Threads are fast apparently, here's a new one

Threads are fast apparently, here's a new one

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Only happened after you showed up!

Aren't they all?

That thread was pretty disgusting.



I think it was around the time people started posting fat anime tiddies



this one was the worst

I wish mp4's could be muted since webm's can


We didn't have gratuitous amounts of porn that no one wishes to see in the last one.

So, so much.

But yeah hopefully it will all kind of go hazy in time and be less important. My brain is just not a friendly roommate. Plus it doesn't pay rent. The freeloading bastard~

Pffft, dork~

I can only do my best. Things I say just come out that way it seems. :c

Also! Adorable images as usual. I watched an episode when falling asleep of pokemon, she was in it, that voice just... Maybe it's just me but it seems not fitting?

Nah, need more tiddies

I can mute it

For what reasons ?

But we had lots of tiddy monsters.

My pure eyes can't handle that

The schedule is to visit the place next Wednesday but I'm getting cold feet.

I wouldn't know, I was watching in JP.

lol, tell it to pay rent or fuck off seeing you're the landlord~

Pretty, don't be so gay

Visit it and see if it's worth it. If the apartment is nice, it's something at least

You stop being gay

fags just post massive anime tiddies to attract a mate

I would if I actually had the patience to watch Pokemon. lol

It's kind of hard to when nothing really sticks in it. Like they would've been better off not having Ash and just each season being a new MC. At least then the repeating the same formula would seem a little newer.

Good plan! Kick it out if it won't~


X and Y were pretty okay.

He were actually decent in it.
Actually the only reason he didn't succeed in the E4 was I guess just 'cos he's not allowed to.

No, they put on a skirt, and it seems to work everytime around these parts


Everything you post has a skirt on.



no, nope, never



Oh? That one I didn't see even an episode of, oddly.

The current one was out of no where. Like one moment I never come across it on then the next I do~

do it :3

The only skirt I wear, is a dragon plateskirt!

Will be heading off soon myself too. Am pretty tired
Hope you'll enjoy yourself

Gonna reinstall my phone

What do I back up manually?


Yeah I'll probably go through with it.

I was making a point of watching it but then I stopped.

But I've seen the league finals between Satoshi and Alan way too many times.

It's a combat skirt.

I don't even own any skirts

Good boy~

And it's all I own

In other words all you wear is skirts?

i think i'll give up art and become a music producer

Skirts with thigh high stockings or garter belts are the only thing keeping me alive


I need to do school stuff but I'm absolutely completely and utterly drained.

I bet you like them most on boys too.

You said it's all you own.


Try.. Or get some sleep and do some in the bus tomorrow~

Meant it was the only skirt

Post skirt pix.

If they have nice legs, sure

Only one I got, and I signed off. Maybe tomorrow

I drive to school.

sure you don't

But you said you also took the bus.... well, you did, until it was no longer free anymore, I forgot about that. Whoops

I don't actually. I don't own lewd things


I should play eurobeat on my way to school

*pat pat* Driving is more economical than paying the full fee in the morning and a reduced fee in the evening back, somehow :p

Traffic jams are hell tho

who good at phone stuff help

I'm the opposite of good. Does that help?

If by "good at phone stuff" you mean "has a phone" I technically qualify.

But only if that's what you meant to say.

What 2 back up before wipe and reinstall?

Pics/Vids: Are on Dropbox
Music: I can copy this over again
SMS: Fuck that shit nobody uses it
WhatsApp/Telegram: Should be backed up automagically
Anything I'm forgetting?

I'm good at butt stuff.

Pretty odd. You'd think it would be more expensive.

Phone stuff varies greatly from manufacture to manufacture.
adb and heimdall was all I needed

Did you backup your pornhub password?

yeah public transport is pretty expensive if you travel on your own moni daily

nah just trivial

i got my exhentai login details written on a notepad stuck the the backside of my keyboard

on one hand i want to listen to eurobeat but on the other hand i also like listening to the idle chat and the occasional song between the commercials on the radio

Well, it seems like you have everything covered.
Unless you saved a not-insignificant number of images off telegram/whatsapp/pixiv and haven't backed them up yet.

nah i only use my phone for dank memes

wipe it is then :D


Who the fuck backs up contacts?

People with lots of them



For a moment I thought this was (North) Korea blast radius calculations

North Korea was behind Hurricane Irma

Imagine if it turns left and hits texas

oh yes

Imagine... anything in america... turning left

they turn left in nascar

pls no.


I got Smores poptarts.

Fuck this is so smooth

Your new dildo?

Hu's cock.

A factory-wiped phone running F2FS storage

I'm not gay btw.

i like to fuck men in the ass and suck their cocks no homo

What's so special about it?

I didn't think you were.


You're not gay you just like dick

dr. sack is lowkey the best character ever made


Got 2.

but which ones?

Celeste and Digby. I have Nook in the mail.

Could have gotten Kappa but decided no.

is celeste a birb


Celeste is Sinni right?

I've had a wii u for 3 months and still haven't bought any ambios


If there was a button that gives you 50$ Trillion but makes you a disgusting tranny faggot, would you press it?


Yes. I have enough money to live alone unseen by everyone

press it
become a recluse

In South Asia, Bhutan ranks first in economic freedom, ease of doing business, and peace; second in per capita income; and is the least corrupt country as of 2016. Bhutan is also notable for pioneering the concept of gross national happiness.

Bhutan is viewed as a model for proactive conservation initiatives. The Kingdom has received international acclaim for its commitment to the maintenance of its biodiversity.This is reflected in the decision to maintain at least sixty percent of the land area under forest cover, to designate more than 40% of its territory as national parks, reserves and other protected areas, and most recently to identify a further nine percent of land area as biodiversity corridors linking the protected areas. All of Bhutan's protected land is connected to one another through a vast network of biological corridors, allowing animals to migrate freely throughout the country.

I'd press it several times

If pressed twice would you revert to maleness and also have double?

No, I think you'd just be tumblr, but rich.

Hm I'd ratjer the poorhouse than be a disgusting tranny

but those tumblr kids are so hip and cool
what with their overpriced coffee

Coffeebeans that have been roasted in a virgins anus for 43 days

Not to mention their master list of genders.

They don't have mine listed
The new Master Gender

Master Jenner

That sort of rhymes with Master Gender too
I am Master Jenner, the Master Gender

Mister Manslaughter, Master Jenner

RIP Alchemist

Fun mental al chemist

can't believe test is dead.

he lived his life on his own terms


Ban loco

Test will do it.
He's pretty short tempered.

All these jokes about Test's stature. The height of ignorance

I hear Test's favourite cake is shortcake.

these are very low blows

How low can you go?

Ask Test, I hear he beat that game.

I hear test used to play baseball. A great shortstop.

Test was only trying to get a leg up on life.

Little People of America (LPA) defines dwarfism as a medical or genetic condition that usually results in an adult height of 4'10" or shorter

hihi all

hi welma
night welma


We should help Test reclaim his gold from Smaug.

awwe nini.

wish I didn't wake up at 4 lol

hey what's up? Not sure if we've talked before!

Good night.


What's up?

what do you mean i've been posting my fair share

Playing World of Warcraft and watching Forsen get stream snipped

i made surveillance signs for a park today

oooh hihi

Scarlet has really fallen on hard times.


idk what that is lol


literally bed time for me tho

Stream snipping?
He has a bunch of people watchign him and chasing him in PUBG

awwe it's like 630 tho

still my time i count

there are not two "P"s in sniping


I just save random stuff it seems.

C'est pas ben ma faute que j'├ępele les chose mal osti

It's snipping, like cutting something off of it

Totally different from stream sniping


snip somthing off of you llol

if everything in the universe scaled up 1000% in size but not mass and all of the laws stayed the same would you notice


If I get 1000% bigger, and everything else gets 1000% bigger and all laws are still the same, you wouldn't even notice the change

atoms and quarks are also scaled up in size

but all your chakras would be out of line

or something

Chakras would scale with you, he did say EVERYTHING

would i be taller?


yes, but only relative to everything else in the universe


i bet florida is going to win

why doesn't everyone just point their fans at the hurricane and blow it away?

Win an ass kicking. That's to scale. The spaghetti strands are looking like it will skirt the Atlantic coast.

how would you categorize ass-kickings into size by volume?

you know, i'm really proud of this chat, it's only because we were in dead hours but there wasnt a single penis joke

hurricane irma deez nuts

Well, probably worse than an ass kicking. It's all subjective.

There is also another hurricane right behind it: Pinche Jose. That one probably won't hit anything.

I hope Irma wipes Florida off the map.


imagine how much meth is going to end up wasted

pls have mercy on florida

I don't. I just found an awesome quad parts store out of there :(

it's going to be category ONE once it hits florida. they're just being overly alarmist because of texas. floridians are pussies and no one cares about puerto ricans

Left Texas to get away from the big bad storm

now I gotta leave Florida to get away from the bigger badder storm

other storms have been going on for over 300 hundred years on other planets in the solar system, good thing we aren't those guys huh

you know it's still slightly mysterious why Saturn has a hexagon on it, no real clear explanation except that direction of the wind currents following a sort of mathematical pattern, i suppose this would seem sort of like platonism in terms of mathematics, it's really something how those larger planets can collect that much heat from the sun despite being farther away just because they're so darn big

I still think you could make a killing by getting a job as a life raft.

Find a less shitty state. I'm sure like Utah and other naturist states have plenty of drone specialty stores for aerial photography.

You're in goddamn Fagifornia.

who would win

the entire state of texas vs some water

Stream sniping, not stream snipping.


You know someone is having that problem.

Yes, this has been beaten into the ground. I blame my education being entirely in French, with the exception of English classes for an hour a day for only 4 years

Good morning :)

looks like that penis simulator thing

Considering it's only one city.
Dallas and San Antonio are still in the top 10 most populated cities in the nation and left unharmed. DFW's GDP is higher than Houston's as well.

Probably some old people.
Why old people go to Florida I will never know.

haiti still recovering and now they get hit by a cat5

and where do you live that you can make statements like that when you don't have a cat5 hurricane coming right at you?

i wonder how much time some of you spent playing with that old simulator

they tossed a dart at a map and it landed in the trashcan

no income tax here

old people come here to retire

yes, i often wondered what it would be like to have a penis.


that's cute he can pretend


The trashcan would be Jersey.
The septic tank would be Florida.
There's far cheaper states.

But I have friends in Florida.

They go to Florida to die of heat exhaustion

it's an elephant graveyard

Wrong tab.

Scathach >>>>>>>>>> Gilgamesh



bump :)

I spend lengths of time away from threads, remember?

This is the first I've heard of it.!Sci!20170906

RIP Squash's friends.

That's a nice Scathach :)
Isn't a bit early to bump people

It was like 10 minutes ago

all those people
all those fursuits

i dunno who scat hatch is

but at least she looks pretty!

Just like a mountain of trash but people in fursuits floating in the ocean instead.
Maybe a few seagulls circling for good measure.


you're literally not making any sense

florida = zero income tax

it's one of like seven states

how can another state be "cheaper"

nawh mate

And that was literally the only post I saw before I'd typed anything so.

everyone knows what wet dog smell like

but what does wet dog fucker smell like

she's the scathatch

ski bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
yo da dub dub
ski bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
yo da dub dub

badabadabadbe bop bop bodda bope
bop ba bodda bope
be bop ba bodda bope
bop ba bodda

Scathach is from the Fate/Grand Order phone game.
She's pretty cute. I love her hair the most

Bah (((I))) need to read more then >:(

pretty sick non-practiced grenade jump

Reeding iz hrd. :(


State income tax isn't the only metric for how "cheap" to live in a state. Collective cost of living, sales tax rates, if the state collects taxes on capital gains, etc.
Texas has no state income tax but still is relatively expensive to live due to cost of living.
Mississippi has state income tax and high sales tax but is still by far one of the cheapest states to live in, even with high amounts of assets.

Do it, damn it!
If (((I))) don't read, how will I lrn 2 spel?

i like her face
and hair
and body
and color

Shame. I could use a suit.

Soon it'll wash ashore on Haiti and we can call it aid since they will think it's just free dog/wolf/whatever meat.

which means it sucks right

Hey, your lie in April is perrty good stuff.

Waking up at 5 is problematic.

I wake up at 4.

It's kind of sad that she has no role in anything other than the phone game, which I found to be rather dull and not worth continuing

i already read oyasumi punpun a while ago in 2013, im not watching or reading anything sad again for a long time

Spelin iz hrdr.

i don't know anything at all about fate stuff

just that it's not about finding some kinda religious cup.

Gushy sad animes always get me, clannad, stuff like that, that or like straight up goru, like higurashi.

yuck, i have to be in a special kind of mood for a gore anime

Or just try too hard to be edgy.

Good morning! Hope you all are having a nice day.

What's everyone up to?

Don't tell me how to live my life.

Fuck you. I hope you are having a terrible day.

Being bellicose and bombastic on the internet.

Sorry :C can we still be friends?


Hrdr den wat?

I don't know all that much about it either
The Holy Grail Wars are kind of what it's centered around, but Fate/Grand Order is more about saving the future of the planet instead. Or something to that effect

How many times a day is good morning?

I'm resoldering a button onto my FPV goggles. I ripped apart my computer mouse for a replacement button so this better work lol

fight me you ape-like homo

it's 2:20am. i've been having nightmares lately. sleeping and waking. other than that it's been okay.

Idk, it just always clicked with me.

I don't act like I'm different or better just because I watch it, that's just what clicks with me.

No. I hope you go for a long walk and everything seems nice and sunshine filled and you step in pile of dog poo.

I know what what soldering and buttons are but I have no idea what any of that entails in this context other than just jerryrigging something.

I'm not black.

It's morning somewhere

A lot.

Yo same. I'm sorry you're having trouble sleeping? You should get a snack and listen to some music to calm down or something.

:C I hope you have a lovely day.

I hope you then take your shoe off to try and clean it and step in another pile and have to walk home in nothing more than a poo covered sock.

all humans are ape-like you ignoramus

Yeah but one particular race looks like gorillas.

Nah, it's not like that. I just have some stuff I'm not dealing with. But I can't do anything about it right this second? And I don't want to feel like I'm ignoring it by trying to relax or sleep. I'll pass out in a little bit and things will be fine.

How are you?

I mean, you're not wrong lol

to bag on one component of our ancestry of another is something that boggles my mind when there are said apelike individuals that still outclass you in every category. but i mean i guess you have defense mechanisms for facts like that

Birds with different beaks that are different color but can breed are different species,
A green iguana and a rock iguana are different species but can breed.
But when it comes to humans we get classed as races.

of our ancestry while being another*

Using a soldering iron and electrical tape to fix RC cars was like half of my childhood.

I broke a Team Losi gas powered one at least two dozens times that the hobby store said was irreparable.

Yeah, and you vape.


shhh don't red pill them so hard

I vape? if you make shit up no one can take you seriously when you're actually trying to be, saying things that arent true is not funny or clever, and you aren't going to get some melodramatic reaction from me by telling me i do something i don't/

it's called a hybrid

they're infertile

You sleep a lot then, do you?

Just pointing out fallacies in the human condition.

what are you even talking about

haha just being a shit stirrer with me is what you're doing



when you make a post thats just someone else post, but then you post a funny face with it

thats real fucking comedy people

Could be a lot better, wake's aren't fun but getting to talk to such lovely people is nice.

Not lately, but I've slept for 18 hours at a time before, it was pretty swood.

when you make a post thats just someone else post, but then you post a funny face with it
thats real fucking comedy people

Yea, you got me.

I can't keep this up, I'm keking outloud.

plenty of birds that are different species can breed

when you make a post thats just someone else post, but then you post a funny face with it
thats real fucking comedy people

So they are different Bird races and the chitlins are mixxed race.

the ego can create many interesting things, but i don't really think the animals are too offended

it doesn't look medievil

It's not. In this instance, the Holy Grail is a thing that the Magus' chase after. The servants (Schathach is one) fight for them until only one is standing

oh snap! See, I just recently learned how to use a soldering iron and I'm loving it. I really wish I got into electronics a lot earlier in life haha.

Mission, success, btw. My button worked and my mouse did not die in vain

Fuck you eisen

No ego, I think all races are as equal as scientific, economical, and educational studies have proven us to be, and we're all equal in rights.

i miss eisen but i admit i didnt interact with them too much, maybe i just like them because i like futurama

when you make a post thats just someone else post, but then you post a funny face with it
thats real fucking comedy people

Not exactly.
The mana created by summoning servants and the grail cannibalizing heroic spirits is basically what allows the grail to reach the root (the source of all magic/life/whatever bullshit it needs to be for the plot). There can't be a single servant left for the grail to grant a "wish" which is why GIlgamesh rebelled in Zero, so a command spell wouldn't be used to force him to kill himself. It's confusing and doesn't really make sense.

It's not the most feminine of hobbies but try welding as the logical end to soldering.
Or try woodworking.
Both are weirdly cathartic.

Never tell the new co-workers they can call you if they have any problems or questions.
They will constantly call you about things.

That's a very uplifting attitude to have.

when you make a post thats just your else post, but then you post a funny face with it
thats real fucking comedy people

Are they just "how do I get a buttplug out of my anus" since you work at a sex shop?

thats when thats a fucking make then comedy face a real funny your with else but you you post post post it, just people

You were online yesterday.
How the fuck does yours Steam status always say it's been weeks since you've been online when you sign in almost daily?

That would be preferable. It's just boring stuff.
"How do I make the printer print the last recipt"
"How do I ring this up when it doesn't have a bar code"
"How do I open the DvD cases
and that was just my morning.

idk I think that's why my instagram keeps blowing up. there's not a whole lot of girl pilots in this hobby yet lmao

So I got numbing lube in my eyes and now I have a lazy eye, how do I fix it?

This is why it doesn't surprise me that we buried a rock with memes on it.

a wizard?

Is it all purpose brand numbing lube? if so try a hammer

You should just sodomize your coworkers tbh.

Just don't do that typical trans thing of avoiding all perceived to be masculine habits or hobbies just to constantly be over the top femininity. Probably the transperson I've been friends with for the longest time is political right in most regards and avid gun enthusiast.

That's what I got from it, anyway, and that the only reason Gilgamesh was still there after the war he was in ended was because there was no victor, and that he had "drank from the grail" sort of illegitimately
You're right though, confusing as fuck

I don't know if Wizard would be an accurate term for them or not, honestly

I want an answer from kissShot.

smiles is a tranny?

Lidocaine is temporary, it'll be normal again later.

The new one I haven't met yet would love that.

you could always say hello

very rude

u used a word with magic in it

I don't know enough about how their "magic" works to be able to make a good comparison between your typical wizard and a magus from the Type Moon universe

Gilgamesh is still around because he's completely incorruptible and illogical. The Grail destroys servants by placing all of the collective sins of humanity upon them and essentially driving them mad with failure of being a hero.

Gilgamesh's arrogance allows him to be the only person in the Fate universe that is capable of bearing all of humanity's faults because his logic of "I am king therefor it's mine" and the grail get stuck in a logic loop trying to corrupt him. So it just spits him out with a flesh body since all Gilgamesh wants is to "save" humanity since he views himself as the only king to ever have ruled and will rule.

Believing I would ever actually have a problem with you.

i could say hello but i dont come here a lot

Hellom eisen

Boy I sure hope so


Kinda want to do that one finger challenge tbh

wizard magic guy
person who does magic thingys

Except that there are instances of magus' who do not use magic in that universe

Wizzy left a long time ago.

That was about someone I've known longer than them.
Almost all transpeople I've actually been friends with are politically center right.

I dare you :3

And by "do not" I mean cannot

They must be muscle wizards or something like that

neither do i
hello what's new


you never know

Magus in that universe means anyone who basically knows of magic, not necessarily practices it. You can know all of the fundamentals but not have to ability to use them.

In that universe, a lot of the highest magi in the Association can't really do anything with magic but it's fundamental in progressing to "true magic", ie the root.

that made me laugh waaaay more than it should have

Nah. Y'all will give me shit for having cuts prolly.

So yeah, there's nothing to gain.


why are my posts going through so SLOWLY


just working somewhere new and thinking about going back to school, before its too late anyways

That noise is harrowing.

People have given you shit for far worse and you've managed to take in strides.

because infinity chan takes FOREVER

Because this place is a piece of garbage.

how are you my little cinnamon roll

Honestly I was gonna post it yesterday but didn't like how my tits looked lmao

mi amore

why are we still on infinity chan

what do you do
and what do you wish to do

better than usual.
i think my Thriller t-shirt is blessed.

do i know you


I was pretty sure that magus != wizard in the traditional sense, thanks for the confirmation

small :(

i make signs for like all sorts of things from signs for parks to like signs on vans

i wish to rule the world and all of you like ants

It is good to see you on so early, how are you doing?

you should
we were bros

Holy shit, all the retards are doing LFR tonight

that's quite a jump

any prior experience?

it's Tak, isn't it

i can't keep track of all these fucking names

Time to get inflatable tits.

I've had this one for years

i watch and read a lot of fiction

really annoyed by this stupid site
how are you doing

you and i both come here too infrequently for me to remember such a thing

how are you

how do you think this experience has prepared you for this position

i wasn't talking about him.

it's magic


It is giving me trouble as well.
I'm okay, about to get ready to go work. Sixth day in a row, ready for some time off.

dude weed lmao


hell yeah


I always know how I feel about you.

you're working late?

see what?

do you think about me often

well fiction is great for the delusional right

His explanation

that's gay

he doesn't exist to me.

this was for

so is that the ticket you'd be running on?

you showed me your penis


You literally posted the same image as I did minutes later:

So it's not like you even filter me. How fucking autistic are you?

I almost always work evening shifts.

Don't worry about it.

I would never worry. Definitely not my thing..

did you like it?

I dont think ruler of the universe would come by manner of election but thats just my unprofessional opinion.

i don't remember

so what would be your plan


no its totally your thing you love to worry

i like being up late
it sucks that i have to get up early for work all the time


It's more of a love hate relationship
I hate worry, and worry loves me

You know there is the chance, however slight, that they do actually have you filtered.

yea being up late is great but when you can do it all the time it stops being as great, or if you can only be up late, it sort of sucks ass.

not really many middle grounds besides being irresponsible

that's a shame.


yup :/

um thanks?

Yes, of all the thousands of image of a particular character by cosmic chance he posted the same one minutes later.
No, he's just autistic and looked up whatever I posted to look up the character and saved it from another place.

you can always refresh my memory

I think tsuchi is more autistic than luka

My sleep gets all weird because I work late. I sleep in too much.

Not really, truthfully I forgot about you until you just showed up, I don't know where the fur guys hang out.



I haven't really seen them so I can't comment but I know most transwomen have to have some sort of augmentation, either in size or sculpting to fix one being noticeably bigger than the other.
I don't think it's anything that bad.

i usually hit the snooze button til it's time to go lol

excuse me?

lol it sounds like Sushi

moar of her plz

Me too, so I end up sleeping until 2 pm every day. Today was extra bad since it's a short day. Speaking of which I need to go sell sex toys.
Bye, I Will see you next.

pretty much same here
no biggie

fur threads still exist

you are excused

Do you like her? I wasn't fond of her myself

Guess I ought to really start saving up :( Maybe I'll get my old DQ job back as a second job strictly for boobies fund^^


I'd hate to disappoint you

what makes you think you would

Alternatively, a sugar daddy.

why not? ;~;

I chopped it off to join the trannies

jk paranoia


Never go full /lewd/.

Looking through my drop box for image I wanted to post on /k/ I got pics of ytse and bard on there but can't find my damn cetme model c.
Also I forgot how cute bard was.

On Holla Forums or trash or what

Holla Forums
same as it ever was

the avatars don't come by much anymore though

I don't really go to Holla Forums anymore.
Something died when the mods changed.

i should just go find the Holla Forums threads next time

oh well fuck that if its just porn

it's just a little thing anyway

never my dear

Her voice was extremely annoying, and her personality as a whole was annoying to me

Isn't that where you left to? And isn't it just a bunch of trannies?

Well, more so than here.

i havent browsed Holla Forums for non-avatar threads in years

don't be so hard on yourself

i've never heard her voice

show me

nah I like my benus

I'm asking if you left to /lewd/ not if you wanted to become the little girl.

I did do that
for a while

gee whiz what a good one

I find it rather annoying. The pitch just bothers the shit out of me

it wasn't good at all
I don't like your sarcasm!

i am sorry


Alright, I am go sleep now.


she sound ok

Is Tsuchi being a hater?

Who's Tsuchi

Her voice pitches too high constantly. It just hurts my ears, I guess

he's an autist

Hating on what?

It's my job to know my people

nvm I was being a snowflake lol

Yes, I was suggesting you be cured with an excess of electricity.

idk what's your beef with /lewd/ anyway?

Just found out today i have a damn dentists appointment tomorrow

gonna suuuck Last time they went and did rooot canals up in my top rigt side of mouth

This time willl probably be top left side or bottom right side....

your headphones are made to play stuff more sharply too

I was listening to it on my speakers

We've ended up with a bunch of shitters from there and they were always obnoxious. It's like the quintessential gay hugbox.

I like the power posters from /lewd/

Shit my main discord is the /lewd/ one but

But just about everyone lleft on the board itself is AWFUL

hugboxes are okay from time to time *shrugs*

I don't like anyone from /lewd/

It's always saccharine and more like trying to mask their crippling depression or some shit.

I don't like anyone.

I don't "like"

Yeah, that's why I left too. Shit, that's why I left here for a while. Everyone's all so depressed.

Ban let me stick it in your butt already jeez