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RIP 8ch


Bandaid tho

hu chan







wtf is this straight stuff?

A good quality felted wool isn't too scratchy.



i'm a dog

So how's Eva? Haven't seen you here the past few days

actually smol and cute

pew pew

Fuck it i'll just study welding and look for work away from this country.

a dog is good too


wow youre a real fag

roughly 4okg

dont you should be at school hu chan...?

unironically, yes

but girls

Am done for today

I am the girl

lasses (lads), is it gay to erp with another lad if one of you rping a lass??

'Tis not of the homosexual deviation of sexual acts if the organ responsible for creating sperm cells do not come into direct contact with each other.

cute but lewd

What's having a life like? I've NEETed on and off for the past 5 years and i keep coming back to it. How do deal with social interaction and responsibilities and stuff? My life has been the same thing everyday for the past year and it's never really fun or hard. It's just boring.

Try it and find out~

You can blame Speccy for that one too

In the first place what do you mean when you say "having a life"?


Been busy but okay enough, how about Hu~?

Ker pow!

Post more that style

you're lucky

I wish I didnt have to work and could sit around at home all the time


okay enough is at least good. Busy with what?
Have been fine, went back to uni last week and have yet to really get busy

The only other pic of that style I've seen, is her lying on her side with exposed butt and nipples. I didn't save it

pewdiepie says he's sorry

ah i see

Variation in day to day life or something that motivates you/you enjoy

You are a devil and also a bad influence.....

why cant you yell nigger are sjws this butthurt?

Little bit of work and the relationship stuff~

That's good to hear!

I hide all my Megumin lewds~

But I dindu nuthin!

but he did it anyways.

Get a productive hobby e.g. gym, gardening cycling etc. Act like a normie when you are around normies(daywalker). Once you get a hobby you'll need a job to fuel it.

i have no batteries and i wanna play witcher somebody send me a truckload of AA batteroos

what job is good to collect lolis

I don't know why people care so much about the fact that PewDiePie said nigger?

Like, why let it affect you, it's just a word.

Preschool teacher

seems 'certain' people love drama more than others.
they thirst for controversy.

whatever yyou say

*proceeds to make racist jokes and avoid colored people*

You're on a list

am i on the kiss list? . / / ..

Get a job with the fbi. Collect lolis as "hard evidence". Get HARD.

Sorry for being an unfunny clickbait faggot, that screams like a girl and looks like a rejected trap?



Ok but yeah, I don't think it's about logic, Rick. I-I think the word has just become a symbolic issue for powerful groups that feel like they're doing the right thing.

That alone pretty much covers it.


Im too nervous to even leave my room unless I'm home alone

But what's the meaning of anything


Is that going any better..?

A little bit, yeah~

If you think that just because we have to go to work we know the meaning of everything you are delusional as hell

Literally the only cifference between you and a non neet is that you stay home and dont go to work or school

That's it

If it's so bad then go get a job or go outside
nothing's going to change

It's mainly niggers being offended but they throw that word around themselves. They feel entitled to a slang term and empower it's meaning because of it.

I'm not gonna watch it.

There's your problem. You need to fix yoursocial phobia/hikki ways first.



All of my coloured friends actively encourage me to say nigger.

Probably because I've registered it as a word not worth including in my vernacular, and I get really uncomfortable saying it.

Also, as far as I can ever tell, white people get way more hurt about someone using it than coloured people do.


Im saying that you have motivation to pour effort to do things you love. I'm not trying to undermine it and whine about how everything is only unfair for me. I was just wondering what its like to live like that. I wouldn't consider my situation lucky because im getting nothing out of it. I was just being curious and not trying to talk about me but instead ask you what it's like.


Lol that's because they feel some consideration for the blacks that do get offended by it. It's not all of them just some that are very vocal about it while contradicting themselves by using the word.

The Only difference between me and you is that if I don't pay rent every 2 weeks I get kicked out of my house and then I'll have nowhere to live

I don't like working

I don't like to go outside
I don't like to interact with anyone except the 3 people I call my friends

but If I want to keep myself alive
I need to bring home rent money

Of course its not fun
nobody likes it
But everyone else in this thread does it
because just like me
If they don't
they will be homeless
or hungry

I was just getting salty when you called me lucky because i assumed you thought i was being a stupid brat. Your life seems hard as well but i don't think it hinges like that for everyone.

I think my life is pretty easy actually
Not that hard at all
I'm one of the lucky ones

Just because people get jobs and go outside doesn't mean they get over there existential dread and crises

Everyone's going through this same crazy ride we call life
except most of us have the added stress of work on top of it

I'm lucky enough to have an easy job and an easy life in a small town

Would you say the enjoyment is worth what you put in or do you want to do more?

Every single second of every day I wish that I didn't have to put forth the effort of sustaining my existance

If I could lay in bed every single day for the rest of my life and have food, internet, and shelter provided I would be happy

i suppose the only benefit is the comfort of having my own money

if there's a specific food I want I can buy it

If theres a video game i want I can buy it

If there's a musical instrument I want I can buy it

If there's a drug I want I can buy it

These are the benefits of a job above the basic necessities of life

but for these benefits

I'm not sure if I feel comfortable wasting 5 days of my week

But either way it's a necessity

who is へく


feku seems to be me

black coffee and all


waaaaaah i dotn like workingwaaaah what is the meaning of life

I basically live like that except most of my wants can't be fulfilled. It's not even a financial barrier for me its mainly my anxiety creating an obligation that limits me. I don't want to be a trash human but I can't bring myself to be a good one.

I wish i could just work for the things I want without other humans getting involved.

None of that is what I'm trying to say

wow, Bard bullying, that's a first

I never liked pewdiepie, and I won't support his channel.

It's not really

not sure what feku's situation is

but not all work is equal, and clearly the work available today is different from the work people did decades ago. life has no things you actually have to do. it's hard to say that without sounding like a brat, but it's actually true. and you sorta did a good job explaining how and why you work. that makes sense.

but it's money. if you had money, you'd either not want to work, or work something better.

If you're at the point where your anxiety is so crippling that you can't function outside of your room

You should give strong consideration to both counseling and medication

It's not easy to socialize but like it or not if you want to survive you'll have to do it eventually

or you're going to die

that wasn't directed at you that was directed at kanra

I'm still new

jobs may not be equal

But even the most menial of jobs is superior to the non working man
Who is of no use to anybody but themselves

Watch out or you're next

NOBODY is safe

as someone that has literally been told to get counseling and medication

no. therapists can help, but it still comes down to you to live their advice. and medication raises the floor, but lowers the ceiling. your lows aren't as low, but your highs aren't as high. it's hollow. and scary.

preaching to the fucking choir

and you take your coffee black

how long has feku been around even

oh no!

I haven't tried medication and im a bit skeptical about it but I have faced issues with being open to my counselors.
I feel as if it would be a waste whenever it gets suggested to me.

Also mb i misunderstood it sounded like mocking

He's underage.


You'd like it

Stop trying to tempt him with inaccurate facts im not underage

then why is he drinking coffee...

Wait, what, since when?

I've drank coffee and tea since I was 13 or so.

You can't drink coffee if you're underage?

You actually can live without any human interaction.
Just go look for an uninhabited island and live like this guy.
But you'll still need to move your body for food and shelter

Or you can live like diogenes.

My experience with medicines for depresion and anxietty are overall negative as well and I would reccomend leaving them as a last resort

The point of getting a counseler for therapy is to talk through your issues and if you hide shit it's not going to be overcome

But the fact is that right now
You are enabled
You're allowed to live like you do with the support of somebody

You're not in danger of dying
Your way of life isn't endangered

Take for instance the 5 year old kid who wants chicken nuggest for dinner

His mom made a perfectly good meal of meatloaf and mashed potatoes but the boy wants chicken nuggets

perhaps of he'd already eaten that day, he would throw his plate of meatloaf on the floor

let's say the mom would only keep offering meatloaf for the following days

every day the kid keeps saying he wants chicken nuggests
and every day the parents will offer meatloaf

As the days go by and the kid gets hungrier and hungrier
He's not going to care so much about the nuggets

only that there is food for him to eat

and he will gladly and gratefully take the meatloaf

Until something in your life changes
or YOU take the initiative to change uit

it's all going to be the same shit

and now?

it stresses your body when your body is still growing
same with not working out too much when underage.

but black coffee. I mean, I've always considered my habit part of some disorder I don't really want to get to the bottom of. to know someone also drinks black coffee and sounds like me, is interdast.

Basically welcome to the nhk.



Literally nhk
Every neet should watch this

That sounds like the life.
At what point do the great philosophiser powers kick in?

I'm 25.

I too
have a crippling black coffee addiction

It's not my fault
It's a mental illness

well adjusted people that didn't sleep last night

and Europeans

No liquid beats black coffee, unless you're extremely thirsty, then water it is

wow ur stubborn

the best coffees are iced cappuccinos with french vanilla


and do you drink coffee now?

a lot of old people with record breaking ages drank coffee their whole lives.

well, maybe.

why bother coffeying perfectly good cups of cream?

I was on the verge of being 18 a while ago. I was just being a stupid kid vying for attention when i kept saying i was underage. Pls let me live that down its embarrassing.

Sure i prefer my coffee black, but i dont drink it often anyways. I mainly drink water and canned tea for convenience.

I'll stay away from meds as much as possible. I guess i should set a goal to act on my life. Hopefully i dont have to wait until i get cut off like the dude from NHK. 10/10 anime btw

Lol thanks but id rather strive to live with the benefits of society instead of being an interesting aboriginal living in the wild. Im good now thanks for entertaining me.

good point real coffee is disgusting

all this talk of coffee makes me want to kill myself

Brb making foods

Then it's time for me to stop drinking coffee

The way I worded the statement would seem to suggest that yes???

Oh, well then.

I'm gonna go get a cup of coffee and some bwakafefts.

New counter top is installed, finally almost done with this kitchen renovation

Omg post pics

It's great

I reember when I first watched NHK I watched through most of the way through it with my best friend at the time because we would watch anime and I had heard it was good

Then he stopped hanging out with me and I didn't really see hi much anymore and when he left was right around when the series was ending and the mc got abandoned by his friends and the girl tried to ky herself and it was relatable and akward

You'll need to gain some followers to establish a school of thinking but with todays society you'll either be branded a cult or a celebrity.

good. don't if you can help it.
for some reason it calms me down.
I want to pick your brain.

well, it's not exactly pleasant. but who is drinking coffee for the flavour. might as well have chocolate milk. that's a pleasant drink. coffee is for the caffeine. calming, neurostimulating caffeine...

for today? or forever?

maybe you wisened up, found a steady routine that gave you enough energy each day without having to resort to external stimulants. how often do you imbibe?


Was merely joking, I'll never stop

it's strong. and bitter. it's the necessary evil to getting the stuff into your system. but then there are also 5Hour Energy things.

I read somewhere that just before you die, all the caffeine you ever had triggers a release in your neurons, and you live a second life equivilent to the kg of caffeine you've consumed during your life.

you can not make this shit up

It isn't a lack of energy each day without having to resort to external stimulants so much as it is a ritual formed from a decade of repetition.

Doors for the cabinets are coming (soon hopefully)

Sounds like something you'd read during the first of April


Do you want a shiny new housewife for your shiny new house?

is this a new house?

Got a new stove and oven, or did you reuse those?

It's not my house, and my dad is married. I'll let him know, in case he's looking for a new one

Renovation of an old house

New appliances and custom cabinets


maybe rethink that tradition. you do become desensitized to it. if you quit now, you will feel lethargic for a while. and the more you do it, the more lethargic you'll feel when you do want to quit.

it's an ol' Starbucks tale. a secret whispered in elite barista circles.

how adult.

Actually I was just thinking about it, it's been years since I've watched a pewdiepie video, maybe I'll give it a shot, worst comes of it I have to click dislike.

Why don't I just start a cult and fuck all the attractive members.

It was about time for it to be done. We've had the same kitchen and appliances for the 20 years we've been here
They got a bit of a renovation when we moved in, because it was a disaster, but that was the last time anything went in or out of the kitchen other than food

I'm sure my parents will appreciate that

Am I the only person who never likes, dislikes or subscribes to channels?


I always have the energy, regardless of caffeine consumption.

Probably not, but I have youtube red and I prefer not to support shit like clickbait, and stuff I'm not interested in.

Too late, he's been told. He said sure

I only use it for music

yea seriously. run the experiment of quitting. you only have everything to gain from it.

only like and subscribe when I want the channel to succeed without giving them money.

Then cooking food will not only be easier soon too, but also cheaper~
Something to look forward to


This is not what I signed up for.

Quitting what?

That's not really a thing I would rather do with a channel posting music that they don't own /shrug

I don't know how much cheaper it will be, the fridge worked pretty well

Isn't it?


mistell. and yea. it's important to keep track of your internet footprint.
I actually click likes on different YouTube accounts to get the algorithm right.

wait your friend didnt kill himself right? the way you word it makes me think kinda dark. i liked the scene where the girl was trying to interpret his dreams and he played along with the erotic suggestions.

I kinda live at my own pace so i dont really have a need for coffee and i dont intend to make it a dependency.
why do you want to pick my brain and why do you word it like a creep

How is it not? You offered to wife for the kitchen, no? It isn't my kitchen though, so it kind of is

Mine is pretty squeaky clean
Maybe that's why it recommends things that are unrelated all the time. Oh well

because I didn't care to put in the effort to make it seem less creepy. and maybe it's the exhaustion of staying up all night for no good reason, or the fact you've said several things that I've said to others in the last week, and I wonder what your NEETness could about my own.

the squeakier clean it is, the more suspect it is.
red herrings work better than a lack of data.

Clearly he's just worried about the money's, and why is there no upload date or time on the video?

I use it for all the entertainments.
And the audio quality on YouTube is better than Pandora when I'm driving.


Nah he got a slut gf and stopped hanging out with all of his friends

I think they had a kid and got married
I kinda feel for him cause the kid's probably not his and he's like 20 years old and going to either have to put up with this cheating bitch his whole life or

she's gonna divorce him and take his kid and half of all his shit

Still i guess his life is none of my concern

Can I join this thread??? I don't drink coffee!! I don't know what else is happening.

I see no reason to apologize, the media blew a simple word out of proportion, and all the sensitive pricks went up in arms, the only conceivable reason to apologize is to try to maintain the fan base he has left to continue collecting the money.

This one's for bard, it's like yea olden version of the ones you posted the other day.

he's the better man.
he apologize even if he didn't have to.

I don't think im that interesting of a person. If you are tired you should just rest. What things have I said besides black coffee are similar to you anyways?

wtf hes 20 and married with a kid already? i bet he stopped watching anime too. his life must be pretty dumpster without kawaii 2d girls to carry the weight of it

What the fuck

Idk what this is but it makes me


tfw down to a single display because the bf cant handle playing vidya on a TV with his new rig

he shouldn't use the n word as an insult. he could have picked any word, but he picked the n word, and used a hard 'r'

stuff about wants
stuff about fulfillment
stuff about not having a financial barrier
stuff about mainly your anxiety creating an obligation that limits you



he's not the only of my friends who's married and has a kid

it's his life and not mine to control, so while I respect the choices he made

I'll still critisize them

He isnt ready
he had no job for the longest time and indulged in bad and hard drugs
His wife fucked his best friend and ruined there friend ship then went on to (and is currently) be a general slut who fucks around with multiple people

a bad relationship that they in my opinion have no business bringing a child into

but again Ill say it's his life to live and not mine

stop being niggers

The local news did that same shit to a highschool kid in my area because he called Whitney Houston a nigger on Twitter when she died, I don't know the whole pewdiepie storey, but it sucks to see someone's livelihood ruined by the media, in his case before it even began.

oh well, it's old news now.

his livelihood are his viewers and advertisers

which are mainly kids

it's not like he's going to get fired when he's his own boss

if people stop watching him because he said the n word, those are his fans abandoning him, so go get mad at his fans for being so butthurt over him calling someone a nigger in a video game





oh well i usually dont get this serious and it depends on my mood. the depression is letting up a little so I cant really say any much more on that for now.

shame he made those choices and is blinded from the truth. sucks to lose a friend like that.



it's beatiful

bruh seal.mp4 is my shit

The registration notice suggested a single young male in my age bracket.

he just want to roll around and eat snow

i find it very relatable. also how he's wearing seal skin.

neither can I.
wish someone could.
godspeed with that.


'morning squish

'night all

;~; ow is down for maintenence


Ah. I didn't plan to play today.
Spent all night farming those achievements on LoL. Turns out it's just for a free champ and I don't need that.

Why angry, I figured you'd find it funny, I don't want to take any of your glory

Also is nipple sounding a thing and if so, why not nipple hole stretching? And why not nipple fucking?

But at this point it may as well be a generic term like asshole or bitch, the stigma only sticks because those who want to be offended perpetuate it.


maybe one day it will give skins

I meant to give this to you weeks ago, but I wasn't around here.

Hope you like it.

i'm bored

i guess i'll try subnautica.

Eh. I'll be getting a fuck ton of BE once the new shit comes out.
Might get the URF WW skin, but I don't play new WW.

if u get it, you will have it forever, before they throw it back in some vault for many years.

I'll probably just see what else is for sale.

everything else will be for sale, except skins ;~; (i think...)

Well, I'll have all the champs soon so there isn't really anything for me to buy.
Unless they allow EXP boosts to be purchased so I can grind boxes.

Would be cool if they let you buy champs for friends with BE.

Sabs can I be your housewife?
I promise to do all the chores and always have dinner ready for you.

I can even stream and make a little bit on the side to help offset the rising cost of living, and we can just be that cute happy couple that's always honeymooning.

yes the will do away with ip boosts and only sell exp boosts now, so you can fast grind to 100+
you could also use it to buy all wards, emotes, icons, ect...

How about i end you.

I ain't mad about anything
Google writes his pay checks
And it sucks to see the media try to ruin people when they could be reporting like actual news.
Stop trying to stir a pot that isn't even simmering.

Is that a neptunia game?

That stuff is useless though.
Honestly just let me buy people shit. It's far more convenient.


Why is Ava's Demon such a cool comic :?

Fuck. Apparently my orientation is at 8am tomorrow.
I usually don't wake up until 11.

I enjoy the depression and the bdsm.

same yo


we'll have to see in november.

Holy shit it feels like I just wentt a round with Mike Tyson

Something like that.
Anyway pick a $10 skin you want for your birthday and I'll get it for you next Tuesday.

Better go to bed now so you'll wake up in time.

A water based survive horror?

Oh, swollen sore face, post pics.


I leave for my other job in 2 hours.

nuh uh i doon wanna

Better call in sick.

Got cotton in your cheeks, bet you look like a cute lil chipmunk.

since ahri is $20CAD
SG MF is like $12CAD so like 10USD
i'll look for something below 1100RP which should be below 975 in USD

oh... wait 10$ CAD only gets like 1020RP ;~;

so up to you i guess? 1350 Range or 975 Range?

Honestly i'm waiting to see if they release Championship Ashe in time for my birthday. Actually when next patch drops i think that's what's going to release, either tommorow or next week.
since the two stores price differently despite both being in NA

my tongue feels HUGE
AND i keep almot BITING IT but I CANT FEEL IT

it's kinda not horror
but it's also very atmospheric in the way that your on an ocean planet trying to survive as a regular person
and build up a base in which to live out your days on the planet trying to survive from alien sharks and other mysterys



SG MF is like 15 bucks.

I don't have any idea what the price differences are between countries.

Honeymooning, eh? Lake Como? Maui? St. Lucia?



It isn't even half past noon yet.

the first step is asdmitting I have a problem

Wherever you want. 💙

I think Loco might hate me though.

Have you ever heard of Bhutan? It's a small deeply Buddhist country in the himalayas. 40% of the country is wildlife and forest reserves. What's interesting is that all of the reserves are connected by "biodiversity corridors", which are forested areas that connect each park to the rest in a big web so animals can migrate freely. The conservation efforts are part of the country's emphasis to incite what it calls Gross National Happiness.


this is where you would take me to honeymoon. Forget rin.


stink neeto


oh yeah... your right. 1350 is about 14$

I guess I can do that.

I have never driven an automatic car before how does this work

Just play GT


i'll think it over

I went and got a burger immediately after having all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth pulled.

Oh, not my type of game, sounds like it'd be cool to watch someone play for a bit though.


Up to you.
Pretty sure championship skins run 20 bucks.

Fun website



lol grids your'e fucking crazy

when I got my wisdom teeth pulled it was hell and I went home and to sleep and woke up with bloody holes in my mouth that were hard to eat with

No problem.
I'm a car expert. I can tell you anything about them.

yeah it's a explore and survive type game with a story.

ur a shooter type of guy i guess.... so it might not be your thing.

ashe will be 1350
according the the [email protected] page about the patch dropping today or next week.

How do you pull a sweet dorifuto

Ah. Not bad.

With the car.

apparently to get the ashe special border
i will have to play during the ashe championship event and quests to craft it or the ward and for the Ch.Ashe golden Chroma.

So much crafting.

aslo a new tournement mode


I was driving within 2 hours of having them pulled, I could have driven as soon as I got out of the chair though. I wasn't supposed to drive that day at all.
I did have one swell up with blood and a massive blood clot, I squeezed it out the next day, I also pulled a stitch out of my gums cuz it was pocking my cheek annoyingly.

I like shooters and puzzle types like portal, and talos principle. I do have the original fallout games and wasteland games though, oh and supreme commander, it's like command and conquer.

I guess I'll have to try it out.


subnautica is different.



I figured, that's about as similar as my games get though, I do have terraria, but I only played it for a few minutes.


subnautica 3d enviroment
go in all directions under water

Making great strides to beating my Arachnophobia today.

I managed to get close enough to get one with a vacuum cleaner.

once i put a spider in my mouth. it didn't taste good.

Why's anyone gotta get married? We can just go live in Bhutan among the animals!

Oh, so like ark or dayz with a z axis that is also explorable.

i cant get an erection unless i consume a whole spider.

we actually shouldn't get married if you want to go to bhutan. gays are illegal there.

deep fried spiders

Poor spidies.

I ate a spider once, it tasted meh.

We need an orbital platform that just kills all spiders with fire.

I volunteer to operate the platform.

Spider milk.

but all under water
very deep ocean

we'll pretend to be brothers. very close brothers.

spider boobies?


no that makes the situation worse because boy on boy incest is really hot to me and i wouldn't be able to stop myself from touching your bogoinga in public.

Especially with chaste buddhist monks watching us.

Heard y'all niggas talking about spiders.

Arachnophobia is nice?

No, I'm an arachnophobia as well. The part in the spoiler was nice

oh neat they finally updated this years later...


A 250-metre long fatberg weighing 130 tonnes has been found blocking a sewer in east London.

A section of the mass of congealed fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms was filmed by Thames Water engineers working to unblock the sewer.

The company said it would take three weeks to remove the blockage.

your hooweetzer

No spiders are cool.

Spider milk-shake

Cool, I might check it out.

eat this

*grabs crotch*

My dad's girlfriend was laughing at me because I got it then just dropped the hose and jumped a good 3-5 feet back.

But I got it all the same.


yeah it's well made

Your nine inch penis.


the wiener of my discontent.


your mayonnaise dispenser.


my choker, i mean. my black choker.



the Master Blaster. sir Richard.

Oh wow. I never saw the video for this and didn't realize that was Mark the Bagger at the beginning. Neat.

Keep going, pervert.

I'm talking about your British Broadcasting Company. the seat of my exercise bike. my daily source of protein.

am I getting too gross? really i'm just pushing myself to say the most digusting thing i can. but in actually the hardest thing for me to say would be that I just want to feel intimately and lovingly close to you.

and your cock.

Actually, I'm dying to see how many of these you can come up with.

your manolith. your rooster. your leaning tower of pierceme. your boy butt buster. i'm talking about your prostate pummeler. your ass anihilator. your sphincter stalactite. your johnson jackhammer. your unseemly big squirty cream rig. just fuck me

My big beef bueno. My purple headed yogurt slinger. My pork cannon. My throb kabob.

Loco' s talking bout you erector set, your jimmy John's sub, your five dollar foot long, your pink sink, your red rocket, your prolapse producer, your pocket pool shooter, you fencing sabre.

your slimy sticky yummy dicky.

That's mighty rude of her to do
Good job killing the evil thing though

My throb goblin?

My mighty meatloaf?

no, your cock.

Your caboose crumpler, your darkhole desicrator, your capitol one, your siege tower, your tac driver, your river bank tuber, your castle crasher, your rooty tooty kumquat shooty, your plumbers pipe snake, your bore brush, your chimney sweep.

Is that Spanish for penis?

No, it's Spanish for cock. Your cock.

Your big, sticky, throbbing cock.

Come on then, think of more.

Be honest. Is that a sex thing?

My Starship EnterThighs. My trouser trunk. My womb raider.

Nah. It's like sweet and sour chicken.

womb raider tickled me in my cervix fyi.

My goo kazoo!

Your universal screw driver, you back door bandit.

please stop before i drown in my own wetness.

Anime is real

Anime is as real as my womb.

Butts don't get wet like a vagina.


My Tallahassee tube steak! My clam chowder catapult! My rowdy rap rod!

My ball park plumper?

I'm not sure how real that is

Rin is a tranny. They do not have a womb. It is as fake as their femaleness.

getting real flustered over here

please stop torturing me like this

my ovaries are on fire

Being a girl without the monthly visits from Aunt Flo would be pretty cool.

My buck-and-a-quarter quarter staff? I'm runnin' out of ideas here.

If you were a buck I would be your doe and I would let you fuck me like a dirty hoe.


we can change the subject if you want. I'm not actually being THAT turned on by thinking of your dick.

Don't be fucking disgusting.

Do you guys realize your missing anime posters.

At least that machine gun dude was posting anime.

So much for reverse psychology.

Not sure how many of our posters actually watch anime

Two megumin is just weird, it's like two momiji.

I know the first name, not the second one my man.

Despite the board name, we aren't actually anime related.

We're just autistic.

Awooo girl

But yo, Denmark, wouldn't you know.

As a matter of fact, if you've been reading it like animu but plural you've been reading it wrong.

We just hate eachother and we're pseudo-intellectual armchair psychiatrists.

Post qt pokegirl more, Rrinbae.

Haven't we had a million people posting her tho

No? I don't think Denmark has that many weebs

Shame rin didnt getted drowned in a hurricane.

A fair bunch, honestly who cares how many post someone~

You just need a weeb counter to tell the weebs.

Do you think if TP posted enough he could generate another hurricane.

I was enjoying the opportunity to be creative, but my juices have been thoroughly tapped.

What'd you have for breakfast today? A big bowl of Honey Bunches O' Bitch?

What'd I miss?!

I need to re-do it one of these days.

I don't live anywhere where hurricanes can even be a thing that reasonably exist to happen ???

The folder?

No. I had toast.

yeah i tapped my juices too.


More 18?

You missed some latin americans cooking monkeys and bard doing bard on bardchan with two megumins.

Of course.

18 is adorbs, I wish there was more of her in her new outfit~

iDoobz, what did you have on the toast?

We're juiceless over here!

Is that a thing?!

Why would I just say that!!

I ran out of beer so you're not wrong, really.

Just Jam. Nothing fancy.


My favourite is Pan .

'Cause you needed to wheeze the creative juice?

I put a bottle of tea in the freezer at work. I just took it out and it has JUUUUST the right amount of soft, slushy ice.

Trailers are stupid! I hate movies! Nyah nyah!

Scoot, what kind of jam?

Pan is great, especially with how OP they are basically making her in Super.

Flying around as a baby. lol


tea is for hot. at breakfast.


Strawberry. An upmarket brand. its pretty divine.
and i forgot you cant talk about movies

To be fair, Goten's also a thing that exists.

Goten wasn't flying at her age, from what was known, and especially not like near atmosphere heights.

Pluuuuus Super has been cucking Goten, haaaard~

Nooo! It's so good cold. :D
You're missin' out, mister.

I'm just bein' a brat. Everyone's talking up 'It', so I may try to see it this week.

did you ever watch the Franku video i linked you?

i bet it's better than It.

Is he still the youngest known SSJ?

Yeah. Well. Watch it and see.

I'm too tired. Night.

As in the youngest known age to achieve it, if that wasn't clear enough unspoken.

Eeeh, up for debate. Technically given the gold glow in Videl's belly. Pan might have been forced into Super Saiyan by the SSG ritual while still in the womb.

It's hard to know for sure but the glow was gold soooo?

Huh, well then.

Yeah plus Super Saiyan is a lot easier to reach ever since the initial bargain sale.

A lot of people are whining that thee saiyanss in U6 from thee help of Vegeta through Cabba learned to feel their body into that form. Acting like it devalues the form.

Y'know ignoring that Goten just did it 'cause he could'.

God fuck you keyboard.

You know.
I completely forgot that was the reason Goten got it.

Shall I make the new thread.

I don't remember if they gave a specific one, all I know for sure is he'd train with Chichi then poof he went Super Saiyan. Spooped her.

And there was no like struggle or anything, it wasn't like she could beat Goten even at his base form at that age.


Oh yeah! Remind me to watch that later. I just got caught up in doin's.

Good night, Scoob! ♥




do. it's The Worst Movie Ever Made, I think is the one i linked you. the one with Dade's illness.

i'm going to bed soon so make sure you watch it or i'll make you watch some of his scary videos.

Who is that and why does she look like a jp anime Marie Rose?

The only answer is to let Goten disappear into Chichi levels of background chara. Continue on with the Mai x Trunks ship, build Pan and Bra as better characters.

And say fuck GT. :3

What did she mean by this??

Hilariously, her name is Rose.

From Dragon Crisis.

That's sweet, but what the heck am I gonna do with all these boops? Where do you put sixty boops? I got a armload of boops, here!

They're all scary!

Who is Bra and why is it not a girl named Ties in a lesbian relationship with Pan so people can say they ship PanTies?


We put them all on the tip of your nose. One by one!

Boop the heckles out of you, Sabbers!

you can always give some of the boops to me

Bra is Vegeta's daughter.

Also Rose is a dragun. Cause draguns.

scarier. joji is actually a fucking great imagemaker and i'd love to see him do more horror-oriented stuff.

Why are most of my avatars blonde?

i need to get a good selection of horror to watch with all this other core philosophy jap stuff Fool is having me look up later

Don't ask me, mein negro.

I have like Evangeline, Flandre, Rose, Erica Hartmann, Zelda (Though some of her incarnations are not blonde) and quite a few others. All I used a fair while.

I think blondes just end up the cutest as far as anime esque things.

The new IT. Ffs.

Watch it.

ive read the book and its over 1000 pages long, if i don't like it your tastes are immediately going on my shitlist

I'm gonna re-gift some of these boops. Is that cool? I don't know what the Holla Forums policy on boop re-gifting is, buuut it'll be fine. It'll be fine!

It'll be ok.

We should write a horror film about pen pals trying to solve a supernatural doodad.

I mean, I guess there's Aika.

les yieux sans visage

sounds good but now im going to have to much to catch on with my youtube content and chatting constantly to a certain girl and working, so maybe i can get three of those movies in over the next couple months

cant we do like 28 hour days instead?


if you write a horror screenplay i'll draw it.

also boobs are usually distributed on a need to boop basis and not in mass booponities

I don't think that second word is supposed to have an i.


Watch that mother fuggin movie or I'll put you in heck, boiiiiiii.

Hmm... Depends on if you give me hugs first, then you will be allowed to regift.

Only cause you are cute too~

Quite cute~

It would be nice to have more time to get stuff done, but I think we'd only end up working more hours as well.

Now I gotta put my money where my mouth is, and who even knows where that money's been?

I gotta move these boops!

oh wow

stop talking to me like that it's making me uncomfortable.

another hour on the work clock for three more hours of movies and sleep? worth it, plus more money in your pocket, but the sun you know would be all weird, but swedish people have to deal with that all the time so

also boops can get very stale if you leave them out too long, also over-booping might cause unintentional injury

you write the screenplay. we rewrite together. i draw it. ez.

also did you see about ted cruz? lmao.

No, this entertains me.

And a boner-fide tsundere.

Is the tsundere craze still strong in anime lately?

Woops, *bonafide

Hand slipped.

You got yourself a deal!

What if I donate the boops to a boop kitchen? They move those pretty quick, right?

Yes! First he claimed he was hacked, then he blamed "a staffer". I don't deny some staff was involved, but c'mon. Can you imagine if it had been gay porn? I would have done a backflip!

I think all moe tropes are still generally a craze.

the fact he did it on 9/11

g o l d



if making me uncomfortable entertains you than that's just going to make me complain a bunch and no one here wants that

boop kitchens might get raided by boop smugglers and then those boops could get moved to locations no boop should be

Clearly I do, qt~

sorry im not one of your cuties, i'm one of the fugly super unsociable people here

Liiiiies. Except you clearly aren't sociable~

I don't really watch super much.

Too busy being a nerd to be a weeab.

im not that cute here, many people here have already seen my pictures. now like i'm not down about my looks, i don't feel hideous, but there are clearly much cuter people here/ and i can take whatever meager insults you can throw at me princess of a false throne

All y'all rowdy boys are cute.

Anyway, I gotta go now. Have fun, everyone!

there are some females here too pretty often

cya later dude

Whatcha been nerdo-ing about?

I. Don't. Habeeb. You. Qt.

Same tbh.




I look and feel awful after work

Doesn't everyone?

accidentally made two threads because Holla Forums is shit but it doesnt really matter so