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bully ;_;

cats are cute too~

I'm the worst.

And best.
Damn, that's a lucky kitty

Don't you like being told to say embarrassing things? ^^

-tries not to make a joke about baby back ribs made from a real baby back-

I got sausage burritos because I read they're of the healthiest breakfast options there (whatever that means exactly)

I try to minimize the amount of fast food I eat in general, though. Make sure to eat healthy things too, and don't complain about being poor. Fruit and vegetables are really cheap :3

how so? thought you hated female features~

I like a lot of things. what of it? u wanna fite?!

tell me moar about you

you should

Because you also like sexual wrestling?

actually yeah, that's pretty fun and hot.

Do it anyway.
Did you know that human eggs are worth quite a lot? Did you also know that newborn female babies come with millions of these?
Making a babyfarm to harvest the eggs from newborn females could potentially make you a fortune

Yes, but look how happy it is.
I'm sure boobs are great pillows too

You already know it all. I'm basically boring as fuck

they are okay. laps and butts are better.

Laps at the very least. Male laps

we get it ur gaaaaay

you live in a strange new country i dont know about!

I do

I had Chipotle last night and they say that's healthy but it kind of seems garbage

Yeah, rough stuff in general is

I basically did make the joke by typing that :3

And that's pretty weird

I wonder who buys black market human baby eggs

that is the correct opinion.

Going to wind down, bye guys ♥

nini erio.

i put chilpolte on my meatbal monday sub!

But you're gayer!

Uh... I live in a "fuck off, we're full" country who takes "refugees" jewelry when they come, throw them in tents and eventually throw them back out. We'll soon also ban both burqas and niqabs.
Other than that, we're taxed to oblivion so we can get "free" healthcare, education, pension and other social security benefits

Don't think it's actually anything people do. Don't think newborn baby eggs really are useful. It was just a fun conversation in the group last semester prior to the exams.

Sleep well


I dunno. I can appreciate the female form even if I never want to be with one.


you ever wonder what the back of a throat feels like?
what about shower? you never document your showering? do you have nice long steamy hot ones or quick refreshing ones that let you grind out runescape hard?
as for me everything the same except i get to do all of it in my new chair. feels great my back wont rip anymore.

hu redpilled af

Brown pill me.

You just want to be the female form~

I don't, though I wonder how a cock in the back of my throat would feel like.
Quick showers, cause showering is xp waste~

But those are facts!
It's up for debate once more in the folketing, and this time, the largest party, the second largest and the sitting government all agrees. They are well past the required 50% to pass this bill, even way past 70%

i get free health stuff too!
tax is 12% here!
canada multi cult turaral

s-shut up.

oh I wasn't disagreeing. you know my political standings and opinions quite well.

i used to be okay at jinx
and the other pretty adc's

i only struggle with cs (during the initial llaning phase)

12%? That's nothing.
Taxes varies from 20 to 60% here.
Ew, multiculturalism~

Hey man, I don't blame you, I just wanna be the girl too!

Oh I do, and you mine~
Still, I wasn't sharing an opinion, just sharing what's currently going on though I'm happy about it and it's always funny watching the western lügenpreße losing its mind over this stuff

ur a western lasdnjaksndjkasnd

i just fucking hate the browns

As are you

do not bully

Is "westerner" an insult now?

It was an ok game, but I want to stomp.

Middle Eastern guys are hot though.

most of the rest of the world uses it that way, but I don't consider it one.

I'm not a fan. they tend to have explosive tempers.

60% of a choclate bars price?! that's crazy!

adc wants to kill

it's another gay fat bronies circlejerk about the supoeriotiy of the western race episode

g oo die

Good, you shouldn't.
Being a westerner and white is nothing to feel ashamed about after all.

It's so complicated I don't even know. All groceries are taxed 25%, but then things with lots of fat gets taxed additionally and things with lots of sugar, does too. Maybe chocolate bars are taxed 50%, who knows.
But nope, income tax is what goes all the way up to 60%


fnucking detroit

fuccking london

thank god my parents pay my bills

in fact it's something to be proud of. because we're better than everyone else.

u must be rich to live there

No we aren't. If we were, we wouldn't be fucked sideways by the jews

better than getting blown to pieces by the aloha snackbars.

I'm not, but I'm managing.
Only cause I'm sharing the apartment with someone else, and you're getting paid to study by wealthy people who're forced to do pay you at gunpoint

Thank God this isn't Sweden or the UK.
Though still jealous of the Poles

man don't even get me started on sweden. those eternally cucked little bitches. that whole country is going to get blown up and or raped by 2020 at this rate.

you have guns there?

It's already too late. The Sweden Democrats may be able to postpone it just a little, but only postpone it. It's inevitable at this point.
Should seriously consider blowing up the Øresund Bridge

Every country has guns. The only difference between most of them and countries like the US, is that for us, only the bad guys got them.
Should legalize them for citizens of the country

just move all the original people somewhere else and nuke the thing. try again when the radiation dies down.

The original people let this happen though, so why should they be saved? Let them be raped and nuked, their genes aren't wanted



okay, the reasonable sane people who didn't want their country overrun and taken over by people with absolutely no respect for their host country's culture and values and who have no desire whatsoever to properly integrate into their new home, those people can leave, then just drop a big dome over the rest and let them figure it out.

Hmm, would let them migrate here tbh. Or they can go to Norway.
We're basically the same at the end of the day anyway

that's good cuz no way in hell are we taking them LOL.

build the wall.

build the wall


ilegal guns scary
must control them!
must not let people get their hands on it!
guns dangerous tool!

Bad guys will get their hands on them anyway. Best way to prevent the misuse of the tool, is allowing law-abiding citizens the same benefits through legal means

Hey, Luka.
Isn't there a 2 player mod for Subnautica?

eventually. when you move here.

But why would you let a Dane move their when yuo wouldn't a Swede?

I'm assuming you'd move here legally.

Anything else would be dumb as fuck, of course would legally

not that i've heard of, why? :)
still a great game nonetheless

too risky handing out something soo powerful to just anyone.

Saw a mod for it, but didn't know if it was public.
I'm thinking of playing it just to chill out with.

oh wait
i have heard of a multiplayer mod yes, but it's super in devolpment and super buggy and not official supported
and hardly useful.

which is exactly why you would be good to come here. that's the proper attitude.

I can help you out if you promise not to bite.
Cant you set up a macro thing to farm xp while you take your time to relax in the shower?

yeah it's pretty chill game
just land on a planet
swim around
gather things here and there
scan the occasional creature
build a habitat
enjoy living under the ocean surviving
and exploring the vast unknown depths


o well

still a worthwhile game
with a decent story fit into it.

It was spoiled for me, but I wouldn't mind just playing and building shit.

dying by gun is 30 times more likely in the usa than in norway

what is it like ? some kind of underwater minecraft?
ive been needing somenew gamage for a while

I would figure death by bullet to be more probable.

Not really

Would give up my own culture too for yours, like a good citizen

WOW! gay as fuck
I could, but that would require a third-party client, and I'm against botting and all kinds of macroing.

Crash land on a planet and you seem to mostly dive around and build a base underwater.
Seems to have a lot of new shit from last I played.

just integrate. no need to give it all up.

the experience of playing is worth more anyways

i like how i just land somewhere and swim and build and discover and explore
and create

Once I get Steam Authentication off my computer I can share libraries with you if you want, Bard.

underwater survival exploration

Can't fully integrate without giving most of it up.

Maybe I can stream it sometime.

oh god thanks for the offer b-but I'll watch some gameplay and if I like it I can score it

t-thank you very much though

then take it. take our culture u slut.

gun must be controlled

i did stream 6 hours of it on twitch one time :)

I currently am not sharing my library with anyone so it's up to you.
I think I can share with up to 5 at a time, and I don't really play on Steam so you wouldn't have to worry about being booted off a game.

Yes, give it to me daddy


I just stream a weekly pole dance in my garter belt.
And only my garter belt.


theres no difference between a male throat and a female throat :)
what if you were to play runescape while showering at the same time instead?

brb making a twitch account so i can watch uhhh
streaming uh


I'd probably let Bard see my dick tbh.


Yeah, there is. Male handles it better.
I cannot do that, but then it would be different


people arent smart enough


I moonlight as an erotic dancer.

Gun license it is then

well if it feels better theres no reason not to :3
Why can't you do that? cant you put ur laptop in a ziploc bag or something

me what?!

Don't judge him Luka

I swear to god if you judge my pole daddy

I swing.
I sing.
But please no touch my dingaling.

Just make sure they don't bite
Possibly, but I don't have such a bag, and it's also a bit on the heavier side

You, busty, slutty girl

I don't wanna be busty.

you should get tonsa money from them!

yay regulations! ^_^

who's your daddy?

a translucent trashbag!

oh god Luka~ calm down hehe

You can get money for it?
I've just been sucking dick for free like an asshole.

Whos your daddy and what does he do ?

Why? Just one more place a dick can go


No thanks. Laptop still heavy

because I like little titties.


yeah! you can get lots for doing it

because humans arent smart.

put it on the toilet or counter?

Little titties can't squeeze one~
But yes, small is good

They aren't indeed, which is why they want regulations~

Too far away from shower

And how would you know that?

other methods for that. I want little ones or no deal.

Take my money

Oh well, those are better on your back anyway



science documentrry insight youtubes research learning knowledge understanding

Posting an awful lot considering you're playing a MOBA~

Protect yourself indeed!

I stopped playing that hours ago.

Of erotic dancing?

by supporting democracy legislation laws and reforms on how things should be

That explains it.
Bulbasaur best starter~

Yeah, lets allow a few people in fancy suits to decide how we should live our lives.
Nah man, nah.

funny way to spell charmander.

Charmander is shit

the people that enable lax gun control are rich lobbyists in suits

pls no bully.

time for some sleep or something maybe. byebye.

of lotsa things

elected by the people

dangerous war mongers!!!


Sleep tight cutie

gun controol meme

you have been fed a narrative by people who benefit by it and you buy into it because you are a lonely retard who wants to feel belonging by participating in a contrarian Holla Forumspoltard mentality

probably the same reason you are a stupid lolicon prisongay brony on an imageboard

DOn't take my guns.
I need them to ky myself.

i mean if you want to cull some genetics how about the gay neet pedophile huh


maybe in your world.
but elsewhere, the world is different than you!!
in ways you can't possibly imagine
because ur stuck in ur own little world!!!!

geez i hate those muslims who come to my country to rape my culture

let me jack off to anime and live off the state

Probably better way to go too than pills

Every single election

So who is Loco trying to get at here?

こんいちわ isn't even in my vocabulary anymore.

It's こんちゃ now.

the superiority of the white race is exemplified in how i don't work

Me, lol

Are you really a pedo?

no he jjust likes to jack off to drawings of little girls


do you really hate muslims

elect person
listen to people that put them in power
if elected person don't do good
they elect new person

they have incentive to to the peoples will. to stay in elect.


Just because I jerk to cartoon animals doesn't mean I fuck dogs.

rip xp/hr


if you are hu or cup or the others like them you are scum

If you are friends with them and enable them you are scum

and I'm ashamed that a community for broken people and outcasts is full of this cancer

This is why the rich are getting massive tax cuts



y'all can fuck dogs. it's only a problem when you fuck dogs but think trannies are degenerates.

What is this leftist logic

Trannies are icky though.

"pedo" is just defined by some men in fancy suits who decided 15 is the age of consent. Or 16 in other countries, or 18. But no, I see no appeal whatsoever in children

It depends


Yes ;_;


like if fucking dogs is consensual no one gets hurt

but remember that time amy tried to kill himself

that's because of hating on trannies


"i see no appeal in children" he says, posting sexualised children

crazy american capitalism ;~;

*pat pat*

oh well

How's you?

The ickiest.
They should all be gassed.



I prefer guys around my age, and I'm not a minor, so nope

pedophilia actually describes attraction to a specific age

like 7-11 or something like that

other wise it's (blank) o philia
nothing to do with age of conent

it's able to be with a consenting 16 year old and be na Ephebophilia

how can a dog consent to having sex
are you meming right now?


I think guys around 35 are best.

the dog climbed on top of squash and fucked him

woah woah woah hold the fuck on here you're telling me that SQUASH asked for it?

Was there alcohol involved? because if he was drunk he can't consent and the dog in fact raped him

I was buzzed.
The dog was on LSD.
So he thought I was a dragon and I was also dropping TUMS like mad.

So it was a long night.

Squash, were you raped by a dog?




cute pics

No. I was pretty into it.

I'm sorry you had to go through this... *Squeezes*
you are beautiful in every single way

Definitely not pedo

At that age, most probably got their life under control too. A good guy to date I'm sure, don't blame you

Thank Got



I don't think I could because society.

They're just reposts from last night.

welcome home


Find and be with one who's 35, or get your life under control before you turn 35?
I don't know man, you got a job and all. Sounds like you're getting the hang of it

A man that's 35.

But I didn't go out :o

I'm a 3/5



You sure? Didn't Pepper or Alexis become the sugarbabe of a doctor a few years back? If he could, I'm sure you could find someone who's not just interested providing for you.
Or find an older submissive guy, or switch, who's into slightly younger guys.

Why would I go out?

to get things

I don't have interest in being with someone at the moment.
And it's just flight of fancy.
I'd prefer someone my age most days because more shared interests.

I like the ladybug band, and I'm not sure the wing visor cap dyes.

I don't have money for things though


thumbs up for those kitty ears tho~

at least you have a roof over your head
and internet

Can't tell me many 35-year-old guys don't have an interest in videogames~

That's true
I still don't have any money

Nani the fuck?

Going to town.
Getting a Switch.

oh boy, interesting.
Post pics :3

sorrry squassers

gotta unload this sexual tension somewhere


wheres the money

At the job that I'm trying to get

Gimme the fuckin money


why arent you hired already?


I have some quarters

I'm not sure


Oh, gosh, did I even show you the bear cap?

There's a couple more I'm applying for

Keep trying, don't give up

Bear cap is pretty good.

Wish I could

inb4 ikt

lolis are safe

You'll get one for sure, shh, shh

I was fetching ice cream!

They had nothing to fear in the first place


I should have a pretty good chance for the next two I'm applying at
I'm just wondering if I haven't heard back from the last one yet because they're still doing the security clearance?

i was posting pedophile comments at hu!

yup they dont fear the dick they embrace it

Was a pretty neat chocolate icecream though. Relatively cheap too.
Welcome home~

That's good to hear
I don't know how any of it works, but... Maybe? What's the need for security clearance for job applications?

Wow, lewd!


that looks like a dragon!

do it lots!

:relaxed emojii:
you should get a toque like dat irl!

what a degenerate, right?

im a lewd dewd

this made me think of thats so raven for somereason

uuhh that's beyonce you rascist...........

Very much so!

i cant the difference between niggers and niggers and monkeys

youre posting naked anime girls that are underage


I want to.

especially with snowflake clips or pins on it to keep you looking warm and cute

How young?

Why are you pushing your preferences onto him? Hu likes daddies and bears.


Was it a good ice cream?



what are daddies and bears like? are you one?

don't do it grape-dude

she's a minor.......................

Please see

mhmm, it was~
Had a good day?

Gets me every time.

2700 isn't minor, wat?

okay then hu using the shes not pedo because shes thousands of years old comment

I'm a regular dude.

It's weekend, so it's always good after 3pm! :D

We did some more robot stuff and Ubuntu on metal works much better than in a VM, so no complaints.

do you like feet


I like my feet to walk on and drive but not for sex.

Because the information I would be gathering and accessing is confidential

All the ones I'm qualified for, yeah

do -you- like feet?

Looks older than 15 to me

That's very, very true!
Oh absolutely. VM's are pretty trash tbh. Bare metal is much nicer, no matter the OS in question.

oh.. Of course, that makes sense

Broke two glass tanks

cut my thumb up

gonna tweak out for 3 hours until the store opens


Jeez, be careful!
Good luck sealing the wound as best as possible. Hope you didn't cut too deep

I think I'll be using Ubuntu permanently for this semester on my laptop.

I didn't even need to copy over old dotfiles to set it up to be nice.

how about (her)feet

is 15 the age? for u?

n u t

try for ones you you might close to be qual for too
maybe they will let you in even if you arent at the level!

It it was a bunch of small shares

probably got it all out

not a lot of blood

I refuse to do be safe

i'm gonna try again in 3 hours when I can buy more


just imagine her stepping on your ballsack and nearly busting it but relenting at the last second

that sounds incredibly painful


If you're going to use ROS a lot, that sounds like a good idea.
Oh? Out of the box experience was that nice?

No, just the age of consent here, lol


Good, sounds like you'll be fine then~

Wonder if there is a snowflake badge.

I don't know what it all involves, I wouldn't imagine there's too much though

Potentially. Some of the requirements they have on them are absurd

Unity "just works", Dropbox integrates into Nautilus, and most other things didn't need much set-up. VS Code was just installing some cpp/c#/python/ROS plugins and I didn't even need to install anything OpenCV for my projects to compile.

Bluetooth, WiFi, it all works.

I had to install vim manually though and that's a shame


i thought you would like it of all people

being able to experience sexually amplifying pain without any injury

wow thats p young. can i move therer

Maybe you'll find out soon~

And Unity is deprecated.. With 17.10, they're back to using Gnome. Jesus Christ, why Gnome? Fuck that PoS.
Yeah, VS Code is pretty straight forward to install, and the rest is just extensions that can be downloaded through it.

....That's new to me, what? I thought all distros came with that

You're wierd.

Nano and Geany seem to be the hype.

where did you get this idea that i'm some kind of sick sexual degenerate..............

idk xfce is comfy enough

All I need is build-essential and VS Code :V

When were you when Scooter dies?

My hair stylist texted me a blushing emoji

No. Fuck off we're full

Nano is light and cuts it just fine~

It is, and it does come with stuff that's incredibly difficult to do in Gnome, such as running a program or script whenever a certain kind of device is plugged in. like disabling touch when a tablet is plugged in. Can do that easily in xfce, but impossible in gnome.

Wow, couldn't really be any easier


there's prolly lotsa cute things on etsy or amazon~

maybe you should try them absurd ones anyways, just to say you tried?
because they might let you in! :O

vroom vroom


thats why i dont consider myself normal


:( how am i gonna stalk u

i have a crush on superman


Fucking gay

Here, lol

The problem with applying for the absurd ones, is that they would expect me to be able to do things I likely wouldn't be able to do, which would look very poor

The big problem with nano is that it's 4 characters long versus 3 so by the time you did vim+G you only opened nano and started your awkward key combo to jump to the end of the file :^)

I need to make my laptop auto-mount storages etc so idk yet

also what

but i can only gain information of you off your accord if its here

I mean, I ain't got hair to style, so it would be kind of a waste.

I laughed. Good one~

It's dangerous though. If the storage isn't plugged in so it can't find the partition it needs to mount, your system won't boot and you'll need to use grub-rescue to fix it.
Unless it's possible to do a time-out in fstab, but don't know how

There's steam too I guess

but you never play steam games

my god what happened to your hair.................

Bard happened.

I mean mounting my flash drives on plugging in.

I'm not even gay though.

I just have a boyfriend who also happens to be a boy.

wax your head

careful he'll rape you if ur 9s

That sounds painful.

I'd rape him if I was 9S.

I will soon. Dungeons 3 will be released in a week, and the second one was pretty damn nice

This thing right here can do that, and can run a script when plugging in other hardware like mouse, keyboard and tablets. Gnome doesn't have anything like it, but hopefully Unity does.
If not, it's called thunar-volman, but it depends on Thunar, so not sure you want to install it, since it also depends on the Thunar filemanager

Isn't that a given? Boys aren't girls

I'll take look at it.

idk what that is. does it work on the penguin?
also steam only lets me know when ur online/game thats not enough information


Please sir may I have some more

at least you can talk it out with them in interveiw
better than no interveiw at all


At which point the application would likely be rejected in favour of someone who does know what they're doing
Been there, done that


oh well...


Friend who runs Gnome tried to write a udev rule without success to run a script whenever a tablet is connected. We weren't able to figure it out.
He should have just listened to me and gone xfce~
Light, yet feature-rich. Only problem it has is it's based on GTK, so no thumbnail preview in file-chooser, which again is Gnome's fault.
fuck those guys seriously
literally reee'ing here

Yes, Kalypso started supporting Linux too, and their games work pretty well on the platform and doesn't even ship with the Kalypso Launcher either.


don't make me say it in front of everyone.........

Sleep well :)

what other penguin games do you like?
also brb probably cant reply only have 15% cuz wonky charger



Little gorl


Give it to me! Your music!!

American/European Truck Simulators, 2K games like Borderlands and Civilization. Torchlight 2 is pretty nice too.
Also games written in Java like Runescape, and games made in Unity, which there are many of


Gotta eat, be back later

Who needs thumbnails anyway huh

loljk bathroom occupied
you should play minecraft with bard
i have civ5 and bl2 but i barely played them. they look hard to get into


An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Leaves the world blind
And gumming their food

I'm starting to forget what I've linked you, and what I haven't. Maybe I should just give you access to all the playlists I have, I don't know anymore.

If you still have access to the "Bard" playlist I made, it has over 180 videos in there now.

i play cosole....

hmm yes please I think I'll take that playlist again

I've been going playlist crawling alot these past few days and I need more

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Look out girl
This nuts bout to bust

take me to your leadah

wai not pc

Give me a 5 a 10 or a 20
Whatever the cost
I'll help you reach your dreams
And in the end
We make windows steam

my old computer fell apart so now I have a shitty 300 dollar lenovo that I hate the feel of and is slow and I like to play minecraft to pass the time between posting

absoluteley no chance of running them both at the same time on this POS


I'm in a horny mood, and
i want to write poetry
Let's talk s&m
Whips and chains
Are real classy
I especially love it
When I get my ass beat
Bruised and battered
And tied to the bed
All of these thought
Are okay in my head

u sure? my pc is like a decade old and it runs mc at 100ish fps with optifine and low settings

Eh I mean I'm sure It can physically run minecraft

probably just not very welll
probably can't handle the mods that would inevitably come with

And certainly can;'t handle having firefox, discord, and sometimes steam up at the same time

cant hurt to try it maybe
i never got into mc enough to try it with mods tho so idk.

pretty sure you can test the base game with the demo or a crack

So, hey, how's everyone doin?

There might be duplicates in there, idk, I think youtube automatically deletes duplicate entries now but I've no idea. Actually managing playlists was turned into a nightmare recently.
It's a random grab back of crap, and I'll just keep adding to it so...


what cat girl is that it makes me think of hanekawa but more chibi/kawaii version

I mean eh

I used to play minecraft on pc when it was popular so I'm not really missing much

It's nice having the benefit of a ps4 controller and ability to listen to my music at same time without having to worry about getting headphones and shit hooked up

thanks spec I'll add it to my channel

Thank you for sharing :0

Chiya, from Urara Meirochou.



toot toot

whatchu use pc for

pretty much just for discord/steam /threading/facebook

This one does the job for the most part but i liked my old one better because it could run most of my steam games better



ah just webby things

when new?

great now it stopped flashing on and off and tehre's justa an irregular blinking

on the top left

@ikt what's difference between cherry mxred and gatreon clear

Minecraft is good too. Been a while.
They are hard to get into, it's true

you too!

The hell did you do!!!