii. Girls on vacation are more prone to whore it up.

>>184984394You don't have to push it in all the way dummy

this show has the best dialogue and acting out of all shows ever and the best brendan fraser role ever. Facts

>>184982993normal people who aren't sexphobic?

>>18498283830 seconds in one hour episode and chuddies be like>it's basically porn. Just watch porn at this point

>>184979574>>184980435Makes me realize that portrayals of abnormal or dysfunctional sexual relationships on media (cheating, lack of interest, the man is comically bad in bed) are almost exclusively of white couples.

>>184972522I was confused as to what was happening with the story until I saw this scene. Then it all made sense

>>184972324They do, the world is full of ugly people fucking each other.

>>184975611this. I laughed so hard when i saw the tombstone of the old hag, realizing she lived to a 100

>>184979574I’m doing my part by not having sex.

>>184972522this and pronebone are the best posishs for smalll peepee haverst.myshitmolaf

>>184984135that's why she took her straight to the tub, I used to do that to grunge bitches back in the 90's

4channers more prudish than soccer moms, kek

>>184975611>the ending was PURE KINOThe whole finale season in the future was beyond retarded.The show was good when it was a drama about fucked relationship, every time they cut to murder mystery, it was shit.

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>>184989018literally filtered

>>184972058>attractive peoplethis actor has always registered as an ugly bastard to me but that's just my taste

>>184972058i was attractive for 1 year of my life, and it really is like that if you're in the right environment and a little alcohol is involved.

I'm a huge hung black guy and I've made love to tons of women without even saying a word lmao

>>184972058I've never seen 2 attractive people in a relationship ever. One of them is always uglier and fatter than the other and the other one you can tell is league's above them. Most married couples I see are like this. Either the husband is an out of shape skinny fat faggot and the girl looks like a model, or the girl is chubby and the guy is in shape and handsome.

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>>184973255>>184981485>>184985983Are you stand up comedians? Because you made this old boomer laugh! Ha ha. Semper fi.

>>184989987it sounds like you're bisexual

>>184979574100% correct. Sex is meant to be shared between a husband and a wife for the purpose of creating a long lasting bond AND to produce children. This is the foundation of a strong and safe society. (((They))) introduced concepts like free love and race mixing to destroy the foundations of our country. Only then could they truly divide and conquer. Only then would the people turn into docile coombrains with an average IQ of room temperature. It's over bros. We lost.

>>184981547you dont have to be in a relationship to not be a self proclaimed virgin on 4chan

>>184973700Is that Richmond VA?

>>184981888Why would you marry a girl who had previously fucked a crackhead? You guys pick the worst fucking women

how do i break up with a quiet bpd gf without her killing herself? she constantly thinks im having or wanting an affair despite the fact Im not at all

>>184992187>without her killing herselfyou don't. The fact that you're even being influenced by that threat means she knows she can hold that over your head forever to keep you in the relationship. You just leave, and any consequences to that is solely her fault and no one else. If she sends you any "oh look what you did ima kms" texts just call the police on her and block her number

>>184972058>2 sentences then off for sex?yeah, if you look like mcnutty you can have anything you want


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>>184992187Do it right now

>>184984082>how much shit can you show about an affair that takes more than 1 or 2 episodes? kekgee wiz professor, maybe the affair?you realize an affair isn't a one-off cheating, it's borderline a secondary relationship. cheating is a porn episode, an affair is a series.

>>184990076probably a poo

>>184982737My gf always go fucking nuts when we do this position. Especially if I pull her hair a bit.

>>184972522Where are her boobs? Thats a man.