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Traps are gay

atleast before hed post loli rape

Do you know what a thigh is?

Sorry, you said thigh, but I assumed you wanted something of me.

Here you go.


Thanks for making me cum Rin


I mean, I like that too, but there are boards for that.

Yes they are, good thing I'm not.


Sleep well

Thanks for making me cum Sinni

Nice pussy, thanks for making me cum Soto.

I gotchu fam

hot damn
what's going on in this thread



Ass and titties




+1 stalking power

Very cool

Pfft. Why stalk and peep when you can race around and do loops yo?

Thank you, thank you^^

You don't have to USE that stalking power, you just have more of it should you so choose

have you considered building a drone with two cameras

because you're flying that with a vr headset right

you put two cameras on there and you get proper vr.

could you please add me back?
I won't do something like that again.

Yeah, totally true. I just like it cause it's like a real life video game lol. I get to pick the maps to fly in and shit. Like I just built a flying robot lol

I'm pretty sure there's a system for that, but for what I want to do with them, it's not worth the weight :p

worst 9-11 ever

Do not message other people to get to me.


but you can't recieve messages from people you blocked.

That's just a bad tattoo. Like once the initial edgy laugh is out of the way youre just left with something embarrassing.

One would hope that's not an actual tattoo

Something stupid, perhaps. But something embarrassing? It is just a joke in the form of a tattoo. Not like it is a childhood story in the form of a tattoo.

Good morning, how are you all?

the sun is going down

Sure, but the sun is rising somewhere!

Looks like it is.

It would be embarrassing to the person once the jokes wears off.

It's, like, 19:53???

[anger about the current time]

A boy can hope tho

Isn't it 18:53? I don't know lol. I just want you all to have a good day :C



that just means you're going upsidedown

What's wrong with that :?




I think she would be dead before that happens.



Time zones.

Tankies Sibbi.

morning means work

No broblem yo.

And working hard means progress?

no it means a long hard day


I believe you can get through it?


i always do

Courtesy of the wonderfully terrifying posters of Holla Forums

Well then

And with this, the event has bested me
No Akitsushima or Commandant Teste for me

what about testes?





God I wish that were me

What makes an existence meaningful?

Soto. Who the fucks thighs did you just send me?

Doing things that contribute to society as a whole, propagating your genes, living life to the fullest in good company, etc

Existence doesn't matter.
You are an insignificant spec on a ball of dirt flying through an unforgiving universe.

Do whatever makes you happy.
Life isn't made to be justified. It just is.


Someone ordered some bats for nezi.

The other people that think that is so.

His own

What makes these things meaningful?

I swear to fuck Sobo if you gave people that picture I'm never giving you anything again.

Post thighs btw way.

They were nice thighs.
Would lick out of 10.

what's up bitches?

If I tell you will you sit on it?

Those delicious Mexicalfs.


Still. Your legs are my favorite.
So soft to feel.
So hairy. Manly too.


Sorry. I'm gay so I'm going to not let you do that, Star Fox.

Can you not? I just ate dinner.


I think I got sick and every time I sneeze it makes me want to die.

Listen here you shit.
You will accept my questionable advances or so help me god I will take a knee and slap you in your fucking face.
On the lips. Gently. With my lips.


lol I'll still take that as some sort of validation lmao.

How do you get sick if you don't go outside?

My penis is a fickle mistress.

heh that feel tho :/

Heyo, Maddie.

You should ask someone who doesn't go outside that question?

My penis just wants sum fuck.

How's it been biyotch?


I thought you had claimed to do that..not do that? before.

I think I'm sick and it's getting annoying...

I don't keep it a secret that, if nothing else, I am out of the house for at least 5 hours each every saturday and sunday.

Gotta drink some OJ, foo'~

Going outside is a pain, though. Take medicine and go to sleep early.

Where you at?

what's wrong with going outside tho?

North Alabama.

You catch illnesses.

The graphics suck, no quest markers, and the AI is retarded.

omg and I thought my expected "reeee normie" would be bad x_x

Bed does sound nice tho, so I'm gonna go toofbrusha - nana.

W-will you nurse me to health...?

I actually don't have any cold medicine - I haven't had one in, like, 20 years.

Acquire some. Sleep well.

Too far.

I might move back to Michigan down the road.

Nope, sry.


Please don't :^)


Move in with me instead.

It was a good day

You tellin' lies again, boy?


good things happened to me today







why was it so hard for her to eat sushi ?


She'd never had it before.
Or coffee.


goto school;

It doesn't even look gross

label not found

Any of you know of free video editing software?


Goddamn regressions

Kdenlive and Openshot

Never had to convince someone to try sushi?
You know how many times I've had to hear the "why would you eat raw fish?" bs...

But why would you eat raw fish?

kdenlive is like those fancy pro edit software btw they say

What time do you get up?



Gee, thanks lol

ooh, thank you^^ Openshot seems pretty straighforward~ I'm just looking for something basic so I can post stuff to instagram ;3

You didn't say anything about what kinda software you wanted tho

Don't think I know anyone that dumb.

About 6:20. Waking up at least not really out of bed until later.
Except for today. Should get up soon seeing lecture starts in little over an hour

Me neither. Doesn't sound good.

But I think those two are Linux exclusives, so not sure how much help that is

The implication when asking a similar question is for you to just answer programs you know of and you should know better as an adult human by now x)

Oh wtf. Nerd.

I'll try Dardar's suggestion. He's never lead me astray.

Lucky you.

yay same'

I know of lots, but there is a distinct difference between Windows Movie Maker and Camtasia

i used kdenlive on windows tho

openshot too i tihink

If you want to use free stuff, you might as well use a free OS~
Easier to get access to rather good and free software on such a platform.
Guess Ikt is right though
It's available

So it seems :3

Looks like it

But then again I live in cali

so tired
so sleept

Yeah, and that's pretty gross tbh.

Texas was better

Good joke.

better food

better internet

cheaper cost of living


How awesome is this yacht right guys?



my eyes hurt and i'm sore
how are you??


where mah scoot


Quit trying to find enablers for your horrible life choices.

M-maybe you could enable me t-tonight, sempai~ ~

Didn't I basically enable yours?



Yes yes.

cure me

I have a gun and one bullet I can let you borrow.

i got my own guns

You can cure yourself!

I don't think so squash



The obvious thing.






crying baby woke me up
i don't wanna go back o sleep
how are you doin

just woke up not too long ago. looking forward to my free day today

whatcha gonna do?

maybe ill go back to bed. or ill stay up and wait for bae to wake up so i can go hang out with her.

i want to play a videogame but i cant be fucked to pick one

I made Sinni a dress in Animal Crossing, but she's asleep.


Something like that.
Anyhow you want to call or something?
Up to you.

I encouraged you to transition.

im good thank you

Oh. Alright.




Reminder you are all faggots and should KY.

This is your fault?!


*snuggles up and prrs*


I am clearly the only person responsible and it wasn't a decision on your own.


Still obsessed with your drones?


Pretty fly for a white guy.

The Fly was Vincent Price.

Don't know if I've ever seen a film he was in.
The fly was Cronenberg.

The David Cronenberg version was a remake.

I knew that actually, but I've never seen the original.
The fast and the furious was a remake.

The Fast and The Furious is a garbage flick.


The original was pretty awful too, but Paul Walker is a hero.

Paul Walker was a garbage actor who starred in garbage movies.

Hey Lula,.

A hero none the less, he was a car guy and a philanthropist.

He did nothing to better the world.

U know nothing of Paul Walker.
He's on the short list of actors I will always love.

hiya pancake
upgraded that pic for you.

So you adjusted the hue?
How bout this one?

no i just made it bigger.

But it's also darker.

i think this one's better
edited again a little crisper now.

Oh, okay, I'm posting from work on my phone so I see like no difference, they all fill the screen when I click them, thanks though, I'll keep them for when I laptop.

Dem straps.



any other small anime pics you want made bigger?
(non-lewd pls ;~;)


Mah man.

*Huggles back*

Best clothing choice btw. It's part of the reason maid outfits are top tier.

That's fine, doesn't mean he wasn't a garbage monster.

Idk, don't really pay attention to the size of images on my phone, if they aren't microscopic, they look okay to me.
Thanks though love, if I post any you feel like fixing it is appreciated.


All this thinking.

Sometimes I pretend to be a male.

I wasn't thinking. Honest to god I wasn't.

Would smash/10

Ha, dork~

What's wrong, my dear?

eh, i prefer suit types myself ^ ^;


i can't sleep

Suits... Of armor?!


All images 403 forbidden error, I'm about to get van'd, arent I?

I like straps, and bondage, and ribbon, definitely ribbon, and like lace.
Ever heard of corseting?

Yes his acting is sub par, and yes the movies are shit, it's about what he and they inspire.


I know this issue, my sleep last night was troublesome.
Do you have work later?

good mohning...


I think so and no that is a tad weird for me. You do you though.

The bondage stuff though. A+


Is your sleep schedule ruined?

no not today
thankfully, cause i'm exhausted
i hope you don't either

she should wear glasses for 100% more cuteness!

Hi hi kissy it's nice to see you today :3

o haii

yeah I stayed up yesterday for a long time past my bedtime at 10 am I stayed up til 1 p.m then fell asleep until 7 pm then went and saw alot of friends and did stuff and came home to fall asleep at midnight

I have to go to the dentists again at 11 a.m but it's far away ;~:

I'm probably gonna get tired around then or hopefully a little earlier

11 am is far too late for me to fall asleep if I want to make it to work on time at 4 pm and and stilll be functioning well and happy.....

Whats up with you grids? :3

I don't. I work Wednesday, thursday, saturday this week I think.

Likewise. Just wake up?

They inspire idiots to pour a bunch of money into cars and drag race.

Slept well~?

That poor man.

any other clothing pics ^_^

yeah im stuck waiting to see the dentist....

I get to go roll Jiu Jitsu with my circle of buddies later today though so I'm happy :3

yay now you get to spend th whole day with me

Sounds good. What are you going to the dentist for?

This has suddenly become a good day.
A very good day.

Last time I went I got the left side of my mouth worked on so I think all that is left is bottom right side
but I'm afraid I might need a root canal

hopefully it's just a filling ;~;

there was a chip that came off my right back toot h a ways back and it doesnt feel very good i hope he fixes too.....

Do you have nice teeth?

I didnt take the best care of them when I was younger but I've been keeping them okay for the past 4 or 5 years

I'm still sleeeepy

why's that, lovely??

Poor in money but rich in spirit. Also rich in money.

Corseting is hot, it's like bondage with piercings and ribbon.

Oh, I'm tired too, I function on just 5 hours of sleep a night, but I still haven't recovered from just 3 hours Saturday night.

Is that a problem?

Because I get to spend time with you. Our schedules so rarely allow much time.
My car is in the shop so I have nowhere I can go anyway.

I'm lazy with it, but I do have nice teeth. Gums are in rough shape though I need to like do all the things they keep telling me to do.
I love getting fillings, the having to hold still and endure the pain, not knowing fully how long they'll be drilling that tooth. It brings me some kind of weird pleasure. I don't like needles in my mouth though so I always decline those silly shots.

Why yes. Yes it is.

5 hours CAN be doable...but it's pushing it...
Make sure you eat lots of heathy energising foods and be careful driving from place to place ....

I HATE getting the needles.....and then the drills feel so weird on my teeth..

And then after you leave your whole face gets weird numb feeling...

I bet you just like getting dominated by a cute and strong dentist o/ / o

you're trapped! :3
i gotta get my teeth played with today too that's why i'm not working

My face doesn't go numb. Unless you mean you hate the needles but get them anyway. I can take a lot of pain so I'd rather just enjoy and ignore the pain than let them needle me.

Should I brush your teeth first so that they are clean?

w-would you?

no way I always get the shots......

Last time I went I had to shave before going to work and it was hard because most of the left side of my mouth face cheek chin was numb and I was afraid of cutting myself.....

You're crazy if you dont let them Numb you UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't it hurt alot........?

It hurts a fair amount, but nothing unmanageable. It's possible I just don't have very sensitive teeth.

So economic stimulation is bad?

I get by, I hate being numbed for anything, so I usually ask them not to, I had a cavity drilled into nerve once, it wasn't too bad.

Drag racing is.

I will brush all your teeth thoroughly.

I am a sensitive and delicate flower

I wish I had your resiliance T_T

That's crazy!!

Last time I went he kept almost getting the nerve and it was zinging me

I hate HATE HATE that feeling

then you can do my hair afterwards

I make up for it by being extra emotionally delicate.

The dentist will be impressed by how well kept you are.

have you ever tried chewing on tin foil

i still got a while hopefully it doesn't get messed up by then

I'll fix it before you go if it's too bad.
That or I will have to be gentle until then, but I cannot promise that.

that's so sweet of you
how coiuld i live wihout youu

Even if it's illegal as long as no one gets hurt, who cares?

I'm good at ignoring pain, but I'm ticklish as fuck, and my nipples are super sensitive, a trade off I guess.


People always get hurt. Crashes, property damage, etc. And besides, they would be better off spending their efforts on something a little less materialistic.



no lol im not gonna do that

Ayy, it's you

I just finished up some cup udon and my second cup of tea, now I'm trying to decide on what comes next. I finally found my drawing tablet cord maybe I will do something with that.

No it isn't.

draw me kawaii kyouko pics

I will draw you Kyouko, cute is not something I have the ability to guarantee. I am artistically challenged.

Kyouko lewds

it actually stimulates your filling ends with electric currents and it helps your nerves retain taste

Such is life, stop disliking what I like.

it will be the first time someone drew me kyouko here

I want to cum inside Feku.


They are idiots. I have a friend who used to do that. He destroyed three cars and a lot of property, and fucked his back up.

why arent you doing school

Good morning!! I hope you're all having a lovely day so far.



Hopefully you have an amazing day~

I need more fekku

So, your friend is an idiot.

i can be your fekku





nothing wrong with being sensitive :3
but it does kind of suck ;~:



moar plz

how do i give more

Uuum here?


more of me

a bunny?

Post you.

brb fap


[[[ angery illya ]]]

i hate when that happens

A gentle caress is enough to make me recoil, I require firm contact.

I think more of a jackal, she is Fate GO's version of Nitocris. A female pharaoh from Egypt. Supposed to be the last if not one of the last Pharaohs.

Given Egypt's love of Jackals I would put money on that over bunny ears, despite it looking a loooot like bunny ears~

what kind of texture do you like your blankets to be?

I ike soft plush ad also silky

Too relatable

it is absolute torture being me ;~;

Soft skin.

ikt be my blanket

I wish I could be a cat like you

anime girls ears ar too round to be like the kewl sharp jackel ears of anubis ;~;

bord be my blanket

why's that??

o-okay !!!

I want to be fluffy all over

You're talking about an anime where King Arthur is a girl, Gilgamesh is a flamboyant boy band member and sex scenes get censored via horrible cgi dragon scenes~

Any texture blanket is fine, wool is good but so is an Egyptian cotton down comforter with an 800tpi thread count.

Looks like I'll be fapping to 3D today :D

you're already the fuwa fuwaest tho

dragons?! where
i wanna see kewl dragons

Wew, 10/10 cosplay.

Wool is warm

But I can't stand it against my skin

It's so sscratchy!!

High count cotton sounds so amazing though

meow meow :3

It wasn't cool, trust me.