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It's an economical problem they have there.


Missed my chance

Yes, I typed an explanation for why I'm sure, but the explanation was pretty graphic and seemed to be in poor taste
I can still post it if you want but I answered ur question

What's wrong with a nap?

When was this

Why did he fail ?

Nah nah I'm good.

When I was new, you know, back when you tried to fuck everyone.

I'm not gay.

I'll be up all night again. I sort of want to normalize my sleep.

Thats what they all say

its okay ill be up all night too so we can bs back and forth to make it more bearable, even though i find being up at night is quite nice

It's their own god damned fault. And no, a poor economy does not equal people throwing garbage everywhere and shitting all over the place. An Indian woman who works for the UN specifically helping to build latrines and help with things like garbage control and shit like that in impoverished nations stated quite plainly that Indians refuse to build latrines because they can't shit in the latrines for thousands of years. The latrines they try to build last a minimum of five years, which is a big deal when it comes to disease control and all that. They won't because it makes them look poor that they can't have a latrine that lasts longer than that, so instead they shit just anywhere out in the open.

I like it, but I have a trip to embark on tomorrow that will be easier if I am not asleep for.

Ghost made a music video for He Is.

sounds like solid logic to me

Well part of it involved consuming hymen blood

And okay, I don't remember, but that's believable

That's just e-fucking though

I'm not gay but I kind of remember your picture and I think maybe I'd fuck your butt IRL

How do you have a sex shop loli job if you're nocturnal? Is it a 24 hour sex shop?

Wow you never know when a dog fucker is going to just run into a thread with is dick unsheathed

I kind of wonder if they will be able to fix it all, or if the problem will persist for eons on.

Well you know if you can't pick up a free ride on your looks alone, I guess you'll have to either get some sleep or turn in early for the night..

My shift usually starts at 3pm and goes to midnight when we close so as long as I get to bed before 8 am I'm fine.

Wow you just think im hitting on everyone im being nice to, you better stop hanging out with furries you're getting too good with the terminology

They can fix it, but they won't. All it takes is for one Indian to decide he isn't going to throw his garbage into a garbage can and then everybody else just says fuck it and follows suit.

About as solid as the runny diarrhea they have from all the dysentery and e.coli.

I lift my skirt a little and everyone stops to pick me up.

The length of a human life, a single moment, in the long run they are essentially the same.

I'm good.
Stick to hymen blood.

Do they though.

You think it would really work?
I mean, I would assume they'd be more selfish rather than following example.

its amazing how tangible pride can be when there is no place to put it

well then i dont have to feel too bad about keeping you up then

I'll pick you up first and take you home with me.

You have enough cat girls as is, you do not need me.

I saw

It's a good "false prophet" meme

You should probably aim for a big earlier than that ^^

But if you can make that work, I don't think there's really a big problem with how your sleep habits are now

That was actually just random bullshit that had nothing to do with the content of your post or who you were talking to

I realized before I posted it that it could be misinterpreted that way but I posted it anyway

Everyone knows dogs have dick sheaths

And Echo butt blood

*for a bit



thats exactly what lots of people say right before they turn gay

I'm talking about a moment in a human life. There is no way for us to think beyond the scope of our own life, so the extent of our life is the long term.

An Indian man did an experiment where he and a bunch of people went to the dirtiest areas of the dirtiest cities in Indian and cleaned them up, then every single day they went and cleaned it, even paying people to walk through and not shit on things, to not spit their chaw on the ground, and put their garbage in garbage cans. It took months, but those around there started following suit.

You know what the rest of the world considers prideful? NOT SHITTING ON THE GROUND. India is a fucked up place filled with actual garbage monsters.

I have no intention of turning gay.

I'm not a great sleeper so 6 hours is usually more than enough.

I'm surprised they haven't released any new songs.

That's odd, I would have though they would still follow their own customs.


me too

Nope, they have an absolute pack mentality. If one person does something everyone else follows, but to get them to not be filthy you have to get it to remain not filthy for months and have a lot of people not be filthy as well.


Too many cat gorls?

I can't compute.


haha replies might be a little spotty because im watching the end of an Observer stream on youtube

nevermind you're messaging me on steam anyways

kind of surprised to see you here but glad you're still instantly recognizable, but no i actually believe you, in fact it's something so fucked up it didn't really need to be fully fleshed out, like i remember having to choose between the outhouse and the india route and i went india once, but that was when i was like 13 and in middle school, i can imagine a whole country of people doing that and it ending a little worse than doggy doody in the yard

oh but go visit the taj mahal though

I thought it was pretty much full-blown anarchy there.

I will try not to get picked up by any strange men.
I'm going up to Portland with my parents, they have a concert there.

shockingly similar to how habit forming works in general, it may sound easy to not be disgusting for a person who is not disgusting, but from the perspective of someone who is used to being disgusting it takes months of effort to break out of



To say that we can't think beyond the scope of our own life's is incorrect, I know the natural call of the universe is entropy, and entropy leads to destruction of everything.


Where's the logic in that? If you don't sleep well, then it seems like you should be getting EXTRA sleep to make up for poor quality of sleep, if anything

I think they release things at a pretty good pace

They're working on a new album now; should be out next year

Should I tell you to stop being gay in public so you don't regret it when you're sober

Is that a good friend thing to do

Or should I just let this happen

Watch less of other people playing videogames and more of Japanese cartoons


Also they're fucking cheap. One cup of coffee to share among three fucking people and you're going to take up a table for four hours? Fuck you.

The Taj Mahal is also almost perpetually surrounded by garbage.

It is when nobody is in control. Which is almost all the time.

The thing is that the Indians bitch about how disgusting they are, but then the second some outsider says that what they're doing is disgusting it's a matter of pride to be even more disgusting.

ive probably watched and read more japanese stuff than you

I was in portland for a rave yesterday, and today to pick up some donations.

:( are you calling me strange? I'm pretty normal and not spooky


It's like the Pyramids at Giza.
There's a literal KFC about 100 feet away.

Entropy is not destruction. It is merely chaos that results in unity and order.

what's up

sounds almost like a group mental disorder, and since they all just sort of follow along with each other it just gets perpetuated out over and over again ad infinitum

I tend to just wake up after awhile and be unable to get back to sleep.

I would never call you strange, I was just assuring you I would make sure to arrive safely and unhurt.
Portland is alright, I don't like all the traffic though.


I'm leaving.

Everything here gets ruined over time

Jack is out here being gay in broad daylight

His nazi "I hate le degenerates" front is DESTROYED

I've probably masturbated with Japanese sex toys more times

Have you seen a doctor?


There is a lot of construction going on around in the surrounding cities. Also portland is basically becoming more and more populated. everyone wants to move there, but it doesnt bother me because it makes the price on my property go up.


My doctor says to sleep 9 hours a night.

Not very much, I am feeling sleepy.

Egyptians are better than Indians. They at least started to give a shit about maintaining their heritage.

Exactly, and yet they're fucking proud of this. They take pride in being disgusting because the rest of the world thinks it's disgusting. They're like teenagers that are trying to rebel, but all the time and they can never grow out of it.

Hopefully, I want to hear new stuff from them.

Would still assume that they wouldn't take a new person to command them just like that.

hello Ui.

work was really boring from the hurricane, not many people came

feeling fat
going to start skating again after the hurricane so I can get fit

I injected myself with the gay virus

well talking about it just makes me glad i don't live there, can't really say much more on the matter though can i, uhm i think i remember them from part 3 of jojo? i dont even eat that much indian food

Not one person, dozens of people, almost around the clock.


I think the problem is Indians give too much shit.

I still feel like that'd be too much for them to handle.

No i'm not crazy

Portland is too hipster for me.
Though where I live is barely better.
I don't leave my room if I can avoid it so big overpriced cities do not entice me.

As in skate boarding?

You know what no, fuck that pussy shit, I will say more on the matter. If they want to act like animals they should be treated like animals, guarded around the clock by riflemen and toilet trainers, execute anyone unwilling to convert.

sorry Grim

Egypt's problem is that they've had decades of militant fascist government.

They're paying Indians to shit in toilets and not be afraid some witch is going to, like, finger their butt hole or something when they're trying to shit.

Fucking hell. If I get fingered by a witch while taking a shit I'm going to flip.

Have you told him you're basically unable to do that?

I hope they come here again

Seems they do every time they have a concert


I've never talked about having sleep problems. It doesn't really have a large negative impact so I don't worry about it.


I believe the simpler solution would be paying a shit load of money to clean the entire country and then have people lead by example everywhere.

The concentration of all material and energy into one mass and the subsequent explosion of it all, starting it all over again, cyclical chaos, constant entropy, unity and order.

We always seem to do this, me and you, always good discussions.




I prefer the end result, honestly.

I've been told I'm a good conversationalist.

already thought of that, probably a lot cheaper than hiring a military too, but which is more likely to happen, people being nice or people using guns?

..for real?

Perhaps, but I assume that's just because they do tours everytime they release something new.

Why is that skateboard approaching those headphones like a child molester?


What is more likely to happen isn't necessarily the best or even correct solution.

you should go to bed sleepyhead


I'm going to try to make it to midnight.

of course not im just drunk and being an asshole, i dont think anyone cares about reforming india to not shit on itself unless there;s money in it anyways

That sounds pretty dumb.

You shouldn't let that happen.

Not getting enough sleep can have a negative effect on a bunch of things; you may not realize what it's causing

Yeah I mean every time they have a tour

I saw them two years in a row

India stands to make a lot more money in the long run by not ruining their country.

They are pretty dumb.

I spend a lot of time just lying in bed which is almost sleeping.

Sounds pretty good, haven't seen them live yet as they haven't had any shows in my city in a while.

I don't think it'll get better anytime soon.

That's physically resting but not mentally resting

I'm not even sure where I'll be living when they tour next, really

Neither do I.

good luck

don't really care

Did that China deal end?

Oh well, maybe some day?

I have catchup days where I sleep 13 hours to make up for them.

But the headphones are getting sexually abused by the board.

Maybe, but probably not for several generations.

it's ok

thats the unfortunate thing about habits, usually it takes someone not entrenched in them to break them

do I look like a video game nerd that watches anime

But the issue is that while you can maintain order through a military, the second you go away and your military leaves they will go right back to how they were.

That sounds pretty true, still pretty dumb.
Unless there will be some revolution and a new system will take over, which is heavily unlikely.

Rape is never okay, Nezi, it's never okay.

Yeah and then I took a trip to Slovakia, as Echo was confronting me about earlier

Not sure what I'll do next

My ties are severed clean and I'm free as a desert bird

How does that happen? One day, you're suddenly able to get more than six hours of sleep?

Were you telling me a fib when you said you're physically/mentally unable to sleep long enough

That won't happen. The Indians don't see a problem in their system. They see a problem in everyone else's.

There is no end in a cycle, imagine a sine wave, the only beginning and end are those perceived by our own minds, by framing it, we claim to understand it and to have mastered it, but in fact we have just distorted the reality of the situation to fit our human brain, stop thinking like a human.

oh christ, look, i know the civilized approach is the right one for thid and the military would be a dumb solution its just so easy to be a mean asshole right now and you're usually the first person here i want to be a mean asshole too

why do you have to sound so reasonable??

I'm not literally unable to sleep more or anything as hard-line as that. I just tend to wake up fully after 6 hours or so. Some days i'll fall asleep and suddenly it's been 13 hours instead of the usual amount. Once every few weeks.

you cant stop thinking like what you are

you might as well bark at a dog to speak english

That's odd, I thought you had pretty good job deal there for a long time.
Going back to USA for more things?

Oh well, probably it will change someday?

So cute

It gets old after a while

China just isn't really a good place to live after the novelty wears off, LOL

It was a good experience but I decided I didn't need it to last a whole year

And yeah I'm now in a weed phase where I process everything that happened and decide what to do next

I refuse to think like anything else. Humans are the only animal that refuses to be what it is.

I am a reasonable fellow I suppose.

Everything will change someday.

Sleep issues are cute?

You are

I don't know; everyone's different. Maybe your body works that way because that's what's best for it

You don't end up feeling overly sleepy or anything?

"What hope is there to transcend what is when there are no thoughts to be anything more?"

Well then, I enjoyed that one month I spent in Shanghai as an exchange student a bit too much.

I feel like I should make that "War, war never changes" joke here.

The correct response is that stagnation is death.

Yet war does change.

just a big book i have called quotes from anonymous

A month is a good amount of time

I was in China for six months

I usually feel alright if I get a solid 6. It's the days where I can't get to sleep and end up getting two or three before I have to get up that ruin me.

People ask questions they think are rhetorical, but there is almost always an answer.

most questions people would consider rhetorical, i don't want a solid answer to, people go mad for reasons

Everyone is mad in this crazy mixed up world of ours.

Well, weapons and tactics do, but the nature doesn't.

It was 2015-2016ish, but it was all good times, and in Shanghai.

sure but most of us try to deny it

To expect a dog to speak English is unreasonable.

To expect a human to remove limitations based on perspectives and preconceived notions is not unreasonable for those that do not fear the unknown, science tries to prove things, religion chooses to answer things with ignorance,
To understand the human brain and to ignore what it wants to think is not imposible.

I feel like i haven't selfie whored in a while

still have the giant jewnose

Poor baby -hugs tightly- :3

Slovakia was way better imo

It's a god damn fairy tale environment


you're talking about removing the ego and ignoring ingrained things in the brain that have been there since a brain has been a brain, and try to think and reason beyond a scope we will ever know, because understanding and realizing is not knowing or fully comprehending, and you can't even do it without getting one typo? if you can't perfectly construct a message why do you think you can perfectly remove yourself from the brain you live in? people might do things but they work on a system of motivations, it may extend to useful things outside of their lives but it's all for the pursuit of knowledge or money, not the people of tomorrow

You're fucking cute, I been thinking about selfying, lately.

So, how's Fish?

I don't know, I liked China a lot because everything was open 24/7 and it didn't matter if I was getting absolutely wasted at a bar every night.


fish is high on life

Tactics do as well, it's no longer about killing people, it's about damaging the economy so that war is unreasonably expensive.

Why deny it?

All we are is a brain in a meat mobile.

why? well if you accept that everyone is mad and crazy that isn't very good for business is it

I think it's the opposite. That fuck it yolo mentality is great for business.

How comes?

Perhaps, although that doesn't work against the religious groups as they fight with their moral.

no, no see thats what i mean, its fine to SEE irrationality in the world, and manipulate it, but to express it and say the world is irrationality? that is what is unacceptable, irrational, and its not just the money, sure you cant just say the customer is irrational they'll get offended, but what are you selling? if you're trying to sell life and you say life is irrational suffering and pain well no one can accept that and you are an idiot, you should stop talking because you're upsetting other people on the ride

But I have no reason to do anything for the people of tomorrow, and the fact that I typoed doesn't mean shit to me, I exist, therefore their must be a reason for my existence is a common means of thinking, but there is no reason for my existance, I'm just here and you are there.

And a brain is just an electro-chemical computer, and our bodies are but evolutionary mechanical systems, caused by genetic mutations which are commonly seen as flaws in the programming.

They are using the religion only as a justification.

You are selling things to make life more bearable. That's the trick. Life is shit, buy my thing and it won't be.

We are more than the sum of our parts.

The Strain is cool

got a girl and got a job and gonna be living on my own in a few months

What kinda nerd still watches TV?

I thought it was just laziness and using religion as an excuse to not shooing the cows.

Didn't know about the job other than working for the same company as family.

and what does determining the meaninglessness of your existence do for you exactly? does it figure out any fundamental laws governing forces around the bodies which play against our observations of reality? does determining that we exist without real meaning somehow do something valuable for us?

what is it even that you are saying.

exactly my friend

I do, I work at the same office as my mom, as an assistant for a co-worker

I'm talking about war.

And if it costs too much, or if it's harmful in some way, fuck it, yolo.

Me I guess

but i'm watching it on my computer

"soft" safety standards are what used to make companies their money shit bring it back

How about that apartment?
Going to live under rent, or buying your own?

Oh, well, that's always true for the other side.



gonna find the cheapest rent I can around work, which is gonna be like 375 miracle rent

How's Ui?

Ah, I'm going to buy-buy my own apartment quite soon-ish.

congrats, mortgage is usually cheaper than rent in america-land and we don't usually buy appartments

Why do you contradict yourself?

Truth be told, alcohol is nice, and I was having a discussion with fool, and fool doesn't seem to be so agitated when he disagrees with a statement, so he's easier to talk to.

extremely exhausted from running around all day. Finna home and had some bbq chicken.


I'd say bring on the regulations and stick it to the corporate fascists.

It's also true of our side too.

Why you post in binary when I don't care to identify what you say?

Because that brain is more than just chemical reactions and computation.

Rent here is like 500-700€ a month for a quite small apartment, so buying one for 10-15k€ is cheaper than what it will be in 2 years.

Oh, why did you run all around?
That sounds good, I've just had pasta carbonara and chicken cutlets.

Perhaps, I mean, I swore by God during my military inauguration, but I think it would still be by my own country if it ever came to that rather than God.


Alright, I'm going to go sleep three hours and be back later.

It is always God that is sworn to, but it is only God in name that is being fought for.

Pretty much, and I don't like being in debt as studies here don't cost and I'm currently in 0% debt.

Sleep well KIssShot

an interesting way to word things but im not trying to express aggression or agitation, im actually curious about what you are thinking or saying

truth be told though the ending to this has me really distracted

what kind of fucked up reality is this where you're nice and im the asshole hahaha

But I'm listening to Lovage.

The same reality we've always been in. My reality.

I had to run north to portland and grab a bunch of supplies and donations for my organization and traffic was hell.
now I'm just bored here trying not to fall asleep yet. what do


solipsism is so bland and trite though

Oh, sorry about that.

Because of the storms I assume?
Is falling asleep that bad?

But it's so much fun.

Sup diggies^^

It's alright.

not a topic for me tonight, go watch Baccano! or something

taking my sedatives now, gnight all

Can you link it?
Just asking out of curiosity.

Prove it's more.
What can your brain do that is different from any process a computer can do, just because a computer has not yet been programmed to function the same does not mean it is fundamentally different.

I let my brain go wild and I try to pick and choose what makes sense for what is being discussed and sometimes I allow tangents to sneak in, or as an attempt to add more to what I'm trying to say, and sometimes I just like to try to contradict fool with a logical arguement to his statements, I don't believe I think better or differently from others, but think of what could be if we stop thinking like humans.


I can think and feel and act irrationally and against my programming.

nah. I do drug education and lab test drugs. I work with erowid ecstacydata and others.

I don't want to disclose my organization though.
We do a lot of confidential work and are working on things like mdma therapy and mushroom anti-depressants.

to stop thinking like humans all you have to do is build a computer, i understand your views better and ill leave it at that and see where humanity goes with joining the two

Alright, giving this a go, sounds pretty good so far.

That sounds like some sort of a Polish title.
It's okay, I was just wondering why you're having troubles falling asleep.

I am a raging insomniac. I'm supposed to be on a moderate dose of ambien, but I don't like to rely on it.

I don't into animus.

It's a side project to a side project, it's incredible. Also Mike Patton.

just japs trying to western philosophy

Oh well, never got that thing.
I'm supposed to self-medicate with melatonin, but I keep forgetting, hah.

It doesn't sound too bad to be honest.

There are some brilliant Japanese directors and writers who did that.


But computers only use code, algorithms, processies, all produced by the human brain, it takes more than a computer to stop thinking like a human, in the end a computer only produces a result based on human input, with a pen and paper a human can reach the same results, for now computers do not think, and if we design computers that think, we will just copy the human brain and the same problem is met.

must not be one of them

but computers dont just write on paper, they can cut out things with extreme precision and speed in the physical world, something we cannot do even though we made it, so they can do things we can't physically, why not mentally

Probably isn't.

Unless one of them became a ghost or something. Wouldn't that be spooktacular?

but maybe you could give me some ones that are pretty cool and though provoking?

Ozu, Kurosawa,, Kobayahsi, and Okamoto as far as directors.

Endo, Dazai, Kawabata, and Mishima as far as authors.

what about particular works? im not really interested in the topic enough to eplore a bunch of authors and directors and branch out from there but simply because ive already been heavily exposed to it from western philosophy, maybe you could list some individual works that stand out?

The Human Condition by Kobayashi
Sword of Doom by Okamoto
And literally choose any film by Ozu or Kurosawa.

A Death in Midsummer by Mishima
No Longer Human by Dazai
Snow Country by Kawabata
Silence by Endo

Precision ground components are all done with the human hand, still, a computer can never make gear teeth mesh like a human brain can, computers don't have the same feedback, they can't account for variances as reliably, and they don't have the ability to repair an object and try again, in most cases a human can make something with the same precision or better than a computer in less time, computers work for those that do not yet have or wish to develop those levels of skill or precision, but in the end they are still set by humans, they still have to be adjusted by humans, they still involve a human element.

Kokoro by Soseki is also very good.

Guess i should throw in some quality films to watch with my girlfriend along with all the other trash stuff i'm intentionally including for laughs...

i want to send you a reply but a lot of things in that post just arent true so im just going to unwind for the night instead of getting wound up, computers can cut things out lightning fats with very little human guidance and almost no mistakes, and it can cut out steel with water-pressure, there is a lot we cannot do with our hands and bodies

Watch The Human Condition. It's nine hours long and incredibly bleak and heart breaking.It's also incredibly well written, well shot, and very well acted.

might be inspiration for the Black Tape from YuYu Hakusho, sorry moire anime references


I don't get that reference. If you want violence and bloodshed, Sword of Doom. It's also very well shot, well written, and very very well acted. And the violence isn't gratuitous, it serves to further the story. Ryunosuke is one of the earliest and best examples of the antihero.

ill provide examples of any reference you are unfamiliar so dont worry, and thanks ill be sure to check out that movie as soon as i can but ive been getting a lot of recommendations lately

It's not the water but the aggregate that does the cutting, and a cutter like that can only cut straight things, they cannot cut concave or convex.
Edm machining would be a better argument.
I agree, I'm winding down too.
[Spoiler]wanna erp enstead[/spoiler]

hu why wake early???

ew, and yea, i get that you didnt really agree with every point you were putting out, and that let to a lot of conflicting or inaccurate points like fool did earlier that you pointed out, anyways i cant keep track of that stuff when im high


Ignore others, listen to Fool. He watches them real good movies you know?

to cook you breakfast

you do have alright taste i can trust in some things, but my boss gave me some awful B movie shit, and my girl you know she loves to laugh at those awful flicks with me

Ooh, watch any of John Waters's early work with Divine or Edith Massey.

carefull he nut in the eggs

Waters is the Pope of Trash. God how I love that man.

why must you make this lewd?

ill just like, bookmark this thread okay?

wont remember this shit way too fucking stoned



i leave you guys with this for the night

Speccy has a pic he wants to show you, but he's too beta to post it himself, so he's now begging me to post it for him, but problem is that I didn't save it

Honestly the most fun I've had on LoL in a long time.

Is it your member?

wait no

Hahaha! I don't know what that means!

Hmm- I suppose I could post that...


Baby where do you find all these eggcellent megu's?

this guy

Means it was fun.

Spec likes explosion loli???

Possibly. Or he just wants me to post her.
Might as well give him what he wants

Fake news, he just doesn't want anyone to know he frequents /c/, /a/, and multiple other boorus at this point.

I need

t. cnn


I got the links off him



2 layzee

teach me how to degenerate like you

what's up
playing league or something?

me but the other way around

He still haven't posted the pic either, and I lost the link for it. How disappointing

You've already surpassed me!

Animal Crossing.
I'm done with LoL for the night.

oh well.

oh okay..

oh, found it


Sorry. I'm too tired to play anything that requires reflex or I'd offer to play with you.

I win.

tell me more about how degenerate you are

He's the lewdest. He even link me pics of anime girls covered in cum too for some reason

its alright, i just woke anyways, have fun.

I sleep naked

Will Hu ever stop lying?
The truth may shock you.

do you touch yourself in bed?

It's not very thought intensive.
I can stay and chat if you should wish.

He wants you

Name a guy that doesn't

I guess he still does



Oh no.

how often do you touch yourself in bed?

h-hey there big boi

watching anything?

Hello, Bard.

No. I am currently reading about items in the game.

like, twice a day. After waking up and before sleep

wota re you doing awake at 4 a.m ono a sunday?

in animal crossing? trying to get something?

wow thats more degenerate than me

Well, this is how late I stay up now.
My factory job will be 5 pm to 6 am.
So I need to be awake until around 7 am from now on.

I found a 4 leaf clover and wanted to know if it did anything.
Beyond that I am just mucking around.

You seem distraught.

I don't gargle on my own cum.
Or fap to anime

nightime is the right time

i wanna be dis comfy

one of these things isnt true and the other isnt degenerate


All my friends are mostly asleep though so it's sort of boring.
Though I do like the quiet of the night.

Get a girlfriend~

i always get a strange sort of nostalgiac feeling at about 4 or 5 .am tha's comfy to bask in

I just get ridiculously tired and such.

What is your olld schedule like?
How much of a change is this new one?

sounds fun, emulator?

my head hurts, i've jsust been sleeping a little much...


I was usually asleep by 3.
I might rest though around 5 tonight.

No. I have it on 2DS.

You should drink water and sleep less.

fucking same

lol jk i lied. twice

girls are scary and impossible

Girls are too demanding. Easier to just be the girl


me if i was on tindr

Time to rest.

oh nice native hardware.

i have been, sorry i get moody when i stay up for too long.



Takae me with you


Check Discord.
Good night, Luka.





you killed it Bard

dawwin you never make me feel speciaw anymowe.....

*wink* now that everybody's not watching ...



i've been in and out of sleep for the past like 2 days and every time I come here you've been here so in my mind youve ust been keeping this shit on LOCKDOWN for the passt like 46 hours

Is this you?



Maybe I have~

you cant jut bully me into sleeping then doothat........................

Bard is for bullying


i'm a beautiful and delicate

sensitive flower

that wouldnt be fun at all

Did your parent tell you the story about the bee and the flower?

Yes it would!

Oh reginald...........?


n-no when I was a kid I got read stuff like where the red fern grows or stephen king novels like the talisman

w-what's it about?

my dick wouldnt get sucked in that scenario

i dont watch your white people cartoons


stop trying to force your fagay on me

you're always so mean

Pull down your pants and I'll tell you

You sure about that?

Pull down your pants and I'll tell you

Wait I didnt read that properly I meant I would pull mine down and you could tell me

oh god what have i got myself into.....

Will just make you jelly.

Sure, fag


im satisfied with my size anyways so im k



Size doesn't even matter anyway


s-so what are you still doing awake dont you have school?


i am far too discombobulated

Its like 5 a.m here

You guys dont have weekend school?

Bard should sleep~

but size queens

why areyou doing this to me

Wow I can't believe bard doesnt know hu's exact timezone like I always do

big dicks dont fit into tiny pantsu


no size queens allowed

cause Bard is for bullying~

Yay more megoomin

you're going to shatter my fraggile glass spirit

oh yeah I love Megaman

i need a better pc

nice trueno

I thought you said you were too lazy~

pls no ;-;


I can't even tell what game this is.

You only know it cause it's the same one as Ikt's~

nah its cuz its just 12 hours off me lol

this is an easy imgur dump :D


Need for D: V

You really do wake up during the evening and goes to bed when the sun is rising, huh?

its convenient this way

That explains the annoying stuff they have thrown in the corner in each pic ;-;

Need for D:

People still play GTA?

still gets me

There's a no watermark version but low res


wait i replied to myself

Just found it odd why you'd go to bed around the time I do, and seem to wake up around the same time I do as well.
Such a stalker

oh, meh..

Nope that was my schedule first you stole it

I've woken up at like 6am and gone to bed at 10pm for years!

damn i guess you beat me since i dont have an actual schedule most of the time

Then you're the thief

tfw get bigg hitt

looks like florida's gone

rest in pieces

what are yu hearing about it? I'm worried about my buddy.........

Also nezi

i guess ill steal your virginity next


what a faggot

-is what I would say if you were female ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

i wonder where my thirt quenching buddy the vaporeon in a glass is tonight

yuo are meh!!

its inside a storm

You can't sit on the fence your whole life~

I know

Don't worry he's not sitting on a fence

he's sitting on a dick

Or will one of these days

Is it me or has Feku become gay

Sometimes I just don't know about that boy

you know you'd almost swear he was a girl

Yes more Subaru suffering!

Nope, it's not just you

Nah, definitely a guy

I mean at least I'm only ironically obsessed with cocks.

right, just ironically, of course

Haha yes very

are you tryin to tell me that uhhhhhh girls cant have penis

very obsessed, and unironically, we know

Yep, I am

uhhh dont you fucking misgender me you misogynist cis shit...

Good thing I only call you a guy then~

about that

good boy