Look if no one is going to make a new thread then

Look if no one is going to make a new thread then.

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What about super models?




it's so hot in my room

I miss living below ground

How would you over meme if you needed too?


I would tell you but you just don't turn me on :|

Understandably that joke was in bad taste.

You :l
just :l
don't :l
turn :l
me :l
on :l

Darwin just hit me with the source already

I know the pain. Honestly it's so hard to find good help nowadays.

Memes are by nature self propagating.

What do I receive in return?

The point being that all one has to do to meme so violently is find one objectively unique, but broad thing about a person and drive it into the ground through repetition.


grim is also missing


Honestly if we judge ourselves as much as we do the people we lambaste this place would be far more loving and enjoyable than it is now.

So quick to blame and to prideful to take blame.

A giant cuddly $400 pusheen

le perspective faec

Aw they do have exif

womp womp

I do not appreciate your ruse, ma'am.


thread quality is rapidly deteriorating


No pastry today.

That's fair enough. Everyone likes to meme, I just wanted to see how you meme people.

I completely agree. Not enough introspection to go around.



My friends have told me I seem much happier after getting out of some toxic friendships. I'm honestly inclined to agree. I feel like being around awful people warped my ability to remain level headed in fight or flight situations. The thrill of an argument far outweighs the end product of the fight in my mind.
Now I feel like my focus has shifted to more positive friendships.

I still want to get therapy, but having friends that are actually trustworthy and care about me has honestly mended a lot of my psyche it seems.

Your patience will be rewarded.

always the enterprising man.....

That sounds like it will never be delivered.

This is the best combo for starting a day

Thank you. I am not a destroyer of companies. I am a liberator of them.

Well, death could always take me, I suppose.

i've got two modes

King of the world

and literal dirt

Can I join in on this late night thread posting, am I cool enough??

I disagree ;)

Please don't croak.

What if you want the end product of them not talking to you anymore and you get it?

Also I like how you posted immediately after talking about waging meme war on people

I like how I switched to Erio folder and Erio shows up

I'm having an odd night.

Kinda same, wanna talk about it brosky?

(also how is everyone else's day been going?)

Making someone dislike me was never a goal.
It's usually wanting them to fuck off.
If I don't explicitly like someone then I don't honestly care if they dislike me or not.

And there is nothing wrong with ironic introspection.
Notice I have not waged any meme wars on anyone after my shift in mentality a few weeks ago.
Nothing too crazy at least.

Me and dad are going to be in call soon.
Would you like to join?

I don't like to orgasm soon after waking up

Horniness can be converted into extra energy for the day

I always like late night calls with you boys, where it feels like we're nowhere & it's now and everything stressful kinda melts away uwu.

idk it's been like the last 3 days lmao

It is funny how harrowing silence on your own can be compared to how comforting silence is with someone else.



Literal cum factory.

Bruh I wish I could feel like that. Silence to me is always really deafening and when you're with people it's like a klaxon alarm or something.


I just like knowing you guys are there.

Yee, that's always nice. Friends are great uwu

This feels familiar

Oh well

That fox Robin Hood is dank; I had that movie when I was a little kid

I currently don't even have interest in ERP tbh

Apparently I go through a super introverted phase after living with someone I'm in a relationship with

I honestly cherish you. Please never forget this.

I am prone to shifts in mentality.

He's sexy as hell.

So all of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again?


Do it on my face

Got that shit locked & saved in the noggin yo, I love you dude.

That was my brother on my computer; ignore that



Each time I gain a better appreciation for that small group of people I cherish.
But for once it's not thread related as to why my views have changed.




the bed is empty without the third person here....

I'm out for the night to chill in the call with Dad and Sinni before I become any more emotional.


The third person, whom would you pick?

m-m-my choice ??!!

probably vapeshot


a bed with more than two is sinful

its okAY im only visiting

it's okay im only watching


how can a i trust a man of the devils lettuce


its true

im only a guest

Film it and sell it.

that preys after little boys

i wont cuz that would make me a cuck 2



Bard, you're extra gay lately.


You're also extra gay lately.


Me? Well I can't help it. Sorry for having a sex life lmao


thank god you can still jack off to vaporeons

They are not for sexual.

Wait, how is it gay if you have a girlfriend?

i find that somewhat hard to believe considering how lewd some of the vaporeons youve posted have been

I don't post lewd ones though.


Hardly ever.


so i think i was straight up possessed at one point because the words "NO LATIN" are written in my handwriting but sort of horror movie version in pen on the wallpaper in a bathroom in my parents house and I have zero recollection of doing it

Sometimes lewd ones accidentally find their way into my collection and I don't notice. If I gave a hard no you would go dig up the few times I have.

so you vaporeonpost at random?

No, but sometimes I don't notice the lewd parts.



hello lovely how are you

I'm good, drinking some iced tea. I think I have to get up early tomorrow so I'm considering going to bed earlier than usual.
How about you?

just waked up
i dun wanna go to work today ;~;

; ;
I don't want to go to work tomorrow either, work is a pain.
It's definitely a 10 hour shift and my sales have been in the toilet recently.

don't worry bby i'll come get a few dildos to bring your sales up

You're so good to me, what would I ever do without you?
We just hired on a bunch of people so unless I up my performance I'm worried I'll have my hours cut.

are the new guys pretty good??

this sounds like a porn plot

Do you have vaporeon posters at your work

We promoted an assistant manager from another store who is way good, but I don't compete with her for hours really it's all about the others. They're not necessarily very good yet, but I have no self confidence or worth so I assume they will all be better than me in no time.

maybe you will end up training one

I'm the colonel now!!!

morning again guys

A colonel with no one to lead.

uhhhh exCUSE me I just want ATTENTION

wtf what happpened to the thread where did everyone go

The best part of my morning is here!

My argument for traps being not gays goes like this, are genitals the determining factor for attraction? First off at least in most places, people don’t see people’s genitals as they walk down the street, but since humans are attracted to people without seeing them naked there is something else that causes attraction. Then it would have to be our external characteristics, though a distinction has to be made. First, as there exist people who are attracted to males and not females and vice versa, from this each person would have to have a way to categorize into attracted and not attracted to. The following are simple example categories for male and female. Male: more promenade muscles, tall, more body hair, facial hair, and wide shoulders. Female: soft, short, less body hair, no or very little facial hair, and petite. From this if a male fits into the female category more than the male, then the subject (assumed straight male) looks at this guy, his brain categorizes him as female or at least more female than male. From this, a straight male can be attracted to another male and not be gay.
Another way of looking at this would be to take a trap and a masculine man. If both were nude, but the manly man instead of having a penis would have a vagina. It would seem to follow that most straight males would be attracted to the trap over the man with a vagina. Although this is more of an analysis of my own psychology in text as it isn’t in the form of a dialogue

H i grids looks like it's just us this early.......

Maybe I should't have gone to sleep
everyone left : (

dont lie the main reason you like them is because you think their dick is cute

please telll me what this girls dick looks like

i-is it cute??

I'd love to climb a mountain this saturday. Then i'd tie a noose after i reach the peak.

just do it in ur bathroom
where are you going to tie a noose on top of a mountain

Shits paused for broke parts here,
Why'd you sleep, don't you have to fix your sleep schedule?
I missed you yesterday because I forgot my phone at home, work drug on forever.

And have nowhere to hang it from.

Ehhh. But i want to climb a mountain before though. Plus i'd have a legit excuse to buy some paracord.

i think I might have fixed it a little

I can't remember what time I stopped posting

normally I stay up all night but for the past month or so I've been hitting the snooze at ike 11 p.m or so

if I made it to at least 1 a.m before sleeping then I've already got 3 and a half solid hours in so when I go to bed around 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 a.m i should be good for work at 4 . p .m

Plus I just wanted to tie a noose. I never said i would hang it up somewhere.

I have a tied noose lying around somewhere just in case

I'd grab a pic but it's packed up in boxes from the move

Oh, good, 6 hours of sleep is plenty, I struggle to get to sleep more than 5.

I only tie useful things, like lanyards or wraps for guns, or my girlfriend.

whered everybody go?

why do you get such litle sleep?


That's okay I can make my own fun

I just don't get to sleep very well, last night was the only night this week I got more than 5 hours of sleep, and only by like 15 minutes.
And I wake up every 2 or 3 hours, so like between each rem cycle, probably something with the anxiety still, because the first thing I do is check my watch.

Ug that sounds awful

have you talked to a doctor about trying sleep medication?

told the preacher I loved her
she said that god was her love
I said if he really loved her then
he would want me to fuck her

I'm the shit

I-I-I I'm the shit bitch

When I was in the psych ward a year ago, but they determined based on how I acted throughout the day, the quality of my sleep was not diminished.
I think the Zoloft helped though.

4 19

4 20

i never knew yiu were in the psych

what happened?

also i had a ver poor experiec with zoloft...... I started with a low dose and got bumped up to 150 mg daily and i just always felt sick and it started to make me feel worse than before i ot on it...

Did it help or did you get off?

The stress of work got to me, mostly the qualification process, dealing with the people above me, I couldn't confront them abi

Take your time buddy Ill be here

Last few times I've rolled with my buddies I found out a super badass guard sweep pass

I almost always get them in guard but the leader there, my buddy, he's the best of us and always can pass a guard within about 10 seconds

I've found out that as long as it's not a double under the leg guard pass, it's usually able to be blocked by reaching down and grabbing either my left ankle or Gi pant and then curling my body up into a circule motion around them

I've been able to take the back like this a few times so I'm very excited to learn more about it


I miss Neru.

we might not have newu but we will always have yummy pastwies and toofbrush ninis ta =w=

And cappu =w=

Cappu is fine too yus =w=

Nwrusha postinga buwas an thinga bof beautry

Why did I hit b so many times wtf??

🅱️eru =w=

Neruash is bestau



*vcough cough* *wheeeze* oooh heexxz

*cough* woah *Wheeze* this big doink is getting me *cugh cough*

……….……………………. „-/*"\„,„,
…….…………………….¸„-^"¯ :\_ / o '"*'"¯/' BARK BARK
……………………¸„„-^"¯ : : : : : : : : ¸„,-~"
**¯¯¯'^^~-„„„----~^*'"¯ : : : : : : : : : :¸-"
.:.:.:.:.„-^" : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :- THIS IS THE BARKING DOG WIENER
:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: : : : : : : : : : ¸„-^¯
.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : : : : : : : ¸„„-^¯ PUT THIS ON THE PROFILE OF 5 OTHER PEOPLE
:.' : : '\ : : : : : : : ;¸„„-~"¯ OR HE WILL HAUNT YOU
:.:.:: :"-„""***/*'ì¸'¯
:.': : : : :"-„ : : :"\
.:.:.: : : : :" : : : : \,
:.: : : : : : : : : : : : 'Ì
: : : : : : :, : : : : : :/

Eues agona cappu pasties =w=

looks like it's j-just us today

Oh, I bumped send, sorry. Then the line picked up pace

I couldn't confront them about my qualifications, every time I'd try to get qualified it seemed like they had some other task for me because I couldn't say no.
So I fell behind in quals, and when that happens it seems like everyone starts treating you like shit, so I started staying after shift to study and try to get qualified with another crew, but they only ever have time for their own people, and after I'd be there for about 6 hours an officer would order me to go home.
The stress was getting to me to the point where I was crying myself to sleep 2 or 3 times a week, then I started failing exams, and I was removed from watch twice, for exam failures, studying stopped being effective, the information wasn't retained, and I started getting throbbing headaches like someone smashing the back of my head with a hammer, then came threats of punishment for failed exams as though I wasn't trying.
I wound up sitting in my truck crying for an hour before I finally decided to go in and eat.
The next day I went to the river walk Shoppe area in York town, and it took me an hour to convince myself it was worth it to get out of my truck, then I couldn't go into any of the shops and I felt like I didn't belong there so I left as quick as I could, that was an anxiety attack.

For as long as I can remember I've had what if thoughts that could be considered suicidal, like what if I walk out in front of that truck, or what if I step off this ledge.
But those what ifs slowly became I should, then they became more vivid, and in the end turned into a plan,

My girlfriend convinced me to talk to the ships chaplen, and he had me talk to the ship psych and then I spent a week in the psych ward at Portsmouth hospital.
I took 50mg Zoloft daily for 6 months
I'm back to what ifs, but I'm okay with that, the anxiety is still there, not as bad, but I have been fighting for a month now to convince myself to get a haircut.

Bless your heart grids

I'm sorry that things played out like that

I'm confident that in time you'll be able to conquer your anxiety and hopefully your depression...

It's a good thing you got off that stuff! I feel its' really bad for you...

how long is your hair?


a-and grids....

where did everyone go..luuuu

M-motorcycle accidents.

Why...why couldn't it have been me.....

I wish I would have picked a different rate.



Motocycle-senpai, please accident me!

Job in the navy.

at least you did your time

I-i could never serve in the service....

I want my Pilot Wings, but to get that I need LASIK.

And beyond that, if memory serves, there's an upper limit to what LASIK can correct, and there's a distinctly non-0% chance that I'm beyond that point. ;;

wow holy shit

I completely forgot about hakkou until I saw one of his songs on my soundcloud

get robot eyes

whose hakkou and why is that name familiear

On the brite side, it should be fairly easy for me as a veteran with depression and anxiety to get a medical marijuana card.

Angel or Hakkou?

Because they're different people - though Angel was called Hakou by GarEE.

Hakkou was an old af Ponyfag, you wouldn't know them.

Hakou, Angel, was a poster, IDK if he still comes around.
I miss him. :(

I remember both and happou, is that spelled right, it was just flan anyway right?

Happou was Flan, yes.

I thought it was Hoppou

flan didnt start using the name hoppou until recently tho

How recent is recently
I feel like it's been like 2 years.

oh i thought you were saying flan was one of them mb

angel oof course

bless his heart i wonder how hes doing

or hayate

they reminded me of each oher>

It was, I'm dumb.

Hayatina's doing more-or-less alright. We talk sometimes.

Getting married now.

I super miss Angel, though.

I miss MGD,
I used to buy cases of the stuff and then drink it really fast in hopes it would summon him back to the threads.
Then I would drunkenly message both his skypes about how much I missed him.

Awww that'sso cute

they were both hearts of gold

bad taste in posters and also alcohol

I miss wish and acid.


And shirk, and the original rainbow, and I miss bard.


morning there hu chan

I'm sorry
the old bard can't come to the phone right now


Post happy sex

Really though
You were around for what I always felt was the golden age

I miss old zero

And names and Karpy and proffesor misleadingname


Liek dis

post rape

bad couple

is good too

You're a bad couple.

Hello cakey love.

You are more sexxier anyway

And and and... I miss waving user the most, my wavey waifu.




Toad slime better


I feel sexxxier
hmmm actually i'm not sure if i do

its ook

i took an antacid

Hu x Feku OTP

epic meme no one picked up on

thanks I like to think of it, between you and me as our personal little running gag hehe

get it?

you're ruining tomoko for me asshole

I'm sorry

Idk about you but I'm getting a real kick out of this
I'm giggling like a socially awkward schoolgirl

thank you for letting me have my fun

But Hu not a cute 14 yo loli with a god complex

well thanks for that blog that's not conversation you aspie

You should be honored by my shitpost

He can't handle me

Older means more experienced, that's a good thing!

Mfw I still haven't found and kidnapped blood at gunpoint irl, do I even care anymore?

How can you possibly be less sexxier than someone that never existed?

But you don't have the figure of a young female


the old bard was a very REAL person thank you very much

I haven't got boobs, and I am both small and thin.
What more do you want?

no u!

(text unrelated)(picture VERY related)

Is this pronounced
Who pony?
Are you a fan of dr.whoves?
Are you a fan of dr.who?
Will I like you more if you say yes?

I need a 50th steam friend.

No, you're the one and only.

that sounds awesome


Who can program pls help

But that's cuz your a wimpy dude

Do not want

I think i read that one before

It's actually a contraction of human and pony, so "Hu" would be pronounced as the hu in human. Never watched dr.who so can't be a fan.

you can!

Show me his skeleton then.

But I'm tired.

i promised i would never show the skeleton in my cloet to anybody...........but here it goes...........

wow bully

Same. And got a headache too. I'm of no use either

*pat head*

off to do some witchering 3 then

byby x prosion

I always thought it was hu until it hit me that it might be pronounced different in Denmark, so I had to ask, I don't like you any less btw.

Oh, so maybe you did killed him, but how do I know it's his and not yours?

well obviously it's because I post tomoko


Enjoy your Polished game~


here renzy

Don't lie you like being like that



……….……………………. „-/*"\„,„,

…….…………………….¸„-^"¯ :\_ / o '"*'"¯/' BARK BARK

……………………¸„„-^"¯ : : : : : : : : ¸„,-~"

**¯¯¯'^^~-„„„----~^*'"¯ : : : : : : : : : :¸-"

.:.:.:.:.„-^" : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :- THIS IS THE BARKING DOG WIENER

:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: : : : : : : : : : ¸„-^¯

.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : : : : : : : ¸„„-^¯ PUT THIS ON THE PROFILE OF 5 OTHER PEOPLE

:.' : : '\ : : : : : : : ;¸„„-~"¯ OR HE WILL HAUNT YOU

:.:.:: :"-„""***/*'ì¸'¯

:.': : : : :"-„ : : :"\

.:.:.: : : : :" : : : : \,

:.: : : : : : : : : : : : 'Ì

: : : : : : :, : : : : : :/


How is that a valid answrr?

hmmm im not sure

Nini grids

It is pronounced differently, but that never mattered in the first place.

not a wimpy, just the girl

Night sexxy bard.

fucking CCL post my 1050ti already


Well, cool stuff, I do enjoy the pets.

Who doesn't? :3

I bet you're a sub

Angry unhappy evil people.

Meatball marinara, I would guess.

wow, who would have thought??

Must be incredibly unhappy, and angry to not appreciate pets

You want his meatballs?

Wow we have so much in common

wow, want a girl to dominate you?

My Dad's girlfriend gave me Juice and Strawberry Rhubarb pie.

I have a new favourite mom.



I do cook good meatballs


A girl that can cook and Dom, I will have you.

But I'm a guy!


And the problem is?

Yes I'm here grids what do you need.

That boys != girls


yup especially a little one
just imagining that gets me solid

that sounds like a way to appease children
also didnt she make fun of you about spiders

So, I got this gun, a norinco sks and from what I found it more than likely spent time in Albania during the Balkan wars, can you translate, and is there any significance to it?


I'm a simple girl with simple wants.

She didn't make fun of me?
She laughed because I made a spectacle of myself.

you ever bick up the kid's catalogue at a clothing store and just look at the pictures


Looks like someone engraved their name on the thing, so unless it was your gay lover it shouldn't mean anything.

And this?

Another uncommon name, maybe a friend of the owner.

Uncommon because I'm north Albanian.



no but seriously why is there so much incest and cuckold porn

every day it's stepsister this stepsister that

who even likes this

im bored

i dont think that word is correct

oh okay
just make sure you stay away from scary pervy men

I'm fairly sure it is

im not
a woman who has many casual sexual partners.
synonyms: promiscuous woman, prostitute, whore; More

Figured they were names, just figured I'd ask if there was any significance to it, like the rifle saved their lives or something, but they just did it to do it.

Eh, same thing, we're all just meat bags meant for fucking.

What is it you're thinking?

How do I get over the sweet craving

Do I buy protein bars ;;

Eating healthy is hard

lol wat, men can't be sluts?

meant to reproduce*

You drink more coffee, then the sweet craving will disappear


personally i refrain from any drinks that have sugar in it. usually those will tip your palate.
also try to have fulfilling meals so you dont have an urge to snack.

idk but i dont have many casual sexual partners

Same. Never had any

I really enjoy father/son porn when it comes to fur smut.
Not so much IRL. Though I don't care if people do it.

if im not a slut what am i to you?

one hell of a lewd fucktoy

Moderation my man
Don't disallow only restrict.
Try something like kettle corn popcorn, or nutigrain nut bars, but still try not to eat too much of stuff like that either.

No, the population is self regulating, at this point the ones who are going to reproduce will, the rest will just fuck, I like the rest.

But some of those that do shouldn't, and some of those that don't should

Oh, hot tea with honey is a good one too, because it's hot it metabolizes differently.

for fucking? my butt is closed

I only caffeinate when I seriously need to, to keep my sensitivity to it up so it can be used to the maximum efficacy.

I bought this cliff protein bar for nearly 4 bucks
Fuck the bodybuilding market hype

Tru. A but if pineapple or normal apple could take the edge off
These futa comics tho rofl

Yeah I only drink seltzer or normal water
I mean I had a plate of brown rice with 2 helpings of grilled chicken and some steamed veggies just now

I should not reproduce, I may have attractive features, but the brain problems, Depression, anxiety, and possibility for bipolar and schizophrenia later in life, I am not a good source of genetics.

Oh pears are good too, I have a high metabolism so I just eat whatever.

Just become a homosexual.
That's what I did. No chance of breeding.
Not like dogs can have my babies anyway.

The missile knows where it is at all times, except when it doesn't. It finds out where it is from where it isn't..

But your mouth is open

Don't drink coffee for the caffeine but for the taste. The bitterness might just make you prefer other things.

Ehh.... Okay, if you believe so

Do missiles even track their own position?

my face is bleeding

Maybe don't do that.

So I should just drink decaf. I'll try that

And yes, icbms do at the very least

well i cant say much else because i dont have those problems
i think theres something wrong with me or depression kills appetite

also lol 4 bucks for a bar you got scammed
must suck to live ny

honestly between you and me
id suck a cuteboy's tiny dick if he lets me pummel his ass

Or castration, and take t-boosters And fuck who ever, or an at home vasectomy.

I do, medication shouldn't be a standard answer and people shouldn't have to deal with what I have, I may adopt.

My anus* is bleeding

Patch it up

Well, you could donate sperm.
Get some kids out there that you don't have to care about.
You can fuck em up genetically and not have to worry.

i keep trying to stop, but i'm too anxious lately. i don't always realise i'm doing it.

One of the top branded protein bars so I guess that's why :(

You should be more attentive, Loco.

when i type clif bar price into google and click the first link it says i can get a 12 pack for 11.50


Do you ever think of something and make a note to share it with your friend?

only to remember they've been dead for a while now.

and then you post on the internet so people don't know if you're joking because remembering death is real is hard.

and then your face bleeds because you've been scratching it too much.

They're like $14 or more here

CAD doesnt count it has like a natural 1.5 multiplier on USD

Search for cliff builder

No one close to me has died so.. no

1.2 now

Oh boy. I got Ivern in a random champ thing.
Only a few more champs and I'll have them all.

huh... I didn't know

Fucking gay!

Guess adoption is an option

clif bar is too thick
more like molasses
tasted ok
but not as soft as i wouldve preffered.

Interesting to consider that the price of gas barely rose in the USA as a result of Harvey, and here (we produce most of our own gasoline), the price rose $0.15 in 2 days and will likely go up again tonight

Soft bar for soft poster
Be a gal and make a new thread for us c:

i guess local prices are naturally inflated
idk about shipping prices but if its at 4 dollars individually im pretty sure you can beat that with this pricing

im no expert on economy but i think conversion rates can only dictate pricing so much

its a small price to pay for dat boipuss
im not gay but if i can suck a dick for a hole instead of 20 bucks ill take it

you know how bullets spin in the air so when they hit you they spiral and tear at you

it's like that

i thought they spun so it stays straight while firing

I can't be arsed to see if that was right.

a new release AAA title in Canada is $80, versus $60 in the USA

don't know what this is linking but i trust your linkwalls and i'm here to be blackup

re use re cycle reeeeee

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

Should be right.