What are some sci-fi TV shows

What are some sci-fi TV shows

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Outer Limits, original or 90s version

>It was the dawn of the third age of mankind. Ten years after the Earth Minbari war. The Babylon project was dream giving form. It's goal to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully. It's a port of call. Home away from home for diplomas, hustlers, entrepreneurs, and wanders. Humans and aliens wrap in two million five hundred thousand tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night. It can be a dangerous place, but it's our last best hope for peace. This is the story of last of the Babylon stations. The year is 2258. The name of the place is Babylon 5.

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>>184969866How come this isn't getting a remake/reboot? Seems like everything is getting rebooted at the moment. I'm sure someone has at least suggested it.

>>184969866Andromeda.>>184970202It is.

>>184970202it's not that old, the effects still hold up, what can you remake?

>>184969866LexxSlidersFarscapeCleopatra 2525X-FilesEarth 2Space: Above and BeyondVPlanet of the ApesLogan's RunseaQuestAlmost HumanMinority ReportTerra NovaDark AngelAndromedaLost in SpaceBuck RogersDollhouseSpace: 1999

>>184970202amazon owns it, and Shanks has been trying to get a new series off the ground for years

>>184970313Fringe is also kinoo and pic related

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>>184970321>Shanksi thought he was on the Hallmark money-train

>>184970631for a guy who was trying to get away from stargate while it was still on the air he has been surprisingly vocal about bringing it back

>>184970693i guess he finds filming VHSs for lonely housewives even less compelling than sci-fi kek

I have been enjoying the Orville

>>184969903>here is your epic space battle show brolmao this looks like a red alert 2 cutscene

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>>184969866the chinese ones

>>184972172absolute kino, the resolution was a bit small but perfect otherwise

>>184972167i gave up after the episode where the robot suicides

>>184972483He gets better, but fair enough. I find the Topa episodes kind of drag

>>184972172looks fine asshole

>>184972172It came out ten years before red alert 2

>>184970202I would love more sg-1 as much as anybody, but let's be real, the show is perfect for the first 4 seasons and there's very little room for improvement. Especially with the blueray release.It would only make us all angry at how they butcher yet another base material with mandated shit like no wypipo in leading positions.>>184970313+ Dark MatterThe show had been confirmed to cross into the universe of stargate (they've had a precusor goauld in the show), but was cancelled on the cliffhanger that revealed super stargates existing in their universe. It's a pretty good show on it's own too.

>>184973328even bigger L for the show lmao

>>184970202I don't think Stargåte has enough brand recognition to warrant a remake. It would be expensive to produce without certain profits. Right now all new sci-fi shows are cliché "content series" for streaming services. It really makes you miss the 90s and 2000s schlock, at least it had heart.

>>184972172>muh special effectspleb, it was about the characters

>>184973834how is that?

the lost room was fun for a cheap budget mini series but iunno if you consider scpshit before scp was cool "scifi"

Star Trek (the original series)

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>>184970313Forgot Earth: Final Conflict

>>184974838Stargate was always the middle ground type of scifi, never quite trek tier but more identifiable than Farscape or B5. Most zoomers will either know of the movie or a few will have seen Universe. The Macguyver and budget Macguyver led shows are very much boomer territory. Any new series will have to be a reboot rather than continuation as all the cast are old as shit except Shanks who is in his 50s lmao.

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>>184975277it didn't really have a finale though did it?

>>184977966it ended but it set up a possible continuation with its cast. never got picked up so just consider it over

>>184970313where's Caprica and Battlestar Galactica?

>>184978664>consider it overhow about no?

>>184970202>scifi reboot in the year 2000 + 23no need to ruin another franchise like that

>>184978830>where's battlestar?good point>where's caprica?in the trash where it belongs

>>184969866Fuck Stargate. The real deal is Wormhole X-Treme!

>>184972483gay moclans from outer space sucks, however the robot is based

>>184977407I see SG-1 as the spiritual successor to TNG. Sure it's not as good as TNG, but few shows are. It had a unique angle and the actors/actresses' were very good considering it was a showtime production.

does anyone else like sg-1 but hate atlantis?something about how the cameras shoot, and the tone, it just doesn't feel as comfortable or pleasing to watch as sg-1.

>>184980523no I like both rodney and shepards bromance is great

>>184980523I have a more personal attachment to Atlantis than SG1. I started watching SG1 and Atlantis around the time they were both airing. I had to quickly blast through SG1 to understand what's happening in the currently airing SG1 end seasons and five more seasons of Atlantis. I know SG1 is objectively better but the way I watched them made SG1 feel like exposition to Atlantis, the show I'll be anxiously waiting a new episode for every week. Also, helps that I identify with McKay's hostile attitude towards people. The McKay centric episodes are my favorites in all of Stargate.>You're a good friend, Arthur.I hated Universe back then, but I recently watched it through again and considering all the shit that's being served as entertainment in current year, it wasn't quite as bad. It's not a good Stargate, but I ended up liking the show this time. In this year.

>>184981297>take your hot smart girl amanda tapping>reverse every postitive she has to its opposite>get mckayand hes great


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>>184982881does this episode get some honorable mention for great episodes? it was fantastic.

>>184982881which episode was this? the oops we accidently rts'd a whole civilization?

>>184983554The Game

>>184983995FUUUUUUUCKalso yeah, thats the rts one

Jaffa tongue my Chappa'ai

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Any Enterprise chads in here?

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>>184969866How can anyone just sit and watch 10 seasons of this? It would take you almost a year if you watch it everyday, wouldn't you get bored?

>>184980523I skipped Atlantis watching sg1 the first time around, and now I am watching SG-1 and Atlantis simultaneously and I have to say Atlantis is not nearly as bad as I thought. McKay and Shepherd are fantastic..


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>>184985948Who actually sits down and watches TV?

>>184985948The trick is resourcefulness. For example, I use MPV with a script to manually fast forward to the next subtitle for every filler scene. You can burn through a whole lot seasons pretty fast this way.

>>184986856Kek, I just started reading books and manga instead. Manga is great fun while anime gets boring aswell really quick

>>184987023Using my imagination to picture all the shit happening in those written LNs is too draining. As well as figuring out who's talking because the dumbfucks who churn out these booklets are abysmal writers. Manga, well, I'm not 15 anymore.But yeah, you can get a lot more mileage out of trash TV by fast forwarding.

>>184987137I was talking about real book not light novels lol

>>184987137Btw, I'm not gonna watch Tv just to fast forward half of it hah

>>184987717You watch it normally, but fast forward filler with a controller to not lose track of the fluff. The interaction provides extra dopamine hits during otherwise boring af scenes. It's dope, trust me.

>>184969866Babylon 5Star Trek: TOSStar Trek: TNGStar Trek: DS9Star Trek: EntThe X-FilesFuturamaRick and Morty X-Men the animated series (1992-97)Black MirrorRed DwarfFirefly Love, Death, and RobotsLegend of the Galactic HeroesBattlestar GalacticaFinal SpaceThe ExpanseSpider-Man the animated seriesInvincibleFarscapeCyberpunk: Edgerunners

>>184988781>mixes a bunch of zoomie garbage with genuinely good showshow are you so retarded

Three Body Problem


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>>184989498Thanks I needed this

My wife

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>>184989498Based gooldposter

>>184972172this show was rendered on amigas

>>184988781>anime shit>capeshit>cartoon shitI’ll pass brother

>>184988203I don't know man haha, I don't think I will

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>>184969866not that one

>>184985948I ask my roommates this all the time whenever I go into the living room there is either stargate or a Jerma stream playing I don't spend much time in the living room

>>184985948I'm currently on Season 3, started a few months ago. It's really not hard to make good progress just watching a single episode a day. Before you know it you're onto the next season. Plus it's a fun comfy show to watch while eating dinner or something.

Jaffer, KREE!

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>>184969903this show is slow as fuck, does it get better after the first episodes?

>>184969903>told this show was cool hard sci fi kino like the expanse>second episode is about some dude absorbing souls into his balls>none of the appeal of soft scifi kino like stargatedropped

>>184969903This show properly filters retards like no other sci fi kino

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>>184995442nah, it's still slow>>184995588>>told this show was cool hard sci fi kino like the expansenah, b5 was always fantasy-scifi, it has a lot of influence from LOTR

>>184975202what? what you don't get? no wonder you watch such a shit show

>>184980523yeah Atlantis isn’t as good no matter what Rodneyfags say. it has its moments but overall it sucks. Teyla drags down the show tremendously and should have been replaced by one of the hotties from that female SG team.

Resident Alien is a show but its not very good


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>>184985796>how do we end this show the best way possible?>make it a simulation enacted by a character from a different show that aired over a decade earlier, played by a guy who is physically way different looking than how he was supposed to look during the episode this is taking place in?>oh yeah, the fans will love this

>>184982881fuck this pic made me want to rewatch the episode thank god all of Sg1 and Atlantis is free to stream


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>>184985948some people enjoy things