>I promise to name one of the *moan* puppies after you, Brian

>I promise to name one of the *moan* puppies after you, Brian.

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>>184952986it was hot

>Brian is a pathetic far leftist leech AND a cuck on top of itFamily Guy writers are secretly based.

>>184953005lol what the fuck

why are human women constantly flirting with/dating brian

>>184953070>far leftist

>>184953142Your weird fetish isn’t reality

>okay whitey

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>>184953120they watch Family Guy, what did you expect?

It was so hot

>>184953073You're watching the struggle between the human and the sexual animal. The sexual animal is winning.

>>184954288Probably because I’ve never fucked a dog in my life lol

>>184953120Liberal? Honestly what’s the difference nowadays

>>184954288Doubt but you could always post eyes, timestamp on paper over your nose and below your eyes. It’s very porn-brained nonwhite-incel shit just like “and I’m white btw”

>>184954710Probably becasue never in your life have you been a woman and you never will be one either.

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>>184954756Leftists are subservient to out-groups even more than liberals, they found a way.

>>184953142I decided to look around, and it seems quite balanced actually

>>184953142But he dated a black girl too

>>184953142dead meme

>>184955470Black women fuck dogs too apparently :/

>>184955197Yea feel like it’s mostly Latin-America, Asia and Russia. “White girls fuck dogs” is just blacked-brained nonwhite incels. Nonwhites are insanely insecure about whites and seeing white people degraded and destroyed is a way to invalidate those bitchy insecurities, who could ever feel less than a dog-fucker? White girls have no idea how racist they should be, there’s serious hatred and resentment beneath the “worship.”

>>184955679>White girls have no idea how racist they should be, there’s serious hatred and resentment beneath the “worship.”not even considering the rapes, assaults, murders, also just rampant misogyny among nonwhites. such an aggressive propaganda campaign dismantling the standards and beliefs of leftist white girls to make them more open to self-destructive and profit-motivated melting, so fucking manipulative and hardly human. a white guy sitting a certain way on the subway gets more buzz than nonwhites raping minors, globalist PR machine does crazy work.

>>184955679yeah, it's pretty ridiculous

>>184956455Imagine having this saved and still thinking you totally aren’t fucked in the head.

>>184953111They want the knot.

>>184956455Why you gotta post a dog that looks like my dog man...

>>184952986>constantly tries to cuck Peter>is in turn cuckedLike pottery

>>184953073I'm a zoophile

Anyone remember the Alyssa Rosales dog video that went viral? Seeing girls make reaction videos to it was one of the best things out of that YouTube era

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>>184956455It was either bestiality of trans porn once you ugly creeps got numb to blacked shit, wonder where you'll go next. Nonwhite AGP has really been taking off.

Brian deserves this and worse.

White girl would rather fuck dogs or blacks than tiny pecker asian guys lmao.

Why does the you just know meme cause so much seethe, it's literally just a shitpost

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>>184957508This, lmao at all the Asian betas in here defending white womenAnyone familiar with white women knows that white woman + large animal = you just know

>>184956073Foids are attracted to criminals it's just how they are

>>184957015>Alyssa Rosaleswho

>>184957767Those slant-eyed eunuchs could simp for white roasties while I'm busy fucking their sisters and childhood crushes.

>>184955679The first person I saw promoting the “you just know” was a spic. Before that, the only stuff about dogfucking I heard was centered around how it happens in Brazil. The first actual pictures of it I saw were also latinas of some kind. My conclusion is that it originated from projecting spics and other non-whites picked it up. Then some white incels started repeating it, judging by some of the posts here (unless there really are that many brown thirdies).

>>184957728Remember when a bunch of retards shitposted themselves into become unironic bbc cuckolding enthusiasts?

>>184957801Pic related, as the story goes she uploaded a video of her getting fucked by her dog to her Facebook because she lost a bet.. It blew up for whatever reason

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>>184952986I wonder if anyone has ever actually tried cucking a dog irl before.. like letting it get excited about a female dog and then locking it in a cage and letting it watch another male dog fuck the female.

>>184958348source on the reactions?

>>184957767>lmao at all the Asian betas in here defending white womenHahah, such an insane angle that you’ve gotta post eyes. Asian boys love that porn-brained meme, they despise white girls beyond seeing them as a tool to dismantle their insecurities about white people, pissy-incel revenge fantasy on white guys.>>184958106>unless there really are that many brown thirdiesAn insane amount of nonwhites ever since the English internet became fully global, diverse and zoomer. Probably more nonwhites than whites at this point and it’s like their feelings of inferiority have been weaponized, they really put in work running PR campaigns for themselves, smear campaigns on whites.

>>184958583LOL this Chang is seething since Becky would rather fuck her dog rather than him, while his sister fucks Brad, his HS bully.

>>184958583>An insane amount of nonwhites ever since the English internet became fully global, diverse and zoomer. Smart phones were a mistake, although that doesn’t explain all of it, as smart phones had been around for a few years before things got this bad. Do-gooders trying to get thirdies connected did even more damage. I met a guy from Cuba, and they didn’t even have internet access until 2015. Imagine being some kind of brown subhuman and suddenly discovering the internet.

>>184958327>retards shitposted themselves into become unironic bbc cuckolding enthusiastsProbably peak nonwhite zoomer boy. Hate white guys so much, hate/worship white girls so much and adore niggas so much that they went all in on the most feminizing porn, thought it was chill because it's not their women in the vids so they don't feel directly antagonized but instead of internalizing it racially, they've internalized it as males. Feminizing themselves to trigger white kids is such a sick move, bonus that it just makes white kids racist from hating the people antagonizing them.

>>184958559>letting it watch another male dog fuck the female.>not fucking the bitch by yourself to assert dominance

>>184958750>BeckyYea sorry buddy, this is the go-to white girl name only for nonwhite guys.>rather fuck her dog rather thanUh oh. You ugly bisexual little creeps try so hard, tab back to porn or Holla Forums already.

>>184953070>far leftistThe whole point of Brian is that he has basic liberal beliefs like being pro-choice and supporting legalizing weed, but he's also extremely racist and voted for John McCain. He's a parody of milquetoast liberals who are center-right at best.

>>184958993LOL I know you're crying right now, you stupid Chang.Your insecurity reeks so much from your words.Try save your Chink New Year money as much as you could, you might be able to afford some Ukrainian mail-order bride.

>>184958908I mean I almost said that but I figured the scenario was already degenerate enough.

>>184958559I do this to pitbulls.

>>184958559There was a post about doing this to a rabbit.

>>184958560youtu.be/ZJDeRQDeeHkSeems like alot got taken down from YouTube but there are some still up

>>184959176>Your insecurity reeks so much from your words.>Try save your Chink New Year moneyFucking ESLs. Also like the nonwhite kneejerk to being called insecure is to just mindlessly throw it back, cmon Holla Forumsirgin. Watching dog porn as revenge on white people is too self-destructive, read about the other nonwhite boys watching/spamming blacked as revenge and then feminizing themselves and turning bisexual, really bad move.

>>184959611Why are you crying so much Chang?Yeah keep complaining about ESL since that's the only thing you have.Props for your father and mother for paying all those extra lessons.Too bad you only use them in 4chan, LMAO.

>>184959820I love that this guy is attempting to call other people ESLs whilst typing like a FOB slope.

No matter how much you defend white women on a mongolian basket weaving forum they'll never fuck you, but you niggas keep malding though it's funny as fuck

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>>184959525was that hooked on a feeling in the background?


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>>184959525white girl going crazy at the sight of a dog penis

>>184960289The audio is pretty terrible even in the original vid but it doesn't particularly sound like it


>>184960197>they'll never fuck youI don't have trust for white girls after their moves over the last decade but still just had a month-long thing with one, genuinely can't even ballpark my body count while you ugly closeted-bisexual nonwhite incels watch porn and specifically seek out the dick. Less about defending white girls, more shitting on the lamest little faggots online.

>>184962878nice little projection there seething nigger oh and continue to tell more lies while you're at it lol

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>>184963272>nice little projection there seething nigger oh and continue to tell more lies while you're at it lolBisexual zoomer burns their one and only youth and this is it? Not looking good, looking like a waste.

>>184960462This dude kept rabbits in captivity for at least three months.

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>>184955679>there’s serious hatred and resentment beneath the “worship.”painfully accurate

>>184955679>>184958106>>184958348A lot of horse videos from Brazil and South America too.Donkey shows are of course part of the mythos of Tijuana.The Romans had a lot of scandalous stories about bestiality. There might be something in the common romance background.

>>184963845Did a bisexual nonwhite zoomer cück you or rape your mother, is that why are you having a hard time trying not to seethe? Rhetorical question but go ahead and give me another (you), bootyblasted faggot lmao

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>>184952986Which episode is this?

>>184955679I have seen this truth realized on /int/It's all indians, latin americans, etc.


>>184958348>>184957801>>184957015why cant you find the video anywhere anymore?

>>184964630You can't find anything anymore. The searches are gimped.

>>184955679>>184956073>>184956295>>184964243while you anons are mostly correct about the white women fuck dogs thing, its also connected to the single white female with a large breed dog/ furmom type stuffso its like a more insulting version of wine aunt or cat lady. if a women is single, childless, and lives with a large breed dogs, shes fucked it at some point. this was also pointed on on norms youtube show which probably got it a lot of traction too

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>>184959084So 90% of all liberals

>>184959525ayo white girls...

>>184963958Yea but leftist white girls do seem content to abandon their own beliefs and blind-eye all of that misogyny, hate, and only focus on the worship, feel like god’s gift to these ugly creeps that hate them and revel in being superior to nonwhite girls. Tip-toe around nonwhite guys raping, assaulting, and murdering women, abusing girlfriends and fucking underage, being overall misogynists because acknowledging those things would invalidate a source of ego-wank and risk being socially and morally punished. Leftist white girls are some of the most subservient and lacking in individuality women I’ve ever seen, wonder how new kids are gonna grow up watching this and internalize it.

>>184964756>its also connected to the single white female with a large breed dog/ furmom type stuffStill mostly a nonwhite meme, same way they react when a white girl has a picture with any nonwhite guy. White girl with a dog, white girl with a horse, white girl with any male family member but especially a brother, white girl with literally any nonwhite guy, they can’t not think about them being revolting and soulless. It’s predictable and boring as shit, we’re really having to share internet and culture with the fucking dumbest, lamest, deadweight retards on the planet, such a boring burden.

>>184964756So basically, americans got tired of cuckshit so now you moved to zoophilia.Putin can't nuke you soon enough.

>>184967008>Putin can't nuke you soon enoughWe’re waiting but faggot’s too pussy to give up playing mafia simulator to give us some fireworks

>>184967008>zoophilia>PutinFunny you’d say this considering how much dog porn his people produce, the women are so poor and not taken care of that they have to fuck dogs for money.

>>184968383Look at >slackholes.com >actors >sort by:ass sizeand see just how many of them are Russians.With a few South American and European exceptions, Russian women have cornered that market and are way over-represented for Russia's population.

>>184955679Isn’t all that zoo porn made in Brazil?


>>184958559What the fuck made you wonder this?

>>184969078If Monica Mattos is any indication, it's not even a slight to their mainstream porn career if they do some horse, dog, etc. scenes.

>>184955679>Latin-America, Asia and Russia>BrazilDon’t these places also have insane numbers of trans girls? It’s surreal how much nonwhite incels project their shit, white girls fucking dogs, white guys being trans. It’s like they aren’t sentient, not capable of self-awareness or honesty. Truly funny how much nonwhites have pushed me away from a lifetime of leftism and into racism, not even any lame superior/inferior shit but they’re so shitty and dumb that it’s almost not human.

>>184959525She definitely got a dog shortly after.

>>184969234The Family Guy scene where Brian gets cucked by another dog.

>>184969408Probably a great dane.

Attached: Great Dane boyfriend.webm (720x1280, 2.54M)

>>184969745I really do hate women.


>>184955679Halo effect. White women are batshit insane. Fun fact: white women have the highest rate of mental illness and SSRI use of any demographics.

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>>184970265>highest rate of mental illness and SSRI useThat's just affluent western industry-led medical establishment country problems.

>>184970265>that mapThis is just people getting caught. Imagine what it’s like in grey zones where the don’t give a shit/don’t exist.

>>184970578>don’t give a shit/don’t exist.The map is lacking any sort of key, so we don't know if gray is just "no data", and we don't even know how they collected the data for this.It might be a little worthwhile to have some denominators here. It might be obvious that having a pool or a gun means you're more likely to get drunk and drown in the pool or shoot someone, so to what extent is this merely tied to the rate of dog ownership, especially when dogs are haram in Islam?>>184969869It used to be ironically for me. Now it's post-ironically.

>>184970265>Fun fact: white women have the highest rate of mental illness and SSRI use of any demographics.Yea no shit, they're aggressively sabotaged. They're the most crucial blue/globalist voting bloc, the vast majority of this current propaganda specifically targets them. They're miserable because they're constantly being shamed, guilted, made to hate and sacrifice themselves for people that socially-acceptably hate them and openly say they fuck dogs, people that are psyched on their downfall which would make anyone naturally miserable, so they're given meds to numb those natural feelings and keep them from getting cold feet and turning against global capitalism which is explicitly anti-white/them. They're not even close to blameless, but they're aggressively manipulated as the most important voting and consumer demographic. Wow, single and childless white women are the ones that vote blue the hardest? So crazy that blue media/tech influences them to stay that way. Wow atheists vote blue the hardest? So crazy that it trended in media and then an entire generation was atheist.

>>184959820China is replacing you. No amount of seething will change that.

>>184970737Arab men and women just fuck goats instead.

>>184971127They can get in line

>>184958559Dogs don't give a fuck. If they're horny they try to fuck and will be aggressive if they don't get to. If not, they'll just stare at you while you fuck their gf wondering if you have food.It's not going to sit there with a 1000 yard stare. It doesn't care. It's a dumb dog, like you.

>>184970737>>don’t give a shit/don’t exist.>>184970578Like in rural colombia and all the boys fucking female donkeys.

>>184953111My head canon is the episode where Brian earns the respect of the town and no longer needs a leash opened him up to dating human women. The Seabreeze disaster also essentially turning him off to other dogs.I feel like this episode was also to mock that era of "human dating Brian".

>>184958559Well there was the user who caught a pair of rabbit mates and locked the female up with a different male and made her mate watch her get plowed.

>>184964630I just typed the name and dog and there was the video

>>184968716There is a reason so many russian models go to dubai. They literally let Sheikhs shit in their mouth or get raped by pack of dogs on video as long as it pays

>>184969370It surprises me to see Russia on that list bearing in mind how much they claim to hate LGBT, but again never been to the Motherland so maybe its all zog propaganda.Now to the reason those places have those ridiculous amounts of troons: they are massively poor.Without money you cant get a decent education or mental help if you are a schizo (and trannies are) and since poverty will make people desperate they will resort to troon prostitution since the richer people tend to also be degenerate faggots. Now that I think about it, there might be a severe correlation between trooning and poverty as there is correlation between trooning and misery.

>>184971184I haven't seen how goats sling dick.Horses obviously have the size/intimidation factor but are quick to spill their glue.Meanwhile dogs vary a lot in size but tend to have much more stamina and a certain vigor, and I've seen much more videos of women actually orgasming from getting fucked by dogs than by horses.Goats though? I don't even know. I don't see them being too vigorous.

>>184970847>aggressively sabotagedIs that why most of them have princess syndrome? They have that sweet spot of being female privileged yet rich/with rich husbands.By the way, the only reason liberals ever got in power is because of white women.

>>184972665Yeah, nah. Troonism is encouraged and funded by and for the rich westerners.

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>>184974777What's the source of this image?Also, checked.

>>184960462The worse part is he didn't say what he did with the rabbits afterwards but you just know the sickfuck brutally killed them.

>>184952986Read Libido Dominandi to understand why sexual degeneracy was promoted by Jews

>>184974407They have “princess syndrome” because of the privilege practically in their DNA and their uncontested superiority on top of being endlessly pandered to and validated to keep them in line. They’re definitely encouraged in their rampant narcissism, sense of superiority is key to keeping white people “leftist,” they have a moral and social standard that they need to live up to and media/tech sets those standards and rewards them morally and socially, like spiritually-starved stray dogs following a trail of food.>By the way, the only reason liberals ever got in power is because of white women.Yea “feminism” was definitely a trojan horse to get them on board with global capitalism and it 100% worked, that feminist shit disappears when it comes to nonwhite guys, diversity, globalism. Really boring and sad to watch, not their own people anymore. Will claim “feminist” and “no well-behaved woman makes history” but will stay completely in line when it comes to nonwhite rape, assault, misogyny and even murder of women. They stopped following orders from their fathers and follow orders/trends from up top now, infinitely more soulless and evil, like there was at least a chance your dad would care about your happiness. Their owners just throw meds at them to numb their natural anxiety and keep them moving in the same way that made them anxious.

>dog fucking op>threads full of Holla ForumscelsWhat does this mean?

>>184975211>sense of superiority is key to keeping white people “leftist,"Reminds me of one of Leto II's monologues in God Emperor of Dune.Could you elaborate a little further on>“feminism” was definitely a trojan horse to get them on board with global capitalism?

>>184954917One simply possesses the knowledge.

>>184952986>4chan: racism is banned outside of Holla Forums>unless it's against white people then the mods won't do anything.

>>184959084He's a self insert for Seth MacFarlane for the writers to make fun of. That's why he's a liberal

>>184977358of fuck off. 4chan has tolerated anti black racism for literally its entire lifespan. only when it's gotten out of hand and become disruptive have the mods decided to ban threads.This is the thing with you white people. you love to dish out bullshit but cannot take it. you cant take criticism, you can't take a joke, you can't handle anything at all disrupting your perfect little bubbles. you're pussies. blacks have been through 400 years of slavery and oppression. jews have been murdered by the millions. asians have been nuked twice. you have been through 2 years of not seeing enough white people in tv shows and you're on the verge of tears.

>>184978432>You're not oppressed! I AM OPPRESSED!So glad I'm non-binary racial.

I don't get why women would fuck dogs anyway. Dog dicks are kinda pathetic

>>184979380ikr, horses are where it's at.


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>>184979102>non-binaryis this another one of those bullshit get out of jail free cards that white people love to use?>I'm autistic>I'm non-binary>I'm italian>i'm 1/10 indian. FUUUCKK YOUUU i actually hate you faggots more than i hate full blown racists.

>>184980639I'm a non-binary autistic Italian who's 10 % Native American. Your anger has no power over me.

>>184980754What genitals do you have?I have a penis.

>>184955679Imagine having to "realize" bestiality isn't actually a widespread phenomena just because internet memes told you otherwise.

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>>184981144Reply to the wrong person or what? Definitely not talking to me.

>>184955679You notice this with a lot of swarthoid "criticism" towards White people. Like "whitey don't seezn dey food", I saw a video of nigger complaining that Italian food was bland and that Africans should bring maggi's cubes and lawry's when travelling to Italy. It's all bullshit they use to justify their anti-White resentment born from their inferiority complexes. I just want them all to disappear honestly

>>184958106>My conclusion is that it originated from projecting spics and other non-whites picked it upSame thing with incest. Non-White girls have to lock their doors when male family members come over and then they turn around and see a normal healthy White family and think "this is too perfect on the outside, behind closed doors they must be as vile and perverse as my uncles/cousins are". Nons and their subhumanity are a blight

>>184959084Notice how every "criticism" of liberals/leftists by leftists is that they're somehow conservative/not leftist enough or have some right wing beliefs. It's never actually a criticism of liberalism or leftism itself but a self-flagellating purity test.

>>184981739>>184981833It’s genuinely surreal, leftist ever since I started having my own beliefs, obviously thought that being against racism is a no-brainer and now it’s like are nonwhites even human? Do they really have thoughts, how are they so aggressively unaware of themselves? Will they ever stop burdening us with their boring insecurities? People on auto-pilot. They’re gonna antagonize whites away from leftism so hard, it’s very funny.

>>184982135The number one cause of racism among White people is actually having to live around and deal with non-White races

>>184982135>They’re gonna antagonize whites away from leftism so hard100% me and anyone else ahead of the curve and not clinging to the past

>>184972222>I just typed the name and dog and there was the videoi seriously cant find it. just other dog fucking videos or broken youtube links. what search engine did you use to search and from what country?

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>>184982040>It's never actually a criticism of liberalism or leftism itself but a self-flagellating purity test.Given its the new state religion, its all about who is the more dutiful worshiper


>>184982226Factually wrong.Racism is formed when isolated communities begin spreading unchallenged ideas about an outside group. These ideas become stereotypes. Then starts the cycle of confirmation bias which creates a feedback loop into the community. Finally an ideology is formed around the outside group which is used to dehumanize them. Once this ideology becomes widespread it becomes a part of the culture.You can see this demonstrated in basically every single war that has ever occurred throughout history.Multiculturalism is the only way to destroy these ideas. Giving people the opportunity to actually challenge preconceived notions about outside groups is hilariously all it takes to dissolve the ideology.

>>184957801Cannibal Cupcake, oldfags report in

>>184954917That video is as retarded as you. Smelly nit ridden whore. Dog that shlabs all over and shit you have to clean. Oh right thats most womens standards.

>>184983793Stereotypes exist naturally because no culture is going to be exactly the same.

>>184983858Ayooo, I'm the one who brought her up in the first place

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>>184983793>confirmation biasso you disagree blacks are more prone to violence?I dont even care if you do, you are the one who loses. I never relax around blacks. I dont lose. lets see how far your ideas bring you walking in the hood.

>>184984016Look at all these newfags on the internet itt not knowing how rife the internet is with zoo shit and how cursed it makes your soul

>>184983793>Multiculturalism is the only way to destroy these ideas. Giving people the opportunity to actually challenge preconceived notions about outside groups is hilariously all it takes to dissolve the ideology.>You won't become racist if you actually have to live with black people!Lol, talk about an isolated community forming unchallenged ideas.

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>>184970265That's simply because white women don't use illegal drugs as much. They can actually afford the good stuff.

>>184978432Nice projection, nigger.

>>184978432you're very funny, but this bait is too obvious

>>184983793>Multiculturalism is the only way to destroy these ideasAll I see are nonwhites becoming way more racist and antagonistic while whites actively try to tune it out and act like it's not happening, otherwise they'll be socially and morally punished. You're not considering the undeniable insecurities that nonwhites have about white people and their inability to reflect on themselves and grow, take care of their shit like they're grown instead of lashing out. Whites are the least racist people on the planet and it's clearly unfair to put that standard on nonwhites, they aren't capable. Not being racist or misogynistic, having empathy and caring about "greater good" - those are white things. Nonwhites only care about themselves and would drag the world down to their level just to invalidate their lame insecurities before they'd admit wrong and grow up to the world's level.

>>184952986Brian literally has sex with human females. He has a human son. He's winning.

>>184971795>If not, they'll just stare at you while you fuck their gf wondering if you have food.Fucking lmao this is my default with every dog. I just imagine they associate humans with food and touching them unprovoked.

>schizo pol thread because white retards so sensitive about one single joke about white women while they spend their entire day online anonymously posting cope spreadsheets and disproven infographs on racism lmao dumb worthless bitches. t. whiter than you

>>184986194>t. whiter than youSomeone white wouldnt need tell the world they are white, chang.

>>184986194>schizo pol thread because white retards so sensitive about one single joke about white women while they spend their entire day online anonymously posting cope spreadsheets and disproven infographs on racismYou guys are always so desperate to believe this shit as a way to invalidate, I never did the lame Holla Forums thing, no lame infograph or meme shit and I've lost track of my body count. You're just losing people at an insane rate, your pets keep snapping at your friends and now they're not showing up anymore.>so sensitive about one single joke about white womenYea I'm not a white girl after all, not gonna betray my beliefs and align with the attackers as a way to differentiate myself from the attacked, try not to be spineless and pathetic like that.

>>184952986I too use IMVU as a means for roleplaying, how could you tell?

>>184985416>He has a human sonHow the fuck does that work?

>>184987013Thank you for saying this. I'm a BAWB and I hate these fuckers.

>>184988417I assume it's the same as when a white has a child with a black and it turns out human.

>>184988559>I assume it's the same as when a white has a child with a black and it turns out human.hahahah fuck my sides

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fuck you deetwo youre not my real dad

>>184989181I see you postin. Be hatin.

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>>184989324Oh also this I guess but I didn't make it.yw.

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>>184964223>>18496157416x10 - Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)

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>>184953070>far leftistI don't recall a single episode where he talks about worker's rights or seizing the means of production. He's just your average neolib cuck.

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>>184952986This reminds me of classic eroge

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I am actually the most racist guy on Holla Forums and an unironic Hitlerist but the CONSTANT race and religion spam is annoying even me. It's jsut endless and never goes anywhere. I don't understand what the entertainment value is. Just talk about fucking movies holy shit

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>>184954756Anyone who isn't terminally online and can look up the definitions of words?

>>184953070or it's their fetish

>>184990749You might like /diy/

>>184990749It’s mossad trying to steer board culture

>>184983793I had to live around niggers for two years, moved as soon as i could. now i say nigger any chance i get. Your paper is incorrect and shit, kys. Humans are racist by default and that's a good thing, kys again.


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>>184973609The term "horny old goat" didnt come out of nowhere

>>184973609>videos of Women orgasming from getting fucked by dogsPls share some examples with the class

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>>184987353>not gonna betray my beliefs and align with the attackers as a way to differentiate myself from the attacked, try not to be spineless and pathetic like thatmisogyny is going to go so crazy in the generation that grew up watching the moves of leftist white girls, might be the most soulless cultural display we’ve ever seen

>>184955679Yeah so?

>>184983793Yeah ok except nobody wants to be racist in modern society when it could ruin your life. Nobody wants to be fucking racist mate. They become racist, from interaction with others

>>184958106It’s times like this when you remember whites a supreme minority on the planet and most fags you see on the internet are some brownoid trash

How did you retards fuck up such a simple thread?

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>>184996707Do you know where you are?

>>184963272>>184964136You don’t even need to read shit to see how mad this faggot is imagine using le I’m not mad image macros in 2023

>>184955679Well yeah being humiliated feels pretty bad for most people.>Sobran.jpg

>>184953070The most recent episodes are complete shit but the old seasons still hold up strong.

>>184983793>post powered by 4simp chatgpt kukbot

>>184996875I wonder if we'll ever get to the point where people are making nostalgia/vaporwave edits with the early seasons of family guy like they did with the simpsons

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>>184958583>An insane amount of nonwhites ever since the English internet became fully global, diverse and zoomer.This is also the reason why the internet is absolutely flooded with christians and communists now

>>184978432hi felonious marquee de'shawn

>>184981739Guess you "'"'white"'"' people don't need to season your food because you're already salty all the time

>>184984080I remember when you could very easily find zoo videos on the site with no mothers back in the day. Good days.


>>184987353Based post user

>>184974957I always wonder the backstory for people like this, I’m assuming they were sexually molested by their gay uncle or something but I really wanna know what life they have.

>>184997259Remember to flush the maggots out of your neovagina before they molt

>>184997852I feel like it's a mix of nature and nurture gone awry. Like they wouldn't have survived pre-industrial Darwinian child mortality rates and they went through something in life that made them coocoo. Jeffry Dahmer killed cats as a teenager but only started raping and killing hitchhikers after his parents got a divorce and he had to take care of his druggie mom while balancing his alcoholism