Wil Wheaton has openly made threats against Ken Jennings' career. How does this end?;“This is a VERY small town...

Wil Wheaton has openly made threats against Ken Jennings' career. How does this end?nypost.com/2023/05/16/big-bang-star-slams-jeopardy-host-for-crossing-wga-picket-line/>“This is a VERY small town, Ken Jennings, and we will all remember this,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation” star Wheaton wrote on the social media platform. “Your privilege may protect you right now, but we will *never* forget.”

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>>184956910>This will get people on our side.

when is this guy gonna realize he's never getting back on star trek no matter how much cock he sucks

>>184956910Pretty sure if Will Wheaton had that kind of pull in Hollywood he'd use it to get himself better work.

Last name wheat cause he's soft and doughy.

Can someone tell me what the FUCK Ken Jennings said or did to put him in hot water?

>>184957067He showed up for work when a union he is not a part of told him he can't.

>>184956910Wheaton is a pure cuck. Watching him on The Ready Room is torture.

There better be a flood of, "Shut up, Wesley" comments.

>>184956910Does Jeopardy even have writers?

>>184957418You still haven't realized game shows are 100% scripted?

>>184956910>“This is a VERY small town, Will Wheaton, and I'm the motherfucking Sheriff,” “Jeopardy!” host Ken Jennings wrote on the social media platform. “Your posse may protect you right now, but I'm *already* coming for y'all.”

>>184956910Shut up Wesley

>>184956910>This is a VERY small townIs it though?

>>184956910Based Jennings making faggot fake nerds seethe for decades now. Willy just trying to pipe that others Jewess Jeopardy host. Hint: Blossom fucking sucks. Ken should challenge Will to a battle of knowledge and cast him into oblivion. No one cares about Wheaton and his shitty podcasts and YT channels. Dude was a background character on Trek thirty fucking years ago and no one cared about him then.

>>184956910Disgusting bugman

>>184957418Writers and researchers that come up with questions/answers. But each game they make extra questions for every category, so they've got a shit load on reserve to carry them through the writer's strike.

>>184957793He's saying the (((people in power))) are well connected

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>>184956910>big bang star

>>184956910Ken isn't crossing a picket line. He's just a host. He's no different than an actor shooting a movie that's already written.

>>184958414But Fucking Blossom walked away! She refused to cross the rubicon!

>>184958323The two most insufferable Star Trek faggots.

>>184958275But the ((())) are the ones that want to save money and don't want to pay the union though right?

>“Hey y’all, if you’re here to s–t on unions, you can f–k right off. I’ve been a union man since I was a union boy, and I will be a union man until the day I die,” he wrote.>“If you’re here to s–t on the workers of the world, or to make excuses for someone who is currently doing that, go f–k yourself and don’t come back.”workers of the world my fucking ass

>>184959322What's with all the profanity Wil

>>184956910How is wil wheaton a thing still?

>>184956910He means business. Ken is living on borrowed time.

>>184959366Do the faggot ultra boomers on fark still cum all over him?

>>184959554Oh LOL that site still exists! How fucking crazy. I thought it got killed off by reddit.

>>184956910Wil Wheaton deserves to be stabbed a few times, non-leathally. Just to put him in check. You don't run things, you fucking commissar wannabe. I really wish I could get away with kicking him in the face.

>>184957153Succinctly put.

>>184956910Wil Wheaton's career has been dead for decades

>>184956910is this the most pathetic thing he's ever done?

>>184956910>Jeopardy Masters question tonight directly using Wil Wheaton’s name in reference to Stand By MeWas this intentional? I was laughing my ass off when it came up.

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Will Wheaton is literally the most pathetic faggot on the planet earth.

>>184956910Gameshows, like sports or pornography, is a medium that doesn't rely on writers.Fuck these writer nazis trying to shut everybody down.


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>>184956910Every day that Wil Wheaton continues to live is another day in hell

>>184956910How is Wil Wheaton allowed to be a socialite in hollywood?He looks like a normal guy, and has no more talent than the average guy. His value to the tribe is essentially zero, if that's a factor.How are journalists even aware of him enough to write about him?

>>184959322>workers of the world Fuck commies

>>184962961>How are journalists even aware of him enough to write about him?he was on big bazinga theory a few times as a sort of returning character but he played himself. im 100% sure thats where people know him from. its how i think of him and i used to watch trek eveneven on bazinga they still made fun of him for being a loser

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>>184963143>100% sure thats where people know him fromEven the nypost article in >>184956910 calls him a bazinga star.

I’m a union member and Wheaton is a fucking retard. This is like if your store was striking and you accused the HVAC guy who showed up to fix the air conditioning of crossing the picket line.

>>184956910With everyone being fired and the right man given the job instead.

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>>184964920That's literally the definition of crossing the picket lines you retarded fuck

>>184956910how does wesleys actor manage to be even more obnoxious than wesley himself

>>184958275>>184963143will wheaton isnt jewish and bitches about israel on twitter

Millionaires being part of unions is some funny shit.

>>184956910I can’t think of anyone I’d find less threatening. I’ve met 10 year olds who inspire more fear than this limp-wristed whiner.

Jennings actually seems like a stand-up dude. I remember when some retard he cohosts a podcast with got canceled for probably the dumbest twitter controversy ever and he didn't throw him under the bus. Good for him for showing up to his job and, you know, entertaining people instead of """going on strike""" to virtue signal

>>184965292He as good in Picard s3. How did they forget him until then?

>>184958323So many kino Star Trek actors have died but these two cunts are still alive, ffs.

>>184962921>>184956910>hollywood fags larping like they are some factory workers or miners

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>>184957662i spit up food reading this

>>184967857I'm a factory worker and they're fine.You have a weird stereotype of what a unionman should be.

>>184965314Lmao no it isn't you absolute retard.

>>184968036are you a stripper at night? there's a stripper union now as well

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>>184968227>>184968269No you stupid cunt, I'm an autoworker. I've been on strike in the cold and the rain.

Imagine being threatened by wil wheaton

>>184968328oh no! cold and rainy! take your pants off so I can slip a dollar in that thong

>>184956942He was on picard last year tho

>>184968036The fuck is your point? Don't act like some shitty movie writer is the same as a factory worker.

Wil Wheaton is a bitch lol

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>>184956910SHUT UP WESLEY

>>184968381I'm in my underwear already if it helps.

>>184968447>Don't act like some shitty movie writer is the same as a factory worker.Do they pay their dues? That's all that fucking matters to anyone that matters.

>>184968328How is everything in Mexico?

>>184968595Writers don’t matter so thanks for playing.

>>184956910This wheaton guy needs to learn his place. He's a D-tier former child star.

>>184968658More like Z-tier

>>184968408For like a minute, to take his successor when it comes to being universally hated off the show.

>>184968328Okay, and someone showing up to do unrelated work on the structure is not a scab

Why are liberals now in favor of blacklisting?

>>184956910My brothers coworker is married to wil wheatons sister

>>184956982>betterHe was regularly shoehorned into most watched shows like Big Bang Theory.

>>184956910I'll never get over a bunch of nigger obsessed faggots who write fanfiction for a living in one of the most affluent environments on Earth calling themselves "the workers of the world"

>>184958323You just know

>>184956910>‘Big Bang Theory’ star

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>>184956910I already hated writers but now I hate them more.

>>184956910Gene shouldn’t add Crusher in TnG.

Wil Wheaton has a gay doll face like Ted cruz

>>184956910Why is the bazinga actress even striking? She's a host and an actress, not a writer, lmao.

>>184968457Fucking hell. Imagine being this insecure.

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>>184971713Ever heard of "solidarity"? You probably only understand it when men you have a crush on do it. "lmao".

>>184956910>Wil Wheaton>threatening a Mormon>telling him he won't work againSmall trivia, Ken Jennings was actually roommates with writer (of the book kind, not the fake kind) Branden Sanderson.

>>184971997someone really needs to address the MQ and its strangle hold on fantasy writing

>>184965314Lol the hvac guy is just an hvac guy, you cloistered retard.

>>184956910>can't even jokingly threaten to kill people online without getting v&>now even threatening their career is beyond the palecome on

>>184972074It's going to make an entire generation of nerds that can't talk to a girl, at least it won't help. It doesn't have to be this way, girls like dragons because of their incest sex and queen of minorities show.

>>184968457That blog he used to run was something else. I think he nuked it like his twitter and to call him a crybaby is seriously understating it.

ATTENTION BAJORAN WORKERS!Will a Kira Nerys please joing me in sex room #5 for a health inspection, please refrain from washing as per guidelines of our health administration.That is all.

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>>184956910>>184957662Send chills doen my spine. Bravo William, keep fight the good fight good Sir.

>when a redditor pretends to be a 4chan user

>>184968457Based interconnecting block-shaped toy.

>>184956910Ken was a contestant on a game show and later became a hostIt’s not likes going out for Hollywood movies

>>184968693Doesn't matter. He won.

>>184973036How does this health inspection go down exactly?

>>184973682There used to be a lame joke that Alex Trebek was the smartest man alive because he knew all the Jeopardy answers, but Jennings having been such a winning contestant actually does know all the answers.

>>184956910Is there anyone in the business more staggeringly autistic than Will Wheaton?

does anyone have a real link for jeopardy masters episodes? Usually I watch regular jeopardy whenever some Indian uploads it to youtube, but for jeopardy masters they only post shady links that totally don't contain viruses

>>184973828It's a very intense and thorough experience depending on severity the session could last anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. Some may even experience a euphoria or nothing at all, there are many penetrations and all photos and videos are used as teaching tools to better our students in the anatomy of our bajoran friends.

Not allowed to write trivia questions yourselves chuds !

>>184956910>Will Wheaton will never forgetti, expecto patronum>Neither will the producers who actually give out the work

>>184959366Literally only remembered because of how vehemently his character was hated, nothing else whatsoever

>>184956910So when is Shitwood going to fly out to this Wheaton's house, arrest him and drag him across state lines in a very public showing for his ego? I thought you weren't allowed to threaten people on the internet, no matter how incredibly non serious the actual threat is or how vague that criteria is?

>>184958271>Writers and researchers that come up with questions/answers.I.e. something I do casually and in my Free-Time for FREE on things like Trivia Cracked. Hardly comparable to writing a sitcom or a drama or something like that typically associated with actual "writers".

lmao, its like a 5 year old threathening you, it means diddlysquat.

>>184965369By being a Leftist.An ironically. The guys supposed hot takes and his general air as a celebrity wouldn't be so skin-peelingly annoying if they weren't so illogical and so effeminate, respectively.

>>184962850Sure, its just a bunch of blank cards that pop up behind every screen rather than written answers.

Why isn't the female host getting shit?

>>184956910Wheaton seems like the most miserable fuck that ever existedNo way you would to get stuck next to him at a party. Does he do this shit to try get people to like him?

>>184968457This is indeed a "Shut up Wesley" moment

>>184959322I hate Hollywood people who think they know what a hard day of work is like while they sit on their asses in million+ dollar homes

>>184968227>>184972124It is crossing the picket line IF the HVAC guy is also in a union

>>184974634She already walked - hence why Jennings is filling in her spot. She's a cunt but she's a smart cunt.

>>184974634They shouldn't be getting any coercion in the 1st place. They aren't part of the union and they can do whatever they want.>SCAB SCABS!Fuck off faggots, just 2 more weeks and I'm sure they'll break.

>>184974659He has no idea how to interact in any normal sense any kind of pressure he will immediately revert to saying how he was wesley in TNG, which everyone should immediately tell him to SHUT UP.

>>184974956So basically she is out of the optics

>>184959322>workers of the world>hollywood writersnigga, if the workers of the world ever actually rose up, you bougie writer fucks would be first in line for the gulags.

>>184956910if wil lost some weight and shaved his face he would be hot

>>184968457He just proved it's the perfect way to represent him.

>>184957153More than just a union he is not a part of a union that's I assume not even for his job? why would presenters be in the writers union

>>184975059no, I mean it would be an improvement, but not hot by any stretch

>>184962779possibly. wheatie's comment would have had to come before a taping day.

>>184956910I would gladly trade Wil Wheaton's life for a cookie. In fact, forget the cookie.

>>184956910i never watched star trek because it's very gay and boring, but i did watch jeopardy when trebek was in charge. why would some loser from star trek be more qualified to run the new inferior version of jeopardy rather than one of the top contestants?

>>184956910writers suck and are overpayed>>184968036they don't have a union, they have a guild, it isn't the same thingthough i wouldn't expect a factory retard to understand the difference

>Wheaton married Anne Prince on November 7, 1999, and lives in Arcadia, California, with her and her two sons from a previous relationship. Upon reaching maturity, both sons asked Wheaton to legally adopt them, which he did


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>>184975827>star trek because it's very gay and boring,Yeah, it is kino.

Unions are scum

>>184956910Ken Jennings isn't part of the WGA, he's part of a different union. If he strikes, he'd be striking without protection, i.e. a wildcat strike. Not wise when you've barely got your foot into the industry door.

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>>184975948i respect your opinion, but not on jeoprady

>>184962961Why do you think he's always so desperate to signal his political alignment?

>>184957406Shut up, Wesley

He’s right you know

>>184958504>But Fucking Blossom walked away! She refused to cross the rubicon!She has a side gig lobotomizing people.

>>184956910Wil is a cunt.

>>184956910Wil Wheaton is an avid supporter of nu-Trek, which is primarily filmed in Toronto to avoid LA union labor rates.

>>184962850>Gameshows, like sports or pornography, is a medium that doesn't rely on writers.Practically ever TV show and movie “relies on” writers. The game shows just have piles off written material in reserve they can slap in place if the writers are on strike. This might not work for a talk show were everything has to be based on current topics. For some reason it doesn’t work for movie studios. (Why can’t they just pill a script from the pile and film it ?) But a 30 minute game show with 20 minutes of actual content works just fine pulling crap from the discard pile.

>>184956910The only reason he said this was because his fat lesbian jew friend from the show Blossom will get his job if Ken leaves. Its an obvious gayop on Wil's part

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>>184975881What color are the children

>>184978240Not beta white I'll tell ya that much

He could have had a normal life if he quietly changed careers but I guess being an obnoxious blowhard is too easy for him. Shut up, Wesley.

>>184978382Fortunately Wheaton is not white he is Jews

>>184978558Hes not a jew user, it makes his politics even that much cringeworthy.

If you have ever read his blog, he blames his parents for his failed acting career. He blames them for even getting him into acting in the first place and claims it is something he never wanted to do.But he is all like yeah Hollywood, "we".

>>184978619There is no way that ultra onions isn't jewish

>>184978240>What color are the childrenHis wife looks like a blonde cheerleader, and the children are even paler.

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>>184959322Look! Look papa! I have a union too! I'm a productive member of society!

>>184978740Believe me user as far as I know hes not part of the tribe, but I bet every night before bed he recites a passage from the Talmud and wishes incredibly hard he was part of the tribe.

>>184956910I think Ken can take Wil in a fist fight.

This is so unbelievably embarrassing. I'm glad nobody I care about is anything like this guy.

>>184958323One is an insufferable faggot who used to be on Star Trek, was never known for anything after, and spends all his whining time on Twitter.the other is George Takei

>>184978749If nothing else, know this man has a hot wife.

Ken just has to post this and say come and get me Wesley

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>>184959354Insecure people, especially in writing, use profanity to make it seem like they care extra hard about the thing they are virtue signaling about.

>>184980275Shut the fuck up, you stupid contrarian bitch.

>>184980275>Insecure people, especially in writing, use profanity to make it seem like they care extra hard about the thing they are virtue signaling about.True. It's a sign of low self esteem as well

>>184974956She has aspirations besides being the host of Jeopardy. I don't think Ken Jennings gives a shit. Also, he'd taken over as primary host well before the writers' strike.

>>184957867>Dude was a background character on Trek thirty fucking years ago and no one cared about him then.it's worse than that. He was supposed to be the main character, audience self-insert, and narritive subject of the whole TNG show but he was such an annoying faggot that they dropped that idea and stuck him in the background after season 1.

>>184981079>That episode with future Wesley and he's a stone cold chad>Wil Wheaton grows up to be a softer than spongebob towel manager

>>184956910Ken Jennings is so fucked. He somehow got the inside track to be permanent host and then throws it away for a couple weeks of pay? What the hell

>>184981223A television host who isn't a writer and doesn't care about Hollywood is fucked?

Is Wil Wheaton just mentally ill? He's unnecessarily hostile and aggressive to pretty much everyone he disagrees with. It can't be normal former child actor burnout, it's not like he would've been partying and doing coke with Patrick Stewart and Levar Burton after filming on TNG

>Anons hating unions so much they take the side of Jewish excecs.This is what happens when you have 5 million propaganda scripts running at once.

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>>184981395>Is Wil Wheaton just mentally ill?he's a leftist, so: yes.

>>184963143What is happening in this image?I see a Soviet Jewish ogre climbing over a wall to attack Chinese people, only it's futile because the Chinese killed themselves already?What does it mean?

>>184981513It's not like the writers were resisting their jewish overlords before the strike. Any interruption in propaganda is a good thing.

>>184981395He's certainly mentally ill, yes. I've thought this for years. He acts like an incredibly anxious person with aspergers.

>>184981513Yeah but I think it is ideologically consistent. Who is responsible for writing psyop scripts after all

>>184981645I'm starting to believe there was never any psyop, but instead everybody involved in Hollywood is really, really retarded.

>>184981513I don't support fake unions for fake workers

>>184981718Well if you put it like that it makes perfect sense. Thanks.

>>184979944>the other is George Takeithat's how I read it, but then I remembered Will quit twitter some years ago. did he come back?

I find it extremely hard to support modern day writers when every new show is full of race baiting, zoomer quips and stronk wocksLook at the new Star Treks, they're all trash.

>>184981687that’s pretty much always been it.

He's a fucking game show host. I guess I'll go scream at Pat Sajak and Julie Chen on Twitter now too.

>>184981632Considering how angry he gets when people talk shit about Wes Crusher that's probably what's caused him to become such an asshole, which is a shame because the character really wasn't that bad. Dude has probably made bank off of residuals yet he's always in a shitty mood

>>184981632>Wheaton lives with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and chronic depression

>>184973770Fighting a jeopardy host to get attention isn’t much of a win Will.

>>184981857>Look at the new Star Treks, they're all trash.Where's the race baiting in the new Star Treks?

>>184982274Michael BurnhamThe subplot in sPIC season 2 where Mexican Han Solo gets deported

>>184958323>Iiiii was in a Japanese interment camp while there I jerked off half a dozen men. Theyyyy didn’t even ask me to. Ohhhh myyyy.Tf is his problem.

Dude... you guys think Will fucked Blossom and thats why they're so close? Is Will secretly a Chad?

>>184962779>>184975694i thought they tapped the show weeks in advance? like when Alex Trebek died, he had like about a months worth of recorded Jepoardy episodes still waiting to air.

/wil/ general

wil wheatonyoutube.com/watch?v=ZWJ8DiSjUtE

One thing I don’t get about the whole >he crossed LE line!!!!!!!Are these fucking faggots compensating you the entire time you’re protesting with them? No? How do they expect people to pay bills and make a living then. Oh right I’m sure a good amount are well off kikes with a good amount of cash to sit on

>>184970448But as a character the audience hated. Curious that he has held onto that character trait so tenaciously. My guess is that it is because he hates the Wesley Crusher character with a passion. This is why he seethes so hard at being reminded TNG was his peak.Now he's just a neckbeard irl soijak.

>>184981935Remember when Lego blew him the fuck out.

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what's he mad about exactly?

>>184956910hes so embarassing i dont understand how this happens to someone

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>>184986118deep down he's mad at himself

>>184982432how is "Michael Burnham" race baiting? What did she do or say to indicate any race strife?How is "an undocumented person is deported" race baiting? Did Rios have ID?

>>184959322>workers of the world

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>>184986247Wait a second this is really deceptive from wikipedia

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>>184986608>50yet somehow he's still a teenage dweeb

>>184956910Ignored like everything else w.w does

>>184958271I would come up with a year's worth of questions for them for $100.

Can anyone here, particularly you Trek nerds, tell me when there was a time when Wil Wheaton was in any way intimidating? Just looking at him makes me think there is more masculinity in a petri dish full of estrogen.

>>184986918I've never watched Star Trek but there's no way he was ever intimidating.

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>>184986346and why is he pretending to be mad at Ken Jennings?


Don’t care. Jeopardy Masters is excellent and it needed to go on.

>>184981223I'm confused why you think hosting Jeopardy would hurt his chances at hosting Jeopardy. The producers and showrunners aren't going to bemoan the man who let them keep the show on. The writers might seethe, but ultimately they don't control things and he's not part of their union anyway. The average Jeopardy viewer isn't going to care either.

>>184987363Jennings had something to be proud of and Wil does not

Has anyone reached out to her for comments on the situation?

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>>184987682>he's not part of their union anyway.As a rule, unions won't cross the picket lines of other unions. I don't think Jennings is in any union or guild in the first place, idk


>>184967505>How did they forget him until then?Presumably Burton was smart enough to see what a train wreck S1 and S2 were going to be and avoided them.

>>184987682Does Jeopardy really need writer's anymore? ChatGPT can do it for free.

>>184956910>Ken JenningsWho?


>>184984055>i thought they tapped the show weeks in advance?Yeah, the dates the episodes are filmed are way ahead of when they actually air.

Where were these lefty faggots when blue-collar workers were losing their jobs? Learn to code.

>>184962921look at this fucking loser trying to larp as a TOUGH WORKING CLASS GUY lmao

>>184956910>we will never söygetwho’s we? queers?

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>>184974634Because she sucks ass!

>>184986440Oh it's one of those people who gets mad when nutrek is trashed.

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>>184981687>everybody involved in Hollywood is really, really retarded.spoiler alert: most people on earth are retarded

>>184987166do you have the screencap where he simps hard for felicia day and talking about people only being allowed opinions if they accomplish 1/100th of what she has to society? (aka suck miles of dick for roles she was unfit to hold)

>>184957418Anon you can't possibly be this retarded

That boardgame show he had was kinda fun, shame it had will wheaton on it

>>184987166what a truly loathsome human being.

>>184956910>WGA is on strike>forgets how many other people, UNION people are also fucked because of the shutdown>whines like a little bitchRemember when Leno and Conan were praised for trying to keep their staff employed during the last Greed strike?

>>184995104>Remember when Leno and Conan were praisedpeople don't even remember shit that happened a week ago

>>184956910Wil Wheaton is the biggest faggot in Hollywood.

>>184995255and it's a hell of a competition


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>>184994279Didn't get all Raged and blamed low level producers and assistants because they kept fucking up the rules on various games they were playing? Like 1 or 2 they messed up so badly it wasn't even a fair representation of the actual game and they had to apologize.

>>184996268thanks dude, this is the fucking funniest shit he ever wrote if you ask me. god he is such a pathetic faggot

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