Look if no one is going to make a new thread then

look if no one is going to make a new thread then

We going full /lewd/ here?

Basically the same board anyway.

What about super models?

They always feel terrible due to all the throwing up.

I just made my own Pepsi fire by mixing fireball with my pepsi.

amazing how mixed drinks work, its almost like you make them by mixing drinks

But Pepsi fire is an actual Pepsi product, not a mixed drink, I made my own.

Wait, mixed drinks are made from mixing drinks !?

what the fuck ive never heard of that shit, where do they sell that japan

Zoo wee mama

No, it's made from chicken

No, they come that way, I only buy my mixed drinks premixed.
Not really but some do.

It's been released in America, it was originally a 711 slurpee flavor.

And now I want to make a chicken mixed drink.
I made ramen with vodka once, called it slant eye soup.

didn't make it to the ones over here, or i was a recluse the whole year it was out, either is very possible since poor cities in michigan miss cool US shit all the time

we got Black Ice slurpees when ACDC had the album and that really got my friend into energy drinks

I live in Michigan too, Belleville currently, they got it at Wal-Mart bro.

yo what you live in belleville like what, 30 or so minutes away from me? im in southgate


this is probably just Darwin right? i'm invariably gone so long almost everyones name is different every time i come back

Cool shit, wanna fuck?

no darwin sucks
i am the far superior neko

uh actually id rather just meet up and hang out or something, you know maybe play some videogames, kind of more of a classical guy like that (plus someone here watching right now might get jealous, they haven't posted and don't post here really except under extra-ordinary circumstances but they are notorious lurkers)

Nezi, someone bought some bats for you.

Neko is definitely not Darwin.
Both are good though.

How was teeth stuff?


jesus chrsit Holla Forums let me post

so does Darwin still just have the same tag as before?

haha, don't you just love all these reliable servers

I know it's not nezi
I was trying to insite a reaction from nezi,
Just like when I talk about how shit TP is.

Nezi died in the storm.

A good question for him. I don't know what same tag as before means.

I didn't want to fuck you anyway, from your selfy last thread you totally arent my type, last person I met from the threads we went on a date and he didn't even hug me after.
It'd be cool to meet up and play some vidya though, whatchu into.

the most hurtful words that can be said

Is it really hurtful to have a preference?

It can be. Not that it's wrong for someone to have one, but it can be hurtful anyway.

I just like to be honest, especially if I offer sum fuck and I don't mean it.

Nothing wrong with that.

And now it's just me and you, wanna cuddle?

Yeah, !mirAcLEz

it was way quicker than i thought it would be
now they're all better ^^

That's good, always nice when that stuff gets over quickly.
What are you up to now?

drinking some tea i made and relaxing watching youtube
might fall asleep soon


About the same as me. My family wants me to order them pizza so I will do that.
What kind of tea?

it's weed tea
i think i put too much sugar in it tho

Does it get you high?

why do you even need sugar for that

for like 5 seconds but not really
it just feels really good

it doesn't taste good without it

i bet you say the same thing about coffee faggot

Coffee is gross no matter what.

Oh okay. I like sugar in my tea too.

I put lots of sugar in mine

I use honey too
it's supoposed to be super good for you

those are pretty high leggings i thought they were tights at first

i feel like tights are under-represented in these threads

thigh highs*

my fem clothes terminology is really bad

iunno i like any kinda footwear like that

Miu looks cute in them tho.

wear some for me

I don't have any.


i'm falling asleep

Sleep tight mi amor.

we need to fund a cute clothes fund for you

you too

I can afford them myself.

Do not stop the Undyne.

hi grim

Hi Grim

Hi, Ian.

And it stopped.

Hi Grim

It was better when Hu was on mlpchan.

mlpchan died 2 years ago

i think thats what he said

Should you persevere on something you absolutely have zero interest in but is forced to do due to self imposed responsibility brought by peer pressure and coercion by relatives or should you say fuck it and follow whatever fits for you but in the process earning the title of disgrace for not being able to live up to the expectations of everybody on you?

dishonor ur phamary

Hello and goodnight my dear Hu


The later sounds best

Sleep well Grim

Should've went down with the ship.

Hi, me

Nah, now I'm here to pull you out of lurkmode

I wasn't even lurking. If I'm not posting, I never actually lurk.

So you just happened to get here at the same time then?

why are there two new threads

there are 5

It's almost midnight.

i meant two of the same one

goto bed

and three of another.
8ch always gives you an error when posting a new thread, which is why

so you being the mastermind decided not to make one to avoid embarrassment

But it always gives me the error too.
And no, I was fast asleep when the new threads were created

So you just happened to get here at the right time then?

5 hours after thread creation?

wow its slower than i thought
something something dead

Dead indeed

I''m so sore l;.;

I got walloped today

But I got a submission : )

i was rolling withh this guy named jeremiah and he got me in a body triangle from the back and I body triangled over his legs and raised my hips and got him with the calf slicer


I have no idea what you just said, but good job.

did u do dentist things

my whole body is tired but I;m not sleepy ;~:

whats up with you kissy vapeoreonshot

yeah I had to go this morning and I got a root canal on the bottom right side ;~:

whats you day lookign like buddy?


Not much, just enduring my last day off. I have work tomorrow, a 10 hour shift if I remember correctly.

oh god an entire 1-0hours surrounded by lewd dildoes and middle aged perverts o/// o

usually older

just woke up my mouth feels like death and people are home so i cant brush it

it feels like the afternoon sun is hitting me even though its night

d=does anyone eever hit on you?

W hy cant you brush it?
Do you get in trouble for leaving your room

Once. Mostly not. The ones looking to cruise are mostly gays.

what is this hentai

d-do you have any regulars? .//.

nope i just dont wanna

Yeah, though as far as regulars go it's mostly arcade people.
It's gross.

hmm wha do you ean arcade people? YOur s hop is attatched to an arcade...?

Also is it awkward for you ?

That sounds super em barassing....

Arcade is the discrete name for jack-off booths

u-uuhhhhhh .....what?

They have booths you go in and....jack off..?

They have TVs in there that you feed money to play porn.
There's a gloryhole between one of the booths.
A viewing window between a different set
it's gross
it's gay hookup culture shit


its like they live in the age without internet



w-woah what.........
There's a gloryhole in there?

bro what the heck.........

do you have to clean in there?

arent you schhol


Every night.


what if you're cleaning in the gloryhole booth and someone enteres the one nexttt to you >///<

h-has that ever happened? o . .. o

so youre free right now?

what if u get stds

gotta leave at 8.45

enough time to jerk off


I don't clean those booths if someone is in the corresponding one. Usually I close the arcade temporarily while I clean it though.

That makes no sense.

whats the process of cleaning it like?

I spray the walls, door handles, and chairs with disinfected it, then wipe it clean.
Then I mop the floor.

i had the mental image that youd have to take a squeegee and scrape off the cum covered interior


y-yeah that would be lewd.....

Nope, we use cleaning pads on sticks to wash the walls and stuff, then a mop for the floor.

How do you clean yourself afterwards

also curios

Why would I need to clean myself after?
I wear gloves and such.


I'm already soiled, no amount of cleaning would help anyway.


The wind is blowing so hard

you're a dirty boy

why do i need to be physically present at the apartment visit-thing-before-agreement i want to live in for under a year

Walk-through? Make sure nothing is damaged/everything works correctly and to note it if not, otherwise they can charge you for that shit when you leave.

Or I assume it's the same there as it is here at least.


Boneless marshmallow.

I'm putting my bone in them

should I change my name to darth vaper

why change

Today i chose to walk through the backstreets of the city just to avoid the heavy smoke coming from the cars stuck in traffic. Around the darker parts of the backstreets I encountered your typical posse of highschool delinquents. Girls and boys around the ages of 15-17 chatting around, standing, smoking cigs. On one hand the white uniform i was wearing made me feel obligated to reprimand them about the dangers of teenage smoking. On the otherhand i remembered my high school days and how some of my friends also smoked near the foresty parts of our school.

is this the active thread?

no coffee

no talky

*sssiiiiip~ *


thats the stuff


Morning Coffee™


Morning Coffee™

i think you were better off without

but you didn't have to cut me off

haha don't worry I don't actually drink coffee

nice to see you still here feks how did you spend the night?

i played some osu way above my level and after killing myfingers i watched some youtube videos



and it feels so ruff

And I don't even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough



what...what is this.,,'''w0why do you want me to watch it ?


fine dont watch it




lonely :(

My head feels like it is about to split open and I want to die.


good morning autism chan how are yiou?

Also is it just me or are the flags really broken?

Tired, Bardo. How are you?

i'm tired and sore all over

i bought a bunch of tasty food last night to munch outo nthough so I'm happy :3

Why are you sore?

What did you munch on?

i got the chance to roll with most of my buddies last night :)

I got 1 submission and got tapped out twice and then went two rounds which ended in a Round timeout and my opponent submit voluntarily cause h e was tired out

and I got some tasty fruits like a watamelon and peaches And some Takis and wings :3

I'm not sure what any of that means

What's a taki?

Like this :3

also takis are chile and lemon flavored rolled tortilla chip things that are SUPER spicey


Ew, physical exertion
Do you mean taquitos?

If you think about it, MMA's pretty gay.

I mean.

They're rolling around naked and sweaty with other guys.

Nope !
no meat insidede

these are takis

They don't look very appealing

They don;t look that good..but they taste awesome !!!!

those things hurt my throat when i inhale the dust

s p i c y y

nah its the lime

you ever eat just a straight lime ?

yeah i suck on them all the time when it comes with my pho


what is pho ?

good noodles



hi bard

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :3

i just woke up

me too

what will you do today?

uuu I have to go to work in like 7 hours....what are you gonan do today?

That's not the only things you suck on

what else do i suck on?

loli tits

Mohning hu chans


Afternoon Bard

Comfy way to sit on chair

i wish

thats how L sits of course its comfy
also i just started sitting like that after seeing it and my back doesnt hurt anymore

15% + 15% = 50%

L sits on his heels

Megumin in this pic is holing her heels below the chair which offers almost no support

sit here and browse the internet

its the same idea why are you being so nitpicky no wonder no one likes you jeez

that was mean ;~:

Why wish when you're already doing it?

It really is comfy. What's an L?

The second video that they reference.

if i were already doing it id be illegalled

L is a swell guy

swell guy for u

Do you masturbate to traps?

no coffee no talky

I want to move but no monies and much hassle for just a few months.

what's wrong with where you're living right now?

You couldn't afford that place you wanted?

Absolutely not

But gotta make up your mind

Yo batr link me the good shit

Since you're gay and you don't that means traps aren't gay

who else /feelgood/

Feeling good is for women and fags.

What genre would you like to hear today?



i feel only a little lonely today

Howdo i fap to this

at least you're in "good" company now

Hiromi is the cutest tombboy



At the parents.
Public transport is fucking hell. I tolerated it for 5 years because it was free, but no more free this year.
Can't get drunk throughout the week.

It's not as economical as driving to school erry day and then there's the fact I can only live there for 9 months or so anyway until I'm done with school.

Yeah I did, gonna live home another year and pick up work and then see about moving permanently.

What the heck why isn't it free anymore?

Alo can't you just buy liquor at the liquor store and bring it home?

Still why you say only for a year?

oh I see now

Stick it out ikt nyan for school and then move away

Last school year, but free public transport stopped so I gotta pay basically everything school related out of my pocket + I FUCKING HATE PUBLIC TRANSPORT. It was bearable when it was free but fuck no I'm not gonna pay upwards of $420 a month to sit in the train and bus without even being able to sit down and even be late often because the train is either too damn full or just doesn't go.

I can use the car though so it'll be fine.

At least you only have to stick it out for one more year...

where do you want to go when school gets out?

Yeah well, my boyfriend does, so checkmate!

Sounds like a good idea too, if you don't mind the time spent on transport every day

Wtf right when i finish you go for the kill
Master of timing

I mean a horse is a horse of course but who rides is important

lol, what a timing. Faggot

Somewhere chill.

No fucking transport, it's exactly 1 and a half hours completely fucking wasted because the bus is too cramped to use a laptop, the train ride is too short to do any work and the transfer is in a shithole where the knife-per-person is the highest in the country.

Can use the car tho so that saves 45 minutes.

Are you going to stay in the Netherlands or are you going somewhere else in Europe? For some reason I have you associated with britbong land and Idk why

Netherlands is super comfy.

o-oh, that sucks. Car is definitely the way to go then

my favorite fighter is danish

And You always hear about hteir tasty sweets and pastries

what do you like about it actually living there?

What's your boyfriend like and how did you get it?

He's the best, and just by being myself.
Am just lucky

But like
Didn't you have to do that socializing stuff to find it?

I like our family car despite it being well over 20 years old and French and less than 100bhp and everything's broken.

Here? Bicycling everywhere, people are not as bitchy as French or Belgian people and not as stiff as Germans. Haven't been to Britbongistan so can't say anything about that. Denmark should be similar to here though but the language sucks. Wouldn't want to go to anywhere South East Asia because shithole and commies. Japan would be neat but the living costs are astronomical and there's a shitty work culture.

Not sure about Ameristan as income is higher if you're not a wage slave.

Internet is a magical place

Why does this not surprise me at all?

fuck that sounds amazing

bikes are amazing and it's a real shame that it's not that practical as a prime form of transportation here in america
It would be nice to get on that level

Based Nippon would be awesome but also fuck working 20 hour days

You ever been to Amsterdam? Thats where al my stoner buddies always talk about

It all happened last year though.

Dashboard lights broke. Probably some wires or power issue, because all bulbs were fine. The small warning lights and indicator lights all are fine too.

Engine is okay but there's an oil problem and nobody can figure out where it comes from, but it doesn't run hot or anything so idk. Hopefully it'll just pass inspection or it's a not-so-hard fix.

Right mirror is broken but we taped and ziptied it and it's perfect. Can't adjust (properly) from the inside.

Front light adjustment sometimes spazzes out and moves up and down randomly.

Blinker click sometimes spazzes out and clicks really quickly, but this isn't visible from the outside.

Roof paint has been stripping itself and there's a stripe of matte there.

Aside from these things it's gud.


Yeah, there's cycling infra everywhere. Pretty much all roads where cyclists are allowed have a separate cycling strip on the main road (60kph roads and less) or have their own road (80kph roads), all roundabouts and crossings have dedicated cycling paths. Not really much space for danger, so no helmets needed.

Haven't really gone to Amsterdam, I should probably but eh, nothing much is there aside from tourists and potheads.

Well, only the motor thingy could cause trouble with the inspection, but I think that's because we put in too much oil once.

I dont wanna but it's bedtime

goodnight friends and also feku the bully


I'm gonna go eat.

Maybe, it just doesn't sound too okay.
Am gonna go eat

Apparently they're gonna go eat.
At the same time.

Really makes you think.

how much gp was it tho?

use the money you saved to play more driving simulator games

I'm eating too

hey im eating too!
except i do it in front of a screen


Let's see how far down the rabbit hole YouTube auto play will take me


Nothing, I sold my body

Buy lolis


omega lewd

one day ill live in an apartment closed off to the world in japan and fill it with dakimakuras onaholes wall scrolls and other weeb things

Life goals.

no u

Bebop used to link this.

I'm kind of disappointed now. YouTube settle on autoplaying 5FDP

hbu? live on a mountain top and drift down everyday to pick up your daily tofu with a water cup refreshment

wow says the one who posted

Deadass B


Sup bitches?

Did we get invaded by lolicon scum or was it always like this?
Seems like it was always like this.

always like this

I thought so!
Thank you Ban.

I don't need a thank you.

Push a schoolgirl away from an old tractor and dying because of a heart attack in the process due to NEET lyf

What could you possibly need, I wonder?

dont forget the part where you piss yourself

I don't need anything

you ever get tired of being desperately alone

fix it by sleeping forever

No I have a boyfriend

lol loser

Maybe some discipline but that's not really my place or something I'd want to do.

No I vulture swooped in on someone you really liked like a total creep and have been happy for many years.

are you suggesting i had a crush on your unstable transsexual gf who pulls out her own teeth?

i sure am jealous

Hitler did nothing wrong.

yeah see

No but I am suggesting you were attracted to her enough to lick her boot heels and act like a dog for my amusement.

Das gay


Next you'll say "I was never really that into her and was just doing the submissive thing because I was bored"

Wouldn't you rather date a pretty girl?
Like the 2D kind? Maybe with a penis?

you are trying to make fun of me for cucking you

hahaha the joke's on you loco my gf made you cum

haha ha haha

I was just talking to my friend about what a stale, weak word cuck has become. Like calling someone beta or friendzoned. It's basically their descendant. And much like beta it has little to no relevance since humans don't have beta or alpha males, and what you did could not possibly be described as cucking me except in some sort of hilarious delusion painting a perfect example of the dunning-kruger effect.

Now repeat after me:

"Cybering and sending my nudes to a woman who in turn berates me and treats me like garbage over the internet is not actual sex just because I masturbate to it.

Cuckholds are aware or directly involved in their spouse having sex with other men.

I am a donkey boy, hee haw, hee haw"

I have everything I want.

It's partially self imposed, so I can't complain and be reasonably about it

You have a stand, vampire powers, a dinosaur, AND a nintondo swetch?


you sure told me


mouthy today

I meant my boyfriend is everything I want.


Someone so humorlessly self-deprecating shouldn't try this hard to be snarky and condescending. You just come off entirely the opposite of how you think you do.

That's not an unusual quip for me though. I've compared your avatar to a donkey lots of times.
I'm in a pretty good mood.

Your boyfriend is a stand-user, dinosaur, nintendo switch, and a vampire?

Pretty much

its a rabbit



Wow dude that's pretty impressive, cool beans.

A jack-ass-alope.




Oh no wait I see it nevermind, it's totally a rabbit.
Sorry dude I retract all my donkey statements.
I just had to compare him to some more traditional medium.


Post more awoo