♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

The Trash Heap of History Edition

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Merlin's Beard!!!

my butt smells of butt

how attractive



bakas, bakas, everywhere~

really makes you think

About what~?


i was doing like the rhyme that goes

Water, water, everywhere
nor any drop to drink.





My day at work was so slow without my phone, and the worst part is I didn't get to talk to bard today.

Aww. Gross. At least uae a recent pic lol

wow phoneres 2hyooge


What's a queine

it's like an omelette

nee nee throd

Oh look, it's night. Sleep okay thread.


It's "queen" but spelled like my name.

Culture shock is one hell of an experience.
I was the only white person in my orientation out of 30 odd people.

It was a most peculiar thing.

sleep is for weak

I've never seen that movie with the big guy.


Which do?

Physics Lab
You can't use the nuclear silos without the labs iirc

Also where the fuck are the flags?


Nuu! Madeleine. Eine. Dummy x_x


Maddie, you kinda look like Nicole Kidman in 'Practical Magic' in that picture.

It's starting you guys.
He took our flags. Now instead of being able to arbitrarily hate eachother based on location we have to find other petty shit to call eachother on.

Test is systematically ruining the infrastructure of our community. He's bringing us all down to his level.

anyone who still hasnt seen or heard about this in the more than a year its been out should really watch it now before the neutron star merger is confirmed (and it will be)


So pubg runs like a potato on this computer but I still managed to weasel my way to 17th in my first game.

Didn't even know how to prone. owo

You're thinking Science Labs.

Physics Lab is solely for Battle Cruisers.

But it still says the country after the name

most people are idiots and 17th still isnt that impressive for a first game

Science Facility rather.

You expect me to READ?

its time for the last old mod to retake the iron throne from the usurper

Is the last mod Erin?

Erin should be admin, tbh honest.

It is when I literally was playing on a potato with it running like one too and didn't know how to do the one thing that would've saved my life.

I literally only knew how to run, aim, shoot, loot and drive. I found out half way in how to crouch, kept thinking it'd be ctrl or something~

But I'm also sure you got first place your first round and all that, right? :^)

he was and decided it sucked, now test does it because hes bored

Getting rid of Battle Cruisers is still a pretty good thing

But, you're already doing it

i just wouldnt brag about 17th place under any circumstance, or try to continue to imply it's impressive if i was called out on it

ive seen idiots stupid there way to third regularly


erin should at least come back more often to be insane and cut themselves

truly an aerys II

You'll have to take it from the king.

Getting rid of nukes is also a pretty good thing.

Being excited about something is not equal to bragging. The only person taking it as such is you, which I'm starting to think you did worse and this is like some random pride thing.

It's like people can't just enjoy what they manage~

i havent played the game


So then this was all out of your ass for about zero reason~?

Even better.

fuck there are multiple evas

but she wasnt trying to impress anyone, she was just excited :^)

you seem so unaffected

I bet you think being a diamond player is a good thing.

It isn't.
It's all bronze up to Masters
Don't worry. I too am in Bronze League.


Literally has no bearing on what I said.

that'd be a good art project

game of Holla Forums


D-Diamond is something you BAKA

i dont play league

why did that person say there were three evas?

I have a confession to make
I'm Eva

Diamond Players are just Bronze Players who don't know that they're bad, tbh.

StarCraft, not League..
Idfk League ranks.

Three Canadas.

I have a confession to make
I'm Spartacus

Dibs on the Hound.

I'm masters in OW what does that count for?


I am truly in hell.

I'm not sure whether to be hurt or find it silly that his interest in replying died the moment it was confirmed I don't identify as female...

This is a big think right here. What could he mean by this????

oh god that reminded me of smarticus

I'd probably fuck Spoilers.
I'd have to be grimacing the whole time.



P-post more like this plz.

You don't have PUBG or OW right? :c

It means you spoke too soon


Clearly his timing is suspect!! I'd like a ref called to watch the instant replay.


i have a girlfriend, i thought you stopped caring when you confirmed i was shittalking you on no real basis, but truly people show me new and interesting ways to waste their time

Why grimace while fucking Spoilers? It would be a thing to smile about.

I have OW but I haven't updated it since New Years and idk if I have space to.


i actually knew you were a guy too

whats up you person

Diamond is much easier to get now than it was before.

Its not as impressive.

Maybe I can smile when you and I fuck.


Oh I'm sorry.

I didn't know I was talking to cooldude42 over here~

Nothing much, what's up with you?


You mean when I fuck you, don't you?

That's my name.



i got chicken

it good

Oh no, it matters. Perhaps that isn't what I want?

Bad, no posting Undertale. Without Chii around it is just a hollow thing~

ur cyoot


Tut tut, Mandy.
I suppose I'll have to let you be the top.

I'm not sure you would want to be anything but the bot.


As are you.

I actually prefer to bottom as I don't have a lot of feeling in my dick.

I still like to top though.


Just means you have tons of stamina.

i just talked to chii on steam earlier today and she was playing finalfantasyXIV, so i dont know what you're talking about

No, like, I legit get little to no pleasure from being felt up or sucked or anything.

Cause she's not posting??

I'm quite unsure how you don't follow some of this stuff...

quite unsure why you care, she isnt posting because she doesnt want to post

That is a shame.

Just means I'll be less likely to make you bottom.

It was just a comment about missing the times when she did post more, try calming down a lil~

try making me not post things :^) i see a whole lot of defending yourself and im not even trying to be aggressive

The classic "No u".

Good show, my man.


I would pay to see that.

Why are you even bothering to respond to the inbred?

you're trying to make it seem like my fault that you can't seem to handle a little ribbing in a place rife with it, you were initially more invested than the comment i made even after it became public knowledge i've never played the game before

i asked her, do you know why she stopped posting here? because the people she liked left, i'm not even making fun of you i'm just explaining like my day

You would pay to risk me fucking you?
If I fail I am sure you would return the gesture, no?

more invested than I on*

A long time ago he actually could hold a conversation more like a normal person.

But I guess where I managed to evolve in that sense he managed to devolve. The times. They change so much~ ;-;

Well considering that there are less people here to dislike your stupid and often random posting, yea your interactions sort of have to be a bit different by nature, but aren't you the one who is trying to make me stop posting something? i wasn't trying to obstruct you from your fun, i was just saying you were bad, which essentially doesn't even disagree with your post

The fuck?
I'm still here aren't I?

dont you like have her on steam and discord like me?

I am fairly confident that you wouldn't succeed, so yes.

And of course.

I've never known him to be of much interest. I have never had a meaningful conversation with him that ever made me think more than I do when I sit and stare at the wall drunk.
They say the times they are a changing, though.

so why would she need to come here to talk to you

i a'd have appreciate the diss but i have to imagine we rarely talk

I keep Steam open if someone wants to talk to ME.
I am too much of a shy boy to message anyone other than like, Guero, Sinni, George, and Michael first.

Someday you'll be mine.
We will be eternally happy together.
Or at least reasonably miserable.

-a'd have*

fair enough, sorry if we never really got along on steam or private messages but i always though you were a cool guy, i just never cared about any of the games you played that much


God forbid anybody lives a happily married life.

Honestly I should've expected it when I imagine he's only here due to options B through to X failed to provide him sufficient attention.

What is surprising though is the strange feeling of an over inflated ego from him! Guy never struck me as that kinda person before.

Aaanyway, how are you doing~?

lmao people here are so sensitive

I never figured we had any discourse.
Just lack of mutual interest or reason to interact.
You can be for lack of better terms, a bit much.

Though it doesn't really affect my opinion of people when it's like that. I am honestly neutral to most everyone here now at least.

Implication of ownership.
Not marriage.

Everybody has an over-inflated ego about some aspect of themselves.

I can't complain. Got paid to piss in a cup and stand in line for a solid half hours so that is a bonus. On the downside, it is too fucking hot to ride a sled to work. How abouts you?

Oh, so only ownership one way? I would be yours, but you would be independent?

The bitch in this pic looks so fucking familiar but I can't place her.

I am simply too embarrassed to admit I legitimately have a very keen interest in being dominated by someone I love.
Collars and leashes and such.

Though stating that here sort of kills the lack of admittance publicly.

Honestly you both look like children right now.

Things were pretty shitty now they are better. Who knows when the next dip in the roller coaster ride will occur~

The advantages to Canada. We can get anywhere by dog sled!

That was a delayed response to what was going on.


Then why did you say that in public?

The next dip just means that the next rise is soon.

Yeah, only in the winter! Granted my weather sucks more times than not, but at least I can ride all year, even if the summer months suck.

Because I want you to love me, but also indulge me in this from time to time.

You want me to tell you the things I would do to you, huh?


pretty sure thats just Mandy

Depends on what kind of things you have planed.

I don't think anyone was questioning that?

pretty sure i didnt know who it was till i remembered they always flirted with each other so i dont think you are correct actually

Things I wouldn't tell you here.

Yeah, like I said.

Nobody was questioning it.

You have piqued my interest, love.

Not too sure about that first part about the dipping buuuut... The riding part is great!


swing and a miss

I think you're just ret harded.

Even if it ends up just teasing you?

You are going to ride on my bike one of these days, right?


You indulge me at most every turn.
To be upset at a little teasing would be unjust of me.

I am not so uncouth as to turn down any of your affection.

i think you just have nothing valuable to say at the moment, so you're trying to shit talk other people just like i was

you're no amount better than i

Yes, yes. I certainly will someday~

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Oh you are a bit of a charmer, you know that?

probably mostly weed since i don't fap before bed a lot, that and work usually do it

I'm sure I could take you to some nice spot and when you get tired of your 'ride' we can do lewd stuff.

i do remember kyle being pretty cute just saying

I lovers heart is no trifling matter.
For love begets love. And you, my love, are a splendor in all the world.

You know, I wish I could, just once, see myself from your eyes. You think way too highly of me. To hear you talk of me sometimes, you would think I were a god among men.


Think I might need to go! Hopefully I get to see you again here, next time I pop in~

Until then, brightness.

..so if i stay here and watch, are you guys like gonna fuck

I say it often enough by now, but you have always been nothing but kind to me. And for all the friends I have had that have treated me so dismally, a man of your caliber is a rare thing in my life. I cherish our friendship. As I do with many of my close friends and confidants. For if there is anything we need more of here, and in life, is people who truly care for one another.

And to say that you make me feel cared for would be a gross understatement.

got a really exciting mail package from Japan today

Was it everything you hoped it would be?

what was it

I am exceedingly pleased with it!

A designer hoodie from a clothing brand I really like... it's a late birthday gift to myself

gifts to yourself are always the best ones arent they haha

thats great! i could use a new stylish hoodie right about now, im so jealous


did you like the last gift you received? If you can remember?

yes it was a book i asked for, i liked it

Why is catfish such a hilarious show?

Why is catfish such a hilarious show?.

Why is catfish such a hilarious show?..

Sorry, Duke, I did the Nukes instead because Battlecruisers just means I have to play properly, but ghosts - and nukes - are fucking annoying.

Why is catfish such a hilarious show.?

Is 8ch ded?


did it die

Sorry, Duke, I did the Nukes instead because Battlecruisers just means I have to play properly, but ghosts - and nukes - are fucking annoying.

evening guys

whats up with you?

they got me too driniked at work today omg

Fucking christ.
That was a while of down time.

How long? I just got home


is it posting now?

2 hours.

i am

aww jeez and on top of it all our nice flags are still broken...
These are truly the end times

Oh, hey Neko.

Now this shit hole can finally die.


what's happening my nigga?

Rolled 16 (1d20)
Not on my watch

*Casts necromancer reanimation spell*

Rolled 14 (1d20)
Ty for getting me into Davve Matthews

Sorry. Need at least a 19.

Rolled 4 (1d20)

*roll to molest (squash)

I'm white.

4 20 brah
b l a z e it

My phone app still has flags.

I'm actually black


Oh really?


Rolled 3 (1d20)
"nigga" denotes a relationship
not a race
sillyy white boi

at least I can roll the dice.........

Real niggas represent


Rolled 9 (1d20)

My app doesn't dice or embed YouTube's though, I use the browser for that.
Anywho, I should sleep now but I got stuck watching videos on proper workout technique

Yeah, real niggas like you and me.



Oh shut up Darwin

Have a nice day buddy :3


Oh shut up Welma


lmao.. what??

Check yoself before you wreck yoself

I will sleep my best sleep ever.

i hope one of you gets punched in the mouth

I volunteer as tribute
Please give me your attentio--I
I mean
please punch me in the face !!

Shut up, Colbs.

I hope it's Colby tbh

I'm just memeing :3

you're 2cute to get beat up


oh god it's working.............

T--thank you Neko!!

idk how im golna go to workl tomorrow


the answer to that is far more simple than you can understand

**just don't * * :3

cant trust anyone, colbs

i need monsy

Come on man. We know each other too well for this shit

Except for me

I fight for Justice

This man is your friend

I'm just meeming.



I do and I'm sorry :(



We fight for love.



its pretty straightforward ;o

hi there





Well hi there.....

im just trying to deliver content relevant to your interests

t-that's very sweet but you don't have to tailor your posting just to fit me.........

but you're best friend bardy how could I not?

sidenote: RIP scanner


That's very sweet

Thank you :3

I sure hope scans is okay

he dissapearas and pops back around so I'm hopefu for him





sup bby?


Playing LoL of retards.

your depravity knows no bounds

That is possibly the gayest picture you've ever posted.

thatgame sucks

I could dip into my fetish shit.

I didn't mean to seem negative, or insulting in any way.

Just kind of remarking.

it's stunningly gay. the colors, the look of joy, the dribbling precum

I play it with an old friend.

I like big fat hairy men with pig faces.



He's like the only person from school I talk to anymore and it's nice to have something to fuck around on.


Not really though.




youve really hit your stride


the pot calling the microwave gay


i firmly believe that this folder is infinite



desktop? bold

Both my room mates know I fuck dogs.
I have nothing to hide.


My youger brother came to hang out with me

It was nice and fun we talked about girls and jiu jitsu and making alcohol

He lives downstairs and normally I have to go down there to hang out with him

We grew up together when we were younger but spent most of the year living with my fatheer so we arent really that close but I feel like out of my 6 or 7 siblings he is the siblingest

Holy shit.
Do we both have a ton of siblings?
I'm the second youngest of 9.

do they all live with you? also how are you unsure how many you have?

Were they raised with you or is that the culminatiom?

Still keep up with any of yours?

I'm out of contact with alot of them to be honest in my own case....

I was lucky enough to ever only have to deal with 4 or 5 at one time but counting back on it I've

Aaand I was just gueestimating cause I didnt wanna take the time to count them in my head buuut now that I think on it
I have

5 living sisters and
4 living brotherrs with 1 passed

None of them being fully biological from both parents

Right now It's just me, my closest brother Kadin and my Mom living together in a nice 3 bedroom house on the 4 lanes

My father Lives in Cedar Rapids with 1 of my sisters and 1 of my brothers who are both very young

THen in Omaha nebraska 2 more of my sisters live

And the rest we just moved out of living with

what about you whats your tree like?

Also squash that''s crazy

I would have thought you'd be older in your chain

you have the wisdom of an Elder child

I'm the eldest of all mine and its nice to be a bully

no siblings, barely any cousins. I see family every few years.

always wished i had siblings though

All but two I grew up with.
I keep in contact with 4 of them.

You still cool with your parents?
Sorry if I'm overstepping any boundaries asking this one

yep we've had a couple rough patches but we get along very well

My mother is basically my best friend.
My father is close, but we butt heads.
Love is unconditional though.

How about this.
You can ask anything, and if it isn't something I want to answer I simply won't. No hard feelings.

Wisdom comes with life.
Something I have a lot of. But I'm not brash enough to think I know a lot. I'm not some self proclaimed profit like some people here.

I am very flawed. I can admit that.


I always hate having to go see my dad because whenever I hear about what he's up to or just see him I feel like a failure because I dont drive a car and I dropped out of college and I work at kfc taco bell and I live with my mom and I'm 21 years old
aand also /as a Kid I didnt see him that much except when i got wooped for doing dumb shit cause he was always working mad hourse to support us

I love and respect my dad but I feel like shit because most of my life I've wanted to avoid him as much as I can

I've been getting really hype on jiu jitsu recently though so when I go and visit around thanksgiving or christmas I'm going to ask him to teach me some more stuff and maybe rolll a few rounds with him

He's a blue belt!

How old are you squosh?

yeah thats an unfortunate typo

Spell check fucked me there.

is it because you don't have a license or don't have a car?

your humbleness is adorable

I dont have either

I physically can get in a car and drive short distances if It was a very important situation but I probably would be unable to get in a car and drive to say cedar rapids and back

I have very bad anxiety spikes when i get in cars and ride in them and Im afraid to put myself on the road at the mercy of everyone else and put myself in danger of hurting other people

I can't remember a time my parents were together. They split when I was like 4. It was hard because I loved them both, but they were angry with each other and used us as a way to get back at each other.
Me and my brothers decided to put a stop to that in middle school once we learned to stand our ground. Things got better pretty quickly after that. Now they get along.

I'm 23 in like 2 weeks.

i guess the only way to fix this is to get you street racing

That's really fucked up

Shit like that is really hard on the kids
They're like dogs they don't understand what's going on

also you're YOUNGER than I thought you WERE

You know, back when I kept my composure here people guessed me around 40.
It's odd how simply being level headed can change people's perspective of you.

This vessel that is my body can't contain the FireY Inferno that is the passion of my emotions

its fucked up that we're the same age yet you've managed to amass 14k furry porn images in one folder

I hardly use it.

socks from merrimack?

so uh

how do you do it ?


y/n ?

do you have me confused with another socks? n

Do what?

probably. there's been like nine.

its a good thing. we are are diluted

be level headed

You know. It's funny. Over the last 5 years I have been here in the chans with you guys I've learned a lot, fought with so many people, cried over so many things with those I hold ever so dear. I've lost my mind so many times.

It wasn't until recently I learned that none of the fighting here matters. In 5 years I probably won't remember half of you guys beyond a name or face. All of it will have been petty bull shit. Something major and honestly horrifying happened recently in my real life that everything shifted into perspective. I don't feel as heated about this place right now. Will it pass? Who can say. But I'm so focused on making myself better so I can go be with my friends. Because after those 5 years it isn't the enemies I've made, or the arguments I've had that matter. It's those few people that were actually my friends that do. And I just want to focus on them. Because for all the rot in this world I can truly and whole heatedly say I love them more than I can fathom. And I want nothing more than to be with them in whatever capacity I can manage.

yeah man its fucking hilarious just fight for the fun of fighting


animus got real tonight

No tears, please. It is a waste of good suffering.

Good shit, Squashems

Perhaps I lost sight of why I enjoyed being here for a while.

I might have dialed it back had I known I had such an audience.

Congrats on almost being 23, and I'm glad you found perspective.
Hopefully this more peaceful feeling sticks with you.


Nah. Next fucker who says anything I think is slightly negative I'm going full over meme.


You know, I'd say telling someone congratulations on turning whatever age is scathingly silly, but considering how often I come close to dying it's rather ironic and hilariously fitting.

Fantastic yes

This is what I wanted all along


you ever watch that anime the fox and the hound

Bless your soul. You are easy to please.

i need to complain about you sharing your trip

I saw it once as a child, but we only had a limited collection of movies.
So it wasn't until I was about 15 that I could see it again and appreciate it to any degree.


Luka is the only person who knows what my trip password is.

beggars cannt be choosers...

That is not what this place has taught me.

huh ?

what then ?

i used to watch that with mt gramma when i was younger

wat about the aristocats?

remember when movies were exciting?

I have no recollection, but certainly not that.

Aristocats, The Rescuers, Chip and Dale, Cats Don't Dance, Fible Goes West, Great Mouse Detective, etc.
Once I had internet I found whatever furry cartoon I could and watched it.

scamper the penguin ?

"if nobody can see your trainwreck of a carcass youre allowed to act as infantile as you want and get positive feedback for it" is the actual lesson animus teaches

Movies are still exciting.
There is just more shit you have to sift through to find the good ones.
It's like video games.
Once production is more widely accessible the end product tends to be less polished.

Yes, Bard.
Even Scamper.

serious question: when did you become a furry?

scamper is my favorite childhoood movie : )

what about the seventh brother? :3

I wonder how it ever ended up like this

me drinking up your attention with a straw >///

I can't imagine you going into an over meme

I'd wager around 2012 was when I was more aware of it.
I always had an interest, but never knew it was a real interest until I had access to the internet.

Again, yes.
My aunt actually had both of those movies so I watched them a number of times as a child.

so you were like 17 or 18? that's pretty late right?

An unwatched kettle is quick to boil.

Indeed. I actually was very inactive sexually in my teen years. I had no real outlet due to my rural upbringing and lack of access to online material.

You must have been extremely bored.

You guys are making me feel so vulnerable tonight.

I still am actually

I knew you could tell ~












My senses are finely tuned to others' suffering.