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he bedded, as should you

I'm still failing at English after all these years

The irish are scum rats.



night night


night you too

time for fap

Does attention posting even work?

Let's find out.



what the fuck japan lmao


im ok


am i ok???


Annie you okay, you okay, you okay, Annie?



Fish still find me boring?


You and your private Discord.

blame guero

I blame my existence.


it's okay SD, i still love you.
do you wanna play pubg sometime?

Is ikt a God?

Love you too.
Perhaps, don't think the lag would help too much though.

we can play on EU. No problem with that. uwu

I live.


chu chu mother dearest.
How goes your weekend?

it is boring


when did I say this?

Same. Work is such a drag. Reee

I remembered you saying something about me being uninteresting or something and it being why no one is in my discord server, i don't really remember what exactly.

I do not recall this but it sounds like something I'd say when I was in a mood


my iPad finally works again

expensive to repair though omg

im haruhi irl actually

i want raphi to step on me

i need to cry

Oh, well, we'll have to think about that sometime also Scoots could possibly join too?

That's pretty much same with every gadget nowadays, wasn't there any sort of policy for it though?

Does this mean you can do that dance?

why cant anything go right today

everything's going right for me mayne

except for one tiny little detail but shit, it's only a matter of time before it goes away

I know it sucks... and unfortunately I broke it myself and had to pay the costs for a repair place to fix it

I hope things start looking up!

Hare Hare Yukai?
I actually can.

I spent a year learning the choreography once.

genuinely glad to hear that.

shit never seems to go your way.

god damn I wish I had 15 bucks right now

this shit looks like gold.

I fucking know right, it feels weird

I do have one big problem which is gonna kinda rule a small portion of my life for the next six months but I can handle it.

how the fuck do you keep something going for six months.

what do you mean?

nevermind. the thing is going to exist for six months regardless of you.

without this problem I'd feel worse if that makes any sense

more like a giant annoyance from something that makes me very happy

is it a problem you can run away from?

fucking pleb

technically yes, but it would make me very sad

if fish can do it, there may be hope for us yet
the fish in the coalmine, so to speak.

when will the weight of the sadness outweigh the weight of the problem?

fuck I'll just say it

my girlfriend doesn't turn 18 for 6 months

no we're not fucking

Cradle Robber.


stream me movies


I thought this was a more existential problem, but I guess I was projecting. you generally shouldn't put any importance onto other people, or base your happiness on theirs. not sure what this seventeen year old is like, but it sounds almost too good to be true, which means if it is, it probably won't be for long.

six months is ages.

where's grim

I want to help you


More PkmnGO girls, plz.

Saying his name will summon him


Oh, RIP.
Hopefully not too much though.

Yeah, that.
For some reason that doesn't surprise it.

The AE86 is 31 years old and will never be a viable cheap car to mess around with again.

Modern cars will never be cheap and open to modifications enough to have cheap racing fun with.

Why even live


fucking kill yourself gook

Hello to you too!

it's not working

meh, I've been single over a year now, and It'd be a nice change of pace over fucking someone on the first date and then never seeing them again

also yeah the existential crisis is at maximum right now but I'm kinda living with it somehow

git gud


I hate when people do weeab shit but don't want to commit to it.

VK wasn't even good.

I tried my best

So you're saying you could do a better job ?


Don't say my IRL name

this is bullshit

For that I need more space, and a second and third whom I can teach the choreography.

"The good old days"

Do I buy the current Humble Bundle :thinking:

You can't prove this.

Who would you even try and recruit for this ?

Was it really good ?


I wouldn't have put the marks there if they were.

I payed 1 dollarydoo

I'm sure you have more than enough video games already

I don't have to it just is!!!!!!!!!

Asians or mythical white people with good co-ordination.

I want to cum inside Umaru.

why did I buy this shit

I want to be cummed inside by ikt.

Holy heck can I delet that?

unless it was some kind of mind game


Aren't you white though ?

Printed && framed.

Was going for a low-key reference to 21 Pilots, but oh well.


take it back you monster...

hot glued rin ;;

Yeah, so I have bad co-ordination.
That's why it took me so much practice to learn.

well this is enough old me for today toodles good night y'all

Show me your moves.



I lol'd pretty hard

I unironically listen to Lil Uzi tho


Oh fuck is there a jewtube version of this

The song is Hunting Song by Korpiklaani

Yeah I know the band they are amazing didn't know this version, had to
Thanks lad

How's Colbs?

No problem, drinking something tonight?

lmao oh fuck nice

Didn't see that coming
Source on song?

Hangin' in there


drinking alle

Hunting song by Korpiklaani as stated earlier, although no clue about your video other than that it's Vityas remix.

Living the slow life, but it's better than no life.

Ale, or is it some specialty?

Beer and hubertus

Everyone dead or something?

Hubertus bräu?
Sounds nice, I'm just going the usual white rum way, no Korpiklaani - Vodka song this time.

Are you not?

I'm watching game of thrones ;;

Last I checked, no

I'm watching Return of the Living Dead



I suddenly started remembering my childhood for the olde fuck I am
Nostalgia night

You'll find love one day

Why do you do this to me?

It happens every now and then.

Everything I do

I do it for you

Is that before or after night of the living dead or a different series altogether?

he loves to ignore his best internet friends ;;

It's a pseudo-sequel, in the same universe I believe. Very good movie



I don't care enough to search

Rarely thank the gods

don't do it

what else u saying tonight? Another movie later ooorrrr??




Typical excuse

Just for you, I won't

Saying? I don't know. I saw It yesterday and that was a blast

Typical objective mindset you mean


happy saturday, how has your weekend been so far?

eh, just means what're you up to

and oh I see, what are your plans for later tonight?

Uhh work-y.. My weekends are Mon-Wed lol


I fucking love Dialga man

No, an excuse from fucking idiots like myself

My plans are to drink and post and shit, play some Pogeymans

oh I see, must be very busy on the weekends, u work at a restaurant right?

It's been nice, hung out with some friends last night just relaxing today/tonight~

sounds liiiiittt fam :3

did u get destiny 2??

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

Yeah. idk there's always rushes but overall it's been like the calm before the busy season.

That's sounds nice.

I'm waiting for my soldering iron to warm up then hopefully my quad will be able to fly again. So frustrating.

Fucking destroyed

It's lit bro

I don't like shooters

Well then
I guess us idiots gotta stick together

I'll never do anything that cool in my whole life

has it been dead this whole time?!

I guess they are probably pretty delicate, like you probably can't crash it into anything without damaging it I'd imagine

I didn't even know it was a shooter I just knew it was a new PS4 game everyone is playing

Oh, I didn't know that.

I find it somewhat enjoyable, remembering those old memories.

How's Elmers?

But I don't think I do!

Yeah. My soldering iron that I borrowed is a piece of trash so I can't really fix it. That, and when you need new parts you have to wait pretty long sometimes.

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

lol griddles

what are ya? new?!

well I still think it's hella impressive you even have one and can work on it

you're smart ;;

I'm not that smart. pls.

What's the problem with it?
Could also be the fault with the tin you're using, since some are thicker and depending on the style it could also be a lot more heat resistant.

No, it's just that Colbs has never loved me...

Oh, hey canadanon, nice illias, you're posting there.

idfk I have 3 different tins to try and it's like my soldering iron has a single hot spot that makes it drip everywhere instead of like going into the wires

Do you have steel wool?
You should always scrape it on steel wool after soldering something, I mean, when the edge is hot.

The tip is clean and will not retain the silvery tip
like it just drips off

You should get some solder flux then.

I used to use a wood burner for soldering, they're a lot cheaper for some reason and come with a ton of tips.

Nigga it has that built in hence my frustration and urge to throw everything across the room.

you're working on and tinkering with a tiny flying robot! This is like dexters laboratory level shit

they're pretty mean if we're being 💯 it

thanks boy

nice guns

Should try another brand then, did 3 years of soldering for my degree as an electronics technician.

That's pretty rude.

You need to do your research yo

When he says he's just a friend


Subpar show at best. I liked DeeDee ;3

I think it was my impatience getting the best of me. I figured it out. Sorry for calling you the n-word lol

No, that gun is a sin, it's the worst

I'm just sassy

yeah like I'm gonna research a video game

do u have any shows you are watching now? I just started game of thrones a week or so ago

It's okay, but the thing is that you probably got a horrible soldering iron tip or bad soldering tin, my old old job during studies had ones that you could crank up to 900F, and I did that everytime I had those bad brand tins that wouldn't do what they were supposed to.
Accidentally burnt a hole on my finger too with one.

Are you a rude dude?

Damn I forgot about TP night

Maybe next week

I don't watch shows lol

Nah, I get that. This one is wicked old. my gf's dad's. I'm just borrowing it. And yeah, obvs more temp is good, but like the problem with that is that I'm working on a 20mm x 20mm circuit board and don't want to fry anything before I get to fly lmao.


You're spending your hard earned money on it, at least do a Google search

It's like this is a village and this big ogre comes out from a cave and throws poop around in the village once a week and I miss it

Oh, RIP, I used to solder normal components and sometimes surface-mount components, so I had a different type of soldering tip for those.

I don't know.


I thought tonight was friday night too

I like too because it's easy and fun and I do t have to pay attention

but I'm not I just wondered if you bought it

That's not very nice..

I'm high all the time and I'm nocturnal so how can I keep track of anything

How u

Lol Asian metal

It's great until he starts singing

Just like fucking a trap

It's good until he starts moaning



I'm naughty and nice at the same time

m-me too...

yeah pre good, how's your night been?

It's just a phase, i swear i can change


We NEED!!!!!!!!!! the weekly shit ogre to make a surprise appearance and save the board

Also Kissy if you're lurking you need to turn in your drawing homework to me

Are you sure, do you want to lock this answer?

I don't believe it.

ILU Erio

Por que no?

I did not, I suck at those games and they frustrate me

You're a fucking trap lmao


Don't you babymetal me

That song was American in origin btw

Came from a NJ metal band

A what again?
Old memes die hard.


Mexican for "why not"

I know, you've recommended the band to me before.

Are you partaking in the drinking of the forgetful juice tonight aswell?

When have I ever disappointed you, SD?
probably often

hello, griddles :D

Have you HEARD Domination? I mentioned that I wanted to learn that song to the music store guy and he fucking laughed in my face because of how hard it is

Si se puede


Shrek is pretty fitting for TP because "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP????" is basically something TP's said before

TP u should avatar as Shrek

Forever true?


Well, I do wish that you would reply to me a lot.

I think you've linked that before.
I just initially want to learn how 2 guitar, but I'm too dumb for that.


Hey, I love you MANAKA!!!!!!!!



I think I did it

I'm realllllllllly scared to fire her up tho x_x

Take away the loli themes and Baby Metal is GENERIC SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can do it, just have passion for it

They're really not, the musicians are all incredible.

she loves horror movies and we're gonna go see "It"

Missed this

It's been good

I just woke up like two hours ago

Is she even allowed to see that movie? :^)

omg i didn't even think about that top kekerino

You will not be disappointed. It is good.

God damn it Darwin if you weren't my dad

I don't really remember well

We drank a lot when we drank

I just remember kind of feeling like it was mediocre stuff like a lot of what he listens to but that being drunk made it acceptable

"It" looked pretty interesting, I suppose
I never read the novel though

The music is pretty generic for sure, you can just tell there is talent there

same. i think i watched a little bit of it when I was a kid but I don't remember any of it

I once soldered a pigtail plug end for the heater unit on my truck in -10F, and the solder iron wouldn't get hot enough so I used a blow torch.

be around when i'm not at work or sleeping ;-;
then again.. I might just finding excuse for my negligence. Ever since we both got our.. new thing

are you still in the navy? i'm doing alright, stressed, relaxed, repeat. mostly stressed.

It's a remake?

Are the lolis talented?

It is I.
Your favorite dog fucker.

I'm Maddie tho


That sounds terribad haha

I'm tinning my motor wires now then I'm gonna see what happens x_x

She doesn't look pretty, but I think she'll fly :p

No, I had a lot of stuff happen, like a lot, and I got out of the navy because of it.

yeah there was a really old one ages ago

Set Colbs straight and inform him that dogs could make better metal than his Japanese little girls do

Perhaps, but I don't know where to start or how to.
Albeit I have a guitar at my disposal.

But whenever you're not, you're playing your MOBAs or unturned!

Dogs don't have thumbs. Let alone the ability to smelt metal.

Hey alicefag, are you also the 2B in alice chat?

They have to memorize the dances, the singing and do it perfectly

That is fucking tough

God damn it Darwin if you weren't my dad

Shit sorry :/

Learn notes and chords and shit

Manaka lemme see your butt

Good stuff..Bad stuff? what do you do now? soomething better than navy i hope

it's.. mostly unturned and why dont you join :3

or do you prefer other game?

I wish I was 2B, unfortunately not, i don't even come to chat


Metal where the vocals are just dogs barking actually seems like a kind of metal idea

But they can bark aggressively

I didn't insult ur taste Colbs is framing me

I wonder if they have dads like Michael Jackson's

Too hard.

Because I once tried that game and I'm too dumb at it.


You'd love the chicken solo in that Igorrr song

It did suck,
But I got the job done and I had heat for my 4 hour drive the next day.

Bad stuff, I work at a place that I'm way over qualified for, and the pay isn't that great either, I make air con units for ford.

time to play this meme

I would hope not..

You don't have the passion then, shame


The what

Here are some animal sounds

Silly Colbs, I don't have passion for anything.

Was it based on this? Because this is fucking iconic


They're all going to have monkeys and children with silly names when they grow up

Well fuck its been a while

I already talk with the lad sweat not

I play in much more forgiving server, they let us get kits and airdrop is plenty. But that also means more players have weapon and likely to kill us

Why? Did you find new enemy/crush?

Enjoy your carpal tunnel.

What has?


I already have it on both hands fam

Yeah, RIP me.

No clue about those, me and a friend just drove around gathering supplies in an empty server.

I play StarCraft.

It is like, there will be supply drops around the map which contain weapon. In a pinch you can get free food once every half a hour i think.

That sounds like any other survival game, but ehh, seems kind of dumb without the area that gets smaller like PUBG.

Manaka, you switched to phone and you forgot me

is that mairu orihara?


I still like you, so there's that



Hey fool, how goes?

Ehh.. from nuclear engineer to.. AC unit manufacturer?

what is going on!

well.. you can build bases..

Jack is being GAY!!!!!!!!!! on Skype

Painting. And how have you been, Cold bear?

I'm about the same as last time. How is Navy life treating you?

How's Fool?

I will have to buy you cheesecake some year.

I'm awful at those, I couldn't bother with them in Fallout 4 either other than planting a few turrets and building necessities.

I gave up on the game already, boring as shit

I was sent loli

About the same. I finally found a copy of Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass. It's surprisingly hard to find in stores. And you?


Lolis are gay

Everyone is gay for Echo

I've had this on my spotify mix for rock for a while now.
Didn't think there'd be any good Blue Monday covers.

That's quite the mouthful, what is it about?
A bit tired, but it's the weekend at least.
Scored a pretty good job, or, well, a better one than my last one to be honest.

Oh there you are

Just remembered I only descended into this realm tonight because of you

Where's your drawing

He's kind of a cunt and I'm glad I deflowered his country


It's a collection of short stories that relates the bizarre circumstances surrounding the illness and eventual death of the character's father. It's about the meaninglessness of life, the strangeness and unreliability of reality, and all that other wonderful stuff.

So, like surreal view of the world with a tint of Nietszche?

I had problems, I spent a week in a psychiatric ward for suicidal thoughts and tendancies, and I got to go to rehab for alcoholism for 6 weeks after that, I was not in a good place, and I took the first job I could get into, my dad and brother also work there.

I'm no longer in the navy, see above for additional detail.

I found my tablet cord though so that's good.
I have trouble drawing when I am up all night and sleeping during the day. Well, trouble doing anything really.
How are you doing?

The author is known as "The Polish Franz Kafka." I've read his other collection "Street of the Crocodile" and he's really very good.

What in the hell happened that lead to all that?

Painting? What are you painting?

And I've been better, but still holding on

We can get it together

Landscapes mostly. The same stuff I was doing, only better.

Holding onto what? I heard you moved from LA to the East Coast.

We have the same sleep habits right now :3 I woke up a few hours ago

I'm fine, super baked

How often do you masturbate? I promise this is related

I think I kind of have more artistic urge when I masturbate less

Once a week

I've never really looked into Kafka to be honest, what was he like?

I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever do visit the US.

Pretty sure it's Asada Shino.

Bleak. Very bleak. He once said that death is merely "Returning a nothing to the nothing."

Doesn't seem like often

I think just drinking coffee can help get you in the mood for art too ^^

Anyway, I guess I'll check on this again at some point in time

I might have to start deducting points for late work

Well, I mean, he'd be right, no?

He was right. Life is just an endless series of bureaucratic nightmares that strips you of your humanity before eventually killing you like a dog.

toofabdaush nana beia

I am also good at landscapes

Also no, I didn't move. Holding on to my sanity, I guess

I would love that, we would have fun

The way people were treating me, the way I was dealing with all the feelings, the way I never confronted anyone about anything, the half a 5th a night drinking I was doing, the crying myself to sleep on my computer a couple nights a week, the stress and the headaches, the anxiety attacks, the plan to swallow a pack of 12 razor blades and through myself down a 20foot ladder well.

I lack much of a sex drive.
I hate coffee. I dislike most bitter things.

Death is meaningless, life is meaningless, nothing makes sense, everyone around you is indifferent to your suffering, alienation reigns supreme, you don't get it and try to fight back, but that just prolongs your agony.

Why do you need that?

That doesn't sound like a good time.

Huh, I didn't mean to link Gridless in that first bit.

I don't really know


Then get rid of it. It'll be your undoing in the end.

I can get behind that idea, I mean, there's nothing I hate more than bureaucracy.

Sleep well Rin.

Now I'm wondering what kind of coffee places there are that offer that beyond Starbucks.

Indians. Dots, not feathers.

I am not really familiar with that idiom.

Eh, I duno...

There are a fucking ton

But what place has the best cheesecake?

The Indians from the country of India. Where they shit on the street, throw garbage everywhere, make everything basically an unlivable hellscape, and blame the rest of the world. They are the worst kind of people.

But I do.

Probably some kind of bakery tbh


They stink, they stink of rotting garbage all the time. They're fucking disgusting and self entitled.

Trust in me.

So, like, the idiom of one rotten in the basket or something along those lines?

Ah, I always try to order cheesecake if the place here has some to see how good it is.
I may like cheesecake a bit too much.

No, I;m saying that I hate Indians more than bureaucracy because Indians are fucking nightmare creatures.

I've developed a existential view of all of existence, I understand it all, haven't looked much into Kafka, but this
Sounds something I would say. Or maybe George Carlin.

It's okay, it was fitting.

I'm not an Existentialist, I'm an Absurdist. It's more fun that way.

Absurdism sounds more like me, but I understand too well that in the grand skeem of things everything that everyone and everything else does is insignificant.

So, tech support in any case is a no-go?

I don't trust them with computers. Their solution is to shit on everything. Literally.

Not just insignificant, meaningless.

What the fuck were you doing here Erio ?

But it's only meaningless in the long term, for now it's meaningful to others at least.

Is it meaningful in the short term though? Is there even such a thing as short term?

Does Echo sound gay ?

asking for a friend

Studying a broad

People are being weird about Echo tonight

I thought the meme was that they had designated streets for it.



Why do you think that is ?

Knew it

Looks too

U didn't understand my joke

I tried to focus test it on Jack but he didn't respond fast enough so it's his fault

I like when erio comes here.


Homosexuality and because he apparently has feminine vibes

We're talking about me being in his country LOL

I-I knew that.

What the hell, man.

The short term is as long as we are here, the long term is all of time.

I like when you talk to me like I'm a person.

did he send you nudes ?

He does on an imageboard at least

Not really. They're a filthy disgusting group.

The short term isn't that, by any means.

The "lol" wasn't about you

The situation is just funny to me




Also u are kind of a cutie, come to think of it

I saw a pic of him years ago and I think he looked kind of fuckable

Oh, that makes me wonder if they really do.

I got your joke.
Still odd though to travel that far just to get laid.
Ran out of options in your own country?


They do. Indians destroyed their own country, it wasn't anybody's fault but their own. They shit and threw garbage all over the place. It wasn't because of Western colonization, it's because they're disgusting.

I wish Grim was here...

I want to go to bed but I'll wake up in 2 hours.

Didn't know about that, but the guys that took over Rhodesia clearly did.

I was in a relationship with her

I broke up with her after, but I still consider it a win over all

I wanted to go on vacation somewhere after working in China

It was a beautiful country and having a free place to stay/virgin to deflower is a nice bonus

No regrats

Why will you

Fuck him

You so sure she was one ?

Because I'm only tired due to dinner.
I get sleepy after I eat.
Dinner was good though, I made pancit canton. Usually I use pork but this time I used chicken and it turned out well.

It would be funny if he was.

Look at any picture of any place in India. It's fucking covered in trash. The Ganges River is so polluted that even getting into the water will give you parasites. They had a species of fresh water river dolphin, one of only two species in the world, the pollution of the river has basically eradicated them. The Ganges River is supposed to be sacred to them, it holds deep religious meaning for them, and they fucking destroyed it.

He tried.

What do you concider short term?
The life of a solar system?

Short term is only a single moment.


Missed my chance

Yes, I typed an explanation for why I'm sure, but the explanation was pretty graphic and seemed to be in poor taste

I can still post it if you want but I answered ur question

What's wrong with a nap?

When was this