I'm making this thread of my own free will and volition

I'm making this thread of my own free will and volition

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lol sub fag agreed to it

I don't particularly care for either meme, vaping or vaporwave.
It's like when I was into speed cubing. Everywhere I go someone had to make the same jokes about rubik's cubes. It's obnoxious and I find it easier to tell people to kill themselves rather than humor them. The jokes are unoriginal anyway, come up with better ones.


That's a good boy


Perhaps mom and dad and sinni could be useful for advice

Nothing is original, life is effort and I'll quit when I'm dead.

yeah i know, later, when i'm into the whole making art process, i know.
but just finding that first step on my own is hard.

Die soon and you can quit faster.

we were born so late

That's a fair trade off for how comfortable things are I feel



I wish you good luck!


It is wet my dudes

such a pretty simbra~

Simba a cute

my pro advice is never start drawing

it's nothing but pain

no pain no grain


Never start anything

You can't fail if you never start to begin with.

playing games.
listening to audiobook

I like that attitude



i carried a game as anna ^_^

these ads also told me charlottesville was a hoax

Depending of he lives in Canada or not, I would believe it

woo! granny!

Good morning everyone! Hope you're having a nice day.

I'm not.


Hewwo demons, it's mwe ur boi skwinny penis uwu

You doin ok?

It's a mediocre day at best

Every minute that passes I dread the person who opens at work today finding out I accidently locked the keys in the office so he has to get my boss up super early to let him in. Assuming my boss has spare keys. I hope he does.

what do you play?

Trying to come up with a comeback, I started thinking existentially, and I now wonder why do humans work so hard to benefit future generations when they themselves won't benefit from it? I'm content with just existing

Born too late to discover cool shit on earth.
Born too early to discover cool shit in space.

Even if they work hard, most won't make a noticeable impact in the well being of future generations anyway.

what the fuck why would you park like that I couldn't even reverse out

Paternal instincts I'd wager

They want their kids to have a good life

Because people that don't care about other people get nothing from anyone else, including people that do care about other people. Life is a quid pro quo.

Why though

i'm trying my best here

To do what exactly


I understand you and your own, but whole generations or mankind as a whole seems kinda pointless.

Psychopaths benefit from pretending.

Some total war right now.


i put shoegaze over a looping gif

i meant in ow


:O i got potg as ssymetra

to Keep it going....

shouldve parked in reverse

Considering you'd used "what" as opposed to "who" you could see my mix up.
Still Reinhardt and d.Va mostly.
I haven't played in a while.
I'd like to be able to Sombra and/or Tracer but i've not put much effort in to train etc.

I couldn't because I had cars behind me.

How to lose your remaining humanity.
Fap to [Oyster]

To regain your humanity.
Read [kairakuten]



park den wait for them to pass and repark

I do not think he is in thread right now.

key them

I took a somewhat educated guess. I'm not sure if he is or not either

it fun
i wonder why u dont play

I don't actually remember I was just saying things

I'm going to bed

Sleep well


Parking space is/was sparse.

I thought you lived in one of those countries with lots of space and little cars

They use a lot of bicycles, but the cars are regular sized

Nah, no space and lots of people.

Luka. I do really like playing it. But I play games in batches based on needing to play them. If my brain doesn't designate my need to play it then I cannot be motivated to play.
At the minute ive no motivation to play.

I was able to run again after 2 months due to an injury. Feels good man.jpg

;~; batches? what do you mean?


Sad Akagi

I either want to play the game. Or I dont.


why not?

Keep what?

Don't know.


i just got gold helaing as sombra

Good job.

Wish I had 20$ to spend on a touhou doujin album.

why war?

reversing sleep schedule sucks

gotta feel like trash all day for it to work .-.

You posted an Akagi picture. She's from Kantai Collection


My answer was always red bull and vodka.

Mikasa is literally the only good character in SnK

You are a known autist and faggot. Your opinion doesn't count for anything.

i havent seen it.


Kenny is the best character



I don't drink alcohol but I'll be getting an energy drink at some point hopefully

Its an opinion shared by lots of people. I cheer every time the MC gets the shit beat out of him

Its a weird anime, the game is where almost all of the KC content comes from


I always forget that about you, have you ever even tried alcohol?

I don't like how they got lazy with animation and spammed cg even during dialogue scenes

Kongou best ship>


I've never drank, tried weed or other illicit drugs, never smoked.


No, KC. Kantai Collection

Who knows. At least the story was good, but the last episode of season 2 was super fucking boring. Huge letdown from an otherwise good season

Spotted the one who had never played the game. Everyone knows Haruna (also in the anime) is better than Kongou
Still not best ship

Kongou is the best because Ayaya

Coolcool, so long as life's treatin you right by it.

You like her because she had the same VA as Karen-dess? That's horrible reasoning


I don't know what that's supposed to me.

Kongou is a trash boat waifu.

And I'm not just saying that because I have no Kongou class ships.

You are horrible reasoning.

You too.

season 2?????????? wut that exist?

Yesss! Burning Love!

Shikinami's "HUM"s are just way too strong.

I don't either, I think it's cool that you've made that choice and you're sticking to it, I support your decision and I hope it has a positive impact, I guess that kinda explains what I meant.

Plus she's so adorable during summer. =w=

You should look into the game a bit

Haruna has a nice CG
I love the Summer CG's a lot. Never leveled Ayanami yet, but I need to for my next Kai Ni DD
How far have you gotten in the event so far?


I certainly don't feel like I'm missing anything.

cute pic~

Nice hotel

Probably not I would say.

Help, power went out. 23% on phone

Good job.


i'mma show u my two potg's now~

Can't drink water, can't make lunch
I guess it's time for a nap


do you have poop water too??

yay luka

No idea. I'm just not a tap water drinking savage

converting the first one to a postable webm
i hope it'll look pretty

Well, I can understand that, your tap water gets delivered as frozen blocks up there in conukistan, I would get bottled water too just so I don't have to wait for it to thaw.

tap water makes u stronger drink more

Nothing wrong with tap water

for scoots

^ _ ^

u wot

good job
sineptra did well

and i don't even ontice when it hurts anymore


i didn't ontince

I actually don't play much.

I was only playing to find a good waifu to make a folder of and then I found Little Miss "HUM" and the hum was too stronk.


shut them down

i traded their hanzo ult for mine!

what happened

i didn't ontince



dana terrace the artist


i thought it was just some fucking bimbo

Believe it or not.


i wonder what i should do today

As long as he goes far enough out, I see no problem.

something relaxing

i guess i'll lay here with my sleep mask on while listening to some asmr



I'm the only place in the city with no power
I guess my neighborhood is just hated by nature

If you can't talk him out of it, say your last words to him. I wonder if his body will ever be found.

no he's just gonna be in hollywood
he's getting paid $750 a day to watch this dude's boat

he's a big guy I'm sure they'll find it :^)

Unless it rips him to pieces, getting tossed about. I wouldn't want to be anywhere in the peninsula at all. The storm is a monster.

I'm staying in a hotel with my family for it. My grandma keeps saying she doesn't want to leave too lul

It's all a roll of the dice. The weather people are saying when the right turn happens, the models will tell them where it is going.

should I try to pack my desktop PC when we leave? Kappa

Definitely. Take the house too just in case. A lot of vidya and threading could be in your future.


It sounds like you'll have to bring two suitcases then or a suitcase and a big bag for the stuff that would have went into the suitcase.

ok how about

PC ==> suitcase
clothes ==> backpack


Yep. One must have a way to pass time and must save the media that they store their anime.

I'm sure all will be fine

I'll just....take my hard drives
just in case

going through your old selfies and realising how much you've aged in the past year

Why though

You really do take it in the ass, huh?


i don't have friends to take pictures of me.

help my laptop so slow



Christ alive, I thought this was a meme

Like anyone would be friends with Loco.

Excuse me for being attractive

It's pretty satisfying seeing pictures of yourself after a night of blacking out

Excuse me for being attractive

You're very esthetic in that pic.


Adjectives are nice.

I prefer pronouns.

You're excused

There is nothing satisfying about seeing myself ever. My friends turned my face into a sort of meme too, it makes me want to become even more of a hermit than I am

I was so happy I got 20 lbs of ass and pussy

Have more confidence in yourself mang

This isn't light bedtime reading :/

Why isn't that bedtime reading?

I don't even know what all this shit means



Didn't see this
That's what I go to therapy for. Well, one of the things

I refuse


Cinnamon is pretty good.

Is that a new type of weed?



Your lie in April. Is amazing, the story could be told with the music alone, so emotional, so moving. Simply wonderful.

top tier anime for sure

Goal completed

It was a fantastic one


I been watching all the netflix anime.

It really is, I got just a few more episodes now.



Do you exist now ?

who would even

I've never posted here before today honestly

Me apparently

How did you find this place ?

Two ways really.
I knew of the boards existence due to the activity stuff on the front page and knowing people who posted here

Might want to fix that.

Who do you know ?

I don't think I wanna fix that

But it'll be entertaining
for me at least

I honestly don't know what they went by here

But not for me

Tell me what they went by before then

also who are you ?

This is a non-issue

Grids knows me too so there's that.
I'm just some loser

Oh boy. Guessing games.
30 bucks says it's some idiot who posts here and just wants to play dumb games like always.

Not for me

So you're just from ks/b/ or something ?



excuse me this place isn't for losers
we're all cool here

And I need to concern myself with this because?

Not from here no, I posted on /lewd/ before by the name Sims

I'll be honest no idea what that is

Especially Squiddy, he's the coolest.

Spec gets it.

Someone came inside a vagina

Some thread

( Squash )

What if all they came in was a cup, then you got turkey basted into some cunt.

I don't think the how really changes the outcome

Nothing will, but at least we'd have an accurate answer to the question.

fuck I forgot to link
I guess *I* need to stop exist

I was probably made in the missionary position for the soul purpose of procreation.

You have to exist until Solaris comes out so we can boost 1v1 matches.


You mean so you can boost me?

Dirty breeders.

Oh I'll boost you bby.
Nah, so I can get more GXP to skill out all these shitty fucking robots I have. I'm actually gonna run out of GXP and SP really soon. Blows.

3 kids

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

They did their best to keep the population stable. Are you gonna do your part?

well it worked so I guess it was a good thing ?

I might donate sperm or something

lol it dat boi twitch

So.. it was a bad thing?

To who, Goggles?

I'm sure you'd be super happy if I suddenly didn't exist.

Yes. I could live out my days as a viking in peace without your betrayals.

No comment

You're probably gonna be one of the yarls wives

Eventually I'll remake that folder.

Nah, I'm Ragnar. You're his wife that gets cucked.

I bet they get back together before the show ends.

Nah you're not allowed to guess the ending.

i wanna see more!
when do you think you'll do it?

Lets go watch it

I don't know. My old Tumblr grabber is fucked to shit so once I get a new one.


what's a tumblr grabber?

may i look at it? maybe there's something i can do.

It just rips all the images off a blog in one go.

sounds useful


When it works.

I wonder if there are any porn companies I could get in with around the south.

als curious

just for a frriend



Spec can i reccomend you a song? a-and if not then it's okay too

i wanna try


I guess find a ripper and use it?

where is your ripper

t-that's the only one?

you can't just sit me down for a meal and give me an appetiser


Actually I have a playlist with like 230 some odd songs and albums sitting around that I need to go through and give you.
When I sort em by genre I'll give you those, kay?




Anyway my lol match is starting.
Back later.

It really is though.

gl hf

I spent like 15 minutes working on this

b-but okay I ll wait.....

It'll be a little while yet.

you reccomend stuff with good replay value in the meantime



Why does this exist?

my teef hurt....

Probably shouldn't be eating so many dicks.


So this is what "sweets" was referring to. Makes sense

I just LOVE penis.
But I can't eat it or I'll get
But it's SOOOOOO good.

i'm on the SeaDicks Diet

applies to you as well.

but, like.. it's fun :(


Rolled 16 (1d20)my 20


One of these days, you will roll 20

is that scene in the movie or the anime?

Rolled 11 (1d20)woof woof



Lol where is this from






The image and the thing it is from are just too perfect.


I am convinced these were all written by furries




I love Dead Space speedruns, you just run past all the horrible shit like "nopenopenope"

Jesus, that dog is ugly



bork bork

mow mow

Furfags pls go


*lifts your tail*

borfk borfk



Oh god that is profoundly sad


Also have you seen It yet?

Mrew mrew.

Yes. I told you about this.


Oh right

Well I'm seeing it tomorrow WITHOUT YOU, YOU JERK

barfked barfked

Mwow mwow.

I did not wanna wait.

borf borf

For our lives to be over.

Mew mew.

woofly woofly

You wouldn't see it again?




Nyan nyan.


bort bort

Now THAT is disturbing

I probably will again next weekend.

see it
see what
what is it
see it

That's about all I have.
Also about to get back in LoL ranked with my duo.

This one made me laugh.

Purr purr.



Nice, gl

I'm at B1 lol, I just started spamming Soraka for free wins lmao

There is always the sequel.

bortks borkts

I have like, 2 games before gold 4 series.

new thread

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