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gimme the noodle

atleast potatoes are excusable while hot


while hot, yes. So if you got some left over, microwaving it is~

Russia, Japan and USA are hardest.

I always guess mainland Japan but it's Hokkaido ;~;



i use a microwave everyday
im pretty good at stopping it the second before it beeps

india and russia and australia and africa

lol, do you sit and stare at it the whole time it runs?

no im pro at keeping a mental timer while preparing my dishes or other foods or drinks

Oh, I see.
Do you throw instant-noodles in the microwave, or what do you use it for?

leftovers to go wtih rice
instant noodles are cooked by water dispenser hot water

eww, rice

i eat it everyday

I prefer my white people food

whats staple in white people diet anyways?

And appropriated goods

Depends on the country. I think something like frikadeller is here

What a dirty bird, Huhu.

looks gross
dont you eat bread almost as much as i eat rice tho


Yeah, possibly. Like, every day actually

wut kind? fancy ones? or bagged slcied loaves?

Frikadeller is godly you uncultured swine

i dont like any grinded meats unless its in a burger

bagged sliced loaves of rugbrΓΈd

They're indeed amazing

that looks like it will make my shits scrape my intestines

I'm fairly sure it's an acquired taste. Have yet to meet any foreigner who's a fan of it

looks like something people nom while coffee

It's usually nommed for lunch

just straight bread?
im conscious kill bye

Nah, you have it with toppings, of course.
Sleep well

rip feku

and rip thread too

Good news tho my PC finally stopped lagging. It was fucking F.lux that caused microstutters everywhere.



almost time to evacuate

hope my PC survives the storm

don't really care about the house :^)

isn't it a bit late

Put it in a giant ziplock.

is it really that bad?

steal ur hard drive

curfew at 7pm

I'll put you in a giant ziplock
and bring you with me~

it was category 5 with 185mph winds, now it's cat4

but there's 4
that's too much work

RIP Nezi

u put tower in ur car
and drive away from water

im jk we're staying at a hotel

nah I'm gonna leave it at my house and cross my fingers

Nezi b like


lol rip

katia is headed towards beanland and jose won't hit land. bad picture, 0/10

Shut the fuck up you tranny pedo


you forgot incest

the incest was an old meme

y o u n e e d h e l p

I've had help, I'm better now

through my own fucking strength too, therapy didn't do shit for me and I stopped in like 6 months ago




So that rugbrΓΈd stuff looks pretty good, from what I gather it's a rye sourdough, sounds like good eats to me.

i'm happy that fish is better and you should be too

Who is fish?

but are they really?

What is this image?

Fish is my best friend and closest confidant.

um... who?

I posted a selfy a few threads ago

Did the Mercy patch go live finally?
I hear it got nerfed really hard



Still doesn't tell me much about fish.

Oh yeah, you'd a super cutey.

rip nezi florida looks rekt


it's mercy and 76 watching a movie together

it's still on PTR

I don't know if it's a nerf or not, it's a Rework, so it's completely different, might be better or worse, idk yet

No, it's not live? Or No, it didn't get nerfed
Or both even

rework not live yet

I was a mentally ill mess a year ago and constantly blogposted about my shit life and now things are going well for me and people don't hate me as much

My friend was on PTR when the original rework was put out, and apparently they've slowly murdered it

geez luka

I am skeptical but we will see if it proves to be true.
i hope so

idk I don't play PTR

You too, join the club, I spent a week in a psychiatric ward exactly a year ago, then a spent 6 weeks at rehab for the alcoholism.

Oh, overwatch stuff, still don't have it.


Fish is cancer

Fish is a mess

I can hate you, if it would make you feel more yourself.

I never went to rehab thankfully, I had a bit of a drug/drinking problem but even when I was a fucking mess I was strong willed enough to kick it with no problems. last night I had a drink for the first time in 3 months and I barely even liked it so I think I'm done for good

*eats jar of fish*

This board is cancer, this site is cancer, 90% of the internet is cancer, big woop.

I still drink, and I still deny that the drinking was part of the problem, plus 12 steps are gay as fuck.

I work at a rehab center and read addicts sob stories all day so i have no temptation to go back

Wait, so Fish doesn't think he's a girl anymore?

there it is

I am a grill

I am a wood burning stove.

that's not in the fact of gender binary

I thought someone said he was better...


I don't follow what you are trying to say here....

People don't get better until they die.


there is male and female and nothing else

But you said you were a grill.....

I am just now getting the joke

That took awhile....


Draw me like one of your French girls.

I lack the ability to draw.


Grids just fuck fish already you contrarian prick

I got to experience plenty of people's sob stories I was the best at calling people on their bullshit, empathy isn't my strong suit.

What kind of fish?

Plus if you're a girl we can't have sex.

I love this place yes, but it's also complete shit, also where's fish live? I just might try.

You wouldn't fuck me if I were a girl?

Fish lives about 10 miles from me.

1. I'm gay
2. I have a girlfriend
3. I live in Arizona

cup or shiro

Neither. Though last I was aware, Cup lives more like 20 or 30 miles from me. Don't know who or what Shiro is.

how many of live in fucking Arizona

Good for you.

1. I'm bi.

2.I have a girlfriend

3.Monogamy is boring

4. I live in michigan.

sockeye salmon

Well, I'm a homosexual.

A lot. Like, a fuck ton. Probably 1 in every 5 posters seems to live here. Mostly all around Phoenix. A couple in Tuscon. A couple in Prescott. We really ought to all get together at some point.

Ain't it? I love hot lesbians.

Not even if it were me though?? Begging?


What's wrong with begging as a man?

Me too.

phoenix is best. also how the fuck do you know it's 10 miles away?

Is honesty funny to you?

No, but uts honestly funny to me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

That was actually pretty good lol.

I am not known to beg...

Unless it is for a bullet in the brain. I have begged for that plenty of times. Most people just think I am joking...

Because we talked about it once. You live somewhere in northern Scottsdale, no? Might be somebody else I am thinking. Like I said, I know there are plenty of us here.

Remember that one spell that Fish desperately wanted to get fucked in the ass by that one guy whose girlfriend walked in when he was fucking her in the ass?



I live near Greenway and 32nd street


Smoked or not?

Close enough. I am by the I-17 and Peoria.

we had a mutual agreement but it got awkward for some reason. She didn't like me after the first hookup, but we still had an agreement that I could fuck him.

ended things with him though because he was being creep as shit while he was handing over at my place. i didn't want any sex at all and we were high as shit and he wouldn't stop making advancements on me.

Fish likes it in the ass, this makes fish even more appealing.


Cheque this shit out

You made it sad.

not smoked.
put into jars.

Just seems like a fruitless agreement for a gay-girl to be allowed to fuck a guy, y'know?

I really crave dick sometimes but I'm not into guys at all

Good thing sexuality orientation is in no way defined by sexual cravings, yeah?

Wasn't my intention...

A nude would fix it.

I like you.

I have my girlfriend fuck me in the ass with a strapon sometimes, I consider myself bi.
Sometimes I wish certain guys would take me.

I can't do that though...

You are trying too hard, and making even me cringe.

Oh boy!!!


I can't though.....


Trying what too hard?

My cancer-ridden girlfriend would not approve.

To get into Fish's fish. Fuck.

I'm sorry.


Hey fish is cute, but way to far away for anything to happen, I'm just looking to make a new friend with a little bit in common.

So am I.

And I am a gorgeous hermaphrodite that has come to spread love, and my legs, for all mankind.


I guess I can just sleep at the foot of the bed.

Bad boy.

Just don't crawl up between my legs looking for a treat.

goodnight. i love you all.

Oh, I like you too, are you as cute as fish?

r u winning?

So it's raw?


jarred salmon is boiled alive with spices and salts and in boiling process seals the jars for years
i ate one outta the jar a few days ago.
so yes, raw, but the jar it's in was boiled.

Based DPRK

So, what are you into other than hot lesbians?

Canning cooks the item in the jar, it's what keeps it fresh by killing any bacteria inside.



I also have a thing for short, fat men with neck beards and a passing interest in guns.

I want cake now.

where do u live



I am a pure and innocent person with absolutely no sexual desires.

I believe you! So am I!

Sounds tasty

Well, all of those things are the opposite of me me, I have a full beard, and I'm average height and I'm not fat, and my interest in guns is eternal.

Currently, Belleville Michigan, where you at in Canada, I might get a passport to explore the great North, hiking would be fun there.
And I might still be looking for someone to buy me an SVT so I can sneak it back to the states, you can report it stolen about a month later.


i spiced it up
and uhhh added soy

woah.... ur in that detroit place.
i'm in the center of west canada. yes bc is is green and good and pretty.

I've only ever had smoked and raw in a salad before

It really is, we might could have had some fun.

I accidentally drove through Canada once.

So you are what, about 6' 180 lbs? You are a student, or have a job that allows for unkempt beards, and you play with things that go boom?

5'9" other than that, spot on, and my hair and beard really is like disgustingly unkept, I should trim my beard and get a haircut and try to get a job at the gun range like I want.

Just keep it a little maintained. If your hair is long, just put it in a pony tail or use some gel to keep it swept back. And your beard, use beard balm. But if your beard isn't long enough, make sure to shave your neck.

it's nice and natural fish oils and health.

canada safe

I let it grow out for 6 months, so it's long enough that the neck blends, and I didn't trim my neck for that reason, I wanted it to blend, I trim it so I don't get hair in my mouth, that's about it, and I wear a hat most of the time, but the sides are all over the place, I keep saying I should get a hair cut but I never do, I'd like to be able to wear a ponytail again.

They questioned me at the boarder for like 15 minutes then just let me into Canada, I still don't have a passport or an enhanced license.

Then let it grow and put it in a tail again.

what's your steam?

It's not that simple though, I want it to ponytail, but until then it's in like that awkward long enough to be annoying, and not long enough to ponytail, the struggle is real.
I wish my girl was cool like that, I get to fuck her ass like once a year because she doesn't like it, she's said I could have like a side guy or a trap friend if I want though, so there's hope for that.



Just stop being a bitch about it. Wear a bandanna, or use gel to keep it in order. It isn't like it takes forever for it to grow.

Anal really isn't all it is cracked up to be.


ur a milatary guy

I know, I'll do it.

I disagree with you on that one, anal is such an amazing feeling, the asshole is the perfect hole for fucking.

She also told me multiple times, a military I'D doesn't constitute a travel document.
I also outran a police car while I was there, I was doing 30 over and I saw the lights come on way back behind me, so I stood on it until I couldn't see them anymore for like 10 minutes then I "stopped for gas" never saw him pass, so I guess he just gave up.

hihi mandy ^~^


How are you doing today, love?

Excellent. Bodacious.

I have a movie on my mind lol

Whatchu been up to?

If I'd gotten a ticket I would have been fucked, I didn't actually have permission to leave the standard liberty radius of like 100miles.

And I definitely didn't have permission to leave the country.

how'd you win

I did the math in my head for the estimated distance behind me and I figured even if his car could do 125 or 130mph, it would take close to a half hour for him to catch up to me doing 110mph, and at that distance I knew he couldn't see my plate, his mistake was turning on his lights so far back.

A movie, eh? Which one?

Bill and Ted's Excellent Journey.

get a timbits!

Sour cream glazed are the only good timbits

Haven't seen that in ages....

What are timbits

Donut holes. From Kanada.

ewww they've gone sour

why would you cover something in something that tastes so bad and sour and deteriorating

Sour cream timbits are made with sour cream dough. They aren't sour

What are you all, children?

it smells sour
it tastes sour

it must have gone sour and bad

I don't get Timbits or donuts

Sour cream dough smells and tastes sour? You have some pretty odd taste buds, I have to say

I just stick to an Ice cap and call it good.

I'd eat Rin's Timbit.

The only thing I'll really get for myself if hot chocolate, coffee or a specialty tea.

Call it a side-effect of having worked there.

sour = bad

After shower sexxy wet hair selfy.
Fuck it posting sideways.

We have tim hortons in Michigan you know.


I hear that after McD's bought the franchise that the coffee became shit.

Trying to make it straight

Burger King bought it, not McDonalds

Sounds relatively nice.

Also, a more impressive beard than I would have guessed.

wheres that? ._.

I forget which. I am not the canadian. But yeah, I hear that burger king now uses Tim's original recipe and have since changed Tim's recipe.

Don't let them fool you.

Oh, oh, sorry, let me just get back to my ginger glazed mahi mahi then.

They claim to have made Tim's separate and make no decisions for them. Their coffee hasn't changed at all, and the menu choices are the only real noticeable change, but they were already making the change towards that sort of menu already

Sour is good if it's intentional.

You're cute.

My pretty little CZ75, I did all the work on it.

Like all over the state.

Looks straight to me, at least phone posting.
Or are you calling me gay.
It is quite a beard, I had one similar to it in highschool.

Diggin the beard.

It's just dough what could possibly go wrong?

It is possible, I suppose.

I would prefer just a GI 1911.

No, it opens up sideways.

It comes from filthy commies.

It's so pretty

Judging food based on where it's from is wrong.
I learned that when I first ate samosa.

No, you always judge a culture by their foods and the foods by their culture. For instance, Poutine is disgusting, hence Canadians are disgusting.

I don't think I've ever had a genuine canadian dish before, so I can't judge.
But I mean, they're all over hockey so they can't be that bad.

Well, they also love curling, so...

It could definitely be worse.

My brothers sks, I helped him mount the ak scope mount on it, still have to cut it and weld it shorter to make it look right.

As always, thank you squash.

Beards have always been easy for me.

Well, I think it's something with the file size and Holla Forums, too lazy to resize it.
I don't have a 1911 yet.

It was a few days worth of work, and modding the scale for the hammer spring retainer was the most nerve racking part.

True. At least they are all painfully polite.

That scope makes that sks look weird as fuck.

Well I don't know about ALL...

Show tummy.

Be safe.
Be prepared.

The riser is meant for an ak, I gotta chop it and weld it just above the dust cover then it'll look better, he wanted a holo sight and a magnifier, and I didn't want him dust cover mounting the shit, so I drilled and tapped the reciever for him.

Maybe some other time When I snap a pic of my appendix carry piece.


I made an outfit in Animal Crossing.

don't watch Bojack Horseman





evening friends

Go away soto


jk ilu

Soto Soto go away

Come again some other day

Go away Ian

Make me


Wow, cheeky.



Ian play games with me.

What kinda games?




I don't into that weeb shit





#rekt lol

daylight come and me wan go home

come mistah tally man
tally me banana




hello again

Ikty myon is here too


I can officially blame OnePlus for having the shittiest alarm because it didn't go off.

hello you stinky megoomin


Up so early :3

hi hi

Too early*

you are the lifeblood of the threads

or too late I guess, if your alarm didn't go off

No u!

i woke up before it so i caught it in the act of not doing anything

haha yes
i wish it were true but even when II'm here the threads are DEAD

A real and actual alarm clock is best. Never failed me during the 10 years I've had it.
Smartphones does nothing well and everything subpar. They're awful

Same. It just isn't right now cause Ikt showed up too. He is the lifeblood of the thread

w-wait a minute....you mean to tell me this whole time.......it's been....ikt myon?

The threads has been running for years, and I'm still new. Can't possibly be my fault that they're alive

I-Ikt sama........

then that must mean it's your fault that it's dead.........how could you hu......
I thought you were our friend

oh shit, I best leave then

fuck I ruined the threads again


Good job

Have a good one

Have a nice day at school ikt chan

have a good days you





kind of cold to be not wearing ANY CLOTHES isn't it ?

A little, but it's alright in bed



gotta get into that bed

it's getting chilly here already

I'm super bummed about it, when winter hits I wont be able to roll around with my buddies anymore....

And you're i n one of those nordic countries

I bet your winters are just terrrible

what is your favorite season?

bleh, yeah winter fucking sucks.
Definitely summer, sadly summer wasn't really a thing this year

Winter is the best

Not when summer is about 20C


I want 20C

Same. Instead it was colder, and now it's already getting even cooler out.
I'm not ready for winter yet

here u go

20 c

cuddle with naked men


*someone starts tugging on my cheek*


I've had a headache all day and medicine and water don't help

get your finger out of there

You don't now where that thing;s been

You slept any yet?


Drink copious amounts of alcohol

Hopefully when you do your head gets to feeling better

Seems like a bad idea


It'll at least temporarily help probably

But then it would be worse in the morning.

That is why you continue

*reaches my hand slowly towards @colbert's face*


*grabs u by your cheek and begins to pull*




haha you mean this?

*wiggles my finger in your cheek*

hehe eh hehe h



*piiinches yoru cheek one last time before......*






how will I continue living this life without my arm.......My livelihood.....is gone........

just grow a new one

I'm thinking that I'm just going to make colbert my new arm

since its HIS fault I lost mine

I'd be a shitty arm tbh

The old Bard can't come to the phone right now



Whatever, I'm going to bed


because he's DEAD

give me my arm back heathen

Thank god he is dead

pls join

Please clap


So hes gonna jerk you off ?