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People do it all the time

I find they're awkward to eat

yiff me daddy

i discovered incels today

new threads are the worst


you just bite and chew and then you swallow

What's an incel?

"involuntarily celibate"

rip in pieces cheap thrills

But spots are lumpy and the meatballs always fall out when I eat them

Incels is a support group for people who lack romantic relationships and sex, but mostly geared towards those lacking a girlfriend or seeking marriage.

Sounds like not a bad idea



Chewing has nothing to do with the remaining meatballs in the sub

Seems like a pity grab term for someone who can't get laid.

Not like I would even use it

*grabs your pity*


You already have my pity.


it does

just chew it~

mmm yes
Yes let me wallow in it~

You would use it.


yeah sadly

its a mindset

I can't
It's in my hands
And there's some in my mouth
They just fall out

If I was going to do something of the sort, I would have by now

You will receive an endless stream of it from me.

When they call it involuntary, it makes it seem like they're saying it's not their fault. Like they have a disease or something.

But what if you just found out about it and its an embarrassing thing to admit?

You're my incel

What do you even do there? Do they set you up with random people or is it more of a confidence building thing?

Things like Tinder and POF have been around a lot longer than just now


take a look

suck my cock whore


Tinder isn't exactly the same as a support group.


No, but it would result in getting laid, removing the need for a support group

But I like to take my time eating


I read that in the obnoxious singular vendor voice from Skyrim where it's just "TAKE A LOOK" in a snarky voice.

Fuck you for getting that stuck in my head.

and what doYOU get out of this?

Try not to drown.


good girl


I have no desire to use a hook up app

A mouth can only fit so much food

This is so very sad and so very pathetic...


girls are gross anyways.



That should be either a tagline or banner for this place.

Feasting cannot defy what is physically possible

Are they? I wouldn't know
Never had a GF

its something



god dammit

take the support group

Feel less bad about myself by looking down on you.

I want to disagree, but I can't.


You could always get Luka. Ignore the beard and he'll be a yuri~ puri~ GF for you.

you and me we're like two peas of a feather


Well I think you are both great!

it's possible

Your lies cannot comfort me.

You will not deceive me


Have I ever lied to either of you?




No thanks

Internet relationships don't work

Matter cannot be contained in a space that is smaller than the total amount of matter
8 does not go into 6


That's what I think every time I see this place.


Likely, truth be told, but the important thing is that I am not lying now.

You can't run from your feelings forever.

Tsuchi beat you to that joke.

How am I supposed to trust you after admitting to being a liar?

Of course not
And when they catch up, I can drink to keep them at bay

Because if I were expecting to pass a lie by you, the first thing I would do wouldn't be to tell you that I have lied to you in the past. That would be a poor tactical choice.

picture of you after severe damage to your brain cells

your teeth are stronger

I'm not joking.

we know....



And then it makes it worse.


Teeth are bound by the laws of physics
Just like the space in my mouth for food

Not at all
Then I wake up feeling miserable and forget about it


Get wrecked, faggot.





hey dallas

Jorge. How are ya?

I specifically said things that way for it to not be lewd
Luka thinking lewd things :c





I'm going to get you neutered




voice chat is dead???

.... RIP

I'm NOT A FURRY!!!!!!!!11

am in skool noaw

You've been online for hours. You could have joined at any time instead of waiting till the second after it died.

I remember hearing something to that effect somewhere along the line, CS or something programming, yeah? I know that's pretty popular these days and still has a lot of momentum. Though all this tells me what you're doing- Not how you're doing.

yeah compooper science

im doing okay

was diagnosed as bipolar


When's Sibbi getting a fursuit?



btw dallas

Pizza Slut

yes? nice claim btw

your clock is off lukie

it's 5 p.m

I mean I was in the call for like 6 hours or something.

And it's 5 here.

what happened to the cowboys? they were so good last season

Master RACE

oh hey bloodchan how did that retarded drama go down anyway

nope ;~;

only 5pm where you and bard live together?!
:thinking baka emote:


be in moar calls! :D

Well the former is good to hear, if not the latter. Getting it pinned down pretty well though, right? I know that's a particular bitch to deal with, especially if you're embarking on something with any ambitions ala higher education.

My secret is finally out

am actually

yeah i also have a woman now.

I'm Ikarous, not Blood-chan.
Sonata didn't even care about the drama and we ended up cybering last night, I'm talking to him on the phone now

oh my mistake

hey bloodchan tell him i say hi.

If I were to make dumb shit like this a bannable offense how should I phrase the ban reason


But if you're me...


Banned for "Not as cute as Emma"



yea vaginas amirite?


He said hi back, he'll probably drop by tonight, but he's always busy with work.

Please excuse my split personality, I know we're the same person but it doesn't feel that way to me. How are you?



im so excited

Hi Christopher-kun ^w^

lul xd so psycho

Literally a hatchet wound, my dude. If you're into hatchet wounds that's what you dig but damn man.

I didn't know you were pretending to have a split personality.


You doing alright today?

Test, can I be banned for not being as cute as Emma?

well she has a cute butthole too so...

Fake engine!!!

Why? Do you want some tea?

Don't call me that.
How are you, Alchemist?

I'm the nice one

yeah im parched

I'm too impartial for this, I'll just have to get rid of all of you.

I can't complain too much, things seem to be getting better.

How about yourself?

Like seriously though, an actual woman, yeah? Not like a "has a cock n balls but it's a feminine penis" type woman?

its an itty bitty clitty


Well I mean girl butthole is passable I suppose- Just a shame what it's attached to.

That is shocking. I am shocked. I would never have expected that. Never. Not ever.

I don't know much about tea but the stuff he bought for me was pretty good

The objectively best course of action.

If everyone is banned then no one can complain that you're picking favourites.

Just ban all trannies.

shes my little princess~!

I don't know whether you're nice or not. I will take your word for it I suppose.


it look like an engine!
but it's all just electricity!!!

Better in that the situation's resolving itself or that you're coping well enough?

I'm the same as ever. Got a couple days off for fall break since midterms are over, so that's nice I suppose.

No one could complain about anything.

It would be so nice.


And another mystery gets solved, damn I'm good at this whole "basic pattern recognition" thing. How the fuck did this happen, anyway?

Dallas you fucker.

And all it takes is a bit of admin abuse.

Judging by this line of conversation I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that they're a voyeur too. Either that or you're having too much fun with the novelty of this whole shebang.

That it's resolving itself I suppose. Nothing is certain yet but it seems like there's a good outcome and I have #FaithAge

Oh? How do you think you did on them? Obvi rocked them, right?


It's a photoshop.

but for real its a meme. she has a pussy

we were talking a lot and one thing led to another and now i own her

little of both

I like to think I'm the nicest person I know

Dallas Cowboys


Do you know any nice people?

are you in texas?
is your name the meme of your city?

I swear to heck if I'm not banned I'm going to disappointed in our poor, partial, abusive admin.

So is this like an inside out wiener pussy or...? Cuz see, I remember the last "totally a grill guys" in the threads and I've been doubly skeptical since.

But hey, I ain't the type to judge you see, least you've found a way to amuse yourself.


Where I live? There's not many. You seem nice though...

Good luck

Yeah A's it felt like. But I guess I can't be sure yet.

I'm gonna go pick up dinner. Later.

Yes, I am in Texas. No, the meme is that I have a brother named Austin.

could be a really good snip job

what've you been up to

no wait

I'm not gonna cry.

you live in dallas
he lives in austin

your parents named you after citys


what, it's a nice pussy is all im saying




Thanks, I appreciate it :3

Oh wow, you're so smart~


I'm not particularly nice.



And a fine hello to you, madam.

Ah fuck, undigging a nice big fuckoff hole there for a little while- Once I got that under control I have fastidiously returned to my studies and in doing so generally become a giant boring fuck. Hell I hardly do anything these days because I don't have shut-in fucking NERD hobbies and anything else costs money money and the college whore inhaled all the spare scratch I had. So I mostly piss people off for giggles.

Dallas is a given name before it was a toponym.
The city is named after a person named Dallas.

We live in San Antonio.

im happy for you dude

Sorry. Have to keep small replies. In a LoL game.


When does Sibbi get pregnant?

maybe if you met a person named san antonio
you all could get a little get together called "little texas"

Dicks turned inside out can't get pregnant.

Who are you? Where is he? What did you do with the body?

we're aborting it dont worry


i mean: "haha fag"

It's your fault for turning it inside out.


San Antonio would be a stupid name, but we do have a cousin named Houston. We would have to be called The Three Amigos, though. (beaners)

I'm not a tranny!! this seems insulting!

Don't mind Tsuchi.

Will you tell me when the wedding is at least?

why not?


December 2nd at 3:20

You're weird!

you're all mexicans?!

woahh..... O_O

Ah good, thank God, there for a while I thought a friendship of mine might get into actual friendliness for a second, can't rightly be having that.


is this toxic masculinity

Grandpa James was first in the family over the border.

Chromosomes don't lie.

How are you not?

Can we be friends :3c

How the fuck should I know? I study thermodynamics, not bullshit.

did you win?

are you a real texan now?

texas toast
texan nachos

thermodynamics wont solve inequality


I 'unno, maybe. Why?

For real?


That one british guy, what was his name?

Blueberry Pumpkinpatch?


Thermo actual solves many inequalities!

fuck this dude. POOR ROBIN


Cause I think you're cool and want to be friends!

I dunno, I didn't feel guilty when I visited the Alamo, does that qualify me?

Congrats - why am I only finding out about this now?

We decided this yesterday

not the most important ones

like the wage gap

hangin with robin

I mean, alright I suppose.

you son of a binch.

yay! How are you doin?

Oh. Fair enough.

Too dishonest.

what do you do in texas?

Yee uwu

I dunno man, the law of conservation of energy is a pretty important inequality... Can the wage gap say it describes a fundamental function of the universe?

i would say so

women are queens after all

I have nicotine in my system so I'm doing pretty good right now.

Take the jobs of honest, hard working Americans.

Dad called me a degenerate last night.


does that mean ur rich?
all your money bought you happyness?

If they're queens, who are the kangz?

Nice! What's your poison? My fam does Virginia Slims, tho idk what that means in the smonk world.

Hows your day been?

Well you are?

gaze upon the face of of god


of of.


I deny all accusations.

shut up cunt

:^) You can't deny truths


I think my brother eats that shit by the stick, tho he doesn't pay for 'em and I don't smoke myself so I barely notice.

No. Also no, but it has bought me cars and cars make me happy, so in a roundabout way I suppose money has bought me happiness.

I only ever see Virginia Slims being smoked by like 75 year old ladies in a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis outside of casinos, so take that for whatever it means. I smoke Marlboro reds. My day was fine.

Tell that to Game publishers.

yeah that's pretty much what my fam is.
Have any plans for tomorrow?


im happy for you.
what brings you here? george? squash? furrys? anime?

I rarely smoke but that's the American Spirits' black or reds are the only cigarettes I'll smoke, barring just non-nigger cigarillos (the ones that are the same wrapper and filling as normal cigars and made by the same companies).

Would a degenerate really be so, in your words, cute, though?

Yea, praise be to the big head scientist Yakub.

Side note on this; trafficking in the automotive world then coming back the assholes places of the internet is always interesting- Since I'll see someone throw out the acronym BBC and think "why are they talking about a big block chevy in regard to their cock lust?" Then I'll remember where I am.

which is the better BBC

Squash usually, though I've been poking my head in now and again that I caught George skulking around lately.

Of course! uwu and degen aren't mutually exclusive.

what makes them special?


I have class tomorrow, so that will eat up most of my time. I don't usually plan things, every time I do they seem to get fucked up.

try to be more honest with people okay? people like honestly and snugs
bye now~

Hi, i'm Luka. I've been posting here for over 7 years.

Don't go being a smartass you little faggot.

Holla Forums hasn't existed for 7 years nor even as far back as /aneki/. You from the 4chan Alice threads?


The cigarillos or American Spirits?
The former are just conveniently sized cigars so that you don't have to spend two hours smoking it.
The latter is "organic" tobacco that means fuck all other than there's generally less additives to it barring ammonia added to increase nicotine absorption to far worse than regular cigarettes. And tobacco is somewhat of a natural pesticide so it's all sales speech and it's still awful for you. They just don't taste like you inhaled carburetor cleaner when you smoke.


Yup. those were all my existance
i've been there since the beginning.

now im here

she looks cute

sauce plz

Christ, you're depressing.



I'm not gonna lie: I expected you to say Working!!! just to tell him to get a job.

That's really not a fact to be proud of, trust me.



8ch really knows their demographic


How is farting even sexual?

and art?? you mean we can turn an art trade into a fart trade

Christ no.

Them's the breaks, hoss.

what but i thought you liked dicks

Lmao that was a good one


How is Soto on this day?

I do, I was reacting to you. Generally my first instinct upon seeing you- That or throwing up in my mouth a little.

I fucking hate hackers man

aweh its great to see you up and active too, id call you old but it would be a little misleading. hey its a good thing you got here when you did, usually Holla Forums doesn't even stay up long enough to post or we'd be on like post 2.5 million by now.



this is a good boy

i like this boy

Some faggot in CS:GO with a small dick decided to wall

Nice place you cats got here.

doesn't matter what online game it is these days feels like there is always some hackers to give you some fun


yea no i thought it was a great idea too, but then 4chan started making posting captchas like solving ancient egyptian hieroglyphics and its like pick your poison buddo

Dallas. If I started streaming retro games would you care to watch?

hell id watch

My bagging on here should not be considered condoning 4chan.

What retro game?

Pretty good, just relaxing after work and took a dab

I don't enjoy CS:GO to begin with, playing with hackers makes it even worse

Anything really.

not leaving us with a lot of options that you would condone really, what start an actual form and talk there?

i don't understand

so let me get this straight, you're playing a game you don't enjoy with conditions that make it even worse

smart dude

Skyrim mods.

Watching a livestream of a couple giving each other polygraph tests, now.


Duke of Autism

Pbhsbhfbshfbhbhfbhsfbh... I'm weird about watching games, I usually don't watch streams either. Throw a link somewhere if you're gonna do it, but don't predicate this on me.

yea you can predicate it on other people that might also click the link so he can feel okay about it when he egts bored and ditches to go browse /o/

In the words of an exasperated parent, "Get off the fucking computer!"

Means "like it or not, that's the truth."

I only do that with you.

hey i went to work today :(

go yell at luka some more


If you're playing prime mm just report and move on

Are you sure you just didn't get bested though

Splindid. I mostly do pre 2000 games.

I was asked to play

how often are you asked to play games you don't enjoy?

i don't wanna!

All the time

glad i play less videogames these days to avoid that

ID: edfffffphhhhhhbbbb

That's fine, a lot of people choose that option- Usually doesn't help things, though.

I prefer to play my own games
Then this problem doesn't arise

yea i mean that too, but maintaining friends is sometimes doing things you don't want to do, i understand this includes games in the modern age as well as it did when someone asked "hey who wants to play chess" and someone who reeeeally didn't want to play said yes because they were bored

this is deja-vu from when someone else was telling luka to get a job

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So many cute girls. Keep it coming guys.