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Fite me on my containment board

what the fuck.........

You just ruined Porgs for me......................

Why did one person make the thread and not link it and then luka did what


You get no say in this, sorry.

this is a month old

I hide from no man

He made 4 threads because it was one of those "did the post go through or not" situations, so they sent it again, and again.

Wait holy shit it is what

Wait has the osiris been added yet?

First grape kun dies

Then squid ruins Porgs for me

Today is just terribble


because people tend to double post on accident sometimes

I didn't ruin it
they were inherently ruined

what is this and why does it noot like shit

unbelievable who would DO that I would never be seen dead doing such a horrible thing

I double post on purpose.

I double post on purpose..



You fucked it

should have just posted the porg and AAAAAAA again

not look like*


play mwo on max

I think I do?
It's not the settings that make it look not like shit though

make it look more HD

But the problem is I want colours
and green grass

turn up the saturation and enable DSR 4k mode in your gpu

but there's like no maps that even have green grass

Alternatively, just use government money to buy you League skins, Subway, and computer parts.

-falls over clumsily-

I wish people realized that the financial assistance that governments provide is not supposed to be long term, is just 'assistance', not a hand-out for you to live on for your entire life.

real sonata?

Certain subsidies, like ones for childcare and disabilities, are meant to be long term but unemployment benefits like he's on have the stipulation that you are at least actively looking for work. I have no idea how he's gaming the system.

of course it's not. it's bloodchan like it has been the last fifty times "sonata" has shown up.

Not into Statism?

-is just a me and wheels out the tea cart for you. Can always be found on discord as Sonata_Blue #3600-

-is not bloodchan- ;_;

whatever you say bloodchan.

oh of course, I wasn't referring to things like Medicare or disability benefits

tbh people that abuse the system would be in a lot of trouble if someone reported them and the government found out

if someone I knew IRL was doing it I'd report them, friends or family or whatever.
it's morally corrupt.

can I have some raspberry tea?

-squeaks and hides in the broom closet. Is only a me-

\^_^/ -juices ripened raspberries and uses a seive so the seeds don't get in the tea.-

definitely in a closet.

Canada probably has a hotline or email address for reporting abuse.

-hears you mention his closet and closes the door quickly, afraid you want to steal his lemon pledge-

Sonata, you can come out of the closet.

We know you're not really an autistic guy pretending to be a tea obsessed mouse.

we don't know that for sure.

What if he's just Jack Spicer's alter-ego?

yeah brb lemme just report anonymous person I know nothing about to their local authorities, whom I don't know

that makes no sense, jack is a completely different kind of autistic

holy shit you just made my day

-squeaks warily as he cracks the door to take a cautious peek outside.-

I would venture a guess that is the real Sonata due to the fact that we're talking on 4chan right now

yeah blood chan can't possibly pretend to be someone in two places.

thanks c:

Enough information has been posted publicly about him for authorities to realistically act upon.

I'd view it the same as calling the cops on a junkie you see shooting up under a bridge somewhere: you're ultimately helping them since they refuse to help themselves.

Jack seems like he probably just does BC-tier autistic "roleplaying" in private, like he's trying to jerk off to Alice again.


It's okay, man.
You can just be you.
We won't judge.

although does it really matter? an autistic rose by any other name smells just as much like basement and tendies.

no way man, that shit is gay and jack is totally straight and not gay at all you can tell because he hates gays and talks about how much he hates them a lot.


;_; -holds up a freshly baked cinnamon roll to you-


-is 99% sure Jack never role plays. Recently had a run in with an utterly humorless chatroom he spends time in. -

Now it just sounds like you and brown people...

We know you're Jack, Sonata.
Give up the ghost.

I love brown people. you racist.

Just a guess, no need to jump down my throat

oh right I forgot that a sarcastic quip is jumping down your throat when you're a sensitive puss

v.v -is just a me-

-sits on top of your head and stares down at you curiously-

that is enough

if you think there is enough information to do something about it, why haven't you done it yourself then?

what would he complain about if he ever did anything about any of the things he complained about?

These are Mechwarrior 5 screen shots. Sorry for late reply, had dinner.

-leans over farther and looks at you with an upside down face.-



so if you're leaning over but looking with an upside down face does that mean your face is right side up from my perspective?

y so mean

-falls off and hits the floor with a thump-

Colbs likes when people enter his throat

didn't get enough hugs from mom growing up.

so like a soft maybe?


-hides behind the chair-


I have no chairs. chairs kill millions of americans a year. I have nothing but exercise balls.

ay gurl how u? ^^

I think I'll probably start being sober again after this batch

Did you watch the new OVA yet?

drunk, so okay. you shouldn't smoke so much. u'll stunt ur growth.

0.o -plays with one of the balls, rolling it along the floor-

I don't think that's going to be a problem at this point

Remember to drink a lot of water ^^

What are you drinking?

alcohol dummy, I just told you.

so you like to play with balls. alright. good to know.

-rolls it over to you-

I obviously mean what drink :3 Whiskey, vodka, rum...?

All that semen you snort must be giving you brain damage

I knew that I was MAKING A JOKE

vodka. it's my usual drink.





You're not always mean, that can't be it

yeah. my brain is shorted out from all the semen.

no im trying to run modpacks on my laptop again

I might not always be overtly mean but I'm pretty consistently an asshole.

-drinks tea-

I was using it as an opportunity to feed your bullying fetish

I used to not be able to drink that straight vodka without getting a weird gaggy feeling but I somehow gained the ability in Slovakia

I'm baked and just woke up

I heard you're antagonizing the poor waifufriends

neat, maybe?
things I like and dislike but cbf dissecting it now

I am excite either way, even if all the back-drops look fucking cartoony as shit.

rip u nerd

I can drink it straight but I mix it because that tastes a lot better and allows me to get drunk slower, steadier, and stay that way for longer without drinking too much and feeling sick later on.

excuses excuuuuses.

-does not understand what you mean. Also is very tired and wanders back to the broom closet to curl up with his blanket on the cot-

How was your day gurl? ^^

Yeah, it's pretty good with sweet stuff ^^ I've heard orange juice actually makes it hit you fast though; not sure if that's true

I'm kidding; sleep well :3



it absolutely does, which is why I usually don't use orange juice. screwdrivers are one of the best drinks in the world but with so much sugar it really gets into you fast and hard.

I typically use cranberry juice, it's nice and tart and mixes well and makes it easy to drink slow and steady.

you said you'd do that thing yesterday?

I can abide by assholes

Flagrant meanitude will not be tolerated

Pretty boring overall actually, still trying to learn all of the new procedures at my job. Getting paid tomorrow so woo!

then don't tolerate me lol

-gang signs-

Never tried that ^^

But I guess another benefit of it would be that it helps get weed out of your system in case of an impending drug test

You can abuse alcohol while working on making it look like you never abused weed at the same time

Refresh my memory as to what thing I said I'd do?

I wasn't aware that alcohol flushes weed out of your system. are you sure that's a real thing, or are you just really high and saying stupid things like a high person?

Yeah, that's good ^^

I looked at the day of the week when before I made that post and for second I thought today was Friday and I got mad that TP's not here

(It says that now because midnight though)

Cranberry juice does


oh. that makes more sense, but still not a lot of sense. like how much juice would you need to flush your system? because I've literally never heard of this before.

I am going to tolerate you until it hurts.

I'm trying to see if people want to go hang out this weekend so I don't just sit at home and drink alone but the prospects are not looking good

Good morning; slept well? :3

I don't know, and I think it helps get it out faster but it's not foolproof

Better to just buy fake pee I guess


Just masturbate for 48 hours instead

mhmm, woke up 10min. prior to my alarm.
Been having a good day?

Poor dude

it will continue to hurt you until you learn.

mmm fake pee

that's pretty sound logic tbh
makes sense

nah just actually green and not all muh browns

who blows an arm off a fucking raven

ripm me

everything I say is flawless.

nothing.... ;~;

but i wouldn't mind the cards telling me which direction i should go tonight...

You want browns?
Have browns.

I eat Raven arms.

idk if I have that kind of stamina

I am extremely averse to learning

I have noticed.

It's endearing, no?

one of those words is correct.


so close.

That's good; it's much better to wake up naturally

And yeah, haven't been awake for long, but it's good so far ^^

Looks like my sleep habits match your time zone, actually :3

Give me a little bit; haven't quite finished my morning coffee. I'll probably do better with less sleepiness in my brain ^^ Looks like we have a bit to talk about, anyway

Do you want to make your question any more specific than that? By "tonight," do you mean there's a decision you have to make literally tonight?

It's definitely great to make it last a long time; you can always go for your high score if you have nothing else to do

Why do you drink instead of smoking weed, by the way? The latter is healthier ^^

So close that it's right!

I don't know anyone to buy weed off of, also can't smoke in my house

Oh and I dislike smoking in general

Edibles I enjoy quite a lot

just think of it as me asking card for guidance

I'm wondering how similar it is now

I guess they pretty much have to make it with exactly the same things

It does, lol.
Did you sleep well then? Enjoying the coffee?

You forgot to capitalize the 'e'.

Just go downtown and talk to a black guy like I did

And you could blow it out the window :3

I never tried them much

Yeah, I slept for like 14 hours. Kind of needed to catch up on sleep because I wasn't getting much because of my cold. I still have the cold, but I guess it let me sleep this time. And yeah ^^

What do you have today?

Aww, hope it passes soon.

Uni in little over an hour, then have to visit parents this weekend

It's tempting to correct Nezi's post

nope, I didn't. I chose not to do it because I'm better than that.

yeah I don't think fake pee is a thing. I'm sure you meant to say "clean pee" as in, getting some from someone else. fake pee would be way too much effort. and would still come back wrong in any drug test because it would immediately identify that it wasn't real pee.

So, you don't want to be any more specific? Because it sounds like you have something specific in mind

We could do this in private, if you want. Or I'll just do that general "guidance" reading if that's what you want ^^

I've been in a good mood despite it

Looking forward to seeing them or no? :3

Google "synthetic urine"

Maybe it doesn't work, but I'm not sure why the market exists if it doesn't

That's good~

Nah, not really

You'll probably get home-cooked food at least, right? ^^

Food is often a redeeming quality of bad situations

I'm not gonna google that you PERVERT

Eeeehhhh... just not my thing I'm afraid

cosmic forces guide me on the right path
guide me towards.... uhhh i dunno something?
cards tell me what to do!!!!
my existence is vague!!
cards bring me clarity.
clear the fog that surrounds me
be a beacon

or... cards just tell me if i should make rice or hashbrowns for dinner
cards tell me if i should put my laundry in later or sooner
cards tell me if i should uh.... do the thing tommorow morning or not.

:embarressed face emoji:

Do it, though.

It would be funny if they sold it on j-list as anime girl pee

Yeah, can at least hope it's warm and not cold. Who serves cold meat anyway?

Unless the food is bad too~


that would actually be fucking hilarious, then it would be really sad when you learn how well it's selling...

Prepare to be destroyed.

why does that catapult look so flat ew

Because you touch yourself.

Alcohol feels like I'm being meaner to my body is all

Okay, general reading, got it, I'll start working on that after this post

Don't you know if you like your parents' cooking by now? I guess this means you don't? ^^

Teach them how to cook properly

They have a lot of cool wacky stuff but somehow I still haven't ended up actually buying any of it

I'll serve you warm meat any day~

yeah the last one you gave me was a general life synopsis past future present spread

this one should give me more recent insight into direction of my emotions and feels
since it's a more focused reading into the now!

Do you actually think tarot cards work?

You are and yeah weed would definitely agree with my body more in the long run. Just don't really have anywhere to get it and don't care that much to go out and find someone, blak ppl r scary


Some refuse to learn. If anything, I think it's laziness


Have you even watched yu gi oh...

been ready for ages bby

it's all for nerds and weebs.

I'd say this wasn't funny but at least you came up with it before Goggles did.


Wow, mean. I couldn't resist making the joke.

if it's fun, it's fun.
i enjoy what it is.
hey it's better than having no fun at all party pooper, imagine... being that unfun that you have to call out all things in life. jus sayin' not pointing fingers! :3

I'm obviously keeping my best cards close until I need them.

is alright~

You didn't answer the question.


Oh, I guess I'll do a background/problem/solution spread, then. That's the only other one I know right now x3

You don't have to believe they're mystical for them to be helpful, Test-sama. They're good for getting another perspective on things and getting someone thinking about something ^^

A couple of people have already told me my readings have helped them

So? ^^

How could you speak to your otouto like that?

That image is adorable.

I'm going to afk for awhile, have a lovely day at Uni.

interpretive art.

Yeah! that sounds powerful! ^_^

Enjoy yourself as well

And my version was much more clever

Does the period go within the quotes? I can never remember that one as it doesn't seem logical.


The "much more" part is definitely debatable.

Seems there would be better ways to get perspectives than leaving it to a deck of cards.

I'm not sure I ever told you that I made that "partaking in worthless garbage" banner you made one of the board banners.

I'm going to murder you.

Erio do the same thing you're doing for Luka for me, I need some heart in my cards tonight


so ur a weebnerd

Thank God.

Add me back on battlenet you fucking nerd.

No wait.. I'll make sure you never ever die.

Thank God.

Yay Colby wants the "solution" card spread Erio!

Fucking don't!!fsdf

for what purpose?


So I can make fun of you when you fall back to gold in OW, of course.


And to play a video game with you every once in a while, dammit.

Cupcake my internet is good enough to play OW with you and Test

I-if you want >///

you're waifu an shit.


cup colby test all on Overwatch!

Don't talk about Kaiki like that.



That guy was kinda cool but not my type.

Background - Knight of Cups: Romantic/overemotional, imaginative/fanciful, sensitive/termperamental, refined/over-refined, introspective/introverted
Well, this card actually kind of screams "you" almost to the extent that the Knight of Swords screams "Tsuchi." You're a person who's focused on lovely romantic things, you have a strong imagination, you're sensitive, you appreciate beauty, and maybe you're not exactly introspective, but you probably have a more rich "inner life" than most people do. All of these things have their negative aspects. You're often overemotional, and overly fanciful and wrapped up in day dreams. You're temperamental and easily offended; you get melancholy and depressed a lot. You don't want to deal with the unpleasant things in life, such as having a job. And you're heavily introverted and perhaps wrapped up in yourself to an unhealthy degree

Problem - Three of Swords: Heartbreak, loneliness, betrayal
This card has three swords stabbing a heart. You're a lonely person, and probably hurting inside in general. Maybe you've even been badly betrayed in the past and you still very much carry the damage from that. The negative aspects of the previous card are something that keeps you in this place

Solution - Seven of Wands: Aggression, defiance, conviction
This card says you need to be more active and go after what you want. You can't just sit around waiting for it. You need to assert yourself in the world, and do so consistently. It could also mean that you have some aggressive feelings you're not acknowledging. Those feelings, if acknowledged, could be transformed into the energy you need to carve your way in the world, become a stronger person, and overcome the Three of Swords

What do you think? ^^

Yes, and also the quotation should be "these" kind of quotation marks. But actually, apparently both of those rules only apply in American English. So you're not wrong on an international level :3

Grammar is just a big meme anyway

They have a lot of symbolism in them and it all seems to work out into some pretty solid advice. I'm not going to pretend my view on the cards is entirely materialist, but I don't really want to expound on Hermetic principles here, so hopefully we can just agree to disagree on that part at least ^^

And yeah, I noticed :3

Okay, I'll work on that after this post

Y-you too

How have you been, Goggles? :3


new phone who dis?

I laff'd

I quite enjoyed the brief time we spent playing, even if you got a little more mad than was probably reasonable lol

Woo let's trigger Test more

Eh you, fag. Stroheim#11826

We can even just do the PVE and get them lootboxes.

Uh-huh. My turn after Colbs.

Nigga you don't know me.

that doesn't sound like me at all.

I'll p v ur e.

I need that ZEN SKIN.

Yep, those are pretty strong readings alright.
Those are the things i'm struggling with.

You're reading is acute as usual.

Good Job, Thanks Erio.

Something for me to meditate on.

ikr. it's pretty dope.

i did pve last night
it seems doable
but reaper really really hurts
and hog sure takes a lot to take down
maybe one day i'll get a queue with good teammates, just so i can get that sweet expert +6 endless wave.

Best skin ever imho

You know most of what I say is jest

Lol well my memory is shit but I still remember it being enjoyable

it actually might be.

no fun allowed. ur off the squad.



shut it




I know.

-huggu- ♥


Background - The Hierophant: Education, belief systems, conformity, group identification
In context with the following two cards, this probably represents thought patterns and ways of looking at things. In particular, they may have been imbued in you from the education system, or maybe they're the residue of a childhood religion you aren't a part of anymore. But I suppose they could be from anything; maybe even conclusions you made independently, but this card seems to heavily suggest that they come from some kind of social thing.

Problem - Two of Swords: Blocked emotions, avoidance, stalemate
This card has a woman with a blindfold and two swords that she seems to be using to protect herself. It suggests that there's something you're avoiding; some part of your existing beliefs about the world that you at least subconsciously know you need to re-evaluate, but you're pushing the issue away and trying to avoid it.

Solution - Ace of Swords: Mental Force, truth, justice, fortitude
This card goes very well here and I think the meaning is clear. You need to have the mental force and fortitude to face whatever doubt it is you're avoiding and decide if that doubt has merit, adjusting your views accordingly.

What do you think? ^^

All the cards definitely seemed to tie together pretty well; I guess I'm getting better at that

Sure! Do you have a specific question or general topic (such as romance, finance, work, etc.)?

Thanks gurl; glad it helped

Why must you vex me so

It would make sense if I had any clue what it is I'm supposed to be avoiding

The heart of the cards might be wrong on this one

i am the 3 of swords, i am libra.
i am the problem, but my solution is a pretty and courageous seven of wands lady that will use her fire element to ignite my passion, since my element is only air ;~;

That's why I prefer not to do general readings, lol. But it's a question you can reflect on yourself. I think there needs to be a bit of reflection on your end, especially since that's what the reading is saying :3


lol jk

Then why not narrow it down with another one and ask what the issue is I'm avoiding?

The Knight of Cups really seemed like you, to me. I wonder if it's normal for the Knight of Swords to bulli the Knight of Cups

Sure, I guess I'll do that after Test's

I have nothing I really want to ask. Give me the most general reading, either one of these "problem/solution" ones or a past present future one. Whichever you feel like doing.




the seven of wands, the solution i need, a special lady, luck number seven according to the card itself!
i need lady luck on my side!

and yea
the sword knight wanna go fast,
but the cup knight takes time for the people, instead of rushing around like the sword guy do

Sword knight is Sonic

lol yeah

kinda shows me why sword knight hate cup knight

But where does Shovel Knight fit into all of this?

your ace of swords is your solution!

It'd be cooler if I had like an Ace of Machine Guns

whats that?

Like the ace of swords but cooler because he has machine guns

sounds like a very rash destructive fast paced reckless

No one ever looked super cool while being slow and constructive, Luka

slow and steady turtle beat the adhd distracted rabbit.
slow and constructive pyramid stood test of time, stability.

Yeah, but they didn't look BADASS

oh well.

i dont know what else i could say.

At least I'm getting practice with general readings even though I don't like them

This is an interesting story. I see a group working together as a team, but then one of them is out in the cold on his own (well, maybe not entirely alone). Eventually, that one becomes a Hierophant; a pope-like figure

Past - Three of Pentacles: Teamwork, planning, competence
This suggests you have a past of being part of a "team" with people and coordinating with them in a competent, efficient manner. It's a very grounded and practical team; seems fitting for you. This card can also mean you have a history of being a planning, competent person in general who gets things done well.

Present - Five of Pentacles: Hard times, ill health, rejection
This can signify loneliness, exclusion, insecurity, or just generally that your life isn't going great right now. Perhaps you're no longer a part of the group from the last card, and that's a cause of current bad times. The card can also suggest that you've been neglecting yourself and not taking proper care of yourself. Taking care of yourself is important because it helps you to get into a better state of mind and thus makes you better able to create a good future for yourself, and can give you the efficient qualities of the Three of Pentacles card that you may have lost to an extent.

Future - The Hierophant: Education, belief systems, conformity, group identification
Well, my initial impression was that this card means you're fit for a leadership role and should pursue it somewhere in your life. But, this card can also refer to just being part of a structured group in general. Perhaps it is encouraging you to seek a new team like the one in the Three of Pentacles card, or something better. If my initial impression is accurate, you should take some kind of leadership role in that team. If you're a student, this card could also mean that you should put more focus into your studies.

Thoughts? ^^

You may have noticed that all the parts of this are somewhat structured as intuitive impressions followed by more general explanations of the meanings of the cards; I'm kind of trying to find the right balance

How've you been? :3

You're cute


but i do wonder what cards Erio will pull for Test though!

There is no arguing that the most important thing in life is to look cool as fuck

I'm going to do Colbs' next one because I said I would and then please no more requests for now ^^

you get what im saying though right?

Yeah, I read what he wrote

Wow! Test is gonna be smart in the future!!!

i wonder what it will say about you ^_^

You do a good job of tying the different cards together to produce one cohesive story.

I'm smart now, damn you.

Probably that I have AIDS

"stay in school kids!" "don't do drugs and bad stuff!"
isn't that the saying? lol


I will, unless it's Super AIDS

Completely Random!!!!

it all happened by chance!11!!

the correlation causation didn't mean anything!!!

I did not have sexual relations with that woman



my tummy hurts
im hungry

i overslept


eat yummy foods to wake up ;~;

uh.... umm....
or maybe i should lay down for a little bit.
let future me worry about starving.

What the fuck does this even mean?

*nom* yes

That might work, up to you

He is hallucinating a card yelling "TSUCHI" for some reason

Drugs are bad, kids.
Not even once.


He's high on life

Should be *sleeps* tbh

i'm just gonna take some time to think

Whatcha thinkin' about?

Oh God.
Did you have those "straight edge" faggots at your schools as well?

That wore obnoxious shirts just preaching about how they were above the influence or whatever bullshit and rant about how they're "high on life"?

*rubs head*

I had someone that was straight edge but he wasn't pretentious about it

I only really knew it was a meme thing after seeing it memed on the internet

So, we have a hermit; a person who is isolated and "inside himself." He has three swords stabbing through his heart - the effects of past emotional hurt are holding him back. However, those swords can be removed if the hermit embraces the outgoing energy of the beautiful and flamboyand Page of Swords!

Background - The Hermit: Introspection, searching, guidance, solitude
So, you're someone who's somewhat withdrawn and introverted. You have a lot of alone time, and you're probably glad that you do. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with the Hermit, but perhaps his existence could be improved.

Problem - Three of Swords: Heartbreak, loneliness, betrayal
Though you like being alone more than the average guy does, you still experience a lot of loneliness that you don't like. Perhaps you should be more extroverted and "come out" to the world more than you do, but past rejection, hurt, etc. makes that hard. Everyone has this problem to an extent - they're afraid to fully be themselves, because the world has occasionally punished them for it in a variety of different ways since early childhood. Maybe the parts of the world that punished you for "being yourself" weren't always exactly WRONG, but perhaps your best response would have been to refine the external manifestation of your natural self into something more palatable, rather than suppressing it completely.

Solution - Page of Swords: Use your mind, be truthful, be just, have fortitude
My initial impression is that the Page of Swords' image is a heavy contrast to that of the Hermit. The Hermit is an old robed man in what seems to be a desolate, lonely landscape, and the Page of Swords is an apparently happy young man with his hair blowing in the wind standing on beautiful, flowing grassy and sandy terrain by the sea. Overall, he seems much more extroverted than the Hermit. You're probably an introvert by nature, of course, and there's nothing wrong with that. But that doesn't mean you have nothing to gain from behaving in an at least somewhat more extroverted manner and showing your personality to the world more. Have fortitude, approach life with an optimistic energy, and be more truthful in how you present yourself to the world.

So, in conclusion, the answer seems to be that you believe you should just continue being as you are now, and that you should re-evaluate that belief.

That was fun; what do you think? ^^

Yeah~ -hugs tightly-

Thanks, yeah, it's becoming more natural

Hey cutie, how're you?

It's not an insult :3

Don't you think it seems like you?

Not looking forward to go to school
Raspberry Pi dead need a new SD card

Pretty good


Maybe you needed the sleep

Good luck today; you'll get through it ♥

Thanks :3

Look at that link about the Knight of Swords and tell me if you think it's Tsuchi

Yeah I think that about sums it up lmao

Oh my my thread is being used.

The only time I had ever faced any real disciniplinary action at school was regarding one of those people. They had a table at the entrance to the cafeteria and when people came in, would have some self-righteous speech about how great they were for being "above the influence".

I didn't really even say much other than a few profanities but was just telling her to go shove it since no one cares.

My mom was the one who went in to talk to the principal and said nothing I did was wrong in her eyes so all I got was a "please don't do that again" from the principal. It was great.

Doesn't sound like me at all. I'm the nicest fucking person here.

Not even sure if I'll go like if I go drive now I'll be an hour late.

Just like YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your mom sounds like a gem

I could murder Jesus and I'm sure my mother would find ways to say it was Jesus' fault at trial.

For what reason?

I like how that site puts most things so politely

That's probably helped me more than I realized, come to think of it

Take it, slut

You're kind of kawaii in a way

Whether it's worth it or not depends on how many more hours of class you have scheduled for today, I guess

Well, it gives the positive and negative, you have to choose which one to place more emphasis on

I'm like the only person in any of my extended family that is both sane and honest so most of my family tends to get weirdly messianic about me since I'm about the only person that will just say outright if I'll do something and why I won't.

I mean it even puts the negative in a pretty polite way

jitzee jamz

this will really impress my girls thanks animus

Crawl back into Kroni's anus.

He is out cold.

Oooohhhh, so she's just crazy. Got it

Well yeah, it's not gonna be like "THIS CARD IS A SHIT CUNT AND IF YOU PICK HIM YOU FUCKING SUCK" lol

It's gotta seem legit

Do it anyways.

It's not just her.
Me being the most likable family member is like the only constant other than everyone else just hating one another.

D'aww, you're the glue holding the dysfunction together

Or maybe the hinge

I'm the Michael Bluth.

I had to Google that




One could say that when it came to TV shows, my development was arrested

Oh and also I was 10 when the show first came on in 2003 so

I am the same age as you.

Yeah, and? I wasn't really interested in Fox sitcoms when I was 10 dude

I didn't watch it when it aired.
No one watched it when it aired which is why it was cancelled despite being the highest rated comedy on television.

idk, just never got into it. No one recommended it to me so

Aaaaaaaaaaand bed

It's a project day

And the time to arrive was 10:00 and it's 9:51 now

And I already messaged them I won't be in time/won't be there in the morning because of being on the toilet

Which isn't even a lie

Wake up with better tastes in TV shows.

ok bye americans

this is the most badass concept I've ever seen for a car

holy fuck

Haha. Not only did I have to wake up at 3 am, but apparently after being told I couldn't go into work for an extra 30 min in the fucking cold ass fog because nobody was there yet, my fucking department didn't have to work today and nobody was able to tell me until I was there already.

Noriyaro is a treasure.

you're a treasure.

to me.




Hi Ikt



Cupcake, make me tendies I'm hungy.

hilariously I actually have chicken nuggets in my freezer right now because I went to costco the other day.



Are you going to make me some, mommy?


only if you don't call me that u weirdo.

alright calm it down you pervball.



ffs woman cease



I meant stop the moonrunes and I'm pretty sure you know that.



The runes just say "Mom" and then "Dad" I figured that one was obvious enough.


it was in the context but since I'm not going to be leaving a tab for google translate open regardless it's better to nip all this nippon in the bud.

those two characters don't even make sense together


Of course you'd be nipping nips in their buds, you perverted lolicon.

One has a red dress, the other red hair. Perfect match right there


anyway, bye bye




Tell me your twitter so I can like your tweets too.

that logic is shaky at best.

byebye hu.

So RGBy!

Their cute, soft, pink buds.

no idea what you could possibly be referring to

Buy me a tokitsukaze cosplay and I'll record myself yelling "しれぇー!” at my crush.

cute. but I have no money.


Wait do you really wanna know

Wow, what good are you then?


I've never been any good, rin.


That's a lie.
You've always been good for laughs.

at, not with

???I said for.

only four laughs?

I'm going to strangle you with Fledgling Japanese buds if you don't stop this.

Tokitsukaze alarm clock


It sucks Tokitsukaze isn't a cute anime boat irl.
Maybe I could be your Tokitsukaze?

Kongou and the Admiral are out.
They'd never have to know.


qt boat

しれぇsounds kind of like死ねぇ


why can't c++ format strings :(


imagine being able to breathe freely

Imagine being able to open your mouth without the screaming coming out