thank you based spectre

i just realized that an earlier post of mine may have been misconstrued

when i said i wasn't seeing my you's

i literally was not seeing those (you) things

i was not begging for replies or anythings

Not what I meant!






I'm not good enough at bullying people to feel good about it

Hmm... that actually looks really comfy.

I just told him what you told me.


It's okay love

Quality post

can i ask you a question?

are you a bottom?

you seem like a bitch

yeah like some head scratching

shoulder rubs

feet rubs

that would be better than sex actually


Ya did good

I'm a nothing since I've never been in a relationship



have you kissed a dude at least
i hope you're kidding

you're special DOA

pls no ky

Red's a friend.

I have literally never kissed, held or had sex with anyone


like no remotely sexual irl interaction with anyone ever?

how old are you?

i mean we can work with this

have you met guero?

Why not

like one of jack's?



so i added this block site addon to firefox and blacklisted facebook

it gets fucking triggered all the time

facebook puts its testicles in all your shit

i meant tentacles

damn auto correct


stop bullying me ><

And Subtle's.
And Deazy's.




seems mad chill

oh god..

League friends

oh ew

but aren't you and echo irl friends?



Never ever had any sexual anything with anyone
I'm almost 23
Who is Guero?

echo seems like he parties

are you ready to go down this rabbit hole?

Might as well

Not really.

i was kinda hoping guero would show up lol

fuck has anyone health checked guero lately?

Does he lurk

hell i thought he did...

guero may have died tho

he was very obese


hell but who knows

eba came back

guero will come back fit as ever

Based specter

Guero is play OW and fine.
He says he's good though.



this spectre cat is trill, no?


say hi for me?



He came over to my house once

hes a large black man with gold teeth that say his name on them

I told him you called him fat.

He says he isn't going to post because he has friends.

i thought you died

or got a girlfriend


he knows he is and appreciates people who don't sugar coat it

kyle when did you become 100 percent troll

He is visibly upset in call.

It isn't nice to brag

those rolls

It is far more fun to be a wag than a fag.

nah I got the girlfriend like last week

what kept me from posting here was me playing black desert online 24 hours a day

that is dog fucking terms for it's better to be a tease than a slut

but actually kyle is both of these things

And I'm pretty fucking good at both of them.

black desert?

sounds fucking awful

yes you are

it's p fun

Thank Christ.

have a job yet?

at least you're good at something




yeah. work as an assistant for an executive at a rehab company.

do you ever still post in the Holla Forums gfur threads?

just because i know craigslist

you're going to have to legitimize this


Like, maybe once a week I guess.
Usually just if Dom, Zaryas, or Leauge is posting.

the fur threads are the only jerks left lol

i checked it out

we should start shit over

also i'm pretty sure kanra posts some really gay shit on b

Pass. Once this shit hole dies I'm sticking to Discord probably.

kyle it's not going to die

fucking griddles came back


but no joke you should check your boy on Holla Forums

same typing profile

Some old poster coming back for a while is hardly the advent of the rise of Holla Forums.

Sup bitches?

Fuck that little asshole, I kept telling him not to be so fucking rough with my dogs, and he just went and got himself bit on the face by my golden retriever, I heard her bark and I knew something just happened, so I go check on him and he's in the bathroom with a hole in his cheek, one of her teeth broke skin and took a little chunk out, he says he was shacking her to try to wake her up, but she had a pillow on top of her so I'd bet money he was fucking pushing on her with most of his body weight, I swear if someone comes to take my dog because they deem her aggressive I will be there gun in hand waiting.

The best part was watching him cringe when I cleaned that shit with 80% rubbing alcohol.

I hope he fucking learned something from this.

how do feel about kanra posting on Holla Forums?

with very gay gfur images



Hiya, Teeps^^

Hide yo doggo fam.

you should drop that idiot for good

you're so much better

how's life

It's going. I really gotta stop spending all my money every week tbh. it's just too much fun spending it lol

What's new with you?

I have a higher opinion of him than I do of you.

yeah stop that

but i guess you're constantly trying to become a girl or something

yeah chill with the spending lol

like don't get take out for a bit

Well, that and drones, but yeah. Expense x_x

That's not a bad idea. I gotta do the salad thing for a week ;3

you think of internet friendships as like a contest

that is why there is so much drama and posters fucking you in the ass

I swear, I've told him, don't fuck with her, she's getting old and easier to hurt, she's the gentlest dog ever and I can do anything to her, so for her to bite him, he did something beyond just messing with her, he intended to hurt her.

just like packing a lunch saves so much

i can't even imagine

more drone vids btw

I gotta fix my current one, my parts finally came in. And my next build parts are starting to come in on Monday^^ Such excite much wow

Well, yeah and I really should start taking advantage of the free food at my work.

oh lol i started in those full album mixes and got lost in the related

oh well

so like drones are your thing now?

If a dog ever bites you its because you gave it a reason to. So yeah, sounds like he was being a shit.
Sorry man. Hopefully he'll learn.
Who is this "he" anyway?

Yeah, I guess so. Me and the girl get to fly together finally on Tuesday. *squeee*

spectre seems pretty cool

Kanra rarely provokes me intentionally.

do you mean in a plane

or you both are droning

Send a poor nigga some nudes.

Hi Welma :3

droning. but we both have setups now. Crashes could happen which makes for exciting footage lol


my god elma


Hell yeah thanks mein dude. Also a bit happy since that guy has a dong the same size as mine so my asian dick inferiority complex is appeased.

My dad's girlfriends 11 year old peace of shit son, his mom's probably gonna beat his ass for it tomorrow.

i mean you really have to give it up to elmers

i didn't even realize there was this serious of a droning scene

but it makes sense



why else would i save these

i enjoy that acresses' actressing

dude I'm so bummed out I can't make it to the qualifier race.

oh my




Hmm... well personally I think the dog bite should suffice for the beating.
He's gonna be a turd all throughout life though.

yeah im alive btw tp
still fat but less fat and also alive





Fat guys are cute though.

28 Weeks Later Full Movie

Hey brown daddy

i love you guero

have you met DOA?



last night was cray colbs

What happen? Also, looks like you are SHIT at luring holy fuck

grim pls response

hey bud how ya been

I disagree

#1 gay
#2 who? is that a new poster

hey pasty sugar baby

rambos jad with 0 heals left and perfect lures

he has never even touched a person


It (2017) Blu-Ray




Someday I'll take a rest on your tummy.
there are so few people I want to do that with anymore. It's comforting.

i missed you

not even kidding

Been better


Shit at luring the monsters before Jad duh



on a scale of posters grim is like a solid 7

he can really shit on anything

did that make your loins quiver?

thats hella fuckin gay

lol meleers slapped me a bunch of times near the last half of the waves, I was out of it, it was 3am

That I missed your UNLINKED post

That's on you, nignog

like i donno

he dox'd nimf and CAME BACK

so based


why did you come back anyways

you were doing so well


everyone deserves a lil somethin somethin to make them smile every now and then

nigga im not sure who that is but ill take your word for it

bro by the time you meet me im gonna be a hungry skeleton
gonna be losing 8-30 pounds a month after this surgery lol

same but hanging in there lol
moms is sick again and im broke as a joke but :shrug:



You're such a sweetheart, Grommles~

It does ?

anupam chopra sure does love doxing people

Don't die or anything.

grim really is such a sweetie

I'm not gonna fucking dox myself by telling you where I work

my mom got me the job, I work as an assistant to the deputy director at a smol rehab company


same reason why you post on fridays

I secured a second job, happy days

does wha

i mean someone should have guessed that lol

Was that not common knowledge? like with the fb thing and all?



if someone posted my current address though that would be spooky

like nobody knows that

i'm lost

i'm just saying you should stream it



It's okay. I don't have that job anymore, it was too much. I need to find a new one and it's rough

Aww... I hope she does better.

oh nice man

i thought you were "avoiding"

what you up to

I don't even like him but doxing is pretty trash, user.

Yeah ik

and I just named the latest thing thats out in theaters

I dont have good net in this apt unfortunately

would love to stream that movie though its great

Congrats on the 2nd jorb^^

Oh you quit? Snap!

I shouldn't as long as I take my pills lol
I'll be severely malnourished for the first like three weeks cuz I can only have water or chicken broth
gotta keep them in me with strong ass vitamins

thanks man
she's having open surgery on monday so ganbatte is needed

Anyway my game is starting.
Back in like 30 min.

You don't know what kind of stress that job puts on you. You're responsible for so much shit and you have to talk to people all day

That is like my antithesis in a nutshell, even though I was fucking great at it

what made you go from neutral to dont even like

big muns gonna be coming in so I can buy me a nice set of wheels

behind griddelz i would rank grimmu my 8th favourite poster

Come live with me so I can take care of you.

I'm number one r-right?

you know why kyle is always full of shit?

he's always in game

That's why I just cook. It's so straightforward and ridiculous and multitasky and different every day lol

Nice. I'm almost there too. My credit keeps going up now it's rad. What'cha lookin at for cars?

relevant lmao

joining gym on monday, makin good money, livin the life nomsain

yeah you're my number R alright

good to see you

good luck

nice how the music stops too

something that can carry a lot of shit so I can drive far to meet internet peeps :D

nezi did that CAT5 ruin your parent's estate?



I can't move out of the state for like 6-8 months after the surgery lol

I haven't seen it yet.

I saw clips on youtube though so now I wanna watch it

I kinda want to do that... I love food

maybe a honda pilot or an audi q5

its a classic

I assume youve seen 28 days later


Irma has not hit Florida yet.

It hits Miami in the morning I think, Orlando won't get hit until later, like Sunday night/Monday morning

WKUK is the best


grim there is no chance you are fucking with no post 2000 audi

why not!

I'll be thinking of her.

i just don't see it


I wonder if you could handle it.

Noice. I've been looking at bmws or maybe get my WRX ^^

I have

I've seen most of the zombie movies I think

wrx looks nice

I have no idea where to start with for cars tbh ;;

We can all move in after as a family.


yo let's bring this shit to Holla Forums

its awesome what talent can do with a low budget

Why couldn't I? I could handle going into a job I fucking hated for a year and dealing with horrible fucking people so I think I can handle basically everything

that's a negative

This is why I work in laboratories
because FUCK THE GENERAL PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we could have been heros

get one of these


oh right you're big into cars nezi

should I say fuck it and get a 93 miata

Right? Though, you couldn't get much worse than where I was. I was in the lowest of the low, fucking gang members and tweekers and shit. And they all wanted to fucking complain

you think you're not fully back

but brother

you're back

All you need is makeup for a zombie movie really

real talk tho kyle

if you won't talk to me then don't talk about me

I mean if it runs good they're fun cars, just really small

easy to work on, fairly cheap for parts too

but with a car that old you'll have some repairs now and then so keep that in mind

good choice though, NA Miata is great

the new miata looks pretty sweet too

after I leave I wont post for another week at least

try me fuckko

that sucks colbs

establishing that sense of hopelessness
ooh man

kyle is a troll

i would say ban him but two people he has fucked are mods

kyle gets off of drama and direst

filter him and move on

it would take a lot for me to get funsy in a car, I'm hella paranoid about safety on the road and stuff

one day tho

fuck if I know, m9. Try it then. You'll be crying in the walk-in by 3pm ;3

I WISH I fucked Test.


It's comics like this that really make me wanna be Wendy for halloween.

Also i thought you'd brb for half an hour?

you'll never hit diamond @ this rate

I want to do something I'm passionate about

I worked for a year in something I hated and succeeded. Imagine if I put my effort into something I loved

Give me a job and I'll be there in a heartbeat. I will do the job well

you would pull it off 100%

well if you ever get a sick street car get an R34 GTR or an EVO



ill talk to you before anyone else

how about SUCKIN DICK

I can't give out jobs lol

I'l prolly be moving to LA in the next 2 years tho. Just stay there

lol I really wanna be Pippi Gothstocking tho. I wanna be a Halloween Sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

i missed the nezi/grim abloo hour

brings shit back



I have an old werewolf costume, imma wear that shit and scare some kids rofl

when we had beef?

it's like nothing changed


where the fuck is hu

someone summon that fag

oh grim did you hear that nezi and i cleaned the slate?

thatll last 2 days

I didn't expect you to

Will do

of course grim LOVES huepone

I loved this scene AHHHHH

hu is fucking awesome

grim your discord shit is still fucking haggard

he is trash

Who didn't?'

Ha. Didn't realize I was the wrong roll.
Was a fun game though even if we lost.

grim like walk away

no u


why do u say that
I saw u tryin to rustle his jimmies once and he ownt you

stupid losers

here is a reply
just for u

oh hi huepne

not suspicious timing

(The Sims 2)
it was fun


I don't hate you.
That comment wasn't even in mean spirit. Not liking someone can mean I am neutral to your existence. I just have no interest in interacting with you again.

luka please hug

these people are being so silly lol

I-I'll hug you, TP chan.

it's late even. Quite a coincidence

lol nice

it's either that or try my cat maid outfit again. still worried about people tugging my tail tho lmao

Mmhm! That's the plan at least. I hope we can get out there sooner than later tbh

Elma. Get me a maid outfit with a dog motif so we can go pick up guys at the cons.

everything you tell me is a lie

i mean you are a real piece of shit sometimes

when you want to actually talk to me

i donno like

technically it can mean neutral

but when you say "I don't even like x" it leans on the negative side

if you were really neutral to my existence you wouldn't acknowledge it :/

I'm willing to interact with you again even if I said we wouldnt be friends, we're grown men and can be mature enough to do this

but if you wish for a clean cut then please keep it clean

how ya doin m8

people are assholes, fuck the tail

why you need to be careful about cables and hoses near headers

LA is expensive as fuck, expect to pay $1000 a month at minimum just to live in an apartment

this is why grim got mad at kyle

grim took kyle seriously

kyle is a sociopath

Um... There's a couple problems with that~

Well that's the point lol it's a tail plug^~^

gf makes the big bucks if she can get back into an actual production company again :3

Production company?

Am alright. Just woke up to find my laptop suddenly getting an error 2102 on one of its drives, which I guess means error in the initialization process, causing the laptop to be unable to boot, so that was nice..
Doing alright yourself?

Real talk. You advocate the incitement of drama like, constantly. Most of what you say legit is to goad shit from people.

dude though remember that chii grim connection

what happened there

grim how do you manage to creep out a fat virgin weeb with a broken back

hashtag only grim things



thats cancer

im chilling
talking with new friends

no bully

She does graphic effects for comic book movies and stuff.

lewd, right? lol

Interpret it how you want.
I don't really care as it was not made in a negative light.

Your interpretation is on you.


Good morning, I resurrect again! How are you all doing?

Such as?




I don't do cons and am not looking for guys to pick up :(

That's really cool, she's awesome

I would love to be a chef and learn all the cool techniques but It costs so fucking much

Ironically I actually gave the user my DOX to prevent your DOXing.

what's wrong

I've had this configuration for years now without issue, and suddenly it happens three times in a row. Eventually I tried plugging it out, then tried booting and plugging it back in during it. That worked.

Sounds pretty comfy. New friends?
As in, in person, or new people somewhere on the internet?

Look. I was a good boy and got a reward.

More for me.

Kitchen work honors experience moreso than a culinary degree.

I can cook circles around the guy I work with that has one. He sucks and mostly hides in the dishpit lol



I am good doggo.
I deserve big boys to snuggle.

It was so hard in such a toxic game.

nothing important.

huepone can we squash our beef?

i blacked out and said some things

sorry about that

Hey, you worked hard for a well deserved win, that's even more impressive.

Every time he says that I think he's talking to me.
Curse my narcissism.

Go out and meet some?

just dont talk about me thanks


very touchy

sounds like the drive is failing or theres something up with the psu possibly

You are too good to me, my little smudge muffin.

Fuck that.
I'd rather fill a fur suit with beans and cuddle it.

something's up though

what is really important anyways when you think about it

you love it, don't lie.

you can't have both lol

Meeting people is fun sometimes *shrugs*


I want that experience man


I'm going back to ignoring you, but you don't get to dictate what I do.

What if they are killers?

That c always confused me.

its a simple request, Kyle.

what about just calming down and take a deep breath sometime? Might help.

It's a laptop though, but the drive could well be dying. It's almost 10 years old now

If you want to ignore me then do it like a man. No petty bs.

kyle you live under the false pretense that people care what you do

you are a piece of shit

and the only place you are liked is here

*ignores Grim like a man*

Do you cook stuff at home?

I knew it!

"What ifs" destroy everything. Don't think about it so much^^


yeah that shit is probs gonna give up the ghost soon
back up your data

...just lonely.

I like Kyle.

I just posted a deviljho at you, that's all.
Doesn't mean anything :o

Yes, when I can

I want to learn the techniques

I mean, it's cool if they do I guess, but aside from like a handful of people it's not really something I worry about.
I have enough going on IRL that thread shit kind of paled in comparison.

Buy me a qt bf then.

yeah i get a little too riled up

sorry man


I could, but that would just bloat up another drive. Don't really have anything on it worth saving



I always find it funny to interact here when you and I are already in call.

nothing at all? :o

no like i really feel bad about this

It's chill dude? Sometimes just hearing the clack clack of other people existing is soothing.

I have no idea what that is so I assumed toward how I wanted the outcome lmao

I win!

Practice and challenge yourself with new dishes is all I can really say.

Today was so intense at one point. I was cooking like 9 burgers, 56 shrimp, a haddock, and 9 quesadillas all at once. Fuckin' killin it in there lol

You have a job~

Just go date someone yo

tonights your night so ill let you have it

It's rather nice. Though having two completely different conversations is funny to me as a concept.

I am not in a good mindset for that due to IRL drama.

I can do it, I love new recipes and I can also push out the simple classics

grim pls traps are gay

Nope, I got a lot of the stuff elsewhere already. Rest is just some useless tools I thought we would be using during some of the semesters, which we never did

But why? You were legit mad?

We're just like doubly productive really :3c

GRIM: tonights your night so ill let you have it

We could play some Animal Crossing if you want.

lol no just end of night i rage sometimes

again i am sorry

I'm always down :shrug:

Why's it my night, daddy?

If that's what you're interested in doing, try to get a prep cook job. Practice your knife skills prepping and start learning stations on the line :p It's not for the faint of heart tho. it's sweltering, people are yelling at you constantly and long hours with no breaks. But, hey, you get a free meal per shift lol

idk what to tell you then :(


My DS is charging.
I need to move Kyle into my town sometime but I might start over.

It's chill. I have some close friends I can lean on during this.

grim has always wanted to bone you hard

If I have a passion for it, I can do it.

I'm glad to hear that. I hope everything pans out, Squashems~


Do it^^

Where do I start? I have literally no experience

i mean most people have admitted to fapping to traps

grim why are you always so secretive mr main trap fapper

Doctors say it's a 25% chance.


I really wish he said more in game.

Same, poor Harvey brought down by the corrupt system.

I just told you. Try to find a new job as a dishwasher or prep cook and work your way up.

Big cats got him.


Weekend is the time to let go of your built-up rage from the passing week after all.

I was paid $20/hr and lived on my own, I don't want to move backwards :/

for sure

i use these threads to release

just i was particularly mean to you that night

don't take it personally lol

i'm an idiot

I never did

Then you picked an awful time for a career change lmao.

you really don't like me huh


I will take this change I guess, but I will not start as a dishwasher

They will throw you in the pit as part of your hazing either way lmao

I have been through the most worthless shit

I am not intimidated by that


Hard to say. I see you once a week

i apologized to the fag twice

sometimetimes that is too much

brad i'm done lol

TP is an asshole, but can be pretty chill when you real talk with him.

8/10 poster when he's not a bumble butt.

idk why you're trying to prove yourself to me, Colbs. If you want to do something I'm not stopping you lol

terrible CHOICE OF AVATAR!!1111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, snap. It's my little sister's birthday today. Do I say happy birthday or remain a memory? idk


Say happy fuckin' birthday.

drop a simple facebook happy bday or something

my nigga are you SHmokin tonight

I don't want to set her off again tho x_x

Yeah, maybe. I'll sleep on it. Just saw the date and my heart sank a little :/

Oh, well you didn't mention that.

*shrugs* You didn't ask.

more drinkin

but yeah i got some chronic

how you been

or fucking don't even worry about it

i took my birthday off facebook so people don't have to think about if they should or shouldn't


2 who ?

I don't know

Ayy, you rite.
Why would that set her off?

I did that this year too lol

I made it to my goal so now birthdays are irrelevant to me.

So are you trying to convince yourself then?

Poor colby :(

She doesn't like me anymore.

To my dick before you suck it, because that's my present this year, right?

What a shame. Maybe the happy birthday isn't so great then.

you are transitioning

birthdays mean nothing

facebook is stealing your info

repeat after me lol

I don't know


happy birthday

cuz I said so


i feel like huepne still does not like me

but i will make you feel better about me hue

Her loss, honestly. I mean maybe not, but I want to let her know I'm still here n stuff...



T-tell me! >-

I wish TP lamented over how I feel about him this much.




just admit it

would you hook up with elmers if she was down?



I don't think so

someone would be upset

happy birthday though