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I'd like to enjoy megumin's thighs with some fava beans and a nice chianti



lol I tricked you all with my ironic gayness lol

Congratz Feku, you're now more gay than the gay

this is your fault


Sorry, I ruined everything


y-you're going to fix it.r..right?


I'm incapable of doing such a thing


pic related me cleaning up Hu's mess

anta baka


This sounds far too gay


there's a difference between cleaning up and licking up god Hu wat is with your mind

At the end of the day, you're still touching another man's mess


fake gay doesnt count

But you aren't fake gay

im not real gay either so your point is invalid



Schrodingers faggot



irma stole the bahamas ocean
it look like an empty desert right now, no ocean as far as the can see.



i saw that

it's so spooky ;;`

What plans do you have for today ikt kun

Don't go to bed

Hey Fek thanks for that 200pp [A]ddiction map, it's actually so fcable for me now




so all of a SUDDEN

you DON'T WANT me to g o to bed

That's because you now want to~

I want you to stay.

no plan

It's true

I do and I'm also kind of sleepy


NOW you show up

i wonder where florida people go, since florida's gone

one to talk gayboy

oh i just chose it cuz i liked the actual song
whats being good at osu like? i quit trying to climb cuz my fingers hurt

I was asleep.
sort of
some of the time.

Do what you think is best~

Takes one to know one!

The worst part about every day is waking up.

decide for me what i should do.
watch more anime or shower/lewd

so how are you enjoying this fine weekend?

I fucked up my sleep schedule hard
I was out at like 8 p.m last night and gotten at least 20 hours in the past 3 days


I don't like making my own choices.........

My buddy in florida is saying its okay right now where hes at

Take a nap ? ;3

being good at osu is like being good at playing an instrument except when a girl asks you if you play an instrument you have to tell her, no, you play OSU and explain to her that it's like playing an instrument only with sexualised little girls


Shower definitely. Anything but anime

Then go to bed you silly cute boy~

thats an insult to instrumentalist
dont peg them to the level of osu players

but im watching one that i really like and have beenw atching for the past hour or so

Then why does it make people want to die?

Fucking gay!

It doesn't

I'm okay, been sleeping in a bunch of weird naps.
I miss Darwin who I am avoiding for no reason so I bought these at the store.

Idk but if I ever get good I'll tell you

please stop making fun of anime

It makes me want to die when I wake up and feel like shit.


aww, no feeling bad

Osu! is like StarCraft for babies.

The both have potential to be carpal tunnel generators, but the difference is StarCraft is guaranteed to be.

50000/7500000000 is a pretty good figure tho
Dont sell yourself short thats like the top 0.000006% of humans

I really wanted to like you but i cant anymore

last time i checked i could generate up to 50000 key presses in a single session of osu

Not the first time you've been telling me so, cutie~



this time im antagonizing you over anime you dont underestimate the power of anime

isnt that a different food bitch than the one you used to watch? do you watch multiple food bitches??

by monday he will be sad that it will hit him

Yeah, they sell it at the asian store. I went to pick up pancit canton and saw it.


Single session?

That's like, one game of StarCraft in any rank above Diamond????


honestly I think that's really cute

have you eaten any yet?

Nope this is the queen food bitch

Kinoshita Yuka desu

not if you play at 90 apm like I do.


he's been getting hit for a while with it and he says he still has power tho so im happy :3

Yeah, I ate it a bit ago. It basically just tastes like hersheys.

but like thats using your whole two hands
imagine all that channeled into two fingers

oh yeah i remeber that bitch i stopped watching her cuz i got sick from how much she could down


Play with my g27

I'm let down that dars is just slime like chocolate

what else do they have at the asian market?

I've always wanted to visit a weeb store but none around here...

I said *above* Diamond.

Sounds like an excuse, really.

it'ss fucking insane

it's inhuman

i-is that a car?


steering wheel thing

Lots. I picked up some calpis and milk tea. Shrimp chips too.
I got a bunch of cup noodles too. I mainly went for pancit canton which is basically philipino yakisoba because that is what I made for dinner last night. They have tons of weird asian snacks and such.

I love yakisoba the first time I ever had some was only a few months ago

How is the price of all this is it reasonable?

Ads are hitler

Oh well you're better off it was just a shitty meme

The amount of strain in that compressed time is very hurt

Now imagine it with cocks

it will get stronger

At least they aren't Squiddy

watched it anyway just for you bby



it's already been as strong as any hurricane could ever get

when they hit land they lose power

it's actually already declassed into a cat 4 which is still pretty crazy don't get me wrong
but it's already moving north onto florida land after hittting the islands

It's about had it

the next hurricane I think it's called Rico

That one is still out in the ocean and growing though

It's not quite the same, but it's the closest I can think. It's not like super expensive import stuff, pretty cheap overall I think.

These ones were worse. Borderline impossible I know.

TV ads though.

What hacker things do you do to uncover it

I crawled in my skin irl

holy fuck how short sighted can they be

I'm just gonna point out that this is almost tied with eminem's Rap god in speed

Indeed sounds it.
Doing alright?

inspect element and mpv


no u
am ok

Seems somewhat pointless to know

Good, then all is well

You asked!


What's a cool hacker thing to know besides hiding porn in jpngs

Doing it in music

its comin to surge

The surge already made landfall

I wished I liked pancakes more...

Kimi no Na Wa = Your Name
Kimi no Nawa = Your Rope

Might have been more interesting that way.

Fuck i wish that were me

moar surges!




I want more of your attention

Hurricane Irma ripping Florida a new one.
I hope everyone is fine.

Who even lives in florida
fags, that's who

Isn't Nezi the only one in the strike zone?

Lol, Americans can't even handle a little bit of wind



My discord buddy livesi n florida ;~:

Looks tasty

I think so.
Nezi is resilient though, I'm sure they'll be fine.




feku smells

nezi has multiple personality disorder

oh I get're calling me fat......


He is still only one person and deserves a gendered singular pronoun.

I refer to 90% of people here as they since I don't really know them. You know that already though.

[ S U C C

girl *

I don't.
This might be the first time I've actually talked to you.

succ fucc and tucc

I swear I'll kill you both

nope i just showered

end my suffering on this miserable plane of existance

actually I could go for one of those about now pls

Come get it then.

I will!

Oh my bad, I thought you were someone else.
Well nice to meet you.


Is that smiles, fo real



you just dont :l me on

Yeah, nice to meet you as well I suppose.
Who did you think I was?

Took a second, but i rember the mem


Is that... steak with bananas with ketchup drizzle?


It's steak and bananas, with banana ketchup, and a glass of milk.


Honestly, I'd try it minus that steak being overcooked.


The world is a terrible, cruel place.


Ikt is best toothpaste

I'd watch anime with Elma



It might be okay. That steak being over cooked means it's gonna need the ketchup anyway.

How far can you take his toothbrush?

Admittedly I thought you were Clockwork at first.
It's just been a while.

Boku no Pico and chill

I just watched the berserker arc movies or w/e and it was fun and rapey^~^ I forgot how dark that story was.

What the fuck....

All the way.
It's rather messy though, always filling my mouth up so I can barely contain all the white liquid

Hihi! What's up?

You raise a good point. I think whenever I ever put ketchup on it, it was burned by my mom lmao

I agree with the left side of that image in that sriracha and peanut butter goes well on like a hotdog. Thai-dogs^^

I want to taste the flavor combo. If it's good at its basest, then you can refine the flavors into something presentable.


You're supposed to spit and rinse, dumb bitch.

I only do that after finishing up completely, but Ikt foams a great deal

I'm wondering how I have never tried sriracha on hotdogs...

speaking as someone who is currently stoned nigga you sound high as FUCK

thats some pineapple on pizza salty coins in milk shit right there dude


It goes on pretty much everything lol

I like to make spicy mayo spread with it. It works really good in marinades too ;3

You gotta watch more food network and get you thinking outside the box.

Does it spill out all over your lips?

I put that sh*t on everything!

Holy shit. Don't stop talking these are all great ideas.


Darkness blacker than black and darker than dark,
I beseech thee, combine with my deep crimson.
The time of awakening cometh.
Justice, fallen upon the infallible boundary,
appear now as an intangible distortion!
I desire for my torrent of power a destructive force:
a destructive force without equal!
Return all creation to cinders,
and come frome the abyss!

These chants are one of my favorite things about Megumin

Yes, they turn quite white. Always need to clean up afterwards, but my mouth feels so much more fresh every time

no u!

Oh by the way you were really high and drunk last night

How are you feeling

brb, dinner

Smiles was always a nice poster.
Nice to see posters never die.

idk what else do you like to cook?

I'm trying to get a pic of my last little thing, but I'm doing a pork wellington this Tuesday that I'm excited about.

Was it bad?

I'm fine. I'm smoking a bong before work in a bit to help my head. 2 rum and cokes and a beer go a long way for me now. Sorry about that^^

Ah, yeah I have gotten that in the past for a variety of reasons.
There were a lot of uncanny similarities at first in terms of who we posted and fraternized with.
He doesn't like me much tho

see you hu

This was yummy.

I like to make homemade chipped beef.

Nice, good luck and I hope it's tasty.

you have a meat chipper?

Yea, c'mere, I'll chip ur meat.

It's just temporary shitposting.
Kek willed me back here.

Yeah, it was mostly the "KissShot" that threw me off. It's his Waifu and so I figured that it was his tripcode. I'm surprised we haven't spoken before.

Megumin is a treasure.

Boney african feet

Pls pls pls

She's mine.
I'm not surprised we haven't talked, I don't get around much.

I'm not gay but this album fucked me in the ass for an hour earlier and it was a pretty good experience

It was fine :3

No need to do hard drugs like alcohol now that you have weed




Kek be praised.
A fellow kekistani? Small world.
And the suffering will continue

You sure do talk about gay anal sex after saying you're not gay a lot.

Implying anal sex is gay

your words are o silky and tantalising

but your images are so vulgar and primitive.....

I am sickened

but curious.....


lol yeah, I know. I like to be sociable sometimes though. It's fun going out and stuff.

Ah, well I'm just never around nowadays. Honestly most of the reason Ive even been posting this much is because my vacation has been ruined.
You just talk with your group of people and that's it?

Oh did I not make my Kekistani Heritage clear in the past? Big Girl Irma, working in the will of Kek, is spreading the good word in his name.
Yes my friend, unfortunately my weakened powerlevel can't sustain consistent shitposting anymore.

It's a running gag

Does that usually involve getting super drunk for you? ^^

Rip in peace my dude.
Praise to kek and big man tyrone, irma doing keks will and cleansing the south of normies.

Only five people have ways to contact me outside of a thread, and I sleep/work during the daytime hours, so I don't see many people. I have been posting more often recently though, usually I'm pretty sparse about it.

Gag me.

Scoots check it out!
i played the geo geusser game

and got within less than 20 metres of the location!

More often than not, yes. It's also because I don't eat nearly as much as I should. I just don't get around to it. Which is weird cause I work at a restaurant lol

You did good lika babooka



that's fucking insane

I like how when I'm high I can just absent-mindedly stare at a phrase like that and a bunch of different scenarios just play in my mind without me asking them to

You need to be reminded to eat

Like a little girl

Like what?

High score

ya'll niggas better be drinking



sh-shuddup x_x


When I get tired words and sounds will go through my head with no assoccion to eachother

i got lazy with this one, lol

maybe one day!

It's a true exodus

How often do you normally post?

hello everyone

i hope you're all having good days



I miss when you talked biblical hnnnnnnnnnnn~

I'm actually amazed.

You know, I never really spoke about it unless someone else brought it up or I just stepped out of church, and even then I tried to keep it to a minimum. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed talking about it, but it was always such a point of contention that I kept it to myself moreso than not. I never understood why I'm always portrayed as some bible-thumping doom-on-you preacher.
You missed me talking about it though?

interesting, i just realized you people have your white road sign number in the shape of your state.


Hi loco, how you doin'?

Sporadically. I'll usually be on a few days then off awhile. Break times vary. I've been on lately though a lot.

I miss some posters in general. the smiles posters in the high tier But theology and religious discussions are something ive always enjoyed.
It probably is just a small meme or a small facet of information that took on meme proportions to some.
We've all got our little thing that people characterize us with.

what you ate


welcom back

Something quite easy cause I'm lazy. Seasoned chicken breasts sliced into smaller pieces, then fried on a pan. Can't only eat meat, so cooked some pasta too and some béarnaise sauce to top if all off.

y-you too

that doesnt sound easy
pasta is evil dont pasta especially the sauce

But how do you pinpoint it so accurately?
That explains the road and state, but not how you even get it in the right country.

I feel that, I'm the same way.
Is there a instigation as to why you're on more now?

True we all have that thing. It's just important to remember that everyone is an individual also. Like Cato loves rocks, but he likes other things also that aren't rocks. "Smiles posters"?
Anyway, well I'm glad that you enjoyed them like I did.

It's pre-made pasta. You just boil it for several minutes, that's easy



i'm soo close, i've found 108 but not 109 yet

i look around.

offf work?

yes bikinis tho

maid is better

Yeah. I just woke up.
Need like an hour before I do literally anything.

Yes, plural. You are like the hydra right? When struck down you multiply?
But, that is true... we do jndeed have many layers... like onions, a sage poece of advice, somebody once told me.

Top star luka

Too much free time maybe.
Lonely maybe.
I'm not entirely sure.




About to go clean my car.
Co-worker just called asking questions.
Oh, look there hegoes again brb answering that.


I always forget who does and who doesn't drink coffee but I'm gonna guess you're one of those people that don't.

Welcome back!

I guess I'm just impatient.

I did bring in a few people, that also brought a couple of new people, but they all seem dead now. It's hard to strike me down all the same; only reason I've been distant is because of all the life things going on. tedious work.

Probably the former. Free time begets bad decisions, like posting. lol

Do not die or get murdered.

I don't. I've had 2 cups of it in my life outside of collage.

Desu was awful.

It might save your life, friend.

Eh figures, work does that. Im afraid im too cancerous to leave. Although i feel like jacking it in. Must be the September Blues.
Everyone dies in thread, but they're never dead.

you're a slow waker uper?

Personally I like to sleep right up until i need to run to work buut I have aa much easier job and ive very close by

are you a morning [tm] coffee[ tm]] kind of guy?

I like to slam some pots every now and then myself


It is my coworker that is in danger if he keeps calling me on my days off.

wow test way to jack my high brow conversation topic


Hi Test!



Don't talk to me or my freshly ground ethiopian yirgacheffe ever again

©Morning Coffee™


Desu was just one of them, point taken all the same.
What ever happened to him?

Heat death is inevitable.


Heat me to death, please. Giveth sweet reprieve, like the scorching Texan summer.

He shows up user EXTREMELY occasionally. Basically had a meltdown when Subtle paid less attention to him and was hitting on Rin and declared trannies the scum of the earth.

Entropy is constant.

Desu is my spirit animal


Yeah, i have nothing better to do this morning,
so i followed this entire road, to find this one intersection that was miles down the road.
at 109 and 18 signs.

Winner winner luka babooka






Big titties

if you have to take out a pot its not easy

Then I never cook anything easy

You've never seen a texas summer. lol

Darn, he really went off the deep end. I remember when he was just shy and wanted a man to love him.

no instant noods???

Where's her panties?

brb ow

Ive heard the folktales, ive studied the folklore, bring me melting repentance, deliver me to kek mighty Sol Invictus.

nope. Don't order take-away either.
I get all my food from grocery stores, and not stuff that only needs to be heated either

not even microwaves?

Okay, I do use a microwave for leftovers




Live on this pucci

gj thats more college student like

I wouldn't just throw stuff out, and cold pasta, chicken and sauce isn't really good

thats why you avoid pasta in general

cold potatoes aren't that good either

Feku's pasta here: