Worship sinni's feet thread

worship sinni's feet thread

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2static.fjcdn.com/movies/Ban me center small kono bijutsubu ni wa mondai ga aru small center_bfb184_6024665.mp4

something something their water got contaminated with poop bacteria

I'm betting it's a good 30-40 years off, and my research has started to sway more toward origins of the solar system than the actual composition of planetary bodies, so we'll see if I am actually in the field that they will be looking for.

Not so much, actually. Planetary science is one of the sciences that actually has a lot more backing than others. How many people in the general public don't thin space is cool, ya'know? The problem is that it isn't the general public that is making these decisions and the people actually making policy have a bad habit of thinking 3-4 years from now when basically all space sciences are working toward what is going to come in 10-50 years.

Also, read the direction.
It hurts my soul when someone gives real good answers, but I have to take a bunch off because they only did half of the work!

cant afford a dish washer ;~;

i'm slow :(
and the water was hot
and i had to take breaks inbetween water changes

of a g710+

aren't that expensive!

Foot fags should be gassed tbqh.

its okay i wont judge you for being slow

yeah i almost made that mistake for my homework lol

hundreds of dollars
and its a huge machine


Hmm. If only the general public had a say then.

For the price of one and a half of your keyboards, you can get one that sits on your counter.

moral of the story: grading sucks balls

I fucking know, right?




what about you throw my faggot ass off a roof somewhere, senpai?

Another Dane

Hurry up and tell me so I can go to sleep



where the fuck is Lewds, anyway?!

Kiss shot

Yes, hello, that's me.

Sjælland I believe.
Cherub gone too

Cherb isn't gone
just not here

oh? Where then?

Why are you doing this?

discord servers

I'll throw him at you

Is one not supposed to kiss the kiss shot?

I do not enjoy such things.

then why would you name yourself kissshot?

eww, discord

Because I am unoriginal and basic.

I have put in a request

He also posts on /lewd/ but fuck that place.

oh ffs


Did Spec post on /lewd/?!

just asking for a friend

eww, /lewd/


Ay, fgt, you still like Narmaya?

And /imouto/ but narrowing it down to just one river of piss is best.

I gotta go again in a moment. I've gotta do exercise with my housemate. I'll see if I can be here later.

Yeah, she's pretty good.

The deed is done

I am kinda impressed

I never woulda guessed

Well yeah okay! Obviously!
You seen this? twitter.com/mmm_mii_

Ya'll fagets can't hide from me!

I donno, It looks like you may have even bounced around more than I did

next thing you'll be saying is that you spent time in the RP threads/boards

Exercises for what? School?
Or physical exercises?

How silly

I don't really go to twitter for that stuff so I haven't.

Just plain workout. We haven't done it together in ages so its nice to get back to it.
I gotta go, talk to you later.


Do enjoy yourselves

Is there someone we used to know that goes to those now?
/trash/ or here on Holla Forums?

Ah, well. I don't either, in fact I can't remember where I even found her, but... she's got a whole Instagram and twitter full of stuff, and it's pretty good.

I dod them for a bit.



I bet it was all sexual RP

How do you sexual rp?


You'll know when you're older.

show me

But you dont like people using it as an excuse to steal kisses?

I know, im a denegrate.

Juust google 'stand alone doshwasher'

hewwo!! OwO it me!! ur uber dwiver!! x3 ^w^ watashi waiting outside for u!! >w

I dislike kisses.

Go figure.


Your name is confusing!

Says the secret weeb!

I'm gonna assume you mixed up the replies on that one.

I am pretty out in the open about it.

lol Cato, go to bed!

Switch the replies!

Phones are hard.


dumb phone posters

halp i fried muh dumplings and my anime isnt out yet what do theyll get cold


What animoos are you waiting on?


My name is after a vampire, not the act.

Shit nig, you got like a 6 hour wait yet on Kakeguri still.

bnha is up though.

I didnt actually know the time on kakegurui and planned on it being my fallback if bnha ends up late (which is currently the case)

Not everybody is literally RMS

I always read it as "Kiss Shota" without the X, then he claimed to actually be underage and I was like, damn the memes write themselves.


feku is so adorable

Well, eat ya shit 'fore it gets cold, new Kakeguri has yet to even air in Japan for tonight.

where is it up for u?

Get the magnet off horriblesubs's site.

Also Kakegurui is shit.


right am idiot dindtchcek the source

Ur shit.

Off yourself.

Kiss-Shot is the vampire from Monogatari.

How about no, suck my dick.

That's not as fun.

happy birthday

Thank you test

I do have a KissShota trip somewhere.

happy birthday


Who's birthday even is?



No ones, Hu is forcing a meme and needs to go sit in a corner.

You acting like this over it, makes it fun~

are you a girl

I don't believe he has a birthday.

Happy test-tube day.



man-batter -> baby-bakery


I bet ur one of those gays that gets anal over to who or to whom.

I know what I said.

You know.


Who even are you

Americanons are literally the worst anons.

I disagree

Shut up Rin.

Canadanons are literally the worst anons.

Test, stop being a cuck.

Who's even this user.

What canada even anons?

Test you hardly count as user.


It is a mystery

Eva and Kanra

I'm new. :^)

Eva uses Eva and Kanra uses canary or whatever the fuck???

And I'm a qt 12 year old Cantonese Canadian girl.


Except for when they don't

Ay bb want sum fuk?


Which is usually

I guess I'm not here as often anymore, so what the heck do I know?

Good morning! how are you all doin?

Awful, you?

gimme the feets

Alright, wanna talk about it? I'm here for you dude!

ew no.

yummy nummy feets!

hewwo gimme the feets

Nope, not really.
I wake up at midnight and have no handle on my life that's the short of it.

jkhg;kdfjhglkdfjhglkdfjshglfdkjshg lkdsfjhglkdsh glkdfhjlkgjh dflkgjh ldk fhjgldkfj gh


I'm sorry you gotta go through a rough patch, I believe in you!

Your optimism and exclamation marks are irksome.

I"m sorry :C I just want you all to be happy

I do not want happy.

My fetish is using first names to address each other

i'm a first name exhibitionist

I'm more of a middle name man myself

eww, fetishists

I like it better when you post awoo

just for you then

that awoo looks like shes awooing while riding a dick


dicks are good

Girls my age all love dicks!

and the boys too, especially Feku

Girls all ages all love dicks.

Dick is an essential part of life.

And Semen is a big part of the food pyramid.


gross wrong anastasia pic

"Girls" especially love dicks.


So, Feku.

I miss Goldfish.




Do you want me to ask him to stop by :o

im not a "girl"

Don't make it gay, it's just a bro-job, god, it's not gay.
I just need some brotein after that sick workout.
It's not fuckin' lewd, just a couple of bros workin' out and sharing some brotein.

I actually have him on discord.
I should ping him more.

we respect you identifying as a real girl then

I sent him a thing anyway
That fag could come here more often uwu

youre a bigger bulli than huu

I bet Goldfish would make an amazing wife. =w=

Gay as hell, and lewd as fuck too

Europoors are bullies


Let him know you're interested

D-do you want me to be?




Nah, that would be silly seeing we're all straight here


whats with that deformed looking sideboob

Oh, okay.

tight clothing


Just a reminder that Momiji is flatter than Huwu


The flattest of them all

now give me more so i can prepare to fap

Don't fuck the momiji

Hu is a 36J
can confirm

depends how well you can sate me

What even is that?

completely unable to

I found this on /k/

I'd do it for a Model F

post flats thatll help

youd do it for free

I was enjoying this song in the background and when I went back to check the tab there was a bunch of topless dudes.

flat momiji doesn't exist

For your height and frame? Huge, is what that is.

how did your post go off first

All I get is en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convair_B-36_Peacemaker#Specifications_.28B-36J-III.29
I'm not that into planes

cause Holla Forums is shit

A 22 target pistol, you'd be a real "Star"

That basically is nothing. 22 target pistols can be had for less than $100.


Probably more than 20 bucks tho bro

I thought you knew better


thank him for me

You used to be able to get a Bryco-Jennings for like $60 at a pawn shop.
...but then you'd have spent $60 on a Bryco-Jennings, so getting fucked in drag is pretty much the same thing.

I never learn.

this is your fault that I'm losing my beauty sleep

After these many years, I believe it

Bard already too pretty, he doesn't need beauty sleep

jesus christ i wonder how you are without your sleep if thats how you are now

What should I eat.

Yeah, you right.

thx guys I feel beautiful now

hash browns

thats not how i intended to make you feel

You're beautiful now.

Zedd's dead, baby


Idk if I have any.

Have you heard this one yet Batr?


I have and it's oddly charming

Weird hearing beck go this direction but fuck

It worked out in great and I want more

Did you?

Yeah, but I don't mind, it's kind of like Tame Impala.

where my real trap niggas at

dead and gone

What is up with this music video? At first I was expecting some antifa shit, but then she becomes a night in shining armor, that is magnetic, raiding a party and taking some 'potion' and rescuing a guy that got fucking wasted? Also I would genuinely like to see her carry him.

Sweet Comcast

only reason i waetched this anime

Well, in the end she was a car and the guy was -riding- her.

how was the anime/
I want a cute brown trap maid to try to fight me

Phone posting too lazy to embed.



what is this non embedde love live sunshine stuff





Swapping (You)s was fun, but I gotta go now.

Thx for the attenshuns.

Bye Rin.


waht is brown tap aninem


Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin


You asked for trap, it was the first thing that came to mind.

wtf the trap is voiced by kana hanazawa i have to watch it now

Huh... sum' bitch.

i want raphi to step on me

Suck my balls.

i want raphi to step on me




That is one fucked up vid.

Most music videos are, they just have some hidden meaning.

Ya'll are weird.



That reminds me that Melonpan reenacted that scene.

Wait I have to go to the post office.

Melonpan is gross

The weird Swiss dude with more money than shame?


I still wonder how he feels no shame.

I have no idea about the person
I mean the food
it's awful
Most of the weird japanese breads are not good.

NEver mind.
It's closed.


Yeah, had to find the link from history.
2static.fjcdn.com/movies/Ban me center small kono bijutsubu ni wa mondai ga aru small center_bfb184_6024665.mp4

Never tried, they don't sell weeaboo thingamajigs here.

Was going to pick-up something?


...shit, that was almost funny.
He's still fucking insane though, holy shit. Every time I see that room.

i just want to hang out in voicechat with friends while i draw smut

i wish i had friends

Something muy importante?

I don't think people watch him for the funny of it, more so for the why of it.

I wish I could draw smut, could do without the friends.

I sit in call with my friends who draw smut.

It's too nerve wracking to draw while in a call.

that's what makes it exciting

the fear of being caught

I can't do calls regardless of the activity though :3

I just chill in call with George, Sinni and guero all day.

I used to do that when I still had irl friends
Though they would last late into the night and I would fall asleep with my headset on and they could hear me sleeping.

what call?

i don't see any call.


you could call me

Ehhat are you doing here ?

One of the smaller private Discords.

Should I not be?

huh?.... aren't we all in it?
i don't see any voice chats going on...

It's just an 8 man server.

Nice thighs

...sigh, oh well.

NAH that's not it I just always thought that vaporeonos were nocturanl

I've been up all night.

Sorry. It's mostly so we can talk about or personal issues.


... i guess i'm a nobody.


wow jeez
it's kind of late for pulling an all nighter.. are you ahving troubles sleeping?


put that thin back where it came from or so help me

It's just one server Luka.

when even luka won't be my friend

help you?

luka is hard to get

i'm just browsing thanks.....

your cock is too big for her

I rarely sleep well, but I woke up at midnight so that's why.

weird coincidence I'm on about the same schedule

You ever have dreams that you remember at night or are you justa click on off kind of sleeper

you looking at porn again?

I dream fairly often.

N-no...I don't look at..........

*Scoffs* porn.


What kind of porn do you look at, Bard?

The murderous rampaging maid kind

whose cock is bigger anyways?

Stop looking at traps

Any existing cock is too big for Luka

w-why are you doing this to me........h-here in front of everyone........

you guys treat me like your toy...

I'll be your friend loco
to a point

Bard is best toy

Why you embarrassed Bard?

i've never tried exhibitionism before

Oh shit, I found my tablet cord.


Now you can finally draw again

There's no way you can defend that.


y-yeah I'm dirty and useless


Good for nothing slut

Now I can't find my tablet.


that could mean both of you???

i was choking earlier cuz i couldnt swallow enough


He's bigger!!



Hu's massive meat stick.

i was talking about water
how bout your massive meat stick tho

Could Ikt be any thirstier?

They're bullying me


no need to be humble about it
just spill it

wwow can you get any gayer


is it true its 20cm?




Kazumin best


kuzuma can violate darkness
megumin is for toad



more toadslime megu



Nani the fuck?!???

what's the matter?

this is canon

this is future canon

She just got back from her trip to Mexico.

you people make me sick

feku got ntr'd


shut it

we aren't the ones who let our own cum stay in our throats for a while because we like it~

fuck this shit im out(sleep)

Enjoy your fap, slut

SLEEP not fap

And yet you're still lurking, how can that be~?

im a parasite for attention

If people try to talk to me I'll just wave my hands in a no-motion and say "No Engrish".

I'm happy to provide

Give him the dick then.

If Ikt doesn't speak English, then what language is he speaking right now?

i used to do this all the time when i was in heavy tourist zones and i pretended to be one of them

Can't do, he ain't gay

And when they proceed anyway call their mother a cunt in your language :D


No English.

pls provide *tucc*

Go back to bed


*tucks in*
Night night Feku~

He speaks in dick
It's a common language here.

That explains why I've no idea what some people here say

what fucking language is this


smiles knows





follow Feku~

are all irish people hyper like this

fecky wekky..........................

Give it time and you'll be sure to pick it up.
Learning languages by immersion is one of the best methods after all.