I only have 4 episodes of Farscape left and I don't want it to end...

I only have 4 episodes of Farscape left and I don't want it to end. Thank you anons that recommended me the absolute masterpiece.

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>>184943014You still have The Peacekeeper Wars which is like an additional 4 episodes

>>184943160Yeah but two episodes each night means it will be over in 4 days.

>>184943643You will struggle to not watch the last couple episodes and the peacekeeper wars in one sitting. I still remember when I finished the series back when it was airing. I thought nothing would ever fill that void, and I was right. Farscape is not just the greatest sci-fi series of all time, but perhaps one of the greatest TV events ever.

>>184943014Don't be sad it's over, be happy god allowed it to be made.

la la la la la ya ya ya ya ya yaaaaa

>>184944512That's the first two seasons. OP said he's at the end.

>>184944418And hopefully never remade/rebooted, because the puppets are what made it so unique.

>>184943014Have you seen Lexx? If not, try it

>>184943160Farscape gets better each time I watch it, but Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars gets worse each time I watch it

for me, it's Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu

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>>184943014All I can think about when I see this show is wanting to fuck the blue girl

>>184944861>"Mommy, I want Farscape!">"No, we have Farscape at home.">Farscape at home

>>184944976she did have some fat blue tits

>>184944976Seeing her without the makeup and wig kills that a little.

>>184943014you're welcome user

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>>184944861Tales from a parallel universe was better.

>>184944938For me it's not her because her character is all over the place and her relationships often don't make sense and also why did she spend her time on Earth sunbathing if she isn't even a person?

>>184944938Season 4 was dogshit.

>>184944938You misspelled Zhaan, but its okay I'm fixing it for you.

>>184945213It was subpar compared to previous seasons but it was still very good and had several classic episodes, and Sikozu wasn't the issue. The issue were the new writers forced on them by the Sci-fi Channel in an agreement to keep the show from being canceled. This is why Season 4 has a quasi-reboot feel

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>>184944113No, it's mogged by Babylon 5.

>>184945552overrated and mogged by DS9

>>184945552Babylon 5 just had a better peak

>>184944936The only part that stays good is the "cherry on top" ending mono/dialog. Everything else feels rushed. Like the ending had been being workshopped forever, but the lead up was just what got them there.

>>184945757>>184944936Thats what happens when you condense an entire season of 24 episodes into 3 hours.

>>184943014This show legit cured my depression

>>184945484I don't even know if I can really blame the writing for some of the season 4 episodes. The two-parter on the magnetic interion planet is just so bizarrely low quality compared to what came in seasons 2 and 3. Watch any given scene from those episodes and ask yourself, why doesn't it just look better?

>>184946351I didn't think those 2 episodes looked too bad... At least not as bad as the mollusk episode. The writing definitely took a turn for the worse in season 4, with them constantly rehashing old ideas, just in a worse way.

I love Farscape threads frens


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>>184946798Well I hate starburst

>>184945580Lots of great stuff in DS9 but I prefer the really unexpected way to resolved the Shadow War vs. the Dominion War and the Londo-G'kar was fucking amazing. Like, Garak and Dukat were kino from day one (till they fucked up Dukat), whereas G'Kar was some bumbling pompous villain of the week and Londo only a bit more nuanced than that. The way those two changed and how organic it felt was amazing.

>>184946877>I AM STANDING IN YOUR HEART SCORPIUS>And I am about to squeeze.

Talyn... _Laffy_Taffy_.

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>>184946979The episode where the Q-tier asshole made him and Crichton fight to the death is great and underrated.

>>184946941As great as Londo and G'Kar are, and also Vir, they carried that show while the rest of the main cast was meh. DS9 just had better actors and characters overall, superior production values and a team of great writers as opposed to Babylon 5's one great writer. As much as I love JMS his dialogue could leave much to be desired.

>>184947041Maldis. Wish he'd come back in some form. Even if it was just a planet that had worshipped him

>>184946765The cinematography, effects and direction of the scenes when the team go around and activate the magnetic device on that planet is probably the worst in the show.

>>184943014I feel sad for Piolet

>>184947183Space wizard was kino.

>>184947170To each to their own. I enjoyed Franklin as much as Bashir, like Susan and Garibaldi where I disliked Kira and Dax, and so on. I will say the Cardassians are much cooler than the Centauri - a fundamentally hateable race. The Cardassians did so much evil also, but weren't comically degenerate/unlikable and felt more in the throes of militarism like the WW2-era Japanese.


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>>184946798Tiny little Moya made of cake

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>>184948691Now... and Later.

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>>184947579I despise the Minbari, they annoy me more than any other race in sci-fi. Pretentious faggots

>>184943014Babylon 5 > Farscape

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>>184945484yeah S4 is a bit weird and frustrating, I think S1 is actually better but I'm sure most people would say the oppositeIf they were going to do the weird soft reboot thing they should've just leaned in to it further with the surviving John finding a new crew with new characters only meeting up with the Moya crew at the end of the season or during a possible next oneEarth episodes were not that good (the first '70s one was better) and preachy and didn't feel right without Zhaan there

>>184949241Babylon 5 is largely focused on politics. It has some character development almost entirely G'Kar and Londo but it's apples to orangesthat being said whenever Babylon 5 tried to do a funny scene it was the most awkward stilted shit imaginable while Farscape seamlessly wove comedy into the series

>>184949299First time I watched Farscape I had mixed feelings about Season 1 but loved Season 4. Now I feel the opposite, S1 is honestly pretty amazing and jam packed with subtle character development and relationship building that pays off in the later seasons. It plants seeds, on your first viewing you don't pay much attention to this and it just seems like filler, but on rewatch you can really appreciate the way they built the show from the ground up, and honestly there aren't that many bad episodes in Season 1, I, ET and Jeremiah Crichton are the only real stinkers.

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>>184949241Shows aren't even remotely similar other than being space scifi

>>184950066B5 faggots can't help but insert their political lord of the rings show into every sci-fi thread

monochromatic bitches are my fucking problem

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>>184949861>I, ET and Jeremiah Crichton are the only real stinkers.I unironically like these episodes. They're ok even if they're very different from the rest of the show (even the rest of the season)my only issue is that I've always been disappointed that I, ET as the second episode just jumps to Crichton being a regular part of their crew and there isn't more of a gradual change from the pilot to him adapting

I ET is an objectively bad episode and the only truly awful episode in the entire show>Dude what if we wuz dem ayyliens

>>184950804>>184951015My only issue is that I, ET forgets that translator microbes are necessary in both speakers for two-way communication.

>>184951082The natives spoke English

>>184951082came here to post this

>>184951015There are other bad episodes but those episodes have redeeming qualities like amazing production designs, some great character moments, or just being fucking hilarious (Taking the Stone) but I, ET is just a shit boring script and never should have been filmed

>>184951082obviously yeah that's weird but also Farscape just isn't that kind of show to have some language barrier

>>184952171I love how anti-technobabble it is. In scenes where they're repairing the ship or or executing a plan, they just say "you need to put this thing in that thing when I tell you" instead of using big fake science terms as many other shows would.

>>184952270it works but on occasion I had sort of wish they explained how the typical FTL travel worked in the series and established more of the politics of the Peacekeepers and stuff but again it was not that kind of show

>>184943014I want to watch Farscape or Babylon 5 next. Which is better?

>>184952787Babylon 5 as a synthesis of Star Trek (i.e. set in OUR future with a one-government Earth and in our galaxy, rather than a galaxy far, far away) and Star Wars (prophecy/mythical stuff, not a utopia, has ancient evils reawakening). The whole resolution to the supposed good vs. evil war was very clever and unexpected to me. Characters that begin as comedic relief or bumbling villains of the week enter the territory of Shakespearan tragedy. Farscape is fun as fuck, but never had that level of kino. Crichton is fun but massively mogged by Sinclair and Sheridan, and the resolution to Sinclair's arc was something you have to admire considering O'Hare being crazy and departing early wasn't planned and a show losing its lead is a blow a lot would never recover from.

>>184946798well met brother

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>>184952787If you're in the mood for more DS9 then watch B5. If you're in the mood for a better version of Voyager (ragtag group of misfits thrown together and forced to cooperate in order to survive in unknown space) then watch Farscape.

>>184949861S1 is great because the dynamics of the crew are still that of a bunch of escape prisoners, war criminals, and a lost astronaut... they rarely get along and most of the characters hate each other. Also, it's much more serial than the following season which is maybe good, maybe bad. I can't pick between S2 and S3 but when Scorpius tells John he "may not be getting off this ship," as the Command Carrier implodes is one of my favorite moments in kino history.

>>184943014I've tried. Many times. The puppets piss me off and I can't get into it. I've heard such good things. Congrats user. I don't have what it takes.

>>184953069I couldn't believe when he said this to be honest, but from that moment I was a rrygel guy

>>184953187>The puppets piss me offWhat did he mean by this?

>>184953043I love Sinclair, but the Sheridan actor fucking owned this line. A verbal 'fuck off' ended the war.

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>>184953239the puppets filter a lot of people, people who probably didn't grow up watching Labyrinth and Dark Crystal.

>>184944640True but let's not diminish the value of the characters and the writing. The relationship between John and Scorpius alone could make for a great series without anything else. And Scorpius is not even the only great villain in the show.

>>184944976Mass Effect has got you covered bro. There is no way whoever designed the asari didn't have cum jars under his bed dedicated to the blue chick.

>>184949861Season 1 is good in retrospect because you have the development of the characters from later seasons. The first 6 or so episodes from Season 1 had some really bad characterization. The actors themselves say they didn't really know what they were doing with the characters in the early episodes.

I lost my farscape frog collection. Did anyone ever make an Aeryn?

>>184943014watch space precinct, far more kinoyoutube.com/watch?v=VlZPGDB_u0Ihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1bQs9kQGCk

Should i torrent the Blu ray versions?

>>184955500I think the entire 4K series is on youtube

Imagine if they didn't make peacekeeper wars and the series ended with Crichton and pregant Aeryn getting vaporized after he proposes to her.Would have been kino.

>>184953418Yeah Scorpius is one of the best written characters in any genre.

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god i miss this era of sci-fi shows

>>184957275Yeah we didnt know how good we had itFarscapeBabylon 5Star TrekStargateBattlestar Galactica

>>184956501nearly didactually crazy the fan campaign work as nothing similar has really occurred since

>>184957146Chiana episodes were the worst. Not terrible, but usually the worst episodes

Look at the Princess three-parter is the best of the series and I'm always tempted to just rewatch it when I feel like a Farscape episodeshould've done a few more three-parters like that

>>184943014It's not a masterpiece. It is amazing though. I could have done without Chianna being an irredeemable whore. Other than that it was god tier.

>>184957823Being a nympho is her survival strategyHave sex

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>>184959643Post the Aeryn frog

>>184945552Not really a "mogged" situation, both series are strong in their own ways

How can you watch this without being embarrassed? It's fucking puppets, even children realize how gay this shit is.

>>184960853Oh this is what gays are talking about when they say someone is 'projecting their homosexuality'.

>>184960853If it’s so gay then why do I like it? I consider myself a prestige level homophobe btw

>>184960853Better than the faggy shit you like where they're lucky if there's an actual person acting with them instead of talking to the green wall or slapping at the air.

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>>184948691Fucking gold, Jerry.

>>184943014>be chad>get launched into unknown space>board comfy spaceship>befriend a few based ayys>sex with chiana >sex with aeryn>sex with peacekeeper sloots >marry aeryn >continue life going on fun space adventures and missionsHonestly there isn’t a better main character fantasy self insert in historic

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>>184961869>fish out of water>everyone thinks you are a stupid weak inferior race>turns out that humans are superior>alpha hyper aggressive race wants to compete with you and be your best friend>scary intelligent gimp lizard would literally do anything for you just to know whats on your mind>alien girls literally can't stop thinking about sex with youYeah pretty good literally me show (Rygel)

>>184962088>scary intelligent gimp lizard would literally do anything for you just to know whats on your mindkek

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>I missed out on the Farscape thread againEh better luck next month bros.

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>>184963671Have a bump fren, Aussies should be waking up soon and spam the thread with frogs to bump limit with you.

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>>184964194God I wish that was me

>>184964180Aeryn can't be made into a frog, many have tried and are unwilling to post their failures.

>>184951082So you're telling me the frog people who originally colonized the planet wouldn't have seeded the local flora and fauna with translator microbes so that the descendents of their slaves would still be able to take orders?

>>184964282>>184964282Claudia Black isn't really that pretty physically, her voice, charisma, and mannerisms are what makes her so fucking sexy.

>>184964508>doesn't know why he likes tsundere girlsShe's hot because she's a stronk female that don't need no man until Crichton (You) makes her soft and vulnerable.


>>184964150>>184964508Aeryn as the printhess with the blonde marie anionette wig was coomer bait of the highest degree. Hnnnng

i remember there was a AMV for farscape set to beegees cover of a day in the life with the episodes where he goes back in time to when he was a teenager and sees his dad and they fuck around with the neighbors, anyone know what i'm talking about?can't find it anymore I think it's lost media

>>184965103This is relevant to my interests

If I liked Xena: Warrior Princess would I like this? I'm on a daytime TV show kick.


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>>184965360Probably the first half of season 1, then the show changes course into a darker more cereberal mind fuck show that tries to stay lighthearted.

>>184943014I'm in the same boat, I've been rewatching Farscape for a decade and I've never made it past halfway season 4 becaues I don't want it to end.

>>184949299I loved season 1, it had a more adventure of the week feel to it and their relationships hadn't crystallized. Later on they focus more on over arching plots.

>>184943014It is one of those rare cases in which at some points you realize that the actors did have fun doing it too

>>184965826>Claudia Black and Ben Browder's chemistry was so good they put them on Stargate SG-1 after they cancelled Faracape and didn't even have them interact.That was probably from fan backlash.

>can't post an image suddenly because some jannie is a fucking loserI wanna stand on a jannies arms and shove a hot poker into (((her))) chest.

>>184965937No pretty sure both only came on with the agreement they would not nor ever be a couple

>>184943014I watched a few episodes and it didn't pull me in. when does it get good?

>>184966292First half of season one is kiddie family show, then they abandon that and start doing darker scifi with humor monster of the week shit, it hit's it's stride when Scorpious is introduced.

>>184965826Not just the actors, also the writers and the actors collaborating. Fun episodes where it's obvious they wrote it because they were partying together and drank too much and were like 'what if we did a looney tunes' episode...

>>184966566>mid-late 90'sThey were dude weeding and ecstacy

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>>184966373>First half of season one is kiddie family showThey cut off Pilot's arm and sell it to space Mengle in like episode 5.

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>>184966739Was it that early? Could have sworn it was just whacky monster of the week until the mid-season finale. Either way it gets alot weirder after that and the veiwer doesn't know the schlock is actually building upon itself and everything has ramifications to the overall plot even when it MoW.

>remembered loving this as a kid when it was airing in oz>don't remember a single thing about it

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>>184943014I fucking love hated this show, the entire show is based on the sexual tension between Crichton and Aeryn Sun, and I was dealing with a break up with a girl I thought I wanted to marry. It was painful.

>>184967067>he didn't get the allegory of Aeryn's pussy being the wormhole that John Crichton spent his entire being to understand, and nearly destroys the universe when he finds outHe came


>>184967269I hadn't thought about it like that, I will ponder this in my sleep. gn farchads

Checking this out on tubi because of this thread.Watching the first episode reminded me that I saw the premier back in the day.Anyways I think tubi has screwed up the episode order.

>>184957112This episode was a fucking fever dream. It's one of my favorites because you get so used to the oddities weirdness, and silliness at times in the show, and someone came to work one day and said "Fuck turning it to 11, let's see about 20." and they did it.

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>>184957146Chiana with the ability to induce instantaneous mindblowing orgasms simply from touch...


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>>184964508>Sharp and feminine facial features>Large boobs>Long legs>Tight decent size ass>Amazing long black wavy hair>Blue (green?) eyes>Wide smile with nice teeth>Fit in generalAre you some sort of fucking idiot?

>>184969570Yea I've had a crush on her for over 20 years now, she oozes sex on screen.

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>>184969636>That body swap episode where Aeryn catches John playing with her boobs while he is her and is not even mad only to later reveal that she had played with his dick while she was in his body too.Chiana/D'argo looked more disappointed at John than Aeryn/ Rygel.See, that was fun.Today, there'd be some fucking feminist lecture about how Crichton was basically raping Aeryn, who looked more amused than anything at him.

>>184957505Taking the Stone is one of the funniest episodes of the show and one of my top 3 most rewatched episodes

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>>184968340Claudia Black with a southern accent does things to me.

>>184971002Take the stowne

>>184969908It's amazing how much fans can embrace a strong female when you give them flaws and an actual personality

>>184966219nah, they were both pretty disappointed to have no interactionspretty sure the screenwriters did it to not have Daniel/Vala blown off the screen

>>184950637Treat her with affection. This one will soon crave the slap. The choke. And the more gentle affection you give the more you will frustrate her till she demands the abuse. You will have to slap her 5hen - to prove you care. Her nipples will harden at your looks of disgust and she will feel Shane and her pussy will drench. Her little grey asshole will flutter little butterfly kisses on the tip of your cock.

>>184971848Good point but I never heard that I remember Ben saying and Claudia for that matter they said they did not want to hook up in sg1 I'm sure they were disappointed they never really got a scene together

>>184944938Scaly bitch never to be trusted. You start hard and break her. Nullify her and tie her up. Attack her verbally taking advantage of any weakness. When she cries or gets overly emotional rub her pussy through he clothing pinch her nipples. Be quiet open about how you are going to wreck her. Then make love to her slowly and gently. Show restraint till it's her that's doing the work. Needing the cock. Let her wrap her legs around your back and when so diligently tell her you are about to cum let her use those legs to hold you to her and let her pussy milk your seed.

>>184971510Check out pretty much every "badass" female character before 2010, fucks sake Starbuck, River, all the 80s and 90s ones but really right up to 2010 their were heaps and no-one hated them, they were badass

>>184972933>>184973227Good morning sir, you will never have white Pussy

>>184960853>fucking puppetsI know you zoomers don't understand, but Muppets were a huge deal back in the day. And everyone who watched Muppets as a child, was prime age for Farscape, too.

>>184971334Thuthurn dear

>>184951015It was a terrible choice for episode 2.>Ah, this is fucking wild look at all this weird shit out here in space I can't wait to discover what mysteries awa->Oh she's even wearing an apron and driving an ATV what the fuck is this shitfiltered many, myself included for many years

>>184945484>The issue were the new writers forced on them by the Sci-fi Channel in an agreement to keep the show from being canceled.Then those feckless cunts "APPROVED" a fifth season, allowed the show to film a cliffhanger, then cancelled the show like a bunch of lying dicks.I STILL won't watch "SyFy" channel for this betrayal.


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>>184957359>Battlestar GalacticaPure GARBAGE. Writers didn't know what they wanted to do, and so much goddamn Shaky Cam. I'd much prefer to watch the 1978 series instead.

>>184951015Jeremiah Crichton is worse.

>it's another Talynn ruins everything

>>184953069He never let it go.

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>>184965937No, it's because Michael Shanks was a stroppy cunt who didn't like the focus being on anybody else. They didn't want to rock the boat, so they just caved and kept Browder and Black apart to avoid his hissy fits and threats to leave the show.

Scorpius is easily in top 3 best sci-fi villains. Change my mind.

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>>184976855>Pure GARBAGE.couldn't agree more. i watched it too long ago, to articulate anything i disliked, but there were no moments i enjoyed. not even the miniseries is worth it desu.

>>184977640agree. the others being Vegeta and...?

>>184976855Imagine if they rebooted a show in current year and raceswapped two original black characters

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>>184945183Because of the episodes that take place on Earth are terrible, except the hologram Earth episode. Scifi shows should never visit Earth.

>>184945183shes a biological machine hybrid

>>184955500I watched it on Tubi for that cable tv feels. Tubi is really good for timing commercials where they should be.

>>184949241shows are opposites b5's only strength is its plot and a couple (of many) characters, everything else generally sucks. farscape on the other hand is a bit weak in plot but all the characters are great and the writing is almost always good

>>184979484>Tubi is really good for timing commercials where they should be.>where they should be>t. (((fellow))) 4channeller

>>184968382so no change then?

>>184964150I might have to watch this show

>>184946854Wow the pepe template really works with anything. Had a good chuckle at this.

>>184943014I like when an episode takes place entirely on the ship after an episode where they are out and about on some planet. Just a whole episode in the comfy air conditioned ship solving some mystery with pilot.

>>184957275Wasn't this an NBC show?

>>184953069>>184977000How can one dominar be so based?

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>>184982292Not unless that's also the call sign of a din undah network

>>184965747I’ve never even finished season 3, yet I watched the first 2 seasons like 3 times. I will wait until I’m not a miserable depressed loner anymore to finish it so I can cherish it more

>tfw we will never get a Gul Dukat x Scorpius crossover

>>184943014Here's some screens from the comfy opening of s1e17. Gather round everyone gather round.

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>>184978736>Is DBZ sci-fi or fantasyNow there's a thread for you

>>184943014Pilot is sexy AF

>>184983027>we are under no obligation to function as a unit John

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>>184983081>I understand we all have separate goals

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>>184983128>that's Krawldar. A delicacy, even for pagans

Does anyone know if the dvds have normal 4:3 picture quality and not the piece of shit black side bar trash like everywhere else? I will buy the dvds I don’t care

>>184983184>who made this shellack?

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>>184983292>recipe called for chicken all I had was space rodent

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>>184983027Best part about this episode is the ending in that it ends with another dinner scene . You can really sense the writers comfortability presenting the crew as a family unit. 17 episodes in is a pretty long stretch after all, they earned it.

>>184978736>>184977640Vegeta & Vader don't count because they turn good. There's more to them than villainy.Scorpius & Skeletor, & the guy from "The Chocolate War" are the greatest villains of all time

>>184983550I enjoyed whichever episode it was in season 1 when they had to look at that peacekeeper implant making the noise in Moya and they went in individually to take a look. They didn't trust each other yet. Love that kind of shit.

*braps in your path*

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>>184984349Yeah. I keep looking back at the first episode too when he showed up and there was only 3 other people on board. Adding only a couple more was just enough to make the crew a perfect size.

>>184984349When you rewatch season 1 you notice that there are clear divisions on the crew. D'Argo/Zhaan and Crichton/Aeryn (mostly) trust each other and make backup plans for if shit hits the fan that don't involve the others. Rygel will sell anyone out at any time.

>>184984878Rygel/Chiana until she betrays Dargo

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>>184984938Is bros before hoes a universal concept, and not just one on Earth?

>>184985449I'd toss everyone out of the airlock for my wife

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>>184984878>Rygel will sell anyone out at any time.Nahhh, he only pretends to be a weasel to avoid having responsibilities put on him. He is actually the most ethically and intellectually advanced being of them all.

>>184985449For Rygel it is. He's very protective of his people. Some in thus thread may not like Jeremiah Critchon but I love it because it shows Rygel as someone who cares about his people

>It's a Rygel & Scorpius's important negotiations gets interrupted by a Tarantino movie epsidoe

Hmm, might be time for a Farscape rewatch

>>184986482Rygel would see his empire as an extension of himself and work to better it to increase his prestige. He would unironically be a great ruler and be beloved by his subjects who would have no personal contact with him, only seeing how their own lives have improved.

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>>184986825The fact that we never got a multipart story like the Princess one, where Rygel returns to Hyneria, politics to regain his throne, only to have Cthulhu from the Consortium of Trau show up & demand repayment, angers me

>>184987760Peacekeeper Wars should have been about Ryge and D'Argo leading an army of Luxan mercenaries to kick out his cousin and become Dominar again.

>>184987760afaik the comics have the return to hyneria

SG1 and farscape = mega comfy space scifi time :)

>>184989264I was about to ask "crossover when" but then I remembered based SG1 kinda did that.

>>184971002Fucking hate this episode. Worst one in the series. Even I, ET is more tolerable.


>>184950637Based and slutpilled.

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>>184977000Rygel is a real bro. Be like Rygel, lads.

>>184971002I was drunk and still thought it was shit.

>>184984938By the time Chiana is introduced the group is mostly cohesive already. They've all seen each other suffer by that point. >>184989601Taking the Stone is a fine episode and I would even say it was good if the b-plot wasn't just people sitting in Moya analyzing some artifact.

>>184990110It's best watched on shrooms

>>184986619For real that episode had actual Tarantino shots, only thing missing was a closeup of the waitress' feet.

>>184986619it was a guy ritchie movie, not tarantino


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>it's a scorpious has to save the crew to protect crichton episode


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>>184992033Scorpius content to wait in his cell, even though he always had the brute strength to break out at any time is pure gold. You just know he was sneaking out & railing Sukozu every night

>>184988897>>184988738Is it good? NoDoes it have the Consortium? NoFuck off with your shit, it is unworthy of a Dominar such as myself

>>184992459Watch yourself, slut

For me? It's space Dr Mengele.


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>>184993190Namtar was good but Kaarvok was better

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Why is this show so sickeningly evil? All these suffering blonde girls... it's despicable. Inexcusable. Monstrous.

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>>184944861I really like Lexx (especially early on with the gorgeous Eva Habermann) but it just doesn't compare in my opinion

>>184995313for me? Scorpius' mom (who gets raped by Scarrans) played by Sam Healy

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>>184995704Oh my gosh! I can see where Scorpy gets his dashingly good looks!

>>184995399I found the Peacekeeper assassin girl from the princess trilogy (bottom left) super hot but mainly because I thought she was a great character. Also John finally got his rocks off with her.

>>184995890>John gets headpats from his wife and sex with his sister-in-law-to-be disruptor girl>meanwhile Aeryn is struggling to stop herself from murdering Casanova in cold blood

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>>184960853Zoom Zoom

>>184995578>Eva HabermannQuite possibly the most perfect woman on Earth

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>>184996545>on EarthYou had ONE JOB.>Quite possibly the most perfect woman in the two universes

>>184973227I will subscribe to your newsletter

>>184960853Because people that aren't woefully insecure don't care, they watch what they want

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>>184997206Aaah lesbian mother daughter incest noooo

>>184997249that didn't happen on the show

>>184996545Unnnf. Now I need to look up the unedited shower clip

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>>184943643All Good things... user, all good things must come to an end.