Last thread TP was responsible for close to 30% of total posts

Last thread TP was responsible for close to 30% of total posts.

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Not a surprise in the least.


you are a known troll

butt i also do love you because i am also a known troll

no homo

why is this a meme?

i felt at least most of those were kinda quality


Wow. Look who comes crawling back.

Dude, you'd let me fuck you given the chance.
You're a fag lol.


:C I couldn't help it I like you so much

I have a girl friend.
Gawd. Clingy.


that's actually not true

i find gays meh

I swear to Christ Sinni.



FEKU EAT MY DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


luka there needs to be some control here

where is test




wanna c mi dik?

I don't think so

someone would be upset

happy birthday though 1

yo calm down

hbd [email protected]@@@@@@

did you draw that one ?

like this is free for all

as if I haven't already?

Why would they? Maybe they'd like it.
Let me cuck the shit out of them, for like... 10 minutes.

It's not even my damn birthday.


i hope grim never leaves again

Did I show you?
I can't keep track.

he came back?

bad choice of avatar


it's not free

I can't help you


yes and it was based

it is though

don't worry

i'll defend you



oh well




I won't forgive you for this.

You are being real weird.


now that grim is back he's going to try to ruin you

just be the unwavering canadian princess that you are


i don't even know brad

I should be fine.

are you kinda mad that luka and i are friends?

and that i actually like her and am not trying to ruin her?

i have fleas

how can you break something that is already broken?

i would actually probably do something selfless for luka

she is pretty based

Wait! No. Please love me again!

oh wow

how did that happen

grim you are so jelly

also exotic bird trade is morally wrong

i mvoed in

and then they attacked me

grim is like getting boners off exotic birds

these birds are not meant for captivity you nazi

that's why they molt

no can do




Don't worry
even though he might not show it

Your Master will love you always and forever even if there bed is other wise occupied
because that's what good masters are for

grim you having whatever exotic bird adds to the bullshit

don't buy birds

they are not meant to be caged

I told you to wait outside.


god forbid grim doesn't have his cuck cuck\\

such an awful trade

TP, you having whatever cats adds to the bullshit.

Don't buy cats, they are not meant to be caged.

I'm sorry sir...

God forbid TP doesn't have his meow-meow.

Those poor cats.

Dogs > cats

I have Bard now, I don't need you.
He's cuter, even.


one is a domesticated animal

one is a foreign south american bird

you really are a fucking retard for missing cuck cuck

Is he gonna replace Hu ?

Pets are bad.


Apparently my roommate grinds his teeth and it sounds so gnarly x_x

Ever interacted with a hand raised bird?

Content as can be.

must feel even gnarlier.

Nothing ever will.

especially pets that grim tells himself are ok for having

guess what grim

your idiot indian parents were wrong by enslaving a bird

He doesn't touch my donger just my boobies ;3

yeah my sister had a lovebird

and that was wrong

you are an idiot

You're just heartbroken

the exotic bird trade is cancer

and if you don't see how wrong it is

then fuck you


One that you could fix~

This is why TP eats tofurky

woah bro

we dont bring family into this

hop off bud

oh my god I MEANT TO HIM

no i don't

but i don't eat meat either



woops lol


nah your indian parents taught you not to respect the lives of animals

bad indians tbh

I don't think so

im terminating this convo bro you went way too far



god bless you welms

imma head off have a wonderful night

Hail Satan.


i wonder if nezi's parents weren't insanely rich, what kind of car he would drive


you are terminating it because you set a limit

and you are also a pussy

i mean I bought my first car with 100% of my own money without telling my dad

he was pissed lol

rip riceburner

oh man congrats on bringing back grim elmers

he loves you so much

I don't think it was me, but I'd love to take the credit for it lol

is that you in that hat

no it was totally you

Oh, cool^^

OP checks out, have my upvote

i wish that grim would finally admit that he likes feminine penis


it's tastier, idk what there's not to like

it's not that hard


no that's pro drifter Ryan Tuerck and his FRS

I don't have any pics of my first car anymore, a 350z

but something like this

wait bro, do you race?

I want to see TPs.... feminine penis.

I wish though, I'm really good at driving, and I enjoy it

there is just no coincidence that grim chose the fist time in months to post

to tell some qt trap that she is cute

stop it

get some help

have you ever got into an accident?

I'll probably be getting therapy in the next year.

oh wow.. the sg jinx and janna tee's look pretty awesome.
the SG pins look cute and adorable too
...soo much want.

I hope you can find positive results through therapy mr Squash

you deserve it

luka that was a really cute post. keep being you :3

Don't they sell those for like 30 bucks though?

not really

some lady rear-ended my 350z because I stopped at a green light and she wasn't paying attention (I couldn't make it through the intersection cuz of traffic)

almost totaled the car when a drunk driver backed out onto a highway in front of me, swerved and missed at 50mph, would have T-boned him

Yeah. Would be nice to work on my issues.
Someone said I've seemed happier the more I spend away from threads and just chilling in the calls.

i imagine these race cars are pretty expensive to insure

or you are on your parents'

I have a '16 stock black v6 mustang right now

I paid insurance on the 350z, it was really high

been trying to pay for my insurance on new car but can't

i was just looking at them.
and they looked pretty and cute.

wherre are you going to put it nezikun

put what?


He's been posting tho.. I don't get it.

like what percentage of you vs your parents

your nice car

mustangs are redneck cars

2 to 98

nezi you are not special

oh well. it's not like i need it.
...but that limited edition loading border limited time only for ahri looks tempting.

It's just a boarder though.
You would see it for like, a min.

he hasn't been posting

he made his grand reentrance like yesterday

his creepy ass lurking all along

it's always funny when rich kids flaunt

I asked to pay for it but he won't let me

I don't understand

2 to 98?
what's that

but i would have it forever, and rest easy knowing that i didn't miss out
and that i got it before it disappeared forever?

oh. I swear I've seen him around lately tho


your from florida right?

98 percent your parents money
2 percent yours

and i know you're going to say oh no i made my money myself

but your rich parents got you a rich kid car parking job lol

oh yeah I'm gonna park it under a tree and cross my fingers

hope it gets rekt

like the blow off job for the rich kids


blow job off

It was 50/50

I wrote a check for $11k you stupid fuck

my money, from working a shitty low paying job

alright fuck you nigger I regret giving you a second chance, back on filter list

bard imagine how many hours you would have to work at kfc for that

I wish.
It will be parked in a garage. Should be fine.

I mean, if you want it.
It seems kind of dumb to me though.
If you get the skin and it's free with it I guess go for it if you have the dosh.

What's bardo making at kfc?

haha yyeah i dont make shit

i get 9 bucks an hour

hey now

i was just calling out your bullshit

you didn't even make that 11k you stupid fuck

it was your parent's money

you stupid fuck

it only make the skins bundle price increase by 425-ish rp


shit, diggy. you gotta get a raise, yo.

Ask for it when you're done with your fleas thing tho

i really hope my waifu luka makes at least that in her first job


something something backstory in greentext

I'll let you spit on me for 20 bucks, Nezi.

abloo abloo

rich kid problems


wanna trade, that sounds nice

*Shakes head*

well I've already had a few.....and I'm not the bestest worker............

oh. but like it can't be difficult tho. why not kick ass and get more money?

it includes a icon
skin : 90%
icon : 5%
border : 5%
so like.... 25 bucks for the whole thing i guess...

here is my impression of nezi: my driver is on vacation so i fucking had to have my mom to drive me


I'm gonna buckle down this winter cause that's when most of the seasonal guys leave and i get buku hours

I can't say I'd do it personally.
8 bucks is my limit for a skin.

kyle what is with the ben afflec anyways

I'm currently in a dilemma cause like I could learn the 3rd station on my line for the extra dollar and work the hours or whatnot, or stay where I am and get a 2nd job back at Dairy Queen for a little less pay, but a kitchen I could literally do all by myself asleep now that I have real experience. idk I gotta determine what I want out of this shit. Right now the plan is to get back into dq and have that job solely be my savings fund for my tits lol

I save shit to my desktop and once it gets kind of full I move it to my random shit folder.
It's why I cycle between 5 or so images each week.
It's just something on my desktop.

Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms.

I liked him in Mall Rats.

Oh, or that super cute animal crackers scene with Liv Tyler in Armageddon.

looks like it will be just under $40
for just MF and ahri.

but i guess they are pretty... and that makes it wurth?

1 dollar more isnt SHIT and they're going to FUCK YOU!!!!!!

but then again 2 jobs can be stressful

oh i dig

i've been keeping my desktop surprisingly clean lately

I hate that scene.

darbear what are your fealings on gone girl

Not to be mean but how the hell can you afford so much of this with no job?
Save the money and use it for something substantial.


phantoms like a MOTHERFUCKER

It was adequate.

I kind of just throw it all in one folder and it's sorted by date so I just remember about when I saved something.,\

i have tried to finish that movie three times


I've been running all three stations myself as it is so it's not really that bad until like a 15 top walks in.

I mean I'll take 600/wk I guess. Doesn't seem too bad.

I was with it up until SHE IS NOT DEAD.

40 once a month is a moderate amount
hey it took me 50 last month and lots of grinding to get a chance at the mercy and widow

so the moderate investment may seem large at first, but in the long term i'm happy with it

because i didn't 'miss out'

wow that's good pay

oh yeah i need to actually upload my 2011-2015 general folder yet

i don't know man

like there's a twist

then another twist

i don't think i will ever finish it tbh

is it? are you being sarcastic? idk

not bad for an uneducated tranny at least.

This seems cyclical.


The scene where Dougie Howser dies is sort of satisfying.

i live a simple cyclical life.

it's an ongoing thing though

whenever gone girl is on in a hotel

i try to watch it and somehow never finish it

i mean i think i know how it ends?

I make like $11 or $12/hr on average
my job is $6/hr + tips

yours is $15/hr

Affleck stays with her because she is preggers with his kid; that is all there is to that.

Yup. Hopefully 16 in about a month^^ Free meals and health/dental insurance too.

oh right

the ending is super disappointing

fuck. 300 away from a champ shard.

man did you guys see that casey afleck movie manchester something?

that was a bumber too lol

I get no benefits and lately they've been scheduling me for 16 hours when I'm asking for 32

you would think working there for a long time and being a good employee would get you hours but apparently I need to find another job

4 or so arams is prolly like 70% of the way there

I rolled Vayne for this match.

kyle can i ask you a real q?

One thing I've learned to do is to constantly be looking for a better job.

Like, just always be on the lookout even when you're not necessarily getting bent over yet, y'know?

Gotta have an exit strategy


i play guinsoo's vayne because i like to have fun.
my build usually scales into mid-late aram game
and i just end up deleting tanks.
and with my build path
it gives me tonsa range and crit
ontop of her already ultra true dmg

why have you been digging luka lately

i mean i have my reasons

just curious what yours were

finding a bowl fully packed in the bathroom is the oddest sensation

Luka doesn't really even do anything.
I don't have the energy to pick on them.

I honestly don't hate half the people I pick on anymore.

nice desu ne



Yeah! ^_^

see that was kinda my think with luka too lol

i was like lol ok you win

elmers i think i may have mpd

like i talk to myself a lot

but also it's a based dialogue so i don't think it's crazy?

maybe you need some irl friends to shoot the shit with



cats don't talk

so true haha

I just don't have the energy anymore dude.

same. like why do you think i can only once a week? my body physically can't deal. i used to every other night shit like a mother fucker



I'm a cat

Like I said. Real life shit kind of hit hard recently and I'm realizing this place has no real shit for me to care about when it comes to that.



I wanna do my body suspension soon Moogs wat do?

i'm not trying to downgrade what you have said here

but you have said this same shit about ten times

you eb and flow

mad about here
really mad about here
let's go
i'm gone

take pics

moogs is so chill

Close friend isn't doing too well.
That's all I really can say.

Though just because I have a lot of shit going on doesn't mean it's not all happening still.
Considering I have issues with emotions I can swing hard in and out of depression and being on a high.



if it makes you feel any better

the gays above me are fighting

they get very load and physical

Sassy gays?

lol load


F-fill me up, sempai~



My new flight controller and motors will be here on Monday. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

apparently starting in 2018 there will be a non-stop flight from chicago to sydney

16 hours or some shit


Cats don't bark

i ..I mean uh..l....

brad why are you roleplaying as a dog for hue

a little weird i must say

It's my schtick





it will be ok luka :)



i'm listening to this while doing dishes


i'm listening to this while doing


how much do kidneys sell for


That's not enough to buy a Model F SSK

missed my mark by a bit it seems. Turns out $160k - $200k is closer to what they sell for

This thing?

Fuck yes


but why

Better feeling than loli nipples.

jeez, got get an old used Model F

Awkward arrow key layout

same switches

lewd pic .TRS0&_nkw=model f&_sacat=0

but cute and funny.

yeah, go get it big boy!

cute but lewd but otp!

das expensive mane i could build myself a gh60 twice

My first mechanical was the same price as some of these.
And it wasn't even fully mechanical

wow talk about getting ripped off

my first was a €80 tkl with white backlight and mx browns
my current was €60 60% with rgb backlight and gateron blues



early adopter tax :3

First one was K90 because that was one of the only four mechanicals here at the time, and all the other ones were with blue shit switches and Razer garbage. Paid $100 for it and it was even 20% off.

wow, when did you buy into this meme?

no, morning.




brown keyboard feels nice :)



that's racist!

only kinda shh tho

What's up Cato?

hey browns have their merits though i should have gone reds

ur rip

Does spec come around here?

only complete shh now

Sup faggot

Keyboards got no race

Yeah!! my first was brown keyboard too!

being suddenly depressed over the new head of NASA



I thought spec made you come here

shit n stuff

Luka is mean to the browns!

I wanted browns, but all I could get was blue, and reds, so I got red, cause fuck blue.
Then I poured coffee into it a few months later and thought it died, so I bought a black one. Couldn't use it cause far too heavy for my weak fingers.
I'm using it now though

pls rate

What does this mean?

Uh... oh? Who? And why?
I'm sitting here wondering what the fuck to do at almost 3 am.

Also Hu is dredging up memes from other websites and shitposting like a fucking faggot.

to shitpost at people who no longer post, reee.

Stuff n shit

Blues are good though, why hate

lmao memes


hey, this thread isn't complete without someone acting like a fucking faggot.

Also, Happy birthday by the way!

Noisy. Far too noisy. Annoying loud even.

Red is just a lighter Black though. And rather black than blue


Some guy that only has an MBA and has never done science.
He is the only NASA director ever who was not a scientist or engineer
It is only gonna make the bureaucracy of NASA even worse.

Hu is a fucking faggot, that is a well known fact

who no longer posts?



Loud is nice though. I'll need to try heavier linears some time.

happy birthday!



mine is strongest!!
my keyboard reacts good, mine wins ♥

what up


sloppy drift u hit the barrier

Haven't in two weeks now anyway

No, loud is terrible.
Maybe a local store has some you could try


Nice hands though.

Go throw your faggot ass off a roof somewhere.

That seems pretty par for the course with US offices in the last 30 years.




Ur lame

Not NASA, at least
the one office that will directly affect me

ur lamer

u watched ^^ crashed 2x

we dont have stores

i see how it is cato

Ur the lamest

but these are water bottles and everybody reuses them
master race electric outlets instead of your pewny 120v slits

I am drunk and sleepy

♥ gassy ghostie

its okay one was just a love bump the other was penetration

You fell for his meme, you poor stupid loli loving fuck.
Right yourself, and never listen to anything Hu says.

I like mine. It's uh... A logitech K520. I don't know anything about it other than it sits on my desk and works.

Well it's NASA's time to draw the short straw. Not like it matters, they waste enough money as is, what's one more incompetent name on the bunch?

No, recycle that shit. Get you a real water bottle.
And I'ma put a 120 volts of dick in ur slit, bitch.

im trying to figure out how to share a video i made onto discord

i also started college

ur... yatse!

But this incompetent name is actually paying me, so I have to care

I thought we would be safe

upload to yt!

And that;s good, where are you at?

I am me


omedetou mother fucker

im not gonna waste perfectly good plastic

its me cumming all over myself i dont think youtube will let me

quincy college

No, I am me!

hmmm, that does complicate things.
megaupload it or something along those lines and share the file.


quality water bottle tho Ive been reusing mine for 2 months now cuz its big

I mean, you're still gonna get paid. ...right?



though the million dollar medical wing looks very appealing right now so i might change shit


your onahole gets reused

Well fuck off, I am more me than you are me

do you think the plastics put gay in the water?

well that depends on the decisions he makes on funding.

also which missions get funding, etc. or at least the approval process for missions.

Nurse ghostie!

Impossible, nobody can be more me than I am me!

has a nice ring to it

Yeah, you get passed around a lot.

So what branch/mission/department are you in that you're worried might get cut?

Okay bye

Very nice!

Planetary science. I am not specifically with NASA anymore, but if I want any funding for my research, I have to get it from NASA because I work with planetary materials.

It's really bullshit because all the other sciences get NSF funding, and anyone doing atmospheric or anything involving satellite observations can get both NSF and NASA funding, but planetary scientists are stuck to only NASA.

Sleep with me


i like college so far it's a lot better than high school was. i get to drink my dunkin and text my bae in peace

If things like SpaceX ever get any further off the ground you think private interests might also pay out for your field?

If you were here, sure

just make sure you keep up with your work

and give your TA's a little slack, we have to deal with a lot of shit

I mean seriously, if you are given a question about environmental consequences of the gulf oil spill, DO NOT say that the forests burned down. what the fuck even?!

eh, I doubt it. I am pretty hard science, so actual funding for pure research isn't super easy to come by. I would love for it to happen, but SpaceX and related companies are mainly funding engineers and the like.



i have a lot of time between class letting out and my ride showing up so i spend the time in the library doing homework.

also what the fuck?

Satanichia is for bullying.


almost done all my dishes!

after over an hour and a half of washing
my fingers look like raisins

That is a real good plan.

I have spend most of today and yesterday grading the papers form the labs I TA. It is brutal.

i like mine


why did it take so long?

You should get a dishwasher

how much dishes can a single person generate to wash for that long?

They need engineers to get the actual logistics problem out of the way first. Least, that's what it seems to be, as someone from the outside that knows next to nothing about any of this... but it would stand to reason, to me, that an eventuality of theirs would be more in your league. But that might be too far off or speculative to mean anything to you at this point, I suppose...

A lack of funding for your interests as of right now kinda means no one's particularly interested in it, right? If even Nasa and other national science groups won't fund it, it's not on their top list of priorities.
Yes, no? If so, why so?

maybe shes verry thorough


also pics with fingers

poor bastard

oh wait maybe she couldnt wash for a while cuz poop water?



what about you throw my faggot ass off a roof somewhere, senpai?

Another Dane