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new before leave

byebye hu chan have a nice day ;`:

*Gives a massive S UCC *

Click here to fill her PUSSY with cum now

Me, isolated in this wasteland of a thread now that my only Ally has left

A l o n e

Only enemies

lonely :(

I'll be back later. Enjoy true loneliness.

hungwy and loneley : (

ded af community tbh fam

Hi pritty i'm the only one here....

I'm not pritty. I'm cupcake. a truly disappointing revelation I'm sure, but still.


Cupcake do you have your Kamina shades still ?

doubt it. probably got lost somewhere in the car accident.

well well fukken well
look who it is.

Kamina did die in a robot car crash


jealous af rn

still hanging around these fags huh?

Yeah. But they like Hu better.

You could always do some advanced cosplay of it

hu's a fairly likable fella. do you both post a lot? maybe they can just tell how much of a faget you are.

plus honestly it's pretty debatable whether these people liking you is a good thing or not.

quite tempting tbh

" these people"

Spec fucking loves me thank you

Hu makes fuckin' threads and everything! Just look at the catalogue, it's full of em.
He's such a slut.

As long as Cup loves me that's all I need.

Yeah, this.

speaks volumes about his character that does.

yeah but do I do that?

wrong. I do. I just can't show it because then I wouldn't be cool. and I know how important that is to all of you.

yeah that

Hes a good judge of it

Forbidden Cup.

yeah. that's definitely what it means.

forbidden fruit cup

Or are you the expert ?

Now what?

I hope it's peach, those are the best.

I'm an expert at everything.

peaches are fucking great, this is true.

I don't know.

I need an expert opinion

in my expert opinion ur a faget

Why you up at 2am Cup?

Not at all

all the people i'm into are girls

because I keep sleeping during the day. why the hell are you up at this hour? also wish me happy birthday, fag.

that's fucking disgusting.

Why does work have to be so early?

except for the penis

Ah, rip, I can relate to that actually. I fell asleep at like 18:00 after a DnD game today, so then I woke up like an hour ago.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


penis is great, faggo

the fuck are you using 24 hour time for you tryhard?

thanks man.


thats pretty gay tbh

its not gay if its on a girl though

no one does you dirty spic

no, if it's on a girl it's just fucking awesome. all girls should have penises.

I have a level 2 fighter with two swords.
Two swords son.
Shank two niggas at once.

I usually always use 24 hour time. Bite me.

which is why i'm only into girls

is he black ?

t r y h a r d

nah. it only started 2 hours ago, nerd. but not likely to do anything regardless. having no friends or social life kinda limits your potential for that kinda shit lol

It's a good thing Im asian

with cocks.

literally no difference.

When did you convert?


but aren't traps

The setting its in describes where he's from as having an olive skin tone.

Fuk u.

;____; rip

all that matters is that they have a feminine penis. they can call themselves whatever the fuck they want.

this is the life I choose.

like how you choose to be a fucking tryhard nerd LMAO

How rude

I'm not even dark ;~;

When I found out cosplay is life

You could have stopped this.

I'll... try u hard, nerd.
-no wait that sounds bad.

so why do you act like you're black?

there is no try me hard. only do me hard or do not.

I'm not surprised

No its whatever I want

It was probably when they castrated him for the syphilis.

But I thought traps was life.

lmao what?
Do I act black? How even?

we're splitting hairs here.

don't play dumb. you know how you act.

i'm in charge

Only a faget deals in absolutes.

Yeah well.
Why does this surprise you anyway?

Wait are you my friend on fb?

wowo geez i sure do hate niggers

I said it doesn't

charles' in charge.

so you're turning me down? fucking homophobe.

I don't have a facebook because I'm not a disgusting casual faggot normie piece of trash.

id like to see a series of these where you're doing coke off of monuments

He's just a generic Cali stoner.

Oh you too?

I meant back when this whole convo began.

I can't turn down you.

my fucking face when

damn right you can't. get up in there.

the fact that you think you aren't a total normie makes me laugh so hard it hurts.

I've done coke off swords lol
Close enough

I dont even smoke that much lol



You're cupcake, huh?

Love u Cupcake

Not my name

I don't remember anything from back then

yes. this is the name I've been using for ages.

thanks erio. ♥


lol I thought you were pritty for some reason

Im fucking drunk dawg

doubt it's the alcohol

news flash people, soto is under the influence of some kind of drug.

even i am aware that this is clearly cupcakeposting

that looks edgy

And I don't even drink that much.

Do you actually listen to that ?

Can't go no deeper.

It was a long time ago.

I may or may not have drank 3 Bud Ices

This music fucking sucks dude

it's the theme song to an old tv show. what the hell are you thinking about?

not with that attitude u bitch

You're asking to much of me

Gotta get my attention somehow

I'm thinkin' about a few things

secret stuff

why ?

I dunno. I realize just now that I don't actually care.

happy birthday cake

love and miss you

thanks canada user.

Now all thats left is for you to do is post that pic of you wearing your boxers on your head so I can jack off to it

That one's Kanra

At least your brain caught up eventually.

you can tell that with a single post with no real discernible feature?

I resent that remark. my brain is nowhere to be found.


I would just post someone else anyways

So, someo

haha yeah I guess I am pretty good

What are you? Straight?

well I mean earlier you thought I was someone else even though my posting style is like night and day compared to pritty's and even though I have pretty in my current name it isn't spelled like she spells it, and I've been using this name for like 8 months even though I only post occasionally.

Bamboo tank has it

doubtful. I lost it ages ago.

Check the backseat

backseat of what?

The car you crashed in

So, a Florida user on /k/ bought a couple of cases of beer, because the grocery store they went to was sold out of water, and they weren't prepared.



Hey, Soto, you ever thought about dressing up like a trap?

I can't remember the last time I interacted with you or pritty

But I see Kanra almost every other night

I'm 98 % sure that's him

fair enough.

Nah, I'm not feminine enough

Besides I like being a boy tbh

I like my dick unlike 80% of the posters on here

80% feels like a conservative estimate.

What would be an accurate estimate? lmao

at least 90%

I think you would make for a cuter trap than the ones I've seen you post

I like having a dick too.


would bang a trap soto

I dont even look like a girl

You guys have shit tastes

We are the 10%

well if that's the case I have one right here that you may have

Is there any other answer?

More like we are the only emotionally stable people in this board lmao

I'm going to go jack off to pics of Ban then knockout

See you guys later

happy b day cup

You just don't see your beauty because you think of yourself as a man.

You're one of the few I might actually want it from.

I'm afraid I might be bipolar, and you say I'm emotionally stable.


Can't see a lot of things coming when you keep them inside.

s-so what are you up to this morning? How long do you have until work?


good mohning lukie

Working right now.
I have fantasys about sparring you
And I'm jealous of your potential room mate.

i don't have any images to properly convey my level of blush/embarassment so have my favorite fighting image

Thank you grids that' makes me happy :3
I would get walloped but it would be a good time :3 I'd really enjoy that too

today is meatbal monday at subway!

are you gonna get a tasty meatball sub?

maybe one maybe two
one for dinner and one for later
or maybe just one and something else at the grocery store...

yes! Grocery foods!!

Banana time....


Feku nice to see another night person : )

there really isn't anything i can think of at the grocery right now


it wont last long enough...

who'd have thought


it weiighs more than a meatballs subway : `:

its not meat ;~;

I'm so flustered right now my sides are cramping.

And you'd probably kick my ass, I only got a purple belt in karate from when I was like 14, I know nothing about takedowns.

im good at lurking

hungry luka

get a meatball subby
and then get a melon :3


I took karate when I was younger but I'm just a lowly orange belt uuu

I've learned a few Judo hip tosses! But I don't have the chance to practice them much because we don't have a mat

Right now I'm really hype about crucifix variations where you control an arm with the legs

And also on Rubber guard, which is having your opponents posture broken in your guard and pulling your leg up behind there neck to hold them down with an underhook on your ankle to hold it in place

gotta be limber for it :3

B-but admitedy I'm not even the best guy in my circle......

a-and .You have miitary training and probably a bit of weight and a bit of height on me.......

i dont know grids I think it might be a close few matches for sure ;3

That you are fekkers....that you are....



why melon


I like this song


wai Holla Forums no image plodas

thumbnails are 404


Rest in pease 8ch
404 imenent

Mylo Xyloto was a good album
Come at me

This is the only coldplay song i like

what do you like about them ? :3

I like the vocals, and the overall sound of a lot of their songs
The Scientist was a god tier song imo

That didn't work



Did she have drugs in her coat?

That one is goood too

There are lots of good ones that people overlook because

The navy taught me how to operate, maintain and repair a nuclear reactor, that's about it, he'll, the nuclear navy barely even does navy stuff.

Everything I know about fighting is from back yardboxing and straigh up fist fights from when I was younger, I was the scrappy little 13 year old that would fight and usually beat 16 and 17 year olds. And in th boxing I was fighting people as old as 19
Kinda why I want to find a fight club, or a bare knuckle boxing league near me.
Or maybe an MMA gym to try to learn some new shit.

This sounds like if U2 aND Phoenix had ab aby

I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing

bringing in your fists and knees is an entirely new game

It's way more levels

like I find myself in a pretty submissive position alot and it's like It'll take me a while to sweep or escape out of it

I can't imagine if someone was adding in Punches and kicks onto that

I have alot of respect for what mma fighters go through
My dad was involved in some midwest mma stuff and he got a few bad injuries from it

still it would be amazing to train that at a good gym....
become a REAL fighter....


It looks like it


I don't see me ever really going pro, I just think it would be fun to beat the shit out of people and vise versa.


Does that mean it's bed time?

yeah I should go to bed.......... I want to vape a bit more before i do but I need to start laying down..........

how much longer are you stuck at wokr?

I got 6 more hours.


night bard, sleep well.




I am Impact.



*pat pat*

I am collision.


Is it like Canada poster time or something?

This is a Canadian board now

another day lost reading the garfield backlog

HAPPY 9/11

Does this mean I should leaf?

We're all Leaves now

It's my dad's birthday today.


Close enough, I do live in the only state in the lower 48 where you can drive south to get to canada.

it's the anniversary of my dad's death today.

we will meet again in allah's embrace


Allahu Ackbar.
I miss Tokai, Martyred in Mosul

We also have tim hortons

I like tokai.

I had Tim Hortons in Maine once
It wasn't as good, I found

Michigan tim hortons are good, but Starbucks is great.


I can dig it, I wonder if that's a tag for hentai sites.


Starbucks is shit



Nah, always asleep at such a time

*pets the piggy*

Eat raisu instead

Hu's insatiable hunger for healthy food.

I don't get Starbucks often, because I feel like a coffee snob when I order everything custom.
I will drink coffee any way it can be served, I'm not picky.
But something about Starbucks makes me want it my way.

This is why I always cook my own

But that was when I used to get off work.

Why doesn't your girlfriend make you bento meals

Goddamn, worked evening shifts?

Cause I am the girlfriend


Megumin too cute

Yeah I should get one

Before the navy I worked in the kitchen at a banquet hall, and we had plenty of late parties.
In the navy I was on rotating shift work, so every 7 days I went to a new shift, days, swings, mids.
For now, I work days.

Coffee is shit

Yep, buy yourself one

Oh, so I guess in about 7 days, you'll be working the same shift once again?

Coffee is amazing though

I like coffee. Stop disliking things I like.

No, I'm out of the navy, but once I get hired in at the place I'm at now they'll bump me to afternoons.

If I buy a Hu I get food

o-oh. You prefer working afternoon shifts?

Good food too

I can work any shift, but yes, I prefer the later ones.

Morning is best~
But thankfully, we don't all agree. Means there's something for everybody.

Gonna finish this dish..

Is it nummy

On night shifts I can watch sun rises and sunsets, and I can sleep in the cozzy warm glow of the sun.

Anyone want a house wife? I just want to be a house wife.


How cute are you? Can you make guacamole?


I have heard both extremely cute and the antithesis of cute, depending on who's asked.

I can learn.

It's a thing anyone should be able to enjoy, regardless of how you drink it.

Mommy make out day

You better be able to suck a golf ball through a garden hose.
The skim off of milk.
A watermelon through a syringe.

the only way to coffee is black

What's up threaders~

Tempting, but you have to know how to make guacamole first so that I may judge it, I was once offered to be wifed for my guac.

Yes, stuff like frikadeller is amazing.
As is chopped potatoes that is baked in the oven after seasoning. Very nummy

If that's what you like, I'm glad you'll soon get moved to such a shift

How long until Mommy Makeout Day?

tfw mommy

I'd be locos mommy tbh

Mommies are icky.
I want a daddy.



i'd like that to be honest. girls make the best daddies.

Scoots, what should I cook tomorrow night? I like to go all out and cook fancy shit on Tuesdays for me and the girl.

Girls are icky and make awful daddies.

Assorted pasteries, or Scallops


Beef Wellington?

isnt that just potato chips

Beef or pork wellington's been on my mind for a while now... Definitely a contender. I might steal some menu items from where I work or do my recreation of Wendy's queso burgers.. AHHH. Too many options.

Fancy Welma Burgers. Get duck or exotic meat. Ostich is pretty good.

nope, but almost just as delicious

atleast you acknowledge amerifat's variant to be delicious


I'd love to try cooking a duck. I've still actually never even eaten duck lol

Heard ostrich is good. Very lean. Kinda want to track down an ostrich egg and make a big ass ostrich omelette.

But one is food, the other is a snack


Ostrich burger with an ostrich egg, pepperjack cheese and some homemade 'slaw and twice cooked fries.

Ostrich brunch burgers sound delicious. holy fuck

With the thinest bacon, crisply done.

You can almost do like turkey bacon for the non-haters and have it be like a bird-burger lol

Welmas Bangin' Bird Burger Deluxe
Shit nigga needs some wings and hot sauce man

snack in large quantities is food :P

there was a market in barcelona that sold ostrich eggs that i went to when i was a child. something like 25 euro each.

pig sheep and rabbit brain are also widely available here. can get bags of chicken feet in lidl.

don't eat boar though. boar is not good.

Rate my Animal Crossing guy.


Moogs/10 for homo

looks like a member of the Village People

I saw the hat and the rest just came to me.

You got a point




She was a good character from a otherwise mediocre anime

She looks cute

and thats all you know about her cuz ur a heathen that doesnt watch anime

I actually don't watch anything

what the hell do you do for fun


is that it? surely youd burn out if thats all you do

That's what you'd think


i guess you probably spend the rest of your free time housewifing

I wish

are you one of those hardcore people multiboxing 5 accounts to farm gold efficiently enough to sell

Nope, I'm only playing on one account and I can't trade with other people

wait i dont get it whats the point

Do everything on your own, gather all your supplies by yourself and get better equipment by earning it yourself instead of just buying it off someone else.
It's more challenging, and I find it more entertaining

i mean like why play if u cant make bank off it

Why cum to lolis if you can't make bank off it?

Because bank doesn't even matter a whole lot. It's almost close to useless


stop countering my arbitrary statements just because i wanna get back at you for making fun of what I love!!!

Aren't you just adorable

screw you!
imnot replying anymore and thats not because its bedtime but cuz im mad

Definitely not mad~
Sleep well Feku ♥

Rin send me pics of your thighs so I can cum to it


By the anime's definition she is an "extremely unremarkable and not noticeable girl"

soto why are you such a faggot as of recent

Sounds like a very nice girl


Not enough leg tbh

Soto has always loved traps, how is this recent?